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1. Jaggery ghee lamps placed on rice vistarele Lakshmi temple evenings For 16 Fridays .

This will
Lakshmi kataksham remedy too
2. Donate til along with betel ,coconut , dakshina ( 1 rupee more than the value of til ) during every
sankranti to a brahmin
3. Do not talk while eating food or drinking . Preferably sit relaxed and eat food
4. Clean your combs
5. When you wash clothes and dry it , make sure water does not drip from these clothes
6. Do not shake legs unnecessarily .
7. Cleaning should be done on Wednesdays and Saturdays and never on Sundays
8. To keep Laxmi stable : On a Thursday in the morning after completing the essential chores and having
a bath, take some Yellow Mustard Seeds and wrap them in a piece of paper. Then keep this wrapped
piece of paper under the pillow you use while sleeping.

Let these wrapped seeds remain their till the next coming Thursday. Then in the morning remove them
from under the pillow and do an Utara by rotating the wrapped seeds over your head in a clockwise

This done go to a street corner, where four roads meet and throw the wrapped seeds. The Yellow
Mustard Seeds have to be kept wrapped, till you finally throw them. Then come back to your home and
while coming back dont look over your shoulder.
9. Laxmi Prapti Totka for Diwali

This Totka is to be practiced early in the morning on the day of Diwali, before having a bath or brushing
the teeth.

A Coconut has to be taken and tied with a rope to a stone. Then the tied Coconut has to be taken to a
river or a lake and immersed in the water.

Then a small prayer has to be said to the coconut. The prayer can be something like this - I have
immersed you here in the water, in the evening, I will come back to take you home, please bring Laxmi,
along with you

In the evening, after sunset, the Coconut has to be removed from the water and taken back to the
home. The rope and stone have to be removed and the Coconut has to be worshiped with offerings
of flowers, the lighting of a Diya of Pure Ghee, Dhoop/ Agarbatti and scented flowers. The Coconut can
also be worshipped along with the prayers and rituals of Laxmi Pujan.

After this, the Coconut has to be kept in the place where money or food grains are stored. This
remedy is said to be effective for one year and has to be repeated, if so desired every year.