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Augus t 2014 Vol. 7 Issue 8

August Highlights
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August Calendar

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Our Church Staf

Gary Burden
Senior Pastor

Landon Orr
Assoc. Pastor of
Discipleship & Evangelism

Chastty Comeau
Admin. AssistantFinances

Pat Baucom
Admin. Assistant - Publicatons

Third phase of our Building Campaign launches
on Homecoming Sunday, September 28.

But, Lets Start at Home!
Two Great Opportunites Coming

Financial Peace University
Nine week class begins Sunday evening, September 7.

Journey to Financial Freedom
(One day workshop)
Saturday morning, September 20.

Enroll in one or both (for maximum beneft).

Registraton Details Coming Soon.
The Art of Marriage
Getng to the Heart of Gods design

Friday, August 15 from 7-9:30 PM
Saturday, August 16 from 9-4 PM
Cost: $50
Register on line at

Church Fellowship Hall
(Lunch will be provided on Saturday)
Page 2 The L ampl i ght er
A fnal commentif fnancial issues are preventng you
from registering for any of these training opportunites,
please do not hesitate to let me know. God may have a
way we can explore.

Lets let our world see the diference the Lord makes in
the lives of His people who are commited to His ways and
His wisdom. What a great advertsement for the Gospel!
Gary Burden

Instead of writng an artcle this month I am
sharing this fve minute video with John
Piper, Tim Keller, and D.A. Carson discussing
marriage. It fts in so well with our current
series on marriage and family. Follow the link and take a

It's that tme of year again! Have you
prayed about where God is leading
you to serve in the new church year?
There are so many ministries here at
Bethesda that ofer the opportunity to step out on faith,
truly believing that God's strength will be made perfect in
our weakness. Just ask any of our Awana leaders! Serving
outside of our own comfort zone in obedience creates a
reliance on God, and when he works through us in a ca-
pacity that we know we could not have done on our own,
how much more sincerely we recognize His provision and
praise Him! I hope you'll plug in this year in a way that
reaches others with the gospel of Christ, draws you nearer
in your own relatonship with the Lord, and brings glory to
God in every way!

A few things to be on the lookout for regarding Awana:
August 9th - Leader Meetng and Training (9am-3pm).
As always, this training is open to all who would like to
atend, learn about the importance of children's ministry,
and help improve our Awana ministry. If you would be
available to provide childcare for our volunteers, please
let me know!

August 27th - Opening Night at Awana (6:15pm).
Sign up for Listener volunteers and Awana registraton
forms will soon be available in the foyer. Spread the word
to friends and neighbors. The size of our footprint in the
community depends on each of you. This year we are
excited to ofer Awana Trek program for middle schoolers,
as well as our other programs. Opening night is a great
tme to volunteer as a greeter or to help with new regis-
tratons, too. Brigitte
Getng Our Financial House
in Order
Gods great and liberatng principles of
fnance are not given to drain us dry, but
to fll us upwith joy, freedom and peace.
As we are preparing to launch our third Building
Campaign phase, it is most important that we each get
our own fnancial house in order.

You will soon be hearing how we can and should start
asking the Lord about our part in aggressively paying of
our church building loan as good and faithful stewards of
Gods ministry. But quite honestly, I am fully aware that
this subject is nowhere on some folks radar screen. Just
trying to manage regular bills, keeping creditors at bay,
and being stressed out over way too much debt, is the
routne world of way too many folks. Maybe you.

As a church, our desire is not to be tour guides for a guilt
trip regarding your partcipaton in the building campaign.
Our desire is to connect you with Gods great truths
regarding fnancial stewardship that free and liberate and
bring peace.

Two golden opportunites are coming this September. The
award-winning Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University
classes will be ofered again here at Bethesda, beginning
on Sunday evenings, September 7. Every individual should
take these classes if at all possible. Some may want to
repeat them this tme.

The second opportunity is a one day workshop called The
Journey to Financial Freedom, being ofered on Saturday
morning, September 20. This will be an excellent overall
training event regarding the management of personal
fnances. The cost will be minimal. Childcare and lunch
will be provided.

You will have the opportunity to register for one or both
of these events. If youve never taken Financial Peace, Id
enroll in both for maximum beneft. If you can only do the
one-day workshopDO IT! Registraton informaton will
be announced very soon.

We have had a very good summer, a great Vacaton Bible
School, and I am really enjoying our Sunday morning
theme-- Marriage Maters/Family Materswhich will
contnue through August. And along that line, please take
advantage of The Art of Marriage seminar August 15-
16. Every marriage can and will beneft from this excellent
seminar! It covers the nuts and bolts of what we have
been addressing Sunday mornings.

6:30 pm Awana, Youth Bible Study
7:00 pm Adult Prayer and Bible Study
Choir Rehearsal
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

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Sunday Service
No Evening



7:00 PM

Summer Schedule
B. I. G.
7:00 PM


9 AM-3 PM

Sunday Service
Movie - 6:00 PM




Summer Schedule
B. I. G.
7:00 PM





Sunday Service
No Evening




Dinner & Qtly.
Business Mtg.
6:30 PM




Sunday Service
Ice Cream Social
6:00 PM


26 27

Weekly Wed.
Service Begin
28 29 30
Sunday Service
No Evening

The Lamplighter Page 3
Sunday Schedule Wednesday Night Schedule
Art of Marriage Seminar

9:15 am .................................................................... Bible Study Fellowship
10:30 am ......................................................... Morning Worship Celebraton
6:00 pm ............................................................................ Evening Gathering

The L ampl i ght er
Sunday, Aug. 3 - AM
Babies: Kathleen McLamb,
Shanon Buford
& Cathy Johnson

2s: Heather Henry &
Ashley Fannin

3s/4s: Julie Brueggen &
Tara Baker

K-3rd Kids Church
Frances Burden &
Robin Hotakey

Sunday, Aug. 3 - PM
No Evening Actvites

Wednesday, Aug. 6
Bethesdas B.I.G. Schedule

Sunday, Aug. 10 - AM
Babies: Brandi Sauer,
Brandon & Hannah Beasley

2s: Mandy & Brianna

3s/4s: Shay & Erin

K-3rd Kids Church
Ginger Starling &
Angel Duncan

Sunday, Aug. 10 PM
Jane & Johnnie Gatlin

Wednesday, Aug. 13
Bethesdas B.I.G. Schedule
Sunday, Aug. 17 - AM
Babies: Sondra Gatewood,
Jane Gatlin & Cheryl Chicki

2s: Britany &
Andrew Arant

3s/4 s: Wendy &
Chris Gatewood

K-3rd Kids Church
Tyler Henry &
David Duncan

Sunday, Aug. 17 - PM
No Evening Actvites

Wednesday, Aug. 20

Sunday, Aug. 24 - AM
Babies: Faye Wells,
Wendy Beasley & Sara Orr

2s: Ryan & Miranda
3s/4s: Kirk & Christy
K-3rd Kids Church
Terry Gatewood &
Josh Murphy
Sunday, Aug. 24 - PM
Sarah Jay & Cherilyn
Wednesday, Aug. 27
Ginger Starling &
Shannon Burford
Sunday, Aug. 31 - AM
Babies: Faye Parrish, John
& Elvis Farr
2s: Sondra Gatewood &
Louise Gilmore
3s/4s: Adam & Jaime
K-3rd Kids Church
Nicole & Michael Ritchie
Sunday, Aug. 31 - PM
No Evening Actvites
Wednesday, Sept. 3
Ginger Starling &
Shannon Burford

Preschool Regis. Desk
Diane Duncan

Date S.S.
His Vision
Our Mission
June 22 95 133 2,486.20 655.00
June 29 85 149 4,075.50 1,153.00
July 6 88 122 6,048.99 970.00
July 13 102 154 6,322.76 1,406.62
July 20 90 170 4,840.50 215.00
Total 460 728 23,773.95 4,399.62
Avg. 92 146 4,754.79 879.92
Average Atendance & Oferings for July 2013
Avg. 96 137 5,238.22 893.00
Facts & Figures for July2014

Sadie Langdon Aug. 2
Emma Henry Aug. 3
Adam Hudson Aug. 3
Julie Brueggen Aug. 8
Connor McNeece Aug. 9
Nell Alford Aug. 11
Jean Graham Aug. 12
Markham Gatewood Aug. 13
Carl Wilkins Aug. 20
Nick Flanigan Aug. 22
Sara Orr Aug. 24
Blacie Sams Aug. 24
Doris Peele Aug. 26
Ginger Starling Aug. 27
Junior Henry Aug. 29
rances Burden Aug. 30
Mark Cook Aug. 30
Cherith Murphy Aug. 30
Esther Joy Murphy Aug. 30

Sherald & Diana Lee Aug. 24