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Mobile: +91-9701238084
To secure a challenging position in an organization where my educational potential and professional
experience match the organization and helps growth of my organization and enhance myself.
Having over 4.3 years of experience in Telecom and Networking industry in the areas of Testing.
Good knowledge on L2 and L3 protocols testing.
Working knowledge on RIP, BGP, Vlans, STP, Firewall, SNMP, VPN and VoIP protocols.
Strong Knowledge on TCP/IP, HTTP, ICMP, ARP, DHCP and IPSec VPN.
Good knowledge on Net gear CPE, NAT/PAT, Firewall, TR-069 and SNMP.
Test plan creation, test cases writing making topologies, bugs identification, bug verification
and executing test cases.
Working Knowledge on Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing,
System Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Black Box Testing.
Experienced in executing various software quality assurance activities for enhancing effectiveness of
Network Security Products & Applications.
Network Experience in using Bug Management Tools such as BugZilla and HP Quality Centre11.
Strong knowledge about Ixia Explorer and Ixchariot.
Extensively used standard UNIX services.
Strong trouble shooting and problem solving skills.
Involved in writing test-plans/test-cases, setting up test-beds, generating various test status reports,

B.Tech Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTU.
Working in Mars Telecom for Netgear from Nov 2013 to till date.
Worked for Avaya India Pvt Ltd in Pune from May 2010 to Nov 2013.
Software Skill Set:
Operating systems : Windows 2000/2003/XP, Linux, UNIX.
Protocols : TCP/IP, HTTP, ICMP, ARP, DHCP, IPsec VPN, RIP, BGP, Vlans, STP, VoIP and SIP.
Debugging tools : Wireshark, Tcpdump.
Testing : Functional, Performance, Regression, Retesting and Adhoc Testing.
Bug tracking tools : Bugzilla, HP Quality Centre11.

Career Highlights:

Title : Testing on Prosafe Switch/Router Features.
Client : Net gear
Role : Member of Technical Staff
Tools : AT&T Routers, Broadcom BGW7000 Routers, IXIA Explorer.
Features Tested : OSPF, BGP, DSL, NAT, 802.11\b\g\n and VPN.
Testing : Functionality Testing, Sanity testing, Performance Testing.

Net gears home based router functionality testing especially for WEB GUI. Delivered and continued with
Netgear Prosafe Switches with 10/100 ports auto uplink, PoE 802.3af ports. Its wide range router functionality
supports with DSL, PPPoE, ATM, PTM, PoE, Routing (static, RIPv2), also supports firewalls along with NAT
features have been implemented by NetgearDev team.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Preparation of Test Plan and executing the test plan.
Creating test cases as RFC or FSD.
Raised defects for various issues.
Conduct Sanity Testing, System Testing, Feature Testing, Regression Testing and security testing
individually to ensure the quality of the product.
Manually Execution of Functionality.

Title : Validating GUI functionality of IP Sec VPN.
Client : Avaya Labs
Role : Test Engineer

The Avaya 96xx Series IP Phone is software based IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN) client integrated
into the firmware of an Avaya 96xx Series IP Phone. This capability allows Avaya IP Telephone to be plugged in
and used over a secure IPSec VPN connection from any broadband Internet connection. End users experience
the same IP telephone features as if they were using the telephone in the office. Avaya IP telephone models
supporting the Avaya 96xx Series IP Phone firmware include the 9620, 9620C, 9620L, 9630, 9640, 9650, 9650C
and 9670.
This is project is aimed at validating GUI functionality of IP Sec VPN. Mainly involved in configuration,
Deployment, tunnel establishment. This is typically dealt with Validating User Interface configuration for IPSec

IKE Exchange - Main/Base/Aggressive mode
Pre-Shared Key (PSK) with XAUTH
Tunnel/Transport Mode
DES/3DES/Cast128/AES Encryption
IKE/Diffe Hellman Group
AH/ESP Support
IPSec/PFS Group Support
Dead Peer Detection

Roles & Responsibilities:
Creating test bed setups and environment for Testing Different Scenarios.
Test case write-up for IPSec Phase1 and Phase 2 configuration.
Involved in configuring IPSec features NAT-T, PFS, and Dead Peer Detection
Report and maintain software defects in the defect management system.
Filing bugs and following up with developers.
Tracked, debugged, logged, and diagnosed various IPsec tunnel issues.
Creating IPsec VPN Deployment test cases.

Title : SNMP MIB Validation on Secure Access Gateway.
Client : Avaya Labs
Role : Test Engineer
SAL Gateway uses the SNMP capability to communicate information to network management applications
such as Net View Management Console (NMC) or Network Management System (NMS). SAL Gateway can use
SNMP traps to communicate product status, performance metrics, alarm states, and inventory information to
the network management applications.
SAL Gateway defines its own application-specific MIB that contains the definition of managed objects that SAL
Gateway wants to be exposed to a network management tool, such as NMS or NMC. The MIB also defines the
traps SAL Gateway sends.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Created UTM test bed environment for Snmp Agent Testing.
Tracked, debugged, logged, and diagnosed various SNMP Traps and Operations.
Configured and deployed SNMP (V1, V2, V3) auth and other authentication backend systems.
Dwelt the execution on SNMP, RADIUS, and Identity Based Policies.
Worked with customers on-site to troubleshoot connection issues and network troubleshooting and

Title : SIP 96x1 endpoint family.
Client : Avaya Labs
Role : Test Engineer
The Avaya 96x1 is implemented on the Desktop sip Device2, a SIP-based device with a Presence &IM, and
social media communications with enterprise applications, enabling collaboration that is effective, efficient
and productive. Servers used are Avaya PS, Avaya Session Manager, and Avaya CM.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Preparing test plan and test procedure for the Avaya Presence and Enterprise IM advanced features.
Prepared failover test plan & AST (advanced sip telephony)
Executing the test plan.
Raised MRs (Modification Request)for various issues
Conduct Sanity Testing, System Testing, Feature Testing and Regression Testing and security testing
individually to ensure the quality of the product.