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Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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ADPI works toward the advancement of the

substance abuse field in California through the
Non-Profit (Sac) – Alcohol & Other Drug Policy 1415 L St Ste 200,
creation and dissemination of knowledge regarding -
Institute Sacramento, CA 95814
alcohol and other drug problems and approaches to
their prevention and amelioration.

Asian Legal Services Outreach strives to meet the

needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander community
Non-Profit (Sac) – Asian Legal Services 5709 Stockton Blvd,
through coordinating efforts in outreach, education -
Outreach Sacramento, CA 95824
and advocacy by providing legal services,
educational programs, and building coalitions.

APAPA’s Mission is to promote the advancement of

Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Americans through
active participation and leadership in civic and
Non-Profit (Sac) – Asian Pacific Islander public affairs. Today, API citizens are ready to stand 1006 4th Street, Suite #
American Public Affairs Association - Community tall and take full responsibility as citizens of our 210, Sacramento, CA -
Education Foundation (APAPA-CEF) great country. APAPA educates the public about 95814
public policy and provides opportunities for our
youth to gain firsthand knowledge and experience in
governmental and public affairs.

Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails is

dedicated to healthy air and preventing lung and 909 12th Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – Breathe California of
other air-pollution related diseases by partnering 100, Sacramento, CA -
Sacramento-Emigrant Trails
with youth, advocating public policy, supporting air 95814
pollution research, and educating the public.

California Apartment Association, Tri-County

Division is the non-profit trade association serving
the rental housing industry in San Mateo, Santa
Clara and Santa Cruz counties. It is our mission is
to represent the ethical members of the rental
980 Ninth Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Apartment housing industry in all aspects of government affairs
200, Sacramento, CA -
Association, Tri-County Division and to provide information, products and services
which contribute to the success of our member’s
businesses. CAA is the industry leader in affecting
policy and legislation that regulates rental housing.
We encourage and support the fair, ethical and
professional operation of residential rental housing.

CAEYC advocates for advancement in the early

4330 Auburn Blvd, Ste
care and education profession and improvement of
2400, Sacramento, CA
the lives of young children. Our Public Policy
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Association for Committee reviews bills related to the importance of -
Education of Young Children early childhood issues and communicates regularly
to our legislators regarding these concerns. The
950 Glenn Drive, Suite
Committee develops a policy platform yearly with
150, Folsom, CA 95630
consultation from the CAEYC Board of Directors.
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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CALAFCO serves as an organization dedicated to

assisting member LAFCos with educational and
technical resources that otherwise would not be
available. The Association provides statewide
coordination of LAFCo activities, serves as a 1215 K Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Association of
resource to the Legislature and other bodies, and 1650, Sacramento, CA -
Local Agency Formation Commissions
offers a structure for sharing information among the 95814
various LAFCos and other governmental agencies.
LAFCos review proposals for the formation of new
local governmental agencies and for changes in the
organization of existing agencies.

The California Budget Project engages in

independent fiscal and policy analysis and public
1107 9th St, Ste 310,
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Budget Project education with the goal of improving public policies -
Sacramento, CA 95814
affecting the economic and social well-being of low-
and middle-income Californians.

CCRH is one of the oldest state low-income housing

coalitions in the country. Through advocacy,
organizing, research, and technical assistance, our
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Coalition for Rural 717 K St, Suite 400,
goal is to make the case for rural housing -
Housing Project Sacramento, CA 95814
improvement and strengthen the capacity of the
nonprofit and public sectors to provide affordable
housing and related facilities.

CCPOA represents the more than 30,000

correctional peace officers working inside
California's prisons and youth facilities, and the
state's parole agents who supervise inmates after
755 Riverpoint Drive,
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Correctional Peace their release. CCPOA's mission has been to
West Sacramento, CA -
Officers Association promote and enhance the correctional profession,
protect the safety of those engaged in corrections
and advocate for the laws, funding and policies
needed to improve prison operations and protect
public safety.

The California Council of Churches is the statewide

public policy office for 21 Protestant and Orthodox
denominations, 4,000 congregations, and over 1.5
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Council of million church members in our nation's largest large. 4044 Pasadena Ave, -
Churches (and California Church Impact) California Church IMPACT seeks to be a prophetic Sacramento CA 95821
witness to the Christian Gospel by empowering and
mobilizing people of faith to be effective advocates
in the public policy processes of government.

California Health Advocates strives to be the

premier source of health insurance information and 5380 Elvas Ave, Ste 214,
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Health Advocates -
advocacy in order to have a well informed Medicare Sacramento, CA 95819
population in California.
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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The California Housing Partnership Corporation

(CHPC) assists nonprofit and government housing
agencies create, acquire and preserve housing
affordable to lower income households, while
providing leadership on housing preservation policy
and funding. CHPC is unique in combining P.O. Box 8132, 5325
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Housing
extensive experience in multifamily housing finance Elkhorn Blvd., -
Partnership Corporation
transactions with a deep commitment to affordable Sacramento, CA 95842
housing policy and technical assistance. CHPC
regularly advises California’s housing agencies and
the legislature and Congressional staff on housing
resource issues and is recognized as a national
leader in the field.

California Indian Legal Services (CILS) is the first

Indian-controlled law firm organized to provide
specialized legal representation to Indians and
Indian tribes. CILS provides free or low-cost
3814 Auburn Boulevard, Mark Radoff (Directing
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Indian Legal representation on those matters that fall within the
Suite 72, Sacramento, 1 Attorney - Escondido
Services priorities (see below) set by our Board of Trustees.
CA 95821 Office) - 1985
Created by California Indian leaders and public
interest attorneys, CILS has been one of the
preeminent advocates for the rights of Native
Americans and Indian Tribes for over forty years.

California Institute of Public Affairs is an

independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy
institute based in Sacramento, California's capital.
Our main focus is on natural resources and the
P.O. Box 189040,
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Institute of Public environment, both in California and internationally.
Sacramento, California -
Affairs CIPA does problem-solving research, provides
advice, and produces online and print publications.
We convene groups of leaders and experts to
search for, design, and implement solutions to
public problems.

The California Mortgage Bankers Association

serves to represent the residential and commercial
real estate finance industry before all governing
980 Ninth Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Mortgage Banker bodies. CMBA encourages and promotes sound
2120 • Sacramento, CA -
Associate business practices and honesty in marketing,
origination, lending and servicing of mortgage loans
through our educational and networking
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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The California Peace Officers' Association serves

the needs of professional law enforcement through
issue exploration, resource development,
educational opportunities, and legislative advocacy.
CPOA has more than 3,000 members of all ranks
from municipal, county, state, and federal law 1455 Response Road,
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Peace Officers
enforcement agencies from throughout the state of Suite 190, Sacramento, -
Association, Inc.
California. The California Peace Officers' CA 95815
Association is committed to developing progressive
leadership for the California law enforcement
community. This will be accomplished by
organizational networking, professional
development, and public policy advocacy.

California Redevelopment Association Foundation

represents redevelopment agencies and allied firms
throughout the state of California in responding to
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Redevelopment legislative proposals and administrative regulations, 1400 K St. , Suite 204,
Association Foundation providing member services, conducting training and Sacramento, CA 95814 cfm?Section=Home
professional development events, and providing
public information regarding redevelopment law and

California Women Lawyers promotes the

650 Howe Avenue, Suite
advancement of women in the legal profession and
Non-Profit (Sac) – California Womens Lawyers 555, Sacramento, CA -
is an active advocate for the concerns of women in

The Labor and Civil Rights Litigation Project

provides technical assistance, advocacy support
and direct legal representation to low-income and
minority individuals in rural California. The Labor
and Employment Project carries out policy-oriented
research and farm worker field surveys, conducts
Non-Profit (Sac) – Californians Rural Legal legislative and administrative advocacy in the wage 2210 K Street Suite 201, -
Assistance Foundation & hour, unemployment insurance, and farm worker Sacramento, CA 95816
law areas, both at the state and federal levels, and
provides training, technical assistance and
advocacy support to California legal services
programs. Other projects include housing,
citizenship, education equity, border, and
agricultural working health issues.

Californians Against Waste is a non-profit

environmental research and advocacy organization
that identifies, develops, promotes and monitors
policy solutions to pollution and conservation
problems posing a threat to public health and the
921 11TH St Ste 420,
Non-Profit (Sac) – Californians Against Waste environment. Californians Against Waste's history -
Sacramento, CA 95814
has demonstrated it to be the nation's oldest,
largest and most effective non-profit environmental
organization advocating for the implementation of
waste reduction and recycling policies and
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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The Capital Unity Council strives to create an

inclusive environment of understanding,
acceptance, respect, and celebration of
differentness with programs that provide 1410 Ethan Way #104,
Non-Profit (Sac) – Capital Unity Council -
opportunities for learning, partnerships, coalition Sacramento, CA 95825
building, access to services and information,
promotion of sound public policy and assembly at
our flagship Unity Center.

CCS Partnership is a joint effort of the League of

California Cities, California State Association of
Counties (CSAC) and California School Boards
Association (CSBA). The Partnership promotes the
1100 K Street, Suite 201,
Non-Profit (Sac) – CCS Partnership development of public policies that build and -
Sacramento, CA. 95814
preserve communities by encouraging local
collaborative efforts among California's 478 cities,
58 counties and more than 1,000 school boards and
districts the partners represent.

The Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable

Technologies (CEERT) is a partnership of major
environmental groups and private-sector clean
energy companies. We design and fight for policies
that promote global warming solutions and
increased reliance on clean, renewable energy 1100 11th Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – Center for Energy Efficiency
sources for California and the West. We carry out 311, Sacramento, CA -
and Renewable Technologies
our technical, policy-making, and policy- 95814
implementing work through advocacy programs that
focus on key renewable-energy development
issues. We are active as participants and
intervenors before the full spectrum of federal, state,
regional and local energy agencies.

Central California Appellate Program is a non-profit

Non-Profit (Sac) – Central California Appellate corporation dedicated to improving the quality of 2407 J St Ste 301, -
Program indigent representation in criminal and dependency Sacramento, CA 95816

To create a mandate for sound public policy that

responds to the diversity of Californias children and
Non-Profit (Sac) – Child Development Policy families. Toward that end, the organization acts as a 926 J St, Ste 413, -
Institute Education Fund catalyst for public policy analysis and research, the Sacramento, CA 95814
dissemination of information, and the stimulation of
dialog on child development and related issues.

To advance the development of sound public policy

Non-Profit (Sac) – Child & Family Policy Institute and promote program excellence in county Human 925 L St Ste 350, -
of California Services Agencies through research, education, Sacramento, CA 95814
training and technical assistance.
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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The Community Services Planning Council is a

catalyst for community change, provding health and
human services information for the public, engaging
Non-Profit (Sac) – Community Services Planning people in collaborative planning, conducting policy 909 12th Street Ste 200, -
Council, Inc. analysis on health and social issues, developing Sacramento, CA 95814
innovative programs, and offering technical
assistance so people can improve their

We provide a forum for Western Attorneys General

to cultivate knowledge, cooperate on concerns and
coordinate actions which improve legal services
available to members, consumers, industry and
Non-Profit (Sac) – Conference of Western 1300 I Street,
government agencies. CWAG addresses emerging -
Attorneys General Sacramento, CA 95814
legal topics along with focusing on common areas
of interest to the west: water, fish and wildlife, public
lands, minerals, environmental protection and
Indian law.

Non-Profit (Sac) – The Compensation Law 2717 Cottage Way # 16,

Specialists in workers compensation. 1 M. Rutkowski - 1986
Center Sacramento, CA 95825

The Criminal Justice Legal Foundation is the only

public interest organization in America working full
time to assure that our courts respect the rights of
PO Box 1199
Non-Profit (Sac) – Criminal Justice Legal crime victims and law-abiding society. The
2131 L St, Sacramento, -
Foundation Foundation's award-winning legal staff helped win
CA 95812
hundreds of precedent-setting Supreme Court
decisions to hold criminals fully responsible for the
crimes they commit.

Defenders of Wildlife is one of the country’s leaders

in science-based, results-oriented wildlife
Kimberley Delfino
conservation. We stand out in our commitment to 1303 J Street, Suite 270,
Non-Profit (Sac) – Defenders of Wildlife 1 (California Program
saving imperiled wildlife and championing the Sacramento, CA 95814
Director) - 1993
Endangered Species Act, the landmark law that
protects them.

Disability Rights California works to bring about

fairness and justice for people with disabilities. To
reach those goals of fairness and justice, we may:
File lawsuits on behalf of individuals or groups,
100 Howe Ave., Suite
Investigate charges of abuse and neglect, Build
Non-Profit (Sac) – Disability Rights California 185-N, Sacramento, CA -
peer/self advocacy groups, Forge community
partnerships, Advocate for change in laws,
regulations, and public policy, and Provide
information to those who may not know about their
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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Ducks Unlimited stands today as a global force in

wetlands and wildlife conservation. DU's
conservation programs have evolved and expanded
over the years to address the habitat needs of 3074 Gold Canal Dr.,
Non-Profit (Sac) – Ducks Unlimited, Inc. waterfowl and other wildlife on ever changing Rancho Cordova, CA -
landscapes. Today, DU and our many partners 95670
utilize space-age technology and cutting-edge
research to conserve habitat as efficiently and cost
effectively as possible.

Environment California is a statewide, citizen-based

environmental advocacy organization. Our
professional staff combines independent research,
practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to
overcome the opposition of powerful special
1107 9TH St Ste 601,
Non-Profit (Sac) – Environment California, Inc. interests and win real results for California's -
Sacramento, CA 95814
environment. We focus exclusively on protecting
California's air, water and open spaces. We speak
out and take action at the local, state and national
levels to improve the quality of our environment and
our lives.

The Environment California Research & Policy

Center is dedicated to protecting California's air,
water and open spaces We investigate problems, 1107 9th Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – Environment California
craft solutions, educate the public and 601, Sacramento, CA -
Research & Policy Center
decisionmakers, and help Californians make their 95814
voices heard in local, state and national debates
over the quality of our environment and our lives.

The Friends Committee on Legislation (FCL) is a

non-profit action group (established by Quakers in
1952) that works to bring more compassion and
social justice into government by influencing law-
making in the State Capitol. As a "lobby of 717 K Street Suite 500-
Non-Profit (Sac) – Friends Committee on
conscience," FCL is charged with reminding B, Sacramento, CA -
legislators of the worth of every person, regardless 95814
of social standing, ethnic or religious background.
We urge government to encourage individual and
community transformations, and reject the idea that
problems can be solved by violence.

Friends of the River is dedicated to preserving and

restoring California's rivers, streams, and their
watersheds as well as advocating for sustainable
Non-Profit (Sac) – Friends of the River water management. The organization accomplishes 1418 20th St, Ste 100, -
Foundation its mission by providing public education, citizen Sacramento, CA 95811
activist training and organizing, and expert
advocacy to influence public policy decisions on
land, water, and energy management issues.
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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The Greater Sacramento Urban League (GSUL)

pursues a mission to enable African Americans,
other minorities and the under served to secure
Non-Profit (Sac) – Greater Sacramento Urban economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights. 3725 Marysville Blvd., -
League The organization carries out its mission at the local, Sacramento, CA 95838
state, and national levels through direct services,
advocacy, community mobilization, collaboration
and communications.

Housing California is the leading voice in California

on policy and budget issues that create rental and
900 J Street, Second
purchase opportunities for homeless and low-
Non-Profit (Sac) – Housing California Floor, Sacramento, CA -
income people. Housing CA staff accomplishes its
goals through advocacy, education and research,
and communications and outreach.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is

dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and
the advancement of taxpayers' rights, including the
921 11th Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – Howard Jarvis Taxpayers right to limited taxation, the right to vote on tax
1201, Sacramento, CA 1 Timothy Bittle - 1983
Association increases and the right of economical, equitable and
efficient use of taxpayer dollars. Legal and political
watchdog organization that follows state legislation
and initiatives.

IDA is an organization of parents and professionals

committed to optimal developmental, social, and
emotional outcomes for infants, birth to three, with a
broad range of special needs and their families --
providing information, education and training to
parents, professionals, decision-makers, and
Non-Profit (Sac) – Infant Development others. The public policy committee keeps the PO Box 189550, -
Association of California, Inc. organization informed about and involved in the Sacramento, CA 95818
public policies and analyzes pressing policy issues
related to laws and regulations, communicates key
findings and program performance results, and
makes recommendations to the organization for
appropriate actions in the form of strategies to
ensure quality outcomes.

To enhance and revitalize the business condition

and environment for individuals and organizations
Non-Profit (Sac) – Information Technology doing business in or with the information technology 1830 N St, Sacramento,
Coalition industry to promote the public policy interests of the CA 95811
information technology industry at the federal, state,
and local level.

As the policy research affiliate of the League of

California Cities and the California State Association
Non-Profit (Sac) – Institute For Local 1400 K St, Suite 205,
of Counties, the Institute serves as a source of -
Government Sacramento, CA 95814
objective information on local policy options and
leadership issues for busy local officials.
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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To educate lay persons, religious and clergy to the

public policy implications of the Judeo-Christian
social teachings to increase awareness on issues
involving human rights and social justice within
contemporary society. Through A Voice for Justice
1225 8TH Street,
Non-Profit (Sac) – JERICHO A Voice for Justice focused advocacy at the state capitol actively -
Sacramento, CA 95814
engages the legislators and the Governor in
developing legislation that ensures economic
justice. In local Senate and Assembly districts,
Jericho's membership keeps legislators informed of
their concerns for those living in poverty.

The Latino Policy Coalition is a national non-

partisan non-profit consortium of the country's
leading Latino research organizations and scholars.
These organizations are dedicated to measuring
through nationwide polls public policy issues
1121 L St, Suite 908,
Non-Profit (Sac) – Latino Policy Coalition affecting the Latino community. Chaired by former -
Sacramento, CA 95814
SF Supervisor Jim Gonzalez, the LPC's mission is
to help define Latino community concerns on key
contemporary issues in order to stimulate public
policy debate among local, state and national
elected officials.

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan

political organization, encourages the informed and 1107 9th Street Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – League of Women Voters of
active participation of citizens in government and #300, Sacramento, CA -
influences public policy through education and 95814

The League of Women Voters of California

Education Fund provides the public with information
and educational services on elections and on
current public policy issues. The League is known
for its ability to make complex and controversial
issues accessible in a balanced, evenhanded way.
1107 Ninth Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – League of Women Voters of The League is an experienced trainer of community
300, Sacramento, CA -
California Education Fund leaders and activists. A major focus of the League's
educational work is on voting and elections. The
Leagues in communities throughout the state
provide voters with factual, nonpartisan information
on candidates and ballot issues, through voter
guides, Web-based information, forums, town
meetings and debates.

LCED provides free civil legal services and health 2862 Arden Way, Ste
Non-Profit (Sac) – Legal Center for the Elderly &
insurance advocacy to low income disabled and 200, Sacramento, CA -
Disabled do?partner=justgive&npoId=454426
elderly people that cannot afford to hire an attorney. 95825
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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The mission of Legal Services of Northern California

is to provide quality legal services to empower the
poor to identify and defeat the causes and effects of
poverty within their community efficiently utilizing all
available resources. LSNC’s substantive priorities
are Support for Families, Enhancing Economic
Stability, Civil Rights, Safety, Stability, Healthcare,
and Servicing Populations with Special
Vulnerabilities. The organization has a multi-
Non-Profit (Sac) – Legal Services of Northern 517 12th Street,
dimensional service delivery system which employs -
California Sacramento, CA 95814
the efficiencies of telephone hotlines, self-help
advocacy through counseling, clinics, pro se
materials, and community legal education, in
addition to direct representation both in court and at
administrative hearings. LSNC engages in creative
collaborations with other legal services programs,
community organizations, and government
agencies, including court-based in pro per

The Mental Health Association Sacramento Chapter

is a volunteer action organization that promotes 9719 Lincoln Village
Non-Profit (Sac) – Mental Health Association
wellness and recovery for everyone through Drive, Suite 407, -
Sacramento Chapter
advocacy, education and culturally relevant Sacramento, CA 95827

A grassroots organization of families and individuals

1010 Hurley Way, Ste
affected by serious mental illness. We provide
Non-Profit (Sac) – NAMI California 195, Sacramento, CA -
leadership in advocacy, policy development,
education and support throughout California.

The New California Network develops nonpartisan

and broadly supported reforms that will rebuild the
fiscal foundation and improve the performance and
accountability of state government for the purpose
of making California prosperous, safe and healthy
for all of its residents. The Network seeks structural 1510 J St Ste 135,
Non-Profit (Sac) – New California Network -
changes to state government that provide adequate Sacramento, CA 95814 initiatives/newcalifornia.html
and stable resources for public purposes, that will
allocate those resources to the highest priorities and
to evidence-based solutions, and what will manage
public programs to improve efficiency, results and

Organization of Chinese American, Inc. (OCA) is a

national non-profit, non-partisan advocacy
Non-Profit (Sac) – Organization of Chinese- PO Box 904,
organization of concerned Chinese & Asian -
Americans, Inc. Sacramento, CA 95812
Americans. OCA is dedicated to securing the rights
of Chinese American and Asian American citizens.
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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Robin L. Rivett
(President and CEO),
Sharon L. Browne
(Principal Attorney,
National Litigation
Center) - 1985, M.
PLF is the oldest and most successful public-
Reed Hopper (Principal
interest legal organization that litigates for property 3900 Lennane Drive, Attorney, National
Non-Profit (Sac) – Pacific Legal Foundation rights, limited government, free enterprise and a Suite 200, Sacramento, 5
?pid=183 Litigation Center),
balanced approach to environmental regulation, in CA 95834
Meriem L. Hubbard
courts across the country.
(Principal Attorney,
National Litigation
Center) - 1991, Alan W.
Foutz (Attorney,
National Litigation
Center) - 1991

The Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy

promotes the principles of individual freedom and
personal responsibility. The Institute believes these
principles are best encouraged through policies that
emphasize a free economy, private initiative, and
Non-Profit (Sac) – Pacific Research Institute for limited government. By focusing on public policy 660 J Street, Suite 250, 0
Public Policy issues such as education, the environment, health Sacramento, CA 95814
care, entrepreneurship, regulation, and technology,
the Institute strives to foster a better understanding
of the principles of a free society among leaders in
government, academia, the media, and the
business community.

The Foundations mission is protect the California

environment and to ensure that California continues
to be an attractive, livable and equitable state by 1107 9th Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – PCL Foundation engaging in cutting edge environmental public 360, Sacramento, CA -
policy research and by empowering residents to 95814
participate as in the local and state environmental
decision-making process.
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (PPAC)

represents nine separately incorporated Planned
Parenthood affiliates throughout California on
statewide governmental issues. We are one of 21
state public affairs offices of Planned Parenthood
Federation of America. PPAC’s actively follows
state and federal legislation in a number of public
Non-Profit (Sac) – Planned Parenthood Affiliates 555 Capitol Mall Ste 510,
policy arenas and promotes education, counseling -
of California, Inc. Sacramento, CA 95814
and clinical services in the fields of reproductive
health care and family planning. We monitor
administrative, legislative and regulatory actions,
including statewide and local initiatives. PPAC also
engages in electoral or political activity as allowed
by law and provides technical assistance to affiliates
regarding government health care programs.

Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) is a

nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank. We are dedicated
to informing and improving public policy in California
through independent, objective, nonpartisan Senator Office Building,
Non-Profit (Sac) – Public Policy Institute of research. Policy areas include: economic 1121 L Street, Suite 801, 0
California (PPIC) development, education, employment & income, Sacramento, California
environment, government, health, housing, 95814
inmmigration, infrastructure, polictical participation,
population, public finance, social policy,
transportation, and water.

Non-Profit (Sac) – Research and Policy Institute To provide a forum for education on policies 1333 Howe Ave Ste 201, -
of California impacting the African-American community. Sacramento, CA 95825

Sacramento Child Advocates, Inc. (SCA) is a private

8745 Folsom Blvd, Suite Hon. Morrison C.
Non-Profit (Sac) – Sacramento Child Advocates, non-profit corporation established to represent
150, Sacramento, CA 1 England, Jr. (Advisory
Inc. abused and/or neglected children in legal
95826 Board),
proceedings related to their care and custody.

Sacramento CASA's mission is to ensure that every

abused or neglected child in Sacramento County
Non-Profit (Sac) – Sacramento Court Appointed who needs an advocate has one. CASAs are P.O. Box 278383, -
Special Advocate Program, Inc. appointed by judges to be a voice for these children Sacramento, CA 95827
in court. The goal of every CASA is for each child to
find a safe, permanent and loving home.

The Sacramento Housing Alliance (SHA) is a

coalition that promotes decent, affordable housing
1800 21st Street, Suite
and enhanced opportunities for lower income
Non-Profit (Sac) – Sacramento Housing Alliance 100, Sacramento, Ca -
households and homeless people through
advocacy, education, and participation in public
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

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Sacramento Valley Conservancy's mission is to

preserve the beauty, character and diversity of the
Sacramento Valley landscape by working with
citizens, property owners, developers, public Katherine J. Hart (Vice
Non-Profit (Sac) – Sacramento Valley Open PO Box 163351, http://www.sacramentovalleyconservancy.o
agencies and other nonprofit organizations. We 2 President), Russell
Space Concervancy Sacramento, CA 95816 rg
work with willing sellers to create dedicated open Austin
space from the acceptance of gifts, private
purchase, the facilitation of public acquisition,
conservation easements and by cooperative efforts.

SEARCH is dedicated to improving the quality of

justice and public safety through the use,
7311 Greenhave Drive,
management and exchange of information;
Non-Profit (Sac) – SEARCH Group Incorporated Suite 145, Sacramento, -
application of new technologies; and responsible
CA 95831
law and policy, while safeguarding security and

State Association of County Retirement Systems, is

an association of 20 California county retirement
systems, enacted under the County Employees
Non-Profit (Sac) – State Association of County Retirement Law of 1937. This law chapter, 1415 L St Ste 200, -
Retirement Systems beginning with Section 31450 of the California Sacramento, CA 95814
Government Code, sets forth the policies and
regulations governing the actions of these county
retirement systems.

To represent certain civil service employees of the

State of California in salary, benefits and working
conditions, assistance in filing and pursuing
Non-Profit (Sac) – Union of California State employee grievances, legal representation on an 1808 14th Street, -
Workers individual and class basis, technical assistance in Sacramento, CA 95811
job classification, and legislative advocacy in
support of programs beneficial to state employees
and retirees.

VLSP is a volunteer-based “pro bono” legal aid

program that provides free assistance with civil legal
matters to low income clients living in the
Non-Profit (Sac) – Voluntary Legal Services Sacramento region. VLSP has been providing 517 12th Street, -
Program of Northern California assistance to clients with: bankruptcy, debt Sacramento, CA 95814
collection problems, guardianship of hildren,
employment problems, criminal record
expungement, and many other civil legal matters.

Western Center advances and enforces the rights of

low-income Californians to the basic necessities of
life by working statewide for systemic change.
Through legislative and administrative advocacy
1107 Ninth Street, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – Western Center on Law and and impact litigation, we improve the lives of our
801, Sacramento, CA 1 Angela Gilliard - 1992
Poverty clients. And by working closely with and supporting
legal and social services organizations, we ensure
that our work is responsive to the most critical
human needs, while enhancing CBOs’ capacity to
work in their neighborhoods.
Sacramento - Non-Profit Organizations

Number of
Non-Profit Organization Type of Work Address Website Notes

WMA’s lobbyists monitor and influence hundreds of

legislative bills that affect the manufactured housing
industry. WMA’s legislative committee, composed
of association members throughout the state, Sheila Slaughter Dey
455 Capitol Mall, Suite
Non-Profit (Sac) – Western Manufactured review these bills and help draft WMA’s official (Executive Director,
800, Sacramento, CA 1
Housing Communities Association positions on these measures. WMA’s lobbyists also General Counsel) -
work with the legislative committee to develop 1979
association-sponsored measures that promote the
industry’s interests. WMA’s lobbyists the actively
work to pass or defeat these measures.

The mission of the Western States Seismic Policy

Non-Profit (Sac) – Western States Seismic Council (WSSPC) is to develop seismic policies and 801 K Street, Suite 1436, -
Policy Council share information to promote programs intended to Sacramento, CA 95814
reduce earthquake-related losses.