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.1 Civil Works Master Specification (CWMS) is part of Alberta Transportation
(TRANS) Master Specifications and Standards documents. Te structure is based
on te Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) and Construction Specifications
!nstitute (CS!) publication "Master#ormat.$
.% CWMS is te standard specification to be used b& consultin' en'ineers (en
developin' TRANS contracts for te construction of medium to lar'e (ater
mana'ement pro)ects tat are o(ned b& te *rovince. Te construction contracts
are bet(een Alberta Transportation and contractors.
.+ Altou' use of CWMS is mandator&, te consultant remains full& responsible for
te contract specifications. Appropriate use of CWMS re-uires personnel (o are
e.perienced in te desi'n and construction of (ater mana'ement pro)ects, and
-ualified to )ud'e and edit its content and to ensure te specification is suitable for
te contract re-uirements. Te consultant sould appoint one person to co/
ordinate te interdisciplinar& revie( and assembl& of te specifications and
.0 *rovincial (ater mana'ement pro)ects ma& involve dams, spill(a&s, canals,
control structures, erosion abatement (orks, and flood control d&kes.
.1 CWMS (as developed to1
.1 ensure consistenc& in te content and -ualit& of contract specifications,
.% establis TRANS2s biddin', contractin', tecnical standards and contract
administration procedures,
.+ provide TRANS2s desi'n consultants (it a "production tool$ for te
preparation of contract specifications, reducin' contract development and
revie( time, and
.0 serves as part of TRANS2s corporate memor& on (ater mana'ement
(ork .
CWMS Civil Works Master Specification
Alberta Transportation
Master Specification System
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.1 Structure1 An TRANS contract document based on CWMS consists of divisions
and sections. Sections are subdivided furter as in clause 0. 4 #ormat of CWMS.
.% Consistenc&1 Te various parts of te contract documents are to be developed in a
consistent format and consistent lan'ua'e..
.+ Readabilit&1 Te contract documents are to be easil& readable and understandable.
Te te.t is to be suc tat &our readin' and understandin' are not interrupted b&
unnatural or comple. (ordin' or e.cessivel& lon' sentences tat (ould re-uire
.0 Applicabilit&1 Altou' (ater mana'ement pro)ects var& considerabl&, te&
'enerall& ave aspects tat are similar. CWMS contains specification te.t tat is
applicable to tose aspects tat fre-uentl& occur in te various pro)ects.
Additional te.t developed for specific pro)ects is to follo( te CWMS
.5 Repetition1 Te contract documents consist of several parts tat are to be read as a
(ole. Wat is re-uired b& one part is as bindin' as if re-uired b& all. Repetition
of te same specification in different parts of te contract documents is not to
occur. Cross/referencin' of te various parts is also to be kept to a minimum.
.1 CWMS consists of te biddin' re-uirements, te conditions of te contract and
te 'eneral re-uirements, (ic are specified in 6ivision 7 and 1, and te
tecnical specifications (ic are specified in 6ivision % to 18. Te biddin'
re-uirements and te conditions of te contract use a sin'le column and t(o/
column pa'e format respectivel&. Te 'eneral re-uirements and te tecnical
specifications use te +/part section format recommended b& CSC and CS!.
.% 9ac division of CWMS is divided into sections. 9ac pa'e of te section
contains te section number, te title, te pa'e number and te tender number.
.+ #or 6ivision 7 4 :iddin' Re-uirements and Conditions of Contract, eac section
is divided into clauses, eac of (ic is numbered.
.0 #or 6ivision 1 4 ;eneral Re-uirements and for 6ivisions % to 18 4 tecnical
specifications, eac section is divided into + parts1 ;eneral, *roducts and
9.ecution. 9ac part is divided into clauses eac of (ic is 'iven a number tat
relates to te part it comes under.
CWMS Civil Works Master Specification
Alberta Transportation
Master Specification System
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.5 9ac section of te specification contains te follo(in'1
.1 Section Cover Seet1 Te cover seet outlines 'eneral instructions or
provides 'eneral information to te specification (riter. !t lists all te
clause eadin's and provides a specification note for a clause if
.% 6ata Seets1 #or some sections data seets provide additional and more
detailed information, instruction, or samples. 6iscussion of some
important elements of te section ma& also be provided.
.+ Specification Te.t1 Te specification te.t provides te standard format,
te standard lan'ua'e and te st&le for te specifications. Some clauses
re-uire editin' to suit te contract re-uirements and additional te.t ma& be
re-uired for some contracts. Te specification (riter refers to te cover
and data seets (en preparin' te te.t.
.8 #or sections containin' a 6etailed 6ra(in's clause, te detailed dra(in's are
included at te back of te section.
.< #or sections containin' a Reference clause, te reference number and its full title
is listed. Te date of te reference is not used unless it is specificall& re-uired.
Te actual references are not included (it te contract documents.
.3 #or sections containin' a =ualit& Control clause, te specific activities or tests te
contractor is re-uired to perform are listed.
.> #or sections containin' a =ualit& Assurance clause, te specific activities or tests
te Minister is re-uired to perform are listed.
.17 Wen cross/referencin' oter sections of te specification is necessar&, bot te
section number and te title of te section are -uoted.
.11 Wen developin' tables to be included in te specifications,, te tables are bo.ed,
rater tan open/sided.
CWMS Civil Works Master Specification
Alberta Transportation
Master Specification System
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.1 !mperative1
.1 Te specifications are (ritten in te imperative mood and are directed to
te contractor. State (at is to be done, e.'., "*rovide /////" rater tan
"te Contractor sall provide/////" or "*rovide/////" rater tan "9nsure
.% Te (ord "(ill$ is reserved for activities to be carried out b& te Minister.
Te (ord "sall,$ if it is re-uired, is reserved for activities to be carried
out b& te contractor.
.% Consistenc&1
.1 6ifferent (ords tat mean te same are avoided so tat te reader doesn2t
-uestion (& te different (ord (as used.
.% Terminolo'& tat is defined and used in 6ivision 7 is used in 6ivisions 1
to 18? e.'., "Receipt of te @etter of Acceptance$ is used rater tan
"Contract A(ard$, "Substantial *erformance of te Work$ is used rater
tan "Completion of te Work$.
.+ 6efinitions1
.1 6efinin' terms in te specifications tat are commonl& used in te
construction industr& is avoided. Terms tat ave uni-ue meanin's or
ave different meanin's, (en a particular meanin' is re-uired, can be
.% Anl& terms defined in 6ivision 7 or else(ere defined under a 6efinitions
clause and proper nouns, are capitaliBed.
.1 Terminolo'&1 Te follo(in' terminolo'& is avoided1
.1 "Te Contractor sall////$ or "9nsure tat ///.$
.% "Te Contractor (ill not be paid for //// or "te Contractor sall //// at no
cost to te Minister.$ Te contractor is to carr& out te specified (ork and
(ill allocate is costs and pa&ments accordin' to te Measurement
Scedule and te Scedule of *rices.
CWMS Civil Works Master Specification
Alberta Transportation
Master Specification System
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.% Readabilit&CClarit&1
.1 Modif&in' (ords "all$ or "an&$ and articles "te$ and "a$ are to be used to
improve te readabilit& of a sentence.
.% Te use of sub)ective ad)ectives or unnecessar& ad)ectives are to be avoided? e.'.,
"properl& ali'n,$ "verticall& plumb$, "neatl& store in an orderl& fasion$.
.+ Tere are man& variations of (ords or prases tat ave te same meanin'.
Wen developin' additional articles or additional sections for a particular
contract, use te (ordin' of CWMS (en possible. #or te sake of consistenc&,
certain (ords, prases, and sentence structurin' ave been adopted for CWMS.
9.amples are listed belo(. Tese e.amples (ere cosen based on a revie( of
different construction contracts and te man& (ordin' variations tat (ere
Dse "in accordance (it$ rater tan "conformin' to$ or "(ic conforms to te
re-uirements of.$
Dse "record dra(in's$ or "record surve&s$ rater tan "as built dra(in's$ or "as
built surve&s.$
Dse "receipt of te @etter of Acceptance$ rater tan "contract a(ard.$
Dse "date of Substantial *erformance of te Work$ rater tan "completion date.$
Dse "Certificate of Substantial *erformance of te Work$, rater tan
"completion certificate$ or "letter of substantial completion$.
Dse "lines, 'rades, slopes, and elevations$ rater tan "limit lines$ or "desi'n
Dse "autoriBed$ rater tan "approved.$
Dse "as specified in te Contract 6ocuments$ rater tan "as so(n on te
Dse "co/operate$ and "co/ordinate$ rater tan "cooperate$ and "coordinate.$
Dse "%E11F$ rater tan "%11$ or "% oriBontal to 1 vertical.$
Dse "G$ rater tan "percent.$
Dse numerals rater tan (ritin' te number? i.e., use "3$ rater tan "ei't.$
CWMS Civil Works Master Specification
Alberta Transportation
Master Specification System
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Dse "provide$ rater tan "suppl&$ or "furnis.$
Dse "tat$ rater tan "(ic$ (en sometin' specific is bein' referenced.
Dse "Scedule of *rices$ rater tan "pa&ment scedule.$
Dse "'Cm
rater tan "'rams per s-uare metre.$
Dse "'round (ater$ rater tan "under'round (ater.$
Dse "submittals$ rater tan "submissions.$
Dse millimetres for len't1 "877 mm$, and (itout te comma in "1577 mm$,
and "8777 mm$. Dse metres onl& (ere te industr&2s common lan'ua'e su''ests
tat "metres$ is suitable.
.1 6o not include in te contract specifications te cover seets and data seets of
.% :efore editin', revie( te CWMS table of contents, cover seets, data seets and
specification te.t. Tis (ill provide an overvie( of te content of a section,
identif& sub)ects tat ma& re-uire furter investi'ation, identif& decisions tat
ma& need to be made and elp determine te best editin' se-uence for a section.
Wen editin' sections or creatin' ne( sections maintain te pilosop&, format,
lan'ua'e, and st&le of CWMS.
6evelop ne( sections from e.istin' specifications available from
((( Te link "Tecnical Resources$ contains a lar'e
volume of specifications, tecnical, and 'uideline information for i'(a&,
brid'e, and buildin' construction. Te structure of te buildin' specifications is
based on Master#ormat and te pilosop&, format, lan'ua'e and st&le is
compatible (it te CWMS. !n addition, complete re-uirements for mecanical,
electrical, securit&, commissionin' and oter specialt& sections ma& be readil&
modified for use on (ater mana'ement pro)ects.
.+ As a 'eneral rule, limit ne( sections to 17 pa'es. !f necessar& te content of a
section can be or'aniBed into % or more narro(er/scope sections to limit te
number of pa'es.
CWMS Civil Works Master Specification
Alberta Transportation
Master Specification System
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.0 6o not modif& te format of CWMS provided? i.e., fonts, font siBes, mar'ins,
indents, numberin', st&le seets, + part section format, streamlined point form
st&le, imperative mood, active voice, and no lar'e block para'raps.
.5 Avoid splittin' para'raps or clauses bet(een pa'es. 6o not separate clause
eadin's from te follo(in' para'rap or clause on a follo(in' pa'e. Dse te
tecni-ues provided for tis purpose in te (ord processin' pro'ram, i.e.,
#ormatC*ara'rapC@ine and *a'e :reaks, "keep lines to'eter$ and "keep (it
ne.t$ codes in MS Word. 6o not insert forced pa'e breaks or multiple para'rap
spaces to do tis.
.8 6elete inapplicable te.t. :e(are of te natural tendenc& to over/specif& b&
retainin' te.t (en its appropriateness or necessit& is in -uestion. !ncludin' suc
te.t can1
.1 obscure te true nature or re-uirements of te (ork causin' bidders to
include unnecessar& contin'encies (en pricin' te (ork,
.% create ambi'uities and conflicts, and
.+ detracts from te overall -ualit& of te contract specification.
.< Wen a clause eadin' is deleted, use "Not Dsed$ ad)acent to te clause number
in te space previousl& occupied b& te clause eadin'. Renumberin' te rest of
te clauses is ten not necessar&. Eo(ever, if a para'rap and sub/para'rap is
deleted, te para'rap and sub/para'rap number must also be deleted and te
remainin' para'raps and sub/para'raps renumbered.
.3 CWMS te.t (itin s-uare brackets (H I) re-uires an informed coice be made
from options provided. 9mpt& s-uare brackets indicate tat information must be
.> After editin', proof read eac section for errors and omissions. 9nsure proper
numberin' se-uences and sub/para'raps indents ave been maintained. Ceck
an& cross/referencin' and ensure te numberin' is still correct.
.17 !f tere as been a si'nificant time lapse (1/mont) since te development of a
contract specification started, ceck to determine if tere as been an&
specification updates. !f so use te updated version rater tan te ori'inal
.11 *repare a table of contents for te edited contract specifications. @ist all
documents tat are to be appended to an& section.
CWMS Civil Works Master Specification
Alberta Transportation
Master Specification System
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.1 Submit specification drafts ensurin' tat1
.1 all pa'es ave been properl& oriented and formatted in a manner tat is
consistent (it CWMS,
.% *6# files ave been compiled into one file and eac section as been
bookmarked, and
.+ a ard cop& printed from te *6# files as been torou'l& cecked.
.% Scannin' information documents to create electronic files fre-uentl& produce files
tat are too lar'e to send b& email, or to access online. Wile scannin', keep file
siBes to 3M:. !f necessar&, limit te document to bet(een 1 and + files. Scan
usin' "line art$ or similar t&pe, (ile avoidin' "'re& scale$ ima'in'. Scan at
+77dpi (ere possible.
.1 Refer to 9n'ineerin' Consultant ;uidelines for details on submission
re-uirements of te contract documents.
.1 Su''ested can'es to CWMS sould be made to1
:ob *oole&, CCS, CS!
Alberta Transportation
9dmonton, Alberta
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