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Psychiatry exam ( Group E)

1- Normal thought association is the absence of the all following except:

a- Dissociation

b- Circumstantiality

c- Flight of ideas

d- Thought block

2- Psychological side effect of oral contraceptives: depression

3- One of the following has the same picture of neurosis:

a- Insulin

b- Thyrotoxicosis

c- Fluxetin

4- Adapted away child of schizophrenic mother has higher risk of getting

schizophrenia than:

a- Adapted away child of non schizophrenic mother

b- Adapted away child of schizophrenic father

c- Biological, non adopted child of the schizophrenic mother

d- Biological, non adopted child of the schizophrenic father

e- Non adopted child of the same father

5- A drug does not cause erectile dysfunction:

a- Benzodiazapines

b- Cemitidin

c- Anti-HTN

d- Neuroleptics

6- Percentage of schizophrenic patients cmmiting suicide: 10%

7- Risk factor for depression:

a- Male
b- F/H of schizophrenia

c- Co-morbid physical illness

8- What indicates chronic schizophrenia:

a- Presence of predisposing factors

b- Affect flattening

9- What is true about mixed affective disorder:

Treated with lithium

10-18 years old girl took 15 paracetamol tablets, she has get treatment to
protect her liver:

a- She has mental disorder and need to be referred to psychiatrist


b- She should be interviewed only when she become physically well


c- She should be blamed for her attempt to harm herself


11-A lady comes to do nose surgery:

a- The surgery should be declined if her nose not shown to be really

deformed T/F

b- The patient will respond for the surgery immediately


c- The patient will respond for only counseling


d- Inquiry of expectations of the surgery should be known


12-Regarding goals of psychotherapy, one is correct:

Clear goals should be set at the beginning of therapy

13-One of the following is a characteristic of mania:


14-All of the following improve dopamine theory of schizophrenia except:

a- The largest number of dopa recptors are in the cortex

b- Amphetamine induced psychosis

c- Actions of anti-psychotics

15-There is absence of drive in all the following except:

Paranoid schizophrenia

16-Limbic system is responsible for all the following function except:


17-Which statement is wrong about sleep in mood disorders:

a- Depressed patient who have bipolar disorder tends to sleep more

b- Latency of sleep is reduced

c- Early waking is usual

d- Sleep deprivation tends to cause remission of depression

18-Role of ECT:

a- To increase CO

b- To cause seizure

c- To remove depressive memories

19-Memories about dead person during grief period is:

Typical grief

20-What is true about PTSD:

a- Flash backs

b- Trauma is out of human control

21-What of the following predisposed to anti-social behavior, H/O:

a- Anti-social parents

b- Broken home
c- Insect

d- All of the above

22-What makes schizophrenia worse:

Critical parents

23-Cognitive therapy is important for the following cases:

24-The side effects of TCA on elderly is mainly affecting:

a- Heart

b- Kidney

25-18 years old female, cannot remember her name but can remember
her home address:

She has conversion disorder

26-Anorexia can be presented with: