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Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)

Performance & Activities of Foreign
Exchange of Janata Bank Limited
An Internship Affiliation Report Presented to the School of Business
Administration in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree
of Bachelor of Business Administration
Supervised by:

Ms. Salma Akter
School of business
Ahsanullah University Of Science and Technology

Submitted By:
Mohammad Ashikur Rahman
BBA program, 2014 (25
Major: Accounting
School of business
Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology

Date of Submission: August 14, 2014

Performance & Activities of Foreign
Exchange of Janata Bank Limited


Letter of Transmittal
August 14, 2014

Ms. Salma Akter
Internship Supervisor
School of business
Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology

Sub: Submission of Internship Affiliation Report

Dear Madam,
I am submitting my internship affiliation report on the topic Performance & Activities of Foreign
Exchange of Janata Bank Limited to you within the given time allowed to me by you. I just tried my level
best to participate, observe and identify the Banking activities, specifically on the Foreign Exchange
Department of Janata Bank Ltd. It has written it down in this report from my own experience. For
preparation of this report I collected as much information as possible from the Foreign Exchange
Department of the bank.
During the course of my practical orientation I have tried to learn the practical banking activities to
realize it with my theoretical knowledge, which I have greathearted and going to acquire from various
courses of my BBA program.

Yours Sincerely,

Mohammad Ashikur Rahman
BBA Program, 2014 (25
Major in Accounting
School of Business
Ahsanullah University if Science & Technology


Completion of anything need support & help. I am very much fortunate to get the sincere guidance and
supervision from a number of persons. My sincere gratitude goes to
As an internee of JBL, I have truly enjoyed my internship from the learning and experience viewpoint. I
am confident that this three months internship program at JBL will definitely help me to realize my
further carrier in the job market. Without his supportive hand and recommendations, it would be
difficult for me to complete this Report.


Letter of Endorsement

The Internship Affiliation Report entitled Performance & Activities of Foreign Exchange of
Janata Bank Limited has been submitted to the Office, in partial fulfillment of the
requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Accounting, and
School of Business on 14
August by Mohammad Ashikur Rahman ID: The
report has been accepted and may be presented to the Internship Defense Committee for

Supervisory Committee
MS. Salma Akter
Internship Supervisor
School of Business
Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST)


Contents Page No.

Internship Affiliation Report


Letter Of Transmittal

Acknowledgement 04

Letter Of Endorsement


Title Report




Activities Undertaken


Challenges & Proposed Course of Action
& Improvement


Lessons Learned From Internship


Concluding Statement



Appendix 37-38


Chapter -1


Performance & Activities of Foreign Exchange of Janata
Bank Limited





2.1)Rational of the Report
A bank is financial intermediary a dealer in loans and debts. After completing my
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) as a student of Ahsanullah University of Science &
Technology I got the opportunity to perform my internship in the JBL as an intern. The
internship report on the topic Performance & Activities of Foreign Exchange of Janata Bank
Limited is prepared. I have selected Foreign Exchange department of Janata Bank Limited
because here all international transaction occur through Import and Export. And anyone can
easily trade with other foreign countries through L/C. So I have tried to represent their
performance and prospects on the ground of foreign trade. I choose this topic to know overall
foreign trading system and currency exchange policy

2.2Historical Background of the Organization
Janata Bank Limited is the 2
largest state owned commercial bank in
Bangladesh. Immediately after the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971, the erstwhile United Bank
Limited and Union Bank Limited were named as Janata Bank. It was established under the
Bangladesh Bank order 1972. During the privatization process it was incorporated as a public
Limited Company on 21 May, 07 vide certificate of incorporation No-C66933(4425)07. The
Bank has taken the over the business of Janata Bank at a purchase consideration of Tk. 2593.90
million as a going concern through a vendor agreement signed between the Ministry of Finance
of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and the Board of Directors on behalf of Janata Bank
Limited on 15
November 2007. Janata Bank Limited operates through 851 branches including 4
overseas branches at United Arab Emirates and a subsidiary company named Janata Exchange
Company Srl in Italy. It is linked 1202 foreign correspondents all over the world.


2.3) Branches
There are 851 branches of Janata Bank Limited in home and abroad. Among them 443
branches are situated in urban areas including four foreign branches and 408 branches are in
rural areas. And all foreign branches are situated in United Arab Emirates.

Division Town Rural zone Total
Dhaka 162 82 244
Chittagong 100 88 188
Rajshahi 80 131 211
Sylhet 22 36 58
Khulna 75 71 146
Overseas 4 0 4
Total 443 408 851

Overseas Branches

SL.No: City No of Branch Status
01. Abu Dhabi 01 Foreign
02. Al-Ain 01 Foreign
03. Sharjah 01 Foreign
04. Dubai 01 Foreign
Total 04


Like every other business organization, the top management makes all the major decisions of
Janata Bank. The board of directors being at the highest level of organizational structure plays an
important role in policy formulation, but it is not directly concerned with the day-day operations
of the bank. They have delegated this duty to the management committee. The board mainly
establishes the objectives and policies of the bank. One chairman, eleven directors, one CEO &
MD and one company secretary are consist of Board of Directors of Janata Bank Limited.
Mid and lower level employees get the direction and instruction from the Board of Directors
about the duties and tasks they have to perform. The chief executive provides the guideline to the
managers and employees, but delegates responsibility for determining how tasks and goals are to
be accomplished.
As per decision of the govt. 46 (Forty Six) branches of our bank (40 branches in Dhaka city,
1(one) branch in Narayongonj city and 5(five) branches in Chittagong city) are involved to
receive the all utility bills in a same station from January04.

2.5) Mission & Vission

2.5.1) Mission
To be recognized as the leading commercial bank in the Bangladesh market providing retail and
corporate banking services and as a trusted and respected partner in the social and economic
development program of our nation.

The vision of Janata Bank Ltd. is to become effective largest commercial bank in Bangladesh, to
support socio-economic development of the country and to be a leading bank in South-Asia.

2.6)Scope of the Report
This study would focus on the following areas of Janata Bank Limited.
Actual Foreign Trade management of Janata Bank Limited.
Overview the current procedure of export & import management.
Opening LC and maintenance of other formalities of foreign trade.
Organizational structures and responsibilities of management.
Each of the above areas would be critically analyzed to determine the proper efficiency of
Janata Banks Foreign Trade Management system

2.7)Limitation of the Study

2.7.1)Time limitation:
It was one of the main constraints that affected covering all aspects of the study

2.7.2)Lack of Secondary Information:
The import export data of Bangladesh is not much available over the net. Secondary source of
information was not sufficient for the completion of the report.
Much confidential information was not disclosed by respective personnel of the department

2.8) Objectives:

2.8.1) Broad objectives:

To analyze the real Foreign Exchange performance of Bangladesh.
To know the Foreign Exchange Import and Export guideline, police, rules and regulation
of Bangladesh.


2.8.2) Specific objectives

To know about LC.
To learn about LC opening procedures.
To know about the use of Invoice in LC.
To know the current procedure of export & import and remittance.
To learn maintaining of other formalities of foreign exchange.
To know how to exchange currency.
Overall knowledge of export import system.
To find out how Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange is operating in Bangladesh.
To relate the theoretical learning with the real life situation.
To find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Foreign Trade and
Foreign Exchange of Bangladesh.
To know how to control the foreign trading system


Chapter -3



3.1) Work- Related:

I started my internship program in Janata Bank Limited, on 5th May, 2014. As my topic of
internship report is Performance & Activities of foreign exchange of Janata Bank Limited,
Tajgaon industrial area (TIA) Branch. I am going to describe about Foreign Exchange. I had
plenty of opportunity to work and understand the sectors of Foreign exchange. I had done many
things as an intern, such as opening different types of accounts ( current account, fixed deposit
account), then I used to check the LC form or others accounts form whether it was correct or not
because I had noticed in their internal audit report and found that there was several mistakes for
not fulfilling the form properly.

3.1.1) Foreign Exchange:
Foreign exchange department of Janata Bank Limited is one of the most important departments
among all departments. This department handles various types of activities.

.3.2) Organization Wide:

Foreign Exchange Department

Foreign Exchange means exchange of foreign currency between two countries. If we consider
Foreign Exchange as a subject, then it means all kinds of transaction related to foreign
currency. In other words, foreign exchange deals with foreign financial transactions.
The Foreign Trade and foreign exchange are categorized as follows:
Foreign Remittance
3.2.1) Foreign Remittance

Remittance means transfer of fund from one place to another and when money is transferred
from one country to another then it is called Foreign Remittance. Janata Bank is an authorized
dealer to deal in foreign exchange business. As an authorized dealer, a bank must provide some

services to the client regarding foreign exchange and this branch provides these services through
foreign remittance department. The basic function of this department is outward and inward
remittance of foreign exchange from one country to another country. In the process of providing
this remittance service, it sells and buys foreign currency.
Comparison foreign remittance Janata Bank Ltd Tajgaon Industrial Area (TIA) Branch from

Foreign Remittance of Janata Bank Ltd
Year (Taka In Lac)
2009 489.04
2010 689.34
2011 994.05
2012 552.21
2013 573.13

3.2.2) Remittance Procedures Of Foreign Currency:

There are two types of remittance: Foreign Remittance:
Normally, Inward Foreign Remittance comprises all incoming foreign currencies. Remittances
issued by the correspondent banks situated in the foreign countries and thereby drawn on Janata
Bank, Tajgaon Industrial Area (TIA) road Branch are considered to be its Inward Foreign
Remittances. Followings are the Inward Foreign Remittances, Janata Bank Tajgaon Industrial
Area (TIA) road Branch

The term inward remittances includes not only remittances by TT., MT., Drafts etc. but also
purchases of bills, purchases of drafts under travelers letter of credit and purchases of travelers
cheques. Foreign currency notes against which payment is made to the beneficiary also a part of
inward remittances. Thus the following are the Mode of inward remittances:

Telegraphic Transfer.
Mail Transfer.
Foreign Drafts.
Travelers Cheque.
Foreign currency notes. . Outward foreign Remittances:

The remittance in foreign currency which is being made from our country to abroad, is known
as foreign outward remittance. Remittances issued by Janata Bank Tajgaon Industrial Area
(TIA) Branch to their foreign correspondents to fulfill their customers needs are considered to
be the Outward Foreign Remittances. It comprises the followings:

FDD Issued
FTT Issued
TC Issued
Endorsement of foreign currencies in the passport.
Sale of foreign currencies


3.2.3) Import Of Janata Bank Ltd.:
An import is any good or service brought into a country from another country in a fair and
acceptable fashion, typically for use in trade. Imported goods or services introduce domestic
consumers to newer things by foreign producers. Companies usually import goods and services
to supply to the domestic market at a cheaper price and provide goods that are superior compared
to goods manufactured in the domestic market.

Comparison import of Janata Bank Ltd Tajgaon Industrial Area (TIA) Branch from 2009-2013

Import of Janata Bank Ltd
Year (Taka In Lac)
2009 81.04
2010 198.49
2011 3387
2012 2178.87
2013 1713.48 Import Operations under L/C:

Procurement of IRC from the concerned authority.

importer favoring the exporter/ seller/ beneficiary.
importer and request other bank (advising Bank) located in sellers/ exporter to advise the L/C to
the beneficiary. The issuing bank may also request the advising Bank to confirm the credit, if

and conditions; he is in a position to make shipment of the goods.
document to the negotiating bank for negotiation.
and sends the documents to the L/C issuing Bank.
nes the documents and if
found ok makes payment to the negotiating bank.

then releases the importer goods from the port authority.

3.2.4) Export Of Janata Bank Ltd:
Export is the process of selling goods and services to the other countries. A good or service that
is produced in one country and then sold to and consumed in another country. Because many
companies are heavily dependent on exports for sales, any factors such as government policies or
exchange rates that affect exports can have significant impact on corporate profits. A good
produced in one country and sold to a customer in another country. Exports bring money into the
producing country; for that reason, many economists believe that a nation's proper balance of
trade means more exports are sold than imports bought. Bangladesh exports a large quantity of
goods and services to foreign households. Readymade textile garments, Jute, Jute-made
products, frozen shrimps, tea are the main goods that Bangladeshi exporters export to foreign
countries. Garments sector is the largest sector that exports the lion share of the countrys export.


Export Growth of Janata Bank Limited (2009-2013)

Export Growth of Janata Bank Ltd
Year (Taka In Millions)
2009 70897
2010 71855
2011 85418
2012 88653
2013 118515

Documents Used In Export:
EXP form,
ERC (valid),
L/C copy,
Customer Duty Certificate,
Shipping Instruction,
Transport Documents,
Insurance Documents,
Bills of Exchange (if required)
Certificate of Origin,
Inspection Certificate,
Quality Control Certificate,
G.S.P. Certificate,

21 Export Procedure:
Export policies formulated by the Ministry of Commerce, GOB provide the overall guideline
and incentives for promotion of exports in Bangladesh. Export policies also set out commodity-
wise annual target. It has been decided to formulate these policies to cover a five-year period to
make them contemporaneous with the five-year plans and to provide the policy regime.
The import and export trade in our country are regulated by the Import and
Export (Control) Act, 1950.Under the export policy of Bangladesh the exporter has to
get valid Export registration Certificate (ERC) from Chief Controller of Import &
Export (CCI&E). The ERC is required to renew every year. The ERC number is to
incorporate on EXP forms and other papers connected with exports
The terms of the L/C are in conformity with those of the contract
The L/C is an irrevocable one, preferably confirmed by the advising bank
The L/C allows sufficient time for shipment and negotiation
After making the deal and on having the L/C opened in his favor, the next step for the
exporter is to set about the task of procuring or manufacturing the contracted
Then the exporter should take the preparation for export arrangement for delivery of
goods as per L/C and incomers, prepare and submit shipping documents for Payment/
Acceptance/ Negotiation in due time.
Final step: Submission of the documents to the Bank for negotiation Export Finance:
Financing exports constitutes an important part of a banks activities. Exporters require financial
services at four different stages of their export operation. During each of these phases exporters
need different types of financial assistance depending on the nature of the export contract.
Pre-shipment credit
Post-shipment credit


Pre-shipment credit:
Pre-shipment credit, as the name suggests, is given to finance the activities of an exporter prior
to the actual shipment of the goods for export. The purpose of such credit is to meet working
capital needs starting from the point of purchasing of raw materials to final shipment of goods
for export to foreign country. Before allowing such credit to the exporters the bank takes into
consideration about the credit worthiness, export performance of the exporters, together with all
other necessary information required for sanctioning the credit in accordance with the existing
rules and regulations. Pre-shipment credit is given for the following purposes

Post Shipment Credit:
This type of credit refers to the credit facilities extended to the exporters by the banks after
shipment of the goods against export documents. Banks in our country extend post shipment
credit to the exporters through:
Negotiation of documents under L/C;
Foreign Documentary Bill Purchase (FDBP):
Advances against Export Bills surrendered for collection

3.3) Other relevant activities:

3.3.1) Foreign Demand Draft (FDD) Issued:

People used to send money abroad for various purposes. JBL issues most of the FDD for the
purpose of payment of the application fees to the foreign universities. For the issuance of
FDD; T/M Form has to be filled up duly. This form is filled up under the Foreign Exchange
Regulation Act, 1947. This form contains

The purpose of travel,
Name of the country where the applicant will go,

Name of the air or shipping company,
Passport number,
Signature, name & address of the applicant

3.3.2) How to issue letter of credit LC throughout swift
SWIFT is the industry-owned co-operative supplying secure, standardized messaging
Services and interface software to nearly 8,100 financial institutions in 207 countries and
territories, SWIFT members include banks, broker-dealers and investment managers. The
broader SWIFT community also encompasses corporate as well as market infrastructures in
payment, securities, treasury and trade. Over the past ten years, SWIFT message prices have
been reduced over 80% and reliability 99.999% of uptime.

Janata Bank Limited is the member of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial
Telecommunication). SWIFT is a member owned co-operative, which provides a fast and
accurate communication network for financial transactions such as Letters of Credit, Fund
transfer etc. By becoming a member of SWIFT, the bank has opened up possibilities for
uninterrupted connectivity with over 5,700 user institutions in 150 countries around the world.
SWIFT is a highly secured messaging network enables Banks to send and receive Fund
Transfer, L/C related and other free format messages to and from any banks active in the
network. steps To Open A Cash L/C:
To open cash LC MTB wants some documents from importer. These are given below


-forma invoice

3.3.3) Payment of foreign currency notes:

there is
no transaction with head office

3.3.4) Payment system Of T.T.

- C".


3.3.5)Budget and Performance (Under EXPORT Policy 2012-2013)

No. 2012 2013
Budget Actual Budget Actual
1 Interest Income 18,300 19,027 15,550 14,868
2 Interest Expenditure 11,900 11,960.30 10,500 10,376.98
3 Interest Margin(1-2) 6,400 7,067.20 5,050 4,491.02
4 Investment Income
Including Other
11,070 11,566.40 8,800 9,206.10
5 Total operating
17,470 18,653.60 13,850 13,697.12
6 Salaries and
5,000 5,155.30 4,064 3,996.58
7 Fixed Cost 552.50 632.20 647.90 553.72
8 Variable Cost 917.50 829.70 637.60 568.70
9 Total Operating Cost
6,470 6,617.20 5,350 5,119
10 Operating Profit
11,000 12,036.40 8,500 8,578.12



Challenges And Proposed Course Of Action For


4.1) SWOT Analysis of Janata Bank Ltd:

Business Strength:

Second Largest bank of the country
874 Branches across the countries
Good reputation in the banking industries
Sponsoring by the government
Maintain good relationships with foreign banks
Sound and large capital base
Sustainable growth


Lack of using single softer to integrate all the branches of the bank.
Lack of using new technology
Not implementing the Online Banking in all activities


Maintaining required Capital Adequacy
Business expansion in capital market
Real online banking software will be in function soon
Consideration of prime customers.


Mismanagement of administration
Strong interference of CBA (Collective Bargaining Agent)


4.2) Problems Identified in the Organization:

There were some constraints or limitation inside the organization and they could be categorized

4.2.1) Limitations Faced by Me:

While working in the JBL, sometimes this place seemed to me as very challenging place to work
for me. I experienced the reality of current challenge of the present job market which moves on
more intensely due to the increasing competition. These parts of the report will emphasis on the
factors of challenges faced in the organization.

The foreign exchange activities of JBL are so much big. So sometimes it is very difficult
to cover all the activities.
Sometimes the bank officers are very busy in their own work, so it is difficult to discuss
with them about different types of important things.
Some employees attitude is very negative.
There is no canteen in office so sometimes I face problem of hungriness.
Sitting problem is another limitation which I faced.

4.2.2) Limitations Observed in the Organization:

I think the banking system run very traditional and modernization is hardly pragmatic.
In spite of the good banking service, sometimes customer service is not up to the level to
some extents.

As part of modern banking, their ATM booth service is not introduced yet.

Employees satisfaction is one of the most crucial factors in an organization. However, it
has been observed that the salary was not to satisfactory level after interviewing some
The most important part I have observed in JBL that some security system is very poor
other than any private bank or multi-national companies.

4.3) Proposed Course of Action:
The main objective of an internship program is to make the bridge between the theoretical
knowledge and implication of it in the practical professional life. There are number of courses
have been undertaken during my BBA program in AUST and I have chosen accounting as major
because of great importance of this field in the current professional life. Nevertheless, all the
courses I have undertaken might not match precisely in the practical field and I have come across
a numbers of relevance and mismatches during pursuing my internship program.

4.4) Mismatches with my academic preparation:
In some cases, I have experienced mismatch with my academic courses while I am doing
internship program. Its hard to believe that there are only a few courses those focus on banking
activities. In my BBA course I have achieved knowledge in various aspects in accounting,
budgeting and less knowledge in branding, marketing, promoting,
Distributing where very few of them deeply focuses on banking activities. Also, the university
always highlighting on the theoretical knowledge where I have not much scopes for gaining
much practical knowledge on banking activities.



Lessons Learned From The Internship


5.1) Implications to organization:

It is necessary that an intern will do work with various sectors and departments of an
organization. The different kind of task I have performed in the Branch. And now, I am
feeling that I have achieved some more facts. These multi-facts pieces
of work could be helpful for my career.

Organizational socialization is very important because This is enhanced my knowledge,
skill and the power of implementing of my academic knowledge in a workplace.

As an intern, I have achieved significant amount of knowledge about customer service
and I have realized that great communication skill is the fundamental requirement of
serving the customers.

5.2) Implications to Universitys Internship Program:

I learned how to follow supervisor instructions strictly.
How to present work experience in the report.
Concern for integrating experiences and external experiences
Way of communication
I maintain strict discipline in my university that helps me to maintain banks discipline



Concluding Statements


6.1) Recommendations for future strategic actions:

There are several recommendations have been realized from the whole internship program. Some
of them mentioned below.

1) The communication between the intern and the supervisor should be clear and on the
regular basis so that the intern has the total understanding and control over the entire
internship program.
2) The university sometimes could take initiative for the students who often fail to get offer
form the companies for internship. The university could make some reference lists with
big companies and make them offer its students for internship.

6.2) Recommendations: (Over-all Internship Program: Affiliation
and University)

To provide a student with more practical knowledge,
Establish most powerful networking system.
Frequently and quickly communicating with foreign bank.

To provide knowledge which course should be taken by student as a result they can gain more


6.3) Summary:
Internship is a link between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. I have completed
my Internship, I believe the experience I have gathered it will be very helpful for me. This
internship program assisted me a lot to realize my further career for the coming future. Rather
than drawing a conclusion, I would like to say that this study was utterly indicative for me for
my future career.

As there are lots of local and foreign banks in Bangladesh the JBL is promising commercial
Bank among them. JBL is more capable of contributing towards economic development as
compared with other bank. JBL Invested more funds in export and import business. It is obvious
that the right thinking of this bank including establishing a successful network over the country.

From the experience of the whole internship program, the JBL is a nice place to work with its
nice and co-operative people within it. Additionally, understanding various sectors of the bank, it
can be said that JBL plays some vital roles for the countrys economy.



Suggestions for Improvement or Course of


7.1) Suggestions

For improving customer satisfaction the information related to customer should be available
to the branch.
For improving customer satisfaction so many facilities should be emphasized by the bank on
priority basis.
For the customers satisfaction service delivery should be given within 10-15 minutes.
While delivering of services friendly behaviors should be ensured by the employees because
it becomes a necessity of customers.
For better customer satisfaction the interest rate of the bank should be as fewer as possible.
The product and services of the bank should be new and competitive.
For improving customer satisfaction, bank should launch customer complain box in every
For better satisfaction bank could initiate to establish customer service center for its
The better interior and nice location of the branch could be an incentive for customer
Available sitting arrangements for customers in the bank could be a good sign for satisfaction
of customers.
Definitely to be competitive and ensuring of faster services for customers satisfaction online
banking system should be start all over the branches as fast as possible.
Customers are delighted with services of the bank but not in greater extent.
Online banking services should be introduced by all over the branches as soon as possible.
Banking services may be given 24 hours on the main branches if possible.
ATM booth should be available especially in the major areas. Like city and commercial


Curriculum Vitae of
Mohammad Ashikur Rahman
69/1 Sikkatuly lane, Nazir Bazar
Cell: +8801680040051

A business administration graduate with expertise in accounting seeking to develop a career in
corporate business with emphasis to customer service whilst enabling further personal and
professional development.


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Major in Accounting
Institution : Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology
Result : CGPA: 2.94 out of 4.00
Passing year : 2014

A Levels/ HSC
Institution : Udayan Uccha Maddhamik Biddalaya
Department : Business studies
Result : GPA: 4.30 out of 5.00
Passing year : 2009

O Levels/ SSC
Institution : Hammadia High School
Department : Business studies
Result : GPA: 4.19 out of 5.00
Passing year : 2007


Capable of working with MS Office, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and the Internet.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Able to multi-task in a fast paced environment with great attention to detail.
Other than English, fluent in Bengali, Urdu and Hindi.



Fathers Name : MD. Abdul Matin
Mothers Name : Najmun Nahar
Date of Birth : 24
April 1991
Marital Status : Unmarried
Religion : Islam
Sex : Male
Nationality : Bangladeshi (by birth)
Permanent Address : 69/1 Sikkatuly lane, Nazir Bazar Dhaka-1100


I hereby, declare that the statement made by me in the Curriculum Vitae is

True Complete and correct to the best in my knowledge and behalf.