Anda di halaman 1dari 3

Transition Words & Conjuction

1 if, ,as long as, so long as


or else, otherwise

2 what is more, besides, also, moreover, in addition to, apart

3 but, however, yet, instead,on the other hand, on the
contrary, while.

4 so, thus,therefore, as a result

because, since, as, for

5 to, in order to/that, so as to/that, for the purpose of

6 :,:although, though, as, eventhough, even if, no matter what,

1 in other words, that is to say, to put it another waythat is.

2 in fact, actually, as a matter of fact

,to tell the truth

3 on the whole, in short, all in all, in general, in a word

4 believe it or not

5 for example, such as, take.for example

6 ,:I think, in my opinion, personally

7 :,,,;,,..

1)firstly, secondly, then, thirdly..lastly.

2)First, second, then, third..last.

8 : sure that.., Its certain that...

9 : whats worse, to make matters worse

at the same time soon afterward at noon then
suddenly later presently in the morning /afternoon/evening the
firstly/secondly,etc / eventually all of a sudden after next
finally now early this morning //

above also along below beneath here
across around before beyond down on
the left/right / on top of in the distance further close
to up over opposite to nearby next to
near to under

as a result finally now for this purpose therefore
likewise another for instance in addition in summary in
conclusion otherwise in this case at last but
furthermore moreover next for example on the contrary
once thus on the other hand yet

another furthermore equally moreover then in
addition to similarly at the same time too/also besides in
the same way in fact like,likewise

different from in contrast to on the other hand
whereas someothers herethere thennow
the formerthe latter . on the one handon the other hand
on the contrary despite/in spite of unlike nevertheless
thisthat not onlybut also

eitheror instead of notbut rather than

therefore now that Since as a result (of) so/as long as
so that because of/due to/owing to/on account of

to sum up in all in conclusion in short/brief on the
whole briefly in summary in a word

for example/for instance as follow including