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Unit 3 Test

[1] Write sentences about what people were doing at eight

o’clock yesterday evening.

1 .


3 .


5 .

6 .

[2] Translate the situations with the Past Simple or Past Continuous.
1 Kým si čítal noviny, ja som raňajkoval.

2 Snežilo, keď som odišiel z domu dnes ráno.

3 Keď som kúpil maslo, dal som ho do chladničky.

4 Nemohol som ísť do kina, lebo som musel pracovať v záhrade.

5 Najprv museli kúpiť nový vysávač a potom mohli upratať izby.

[3] Complete these texts using the Past Simple or Past Continuous of the verbs
in the brackets.
Last Saturday Tom wanted to make two salads. He 1 (make) the
first one in five minutes. He 2 (make) the second one when his
guests 3 (arrive), and they 4 (help) him to finish it.

[4] Choose words from the box and complete also materials of the things.
It’s They’re
1 p c bag. 6 w n jumper
2 c n socks. 7 w n table.
3 l r jacket. 8 g d watch.
4 r r gloves. 9 g s bottle.
5 s k shirt. 10 c r

[5] Complete the dialogues with the phrase from the box and translate it into
1 – Can you come here, please, Mark?
-- (Len chvíľku). I’m putting on my shoes.
2 – When do you start the new job?
-- Next week. (Nemôžem sa dočkať).
3 – Do you need my help?
-- Yes, please. I can’t do it (sama/na vlastnú päsť).

Unit 3 Test
4 – You need happy. Why are you laughing?
-- I’ve got the job. (Nemôžem tomu uveriť).
5 – There’s an advert here about a part-time job.
-- (Čo sa tam „píše“?).
6 – I’ve passed the exam!
-- (Dobrá práca).
[6] Translate the vocabulary into English
1 mydlo -
2 zubná kefka -
3 zubná pasta -
4 prací prášok -
5 umývačka riadu -

[7] Read the text.

Alex had a terrible day fishing on the lake, sitting in the hottest sun all day without
catching a single one. On his way home, he stopped at the shop
with fish and asked for four rainbow trout. He told the shop
assistant (=salesman), 'Pick four large ones out and throw them at
trout me, can you?'
'Why do you want me to throw them at you?' asked the salesman. 'So that I could to
tell my wife, that I really caught them.' said Alex.
'Okay, but I suggest that you take the salmon.' Why are you saying that? 'Because
your wife came earlier today and said that if You came today, I should tell you to take
salmon. That's what she'd like for dinner tonight.' answered the fish shop assistant
with a smile.
Are these sentences True-T or False-F?
1 Alex had a very bad day, when he went fishing. 1
2 He caught nothing. 2
3 He wanted to pick four large fish on his own. 3
4 Alex wanted to throw the fish at the salesman. 4
5 Alex didn’t understand why he should take salmon. 5
6 When Alex was buying fish, his wife came in. 6
7 The salesman told Alex a message from his wife. 7
8 She wanted to have salmon for dinner tomorrow. 8
9 The salesman was smiling because it was funny. 9

Grading scale

50 – 45 ….. 1
44 – 38 ….. 2
37 – 30 ….. 3
29 – 17 ….. 4
16 – 0 ….. 5