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Material Safety Data Sheet U.S.

Department of Labor
May be used to comply with OSHAs Hazard
Communication Standard, 29 CF !9!" !2""# Standard
must be consulted $or speci$ic re%uirements#
Occupational Sa$ety and Health Administration
&'on(Mandatory Form)
Form Appro*ed
OM+ 'o# !2!,(""-2
./0'1.12 (as Used on Label and List)
Note: Blank spaces are not permitted. If any item is not
applicable or no information is available, the space
must be marked to indicate that.
Setion I
Manu$acturers name
+ob Smith .ndustries, .nc#
0mer3ency 1elephone 'umber
&,"") 224(-599
Address (Number, treet, !ity, tate and "I# !ode) 1elephone 'umber $or .n$ormation
&,"6) 755(!-!-
,"5" Morro oad
/ate 8repared
/ecember !", 2"!4
Atascadero, CA 94722
Si3nature o$ 8reparer (optional)
Setion II!"a#ar$o%& In're$ient&(I$entity Information
Hazardous Components &Speci$ic Chemical .dentity, Common 'ame&s))
OSHA 809 AC:.H 19;
Other 9imits
ecommended < &optional)
0thyl 2(cyanoacrylate 'ot 9isted =97<
&CAS 'O# -",6(,6(")
Others >5<
H(2, F(2, (!
Cali$# ;OCs ? "<
All in3redients in this product comply
with the 1SCA .n*entory re%uirements#
/O1 and .A1A@ Anrestricted
0ACH B oHS2#" Compliant
Setion III!)hy&ial(Chemial Charateri&ti&
+oilin3 8oint
&C5mmH3) !79DF
Speci$ic :ra*ity &H2" E !)
;apor 8ressure &mm H3)
&C5,DF) "#!-mmH3
Meltin3 8oint
;apor /ensity &A. E !)
0*aporation ate &+utyl Acetate E !)
Solubility in Fater
.nsoluble# Fater causes rapid polymerization#
Appearance and Odor
Colorless li%uid with odor
Setion I*!+ire an$ E,plo&ion "a#ar$ Data
Flash 8oint &Method Ased)
!,!DF &Closed Cup)
Flammable 9imits
'o /ata
0Htin3uishin3 Media
/ry Chemical, carbon dioHide
Special Fire Fi3htin3 8rocedures
Sel$ contained breathin3 apparatus with $ace piece and protecti*e clothin3 i$ in*ol*ed
in a $ire o$ other materials#
Anusual Fire and 0Hplosion Hazards
'one Inown#
&eproduce locally) OSHA !-7
Setion *!Reati-ity Data
Stability Anstable
Conditions to A*oid
Hi3h Humidity, hi3h temperature or ultra*iolet ray#
.ncompatibility ($aterials to %void)
+asic compounds such as amines#
Hazardous /ecomposition or +yproducts
Fill not occur#
May Occur
Conditions to A*oid
Contact with basic compounds such as amines#
Fill 'ot Occur
Setion *I!"ealth "a#ar$ Data
oute&s) o$ 0ntry .nhalationJ
Health Hazards (%cute and !hronic)
SIin@ apid polymerization will occur on sIin with heat# .$ a %uantity is lar3e, sIin
burnin3 may happen# .nhalation@ Hi3h *apor concentration can induce nasal mucous, headache and
3iddiness# 0ye@ 0ye irritation and lachrymation will occur sli3htly#
Carcino3enicity '18J
.AC Mono3raphsJ
OSHA e3ulatedJ
Non-to,i an$ non-ha#ar$o%& for tran&portation by &%rfae an$ air.
Si3ns and Symptoms o$ 0Hposure
Mild irritation o$ eyes, nose and throat#
Medical Conditions :enerally A33ra*ated by 0Hposure
.nhalation@ 'asal mucous, headache, respiratory irritation and
3iddiness in some indi*iduals# 0ye@ 9achrymation, irritation#
0mer3ency and First Aid 8rocedures
SIin@ Fash material o$$ the sIin with plenty o$ water# 0ye@ .$ eye contact occurs,
immediately $lush with plenty o$ water $or at least !6 minutes and 3et medical attention# .nhalation@ emo*e
person to $resh air# .$ cou3h or respiratory symptoms de*elop, 3et medical attention#
Setion *II!)rea%tion& for Safe "an$lin' an$ U&e
Steps to +e 1aIen in Case Material .s eleased or Spilled
Fear eye protection, protecti*e clothin3# Fipe and soaI up li%uid
with absorbent(liIe ra3 &not paper towels) i$ a lar3e %uantity is spilled# ;entilate spill area#
Faste /isposal Method
.mmerse absorbent in a pail o$ water and dispose as oily ra3s# Fater will cause instant
polymerization to an inert solid#
8recautions to +e 1aIen in Handlin3 and Storin3
A*oid contact with sIin and eyes#
Other 8recautions
A*oid stora3e with primers and accelerators# Store in darI, cool place#
Setion *II!Control Mea&%re&
espiratory 8rotection (pecify &ype)
'ot normally needed i$ controls are ade%uate#

Otherwise, use or3anic *apor $ilters#
;entilation 9ocal 0Hhaust
'ormal air eHchan3e
'ot re%uired
Mechanical ('eneral)
'ormal air eHchan3e
'ot re%uired
8rotecti*e :lo*es
ubber or polyethylene 3lo*es
0ye 8rotection
0ye 3lasses
Other 8rotecti*e Clothin3 or 0%uipment
'ot re%uired
ForIGHy3ienic 8ractices
'ot re%uired