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Value Focus: Obedience/Politeness

Date:June 17, 2014


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I. Learning Objectives

Use direct and indirect discourse
Relay commands/request using indirect discourse
Show obedience and politeness in dealing with others

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: Relay Commands/Requests Using Indirect Discourse

B. References: PELC II 18.1

C. Materials: comic strips, flash cards, Show Me Boards

III. Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities

1. Drill

(Use flashcards/Show Me Boards)

Read each sentence carefully. Write R if the sentence expresses a
request, C if it expresses command. (Use Show Me Board)

a. Listen attentively.

b. Please keep your things in order.

c. Avoid making too much noise.

d. Stop going around please.

e. Observe silence.

2. Motivation
Game: Simon Says (Teacher uses commands and request)
Development of Lesson

1. Presentation

Read and analyze the comic strip.

2. Comprehension Check-up

1. In the first, strip what does Mother want Jim to do? Why do you
think so?

Please polish
the floor, Mang
Miss Aguila
requested Mang
Ambo to polish
the floor.
Yes, Mam.
Mang Ambo
Miss Aguila

Lock your room
before leaving,
Mother told Jim
to lock his room
before leaving.
Yes, Mother.

2. In the second, strip what did Miss Aguila tell Mang Ambo? Who do
you think is Mang Ambo?

3. Elicitation

Give the exact words of Mother and Miss Aguila.

Mother said, Lock your room before leaving Jim.
Miss Aguila said, Please polish the floor, Mang Ambo.

4. Analysis and Discussion

a. What kind of sentences were used? (command/request)
They too, can be changed to indirect discourse.

b. Study the chart below.

Direct Discourse

Indirect Discourse

1. Mother said, Lock your room
before leaving Jim.

2. Miss Aguila said, Please polish
the floor, Mang Ambo.

3. Miss Aguila said, Kindly polish
the floor, Mang Ambo.

Mother told Jim to lock his room
before leaving.

Miss Aguila asked Mang Ambo to
polish the floor.

Miss Aguila requested Mang Ambo
to polish the floor.

Sentence no.1 is a command. What word was used instead of
said? (told)

What followed the word told? (the name of the person spoken
What word is added before the verb lock? (to)
What happened to the quotation marks? (dropped or removed)

Sentence no.2 is a request. What word was used instead of
said? (asked/requested)

What followed the word asked/requested? (the name of the
person spoken to)
What happened to the word please? (dropped)

5. Generalization

a. In the reported command the verb said is not used. Instead the
verb told is used. Told is followed by the name of the person
spoken to. The word to is added before the verb.
b. In reporting requests, the verbs asked or requested are used
instead of told.
The word please or kindly is dropped.
c. The quotation marks are dropped.
d. Necessary changes are made in the pronouns
Ex: your becomes his

B. Post Activity

1. Application

Bubble Talk
Teacher calls on three (3 pupils) to act out the dialog and complete the
indirect command or request.


Obey your
parents, Jojo.
Obey your
parents, Jojo.
Yes, lolo.
Riza, please
help me finish
my homework.
Millie Riza
help finish
2. Enrichment Activities

Read the following direct commands and requests. Fill in the blanks
with the missing words to complete the sentences.

a. Rico said, Eric water the plants.
Rico water the plants.

b. Liza said, Please check the papers for me, Amy.
Liza Amy the papers for .

c. Mr. Mirasol said, Jose, submit your project early tomorrow.
Mr. Mirasol Jose project early

d. The maid said, Please stay in your room, children
The maid the children stay in room.

3. Values Integration

How should you give commands? If you are given a command, how
should you react?

IV. Evaluation

Read the short paragraph below. Follow what you are asked to do.

It was vacation time. Being the eldest, Lina was assigned by her
mother to clean the house. In order to finish early she called her brothers
and sisters to help her. Read her instructions. Change each one into a
reported form.

1. Kevin, please dust the furniture.

2. Susie, arrange the books and magazines.

3. Husk the floor, Ruben.

4. Help me put some plants inside Roy.

5. Please be careful in handling the plates, Susie.

V. Assignment

Read the sentences and tell what the person in each sentence said. Write
your answer.

1. Father said, Avoid playing near the pool, John.

2. Please help me look for my toy, Sandy, said Sam.
3. Pray before sleeping Ela, said Aunt Norma.

4. Estella said, Please allow me to visit my friend, Grandma.

5. Proceed to my office, boys. said the principal.

June 18,2014

I . Cbjective: Take the test honestly and answer the questions correctly.
II . Subject Matter:
Quiz Number 1
Teacher-made test
20 item test
III. A. Let the pupils carefully as the teacher explain the instruction. Let them
get their materials needed for the test.
B. Answerng the test
C. Checking of papers
D. Recording