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Press Release

Asian Bariatrics successfully performs bariatric surgery on 60

year old Bangalore resident having 260 kg weight
The patient was denied the surgery by a
nationally renowned institution citing it as a risky
Ahmedabad, July 25, 2014
Living up to its image of a bariatric surgery center having high degree of expertise,
Ahmedabad-based Asian Bariatrics has successfully performed a bariatric surgery on a
60 year old patient, who was denied such surgery by one of its national level peers
citing it as a risky one.
The patient Zubeda Begum is a resident of Bangaluru and prior to the surgery her
weight was 260 kg. She was bed-ridden for more than four months and as a result, she
had developed sores all over her body. In the month of April, she was admitted to a
nationally renowned medical institution for treatment of her obesity through bariatric
surgery in Bangaluru. As a part of preparation for the surgery, she was admitted there
for a period of about 30 days, but even after spending that much time in the hospital,
her family was shocked when the team of doctors at the hospitals refuse to perform a
surgery saying that considering the conditions of the patient, the surgery was risky.
Zubeda was also suffering from other ailments such as breathing problem, hypo-
thyroid, adrenal insufficiency, hypo tension, diabetes mellitus and pulmonary
In such a state of shock, she was directed by a well wisher to approach Asian
Bariatrics, Ahmedabad. But worseness of her health condition can be gauged from the
fact that the company providing air ambulance services was not ready to take her to
Ahmedabad. However, determined to get rid of her problems, she travelled to the
city by an ambulance van and finally reached to the leading bariatric surgery center
in the state of Gujarat.
After keeping her under observation for about 20 days, Dr. Manish Khaitan, Director,
Asian Bariatrics finally performed the surgery on 02/07/2014, which was very much
successful and she is recovering well. Once completely bed-ridden, she is now able to
stand up twice a day.
Mr. Ayaz Ibrahim, son of Zubeda, was overwhelmed while expressing gratitude to Dr.
Khaitan. Dr. Khaitan is like a god for us, as we have lost all hopes when the doctors
at other institution were not ready to perform the surgery considering it as a risky

one. We were left helpless and I could not see
the physical condition of my mother. But Dr. Khaitan gave a new lease of life to my
mother by successfully performing the surgery. Asian Bariatrics is really a hope of ray
for all the persons who are suffering from gross obesity.
Asian Bariatrics is Indias largest state-of-art hospital with cutting edge technology
and extended patient care services for treatment of morbid obesity and
gastrointestinal disorders with three leading surgeons of India like Dr. Mahendra
Narwaria, Dr. Sanjay Patolia and Dr. Manish Khaitan practicing here.
For further details please contact Asian Bariatrics, Opp.Rajpath Club, S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat. Call 079 6655 6655