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Risk Assessment Questionnaire
Project Name: ___________________________
Prepared by: ___________________________
Date: ______________
Instructions for usin t!is document
"ection I Risk Assessment Questionnaire
Use Section I of this template to identify risks that will impact the project and the level of threat they pose to the projects success In this section!
characteristics are "rouped in typical cate"ories of project risk #i"h! medium and low risk ratin"s are assi"ned to descriptions of each project
characteristic The list of project characteristics is not e$haustive and is intended to provide a startin" point only %ustomi&e the 'uestionnaire (y addin" to
the list specific risk characteristics or criteria that apply to your or"ani&ation or project To complete the 'uestionnaire! for each characteristic! choose the
phrase that (est depicts your project at the time of assessment
The completed 'uestionnaire will identify the projects risk factors The results from the completed 'uestionnaire should (e used as "uidelines) there may
(e other factors that will lower or raise the risk level *or instance a lar"e project carries with it an inherently hi"her risk This risk may (e reduced if an
e$perienced project mana"er leads the project #avin" many hi"h+risk characteristics does not necessarily mean the project will fail #owever! it does mean
that a plan must (e into place to address each potential hi"h+risk factor
"ection II #ypica$ Hi!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions,
Use Section II of this template to analy&e identified risks and plan appropriate responses Early warnin" si"ns and e$amples of pro(lems that may result
from certain types of hi"h risks are listed alon"side e$amples of activities that may (e undertaken to miti"ate or respond to each risk
*or each hi"h+risk factor identified in Section I! create a response plan to ensure that the risk is miti"ated and does not impact project success %onsider
the e$ample activities in Section II as potential responses The project team may su""est additional response actions -fter creatin" response plans for all
the hi"h+risk factors! look at the medium+level risks to determine if the impact is severe enou"h to warrant a risk response plan created for them as well If
so! create a response plan for the medium+risk factors Low+risk factors may (e considered assumptions! that is! there is a potential for pro(lems! (ut
(ecause the risk is low! you are .assumin"/ that the condition will not occur The activities associated with respondin" to the hi"h and medium risk factors
should then (e captured in the risk response plan The risk response plan is used throu"hout the project to monitor and control risks
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection I % Risk Assessment Questionnaire:
'!aracteristics (o) risk *edium risk Hi! risk
A+ "cope
-5 The scope of the project is, 8ell defined 9 understood : Somewhat defined! (ut su(ject to
;oorly defined and<or likely to
-3 The (usiness re'uirements of the project are, Understood and strai"htforward =ery va"ue or very comple$

-> The system availa(ility re'uirements include, 8indows of availa(ility and
-vaila(ility on a 3?<@ (asis
-? The total estimated effort hours are, Less than 5!444 Areater than B!444
-B The 'uality of current data is, 8ell defined and simple to
;oor or comple$ to convert

-C If a packa"e implementation, 6o Dor minimalE customi&ation is
#eavy customi&ation is needed

-@ If a packa"e implementation, The product or release is sta(le The product or release is new
to the market
,+ "c!edu$e
F5 -re the projects major milestones and operational dates, : *le$i(le + may (e esta(lished (y
the project team and recipient
: *irm + pre+esta(lished and missed
dates may affect the (usiness
: *i$ed + pre+esta(lished (y a
specific operational commitment or
le"al re'uirements (eyond the
teams control

F3 ;roject duration is estimated at, : Less than > months : > months to 53 months : Areater than 53 months
'+ ,udet
%5 The project (ud"et is (ased upon use of a proven
successful cost estimation process used (y personnel
with estimation e$perience,
: Ges H ;roven estimation process
with e$perienced personnel
: Some e$perience or process : 6o H Estimates not esta(lished
(y personnel with any e$perience
nor any proven process

%3 ;roject fundin" matches or e$ceeds the estimated cost
and is sta(le
: *undin" is "reater than estimated
need and<or is e$pected to (e sta(le
: *undin" is mar"inally ade'uate
and e$pected to remain relatively
: *undin" is less than estimated
need and<or its sta(ility is hi"hly
D+ Project (inkaes
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection I % Risk Assessment Questionnaire:
'!aracteristics (o) risk *edium risk Hi! risk
75 This projects dependencies on linka"e projects could
(est (e descri(ed as,
: Sli"htly dependent! can (e
successful without linka"e project
: Somewhat dependent! without
linka"e project delivera(les!
schedule delays possi(le
: #i"hly dependent! cannot
proceed without delivera(les from
linka"e projects
-+ Human Resources
E5 The ;roject Iana"ers e$perience and trainin" is, : 0ecent success in mana"in"
projects similar to this one
: 0ecent success in mana"in" a
project not similar to this one or
trained and no actual e$perience
: 6o recent e$perience or project
mana"ement trainin"

E3 7escri(e the e$perience of project personnel with the
tools and techni'ues to (e used
: E$perienced in use of tools and
: *ormal trainin" in use of tools and
techni'ues (ut little or no practical
: 6o formal trainin" or practical
e$perience in use of tools and

E> The project team is, : Located to"ether : 7ispersed at multiple sites
.+ *anaement&"enior (eaders!ip "upport
*5 The project sponsor is, Identified! committed! and
: 6ot identified or not enthusiastic
/+ ,usiness or 0rani1ationa$ Impacts
A5 The project participantDsE providin" content knowled"e on
the project,
: -re not re'uired on the project or
are very knowled"ea(le
: -re somewhat ine$perienced : Iay not (e availa(le as needed
or are unknown at this time

A3 Fusiness processes! procedures! policies re'uire, Little or no chan"e : Jccasional to fre'uent chan"es Su(stantial chan"e

A> 7escri(e the impact on (usiness procedure! process! or
or"ani&ational chan"es as a result of this project,
: Either none or only minor chan"es
of procedural! process! or
: Ioderate procedural! process! or
or"ani&ational chan"es
: Iajor procedural! process! or
or"ani&ational chan"es or unknown
at this time
A? The num(er of or"ani&ations this will affect is, Jne or two Three or four Iore than five

AB #ow would you rate the readiness level within the project
recipient and stakeholder or"ani&ations for chan"es this
project will createK
: #i"h readiness D;assionate and
: Ioderate readiness : Low readiness D;assive and hard
to en"a"eE
H+ #ec!no$oy
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection I % Risk Assessment Questionnaire:
'!aracteristics (o) risk *edium risk Hi! risk
#5 The technolo"y (ein" utili&ed consists of, Iature DE$istin" software!
hardware! lan"ua"es! data(ases!
and toolsE
Emer"in" Leadin" Ed"e D6ew software!
hardware! lan"ua"es! data(ases!
or tools Dor new releasesEE

#3 The technical re'uirements are, Similar to others in the company 6ew and comple$

#> The su(ject matter is, 8ell known (y the project team 6ot well known (y the project
I+ 2endor
I5 If a packa"e implementation, The vendor is familiar in this
The vendor is new to this
I3 -re contractors re'uired and committed to the
: 6o H %ontractors are not re'uired : Ges H Some contractors are
re'uired Dless than B4LE and are
e$pected to (e si"ned (efore
start of project
: Ges H ;roject will (e staffed
(y over B4 L contractors and<or
contractors commitment is not
e$pected to (e complete prior
to start of project
3+ 0t!er (Add as appropriate to project)
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
- Scope
A5+ #!e scope of t!e project is poor$y defined
#ard to provide sound estimates
Iay spend time and cost on areas out of scope
#ard to "ather concise re'uirement
7ifficult to write project definition and work plan
#ard to invoke scope+chan"e procedures
;roject delivera(les are poorly defined
*ocus on firmin" up scope in the plannin" process
7efine various components of scope! such as what
or"ani&ations are affected! what delivera(les are e$pected!
what type of information is re'uired
%learly define what is out of scope for the project
Fe"in to define (usiness re'uirements at a hi"h level and
then work upward to define scope
-sk project sponsor to make decision on conflictin" scope
7ocument all scope assumptions when providin" estimates
of work! cost! or duration
Use pictures or dia"rams to communicate scope and
Esta(lish firm scope+chan"e procedures up front
Ensure the project definition and (usiness re'uirements
are formally approved and si"ned off on
7istri(ute scope statements to all stakeholders for
7o not (e"in project until scope is clear
A6+ #!e business re7uirements of t!e project are 8aue or comp$e9
7ifficult to document the re'uirement properly
7ifficult to use tools to document the re'uirements
7ifficult to understand what the e$pectations of the project are
%hance that the resultin" solution will not meet (usiness need
Iay (e a si"n of a lack of focus from the customer
Use joint application desi"n D2-7E session to "ather
re'uirements from all stakeholders to"ether
Utili&e prototypin" and iterative development techni'ues to
assist users in discoverin" the re'uirements of the new system
Aet access to the sponsor and to senior mana"ement to
provide overall "uidance
;rovide trainin" to the customers on how to think a(out and
e$press (usiness re'uirements
Ensure that the final (usiness re'uirements are approved
in writin" and that a chan"e+mana"ement procedure is
enforced after that
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
A:+ #!e system a8ai$abi$ity re7uirements are 6;&<
7owntime pro(lems may result in productivity decreases or loss of revenue
0edundancy may (e needed! which increases system comple$ities
6ewer advanced technolo"y may (e re'uired
Iore procedures and processes are needed to maintain the system environment
-llocate more time to analysis! desi"n! testin"! and overall
'uality assurance activities
*ocus e$tra time and ener"y on technolo"y architecture
*ocus more time and ener"y on data(ase desi"n
Use industry (est practices for all technolo"y and process
;rovide appropriate trainin" to the team so they understand
the 3?<@ implications on the project
7etermine e$actly what portions of the system have a 3?<@
Look for internal or outside e$perts to validate overall
technical desi"n and architecture
7evelop solid disaster recovery procedures
7evelop a stron" partnership with the hardware and
software vendors
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
A;+ Hi! number of estimated effort !ours
Implication of a hi"h num(er of effort hours is that there are many people
involved and more comple$ity
#arder to communicate effectively with the team
Fottlenecks can occur when decisions are needed 'uickly
Iore chance of people pro(lems
Increased chance of turnover
Iore people to train
Use a project mana"ement tool to control resource
#ave team mem(ers utili&e weekly status reports to report
on pro"ress a"ainst their assi"ned work plan activities
Utili&e team leaders to mana"e su(teams
Jr"ani&e team+(uildin" activities to (uild cohesion
Schedule status meetin"s to keep people informed of
project status
Utili&e structured internal procedures for scope! issue!
'uality! and risk mana"ement
Freak the project into smaller! shorter su(projects
0educe availa(le project work time per person! per day to
reco"ni&e additional people and team+related activities
A=+ #!e 7ua$ity of current data is poor and difficu$t to con8ert
Iore work to convert the old data to the new system
Scru((ed data may still cause pro(lems in the new system
7ata conversion pro(lems can cause si"nificant project delays
Iake sure that all the old data elements are correctly
mapped to the new system
Test the conversion process out ri"orously (efore
proceedin" with final conversion
7etermine if the cost and trou(le associated with the
converted data is worth the value -sk whether the new system
can start with new data only
Meep the old system around for some period to access the
old data
Spend the effort to manually clean up the old data as much
as possi(le (efore conversion
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
A>+ Packae imp$ementation re7uires !ea8y customi1ation
%ustomi&ation (rin"s added comple$ity to the project
Iakin" modifications may result in somethin" else (reakin"
%ustomi&ation can lead to poor performance
%ustomi&ation can complicate mi"ratin" to newer releases
#eavy customi&ation may mean that the wron" packa"e was selected
;acka"e will pro(a(ly take lon"er to implement
%ustomi&ation will re'uire more reliance on the vendor
%onsider other packa"es
%onsider custom development
%ut (ack on the (usiness re'uirements so that
customi&ations are not re'uired
Aet a firm estimate of the cost and duration of the
modifications from the vendor and (uild into your overall work
Iana"e the vendor relationship to ensure all needed work
is completed on schedule
Iake sure the sponsor has approved the customi&ations
(ein" proposed
Thorou"hly test the modified packa"e for functionality and
Iaintain a vendor lo" to track issues and milestones
A<+ Packae imp$ementation is a ne) product or re$ease
Areater chance of pro(lems surfacin"
Iore reliance on the vendor to ensure pro(lems are corrected 'uickly
Installation! testin"! and deployment will take lon"er
#ard to know up front whether the packa"e meets all the (usiness re'uirements
Schedule trainin" on the packa"e as early in the project as
-dd an internal resource! or a consultant! with prior product
e$perience onto the project
Schedule a pilot test or a prototype to "ain familiarity with
the packa"e (efore full implementation
Esta(lish a"reements with the vendor stipulatin" support
level and pro(lem resolution times
See if the project can (e delayed until other companies
have utili&ed the product
Seek out other companies that have used the product for
their feed(ack and key learnin"s
,+ "c!edu$e
,5+ #!e projects major mi$estones and&or operationa$ dates are fi9ed+ #!ey )ere
pre%estab$is!ed by an operationa$ commitment or $ea$ re7uirements beyond
contro$ of t!e project team+
8ork must (e scheduled to fit within this schedule constraint
Aiven schedule window may (e impossi(le to accommodate re'uired activities
Iost likely the schedule re'uirements will (e impossi(le to meet
#urried activity and schedule pressures are likely to cause inadvertent errors in
0e+ne"otiate schedule re'uirement to fit re'uired activities
0e+ne"otiate scope to limit to activities deemed doa(le in
allotted time
Esta(lish new a"reements with %ustomer<Jwner<Sponsor
(ased upon realistic estimates
;ut a""ressive project trackin" and monitorin" plans in place
%ommunicate status reports on re"ular (asis
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
,6+ (on estimated project duration
#arder to mana"e the schedule
Easier for the team and the customer to drift or lose focus
Iore chance that project will lose or"ani&ational commitment
Iore chance (usiness re'uirements will chan"e
Iore chance of chan"e in software or hardware versions
7ifficult to instill sense of ur"ency at the (e"innin" of project
Iore chance of team and customer turnover
Freak the project into smaller! shorter su(projects
Identify clear milestones to check that the project is on
Fe dili"ent usin" formal chan"e mana"ement procedures
0otate team mem(ers into different roles to keep up the
interest level
Strive to "et ahead of schedule as early as possi(le
Instill a sense of ur"ency from the start of the project
Jr"ani&e team+(uildin" activities to (uild cohesion and
reduce friction
Ensure all major delivera(les are formally approved! so that
chan"e mana"ement can (e invoked afterward
Iake technical desi"n and architecture decisions as
fle$i(le as possi(le to account for potential chan"es
'+ ,udet
'5+ Project budet )as not estab$is!ed )it! any pro8en too$ or by any e9perienced
Fud"et will most likely not (e accurate
Fud"et will not (e structured in manor to facilitate trackin" and control
There will (e unrealistic e$pectations for what can (e accomplished within the
0e+estimate the project usin" proven tools and
e$perienced personnel
0evise scope to fit within the fundin" availa(le
7ont start the project until a (etter (ud"et can (e
'6+ Project fundin is $ess t!an t!e estimated cost and is unstab$e+
;roject will (e una(le to fulfill e$pectations
;roject will likely e$ceed its fundin"
0ene"otiate scope to fit within the fundin" availa(le
7ont start the project until an ade'uate (ud"et or lesser
scope is esta(lished
D+ Project (inkaes
D5+ #!e project is !i!$y dependent upon and cannot proceed )it!out first recei8in
comp$eted de$i8erab$es form anot!er separate $inkae project
Thin"s out the control of this project can adversely affect this projects outcome
and a(ility to (e successful
7elays in linka"e project delivera(les are likely to cause similar delays and
increased project pro(a(ility or delays in this projects schedule
;ursue revisin" either or (oth project schedules to allow for
ali"nment of project delivera(les
0e+ne"otiate scope and<or schedule
Esta(lish a"reement with the linka"e site to fulfill this projects
needs and document the a"reement
%lose monitorin" and coordination of (oth projects needs to (e
performed to minimi&e impact of the conflict
-+ Human Resources
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
-5+ Project manaement e9perience is $i!t
Iay take lon"er to define the project and (uild work plan
Iay make more mistakes in jud"ment! causin" rework and project delays
Iore difficulty or"ani&in" and mana"in" a comple$ project
Iay not (e familiar with sound project mana"ement practices
Iay not know when to call for help
;rovide up+front project mana"ement trainin"
7esi"nate a more senior person to coach and mentor the
project mana"er
Freak the project into smaller pieces that are easier to mana"e
;ut a stron" 'uality+assurance process in place to ensure
the project is on the ri"ht track
Iake sure the major delivera(les are formally approved
Utili&e stron" team leaders and team mem(ers to (rin"
additional e$perience to (ear
-6+ Project manaement processes are unfami$iar or )i$$ not be used
Team may have a difficult time understandin" how to raise issues! scope
chan"es! and risks
;roject may "et out of control as the internal processes (ecome more
comple$ and harder to mana"e
%ommunication will tend to (e poorer
;roject delivera(les mi"ht (e completed in different formats
Issues may not (e addressed in a timely manner! scope chan"es may (e
adopted without thou"ht of impact to the project! risks may (e i"nored! and 'uality
may (e compromised
%hance that the project may (e in trou(le (efore it is reco"ni&ed
;rovide trainin" to the project mana"er and project team on
sound project mana"ement processes and procedures
-ssi"n an e$perienced project mana"ement coach or
mentor to the project
Freak the project into smaller pieces that can (e mana"ed
with less+ri"orous project mana"ement
7efine and "ain approval for a set of project mana"ement
procedures (efore the project starts! includin" issues
mana"ement! chan"e mana"ement! risk mana"ement! and
'uality mana"ement
%reate a solid communication plan to ensure everyone
knows whats "oin" on and can provide feed(ack
Solicit input on issues! risk! scope chan"e! and 'uality
concerns on an on"oin" (asis
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
-:+ Project team is $ocated in dispersed $ocations
#arder to communicate effectively
Less team interaction and cohesion
#arder to (uild personal relationship with the entire team
Some mem(ers may feel isolated and not a part of the team
Technolo"y pro(lems may result in productivity decrease
Try to "et the team into one location! at least for the len"th
of the project
%reate an a""ressive communication plan to ensure the
team communicates effectively
#old re"ular meetin"s where the entire team meets face+to+
Schedule team+(uildin" activities where the entire team
meets face+to+face
#ave (ackup methods to communicate if the primary
technolo"y fails
Iaintain fre'uent contact (y phone with remote team
%reate a central repository to hold the project
documentation that all team mem(ers can access
.+ *anaement&"enior (eaders!ip "upport
.5+ #!e project sponsor is not identified or not ent!usiastic
;roject may not "et the resources it needs
;roject may not have the lon"+term commitment needed
;olitical (attles may delay the project
Issues and chan"e re'uests may not (e resolved in a timely manner
Esta(lish a stron" steerin" committee to help "uide the
Esta(lish a process for resolvin" disputes (etween
Try to identify a different sponsor
-sk the sponsor to dele"ate full authority to another person
who can act on their (ehalf
7ont start the project
/+ ,usiness or 0rani1ationa$ Impacts
/5+ #!e project participant(s) pro8idin content kno)$ede are eit!er not a8ai$ab$e
or not identified at t!is time+
Lack of content knowled"e availa(le to the project will adversely affect the a(ility
to accurately complete the project
;roject recipients will not (e pleased with the project
0e+ne"otiate resource commitments to make content
knowled"e availa(le to the project
0e+ne"otiate schedule to o(tain re'uired content
7ont start the project
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
/6+ ,usiness processes and po$icies re7uire substantia$ c!ane
;olicy chan"es could delay the project
;eople will (e confused with new processes! which will affect their a(ility to
utili&e the solution
;ossi(ility that new processes will not (e fully inte"rated at first
;ossi(le void if new processes dont fully cover all contin"encies
System functions may not (e used if not supported (y correct procedures
Su(stantial chan"e in processes may result in destructive (ehavior
7ocument all current policies and processes and ensure
that they are correct
%ommunicate precisely how the new processes differ from
the old ones
%ommunicate potential chan"es as far in advance as
Ensure the customers are definin" the process and policy
#ave one person responsi(le for all process and policy
%reate an a""ressive communication plan to keep
customers en"a"ed and informed
Use the new processes in a pilot test or prototype first to
ensure they are worka(le and correct
Include the successful implementation of new policies and
processes as part of the performance criteria for mana"ers
Fe open to customer input on process chan"esNfor (etter
ideas and to allow them to feel they have impact
/:+ '!anes to orani1ation structure are substantia$
Jr"ani&ational uncertainty can cause fear in the or"ani&ation
;eople may not focus on project if they have or"ani&ational concerns
;eople may fear loss of jo(s in a new or"ani&ation
;eople may not use the system if they are unhappy with the or"ani&ational
Uncertainty may cause decisions to (e delayed
Jr"ani&ational chan"e may result in decisions made for political purposes
7ocument the concerns that come out of a new
or"ani&ation and look for ways to miti"ate the concerns
%ommunicate early and often a(out the potential for
chan"e and the (usiness reasons for it
Involve representatives from all stakeholder areas in the
or"ani&ational desi"n and options
Aet human resources involved to deal with potential people
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
/;+ Hi! number of orani1ations are affected
%oordination is more comple$
-pprovals can (e more cum(ersome and len"thy
Iore difficult to reach consensus
Iore people and "roups to involve in plannin" and re'uirements
#arder to know the major stakeholders of the various or"ani&ations
Implementation is harder and more comple$
Esta(lish a formal approval process
%reate a steerin" committee to represent the entire
stakeholder community
Meep the sponsor en"a"ed and ready to intervene in the
various or"ani&ations
Include representative from each or"ani&ation in
re'uirements! 'uality assurance! and testin"
Include opportunities for people from the various
or"ani&ations to meet and interact
8ork with the team on strict adherence to overall project
o(jectives and priorities
Use consensus+(uildin" techni'ues when at all possi(le
/=+ 'ustomer commitment $e8e$ is passi8e&!ard to enae
Iay point out low confidence in the (usiness value
#arder to "et customer time and resources needed
#arder to "ather (usiness re'uirements
%ustomers may undermine or work a"ainst the project
%reate an a""ressive communication plan to keep
customers en"a"ed and communicate the (usiness (enefit
%reate user "roup to surface concerns and (uild enthusiasm
-sk for customer participation in plannin" and
re'uirements "atherin"
-sk for help from the sponsor to "enerate e$citement
Look for opportunities to sell project in fun settin"s and
Fe proactive in "ainin" commitments for customer
resources when you need them
7ont start the project
H+ #ec!no$oy
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
H5+ #!e project tec!no$oy is ne) and unfami$iar (or ne) re$eases)
Learnin" curve may result in lower initial productivity
Iay (e inte"ration pro(lems (etween old and new technolo"y
0esistance to technolo"y chan"es may cause the project to (e delayed
Iay (e difficulty testin" the new technolo"y
Technolo"y may not (e installed or confi"ured correctly! which will lead to
project delays
6ew tools can lead to lon"er delivery times
6ew technolo"y may re'uire su(stantial conversion efforts
System performance may (e poor while e$pertise is "ained in optimi&in" and
confi"urin" the technolo"y
;rovide as much trainin" on the new technolo"y as
practical! as early as possi(le
Train everyone who needs to install! use! or support the
new technolo"y
Iake arran"ements to rely on vendor technical specialists!
when needed
Use outside consultants who are familiar with the
Iake sure there is an ade'uate test environment where
the technolo"y can (e utili&ed without affectin" production
Ensure that solid analysis is completed re"ardin" the new
technolo"y functions! features! and capa(ilities
%reate procedures and standards for how the new
technolo"y should (e utili&ed
%reate a pilot test or prototype to utili&e the new technolo"y
in a small way at first
H6+ #!e tec!nica$ re7uirements are ne) and comp$e9
Iay (e difficult to understand the re'uirements and the implications of desi"n
Iay (e inte"ration issues (etween old and new technolo"y
Iay (e difficulty testin" the comple$ technolo"y
The more comple$ the technolo"y! the "reater the risk that pro(lems will occur
;ro(lems with incompati(le technolo"ies may not (e uncovered until
inte"ration or system testin"
Utili&e system and technical desi"n documents to clearly
lay out how the technolo"y fits to"ether
7efine the overall system technical architecture and have it
approved (y knowled"ea(le people in your company
Send the architecture proposal to outside consultants for
further feed(ack and validation
%reate a pilot test or prototype to utili&e the new technolo"y
in a small way at first
Try to su(stitute more proven and familiar technolo"y in the
Utili&e multiple products from the same vendor to ease
inte"ration comple$ities
Use products that utili&e open standards and architectures
to reduce the risk of inte"ration pro(lems
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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT
<STEEL> <Project Name>
"ection II4#ypica$ !i!%risk Prob$ems&Response Actions:
#i"h+risk factors<
;otential pro(lems
0isk 0esponse -ctions
H:+ "ubject matter is not )e$$ kno)n by t!e project team
Lon"er learnin" curve for project team mem(ers
The project may slip (ehind in the early portions of the project
6o sense for whether (usiness re'uirements make sense
;ossi(ility that critical features or functions will (e missed
6eed to initially rely on customer for all su(ject+matter e$pertise
Take as much trainin" as practical! as early on as possi(le
Frin" the key customers onto the project team
Spend e$tra time understandin" and documentin" the
Set up approval process for re'uirements that re'uire
multiple su(ject+matter e$perts
Use joint application desi"n D2-7E session to "ather
re'uirements from all stakeholders to"ether
Utili&e more fre'uent walkthrou"hs and include the users
Fuild e$tra time into the estimates for application analysis
and desi"n activities
I+ 2endor
I5+ Packae imp$ementation is from a ne) 8endor
;ossi(ility that vendor may not survive and leave you with no support
Up"rades may (e in jeopardy if there are not enou"h sales in the marketplace
6o prior relationships from which to (uild a 'uick partnership
Le"al and financial concerns may delay contracts and the project
Iake sure that all a"reements with the vendor (e in writin"
Insist that source code (e placed in escrow in case the
company does not survive
-sk the vendor to (e a part of the project team
Iaintain a vendor lo" to track pro(lems with the packa"e
Iake sure the vendor is financially sound
Esta(lish a"reements with the vendor stipulatin" support
level and pro(lem resolution times
I6+ Project re7uires o8er =?@ contractors )!o may not yet be committed to t!e
;roject lackin" re'uired staff at start
Schedule will (e adversely impacted
Increase project mana"ement oversi"ht of contractor
Start of project should (e delayed until staffed
Increased communications focus is a must
3+ 0t!er (add as appropriate to project)

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0isk -ssessment 1uestionnaire Template 2uly 3454 I6TE06-L -U7IT