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Development Office for Information Technology (DOIT)

Mapa Institute of Technology Moodle 2.3 Students Quick Guide
January 2013

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Part I. Accessing the Website
1. Open an internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer), type on the
address bar, then hit enter. Enter your username and password at the Login textbox. Then
click Login button. Your default username on Moodle is your student number. If this is your
first time logging-in, your password, by default, is your student number as well.

1. To Logout, just click the Logout link on the upper right corner of the page.

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Part I. Accessing the Website


1. Click the Lost password? link on the log-in screen.

2. Key in your student number under the Search by username field.

3. You will receive a reset link on your Windows Live e-mail (
Follow the instructions from there.

Lost password?
Key in your student number here
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4. Go to Settings sidebar, click My profile settings, then Edit profile.

5. Once you are done modifying the information, click Update profile.

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Part I. Accessing the Website

6. To view your profile, go to My profile, then View profile.

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Part I. Accessing the Website

1. Go to My profile, then Messages.

2. Enter the name of the person you want to message, and click Search people and messages.
Search result will be displayed. Options to Add contact, Block contact, or view Message
history will be displayed beside the name of the user. To start sending a message, click the

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Part I. Accessing the Website

3. Enter the message and click Send message.

4. The conversation will be displayed under Recent conversations.

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Part II. Course enrollment

1. To find your course, use the search bar on the middle of the home page.

2. Click on the course you want to enrol to.

Search for your
course here

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Part II. Course enrollment

3. Enter the enrolment key given by the professor (if specified) and then click Enroll me.

4. The course will be displayed in a weekly outline as shown below.