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Fae Garden
Posted by Skye

I had read a article on the net about making a fae garden. I thought what a great
idea and how nice one would look on my porch. So, off to the home and garden center I
went and I had an idea to use succulents. The unique shapes and colors of succulents
add a touch of whimsy to a tiny world and I loved the different shades of green as well
as the textures. Some even bloom!

The elements of miniature gardens can vary from incorporating natural items such as
pebbles, seed pods or twigs to small furniture, small houses and even the fae
themselves. The one common element that ties all miniature gardens together are
small plants. Using succulents are a great way to create container gardens that are low-
maintenance and do not need much water. Miniature gardens dont have to be
expensive you may already have many of the items already laying around your home
and garden.

Do you have a shallow container that has been standing empty too long? As long as it
has a hole for drainage it will work for your miniature garden. I purchased a pot that
is actually made for a shallow container garden for less than $5 at a home and garden

The next step is to take a walk outside to collect some other natural elements such as
small rocks, sea shells or pebbles. The beauty of these small gardens are in the
natural world you are creating. Small twigs or pieces of bark can also find a place in
your little garden. Use what speaks to you. There is no right or wrong way to
assemble. Its your garden, decorate as you wish. If you dont like the finished product,
remove and start over. Some succulents I recommend are burros tail, hen and chicks,
jade plant, kalanchoe, panda plants and peanut cactus.

When growing succulents in containers, well-drained soil is vital. Fill your container
with a potting mix, formulated for cacti and succulents. Water sparingly, allowing the
soil to completely dry out before watering again. Take care not to wet the leaves of
your succulents. Place your miniature, fae succulent garden in an area that receives
plenty of sunlight. Whatever you decide to do just remember to have fun with it.
Creating a miniature world in a pot is one of my favorite container ideas how about



Smell of memory
Posted by haw

Ever sat and thought a place you been to or have a fragrance come across reminds you
of somewhere.. like for me as a kid I can still smell the Kitchen in chicago of Itilian
food.. or the smell of the beach in Scotland or the Beach in Daytona. or even the high
bitter weed in a field at a family members place.. smell of sand in white sands Nm . the
air, feel the wind and all that.. those apparently had impact on us.. as I have several but
not many even with all I can look back on and to me to go back and think of a place as
such. the smell and feel the air is like awakened meditation of sorts it can actually take
you away.. or remembering a sunset and smelling the ocean or hearing it.. those can
last a few minutes or more to ground you if need in a rush situation. or stuck in long
line at walmart.. these moments I know take me back to a moment that must have hit
me as a cherished moment. these days doesnt seem to be many amongst the chaos..
country and the sound of crickets when your in a concrete jungle , windchimes it can
go on n on.. so if you find yourself in a situation lil un nerving take a trip. smell a

huggs and Peace


The Enchantment milk bath
Posted by Skye

The Enchantment Milk Bath

4 parts powdered milk

1 part dried orange peel

1 part dried lemon peel

1 drop of pure essential lemon oil

1 part dried rose petals

1 part dried marigold flowers

Mix ingredients, wrap in double layered cheese cloth and bind with ribbon. Use the
ribbon strings to hang over running bath water.

Use organic oranges and lemons, grind the skin off and place of a piece of wax paper on
a baking sheet, and let dry 3 days.

I used rose and marigold right out of my garden, pulled the petals off and pressed them
inside a phone directory book for 3 days to dry.

Lemon is cooling and reducing body temperature

Orange is cooling and purifying. Improves mental clarity

Rose petals are a quintessential summer reminder which in a bath beautifies and
renews the feminine spirit

Marigold for is wonderful for people who are in need of some serious re-connection
with the joy of life. Instantly compelling, enriching, balances strongly, re-centering, eye
opening, seeing the extraordinary in everything




Eagle Medicine
Posted by Skye

Eagle medicine is the connection to the Great Spirit. Eagle soars high above the land
and thus is closer to the heavens than man can be. Send your prayers to Eagle, and he
will rise above the chaos to meet Great Spirit and return, with a vision for you.

You too must take flight. It is time for you to soar to great heights. You must have a
willingness to face the extremes, to push yourself to your limits. Through facing these
challenges you will undergo a great spiritual initiation and reach a new zenith of your
self-growth. It is time to go beyond your dreams.

If eagle has come into your life it is a reminder that it is time to reconnect with the
universe and your reasons for being here. What is your path and how are you
contributing to the Greater Good? If you are not clear, connect with the eagle, ask him
to aid your contact with the Great Spirit. He will bring you answers and then, like
eagle, set your eyes on the target and take flight.

In your spiritual pursuits, you must still remember to stay grounded and connected to
the Earth. Eagle's strong talons ensures he has a strong grasp wherever he lands. You
too must not get lost up in your head with your spiritual pursuits.




Herb Markers 2
Posted by Skye

These markers as so easy to make. Make small ones for potted herbs and larger ones for
herbs planted directly in the ground.

1 white (Painters brand) permanent white marker (available at craft stores)

1 gold Sharpie (I used the fine point)

1 silver Sharpie (I used the fine point)

Polyurethane spray in clear gloss (available at craft stores)

Smooth stones of whatever size you wish your herb markers to be

You just draw on the stones what design you wish with the white marker and use the
silver and gold markers for highlights. The sky is the limit on the designs. Make
whatever you wish but just have fun!

When finished drawing on the stones, let the marker paint dry for a couple of hours
and then spray with the polyurethane spray. Be sure and use the spray outdoors! Let
dry overnight but make sure they dont get wet until they dry and then set them out by
your plants or give away as gifts.




The Power of Intention Post 5
Posted by Skye

Never underestimate the power of your Intention. It represents the most powerful
magical tool at your disposal. Intention is pure Energy. It is the divine creative Force
behind all cosmic, universal and human designs.

The efficiency of intention relies on two factors

1 - Establishing a purpose

2 - Intensity

Establishing a purpose, or setting a goal - is necessary as it gives us a direction. It
affects the trajectory of the creative Energy. The practical question is: What do you wish
to achieve?

The more precise your answer is, the clearer your path will be.

The second factor is intensity. This is the focus you draw into your thoughts.

The greater the concentration, passion and amount of energy that you can give your
intention, the greater and faster the results will appear.

Coincidences wont be coincidences but messages and divine signs that will
automatically make sense.

The practical question is: How much do you want this dream to come true? To be part
of your reality? To be fully experienced? You need to engage your entire being into
this process.

The understanding of who you are is the key. Be aware of your thoughts, your choices,
your decisions, and your beliefs and more so your power Remember that your reality
always matches the way you perceive the world outside.

And remember that the way you perceive the world outside always matches the way
you perceive yourSelf.


Dragon Friendship
Posted by haw

On wings of thunder
Honor bound
Search me out, I drum the sound
Twist and turn in the night
Dragon come, my guiding light.
Protector, guardian, friend not foe
Come to me, see my sigil glow.
Strong and true this friendship charm
I beckon thee, keep me from harm.
Around and about your magick swirls
Come to me
Your wings unfurled.

~ 2000 Bill Wescott | all rights reserved

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Traditional Magic Main
Discussion 1
Posted by Skye

On Becoming a Traditional Witch

& the Breathing Exercise

You may know about Wicca. Wicca is a newer religion. While I do respect Wicca,
nevertheless Wicca has many beliefs and practices that do not originate from the old
Traditional Witchcraft. I am not Wiccan. This group will only be about Traditional

I hope to develop your connection to the magical energy that is already inside of you.
Each person is born with that sacred energy, the "spark of life that is the very core of
our existence. It is that energy that is us, our lives are made possible because we have
this energy. Since magic works because of this energy, we can use this energy to alter
the world around us. It is so incredible; you will be amazed at the advances you can
make. It should be good fun; and we will go through it together.

I am so happy to be able to share my approach about Traditional Witchcraft with you!

I will tell you this. Spell work is very seldom done on this Path. We exhaust all other
avenues before resorting to spells. So you won't be seeing many spells here written by

Going Within

I want to first talk about Going With, or what many call, "meditation." For the
Traditional Witch, Going Within is vital. That may sound strange to you, because you
may think of meditation as being Asian and has nothing to do with witchcraft. If that's
what you thought, then I have a surprise for you.

Meditation has been in Europe as long as it has been in Asia. Of course it wasn't called
"meditation" in Europe in ages past. One term used is Going Within." Today many call
it "meditation" because the word has become so popular. Nevertheless, meditation
certainly was in Europe and has always been a key discipline that every Trad Witch

Now, I know that many people think they could never learn to meditate. They picture
sitting on the floor in the lotus position with their legs crossed for hours on end
chanting "om." Well, don't worry; that is not the way it's done!

But first, what is meditation? Meditation is the focus of the mind on one thing.

That's it. It may sound simple but it requires training to do it correctly. The type of
meditation I will teach you is simple. Most people will find it to be very enjoyable
when you get used to it.

But also, keep in mind that it is so important to learn because it will help you in so
many ways in everyday life.

There are many benefits to meditation such as stress relief and greater ability to study.

People who meditate regularly are much more productive in everything they do. They
are much calmer in crisis situations. They are able to stop the "chatter" that normally
occurs in the conscious mind. They also have an increased ability to focus on one
situation or problem at a time.

Meditation fosters spiritual growth and self-improvement. Both of these are central to
witchcraft because the Trad Witch is always open to improvement and change. If we are
truly in contact with the rhythms of Nature, do we really every stop learning and
observing? The world is such an exciting place because of Nature.

Meditation effects how we view life and the world around us. People who meditate
develop sensitivity to other people, to all life forms, and to the Earth. They have a
heightened ability to "connect" with the life forces around us. They gain a sense of
belonging and develop an awareness of compassion.

These are all highly beneficial to everyone and these alone make meditation of great
value. But to the witch, meditation has an even greater gift. It allows the ability to
access and control the energy necessary to perform magic.

Let's get started!

Learning to meditate can be easier than you think. I have a super easy meditation that is
not only perfect for beginners but is also used by many people that are much more

First, here are some important pointers:

1) Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Use your diaphragm, which
is your stomach, just below your ribs, to draw air in and back out.

Breathe in deeply FIRST, feeling your abdomen expand and fill your lungs. Then
release your breath through your mouth, slowly.

2) You normally exhale twice as long as you inhale.

3) Should you begin to feel lightheaded, then you need to exhale longer and breathe
more slowly.

The Breathing Exercise

Step 1: You need to find a quiet place alone where you know you'll have no
interruptions. This should be a room you can darken, but don't make the room dark yet.

Step 2: You will need:

Any regular-height table.

One white utility candle (any size, new or partly used) and a candleholder.

Incense (this is optional).

A comfortable but firm chair placed in front of the table (such as a kitchen table
and chair or a dining room table and chair).

Step 3: Position the candle directly in front of your chair about 2 - 3 feet away on the
table. Light the candle and incense. Now, darken the room.

Step 4: Be seated and make sure you are in a comfortable position. It's important to sit
up straight throughout meditation. Your hands may be on your knees or on your lap,
but do NOT cross your arms or legs.

Step 5: Close your eyes. Relax.

Step 6: While concentrating on your breathing, take a deep breath while counting to

Step 7: Now breathe out while counting to eight.

You may alter this pattern if it is more comfortable for you. Continue breathing in this
manner for 3 to5 minutes. You will become very aware of the calming, rhythmic

Step 8: When you are finished, take a deep breath, look around you, and return
refreshed and aware of energy throughout your body.

I recommend you do this meditation once daily over the next week. Soon you will be
able to do this meditation for 5 to 15 minutes with little difficulty.

You can do this exercise at home or even in the office (without the candle) whenever
you feel the need. It is a wonderful for reducing tension. It can be an exercise for you to
use whenever you like.

Problems Meditating

Especially at first, your mind might come up with thoughts, itches, tingles, or other
uncomfortable feelings to annoy you. Your mind is not use to this type of mental
exercise, so it has difficulty at first concentrating. The mind needs to "get use" to a new
technique. You see, normally the mind "runs" in an undisciplined manner and you pay
no attention to it. But when you begin to learn to control the mind you become very
aware of such annoyances.

This is only temporary.

The best approach is to mentally put such irritations out of your mind's awareness one
by one and return to concentrating on your breathing. Don't expect to be able to master
this overnight. It will take a little time and practice, but everyone can do this, I

Also, take it easy. Don't try too hard. When distracted, gently return to concentrating on
your breathing. Remain directed to this and you will ease into meditation well.

I do hope you liked this part one. Remember, Going Within has always been an
important part of Trad Witchcraft from the very beginning. I recommend that you do
The Breathing Exercise for a few minutes every day for the next week and you will be
amazed at the calm and energy it gives you.

The secrets of the Traditional Witchcraft will come to you one step at a time. Don't be
in a hurry. Great things come to those who are patient.


Shield Yourself From Negativity
Psychic Workout
Posted by Rev. Carol A. Ingle

I have been practicing Gnostic meditation particularly to counter stressful situations
in my job that happen on a daily basis. My question is when dealing with angry people
who make demands of me, how do I deal with them without getting angry and keep
myself protected from their negativity?

Everyone can benefit from psychic protection, not only healers and those involved in
the psychic arts, but those with more mainstream careers like teachers, doctors, and
customer service representatives. Additionally, people sensitive to surrounding
energies and emotions will find themselves less influenced when their psychic shield
of protection is up.

Protection rituals can be used both for prevention and for the occasional need for
protection during a specific situation that simply won't resolve itself in the normal
course of action. Psychic protection is easy to create and can be done in a moment's
notice without any fancy tools. Get ready to manifest your own psychic shield with this
exercise that takes merely seconds to perform.

1. Begin by visualizing the "essential you" that is the soul or core of your existence.

2. Mentally put on a thick cloak or robe. It can be of your color choice, but traditionally
black is used for protection, as it absorbs, or you can visualize a white robe, which is
used for reflection.

3. Now imagine that your robe has become an impenetrable shield. It is brilliantly
repelling any potential negativity that you may encounter, whether it's a customer
yelling at you or an argument with your partner.

4. Imagine the robe protecting you so securely that you remain clear and unaffected by
the negative energy around you. When the negative energy is reflected in this manner,
it is often "returned to sender" and the sender will become aware of their own negative
actions or intentions, putting an end to arguments or harsh words.

5. The stronger the visualization, the stronger the protection. You may wish to begin
with a soft cloth robe that is capable of evolving into a shield of armor when necessary.

6. You may chose to add prayer, thereby communicating your specific request of
protection to the divine.

Now that you know this simple technique, imagine the endless possibilities for
performing protection magick:

1. Engulf your house in a protective blanket before you leave for a vacation to keep
your home safe from theft or fire hazards.

2. Surround yourself with a protective armor as you head out onto the field to keep
yourself safe during physical contact sports.

3. Send a healing protective barrier to a loved one who is struggling with drug or
alcohol addiction to help them resist temptation.

4. Each time you put your keys into your car's ignition, create a safe shield for traveling
around your vehicle.

5. Worried about your child, who is away at summer camp or school? Meditate on a
photograph of them and surround them with a protection robe.

6. Have a relative on active duty in the military? Visualize them wearing their
government issued uniform, or fatigues, and see that attire as a protective barrier,
repelling enemy fire.

How will you put a psychic shield of protection to use?

4 Elements in the Universe and
the Human Body
Posted by Ha-nu

human body reflected all these elements in ( inner and otter orbit).therefore, spreading these
elements in a birth chart can play a key factor for a personality dominance of the person youre
talking to.

earth, fire, water, air

A fiery person, that means a person with a lot of planets in the fire signs, which would be Aries, Leo,
or Sagittarius, would have high energy, high vitality. They would be very athletically inclined. They
feel very childlike and childish at times and they seem to have this super humor feeling of being
special as if they gods had divined their presence here on earth to do anything they wanted to, a little
self-centered, a little aggressive, a little competitive, very enthusiastic.

Earth people, these are people with planets predominately in the signs of Taurus, Virgo and
Capricorn. These are people who would be very, very down to earth, practical, have a great use of
common sense, how the material world works. They know the value of things, how to use the earth
element, work is very important to them. On the downside, they could be a little dull and plotting. But
on the very positive side, they know how to get things done and they know how to materialize things
in their life. These are very, very practical people and very sensational too; they know how the body
works very well.

The third element we have is air. Air is the intellectual element. This is the element of the human
being. What distinguishes human beings from animals is our ability to reason and to use logic and to
make deductions and make conclusions. So air is about communication, talking, thinking. People
with a lot of air elements are probably very good writers, they use their mind, they know how to
communicate. They also can be highly sarcastic because they know how to use words better than other
people, and theyll be sure to tell you.

The last element is water. This is the element thats one of the most difficult to distinguish, especially
in the western world because we dont value this element as much as the other three. Water is a
wonderful element. Its durability to emphasize with people, to feel, to love. This is a great, great
element if youre in jobs like a therapist or counseling. This element, its just, its from the heart. If
you cant feel and emphasize with people, you can become very ruthless and not able to bond with
other people. This is about your mother; its about your family; its about your past; its your, about
your ability to bond with people. So people with a predominance of water are going to be very
understanding of the human heart and how people love each other.

What is your element (s)?

Most important 15 spiritual test
for personal growth
Posted by Ha-nu

There are a lot of different forms of Magick, and its a rather wide open subject to
discuss, in the end magick is a tool that we use to focus and direct energy. Most people
have a misconception of the practice and as with most things class it as wrong and evil.
What they dont understand is the praying is magick as well its a tool we use to focus
and direct a request. A spell is in essence the prayer you use to focus your intention.

As we get Wicca, Christianity, etc. Magick is a religion in its own right. Most religions
ban magick as evil and have severe penalties, either now, in the eternal, or both for
practitioners of any form of magick, but to live a magical life, you have to treat it like
part of who you are. It is most effective when you truly believe in yourself and what
you are doing.

Magick is but a tool; it is not good / positive or evil / negative. All magick are neutral.
The nature of the user is what determines the outcome or the use of this very useful
tool, not the Magick itself. Some users like to be more aggressive in the use of their
magick by attacking their enemies, or a friend's enemies. Other users use their magic to
protect or shield themselves and their friends from their enemies.

A majority of users focus on just one line of magick, and they abandon the others as it
does not catch their fancy. Some abandon the idea of combative magic all together and
rather focus on enchantments to help lighten the burden on the lives of those they
know, such as blessings and prosperity spells, etc. In the end its a personal choice for
you as the user.

Here are some of the major classes of magick

White Magician - Expert of Protective and Healing Spells.

Black Magician - Expert of Destructive Spells.

Mage - Expert at Psychic and Mental Control, and Spells of Willpower.

Druid / Shaman - Masters of Nature, Natural Forces and Animals.

Enchanter - Experts at Area Effect Magic (Curses/Blessings).

Divination - Experts of Future and Fortune telling.

Conjurer - Experts at Summoning Spirits or Entities.

Healer - Experts at Manipulating and Sustaining Life Force.

Necromancer - Experts at Manipulating Death and the Dead (souls).

Sorcerer - Freelance Offensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focused on black magic.

Wizard - Freelance Defensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focused on white magic.

Priest - Calls on God to defend them and to work with their situation as necessary
(Christian Magick).

Satanist - Calls on Satan to indulge their desires.

Then you get what is called the Master or Aurthann. This person has learned and
mastered all of the above, and has also learned the largest secret of all magick. Greater

As users we all strive to achieve something, a desire that is within ourselves and by
doing so there are certain rules that must be adhered to. Like in anything in life rules
are the backbone of everything. Only those that have reached the Master or Aurthann
status can to some extent bend these rules, to achieve so much more.

The most important thing all users must remember is that, every action in magick has a
reaction, especially on Karmic dept as well as your soul. In harming others for what
ever reason, you are adding to your karmic dept as well as taking life force from your
soul. So, in essence Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself! This little
phrase has a world of meaning.

Here are 15 ground rules that every user should first master before the use of any
magick. It teaches extreme values as backbone and corner stone for a user to become all
they can be. To have great power require great responsibility.... because you can harm
someone don't mean you should.

This is the first and most important test for every user. This lesson is all about, either
not owning enough power, or letting all that power go to your head. This is Personal
Power the first and most important key to mental health and spiritual growth.

By owning our own power all the time in a considerate way by never faltering you
achieve self-mastery over your energies and in that way you become powerful in
yourself, without giving your power away to others or your subconscious mind,
negative ego, inner child, thoughts, emotions desires and physical body. In the end
owning your personal power, allows you to be comfortable in whom you are, without
forcing that power onto others. An example of this is I am this good and you will
never be as good as I am this is an example of forcing your power onto another. When
you can acknowledge your power without down playing others that show that you have
learned that lesson well. Power is to be used with great responsibility, and respect.
Always celebrate others, let them feel their important, loved and accepted, and
celebrate their achievements.


The next great test for the users is Fame. The first 3 tests are the hardest to master and
they are so interconnected that through mastering one, you will be able to master all
three. The question here is what happens to the personality of the users when fame
and worldly recognition is achieved? How does this change your personality? Do you
start looking down on others, treating them like lowly beings? Does the fame go to
your head and inflate your ego? Do the fame allow for an opening for the negative ego?
Or do you use this fame for self glory or as an opportunity to be of greater service to the
greater good of mankind?

The problem with the Earth life is that people who move into fame are not at all
prepared for the mental effect this has on them. This also applied for many spiritual
leaders as well. They are often highly developed spiritually or physically, but mentally
they have very little control over the negative ego, inner child, body desires, emotional
body, etc. Just look at King David, as well as King Solomon. They achieved all that
could be desired, but in the end their desires, was their downfall. The key with all
these tests is to remain exactly the same as you were before power, money and fame
arrived in your life. These blessings should be used for the betterment of not just you
bot in paying it forward in ways to help others that need help. By this I do NOT mean
go around stuffing money into peoples hands thinking it will help them, money is not
the solution for the world's problems.


This test is one so many fail, the power of Money / mula or as it is mostly called
Mammon. The key question to all users is which do you worship, Mammon a lesser
demi god. My question to you are how attractive is money to you? It amazes me to see
users who are very much in possession of the high Consciousness, change to really
offensive people, the moment money are involved in any issue. It is as if they are this
high Consciousness as long as you are paying them a client fee. This is not true

What happen to you when someone rips you off over money? How do you respond? I
am not saying money is not important, I am asking HOW important? If all your money
and material possessions are stripped away NOW, how would you respond? Would
you retain your faith and who you were before that?

How does your personality change when you suddenly receive large sums on money?
Will you still treat people in the same loving manner you always have? Will you still
care about those less fortunate and share your luck with others? If you dont then the
negative egos interpretation of money has a hold on you.

The universe wants everybody to have an abundant amount of money. It is not good to
be poor, being poor is the product of negative ego poverty consciousness programming.
There is no judgment in being poor. What does having a lot of money do to your
personality? How does this interlock with the issue of power? You will pass or fail on
the spiritual path with this kind of issues.

In the end we are taught this lesson, by being put in these kinds of situations in our
lives. Loosing everything you have and hold dear. How you handle that, how it matter
to you and how it change you. You must be the same person with or without millions.
If you can master this lesson, it takes you up another step on your path to a better
person or user as well as your spiritual path.


The next test is Sexuality, a word that gets many people to take an involuntary step
back! Are you the master of your sexuality or is it the master of you? Does the flow of
your sexuality serve the lower self or the higher self? Area you moderate in your sexual
practices? Does your sexuality serve love and intimacy or just materialistic animal
pleasure? Does your sexuality serve just a selfish purpose, or a selfless purpose? Is
your sexuality being used also for the raising of your kundalini and brain illumination
or just for a second chakra release?

These very brutal questions are questions all users HAVE to ask themselves with
absolute brutal honesty. There is no shame in being slightly misused, but by becoming
aware of this helps you adjust the imbalance. Life is all about making continual
adjustments to who we are and how we act, and constantly bringing ourselves back to
inner peace and the appropriate Tao.

Use your sexuality in the service of the Higher Self, and life, and then it becomes a
most sacred consecration. One of the greatest tests of the spiritual path in regards
sexuality comes when you achieve power, money and fame. How do you then deal
with your sexuality? I have seen so many great spiritual leaders fall when they were
confronted by this lesson, again, just look at King David and King Solomon. They
abused their power to get sex from anothers wives and it does not stop there. In the
end, this key also has to be used with great respect towards yourself and others.

As well as the use of Sex Magick, this alone should be handled with immense respect,
if this is treated lightly, your karma dept can become severe. What very few people
realize is that Sex Magick is not a pleasurable toy, in the right hands it can bind your
soul to another, or kill you. When an inexperienced user gets tangled with someone
with great skill, that person can take from you what ever they wish, and you would be
helpless to prevent it. They can take all the good karma you have in exchange for their
bad Karma, or they can take your very soul. This is very hard words to hear, but very
true. All magick needs to be treated with great respect towards yourself and others, as
in the end using it badly, will result in a very large karma dept, when you die.


The transcendence of desire, this is the next lesson we look at. This key is a very
confusing step on the ladder of all users and the spiritual path. The meaning is that we
must transcend our lower self desires, for it is the largest of all negative ego qualities.
All lower self desires should be transformed into higher self desires. These issues
cause a very large confusion and in the end the users block all desires. It is good to
have a desire to ascend to achieve liberation or to be of service. Transform lower self
desire for GOD-realization, this is the ticket to paradise. The question is are you ruled
by your need or your desire? What is desire to you? What is need to you? How does this
affect your life, are your life ruled by your needs or your desires? Are they physical
needs or desires, or of a higher lever?

How do you live your life to achieve these? Walking over everyone, or playing them to
get what you desire? It is only when we reach higher consciousness that we understand
that what we need and what we desire is not the same in this world. Are the desires of
your heart in line with the needs of your soul? Or are the desires of your heart,
smothering the needs of your soul? It is truly hard to understand the difference
between the two. The only way to understand how this affect you is to look inside.


For us to achieve Self-realization, happiness, inner peace and success we must release
all addictions and attachments. Buddha said a very true thing All suffering comes
from attachment. When we look at our lives it is amazing to see all the things we get
attached to. The negative emotions we experience can be directly linked to attachments
of one form or the other. All failed relationships can be traced to attachments. To pass
this part of the 15 tests we must live in this world, but not be off this world. Do that
make sense at all, yes very much. We must live here, as if this is not really where we
belong. We must be able to leave at the drop of the hat, without, regret, without
longing for our time here and without regrets of everyone and everything we have left
behind. We must achieve our dreams and goals or preferences with all our heart, soul,
mind and will, but when you do not get them you must still be happy without it. Can
you do that?

When it comes to the matter of love, releasing what you love allowing it to be with you
in its own completeness, if it moves on, then it was only meant to be with you for a
time, helping you with a lesson. This is the law of life. The things you cling to the
most desperately, will always be the things you will lose. This is also the key principal
in understanding the laws of manifestation.

Whatever are your attachments in this life, people, material things, future events, sex,
money, no matter what, releasing the attachment is the first step. Other go so far as to
completely detach from everything without preferences, this however is not good either
for then you are detached from life, so you cant experience the lessons you need to
learn. The key is to be happy, have inner peace and be in complete harmony and
balance, regardless of what happens in our lived, by fighting who we are, and our lives
we make it harder than it needs to be.

7.Transcending Fear

This lesson is almost more important than power, as this one word describes the effect
of the negative ego on us, FEAR! There are two very large and main emotions in our
lives LOVE and FEAR! One is Positive and one negative. It is interesting to see how
these two little four letter words can cause havoc in our lives. All emotions we
experience have these 2 little words as a core element. To understand fear is to see it in
a projected attack. When we attack others we live and act in fear by the Law of Karma,
operating thought our lives. Here is where every action we do, incur a reaction. If the
action is in love the reaction will be in love, yet if the action is in fear, the reaction will
be in fear. Just remember, all reactions always return to you in three fold. The law of
Karma, what you sow, you shall reap!

The greatest lesson a user can ever learn is to release all core fear and to replace it with
core love. As you release the fear inside yourself you release the transcended negative
ego consciousness, by releasing that fear it ties to having faith in yourself.

There is absolutely no lesson in life or in our spiritual path that is more important and
rewarding than transcending negative ego consciousness and replacing it with positive
or Higher Consciousness!

In our lives and on our path to spiritual beings, FEAR is the only thing the darkness can
use to control you and keep you from being all you are! FEAR is the only thing that
keep us imprisoned in our own minds!


This part of the test it to transcend selfishness and self-centeredness to total unselfish
love. Though some people confuse a person that is centered in their own power and
life, with selfishness and self-centerdness) We must learn to remove our own selfish
glasses, and see the bigger picture out there!

Embrace the opposite of selfishness which is selflessness in helping others. When you
can truly and selflessly step out of your own perception and life and truly help another,
without expecting anything in return, not even a thank you! This is when you have
reached true spiritual mastery over this. If you are on your way to a meeting, and you
are already a little late, will you help someone that is in distress? This is where
selflessness comes in. When you as user see the NEED, your first call has to be help
this person. At that point it is the only thing that matters, that persons needs. You were
the angel send to help that person in need.

The true Master consciousness sees everything inside themselves in total balance and
harmony without one part being more than the other. They also see that the greater
good are selflessly served by each and every one of us.

9.False Pride

In the bible there is this powerful little verse After pride cometh the fall! This test
blends between the first three tests and are equally important. Do you fill yourself
with self glorification? I have seen so many users out there that have this self
glorification tattooed on their fore heads. Oh you cant teach them anything, they know
everything. That is false pride and incredibly dangerous and we as users have to be
very careful to keep this matter in hand. There is no such thing as a greater or lesser
user; some of us are stronger or more advanced on one element while others are
stronger on another. That does not make them less than you! If this is the way you
think then you have a serious False Pride issue to address!

We are all learning and are on different levels as users, no-one is less, than another, and
we can all learn something from another. If you believe yourself better than another,
you are headed for a very serious and painful fall!

False Pride is negative humility, negative ego, rolled into one. It is a inferiority
complex, low self-esteem, lack of self worth, poor self concept, feeling undeserving, etc,
etc, etc. We must keep the balance between inferiority and superiority, that users are
the golden paved way. This is something we all have to learn from and we all need to
constantly be on guard for any sign of the negative ego, as it is incredibly tricky and
self seductive, and can sneak in at the worst possible times.


The definition of anger is: The lack of control and the attempt to regain it! I believe
those few word say just about everything. By misusing anger you are misusing your
power! There are two kinds of anger Positive and negative anger! We all need positive
anger in our lives; it can be used as a driving force in tough lessons. When you are a
spiritual warrior, positive anger get you through battles, by manifesting tough love
with self and others when needed.

Base anger is a ego trait, but instead of ridding yourself of anger it could rather be
channeled properly, as in anger there are an enormous power, that when used correctly
can yield a lot of very good and positive results.

When you use anger in its true destructive form as an attack it can cause immense
damage and pain to the person under attack. Users attacking a fellow brother or sister
are a rather large NO, as in doing so you incur karmic dept, and it scars your soul. To
hurt another is to hurt yourself.

People that are angry all the time are demonstrating a lack of personal power and self
mastery! Anger creates separation between us and our life purpose is to achieve


This is one of the vilest qualities to learn to control. Instead of being satisfied with our
little life, our negative ego yearns and long for the pieces that belong to another. This
can be seen in relationships, money, power, fame and even greed in spiritual growth!
Our negative ego and the spoiled inner child always want more and more and that is
the product run by the ego or astral body! (note I say Astral body not spiritual body that
is 2 very different things)

Instead of focusing on what we have already achieved, we focus on what we do not
have; we yearn for anothers gift and believe your own not to be strong enough or good
enough. Greed is a negative emotion; that ties with competition, jealousy and envy,
and as you greedily grab and hold onto that, you will in the end loose it. Us as users
can only retain that which we give away freely.

Have knowledge, abilities, gifts, etc. but share it with those on the same path as you,
freely. We are all here to learn, and greedily keeping knowledge to only yourself, is a
form of greed. There is however circumstances where a spell, that can cause great harm,
is only shared with people that are deemed mature in spirit and responsible enough to
know that certain spells in the hands of an inexperienced user, can mean death. This is
not greed, but a healthy respect for your craft.

Healthy competition is a great form of kinship and learning, but again it must be love
based not negative ego based. When you walk away from a competition that you as
user lost, and feel angry and resentful, then you need to reassess your motives.


The ugly little green monster, that can rear its ugly head so very fast in our lives.
Jealousy is born out of insecurity and attachments, making us compete with others
instead of co-operate. Jealousy is the ugliest part of our negative ego. It connects with
envy, greed and selfishness, this trait is something that really needs to be released.

We need to be connected to all out there, and our true identity that is our Eternal Self,
not the physical body and our personalities. When any one of us suffers others suffer
with us and vice versa. This is why we are all here, to be in service of each other, not
for you as user to serve another as if he is your master. We are all masters of our own

We as users state our preference in life and then let go of it. Live to reach it, but do not
let it consume you. Be happy for anothers joy when they achieve an ability they have
tried to master. Do not let the negative ego, make you resentful, as you were not able to
reach it yet. The key to our lives is to recognize our own unique puzzle pieces and to
find them and add them onto the puzzle that is your own life. Each puzzle is designed
in a unique way, and you as user have to find your own unique way, to assemble your
puzzle pieces. Trying to fit anothers puzzle piece into your puzzle will cause you
much anger and frustration. The key is your puzzle, your life, your power.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the fairest of us all! We all know this little
statement, so nicely portrayed in the story of Snow white. Vanity is always followed
by jealousy, greed and anger.

There is nothing wrong to look after our physical bodies and appearance, but ask
yourself this do you do that in a loving and nurturing way or in a negative ego level.
Having good grooming habits, being clean, neat and presentable is something to strive
for. Wearing appropriate clothes, nothing wrong with that, but, here come the but. Are
you doing that to get noticed by others? Are you doing it as a seduction of some kind?
Do you spend too much time looking in the mirror, or when choosing an outfit to wear
for an occasion?

Some people spend too much time on these issues and others too little time, they are
both mistakes of omission and commission! Be moderate in what you do! Be clear in
what you are trying to present to others! Be very honest in this regard with no judgment
and make appropriate adjustments where you deem it necessary!

14.Transcending Duality

In essence this is about much more than the top or under dog concept; it applies to all
the aspects of the users lives. This concept is the absolute most difficult to understand
for all users. The key to this is by seeing the 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousness
focused on duality and polarity. As users we must move into the 5th dimensional
consciousness and move beyond that, by thinking in the God-consciousness way, by
doing that you are transcending dualistic, and are still involved in your life.

In other words, being a user on the physical plain, as well as for filling your higher life
path in the Spiritual realms. Keeping balance between these to very different worlds is
not easy, but achievable. The Negative Ego also has two sides to it; you have profit and
loss, pleasure and pain, sickness and health, victory and defeat, success and failure.
Keeping balance in the negative Ego are just as challenging!

In learning to transcend duality we do not have to get tossed around like a little boat on
the stormy sea of our lives, when we hit the emotional highs and lows. There is a way
of thinking that allows us to be more in harmony, always in our power, always loving
and always happy, always even minded, always in joy, inner peace, forgiveness and in
short, always in harmony with our self, no matter how stormy our lives get. It is called
the God self, and it allows the user to remain the same whether people praise you or are
mean and hurtful to you!

Through all the storm and fluctuations of our outer life, it does not affect your even
mindedness of your thinking process. In this way the Negative ego does not become

It is not about what is going on in the physical, that should be your concern, but what is
going on the inside of your life. Your connection with the higher you, that should be a
users only main concern at all times. In other words are you optimistic or pessimistic?
Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? How will you react if you loose
everything you own right NOW, jump out a window?

It is all about perception and interpretation of what you believe. It is to help you
achieve a mindset shift, out of thinking from fear based thoughts and emotions, to love
based thoughts and emotions. In the end the user are their own salvation! Your live is
what you believe it to be, and not the cause of another, only the cause of your own
beliefs and actions!


Now the final and largest test for all users is egotism! Egotism goes way beyond pride
and really is a direct link to the negative Ego and negative emotions. For a user to
really become a master or Arthan, you have to transcend the negative ego with all its
negative attributes, qualities and emotions to that of love and God self. Your EGO is
the source of all the above mentioned tests that was mentioned here, it is also the
source of all lower self desires, all separation, fear and selfishness. This little word Ego
is the ultimate lesson every single user and soul must learn. The key to inner peace is
to deny every thought that is not in harmony with your God self, only affirm and place
your attention on every thought and emotion that is of love and your God self. The
users subconscious mind is as happy to be programmed with the God-consciousness as
it is to be programmed with the Negative Ego consciousness. It does not care, because
it has no reasoning. It is the job of the user to use their conscious mind to reprogram
their subconscious mind with the right program, which will be beneficial to the user.

Many users spend too much time focusing on the Ascended Masters and do not spend
enough time cleansing their minds and emotions of the effects of the negative egos
thoughts, emotions and attributes. The ascended masters and Angels will not get rid of
the users negative Ego, that dear user is a lesson you have to master. By not giving your
negative ego any attention it will wither away, but when you get mad at it you focus on
it and it will take over gradually. In reality the negative ego do not exist, you as user
think it does, but it is nothing more that a bad dream. It is something that only manifest
on the mental plane and this illusion we are currently living in. It further manifest on
the astral planes ad glamour and on the etheric plane as maya.

The ego has been called many things, lower self, ego, negative ego, but I believe calling
it the Negative ego explain it the best. It can only be described in one way separation
consciousness When we focus on the negative ego we get separated from our higher
self or true self, and that voice get over shadowed by the voice of the negative Ego.
In the end the law of all magick is this: What you believe will come to pass! That is
the only truth that matter in the lives of each user. Believe you cant and you will not!
Believe you can and you will soar. The little word CANT must be changed by
removing T, and suddenly you as user CAN achieve anything.

Following these 15 tests is a constant daily chore, which forces the users to be constantly
aware of who they are and how they act. Each user and their circumstances change on
continual bases, and we have to keep making tiny adjustments to ourselves. Not one of
us can claim that we have perfected all these lessons. Every day we learn and achieve a
little more control, over who we truly are. When we use magick it needs to be in a
positive way, taking in consideration the effect it will have on us as users as well as the
greater good out there. By being responsible and taking responsibility for our own
actions, we take control of our own lives, abilities and or path.

This is the fundamental ground rules that form the backbone or corner stone for each
and every user, no matter on what level you are, or what your abilities is. These golden
rules, teaches us as users the path to greater wisdom, that not only magical users wish to
achieve, but every other person and light worker out there. These fundamental rules are
the rules that should also be used to teach the young. Without this backbone and corner
stone, many users will not achieve their goals, and those who constantly remind
themselves of these rules, will truly grow and move forward on their own unique
spiritual path.

Magick is a tool and we as users, the energy that makes or breaks that tool. The only
people you can ever blame for a failure are you the user and not the tool. Therefore, go
out and enjoy magick by learning and growing, and remember, treat your tools with
respect and responsibility, if you neglect to respect it, the consequences can be far-

Next we will look at the different types of magic, and then how to choose which of them
best suit you and your skills.

~~ T
dd M
yy o
ff e
yy m
hh ~
ee j
nn u
ss w
hh S
nn W
dd e
yy m
hh a
ss s
ss d
tt H
ll t
.. V
yy i
dd h
ll t
oo a
kk t
ee d
ss b
ww a
dd t
ee s
dd h
ee y
uu c
ee b
yy a
dd v
tt a
dd c
kk o
tt s
ee o
ff S
dd t
ee f
rr a
ll c
tt s
nn -
-- 7
77 p
ll -
-- 6
66 p
nn T
ee -
-- 5
55 p
nn -
-- 4
44 p
mm A
aa (
)) -
-- 9
99 a
KK -
-- 1
22 a

A to Z Charm Bags
Posted by Skye

I love charm bags. They are so easy to make to you can purchase at any craft store and
the bags are not expensive.

Just mix up your herb mixture and place in the bag. Cant get any easier than that!

Autumn Blessings

Pen or pencil
An assortment of the following small cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, pine needles,
sunflower seeds or petals, dried apple, orange peel, whole nutmeg

Handwrite at least five blessings in your life. Tear it into small pieces and place in a
sachet with your choice of the above blessing and prosperity related items. Tuck the
sachet someplace safe to always keep the blessings close and to attract others.

Balanced Life

Besom bristles
Myrtle leaves
Caraway seeds
Burlap or muslin sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else


Whole allspice
Crystallized ginger
Tea leaves
Green sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else

Dreams of a Psychic Nature

Dried lavender florets
Jasmine flowers
Purple sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck inside or beneath your pillow to promote
restful sleep and prophetic dreams.


Tangerine rind or zest
Small broken cinnamon stick
Whole allspice
Red sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else
safe to help you feel energized throughout the day.


Dried lemon rind
Dried orange rind
Pineapple leaves
Yellow sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else
safe to strengthen and forge friendships.

Good Luck

Green sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else
safe to promote good luck in your life.

Home Protection

Rosemary sprigs
Thyme sprigs
Cactus needles
White sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else
safe to help protect your home.

Intuition & Psychic Abilities

Coffee beans
Apple seeds
Purple sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else
safe to strengthen your intuition and psychic abilities.


Azalea flowers
Geranium flowers
Cherry stem
Orange sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else
safe to promote joy and happiness in your love.


Oak leaves
Sage leaves
Laurel leaves
White sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck between the pages of a book such as a
textbook or dictionary to encourage the gaining of knowledge and ease of learning.

Long-lasting Love

Red rose petals
Whole cardamom
Vanilla beans
Pink sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else
safe to promote long-lasting love in established relationships.


Statice flowers
Orchid flowers or petals
Caraway seeds
Purple sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else
safe to promote a strong memory.

(To Quell) Nervousness

Dried ylang ylang petals
Coconut fibers
Lime zest
White sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and place in your pocket during a performance or
other anxiety-inducing situation.

Opening Your Heart to Love

Dried rose petals
Freeze-dried raspberries
Whole cardamom
Red sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else


Dried lavender florets
Dried vervain flowers
Dried violet flowers
Blue or lavender sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else

Quit a Bad Habit

Cactus needles
Pinch of cayenne
Black or white sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet to banish a bad habit from your life.

Restful Sleep

Dried lavender florets
Chamomile heads
Jasmine flowers
White sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck inside or beneath your pillow to promote
restful sleep and sweet dreams.

Springtime Blessings

Pen or pencil
An assortment of the following lavender florets, dried rosebuds, thyme, tarragon,
dried chamomile, dried clover, moss, dried sage

Handwrite at least five blessings in your life. Tear it into small pieces and place in a
sachet with your choice of the above blessing and prosperity related items. Tuck the
sachet someplace safe to always keep the blessings close and to attract others.

Travel Protection

Chamomile heads
Oak leaves
Optional: Earl Grey bergamot tea leaves, comfrey, fresh mugwort, quince seeds

Mix chamomile heads and oak leaves in a sachet, asking the Roman goddess Fortuna
Redux (the aspect of the goddess of good fortune associated with travel) for protection
and a watchful eye. Hang the charm bag from your rear view mirror, tuck it into your
carry-on luggage or simply carry in your purse. For a little extra oomph, add one or
more of the optional ingredients, all known for lending their protection while

Union of Love

White lily petals
Wine cork
Apple peel
White sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet as a part of a handfasting ceremony to ensure a
loving and happy union.

Vacuum & Home Purification

Sage leaves
Rosemary sprigs
Bay leaves
Juniper sprigs

Mix the purification herbs in a sachet and place in your vacuum bag. Not only will you
be cleaning up, you will be perfuming the room with a beautiful, magickal scent that
makes way for good things!


Sunflower petals
Clean peach pit
Sage leaves
Blue sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your purse, pillow or somewhere else

To Be (E)xpecting

Daffodil petals
Pussy willow buds
Eggshell fragments
Green sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet and tuck in your pillow or near the bed to promote


Dried witch hazel flowers or leaves
Apple stems
Lettuce leaves
Green sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet to promote prolonged youthfulness and beauty.

Zest for Life

Tangerine peel
Watermelon seeds
Azalea flowers
Orange sachet

Combine the materials in the sachet to promote vitality and a zest for life.




Living Like Water
a repost from Patty
Posted by Skye

A Great Teacher
Living Like Water

The journey of water as it flows upon the earth can be a mirror of our own paths
through life. Water begins its residence on earth as it falls from the sky or melts from
ice and streams down a mountain into a tributary or stream. In the same way, we come
into the world and begin our lives on earth. Like a river that flows within the confines
of its banks, we are born with certain defining characteristics that govern our identity.
We are born in a specific time and place, within a specific family, and with certain gifts
and challenges. Within these parameters, we move through life, encountering many
twists, turns, and obstacles along the way just as a river flows.

Water is a great teacher that shows us how to move through the world with grace, ease,
determination, and humility. When a river breaks at a waterfall, it gains energy and
moves on, as we encounter our own waterfalls, we may fall hard but we always keep
moving on. Water can inspire us to not become rigid with fear or cling to what's
familiar. Water is brave and does not waste time clinging to its past, but flows onward
without looking back. At the same time, when there is a hole to be filled, water does
not run away from it in fear of the dark; instead, water humbly and bravely fills the
empty space. In the same way, we can face the dark moments of our life rather than run
away from them.

Eventually, a river will empty into the sea. Water does not hold back from joining with
a larger body, nor does it fear a loss of identity or control. It gracefully and humbly
tumbles into the vastness by contributing its energy and merging without resistance.
Each time we move beyond our individual egos to become part of something bigger, we
can try our best to follow the lead of the river.
This post inspired me. I hope it does you too.

Elder's Meditation
Posted by Vonnie

Elder's Meditation

"I started drinking more seriously, seeking refuge, seeking death actually, from a world
that was feeling more and more unnatural to me. Following a painful accident related
to drinking, I finally realized that I must decide whether I want to follow my
grandparents or truly take up this life. Circumstances that followed led me to choose

--Barney Bush, SHAWNEE

My life is run by choices and decisions. Every choice I make today will carry with it the
consequences of that choice. Every decision I make today will carry with it the
consequences of that decision.

The question I will ask myself today is: "Do I want to be happy or do I want to be
right?" Which ever one I choose will have a lot to do with the consequences I will
experience today. If today was the last day of my life, what choices and what decisions
would I make?

Oh Great Spirit, guide my path today and help me see the value of choosing the Red

Wicca vs Witchcraft
Posted by Skye

I realize that there's some confusion as to the difference between witchcraft and Wicca,
and understandably so. After all, you can be a witch without being a Wiccan, but you
can't be a Wiccan without being a witch.

According to my antiquated, 1986 dictionary, "witchcraft" is the act of performing black
arts, enchantment, or fascination; power more than natural. "Wicca" isn't even included.
Of course, the word wasn't invented until the 1950's, when Gerald Gardner used it to
describe the religion of witchcraft. That is what Wicca is, a religion. It is a branch of
Paganism that focuses on the act of performing magick. That's magick with a "k" and
not magic without one - that's stage stuff.

Witches perform magic. They do spells, enact rituals, place enchantments, etc. Wicca is
the religion some witches choose to follow in order to have guidelines as to what kind
of magic they can do. Witches can pick from a variety of religions to follow. Whatever
religion a witch takes provides them with a different set of guidelines than the others.

Of course, the wide variety of witches and their ethics makes the word a tricky one. I
know some Wiccans who don't use it to avoid being associated with non-wiccan
witches and their differing values.

I don't mind sharing the word with Christians, Satanists, Buddhists, Atheists,
Agnostics, and every angry teenager who lifts a tarot deck from their local Barnes and
Noble. Declaring myself a witch is declaring myself powerful, no matter what my
religious choice. No, I'm not a Wiccan. But, whenever someone asks, I simply say, "I'm a
witch." The magic is the pull, for all witches.




12th Century Herbal Prayer
Posted by Skye

Earth, divine Goddess, Mother Nature who generates all things and brings forth
anew the sun which you have given to the nations; Guardian of sky and sea and of all
gods and powers....through your power all nature falls silent and then sinks in sleep.
And again you bring back the light and chase away night and yet again you cover us
most securely with your shades. You do contain chaos infinite, yea and winds and
showers and storms; you send them out when you will and cause the seas to roar; you
chase away the sun and rouse the storm. Again when you will you send forth the
joyous day and give the nourishment of life with your eternal surety; and when the
soul departs to you we return. You are indeed duly called Great Mother of the Gods;
you conquer by your divine name. You are the source of strength of nations and of
gods, without you nothing can be brought to perfection or be born; you are Great
Queen of the Gods. Goddess! I adore thee as divine; I call upon your name; be pleased
the grant that which I ask of you, so shall I give thanks to thee, Goddess, with due faith.

Hear, I beseech you, and be favorable to my prayer. Whatsoever herb your power does
produce, give, I pray, with goodwill to all nations to save them and grant me this my
medicine. Come to me with your powers, and howsoever I may use them, may they
have good success to whosoever I may give them. Whatever you grant, may it prosper.
To you all things return. Those who rightly receive these herbs from me, please make
them whole.

Goddess, I beseech you, I pray as a suppliant that by your majesty you grant this to me.
Now I make intercession to you all your powers and herbs and to your majesty, you
whom Earth parent of all has produced and given as a medicine of health to all nations
and has put majesty upon you, I pray you, the greatest help to the human race. This I
pray and beseech from you, be present here with your virtues, for She who created you
has Herself promised that I may gather you into the goodwill of him on whom the art
of medicine was bestowed, and grant for health's sake good medicine by grace of your
powers. I pray grant me through your virtues that whatsoever is wrought by me
through you may in all its powers have good and speedy effect and good success and
that I may always be permitted with the favor of your majesty to gather you into my
hands and to glean your fruits. So shall I give thanks to you in the name of the majesty
which ordained your birth.



How to make Essential Oils
Posted by Skye

Essential oils can be quite expensive to buy so I thought I would cover how you can
make many of them at home.

Firstly, what is an essential oil? The formal definition for essential oil is that it is a
concentrated hydrophobic liquid that contains volatile aromatic compounds from
flowers and plants. In pure layman's terms it's the concentrated smelly stuff from

Most essential oils are made commercially by distillation. In this process the raw plant
material, which can be in the form of flowers, bark, leaves, stems, roots or seeds, is
placed on a rack above the water in a still. When the water is heated, the steam passes
through the flowers vaporizing the complex volatile compounds. These vapors then
pass through a cooling coil and condense back into liquid form. The essential oil itself
then forms a film on the top of the liquid. It is then separated by skimming. The
remaining water underneath the oil is a product known as a hydrosol and is often sold
in this form as rose water or lavender water.

Unless you have a cousin with a still this probably isn't a practical method to use at
home. Luckily distillation is a fairly modern method of producing essential oils so we
have some more traditional alternatives for making our own fragrance oils.

Effleurage is the process of placing flower petals or similar plant material onto trays of
odorless vegetable oils which will absorb the flower's volatile essential oils. You can
use a variation of the technique to make your own essential oils. Although this doesn't
produce oils as concentrated as you can purchase, this is fairly easy to do at home given
the raw materials.

You can use a variety of vegetable oils in this process including olive oil, sweet almond
oil or refined jojoba oil.

How to make essential oils:

You will need:

Half a cup of oil
Four cups of tightly packed flowers (see instructions)
A wide-mouth jar such as a mason jar
A wooden mallet or similar
A zipping plastic bag
Some cheesecloth for filtering

You will need four cups of flowers picked over the course of a week for the best results.

Put one cup of the flowers into the plastic bag and expel as much of the air as you can
before sealing. Bruise the flowers in the bag with a wooden mallet. The idea behind
putting them in a plastic bag first to cut down on the mess and to avoid losing any of
the material. Don't bash them to a pulp, this isn't necessary, just hit the bag a dozen
times gently.

Mix the flower material with the oil well and place it into the jar. Seal the jar and put it
into a warm place for about 48 hours. A sunny window ledge or a warm spot in the
kitchen is fine. The warmer the spot, the less time they need to be left but don't overdo
the warming or you may damage the oils.

Filter the mixture through the cheesecloth and return the oil to the jar. Discard the
filtered flower material.

Take the next cup of flowers and repeat the bruising process. Mix this batch with the
oil from step one and leave in a warm place for another 48 hours or so.

Repeat twice more with the next two cups of flowers.

After the final straining, transfer the oil to a storage bottle and keep in a cool, dark
place. Colored bottles are ideal for storage. This will keep for up to a year.

This whole process to make your own essential oil will take a week or a little more, so
it isn't as quick as the distillation process but of course doesn't involve the expense of
building or buying a still.



Homemade Dry Hair Shampoo
Posted by Charlene 'White Deer' Heathwood

There was a time in my life when I was one of those people who washed my hair
every single day. I took a shower every morning, dried my hair, and straightened it
with a flat iron. I did that all through high school and college, even though it took me at
least half an hour each day. Looking back, I cant believe how much of my life Ive
spent drying my hair.

Part of the reason that it used to take me so long to do my hair is that my hair is thick.
Seriously, hairstylists marvel over how much hair I have. (Thats always a hard thing to
reply to, by the way. Do I say thanks? Are they even complimenting me? Are they
actually kind of complaining because my hair is more work? I can never tell.)

After a few different hairstylists styled my hair and then said something like, Wow, I
hope you dont wash this every day! That would take so much time! it occurred to me
that perhaps I really should start skipping a few showers.

So I did. I started washing my hair every other day. It was a little oily at first, and
sometimes it was really hard to make it through that second day without giving in and
washing it. But I was determined to give it a good try at least, and within a few weeks
my hair had adjusted to my new schedule and was hardly getting oily at all between

In fact, it went so well that I started fantasizing about going even longer without
washing my hair. Could I wait three days? Four? A week? I had won back so much time
in my life, and if anything, it made me detest styling my hair even more.

Dry shampoo was the obvious solution to my problem. When a friend suggested it to
me I went and picked up a can from Target immediately. I tried it the next day and was
sadly unimpressed. It smelled weird and it felt weird, and those are two deal-breakers
for me when it comes to products that I use on my body. (I dont even want to think
about what the ingredients were. Im sure they werent all-natural!)

Still, I was intrigued by the idea of dry shampoo, and it occurred to me that I could
probably make some form of it on my own. Thus began my quest for a natural dry
shampoo that I could make myself.

Homemade Dry Shampoo Recipe

There are many different substances that you can use as the base of dry shampoo.
Ground-up oatmeal, arrowroot powder, and a variety of other fine, absorptive powders
can be used. I like organic cornstarch because its easy to find and its something that I
always have around the house anyway.

cup organic cornstarch

Optional Additions

3-4 drops essential oil for the scent (find essential oils here)
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powderfor people with darker hair
2 tbsp cinnamonfor people with red or auburn hair


Combine all ingredients well and store your all-natural, homemade dry shampoo in the
container of your choice. Some good options are a mason jar with holes poked in the lid
(the method I used), a large, un-used salt shaker, or a recycled parmesan cheese


Dry shampoo is always applied at the roots of the hair. Use a brush or a comb and
separate sections of your hair, shaking the powder onto your scalp. Massage it into the
surrounding hair and let it sit for approximately two minutesjust enough time to
absorb all that oil! When youre finished brush the dry shampoo through your hair
until it is no longer visible.

I was eventually able to cut my styling time down to nearly nothing, by the way. It
mostly involved giving up on straight hair forever and embracing my natural curls, but
I have to say that dry shampoo helps too. It hasnt replaced my regular hair-washing
routine, but it does help me get an extra day or two when I need it.

from DIY Natural

The Spirit of Shamanism Brings
Harmony and Magic into
Everyday Life
Posted by Ha-nu

Keith Varnum, Guest
Waking Times

Shamanism is a very practical spirituality. A modern-day shaman could live next door
to you and the only clues you might have are that they get along well with people and
animals and have a green thumb with plants. Also, shamans have a knack for putting
people at ease and for saying and doing the right thing at the right time. In his book,
Urban Shaman, Serge Kahili King defines a shaman as a healer of relationships,
between mind and body, between people, between people and circumstances, between
humans and Nature and between matter and spirit.

Currently across the planet, the sacred knowledge of the shaman or wizard is being
translated into everyday street language in order to create more healthy, harmonious
and enriching lives for people. The spirit of shamanism is more of an open, flexible
attitude and approach to living than a rigid set of rules, formulas and techniques.
Applying the basic principles of shamanism opens people to new possibilities and
options for dealing with modern daily challenges.

Following Omens and Signs

The shaman relates to every form of life as being alive, filled with energy and always
communicating something to us. The key is in learning how to receive the
communication. Omens are a way Spirit communicates with us in the physical world,
states shaman Ken Eagle Feather in Traveling with Power. You can decipher omens
from virtually anything, but pay special attention to unusual occurrences, whether its
the strange behavior of birds, or conversations in which someone says something that
catches your attention, or when a book falls off a shelf in front of you. You might find
that messages on billboards change right in front of you, so that while others are
reading an ordinary advertisement, you end up reading a message from Spirit.

Using personal experience as the means through which wisdom is gleaned (rather than
through reading, thinking or analyzing), the shaman presents opportunities where
people begin to sense a real, interactive connection with everything else that exists,
even those things believed to be inanimate such as rocks, plastic, glass or metal.

Everything is Energy

The basis of shamanistic creation, healing and transformation has always been the
knowledge that the essential nature of everything is energy. Modern science,
specifically quantum physics, has only recently concluded that every living thing is
made of energy. The reason that walls and rocks appear solid is because they vibrate at
a low, dense rate. We know that pictures travel invisibly through the air and arrive on
our TV screens. Is it such a stretch to open to the possibility that everything has an
invisible energy within it? And that communication can be transmitted through this

Shamans utilize the knowledge that everything is energy to create in their world by
using their conscious attention to direct the flow of energy within all forms of life.
Energy flows where attention goes. Indeed, scientists are now reporting that the
outcome of their experiments are significantly affected by the beliefs and thoughts of
the person conducting the experiment.

Seeing Deeply

When shaman use their ability to see the underlying energy dynamics of situations
and relationships, they are able to see cause and effect connections and forces that are
not visible when viewing the circumstances superficially, i.e., looking only at the outer

A shaman would see, for example, that the anger of a supermarket clerk resulted
from the clerks inability to express their feelings. The shaman could see how this
emotional energy was adversely affecting not only the clerk, but also the people in line.
Consequently, a shaman may choose to engage the angry clerk in a friendly, relaxing
conversation in order to shift the situation into flow and harmony.

Practical Power

We have many powers within us that we can learn to use for our own benefit and for
the benefit of others. From the shamanistic point of view, all power comes from within.
Power comes from authorship (authority). Shamans become the authors of the creations
in their world by freeing themselves of programmed and conditioned perceptions. In
moving beyond customs, manners, rules and techniques, the shaman embraces the
practicality of What works, works. The shaman has little concern for how something
works, only that it produces the results that one intends. Shamans are the most flexible,
utilitarian and efficient authors of their world. They take the shortest, quickest route to
their goals, even if the path tramples on their own concepts or beliefs.

One way people can experience this power is to look for proof in their own lives. Take
love, for example. One way to increase the presence and power of love in a persons life
is to decrease the presence and power of judgment. Shamans notice that their attention
cannot be in both places at the same time, and, therefore choose where they want to
spend their energy. To spend energy judging that they harmed someone or that another
person caused them harm, would be a misdirection and waste of energy for a shaman.

Profound Healing

A shaman is a bridge between this world and the invisible world of the spirit. A
shaman is very anchored, very present, in this world. Being so centered and grounded, a
shaman can assist a person to travel into dimensions and see things from a much bigger
perspective. Then people can heal because there is more room for them to expand and
open to fresh new realities.

Shaman Frederick Wolf concurs. People really know how to heal themselves. Its an
illusion to think that someone is going to come and heal them. But what will happen is,
when they feel the support and safety that the shaman can hold for them, they will
have faith enough to go into that place inside of them that knows how to heal. Its not
some magical thing that happens. Its very natural.

A Vibrant Way of Living

Shamanism is a way of living on the altar of Mother Earth. Its a way to live in balance
on the earth, a way of finding not only peace with yourself personally, but peace with
nature and your environment. Shamanism is bringing the two worlds together: your
inner worldyour heartwith your outer world. Its important to be balanced, to be
grounded in both worlds. We should be able to go anywhere and be at home, whether
its in a cave or a big city.

5 Strategies to Read Peoples
Emotional Energy
Posted by Ha-nu

Emotions are a stunning expression of our energy, the vibe we give off. We register
these with intuition. Some people feel good to be around; they improve your mood and
vitality. Others are draining; you instinctively want to get away. This subtle energy
can be felt inches or feet from the body, though its invisible. Indigenous cultures
honour this energy as life force. In Chinese medicine its called chi, a vitality thats
essential to health. Though the molecular structure of subtle energy isnt fully defined,
scientists have measured increased photon emissions and electromagnetic readings
about healers who emit it during their work.

Emotional energy is contagious. It can make the difference between a toxic and healthy
relationship. Its crucial to get a clear read on this aspect of anyone you plan to
regularly interact with. Then, you can decide whether a relationship is feasible based
on your energetic compatibility. In my medical practice and life this chemistry is a deal
breaker. Experience has taught me that its pointless to work with a patient or form a
friendship if such basic rapport isnt there. You dont have to force a fit when the
energy feels right. Forcing anything is simply the minds attempt to interfere with flow.
Of course, we all have quirks, anxieties, and fears, but energy cements your bond with
others and motivates you to work through the rough spots. Nevertheless, healthy
relationships have a momentum that carries them, a surrender that feels more natural
when youre both in sync.

When reading emotions, realize that what others say or how they appear frequently
dont match their energy. You must let go of the notion that what you see is what you
always get. As a psychiatrist, Ive observed how people go to great lengths, purposely
or not, to appear in certain wayseither to impress, say the right thing, or sell you on
somethingbut this self isnt aligned with their true emotions. Consider these
examples: your spouse apologizes for blowing up but her hostility still lingers. A man
you just met tries to charm you, but you dont feel much heart there. A friend seems
cheerful but you sense that shes hurting inside. Realize: just because people smile
doesnt mean theyre happy. Or just because people are reserved, doesnt mean theyre
not ecstatic. Ultimately, the energy transmitted by someones smile and presence tells
the truth about where theyre at. So, be smart enough to correlate a persons energy
with their emotions. Most people arent being intentionally misleadingoften they
dont know what they feel or project. They might tell you one thingand believe it
but youll learn to decode their emotions.

Here, the surrender to focus on is saying yes to the messages your body sends. Your
mind may want to talk you out of your bodys wisdom. Dont allow it to. Reading
energy lets you attune to how you relate to people, who you feel comfortable around
and who you dont. To avoid bad relationships and regrets, you must let go of trying to
convince yourself of anything the bodys intuition doesnt affirm. To help with this
surrender, heres what to do. When identifying how you energetically respond to others
always ask, How does my body feel? Does my energy go up or down? Then follow your
bodys lead rather than resisting it. In practical terms this means: you want to marry
someone who increases your energy not drains it, regardless of how perfect he or she
looks on paper. You want to sit beside a coworker whos positive, not negative. You
want to choose friends you resonate with so that you can nurture each other. Then
notice the positive difference in your life. To experience the pleasure of compatible
relationships, use the following tips.

Strategies to read emotional energy

Sense peoples presence - This is the overall energy we emit, not necessarily congruent
with words or behaviour. Its the emotional atmosphere surrounding us like a rain
cloud or the sun. For instance, they may give off an aura of mystery, joy, or sadness. To
compare extremes, think of the Dalai Lamas light, compassionate presence versus
Charles Mansons deranged darkness. Presence is also associated with charisma, a
personal magnetism that youre drawn to. Warning: charisma doesnt always contain
heart, something to beware of. Charisma without heart cant be trusted. Its a dangerous
combination present in many con artists and seducers.

As you read people notice: does their overall energy feel warm? Calming? Uplifting?
Invigorating like a breath of fresh air? Or is it draining? Cold? Detached? Angry?
Jarring? Depressed? Do they have a friendly presence that attracts you? Or are you
getting the willies, making you back off. Also see if people look anchored in their
bodies, indicating their feet are firmly planted on the ground. Or are they floating
outside themselves, which may indicate flakiness and distractibility?

Watch peoples eyes We can make love or hate with our eyes. Our eyes transmit
powerful energies, what the Sufi poet Rumi calls the glance. Just as the brain has an
electromagnetic signal extending beyond the body, studies indicate that the eyes
project this too. In fact, research reveals that people can sense when theyre being stared
at, even when no one is in sightan experience reported by police officers, soldiers and
hunters. Indigenous cultures respect the energy of the eyes. Some believe that the evil
eye is a gaze that inflicts injury or bad luck on its target. Also, science has documented
the look of love. Joining eyes with a loved one (or dog!) triggers a biochemical
response, releasing oxytocin, the warm and fuzzy love hormone. The more oxytocin
your brain has, the more trusting and peaceful youll feel.

Take time to observe peoples eyes. Are they caring? Sexy? Tranquil? Mean? Angry?
The way others look at you can make you feel adored or afraid. Also determine: is there
someone at home in their eyes, indicating a capacity for intimacy? Or do they seem to
be guarded or hiding? Certain peoples eyes can be hypnotic. Avoid looking deeply
into eyes you distrust or sense may be dangerous. The less you engage negative people,
the less theyll zone in on you. On the other hand, feel free to fall into peoples eyes
who you cherish. Enjoy all that beautiful energy!

Notice the feel of a handshake, hug and touch We share emotional energy through
physical contact much like an electrical current. Ask yourself, Does a handshake or hug
feel warm, comfortable, confident? Or is it off-putting so you want to withdraw? Are
peoples hands clammy, signaling anxiety. Or limp, suggesting being non-committal
and timid? Is their grip too strong, even crushing your fingers, indicating aggression or
over control? Along with physical cues, the energy of touch reveals peoples emotions.
Some hugs and handshakes impart kindness, joy, and calm whereas others feel clingy,
draining, even hostile. Therefore, spend time with people whose energy you like. Be
wary of those you dont so youre not depleted. Avoid physical contact (including
making love) with anyone whose energy doesnt feel good.

Listen for peoples tone of voice and laugh The tone and volume of our voice can tell
much about our emotions. Sound frequencies create vibrations. Some frequencies we
hear. Below an audible range, sound can be felt (think of a bass vibration.) When
reading people, notice how their tone of voice affects you. Words ride the energy of
tone, its warmth and coldness. Ask yourself: Does their tone feel soothing? Or is it
abrasive, snippy, or whiny? Are they a soft-talker or mumbler whom you can barely
hear, signs of meekness or low self-esteem? Or do they talk too loud or too much, signs
of anxiety, narcissism, or insensitivity. Are they fast-talkers, trying to sell you
something? Or boring you to death with a slow monotone, suggesting depression and
no spontaneity? Be aware of sighing which relays sadness or frustration. Also, a
pinched voice suggests emotional repression, over control, or a thyroid disorder.
Always observe how much people laugh, a sign of lightheartedness. Does their laugh
sound genuine? Fake? Child-like? Joyous? Or are they overly serious, rarely laughing?
In addition, FBI profilers interpret a quivering voice and sudden change in pitch as
potential signs of deception.

Sense peoples heart energy The most important aspect to read about energy is
whether people exude a sense of heart. This is the loving-kindness in us, our capacity
for empathy, giving and connection. When heart is present youll feel the warmth of
unconditional love emanating from others which makes you feel safe and at ease. Its
the unspoken sense of being accepted, not judged. No one can fake this. Our heart
presence builds through our good intentions, deeds and emotional work to overcome
fear and negativity. The heart is the most positive quality anyone can have. Its healthy
to be drawn to it. Reading energy is a game-changer where intense emotions blur your
clarity. It enables you to see past fantasies or desires to pinpoint someones motivations
by sensing invisible messages they give off.

I was once attracted to a man, a successful financial manager who knew exactly what to
say to melt my heart. Todd was from the country club set and much too conservative
for my tasteI often fall for wild, creative men. Yet he was smart, boyishly playful,
seemed to see me and respect my sensitivities. We could discuss anything from
politics to the nature of the universe and hed speak to me in an appreciative low tone
of voice I melted around (Im very responsive to sound). Still, from the start, when I
looked into Todds eyes, I had the oddest feelingthere was no there there. His eyes
seemed cold, vacant, even a touch mean. However, for better or worse, I was drawn to
him, which doesnt happen to me every day. I really wanted to surrender to my
romantic feelings for Todd, to explain away the niggling truth his eyes conveyed,
though I knew I ignored this red flag at my own peril. But, as the desiring mind can do
when it wants something, it downplayed intuition. I rationalized, Youre just too
picky. Todd is wonderful. Its crazy to let his eyes stop me. My friends also told me
this, and I agreed. So, for a year, I stayed in the relationship. But in the end, this mans
eyes revealed his true colours.

The problem was that Todd was a super-smooth operator and my raging hormones
were blinding me. Also, I was nave. I confused his seductive energy with heartfelt
caring and was horribly susceptible to the charisma he wielded so well. It was a
perfect storm of forces I didnt have a handle on. I needed to sort them through before
I could read him from a neutral place which at that time was light years away. A policy
of mine is to study what makes me weak or strong, so I can learn from it. If something
knocks me off my centre I want to know why and not repeat the situation. To break
Todds spell, I had to grasp that what excited him most was not to love me but to have
power over me. I just couldnt grasp how he or anyone could feel that way. Hed reel
me in with gorgeous intimacy, then be unavailable. Or hed be incredibly sensitive,
then incredibly cold. I kept wracking my brains, What could he possibly be getting
from this. Slowly, I came to understand that he got off on the rush of being in control.
For him, it was an aphrodisiac. I didnt operate like this, nor had that been a dynamic
in my past relationships. But, thanks to Todd, I can recognize it now. In retrospect, Im
grateful to have learned this lesson about power versus love from a perfect teacher.
Also, I realized that once again, Id talked myself out of intuition in favour of passion.
Id surrendered to the wrong thing, to what I wanted, rather than what I saw.
However, being human, sometimes I have to keep making the same mistakes until I
finally learn. Today, I value the energy of the eyes more than ever. It communicates an
essence in someone if we can trust this.

In your life, get used to reading peoples emotions. Factor what you sense into your
total assessment. Maybe just a single red flag will appear so youre not sure what to
do. Then, take your time. Watch how people treat you. Notice if their words back up
their behaviour. The purpose of reading energy is to become more empathic by
sensing the nuances of different personalities. Stay alert to the signals energy sends so
that you can see the whole person.

Nature and its beauty
Posted by BZ


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