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This information in this eBook is intended for educational purposes only

and it is not meant to substitute for medical care
or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition.


This eBook has been prepared as an expression of the authors opinion concerning the
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readers are advised to consult competent licensed professional attorneys,
doctors, etc.. The author specifically disclaims any liability or risk
whatsoever in the event of any harm that may be incurred as a result
of the application, of any advice or information
offered herein, whether direct or indirect.

All rights reserved.
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Are you ready to take your health into your own hands?
According to recent studies, the average American spent $8000 on their
healthcare in 2011. Consumer spending on healthcare isnt going down
in 2012 and the costs are rising above the rate of inflation.

Are you fed up with your current healthcare situation?
It seems like every trip to the doctor results in a prescription. Did you
know that Americans make up 5% of the world population, yet we
consume over 50% of the pharmaceuticals made. To me, this is an
alarming statistic.

Are you looking for safe and effective natural remedies?
Why shouldnt we build on the knowledge our ancestors acquired about
herbs, roots, and essential oils over the ages. We can now synthesize the
best of that knowledge, apply the latest advances in technology for purity
and testing, and deliver a safe alternative with no toxicity or adverse
Natural Therapies have arrived!
The National Institutes of Health have had an Office of Alternative
Medicine since 1993. Harvard University and Johns Hopkins have been
teaching courses in Alternative Medicine for several years. It no longer
needs to be one or the other, we can combine conventional and alternative
medicine for all of our health and wellness needs. (608)843-2345
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ESSENTIAL OILS PREVENT DISEASES ................................................... 14
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NINE ESSENTIAL OILS NEEDED IN EVERY HOME ............................ 19
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YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR HANDS ......................................................... 30
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Elizabeth and I are two fun-loving sisters who love creating healthy lives for
our families and friends. (Im on Lemon & Elizabeth is on Orange)
Young Living Sisters was started in March 2004 after I convinced my older
sister Elizabeth to get onboard the Young Living train. It was an easy decision
after we learned how easily we could redirect our co-pay dollars from insurance
companies to a company with a huge herb farm committed to natural healing.
Since then, we have been sharing the healing power of the oils and enjoying a
healthy income every month from our Young Living business. (608)843-2345
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After reading this eBook, I sincerely hope that you will be inspired to not only
try essential oils for your own ailments and wellness, but to also consider a
Young Living Membership for greater wellness and financial independence.

You can get started with your own essential oils from the company that has the
largest herb farm in the world. Young Living sets the standard for essential oil
quality and is the only company that sources its own oil from seven different
farms located around the world. You can be assured that the oils you get will be
of the finest available in the world today and your body will experience the
difference when you apply them.
"Young Living is a high quality company that consistently exceeds all
of my expectations."

April J ohnson (608)843-2345
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What did the ancients know about the medicinal uses of
plants that we are just now rediscovering?

Although the powerful medicinal value of therapeutic grade essential oils or
aromatherapy is recently being rediscovered by modern scientists, ancient
civilizations used essential oils and spices every day for everything from
warding off disease to purifying their temples.

There is evidence that shows people all over the world were using various forms
of plant medicine, especially essential oils, long before the time of Christ.
Essential oils dont go rancid and can last for hundreds, if not thousands of
years. (608)843-2345
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The Egyptians and Chinese

Egyptians used essential oils and aromatherapy for thousands of years
to heal, anoint and empower their lives.

They were some of the first people to document the emotional and physical
health benefits and left behind several hundred oil recipes in the form of

There are numerous references to essential
oils and the plants they came from throughout
the Bible. Some precious oils, such as
frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, rosemary,
hyssop, cassia, cinnamon, and spikenard were
used for anointing and healing the sick.

Clinical research now shows that frankincense and myrrh are two of the most
powerful immune-stimulating substances available on the planet.

Researchers have found that certain essential oils have powerful anti-infectious,
anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as immune-supporting
actions. In addition, studies show that essential oils increase the uptake of
oxygen and the delivery of nutrients to the cells.

Chinese civilizations also mastered the use of essential oils and herbs. In the
year 2700 B.C., a Chinese practitioner, Shen Nung authored an herbal book that
is the oldest surviving medical book in existence today and it contains
information on the medicinal use of over 400 plants. (608)843-2345
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Recent studies that document the therapeutic value of essential oils help
us understand why ancient civilizations valued them and relied on them
to maintain or regain their health.

The Europeans
Along with the Egyptians and Chinese, Ancient Greeks were grasping the
power of essential oils and were using them medicinally and cosmetically.
Over 1200 years ago, Pedacius Dioscorides, a Greek physician, authored a book
on herbal medicine. Many of his remedies are still in use today in

As the Romans expanded their empire into Greece and Egypt, they learned
much of their medical knowledge from these advancing societies, using and
improving the science of aromatherapy. As the Roman Empire moved towards
the Orient, new oils were introduced into Europe from India, China and the
Arab Empire by way of the expanding trade routes.

Around 1000 A.D., Avicenna, a brilliant Arab physician in an era when Arab
medicine was the most advanced in the world, had a significant influence on (608)843-2345
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aromatherapy. He accurately documented many hundreds of plans and their
uses and was the first person to discover the method of distilling essential oils
from flowers.

Europeans were not noted for their use of essential oils until the 12
when the well-known German Physician and Scientist, Hildegard of Bingen
(1098-1179) wrote extensively about the use of herbal remedies and essential
oils in her medical practice.

As the Spanish Conquistadors invaded the Americas, they were amazed at the
wealth of medicinal plants found in Incan, Mayan, and Aztec botanical gardens.
The native people of both South and North America were well practiced in
creating herbal remedies for both medicinal and religious ceremonies.

Plant Medicine has been integrated into civilizations throughout history. (608)843-2345
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During the 14
Century, while the dreaded Black Plague was wiping out almost
half the population of England, a fearless band of spice and perfume traders
took advantage of the dead and dying by robbing them. These spice traders
turned thieves never fell ill with
the highly contagious disease
themselves because they were all
from the same family of perfumers
and were well-versed in the power
of essential oils. They knew
exactly which oils would protect

Eventually the band of spice trader thieves were caught and court documents
show that the thieves were granted a lighter sentence in exchange for revealing
the secret that protected them. Their secret was they were using essential oils.

They applied cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and other aromatic essential
oils on their bodies before robbing their dead or dying victims.

Their secret formula was posted in the town square and is credited for helping to
save the remaining English citizens. The recipe for the thieves oil can still be
found in the Royal English archives today. (608)843-2345
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Throughout history, terrible plagues have swept through much of the world and
left millions dead.

One surprising discovery was that people in certain occupations seemed
to escape the deadly disease. How was this possible?

Spice traders, perfumers, and tanners who
scented their handmade leather gloves
with perfumes before selling them were all
spared because of the anti-microbial
properties in essential oils they were using.

People in geographic regions were also
spared. The entire town of Bucklersbury, England was escaped the perils of the
plague while residents of nearby towns were dying in droves.

Historians believe that this small community was spared because it was the
center of the European lavender trade and the disease fighting properties of the
essential oil from lavender protected its residents.
Although the use of plant medicine is well documented for thousands of years,
it is only recently that scientists have been documenting the effects of essential
oils on humans. (608)843-2345
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In 1910 a French chemist, Rene Maurice
Gattefosse, began researching the healing powers
of essential oils after badly burning his hand
during an explosion in his family owned
cosmetics laboratory.

Already somewhat familiar with the medicinal
benefits of lavender, he used the oil to treat his wounds and was impressed by
how quickly his hand healed. This event started a fascination with essential oils
and inspired Gattefosse to experiment with them on soldiers during WWI.

In 1964, Dr. Jean Valnet, a French medical doctor, was impressed with
Gattefosses research and began experimenting with essential oils in his medical
Over the next fifty years, Dr. Valnet wrote extensively in various publications
including books and medical journals about herbal medicine and how to treat
illnesses with essential oils.

Along with Rene Maurice Gattefosse, Dr.
Valnet is regarded as one of the founders of
modern aromatherapy. Thanks to these
aromatherapy pioneers, therapeutic essential
oils have been extensively researched in France
and are documented in French Medical texts. (608)843-2345
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Bacteria and Microbes CANNOT Outsmart Essential Oils

In 1985, Dr. Jean C. Lapraz stated that, according to his research, no microbe
could survive in the presence of the essential oils cinnamon or oregano.

This important and bold statement has been overshadowed by the recent and
intense advertising of the pharmaceutical industry which works to discredit
natural substances.

They spend billions to influence people through lobbying and advertising to
promote the idea that only drugs can kill germs.

Dr. Lapraz understood the complexity of essential oils and their ability to
outsmart germs and bacteria while the pharmaceutical industry understood the
threat this posed to them and used their resources to minimize this research. (608)843-2345
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What are pharmaceutical companies hiding?

Here is what the pharmaceutical
industry doesnt want us to know:

Studies show that each drug is only effective on a limited number of germs or
microbes and it is only a matter of time before the microbes will outsmart
the drug and develop immunity to it.

A drug is used and the microbe grows immune to it. Then an even stronger
drug is created and the microbe grows immune to that, eventually making them
much harder to kill. So the cycle continues to leap frog on and on.

Microbes will always outsmart chemical drugs is because they contain the
exact amount of constituents in the exact same proportions every time. This
exact science is the very reason why pharmaceutical companies can have a
patent on a drug. (608)843-2345
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The complex chemistry of essential oils makes them ideal for killing bacteria
and preventing the spread of disease.

Pure essential oils, not the diluted ones for sale at the drug store or health food
store, are very complex and each batch of oils are influenced by a variety of
naturally occurring factors, like the weather.

This is the very reason why no patents are available for essential oils and why
the pharmaceutical companies cannot monetize essential oils.

The subtle changes in each harvest creates a tiny variation in the chemical
constituents of essential oils, so no two oils are exactly alike in structure or
effect. This variation in structure is exactly why bacteria, viruses, and fungus
have no chance to outsmart pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. (608)843-2345
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Its easy for microbes to develop defenses to a substance that is
completely predictable and unchanging.

Certainly antibiotics do an amazing job of treating infections and saving lives,
but despite pleas and warnings from disease experts, they are over used and
over prescribed. This creates the need for newer and stronger antibiotics which
will create a newer and stronger virus. How long can this go on?

Most sophisticated prescription drugs on the market come with side effects.

When you pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, you get a list of common side
effects. Regardless of the drug, the most common side effects are nausea,
diarrhea or vomiting.

Although we may be lead to believe that side effects are normal reactions to
taking our medication and we should try to get used to them, is that really our
only path to health? (608)843-2345
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Have you resigned yourself to living with side effects?

Are you disturbed when listening to a drug commercial on TV and half or more
of the commercial is spent quickly running through the side effects? Is anyone
else alarmed that death is commonly mentioned as a side effect? This hardly
seems like a healthy choice!

It is common that once a person starts a
new medication, additional medications
will be prescribed to manage its side

Then sometimes more prescriptions are
written for those side effects, and the endless cycle of medication continues.

In contrast, here is how one Young Living member feels about her oils:
"What excites me about essential oils is that they EMPOWER me to
take control of my health and the health of my family.
I nevitably, my child would get sick on a weekend or some other
inopportune time. He would wake up in the middle of the night with an
earache or get hit with a fever on a Sunday.
Not only do I know which oils to use, I can grab them immediately and
begin healing his symptoms and bringing reliefand most times,
intercept what would become bigger issues that would obligate us to a
doctor visit or medication.
The oils not only treat physical symptoms, but work on emotional and
spiritual issues as well, so I am never a victim of health issuesthey
simply become a teacher of how to help my body to heal naturally."
Daryl Meyer Hall (608)843-2345
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There are a number of different ways in which essential oils may be used. Care
should be taken, however, to ensure that the oils do not come in contact with
your eyes. If this does happen, flush with a vegetable oil NOT water. Water will
push the oil deeper into the eye or skin.

Smell and/or Diffuse:

When inhaling it takes 22 seconds for an oil to
reach the brain.

Place 1-3 drops on a cloth, tissue,
pillow and inhale.
Rub in your hands and cup over your face and inhale.
Add a few drops to your vacuum cleaner.
Place oil on a cotton ball and put it in a vent in the house or car.

Diffuse using a cold air diffuser. This
helps to kill bacteria and mold. Diffuse
the oils for 15 20 minutes each hour. (608)843-2345
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Direct Application:

When applied topically it takes 2-3 minutes for
an oil to reach the bloodstream...20 minutes to
affect every cell in the body, it is metabolized
within 2 1/2 hours.

Please note that more is not better when using pure, therapeutic grade
oils. A detoxification can be triggered. 1 drop of peppermint oil is the
equivalent of 28 drops of peppermint tea. Start with 1-3 drops and
work up if needed.
Apply the oils to the area of concern.
Add oils behind ears or on wrists for quick absorption as well.
When using on children or infants, always dilute by over 50%
Wear as a perfume or cologne

Dietary Supplements:

Only recommended for Young Living Essential
Oils. Follow the directions for each oil.
Add a drop or two to water or a beverage to
flavor and reap health benefits.
Add a drop or two to recipes to season food

I have used oils and supplements for my three children for the past 8
years, and I have only had to take one child to the doctor."
J ennifer Goulet (608)843-2345
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1. Lavender

(Lavandula angustifolia) is the most versatile of all essential oils and is
known as the Universal Oil. Therapeutic-grade lavender has been
highly regarded for the skin. Lavender has been clinically evaluated for
its relaxing effects. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing
physically and emotionally. This plant is grown and distilled at the
Young Living Farms. No home should be without Lavender oil!

This oil is ideal for use as a sleep aid, bee stings and insect bites, minor burns,
cuts, headaches, skin irritations, motion sickness, nosebleed, unblock tear ducts,
scar tissue, deodorant, dandruff, hay fever and for dry or chapped skin and lips.
It is also excellent as a deodorizer and can be used in water fountains or to
freshen your laundry.

2. Peppermint

(Mentha piperita) is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs
for soothing digestion. Scientists have researched its effect on the liver
and respiratory, improving concentration and mental accuracy. This
plant is grown and distilled at the Young Living Farms.

The peppermint oil is ideal for heartburn, inflammation (unbroken skin),
bruises, fever, Poison Ivy/ Poison Oak, exercising, nausea, headaches, hiccups,
alertness, concentration and recall, travel sickness, congestion and flavoring.
This oil also works well in deterring rodents, ants and cockroaches. Use the
peppermint oil as a substitute for tea and coffee, to dispel paint fumes, to kill
aphids, treat bad breath, sore feet, ticks and to curb your appetite. (608)843-2345
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3. Lemon
(Citrus limon) has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds
that have been studied for their effects on immune function.
CAUTI ON: Citrus oils should NOT be applied to skin that will be
exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light within 72 hours.

The lemon oil is great for use as an air freshener, refreshing drink, varicose
veins, lemonade, callouses, bunions, warts, prolong life of fresh fruits, sterilize
counter tops, dishcloths, laundry, athletes foot and as a mouthwash. It is great
for removing gum, oil grease spots and crayon marks.

4. Frankincense
(Boswellia carteri) was considered more valuable than gold in ancient
times and used to treat every known ill to man. Its known for its
antitumor, antidepressant, & muscle relaxing benefits, as well as
stimulating to the limbic system of the brain and the hypothalamus,
pineal, and pituitary glands.

Perfect for use in improving concentration, wrinkle and face care, immune
system booster, blisters, insect bites, depression, brittle nails, stretch marks,
cysts, warts, breath health, kidney stones, eye health and overall health

5. Thieves
A highly antibacterial blend of Clove (Syzygium aromaticum),
Lemon (Citrus limon), Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum), Eucalyptus
(Eucalyptus Radiata), and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis CT
cineol). Thieves Oil is highly effective against germs. Named after
15th century Thieves who rubbed these oils on themselves during
the plague so they would not contract the disease while robbing the
dead, Thieves has a 99.96 % kill rate against airborne microorganisms.

Thieves is great for treating and preventing cold and flu as well as for treating
Strep throat, bee strings, household germs, infections, acne, sinuses, air purifier,
gingivitis or bleeding gums, mold, bronchitis, cold sores and fever blisters as
well as fungal skin and toe infections. (608)843-2345
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6. Valor
Valor is an energy balancing blend of Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora),
Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum), Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), and
Spruce (Picea mariana) in a base of pure Almond Oil. Valor works with
the bodies electrical and nervous system bringing alignment and balance
throughout the whole body system. Start off every day by putting Valor
oil on the bottom of your feet to help you face the day.

This versatile oil is ideal for emotional strength, back pain or injury, joint pain
or injury, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues, Sciatia, anxiety, sleep stiff
neck and spinal adjustment.

7. Purification
Purification is an antiseptic blend of Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus),
Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), Rosemary (Rosemarinus
officinalis), Melaleuca (Melalueca alternifolia), Lavandin (Lavandula x
hybrida) and Myrtle (Myrtus communis) formulated for diffusing to
purify and cleanse the air and neutralize mildew, cigarette smoke and
disagreeable odors. This is a favorite essential oil blendgood for so many
things! Always keep a bottle with you.

Use purification as an air spritz, air purifier, air freshener, humidifier or to
relieve a sore throat. This oil is also ideal for insect bites, skin blemishes, show
odors, flu, ticks, insect repellant, or as a furniture and carpet refresher. Apply
Purification oil and Peppermint oil diluted with V-6 vegetable mixing oil to a
cotton swab and rub just inside the ear to eliminate ear mites in cats and dogs.

8. Peace & Calming
A gentle, fragrant blend of Tangerine (Citrus noblis), Orange (Citrus
sinensis), Ylang Ylang (canaga odorata), Patchouly (Pogostemon
cablin), and Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum). Originally designed for
diffusing, its uses have expanded. It promotes relaxation and a deep
sense of peace, helping to calm tensions and uplift spirits. (608)843-2345
Page | 22
Ideal for use as a sleep aid, overactive children, relaxing massage, relaxing bath
and a teeth grinding remedy. This oil may also be worn as a perfume or

9. Panaway
A pain relief blend of Wintergreen (Gaultheria proumbens), Clove
(Syzygium aromaticum), Peppermint (Mentha piperita) and
Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum). This blend will ease discomforts
of an active lifestyle or those everyday twinges with a warming and
soothing effect.

Panaway is the oil for treating sore muscles, headaches, growing pains, arthritis
pain, Sciatic pain and also arthritis in pets.

Finding and experiencing Young Living has changed my family's
life. Not only has our health (physical and emotional) improved
significantly, but as parents of two little boys we have a huge piece of
mind knowing we are using safe and effective products in all aspects of
our lives.

We are replacing medicines with essential oils (not only to treat but to
prevent illness by using safe and effective cleaning products, and
wonderful personal care products.

Bottom Line - we are a happier and healthier family thanks to Young

Carla Beveridge (608)843-2345
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Youve Got Options!

Essential oils work holistically with your body and they work systemically to
improve many aspects at once. In addition, most oils are:

In essence, they can destroy all bacteria and viruses while simultaneously
supporting your healthy cells. (608)843-2345
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Research shows that pure essential oils placed anywhere on the body will
penetrate virtually every cell of the body within 21 minutes. The tiny molecules
easily pass through cell walls and membranes, delivering their benefits directly
where they are needed, especially when applied on the feet.

You cant beat the wonderful benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils.

One of the causes of disease in both plants and humans is the inability of
nutrients to penetrate the cell wall. Unless there is an adequate delivery agent to
assist the cell to receive needed nutrients, the cell deteriorates leading to cell
mutation which leads to disease.

Essential oils are small and can easily go through cell walls deep inside the
body without disturbing its natural balance because they have a built-in system
of checks and balances. If one constituent exerts too strong an effect, another
one may block or counteract it.

When we inhale or apply pure essential oils to our bodies, they have an
energetic balancing effect on us and they raise our vibration. (608)843-2345
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I only use and recommend Young Living essential oils because most of the oils
were grown on Young Living farmland or by Young Living partners who do not
use chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or anything harmful. The farms are even
hand weeded!

Many of the essential oils are grown on land that is wild crafted, which is
beyond organic, where pesticides and herbicides have not ever been used. If the
plants were not grown on one of the seven Young Living farms, they work with
the communities to harvest the plants in the best interests of the people and the
environment. (608)843-2345
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Therapeutic Grade
Each and every batch is distilled at the right temperature for just the right time
with just the right amount of pressure to preserve the potent chemical
constituents that work so well with our bodies.

This is a Green Business
Reusing and recycling is part of the Young Living culture. If you are
environmentally conscious, like me, you will appreciate the many ways Young
Living works with Mother Earth and the people who walk on it.

The Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah (608)843-2345
Page | 27

Read the label and the check the ingredients
If you are warned not to take the oil internally, you can be sure that the contents
of the bottle are mostly synthetic chemicals or fragrance oils labeled as
aromatherapy oils. Pure and natural essential oils are safe to ingest and require
no such label.

Cheap oils are often disappointing
There are different reasons why the costs are so varied from oil to oil but some
of the main reasons are cost of production, abundance of raw material and
purity of product. Cold pressed oils are typically more affordable, whereas
steam distillation typically yield smaller batches and are therefore more
expensive to produce.
Good certified therapeutic oils may be more expensive, but if you are looking
for real results from your oils, you won't want to compromise your health for a
few dollars savings. (608)843-2345
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Testimonials From Satisfied Young Living Customers

Colds and flu are not welcome here!
Thanks to NingXia Red, Raven, R.C., and Thieves Essential Oil we are able to
keep colds at our house to a minimum. To prevent colds, before we leave the
house we follow the regimen of applying diluted Thieves Oil (to the back of our
necks and wrists, and taking one ounce of NingXia Red in the morning. If we
feel the onset of cold symptom, we up the application of Thieves Oil as well as
increasing the NingXia Red ounces to 2-3 per day.
If the cold sets in, we have the ever powerful R.C. and Raven Oils to treat the
congestion and keep it to a minimum (the cold is shorter in duration and less
intense). Raven has worked miracles in the middle of the night with my oldest
son. He gets coughing attacks and just by putting a couple drops in my hand
and placing my hand close to his face while he's having a coughing attack, he
breathes in the oils so deeply into his body that the coughing stopped for the
entire night. I was amazed! To prove it further, the same thing happened the
next night, breathing in the oils, and he stopped coughing the entire
night. AMAZING oils!!
Carla Beveridge (608)843-2345
Page | 29
Suspicious Black, I rregular Shaped Mole
I had a suspicious mole appear on the side of my forehead just above the
temple. I began applying Young Livings Frankincense; about 2 drops 2-3 x a
After about 4 1/2 weeks of consistent use it began to harden and form a scab.
(crazy) I continued to apply Frankincense and I was finally able to gently
remove the scab! THIS was amazing.
I now add 2 drops of Frankincense to my daily skin care regimen for added
Amy Holmes

I njured on his motorcycle
Because of a motorcycle accident I sustained a serious injury that splintered
my arm from the elbow to the tip of my fingers. Bones, tendons and nerves all
needed extensive attention and my doctors were concerned about the level of
my recovery. Immediately I used lavender, melaluca alternifolia, peppermint,
wintergreen, Idaho balsam fir , frankincense and regenolone cream in an
attempt to help my body repair itself and control inflammation. To my doctors
amazement the recovery was rapid and well beyond what they expected. From
scar tissue and flexibility to lack of infection and the return of feeling in my
hand was nothing short of my wildest wishes. As my doctors were
congratulating themselves on a job well done (and hats off they did a fabulous
job), I knew it was my Young Living oils that were the X factor in my happy
ending. I am a believer.
Michael Laliberte (608)843-2345
Page | 30

Now you know the secret power of essential oils, why not try some today?
I hope you got a ton of good information from this eBook.
Most importantly, I hope you understand that you have options when it comes
to your wellbeing and care for yourself and family.
You can replace most items in your medicine cabinet with healthy and powerful
essential oils that have only positive side effects... like better health. (608)843-2345
Page | 31
Take your health and wellness needs into your own hands.
As you have read, often essential oils are as effective as the conventional
drug of choice with little or no side effects. They are a not a fad and have
been around since before the time of Christ. That speaks volumes.

Take control of your current healthcare situation.
People do not die from using essential oils, nor do they need to worry
about the negative side effects. Replacing over the counter drugs that
studies have shown affect your body in negative ways can begin today.
If you are seeking natural and safe relief from health concerns and do not
currently have access to Therapeutic Grade essential oils, contact me and
Ill help you choose the best ones for your situation.

Warm Regards,
Catherine Tryon
(608) 843-2345

p.s. Still skeptical? I completely understand. You dont really know me, and
you may not be sure if this is what you are looking for. Since youve read this
far, I imagine essential oils could be something you are interested in. How
about we talk and I send you a sample for you to experience? Contact me.