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Absorb Read Chapter 1 in Think:

Communication textbook,
Pgs. 4, 12-15 only.

Read Chapter 1 in Think: Communication textbook, Pgs. 4,
12-15 only. Watch The Communication Model Video

1. Students participate in a
class discussion whereby
the class constructs the
communication model on
the white board based on
a communication situation
the instructor presents.
2. Next, students play the
game Catchphrase, which
is then followed by
analysis discussion.
Students apply elements
of the game to the
communication model.
Lesson Plan

1. Students will complete an assessment found on pg.
17 of their textbook where they will identify
communication competencies they believe are
essential for improving communication skills.
Students will evaluate this list of competencies
based on their personal past, present and future
experiences. Then, students will review their ratings
and identify their top 3 competencies that they
believe, if improved, will make them a more effective
2. Next, students will share their top 3 skills on the
discussion board with rationale for their decisions.
Students will use argumentative dialogue to analyze
participants rationale and decisions.

Discussion Board Questions
! After completing the communication assessment on
pg. 17, post your top three most important
communication skills that you think could make you
a more effective communicator. Why did you choose
these specific skills? Explain your answer in your
posting. When replying to others, consider how your
choices compare and contrast with others.
! What skills scored the lowest on your list and why?
! How do you think your past or present experiences
influenced your choices?
! How did your future career plans influence your
! What skills or knowledge do you think are missing
from this list? What would you add to this list and

3. When completing the Communication Process
Model assignment (see link), students will identify
the parts of the communication model, analyze the
communication situation, and will synthesize
information gathered during this learning plan to
provide the characters in the video clip with
suggestions for improving their communication.

Connect The Communication Process
Model is brought up through
the semester in class
discussion and appears on
their midterm exam. There is
no reflection required for this

Students will post a reflection to their blogs based on the
following prompt:
! Based on this weeks discussion about
communication competencies, what is one goal you
would like to set for yourself this semester? Why?
What steps can you take to achieve this goal?