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Matthew Stoddard
Submitted to Prof. Teisha Vest
COMM 1010-403-Su14
Informative Speech Draft Outline

Background Information
Specific Goal: My audience will come to understand club football as opposed to international football, including top-
flight leagues in individual countries
Intended Audience: Undergraduate level communications class
Pattern of Organization: I will be using a Problem/Solution order
My experience with this topic (ethos): Been an avid fan & involved in game on all levels & in all aspects for many
Number of references Ill cite out loud in my speech: 3

Title: Removing your idiomatic footballing foot out of your mouth for the last time

Hook: Ever wonder how players like Messi, Ronaldo, Stevie-G, Schweinsteiger, Pirlo, Suarez, Iniesta, The Dodgy
Flapper, Sneijder or RVP play for their countries during the World Cup, but also play for teams like Barcelona, Real
Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Mnchen, Juventus, Galatasaray , or Manchester United, in random countries, and also
play in something called the Champions League, not to mention several other cups, and even manage to play in
several of them simultaneously? Well, after today, Im sure youll be able to explain it all, while hammering a pint and
downing a meat-pie.
Ethos: I have been studying, playing, administrating, coaching, and all around enjoying the beautiful game for more
than a decade now.
Thesis: Having been around the game as much as I have, and being so heavily invested in its growth and expansion,
I have learned that the game will never improve, without a growing fan base, and that this fan base will never grown
without a proper education.
1. What is FIFA
2. What is UEFA
3. What are these organizations such as the FA, UYSA, RFEF, DFB, or the LFP
Transition: We have all heard of the World Cup

I. Every four years, the Fdration Internationale de Football Association hosts a cup tournament in a random
location assigned by them several years ahead of time.

A. Overall governing body. Has final say and final jurisdiction over everything, including; (PLUG
i. Statutes
ii. Laws of the Game
iii. Discipline
iv. Ethics (haha)
Dispute Resolution

Transition: Another governing body, would be that of UEFA (PLUG REFERENCE OF MATERIAL)

II. Not quite as sweeping in power, but still pack a pretty controlling and heftily weighted punch.
A. European Continent/ various Islands
i. Similarly adjudicates all matters within its jurisdiction
ii. Puts on the second biggest cup tournament around, the Champions League.
iii. Still gives way to the final rule of FIFA.

Transition: and finally there are many smaller, more local governing agencies per individual countries. They do not
work together, but generally are all looking to strengthen their own home leagues.

A. Grab ball and find grip
B. Reach back for L position
C. Point non-throwing arm at target
D. Lead with elbow and pull glove into body
E. Snap wrist to throw

Throwing a softball isnt that difficult. If you practice youll be able to throw a softball with accuracy and
velocity. And this will help you reduce the errors in your games and have more fun when you play.

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