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The New Federalist March 29, 1999 Page 5

American Almanac
British Terrorism: The Southern Confederacy
by Anton Chaitkin
This engraving of Lincoln's first inauguration, is
based on a photograph by ! Brady and A!
"ardner, taken on the eve of the Civil #ar!
Mathew Brady
The following presentation was given at the ICLC/Schiller Institute
Conference, Feb. 13, as part of a panel on "The ation!State vs. the ew
"ar# $ge." The speech has been so%ewhat abri&ge& an& subhea&s have
been a&&e&.
On July , 1!"1, President A#raham $inc%ln t%ld &%ngress why %ur nati%n
was w%rth 'ighting '%r in the &i(il )ar that had *ust #egun+ $inc%ln ,%sed
the -uesti%n which c%n'r%nts us t%day. &an a c%untry g%(erned #y the 'ree
ch%ice %' its ,e%,le /ee, its elected g%(ernment against enemies wh% are t%%
'ew in num#ers t% win in electi%ns+ Or can its enemies, 0u,%n the ,retenses
made in this case, %r %n any %ther ,retenses, %r ar#itrarily with%ut any
,retense, #rea/ u, their g%(ernment, and thus ,ractically ,ut an end t% 'ree
g%(ernment u,%n the earth+0
&%uld a ,e%,le ha(e their %wn g%(ernment, that was '%r their %wn #ene'it,
,r%tecti%n and im,r%(ement, rather than #e ruled ar#itrarily #y the
,%wer'ul1 $inc%ln said 0that the 'ree instituti%ns we en*%y ha(e de(el%,ed
the ,%wers and im,r%(ed the c%nditi%n %' %ur wh%le ,e%,le #ey%nd any
e2am,le in the w%rld+0
The President then identi'ied the ,ur,%se %' the war, and %' the nati%n+
This is essentially a ,e%,le3s c%ntest+ On the side %' the 4ni%n it is a
struggle '%r maintaining in the w%rld that '%rm and su#stance %'
g%(ernment wh%se leading %#*ect is t% ele(ate the c%nditi%n %' men5
t% li't arti'icial weights 'r%m all sh%ulders5 t% clear the ,aths %' laud6
a#le ,ursuit '%r all5 t% a''%rd all an un'ettered start and a 'air chance
in the race %' li'e+ + + + This is the leading %#*ect %' the 7%(ernment
'%r wh%se e2istence we c%ntend+
The ,lain ,e%,le understand and a,,reciate this+ + + + This is the
,atri%tic im,ulse %' ,lain ,e%,le+ They understand with%ut an
argument that destr%ying the 7%(ernment which was made #y
)ashingt%n means n% g%%d t% them+
8ighty years earlier, 7e%rge )ashingt%n and his su,,%rters had made %ur
new g%(ernment in a re(%luti%n against the British 8m,ire, a (ery %ld and
e(il '%rm %' g%(ernment+ )ithin that em,ire, negr% sla(ery had #een legal
Our 9e(%luti%n managed t% a#%lish sla(ery in the n%rthern 4nited :tates
and %ur nati%nal leaders intended t% #uild u, a ,%wer'ul m%dern nati%n in
which the remaining sla(ery w%uld #e undermined and, e(entually, die %ut+
But a'ter the 9e(%luti%n, the British ensla(ed all %' ;ndia, ,%ured d%,e int%
&hina, star(ed ;reland, and waged a hundred wars t% st%, sel'6g%(ernment
'r%m ,r%tecting the ,e%,le %' any c%untry against the 8m,ire3s l%%ting+ The
m%tt% %' these wars %' e2terminati%n was 0'ree trade,0 the right %' ,ri(ate
cartels t% d%minate the w%rld and murder th%se wh% g%t in their way+
And the im,erial arist%crats and #an/ers agreed that %ur new '%rm %'
g%(ernment must n%t sur(i(e t% #ec%me an e2am,le %' sel'6,r%tecti%n+
Th%ugh they l%st the 9e(%luti%nary )ar, the British 8m,ire /e,t military
#ases %n %ur )estern 'r%ntier, and m%re im,%rtantly, /e,t tw% main #ases %'
,%litical su#(ersi%n. ;n B%st%n, Massachusetts, and in &harlest%n, :%uth
&ar%lina, British im,erial agents w%r/ed '%r disuni%n and insurrecti%n,
c%%rdinating with each %ther and with $%nd%n+ New <%r/3s )all :treet
'inancial center was later added as the third main #ase %' British intrigue t%
re(erse the American 9e(%luti%n+
Thr%ugh these channels, the British ,r%cured the secessi%n %' the :%uth, the
sla(e%wners3 re#elli%n that w%uld ha(e ended m%dern ci(ili=ati%n i' success6
'ul+ Thr%ugh similar channels t%day, the same im,erial enemy intends t%
destr%y %ur g%(ernment and drag the w%rld int% a >ar/ Age+
Be'%re the &i(il )ar, $inc%ln, in a 'am%us s,eech warned that 0a h%use
di(ided against itsel'0 c%uld n%t stand, and that the g%(ernment c%uld n%t
endure ,ermanently 0hal'6sla(e and hal'6'ree+0 ;n that same s,eech, $inc%ln
said there a,,eared t% #e a c%ns,iracy against %ur 'reed%m, and he named
tw% Presidents, a senat%r and the :u,reme &%urt chie' *ustice as c%ns,ira6
$et us n%w see what lay #ehind the enemy %,erati%n $inc%ln warned a#%ut+
The Scottish $ite %reemasons
The 'irst ,r%*ect '%r #rea/ing u, the c%untry was led #y a 4+:+ ?ice Presi6
dent @watch %ut '%r ?ice PresidentsAB named Aar%n Burr+ Burr had risen in
the British ser(ice #y marrying int% the 'amily %' the British c%mmander,
Augustin Pre(%st, wh% in(aded :%uth &ar%lina in the 9e(%luti%nary )ar+
7eneral Pre(%st in &harlest%n and s%me ,r%6British T%ries in B%st%n set u, a
little British s,y and sa#%tage %,erati%n that they called the 0:c%ttish 9ite %'
Freemas%nry+0 This netw%r/ and the British am#assad%r Anth%ny Merry
#ac/ed Burr in an attem,t t% get the N%rthern states t% secede 'r%m the
4ni%n+ )hen Ale2ander Camilt%n disru,ted the ,lan, Burr /illed him in a
duel+ Burr immediately met with the British am#assad%r and arranged t% use
a ,ri(ate army t% #rea/ the newly ac-uired )estern territ%ry %'' 'r%m the
4nited :tates+
President Th%mas Je''ers%n had Burr arrested '%r treas%n, #ut with hel, 'r%m
the British netw%r/ Burr was ac-uitted and t%%/ re'uge in 8ngland with the
:atanic British strategist Jeremy Bentham+ Burr came #ac/ in time '%r the
)ar %' 1!12, in which the British in(aded and #urned )ashingt%n, >+&+
>uring that war, Burr3s B%st%n Brahmin 'riends agitated '%r the N%rth t%
#rea/ %'' and *%in Britain+ But the wh%le American ,e%,le re*ected and
de'eated their ,l%t+
Aaron Burr Thomas Cooper
This sec%nd war with Britain ar%used the entire c%untry t% g% #ac/ t% the
nati%nalism %' )ashingt%n and Camilt%n+ Cenry &lay and J%hn Duincy
Adams led the 'ight t% rest%re the Nati%nal Ban/, raise the tari'', s,ur
science, start #uilding canals and railr%ads t% ma/e America a great ,%wer+
The nati%nalist ,%licy was called 0The American :ystem,0 as %,,%sed t% the
British %r Free Trade system+
;t was in reacti%n t% this ,r%gram, that :%uthern secessi%n was 'irst ,r%6
,%sed, in 1!2E+
The British netw%r/ had installed this little 8nglishman, Th%mas &%%,er, a
,r%'essi%nal re(%luti%nary, in the res,ecta#le ,%st %' ,resident %' :%uth
&ar%lina &%llege, and ,r%'ess%r %' British Free Trade ec%n%mics+ The wh%le
c%untry was startled t% hear a#%ut the July 2, 1!2E anti6tari'' meeting, when
&%%,er said,
)e shall 3ere l%ng #e c%m,elled t% calculate the (alue %' %ur 4ni%n5
and t% en-uire %' what use t% us is this m%st une-ual alliance, #y
which the :%uth has always #een the l%ser and the N%rth always the
gainer+ ;s it w%rth %ur while t% c%ntinue this uni%n %' :tates, where
the N%rth demands t% #e %ur masters and we are re-uired t% #e their
tri#utaries1 )h% with the m%st insulting m%c/ery call the y%/e they
,ut u,%n %ur nec/s the 0American :ystemA0 The -uesti%n + + + is 'ast
a,,r%aching the alternati(e %' su#missi%n %r se,arati%n+
N% :%utherner had e(er ,r%,%sed such treas%n #e'%re the 8nglishman
&%%,er did+ There were se(ere attac/s %n &%%,er in the nati%nal ,ress+
&%%,er re,lied de'ensi(ely in a letter t% the 'nite& States Telegraph( 0;
w%uld n%t ch%%se t% #e #%und t% a uni%n, such as Mr+ J+D+ Adams and Mr+ C+
&lay w%uld im,%se+0 >es,ite these attac/s, &%%,er was n%w d%ing ,u#licly
what he had d%ne -uietly since 1!22, #uilding u, a m%(ement %' his stu6
dents and '%ll%wers am%ng the :%uth &ar%lina T%ries and arist%crats+ By
1!FG, the British undergr%und had armed th%usands in :%uth &ar%lina '%r a
war against the 4+:+ g%(ernment, in the s%6called Nulli'icati%n c%ntr%(ersy+
&%%,er3s incendiary initiati(e was immediately called 0treas%na#le madness0
)Courier, :e,t+ 12, 1!2EB+ Ce was attac/ed as a '%reigner, wh%se (i%lent
%,,%siti%n t% the tari'' was designed t% 'a(%r British merchants and manu6
'acturers against Americans+
A writer in the &harlest%n Cit* +a,ette Aug+ 1, 1!2E said, that in deciding
a#%ut %ur ec%n%mic ,%licy, 0we neither as/ foreign ad(ice n%r foreign
inter'erence+ P%litically inde,endent %' 8ur%,e, we %ught t% #e mentally s%+
)e + + + as/ n%t t% #e instructed #y emigrants 'r%m her sh%res in matters %'
which we 'eel 'ully c%m,etent t% *udge0 @em,hasis in %riginalB+
A N%rth &ar%lina ,a,er wr%te. 0;t is #ad en%ugh t% see a nati(e American s%
destitute %' ,rinci,le + + + as t% s,ea/ with c%m,lacency %' s% de,l%ra#le an
e(ent as a se,arati%n %' the uni%n5 #ut in a '%reigner, whether naturali=ed %r
n%t, it is insu''era#le+0
Be'%re c%ming t% America, &%%,er, the 'ather %' the sla(e%wners3 secessi%n,
was a mem#er %' the British Parliament, ,reaching Britain3s right t% inter'ere
in %ther c%untries t% a#%lish sla(eryA Ce then went t% France t% su,,%rt the
anarchist re(%luti%n there, where he was sus,ected %' #eing an agent %' the
British g%(ernment+
:%uth &ar%lina &%llege was c%ntr%lled #y the :wiss citi=en Cenry )+ >e6
:aussure, wh% had hired &%%,er+ At his 'amily head-uarters in the >e:aus6
sure castle near 7ene(a, British %''icers 're-uently came t% (isit+ A s,ecial
'riend %' the 'amily was $%rd Palmerst%n, the 'am%us instigat%r %' '%reign
re(%luti%ns, wh% #ecame Britain3s '%reign minister in 1!FG+ >e:aussure3s
em,l%yee >r+ &%%,er taught his students Jeremy Bentham3s :atanic Free
Trade d%ctrines, that man has n% s%ul, and that n% laws, di(ine %r human,
can #ind the ,%wer'ul+ The >e:aussures and the rest %' the im,erial elite
had ch%sen their man care'ully+
:%uth &ar%lina ,%liticians li/e J%hn &alh%un, wh% had #een a nati%nalist,
came under ,ressure 'r%m the British arist%cratic undergr%und and went %(er
t% the anti64+:+ side+
&%%,er3s m%(ement was 'urther sha,ed #y an 1!2! ,am,hlet called The
Crisis, written #y 9%#ert Turn#ull+ $i/e &%%,er, Turn#ull was den%unced as
a '%reign intriguer+ Ce had #een #%rn in British6c%ntr%lled Fl%rida during
the 9e(%luti%n, and had c%me t% :%uth &ar%lina with his 'ather, a British
c%l%nial %''icer, with the in(ading British tr%%,s led #y 7eneral Pre(%st+
President J%hn Duincy Adams res,%nded t% &%%,er and Turn#ull in his
>ecem#er 1!2! annual message t% &%ngress, and the nati%nal secessi%n
c%ntr%(ersy was launched+
This 'irst :%uth &ar%lina m%(ement '%r an insurrecti%n 'ailed t% s,read t%
%ther states, and the tari'' c%ntr%(ersy was tamed #y a c%m,r%mise+
&%%,er died in 1!F9+ Cis students and c%n(erts c%ntinued the treas%n e''%rt,
and they were increasingly guided #y a c%6c%ns,irat%r %' &%%,er3s in
?irginia named Nathaniel Be(erley Tuc/er+
This Tuc/er and his 'amily are n%t well /n%wn t% the ,u#lic, th%ugh as
British agent6intriguers they ,layed an ast%nishing r%le in the #uildu, t% %ur
&i(il )ar+
Be(erly Tuc/er and Th%mas &%%,er w%r/ed *%intly as the center %' intrigues
t% create a :%uthern insurrecti%n+ They *%intly %,erated a ,articularly
degenerate :%uth &ar%lina ,%litician named James C+ Camm%nd, wh% had
#een a student %' &%%,er3s+
A,ing Be(erley Tuc/er, Camm%nd attac/ed wides,read (%ting as a tyranny+
Camm%nd said sla(ery ,r%duced 0a g%(ernment %' the #est, c%m#ining all
the ad(antages and + + + 'ew %' the disad(antages %' the arist%cracy %' the %ld
w%rld0 and %urs, li/e the n%#ility %' 8ur%,e ha(e the same 0educati%n,0
0,%lish,0 0high h%n%r,0 and 0undaunted s,irit+0
Camm%nd was a 4+:+ &%ngressman '%r less than a year when mental illness
'%rced him t% resign+ But %n >ec+ 1!, 1!F5, Camm%nd sh%c/ed the c%untry
#y demanding that n% &%ngressman #e all%wed t% #ring t% the 'l%%r a
citi=ens3 ,etiti%n against sla(ery+ This in'am%us gag6rule was later enacted
#y &%ngress+ F%rmer President J%hn Duincy Adams, n%w a C%use mem#er,
led the 'ight t% 'ree &%ngress %' this tyranny+
;n 1!F" &%ngressman Camm%nd e2,lained his 0mud6sill0 the%ryHthat
ci(ili=ed s%ciety is #ased %n ha(ing a ,ermanent class %' menial la#%rers
wh% are un'itted '%r educati%n5 that in America it is :%uthern #lac/ sla(es,
and N%rthern w%r/ers+ ;n the same s,eech he declared that 0&%tt%n is
IingA0 and n% %ne c%uld c%n-uer its ,%wer+ This mud6sill s,eech #ecame
'am%us as the British6c%l%nial6style %utl%%/ %' the sla(e%wners and their
)hen Camm%nd was a :enat%r during the late 1!5Gs dri(e '%r secessi%n,
A#raham $inc%ln answered Camm%nd3s earlier s,eech+ $inc%ln said that in
%ur system, w%r/ers are 'ree t% rise in s%ciety, get an educati%n, im,r%(e
their li(es+ $inc%ln said th%se %' us wh% %,,%se the mud6sill the%ry h%ld
that 0ca,ital c%uld ne(er ha(e e2isted with%ut la#%r+ Cence, + + + that la#%r is
the su,eri%rHgreatly the su,eri%rH%' ca,ital+0 Fr%m then %n, ,atri%tic
w%r/ing ,e%,le ma/ing 'un %' the sla(e%crats ,r%udly called themsel(es
0mud6sills '%r $inc%ln+0
$et us n%w l%%/ at that dramatic struggle that led int% the &i(il )ar+
Britain's en in the #hite &ouse
$inc%ln3s )hig Party ,ut %ut a ,am,hlet in 1! charging that Britain3s 'ree6
trade ,arty had ,aid '%r the electi%n %' James P%l/ t% the 4+:+ Presidency+
President P%l/ ,r%m,tly made a deal with his British s,%ns%rs, gi(ing
Britain the Paci'ic c%ast %' &anada+ ;n e2change the British were ha,,y t%
#ac/ P%l/ '%r an American war %n Me2ic%, t% destr%y a ,%tential alliance %'
American re,u#lics against the British em,ire+ $inc%ln, then a &%ngress6
man 'r%m ;llin%is, den%unced the Me2ican war as a 'raud and a sell%ut+
Fr%m this war came a wa(e %' Ollie N%rth6style ,ri(ate in(asi%ns %'
Me2ic%, &u#a and &entral America, called 'ili#usters+
;n 1!5G, a sec%nd attem,t at :%uthern secessi%n was led #y Be(erley Tuc/er
and a criminal 'ili#usterer named J%hn Duitman, a leader %' the :c%ttish 9ite
Mas%ns+ Their secessi%n c%n(enti%n in Nash(ille g%t s%me su,,%rt 'r%m
li/e6minded disuni%nists, #ut Cenry &lay3s last c%m,r%mise tamed the
m%(ement again+
Then, tw% British6#ac/ed sc%undrels #ecame President. Fran/lin Pierce in
1!5F and James Buchanan in 1!5E+ 4nder their regimes, ,re,arati%ns were
made t% ,ut an end t% the 4nited :tates %' America+
)hat did $inc%ln 'ace as he ,re,ared himsel' '%r the 4+:+ Presidency1
The ''orthern' (rigins of the Confederate "estapo
)'*nights of the "olden Circle'
The British +mpire ,aged a ,orld ,ar, a ,ar against civili-ation, ,hich they
had been building up to for nearly a decade!
Beginning in 1!5F, :c%ttish 9ite Mas%nic leaders, #ased in B%st%n and
&harlest%n, started a re(%luti%nary undergr%und m%(ement called the
Inights %' the 7%lden &ircle+ The m%(ement was ,lanted in &incinnati and
s,read t% the 7ul' :%uth and the 8ast &%ast+ 9ecruiting "5,GGG men under
arms, the Inights ran raids int% Me2ic%, and #ecame the c%re %' a :%uthern
insurrecti%nary army+ The illegal A'rican sla(e6trade re%,ened, #igger than
e(er #e'%re, with sla(e shi,s sailing right %ut %' New <%r/ har#%r+ The
sla(e%cracy claimed the right t% s,read #lac/ sla(ery int% the N%rth, the
)est, and e(en t% &hina+
;n 1!5E, a 0>isuni%n &%n(enti%n0 met in B%st%n, led #y British agent
Th%mas )entw%rth Ciggins%n+ Ciggins%n arranged '%r a British s%ldier %'
'%rtune, Cugh F%r#es, t% train the %,erati(es %' a#%liti%nist J%hn Br%wn+
Br%wn was sent int% ?irginia '%r the Car,ers Ferry raid in 1!59, a raid
designed #y Ciggins%n '%r the a(%wed ,ur,%se %' causing :%utherners t%
react against the 4nited :tates+
>es,ite e(erything, u, t% (irtually the last minute, secessi%n was still n%t
,%,ular am%ng white ,e%,le in the :%uth+ ;t was still a swindle #eing run #y
British6#ac/ed intriguers+
The .ote Against Secession
Just as in 199!, when %ur nati%nal electi%n sh%wed that the %(erthr%w %' the
President was re*ected #y the ,e%,le, s% there were electi%ns in 1!"G which
sh%wed the ,e%,le did n%t su,,%rt the %(erthr%w %' the 4+:+ g%(ernment+ ;n
#%th cases, electi%ns did n%t st%, the c%ns,irat%rs+
?irginia, N%rth &ar%lina, Tennessee, and Ar/ansas (%ted against secessi%n in
s,ecial electi%ns+ Te2as had elected the ,atri%tic 4ni%nist :am C%ust%n as
g%(ern%r+ :ecessi%nists n%w sim,ly dragged th%se states %ut %' the 4ni%n+
;n Te2as, a reign %' terr%r #y ars%nists and murderers acc%m,anied the %(er6
thr%w %' 7%(ern%r C%ust%n+ ;n the dee, :%uth, secessi%nists managed %nly
#are ma*%rities+ Th%ugh A#raham $inc%ln was n%t e(en %n the #all%t in the
:%uthern states, the secessi%nist candidate '%r President, J%hn Brec/inridge,
g%t %nly 5J %' the (%te in the sla(e states+
8lected President %n a ,lat'%rm %' ,r%tecti%nism, $inc%ln came t% )ashing6
t%n secretly, in disguise, t% esca,e a threatened assassinati%n+ The %utg%ing
President, James Buchanan, said re,eatedly, 0; am the last President %' the
4nited :tates+0 Our ca,ital city was cut %'' 'r%m %utside aid+ The rail and
telegra,h lines were cut, and n% tr%%,s c%uld get thr%ugh t% )ashingt%n+ ;n
this des,erate situati%n $inc%ln #egan t% rally the American ,e%,le t% 'ight
'%r their %wn g%(ernment+
;t was really a w%rld war, a war against ci(ili=ati%n, which the British
8m,ire had #een #uilding u, t% '%r nearly a decade+ Fr%m 1!5 t% 1!5",
they and their French im,erial allies in(aded 9ussia in the &rimean )ar, t%
st%, 9ussian nati%nal de(el%,ment+ ;n 1!5E, British tr%%,s re6ensla(ed
;ndia in the :e,%y mutiny+ ;n 1!59 and 1!"G, British and French '%rces
ra(aged &hina in the sec%nd O,ium )ar+
>uring %ur &i(il )ar, British and French tr%%,s in(aded Me2ic%, %n the
,rete2t %' c%llecting de#ts+ British6#uilt &%n'ederate cruisers sun/ American
merchant shi,s in the Atlantic+
Fr%m Britain3s c%l%ny &anada, British and &%n'ederate terr%rists ran raids
acr%ss the #%rder int% the 4:A+ &%n'ederate s,y J%hn )il/es B%%th met in
&anada in 1!" with the British s,ecial '%rces %,erati(es there, such as
7e%rge :anders+ B%%th g%t his m%ney '%r the attac/ %n $inc%ln+ )hen the
President was dead, %ne %' the assassinsHJ%hn :urrattHesca,ed thr%ugh
&anada t% 8ngland, then t% the ?atican+ :urratt3s esca,e was arranged #y
Nathaniel Be(erley Tuc/erHthe ne,hew %' the earlier trait%r #y the same
But the 4ni%n sur(i(ed and 'l%urished, and under $inc%ln ,r%tecti%nism, the
4+:+ -uic/ly #ecame the w%rld3s leading manu'acturing ,%wer+ )e m%(ed
t% s,read the ,%licy %' ,r%tecti%n, industrial ,r%gress and nati%nal s%(ereign6
ty t% Ja,an, 9ussia, 7ermany, and &hina+
In%wing they c%uld n%t de'eat America militarily, the British em,ire in6
creased cultural and ,%litical war'are with new m%(ements '%r >ar/6Ages
'eudalism+ The arist%cratic Pre69a,haelites %,enly attac/ed the 9enaissance
and su,,%rted anarchist terr%rism+
New cults %' s%6called &hristian Fundamentalism were manu'actured in
$%nd%n, ,ac/aged in Jerusalem and e2,%rted t% the 4nited :tates+
;n Tennessee, a center '%r the re(i(al %' &%n'ederate thin/ing was esta#6
lished with m%ney 'r%m Britain3s )all :treet ,artners+ As the Iu Ilu2 Ilan
g%t ,%wer in the ,%st6&i(il )ar era, ?ander#ilt 4ni(ersity ,r%m%ted a (isi%n
%' li'e as 'raudulent and anti6human as the %riginal &%n'ederate insurrecti%n
had #een+ Fr%m then until n%w, new generati%ns %' students ha(e #een
taught t% re(ere the 0$%st &ause0 %' the &%n'ederacy, ha(e #een taught that
America has g%ne t%% 'ar with industrial ,r%gress, that Nature must #e
,r%tected, that man was a cancer %n the ,lanet, that the ,%%r dar/6s/inned
,e%,les %' the 8arth must ne(er #e all%wed t% industriali=e as America had
One student and ,r%duct %' this British ,r%*ect is Al 7%reHand we ha(e
,ledged %ursel(es t% see t% it that the new &%n'ederate insurrecti%n is #uried
al%ng with the ,%litical career %' its stal/ing h%rse, Mr+ Al 7%re+ )e intend
t% c%me %ut %' this war with a new #irth %' 'reed%m thr%ugh%ut the w%rld,
with the hel, %' " #illi%n ,e%,le wh%m 7%re might call 0mud6sills+0

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