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The difference between lithium and

lithium-polymer battery
When we contacted the lithium battery, you may encounter a lot of nouns, lithium
batteries, lithium polymer battery, etc., that the difference between the two is where
is it. Sino Universal Battery with your look together
Lithium-polymer battery (Li-polymer, also known as polymer lithium battery): a high
energy density, more compact, ultra-thin, lightweight, and high security and low cost,
and other obvious advantages, is a new battery. In shape, with a thin lithium-
polymer battery technology features that can meet the needs of a variety of products,
made into any shape and capacity of the battery. The minimum thickness of such
batteries can reach up to 0.5mm.
Lithium battery is a class of lithium metal or lithium alloy anode material, the use of
non-aqueous electrolyte solution batteries. First appeared in the lithium battery from
the great inventor Thomas Edison, using the following reaction: Li + MnO2 = LiMnO2
This reaction is oxidation-reduction reaction, is discharged. Due to the chemical
properties of lithium metal is very lively, making the lithium metal processing,
preservation, use, environmental requirements are very high. Therefore, long-term
lithium batteries have not been applied. Now lithium batteries have become the
Lithium polymer battery is a lithium-ion battery upgrade products. Relative to the
now popular lithium-ion battery is concerned, it has a large capacity, small size (thin),
security (not explode) and so on. However, due to the replacement of the whole
industry chain will take some time and it cost (the cost) is still relatively high, only in
high-end digital products in use (ultra-thin laptops, etc.).
It is foreseeable that in the next 5 - 10 years, lithium polymer batteries will
replace existing lithium-ion battery! In fact, the electronics industry is relatively
developed countries such as Japan and South Korea lithium polymer battery
penetration has reached a certain level, but our country is lagging behind in this
respect, let us wait and see! The near future, such as the use of lithium polymer
battery cell phone cheap, I have to replace one that is more secure phone (battery)!
The main difference with lithium polymer battery is probably as follows:
1.Appearance: As long as the package is flexible foil package, it will probably
claiming to lithium poly-polymer battery. Because there is no metal shell polymer
battery, advantage is slim. But the disadvantage is no metal shell to protect
vulnerable to external damage.
2.Security: Due to the use of flexible polymer batteries, and less liquid electrolyte
volume, if the unfortunate problem with the battery, the battery will expand, so the
poor fit between the battery plates resulting circuit. And if the situation is more
serious, but also split the seams to release the pressure, the more there will be no
danger of explosion fire. And although lithium metal shell package will have relief
port design, but the risk of explosion and fire may occur when high pressure or high
(Polymer battery can only say that the institution is designed to be less likely to burst
into flames, but in fact it can be said chemical properties are almost identical, really
wants to go on a little burning up is also pretty scary
3.cycle life: Early Ericsson polymer battery, after several months of use the battery
often see significant expansion, performance and instantly fall. And as technology
advances, the current high-quality polymer battery life is also raising a lot, but still
inferior to the same level of lithium polymer batteries.
4.price: on production technology and cost-polymer battery is higher than lithium
With respect to the lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer battery characteristics are
as follows: battery leakage problems, the internal battery does not contain a liquid
electrolyte, solid colloidal.
2. can be made of thin battery: to 3.6V400mAh capacity, its thickness can be as thin
as 0.5mm.
3. battery can be designed in various shapes.
4. battery bending: Polymer battery maximum bending around 900.
5. can be made of single high voltage: liquid electrolyte batteries only a few pieces
of batteries in series to obtain a high voltage polymer battery.
6. because of their non-liquid, can be made in a single multi-layer combinations to
achieve high voltages.
7. capacity than lithium-ion batteries of the same size twice.
Polymer battery in security, packaging for plastic packaging, unlike liquid lithium
metal housing, internal quality problems can be immediately displayed by packaging
deformation, once safety problems occur, will not explode, only bulging. Lithium
batteries has now been widely used mobile phone batteries, mobile power, Sino-US
common lithium battery has been committed to the development, production, poly-
substance lithium batteries also have a great market prospects.
General Electronics Battery Co., Ltd. electric vehicle battery has been committed to
the development, production, for consumers to create a safe, environmentally
friendly batteries.
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