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August 2014 Tarot

Astrology Forecast

Astro Tarot Forecast - August 2014

1 Aries - 21 Mar to 20 Apr: Ten of Swords

This month you'll feel very close to your coworkers and associates. At the end of the day, for all your
bravado and chest-thumping, Aries loves nothing more than to be surrounded by the people he or she
cares about. Yes, you may compete with everybody over the smallest things, but only among people
who you truly feel comfortable with can you let your guard down the slightest bit. And in August you'll
be reminded how important your work relationships are to you, and you'll do what you can to
strengthen those bonds.
Keep your heart close to you at all times this month, Aries: The possibility of heartbreak is very real and
your sign is one of the least adept in the Zodiac when it comes to handling rejection. Someone you meet
during this time will set your world afire and you'll feel an instant attraction that will turn into
infatuation almost immediately. But, alas, it is not meant to be. Knowing this ahead of time will save you
bucketloads of grief and remind you that there are still plenty of other fish in the sea.
In Love
Unfortunately, the Aries in a relationship will be just as unlucky as his or her single peers. This doesn't
mean that your blessed union will disintegrate over the course of August, but if you aren't careful, that
is a real possibility indeed. Though your sign is very argumentative when you feel like you've been hurt,
the worst thing you can do right now is add fuel to the fire. If your partner is giving you grief, just give
them distance. With any luck they'll feel bad for what they did or said and you'll come out on top
instead of stoking the flame and watching it burn the house down.
Though there are some frightening problems that could threaten the happiness of Aries this month, you
can take at least a bit of comfort in the fact that your financial outlook will be positive all through the
month of August. You'll continue to earn money while spending less of it on frivolous things that used to
bring you joy. This is a great period to set yourself up for a very fiscally generous Autumn. And since you
won't be out on the town enjoying the night life as much this month, you can see those earnings
continue to increase.

2 Taurus - 20 Apr to 21 May: Five of Pentacles

This month your confidence will be bolstered at the workplace, and just in time too! It will seem as if
nothing can stand in your way as you mow down the competition. Taureans who work in the sales
industry will have an even better time, but no matter what your occupation you will be more productive
and more cutthroat. One caveat: Taurus is a sign that sometimes has a hard time knowing when to let
up on the competition, so you may want to check yourself before you start gloating or going for the
jugular when it isn't necessary.
Any Taurus who has been looking for love may find it in an area related to clothing. This may mean that
you will meet a special man or woman at a Gap or Forever 21. This may make more than a few of you
decide that it's time to get that new wardrobe a bit earlier than usual. But there is also the chance of
someone coming up to you and telling you that the band T-shirt you're wearing happens to be his or her
favorite group. Either way, choose your outfits wisely this month love could be riding on it.
In Love
Your sexual needs will simply have to be satiated this month, and if you have a partner who is a bit
stingy when it comes to lovemaking, problems can come to a head very quickly. As for any Taurus with
an equally amorous lover, you will have a very blessed time indeed. But unfortunately we aren't all so
lucky. Don't rush to judgment, however: Sex is important in a relationship but it shouldn't be a deal
breaker unless you are in a very unhealthy situation. Try to talk to your lover about these
intimacy-related matters and the odds are good you can come to some happy agreement.
As your productivity increases within your career, so too will your financial stability. This will serve as
another source of confidence for you and indeed this will be a blessed time for money matters.
Normally, we would give out a bit of advice about not getting too big for your britches, as the saying
goes. Many signs will take a bit of extra money and run wild with it, but we know that Taurus is a sign
who displays an unusual amount of discretion when it comes to finances. We're quite sure you'll be just
fine with your improved earnings.

3 Gemini - 21 May to 20 Jun: Page of Cups

This month you'll be at risk for becoming emotional at the workplace. As everybody knows, personal
problems and emotions are two things that should remain separate from a professional environment.
Sure, you can become miffed if a coworker steals your great idea, but fighting, crying, and yelling are
poison to upward mobility. And, unfortunately, there will be moments where you will want to cry, fight,
yell, and much more. Consider walking casually to the bathroom, locking the stall, and having a quick,
satisfying cry. After you dry your eyes, you'll be much less likely to have a volatile reaction.
This month you'll become very bored very easily with potential suitors. The usual games and tricks
simply won't appeal to you. The Alpha male with his bravado will make you want to throw up in your
mouth. The sexy cougar trying to dress like someone ten years younger than her will only fill you with
pity, not ardor. In short, you will find little to like about anybody who comes your way this month. You'll
be thinking about the big picture, and a deeper, more lasting connection.
In Love
Geminis in a relationship have a very good chance of growing closer to their partner this month, but it
will most likely be bittersweet. This is because there is a high likelihood of a minor tragedy affecting you
or your partner's circle. Something along the lines of a relative dying or the loss of something rather
important to one of you. There might be a serious illness diagnosis related to one of your parents. Either
way, this is a great time to comfort one another and, though it is unfortunate that love should grow
deeper in the face of sadness, it is still love nonetheless.
Expect a small windfall to come your way from a loved one or a family member. This could be related to
a death in the family, as evidenced above, but it is likely to be not nearly as serious as all that. And,
what's more, it won't be a major financial boon, so don't start putting yourself in debt and expecting
August to put you right back where you need to be. All the same, it never hurts to have a little extra
folding money and it certainly will be a welcome arrival.

4 Cancer - 21 Jun to 20 Jul: Seven of Swords

This month you'll be the center of attention at the workplace, and what a nice place to be! The reason
WHY you might be the toast of the town (or the office, as it were) is still up for debate. Perhaps it could
be a new bundle of joy in your life. A great performance evaluation is perhaps less thrilling, but equally
welcome and probably more likely. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that August will give you the
attention that every Cancer, no matter how well-adjusted, still holds dear.
Your heart and soul are much more vocal this month and they'll let you know who exactly is a good
potential mate and who isn't. This is a wonderful time to find a soulmate, as you'll basically have a
Kismet-Radar working full time for you, allowing you to separate the wheat from the chaff and focus
only on those who can provide you with a meaningful connection that transcends the bounds of human
interaction. And the best part is that this sixth sense of yours will continue working for you beyond the
earthly bounds of August.
In Love
Gifts from loved ones will continue to flow in, which is ironic considering that you no doubt received
quite a few wonderful presents during your recent birthday. But who doesn't like more stuff!? Your
parents, aunts, and/or uncles will find excuses to bestow treasures upon you, while your children and/or
partner will be just as competitive with earning your admiration and thanks. Truly, this is a wondrous
time to be a Cancer, especially in a year where things have been somewhat topsy-turvy for you.
By all accounts, your money situation is improving along with many other aspects of your life. As the
year goes on to its logical conclusion, you'll look back at this period and see that it was the best part of
the year. But that doesn't mean that you can't continue to have great time all the way through 2014 and
beyond. That can be accomplished by holding onto the money that comes your way this month and
making sure that you don't spend it on anything frivolous at the time.

5 Leo - 21 Jul to 21 Aug: King of Cups

The desire for transformation permeates throughout you this month while at the workplace. This
doesn't necessarily entail that you'll be craving a job change so much as it means that your private work
space will undergo some form of refurbishment. You might get an upgraded computer, for instance, or a
new office chair with more ergonomic design. As long as it is new and different, you will be drawn to it.
You also may find yourself dressing a bit more elegantly, eschewing the more business-casual style of
dress for a wardrobe that screams professionalism.
This month you'll be more attracted to younger people. Their vivaciousness, their zest for life, all these
things will be more appealing to you. Those Leos who have not yet turned forty but are fast approaching
that milestone will feel these urges most strongly. While it is true that age is nothing but a number, and
there are plenty of fine partners in their early twenties, you must try not to lead these people on too
much: After August you'll find that you aren't as interested in youthful good looks as you are at the
In Love
Leos in a relationship will carry with them a bit of nostalgia for how their current relationships began,
especially when Venus enters your sign on the 12
. We all know how wonderful those early days can be
the butterflies in our stomachs, the discovery of something new and interesting in the other.
Sometimes we wish we could recapture that feeling and keep it close forever. But as great as new love
can be, there is something to be said for growing closer together. Things may not be as whimsical now
as when you first fell for one another, but love is multi-textured. A deeper, more durable love can grow
from the first days of young love. Try not to become overly nostalgic, lest you forget about how great
things are right now.
Throughout August you'll be concerned about efficiency and how it relates to your monthly
expenditures. You'll think about your air conditioning bills. Can they be made lower? Should you get
weatherstripping for your windows? It isn't just your home that will be given this once-over either: You'll
contemplate the fuel efficiency and mileage of your car, and wonder if it might be better in the long run
to get a smaller, more economical vehicle. These thoughts should be welcome: Who wouldn't want to
shave off some needless expenditures every month?

6 Virgo - 22 Aug to 22 Sept: Eight of Swords

The desire for a vacation away from work will be strong with you this month, Virgo. It isn't so much that
the daily toil is taking a toll on you; after all, Virgos are at their best with a clear-cut task in front of them.
Rather, you'll be more interested in a change of scenery. If you have some vacation days saved up, this
could be a great time to cash in on them. Even if you don't live in an area where Summer is thriving right
now, it is important to remember that a little time away from work is essential to clear your head.
The influence of Jupiter will permeate your circle of friends and cause them to play matchmaker, and
guess who is going to be their toy? While none of us are particularly fond of blind dates and being
coerced into meeting new people, it can often be fun and exciting to just throw caution to the wind and
take a chance on romance. The best part is that Jupiter's influence means you stand a good chance of
actually meeting someone who could be both very interesting and very compatible with you.
In Love
Virgos who have already found their soul mates will have a very warm and comfortable month lounging
around with their sweethearts. During this time you won't feel so inclined to get all gussied up for date
night. The idea of kicking back in sweats while cuddling on the couch and watching a movie is much
more appealing. Besides, it's important in every relationship to spend a little alone time with just the
two of you. It helps to remind you why you two fell in love in the first place.
With both Mercury and the Sun in your sign this month, you'll be more appreciative of friends and
family, and that will cause your natural Virgo generosity to spill forth in a big way. Expect to spend a
little more money this month on gifts for those that mean a great deal to you. Virgos who have small
children will be shelling out the most dough, but the look of gratitude on the faces of your little ones will
make it all worthwhile. Sure, frivolous spending is a big no-no in almost every case, but we can't be
misers every day of our lives, can we?

7 Libra - 23 Sept to 22 Oct: King of Swords

Expect a big announcement this month that will bring some very happy tidings to the workplace. The
odds are that you won't be singled out individually for this announcement. In other words, it isn't likely
that you will be the object of the happy news, but rather a participant in it. This is why all signs point to
some overarching blessing, such as an improved healthcare agreement for workers, or a bonus for
everybody at your pay grade. Either way, this will also do wonders for morale at the workplace, making
it a very enjoyable month indeed.
This month you'll be more attracted to older, distinguished types of people. The allure of a young, virile
male or a bubbly, barely-legal secretary simply will not set your loins aflame the way they do most
months. Instead, you'll be drawn toward the comfort and security of someone a decade or so older than
you. Libras who are in their fifties will be attracted to people their own age rather than people in their
thirties. There is much to learn from someone who has a bit of experience under his or her belt. Enjoy
the educational experience!
In Love
August will be somewhat dichotomous for Libras in a relationship. This is because it will be a very do or
die period. Libras who are happy in their relationship, who feel that they've truly met that special
someone, will find that their love is growing deeper and more pure with each passing day. But those
Libras who aren't so sure that they've found the one will have that fact made all too clear to them
throughout the month. Sadly, quite a few folks under your sign will become single by the time
September rolls around.
Expect a few setbacks this month in terms of finances. None of these will be your fault, but rather the
result of random bank errors and good old fashioned bad luck. Many Libras will have to get a new debit
card when they find that theirs has been the victim of fraud. Make sure to hold on to every receipt
this month it will safeguard you against any mistakes made by a cashier. The possibility of receiving
too little change on a purchase is very real.

8 Scorpio - 23 Oct to 22 Nov: XX Judgement

Avoid being overcritical this month, Scorpio. You've been making great strides in amiability lately, but
there is always the risk of backsliding into the snide, sarcastic sensibility that you know so well. While
Scorpios have a special knack for being very humorous in their critical observations, you run the risk of
alienating both colleagues and higher-ups. It goes without saying that this could threaten your livelihood
and possibly even put your career at risk. There are times when it is best to just keep your head down
and go with the flow this is definitely one of those times, Scorpio.
You're much more likely to be picky this month in terms of potential mates. While we normally would
chide you for being overly selective (one of the less desirable traits of Scorpio), the truth is that this
pickiness will help you weed out the undesirables, as it were. This is a time when you can be helped
along in life by a very special person, and as such you needn't be wasting time with someone who may
hold you back. So feel free to be picky this month, Scorpio, but only this month.
In Love
Scorpios who have already met their special someone will have a much warmer outlook on courtship
than their single brethren. The odds are good that your relationship is still quite young and fresh and
you are in that magical phase wherein you can find something new to love about your partner with
every passing glance. But even Scorpios who have been with their sweethearts for a long while will still
get to enjoy a deeper, growing maturation of love that will help the two of you to become even closer to
one another.
This month you'll be impervious to ripoffs and scams. Your discerning eye will be a great help to you in
terms of avoiding any seedy elements in the financial world. But don't hog this all-seeing eye to yourself.
If you have friends or family members who are considering any shady investment opportunities, you
owe to them to take a look at the fine print yourself. The chances are very good that you can help a
loved one from making a crucial error that might otherwise wreck their financial standing.

9 Sagittarius - 23 Nov to 20 Dec: Two of Wands

The desire for a higher status courses through your veins this month. We all know that pride is one of
the so-called seven deadly sins, and the things that we do for prestige can sometimes run into morally
questionable grounds. This month you'll want to be careful when treading this ground. While you may
wish to rise through the ranks faster than your current speed, make sure that the things you do to gain
notice among superiors doesn't come at the cost of somebody else's livelihood.
This is not a healthy month in terms of sexuality. The yearning to dominate and wield power over lovers
is with you in a big way throughout August, and obviously it can lead to problems if it goes unchecked.
While a little kinky bedroom play is all well and good, there are different forms of domination and some
of them are downright insidious. Mind games should be avoided, as well as any form of intimidation.
Have fun but make sure that fun is as far as it goes.
In Love
The desire to experiment in the bedroom will be a big factor in your love life this month. Let's face it:
We're all grown-ups here and we have our various proclivities. Anything that occurs between two
consenting adults is par for the course as long as the two of you are both equally into it. But if you are
cajoling or even forcing your partner to engage in activity that he or she is unwilling to be a part of,
you're treading very dangerous waters, Sagittarius.
This month you'll be attracting the attention of the wealthier set and it goes without saying that this can
provide quite a bit of assistance in your financial endeavors. Sagittarians whose livelihood depends on
prominent investors will have the best time this year, but that doesn't mean that those of you outside
the sales industry are going to miss out. Blessings from those with higher incomes than you will be a
large part of August, and you will benefit in some way from it before the month's end.

10 Capricorn - 21 Dec to 19 Jan: Ace of Cups

Capricorns will no doubt be happy to learn that this will be a very easy and carefree month in terms of
work. You'll feel as if you are on autopilot as you cruise through even the most difficult tasks with
aplomb to spare. There will be fewer misunderstandings and mistakes and the rare gaffes that may
occur will be easily and swiftly handled before they become problematic. Your ability to charm others is
still with you, and in some ways it will be even more apparent this month.
The risk for sexually transmitted diseases is high for Capricorns this month. For once it's a GOOD thing
that many folks under your sign aren't overly promiscuous. If you do find yourself meeting a few
interesting and attractive strangers, try not to get too soused when chatting them up; it may cause you
to have a rare lapse in judgment. Make sure that you avoid any suitor that seems to have questionable
standards. And if you simply must engage in sex with someone of this sort, please, PLEASE use all
manner of protection available to you.
In Love
August will be a great period in which to grow closer to your partner, and the reason for it is because
you will be quite a bit more agreeable throughout the entire month. Instead of succumbing to petty
arguments, you'll be uniquely able to look at the situation from the perspective of your partner. Usually,
when this happens, it's practically impossible to devolve into fighting. Your ability to read and
understand other people will allow you to have a reservoir of sympathy that your sign rarely gets the
chance to exhibit.
You'll be second guessing your decisions about finances this month. It isn't so much that you are prone
to mistakes in bookkeeping, nor are you unsure of your prowess in dealing with your checkbook. Instead,
the problem is more of an overarching concern with the climate of the economy. While we would often
chalk this up to prudishness on the part of a typical Capricorn, the truth of the matter is that you should
follow your gut instinct on this. It never hurts to be careful in a financial situation such as this one.

11 Aquarius - 20 Jan to 18 Feb: Ace of Pentacles

Many people don't think of Aquarius as a hard worker. Instead, your sign is seen as a bit flighty. You
jump from one thing to the next, much like an Aries. Your interests wax and wane like a Gemini. But the
fact of the matter is that your sign is one of the most adept at handling hard work and the stresses that
come with a demanding career. It is why you often surprise your managers and supervisors with your
ability to outshine everybody around you. And this month, with a slightly increased workload, you'll be
doing just that. It may be an uphill battle, but if anyone can handle it, it's an Aquarius.
The chances of meeting new and interesting people will be slightly diminished this month, owing to the
fact that you won't be able to paint the town as much as you'd like to. No, you'll be too busy
recuperating from longer work hours and other domestic affairs that will eat up what little free time you
have left. But who ever said that we must look for love every waking hour of every day? Besides, the
game of love can be stressful and sometimes we just need to hit the reset button and enjoy a little alone
In Love
Aquarians in a relationship may have to deal with a bit of friction from their partners this month. A
considerable amount of this will have to do with your busy schedule. Certain signs may feel as if they are
being neglected in favor of your career. But honestly, a significant other who can't see that you're doing
your best right now trying to juggle domestic and work affairs is somebody who may not be mature
enough to handle a relationship. The ground will be shaky for some Aquarians in August. Here's hoping
you're not one of them.
This month you'll put the financial part of your life on the back burner while you see to more immediate
necessities. That isn't to say that you won't be thinking about money, but you certainly will be thinking
less about how to obtain more of it, if that makes sense. You've got a full load on your plate already, and
the idea of micromanaging the minutiae of your pocketbook will seem like a death sentence. And, luckily,
finances will remain stable through August so you really don't have to convern yourself with it anyway.

12 Pisces - 19 Feb to 20 Mar: Eight of Pentacles

Any Pisces who is between jobs at the moment will be excited to know that this is a wonderful month in
terms of finding employment. It's a tough market out there but things have gotten a bit better as the
year has gone on. Don't be surprised if you find that not only are you stumbling across great career
opportunities, but you're having trouble deciding which one will be the best suited for you. Things are
certainly looking up for you on the job front, Pisces. Happy Head-Hunting!
Neptune's influence will ensure that this is a very sociable month for Pisces. While it isn't exactly set in
stone that you'll meet a special someone with which to wile away the Summer days, you'll most
certainly have a wonderful month putting yourself out there. Your attitude is improved as well, making
your outlook one of whatever happens happens. It is in times like these, when you least expect it, that
the prospect of love crawls out of the woodwork and infiltrates you like an arrow from Cupid.
In Love
You'll also have a similar laissez-faire attitude toward your relationship. Habits that your partner displays,
which normally fill you with ire or at the very least mild annoyance, will roll off your back with ease. You
won't be such a stickler for niggling faults that don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. Your laid
back attitude will encourage a healthier discourse between you and your partner, allowing him or her to
be more open without fear of reprisal from you. It is in moments like these that true love blossoms.
If you've been putting off any major purchases lately, this is the month to finally sign the slip and bring
home that new car, or pool table, or anything else that your heart may desire. Naturally, we'd
recommend you avoid a frivolous purchase if you can, but the odds are good that this expensive
purchase has at least some semblance of utility that makes it worth its price of entry. And since the
deals and discounts that come your way this month are so plentiful, it only makes sense to bite the
bullet and pull out the debit card.