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ChelTlical Process Industri es
Thermal Ceramics, a world force in heat management, has provided innovative. engineered solutions for reducing energy
usage and maintenance costs for more than 75 years. With manufacturing sites and sales/marketing offices in more than 30
countries, we are uniquely positioned to supply the global petrochemical market with the optimal system of refractory and
insul ation products for the job, anywhere around the world. Thermal Ceramics can also provide the necessary engineering
support to go with our world-cl ass products to fill customer needs in all kinds of petrochemical projects. from hot spot repairs
to major turnarounds and new unit constructions.
Whether Ihe application is in fired heaters. sulfur recovery units. FCCU or boilers, we can supply the Chemical Process
industries wi th the worlds leading brands including: CerablankeF' and Cerachem ceramic fiber bulk and blan-
ket, Superwool amorphous wool products, fiber modules, K'" and JMTM brand insulating firebrick, SR and Moral(';
dense firebri ck, Kaolite, and Tri-Morv insulating castables, Kaocrete" /Firecrete""fTri-Mor/Kao-Tab/Kao-Tuif dense
and speci al duty castables. We offer the following features and benefits:
Superior insulating value =Lower fuel costs
Quick material installation = Shorter downtimes
Excellent resistance to high temperatures and mechanical stresses = Extended service life
Fast deliveries around the world = Shorter order lead times
Responsive service = Satisfied customers worldwide
Radiant Arch / Transition
Transition/ Convection Section
IFB and
Fi red Heaters-Process Heate rs, Reformers, Pyrolysis
The fired heateris the "central processing unit" in many refineries and petrochemical plants.
ThermalGeramics offersatotal package of insulation liningsforuse in fired heaters, from the
floortothe walls to the convection section to the stack and anyductwork in between.
Ourconventional insulating materials - K/JM insulating firebrick and
Kaowool/Gerablanket layered constructions, are true worldwide industry stan-
dards with morethan 30 years of service.
High quality castable products such as Kaolite/Firelite/Tri-MorInsullating casta-
bies offersuperior heat savings and long service life in heatertloors, walls,
convectionsections,ductwork and stacks.
Easy-to-instal l insulation designs like Pyro-Bloc and ourfolded module systems
offeran unparalleled combination of thermal efficiencyand quick installation.
Several otherinnovative productsforfired heaters are also available from Thermal
Geramics like Pyro-l og log insulation for easilyapplied floor insulation, high thermal effi-
ci ency BTU-BLOCK microporous insulation in radiant walls and speciallyengineered Pyro-
Bloc and vacuum formed shapes forburnerblocks and peepsites.
Radiant Wallwith Pyro-Bloc
1 Radiant Floor
DenseGastables (Kaocrete, Firecrete)
Insulating Gastables (Kaolite, Firelite, Tri -Mor)
Pyro-Log FloorSystem
Blok60?,TR-19'"and TR-20'" Insulating Block
K,JM and TG Insulating Firebrick
Microporous BTU-BLOCK
2 Radiant Walls
Pyro-Bloc'eand Folded Module Systems
(Pyro-Fold'" ,Unibloc, Pyro-Stack"", Z-Blol<")
Kaowool Layered BlanketSystems
Kaowool Board/BlanketSystems
K,JMand TGInsulating Firebnick
Blok607, TR-19 and TR-20Insulating Block
Insulating Gastables (Kaolite, Firelite, Tri-Mor)
Microporous BTU-BLOCK
3 Burner Blocks/Peepsites
R P ~ and Detrick' Vacuum Formed Shapes
Pyro-Bl ocandFolded Module Systems
Pre-Gast Shapes (Kaocrete, Firecrete, Kaolite, Firelite)
K,JMand TC Insulating Firebrick Shapes
Corbels - Fiber
4 Radiant Arch
Pyro-Blocand Folded Module Systems
Kaowool Layered Blanket Systems
Kaowool Board/Blanket Systems
Insulating Gastables (Kaolite, Firelite, Tri-Mor)
K, JM and TG Insulating Firebrick
5 Tubeseals
Kaowool/Kao-Tex" Engineered Systems
6 Convection Section
Blok 607, T'R-19 and TR-20 Insulating Block
Pyro-Blocand Folded ModuleSystems
Kaowool Layered Blanket Systems
Insulating Gastables (Kaolite, Firelite, Tri-Mor)
K, JM and TGInsulating Firebrick
7 Corbels
Pyro-Blocand Folded ModuleSystems
Insulating Gastables (Kaolite, Firelite, Tri-Mor)
K,JM and TG Insulating Firebrick
8 Stack
Pyro-Blocand Folded ModuleSystems
DenseGastables (Kaocrete, Firecrete)
Insulating Gastables (Kaolite, Firelite,Tri-Mor)
Corbels -
Secondary Amm,onia Reformer
Hydrogen transfer lines and secondary ammonia reformers present very tough
service conditions for refractory materials due to the high pressure, high hydro-
gen environments. Thermal Ceramics has high purity/low silica hot face lining
materi als that are well suited fo:r these harsh conditions including high,alumina
composition Kao-Tab 95/Firecrete 95/Tri-Mor 1800 spedal duty castables and
Kaolite 3300 bubbl e alumina insulatil1g castable. For backup insulation where
verylowiron productsare necessary, Kaol 'lte/Firelitecastablesarewell suitedto
do the jobo And in catalyst support domes and checkers, high alumina compo-
siti on SR-99 brick offers ultra-nigh purity. excellent dimensional tolerances and
fi red strengths.
Transfer Lines
High alumina speclal duty castable (Firecrete, Kao-Tab, Tri-Mor)
backed with high strength, lowiron insulating castable (Kaolite,Fireli,te)
Bubble aluminahigh strength insulating castable (Kaolite 3300)
Main Vessel
,/ High alumina special duty castable (Firecrete, Kao-Tao,
Tri-Mor) backed with high strength, low iron insul1ating
castable (IKaolite,Firelite)
Bubblealumina high strength insulating castable
(Kaolite 3300)
Top of Catalyst Bed
High aluminati le (SR-99, Kao-Tab 95,
Dense firebrick (SR-99)
Waste Heat Boiler
Bubble alumina high strength insulating
castable (Kaolite 3300)
High aluminaspecial dutycastable
(Fir'ecrete, Kao-Tab, Tri-Mor)
Inside view of
Transfer Une
S ulphur Recovery Unit
Sulfur recovery units (SRUs) operate under severe conditions
of hi gh temperatures and corrosive atmospheric conditions.
Thermal Ceramics offers products that have exhibited long
service life in bothstandardfired andthe more severe oxygen-
enriched SRU applications. For hot face use, high alumina,
high hot strength SR-90 and brick can dothe jobo Forbackup
insulation,Kand JM insulating firebr'ick presenta good combi-
nati onofstructural strength and low thermal conductivity.
Inlet Nozzle
(Kaolite, Firelite, Tri-Mor)
Burner Block
(Kaocrete,Firecrete, Tri-Mor)
SR-90 Firebrick
Sulphur Recovery Unit
Choke RinglChecker Wall
High alumina,high densityfirebrick
Waste Heat Boiler Tubesheet
Dense high aluminacastable (Firecrete,Kao-Tab, Tri-Mor)
Kaocrete HPM'" 90TR
Bubbled alumina high strength insulatingcastable
(Kaolite 3300)
Ferruleswrapped with Kaowool paper
Transition Section
Main Body
High Aluminadensefirebrick (SR-90)backed up with
Brick option
high temperatureinsulating firebrick (K,JM & TC) orhigh
temperature insulatingcastable (Kaolite,Firelite, Tri-Mor)
(SR-90) backed up with high
Dense high aluminacastable(Firecrete,Kao-Tab) backed
(K,JM& TC) orhigh temperature
up with high strength low iron insulatingcastable (Kaolite,
insulatingcastable (Kaolite,Firelite)
Dense high aluminacastable
(Firecrete, KaoTab) backed up
with high strength low iron insulating
castable (Kaolite, Firelite,Tri-Mor)
Sulphur Recovery Unit - Head
Ceramic Fiber Paper
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit
A fl ui d catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) has many different operating parameters
and thus refractory lini ng requirements vary throughout the entire unit. High
thermal efficiency Kaol ite insulating castables from Thermal Ceramics are well
proven for use in regenerators and reactors. They are easy-to-install products
whether by casting, pumping, traditional or wet gunning. Kao-Tuff 110, avail-
able in both cast and gun versions is ideal as a single component, semi-msu-
lating refractory for applications in spent catalyst li nes, regenerated catalyst
and fl ue gas lines. It is a best of class product with an unparalleled combina-
tion of st rength, abrasi on resistance and insulating value. Lastly, a unique lin-
ing for regenerator linings, Pyro-Bloc HS offers the heat savings and thermal
shock resistance of fjber with the strength required in the application.
Reacted Vapor Une
Hi gh strength insulating castable (Kaolite)
High strength insulating castable (Kaolite)
Pyro-Bloc HS
Flue Gas Unes
Dual Component
Special duty abrasion resistant castable
(Kao-Tuff) backed with high strength
insulating castable (Kaolite)
Single Component
Special duty abrasion resistant insulating
castable (Kao-Tuff 110)
CO Soiler
Special duty abrasion resistant
insulating castable (Kao-Tuff 110)
Dense, low iron castable
(Kaocrete, Firecrete, Tri-Mor) backed
with high strength , low iron insulating
castable (Kaolite, Firelite, Tri -Mor)
Dense thermal shock resistant
castable (Kaocrete, Firecrete)
Pumping application
Special duty abrasion resistant insulating castable (Kao-Tuff 110)
Kaocrete HPM 90TR
Kaocrete HPM 90TR
Riser U ne
Special duty abrasion resistan!
castable (Kao-Tuff, Morilow)
Kaocrete HPM 90TR
High strength insulating
castable (Kaolite)
Special duty abrasion resistant
castable (Kao-Tuff 110)
Special duty abrasion resistant
insulating castable (Kao-Tuff11 O)
Spent Catalyst Une
L:.e.=--t- . Special duty abras ion resistant
Regenerated Catalyst Une
Special duty abras ion resistant
insulating castable (Kao-Tuff 110)
Slide Valves
insulating castable (Kao-Tuff110)
"Y" Section
Kaocrete HPM 90TR
Special duty abrasion resistant
castable (Kao-Tuff, Morllow)
Kaowool ceramic liber paper
Kaocrete HPM 90TR
Pyro-Bloc HS Module
HotSpot Repairs
Thermal Ceramics offers a complete line of pumpable repair products to eliminate hot spots in furnaces, vessels andboil-
ers from deteriorated backup insulation. These versatile products can be used while the unit is in-service 01' off, which pro-
vides high flexi bi lityin planningthe repairand can save significantmoneyby notnecessarilyhaving to bringthe unitoff-line.
Kaowool Pumpables(XTP, TP, and HT)
Therm-O-Hot PatchTMlTherm-O-Hot PatchHS
Readyto usepremium mixturefor hotorcold repairs
Excellent insulating properties
Continuous use limits up to 2400F (1316C)
Therm-O-Hot Patch has unlimited shelf life
Economical and highly insulating repair products
Cease Fire 2000 Insul ati ng Foam
Two component refractory foam
insulation that flows to fill voids
Rated to 2000F (1093C)
Fast setting to approximately 1%times its origi -
nal volume
to repairhotspot.
Cease Fire2000
Therm-O-HotPatch ProductGroup
Fire Protection Applications
Thermal Ceramics FireMaster"line of products are dedicated to tll e fire protection mar-
ket. Theseproductsweredevelopedto meetindustryneedsforhighquality,rel lable,true
fire protection materials, FireMastersystems provide fire protection for:
Tanks and Vessels Cable Tray
Structural Steel
The products used in these fire protection applications meet strict manufacturing to'ler-
ancesand rigorous qualitycontrol inspections in orderto ensure conformance and certi-
ficationcapabilityto national testing laboratorystandards. Theseprocedures ensurethatthe outstandingfire performance
properties of each FireMaster productaremaintainedforall life safetyapplicahons.
FireMaster Blanket
Lightweight, non-combustible,high-temperature fiber
Canbe used as fireproof covering orpipe wrap
Unaffected by oil orwater
FireMaster Encapsulated/Faced Blanket
Reduces risk ofphysical damage
F i r e a r r i e ~ 135and 110
High strength, high temperaturecastable
Offers superiorresistance to thermal shock andspalling
AboveGroundStorage Tank