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New Novo-Nordisk Long-Acting HGH Therapy on the Horizon

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is a significant medical issue that affects many men and women
across the United States. As of today, there are only two real ways to treat HGH DeficiencyBio-
Identical Growth Hormone and Sermorelin Acetate. Both of these forms are highly effectie. In!ecta"le
HGH directly re#laces that "ody$s own su##ly of Human Growth Hormone, and Sermorelin Acetate
encourages the "ody to #roduce more of its own "y imitating the effects of Growth Hormone-%eleasing
Hormone on the &ituitary.
The State of HGH Therapy Today
As it stands today, one ma!or issue with "oth of these forms of thera#y is that they re'uire daily
su"cutaneous in!ections. Although Su"( in!ections are nearly #ainless, it does re#resent time out of the
#atient$s life that must "e s#ent #re#aring and administering the in!ection. %esearchers and
#harmaceutical manufacturers hae long "een interested in finding a new way to %estore Human
Growth Hormone )eels which does not re'uire daily in!ections.
The Future of HGH Therapy with Novo-Nordisk
*here may "e a new form of treatment on the hori+on, howeer. *he #harmaceutical manufacturer
,oo ,ordis- has formulated a "rand new form of HGH %estoration *reatment which, rather than
needing to "e in!ected once #er day, only needs to "e deliered once #er wee- *his #roduct has !ust left
its initial stages of clinical trial and wor-ed e.actly as intended.
Long-Acting HGH as Effective as Norditropin HGH
In order to #roe the effectieness and ia"ility of the treatment, they com#ared their new HGH
Alternatie to their own "rand of HGH, ,orditro#in, deliered using the ,ordifle. &en. *hey found
that this new treatment was !ust as effectie as Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone, and had the
same low ris- of side effects when used res#onsi"ly as intended "y the #rescri"ing hormone #hysician.
In order to test the effectieness of the treatment, they monitored Insulin-)i-e Growth /actor-0 leels
of the #atients that used this new HGH *reatment, and found that IG/-0 )eels were eleated !ust as
though they were ta-ing HGH *reatments that are aaila"le on the mar-et today. *hese results were
e.#ressed oer a num"er of different dosage leels which re#resented the needs of a ariety of different
As of today, this new medical treatment doesn$t hae an HGH &roduct ,ame, "ut it is currently referred
to as ,,12034-2235. *he medical scientist that led the research was 6ichael %asmussen, a medical
doctor that is the medical director of ,oo ,ordis-.
hat is the Goa! of Long-Acting HGH "n#ections$
*he ultimate goal of this medication is sim#leto #roide 'uality HGH %e#lacement that is less
arduous to the consumer and still #roides the same great "enefits to #atients that are suffering from
Bio-Identical HGH Deficiency. It is one of a num"er of new HGH 6edications that are "eing created
and tested across the world. As of today, there is no medication of this -ind aaila"le in the United
States for clinical use.
HGH Study %resented to Endocrine Society &onference
Doctor %asmussen recently #resented the clinical data from this research study at the 07
International 1ongress of 8ndocrinology, organi+ed "y the 8ndocrine Society, one of the world$s largest
and most res#ected endocrinology grou#s. After testing the #roduct successfully on adult
Hy#o#ituitarism &atients, they are #re#aring to #erform another round of clinical trials for #ediatric
#atients that suffer from 1hildhood HGH Deficiency.
9hereas adults ta-e to daily HGH In!ections rather well, the a"ility to #roide the same "enefits with
fewer in!ections is es#ecially a##ealing with regard to #ediatric #atients, "ecause it ma-es the treatment
more tolera"le for young #atients with a fear of needles. :f course, adult #atients would no dou"t
a##reciate the a"ility to #ut away the insulin needle si. days #er wee-.
Long-Acting Growth Hor'one (pinions
*hese new HGH *reatments draw the interest of Hormone S#ecialists throughout the world. :ne
s#ecialist, associated with Harard Uniersity, named Doctor Bhasin says that this study is the first to
really show that e.tended-release HGH In!ections are a"le to #roide the "enefits currently aaila"le in
daily HGH *hera#y, which o#ens the door for a whole new way to #roide treatment which meets the
needs of the #atient more easily.
(ther HGH )rugs %resented at Endocrine Society &onference
:f course, ,oo ,ordis-$s ,,12034-2235 was not the only form of long-acting HGH *hera#y that is
currently under deelo#ment. :ther treatments that were #resented at this year$s endocrinology
conference were two similar treatments designed "y :&;: Health and <ersartis. *hese #roducts are
also leaing #hase two of clinical trials, "ut they are currently "eing tested on young #atients that hae
not reached #u"erty, and are e.#eriencing Growth Hormone Deficiency.
How )oes NN&*+,--**,. ork$
,oo ,ordis-$s new medication #roides real Bio-Identical Hormone that is "ound to an al"umin
com#ound which slows down the rate "y which the HGH is "ro-en down and a"sor"ed "y the human
"ody. *his #rocess is not unli-e how *estosterone is often "ound to an ester com#ound in order to slow
down the rate at which the "ody a"sor"s *estosterone. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, this
#roduct will li-ely "e aaila"le for treatment in the near future.
How was the NN&*+,--**,. &!inica! Study &onducted$
Doctor %assmussen and his associates measured the effectieness of treatment through month-long
research trial. *he study was Actie-1ontrolled, meaning that #atients in the control grou# receied
Daily HGH In!ection *hera#y as aaila"le on the mar-et, and the e.#erimental grou# receied the new
wee-ly in!ection. Both grou#s were aware of the medication that they were ta-ing.
*hirty-four #atients #artici#ated in the trial, all of which suffered from Adult-:nset HGH Deficiency.
*he #atients ranged in age from twenty to seenty years old. Before #artici#ating in the clinical trial,
#artici#ants 'uit using their #rescri"ed HGH *hera#y for two wee-s "efore they entered the study.
&atients receied treatment at four different e.#erimental concentrations, ranging from 2.25 milligrams
#er -ilogram to 2.05 milligrams #er -ilogram. Seen #atients receied 2.05 and 2.25 doses, and si.
#atients receied 2.2= and 2.2> doses, re#resenting twenty si. e.#erimental #atients to eight control
#atients. &atients receied ma.imum dose only after it was shown that they tolerated a lower dose
without issue.
Are These New HGH Treat'ents the Future of Hu'an Growth Hor'one )eficiency Treat'ent$
HGH %estoration is a fantastic and effectie thera#y for #atients that suffer from "oth 1hildhood-:nset
and Adult-:nset Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, "ut #atients and their doctors hae long wished
that there was an alternatie form of treatment which could "e administered less fre'uently. *hese
8.tended-%elease HGH *hera#ies are e.citing, "ecause they re#resent a new o#tion that #otentially
meets the needs of #atients !ust as well as daily HGH and Sermorelin *hera#y, "ut with fewer