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Vol. 31 No. 11 February 2014

Demand Royals IN N EPA
Cut Costs
And Improve
Building Upkeep

RRMirren To Be Honored At
British Academy Awards

THE QUEEN was given strict

Government guidance last month
through the household accountants,
saying they must cut their costs and
tackle a huge backlog of repairs to
the monarchs crumbling palaces.
Palace officials must also do more to
boost the royal familys income as they
are dipping into reserve funds alarmingly
often, parliaments public accounts committee said in a report.
The queens reserves are down to a historically low 1m, the report revealed.
Committee chairwoman Margaret
Hodge said lawmakers felt the queen had
not been served well by her household
accountants or by the Treasury, which is
supposed to scrutinise royal spending.
The household needs to get better at
planning and managing its budgets for the
longer term and the Treasury should be
more actively involved in reviewing what
the household is doing, she said.
The report warned that palace officials
were failing to invest in repairs, with nearly

40 percent of the royal estate deemed to be

in an unacceptable condition when assessments were made in March 2012.
One MP on the committee recalled
that he had noticed leaks in Buckingham
Palaces picture gallery on a recent visit.
The rain was coming in on the expensive paintings, he told the committee.
The Victoria and Albert Mausoleum,
where the late queen Victoria and her

Journalist Admits Phone

Hacking For Sunday Mirror
By Jill Lawless
A FORMER tabloid journalist told Britains phone hacking trial last month that
he intercepted voicemails with the knowledge of senior executives not just at the
now-defunct News of the World, whose
employees are standing trial, but at the rival
Sunday Mirror.
Dan Evans has pleaded guilty to phone
hacking while working at both newspapers
between 2003 and 2010, and is the first
journalist to admit hacking for a paper not
owned by News of the World proprietor
Rupert Murdoch.
After striking a deal with prosecutors, he
gave evidence at the trial of former News
of the World editors Rebekah Brooks and
Andy Coulson and five others. The defendants deny all the charges.
Evans said that while working at the
Sunday Mirror starting in 2003, he was
given the phone numbers of celebrities and
told to crackthem.
Principally I was tasked with covering news events, investigations, under-

cover work, latterly with hacking peoples

voicemail,Evans said.
He said that in late 2004 later met theneditor Coulson about a job at the News of
the World, and told Coulson he could do
stuff with phones though he did not use
the word hacking.
I got onto voicemails and interception
and I told him I had a lot of commercially sensitive data in my head and how
things worked at the Sunday Mirror and
I could bring him big exclusive stories
cheaply,Evans said.
The police investigation spawned by the
revelations initially focused on Murdochs
papers, but has spread to take in other
companies, including Trinity Mirror PLC,
which owns the Sunday Mirror and the
Daily Mirror.
The Daily Mirror was edited between
1995 and 2004 by CNN interviewer Piers
Morgan, who told a British inquiry into
media ethics that he was not aware of any
phone hacking while he was there. The head
of the inquiry, judge Brian Leveson, called
Morgans claim utterly unpersuasive.
The jury at Londons Central Criminal
Court also heard evidence from phonehacking victim Jude Law, who was told for
the first time that a close family member
allegedly sold stories about him to the
tabloid press.

Afghan Atheist Granted

Religious Asylum
LAWYERS for a young Afghan man say
he has been granted asylum in Britain
because he is an atheist who could face
death in his homeland.
Lawyers for the man, who has not
been identified, say he came to Britain
aged 16 in 2007 and gradually lost his
Muslim faith.
They said that if he returned to Afghanistan he could face death for renouncing
Islam, a crime under Shariah law.
Claire Splawn, a University of Kent law
student who helped prepare the mans case,
said protection from religious persecution
should also apply to atheists.
The Home Office said it did not comment on individual cases.

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husband prince Albert are buried, has been

waiting for repairs for 18 years, the report
said, while other problems include walls
riddled with asbestos.
Some of Buckingham Palaces 775
rooms have not been refurbished for 60
years, a palace official told MPs.
The household must get a much firmer
grip on how it plans to address its maintenance backlog, said Hodge.
A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman

said tackling repairs was a significant

financial priority for the royal household.
Recent examples of work include
the renewal of a lead roof over the royal
library at Windsor and the removal of asbestos from the basement of Buckingham
Palace, she said. The need for property
maintenance is continually assessed.
The committee acknowledged that the
queens household has managed to cut its
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Poverty TV: Hit

UK Show Stirs
Welfare Debate

actress Helen Mirren,
whose roles have ranged
from a hard-nosed detective to Queen Elizabeth II, is to receive the
British Academy Film Awards highest
The academy announced last month
that the 68-year-old will collect the
BAFTA Fellowship at a London ceremony next month. Chairman John Willis
said Mirren was being honored as one
of the most outstanding actresses of her
Previous fellowship recipients include
Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor and Judi Dench. Mirren said
that to join that list of legendary names
is overwhelming.
Mirren was acclaimed for her starring
role in the TV detective series Prime
Suspect and won a best-actress Academy
Award in 2006 for playing Britains monarch in The Queen.
The awards ceremony takes place February 16 at Londons Royal Opera House.

RRHigh Winds, Waves And

Tides Lash Britains Coast
HIGH WINDS, waves and tides lashed
the western coasts of Britain and France
early last month, flooding seaside towns
and low-lying areas.
Wales, southwest England and Northern Ireland were the worst-hit UK
regions in a series of extreme winter
storms. Parts of northwestern France also
suffered flooding.
A combination of heavy rain, winds
gusting up to 90mph and exceptionally
high tides sent water flooding into several British seaside towns. Some western
rivers also burst their banks.
The UK Environment Agency issued
14 severe flood warnings meaning
there was a threat to life and property
as well as almost 400 less serious flood
warnings and alerts.
There were a number of deaths, and
much property damage around Britains
The storm followed severe weather in
early December and over Christmas that
also hit western Europe.

RRFerry Fire Accused To

Appear Before Magistrates

By Sylvia Hui

ITS REALITY TV for austerity times.

A shoplifter, a recovering
drug addict and a young couple barely able to feed their
kids are among the stars of
Benefits Street a smash hit
reality show featuring welfare
recipients that has stirred
up a storm of controversy in

The program zooms in on a rough

Birmingham street where nine out of 10
people are said to live off state payouts,
chronicling over five episodes the lives
of jobless neighbors as they struggle with
their daily problems.
The show has struck a strong chord in a
nation fresh out of recession and still reeling from its most brutal austerity measures
in a generation, with basic public services
trimmed drastically. Britains welfare state
has long been a subject of pride among
many Britons, but these days attitudes

toward benefits have hardened and polls

suggest that support for pouring taxpayer
money into welfare, especially for the
young, is at a record low.
British tabloids are replete with hysteria
stories about unemployed people buying
flat-screen TVs and designer goods using welfare funds. And Benefits Street is
the hottest in a growing genre of reality
shows about the poor that has been dubbed
poverty porn because of its sensationalist
nature. Even the sober BBC has jumped on
the bandwagon with a documentary called
Britain on the Fiddle which set out to catch
benefits fraudsters in the act on camera.
Critics say Benefits Street and its ilk
are designed to fan hatred by showing
people on the dole in the worst possible
light, turning the poor stereotyped as
lazy and dishonest into fodder for crass
entertainment and easy targets for blame.
Scores of viewers took to Twitter to vent
abuse as soon as the first episode aired
earlier last month, and some even made
death threats. Set fire to Benefits Street,
read one tweet. How can we eradicate this
scum? asked another.
On television the lowest common deContinued on page 4

A 26-YEAR-OLD man was to appear

before magistrates last month, suspected
of starting a fire on board a ferry in
The fire which forced the ship to
return shortly after embarking from
northern England.
Northumbria Police said Boden
George Hughes, 26, from Sunderland,
had been charged with arson reckless to
endangering life and affray.
Another man aged 28, who was also
arrested on suspicion of affray, has been
released on bail.
Police said that two crew members
and four passengers were taken off the
ferry for treatment of smoke inhalation
before it returned to Newcastle.
The ferry, carrying 946 passengers
to Amsterdam, had sailed just 30 miles
when the fire broke out.

1 =
uro =
at press time


Page 2

February 2014

in the past month . . .

Pothole Provides Nice Bathtub
For Angry Brit In South Africa
ROSIE MORRISON, a teacher from
Newcastle-on Tyne, was not happy with
the roads near her new home in South
Africa. So, she took a bath in one of the
huge potholes in the road and posted it
on Facebook.
Morrisons photo went viral and she
said: The reaction has been huge. I have
been interviewed on all the major radio
stations over here and the pictures were
in most of the national papers.
The teacher says the road between
Machadodorp and Mashishing has become a death trap due to the number
of deep potholes littering the surface.
The history graduate,
who is nearing the end of
six months volunteering
at Lydenrust Guest Farm
in Mpumalanga, said:
There are so many potholes a 20 minute journey
can take up to an hour to
At night the road is
simply too dangerous to
drive on if you hit one of
these potholes at speed
you will at best get a flat

tyre, worst case have a serious crash.

We thought we would have a laugh while
trying to raise awareness for the issue
and get something done about it.
Dumisani Malamule, a spokesperson
for the local transport department, told
local news outlets: Much maintenance
has been done on the road, but the large
number of heavy trucks from various
mines that use the road have contributed
to the deterioration of the road.
The road has now deteriorated to the
point where patching is not a feasible
option anymore, but rehabilitation is

10 Years Lost, Then Chance

The Bulldog Turns Up Again

morning rush hour.

The bird was spotted running past 20 cars
on the main road between the Kent villages
of Rusthall and Speldhurst, reported the
Daily Telegraph.
Adult ostriches can run up to 60mph and
grow to more than 9ft tall, but this bird was
a youngster just over 2ft-tall, according to
Local Colin Grant, 45, said: It was dashing around pretty fast when I first saw it it
overtook me and I was doing about 30mph,
so it must have been going at 40mph plus.
It was a very curious sight it must
have escaped from an ostrich farm nearby.

JULIE COOMBES was devastated when her

dog Chance disappeared from the back garden of her home in Wales in 2004. And, even
after using the internet and sticking posters
around her neighbourhood there were no
clues as to the animals whereabouts.
Sadly, Julie had to give up hope of finding
the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a pet bought for
her son Sion, then 11.
But, then, as fate would have it, just last
month Julie received a telephone call telling
her Chance had been found only 20 miles
from her home. But, having two more pet
dogs, Julie explained that both of her dogs
were right there with her. Then she was told
the found dog was a white bull terrier, then
the reality hit her, it was her long lost dog.
Chance had been discovered in an underpass in Newport, and his age and condition
meant he was close to being put down. But
when vets scanned him they discovered a
microchip with Julies details.
It still isnt known what happened to
Chance during his missing years, but according to Julie he recognised herself and
son Sion, now 21, straight away.
Chance has now moved in with Sion, who
says he is determined to give him the best
life possible.

A Chaotic Day Of The Ostrich

At Tunbridge Wells

PEOPLE on the picturesque streets of

Tunbridge Wells were asked to extend their
beliefs last month as they watched an ostrich
run riot through the Kent town.
The young bird stunned motorists by
running alongside cars at more than 40mph.
Drivers slammed on the brakes after spotting
the flightless bird speeding up and down a
busy main road causing traffic jams in the

Birds And Squirrels In

Dr Who Heaven With
Creative Dalek Feeder

SQUIRRELS and birds around a pensioners

garden in Hampshire are not only getting
plenty of nuts, but inadvertently showing
their interest in Dr Who.
Victoria Baker has made a nut-covered
Dalek, and her creativity is well appreciated
by the local wildlife. The Dalek was an old toy
of her grandsons and she loads it up with
peanuts and sunflower seeds.
Baker said the result, on a bird table in her
garden in Lyndhurst, in the New Forest, is
proving a popular treat with local wildlife. I
used melted brown sugar and peanut butter
to act as glue, she said.
Baker, 87, added: It took several hours to
complete, but Im very happy with the result,
as are the local squirrels and birds!
Baker and 10 year-old grandson Charlie
sat at the window watching as the first grey
squirrel confronted the foot-high dalek,
complete with nut-packed plunger.
The animal was very nervous to start
with, but soon realised one of his favourite
foods was on offer, she said. Once he
knew the Dalek was not going to exterminate


him, he started tucking in. Pigeons, robins,

thrushes and blue tits followed quickly.
Baker said she has watched Doctor Who
since it began in the sixties, first with her
children, then with her grandchildren.

Car Park Axe Attack Brings

Emergency Services To
Zombie Filming

POLICE and paramedics rushed to a crime

scene following reports of a bloodied man,
and three others, one holding an axe in a
Yorkshire car park last month.
The incident, in Harrogate, turned out to
be a harmless situation involving students
making a zombie horror film.
The calls to police came at 3:20pm in the
afternoon, and saw the emergency services
arrive to an empty car park. But, following
door-to-door inquiries, they found a group
of young men who said they had been making the film.
Police quipped on Twitter: It could have
had #Grave consequences! Glad it was a
call with good intent.

Four Children From Same

Family Share Same Birthday
IF EVER a mother and father were given
no reason to forget their own childrens
birthdays, it is Emily Scrugham and Peter
Dunn as, all four of their children have the
same birthday.
January 12 this year saw their quadfecta
The couple were surprised to see their
fourth child Ryan arrive on the same date
brother Sam and their two-year-old twin
The odds against the coincidence were a
staggering 1/133,225 against.
And it means that the Cleator Moor couple
will one day have to plan a 21st, an 18th and
a 16th birthday party all for the same day.
Scrugham said: I really cant believe we
have another birthday on the same day, it
certainly wasnt planned. None of the births
were due on January 12, Sam was two
weeks late, the twins one month early and
Ryan three days late.
Dunn, 24, said: Im still trying to work
out if it would be easier to have birthdays
spread throughout the year or all on the
same day. It doesnt matter though, we plan
to make every birthday a real family event
where birthdays get celebrated individually
and together.

Happy Woman Wedged

Between Wall And Toilet Bowl
IT TOOK firemen to dismantle toilet bowl fixings and release a woman who was trapped
last month.
The nightclub toilet incident was one
of 1,132 toilet rescues in England, Wales
and Northern Ireland in 2013, a Freedom of
Information request revealed.
Fireman Mick Flanagan, 52, who helped
rescue the woman in Cardiff, told the Mirror:
We had a lady who had fallen between a
toilet and a wall and we had to dismantle

The winning pair will have their flights

the toilet.
It was a bit comic at the time because she and accommodation paid for. No previous
was a bit tipsy and laughing. We just unbolted sledding experience is required and all fitness
the toilet which gave her and us space to levels can apply.
A video has been created to mark the
help her up. Thankfully she wasnt injured.
launch of the competition, which can be
viewed on the following blog http://blog.
Military Stocks Robbed Of
Millions, Including Viagra Pills
A SHOCKING 7m-worth of supplies has
Union Jack would love to hear from any
been stolen from military reserve supplies successful applicants!
since 2007, according to Government figures
released last month.
Red Traffic Light Leaves
Surprisingly, the anti-impotence pills
Pedestrian Waiting
Viagra account for 6,000 of the missing
supplies. Other missing items include: 100 ONE UNFORTUNATE pedestrian was not
bayonets, thousands of rounds of am- only seen stopped at a temporary traffic light
munition, televisions, a karaoke rig and an meant for vehicles only, but was caught on
industrial washing machine.
camera, and, whether she knows it or not,
Its important to report, the Ministry of her wait has now gone viral on Twitter.
Defence was quick to point out that Viagra
The unidentified woman was spotted by
was also used for conditions such as low teenager Imogen ONeill walking along a road
blood pressure and altitude sickness.
in Coventry. The 18-year-old, took a picture
Also among the thefts is equipment from of the woman after she stopped at the roadnuclear submarines, 7,000 of silver cutlery works sign intended for motorists which
from Redford Cavalry and Infantry Barracks read: When red light shows wait here.
near Edinburgh and a 25,000 silver statue
ONeill told the Coventry Telegraph: We
from the Household Cavalry barracks in were driving up to the roadworks when we
saw this women walking up and then just
The figures were disclosed by the MoD in standing at the traffic lights. I said to my
response to a written parliamentary question mum: I think shes waiting at the traffic lights
from Conservative MP Nick de Bois.
but she didnt believe me at first.
The thefts were significantly greater
The woman just stood there waiting so I
between 2009 and 2010 with 2.5m took a photo and then when the lights went
of equipment going missing, while just green she carried on. I was just laughing
816,906 worth of kit vanished between so much.
2012 and 2013.
Since April 2013, 572,549 of military
Rick Astley Song Strikes
stock has been misappropriated.
Again This Time In
The figures were released following the
case of Sergeant Major Steven Barratt, who
Students Science Essay
was last month jailed for 20 months for A CLEVER, but humourous, student wrote an
trying to sell 115,000 of Army night vision essay that had the lyrics from Rick Astleys
kit on eBay.
Never Gonna Give You Up within.
Better still the work was a science essay,
Naked Sledding Tournament a short biography of scientist Niels Bohr.
Needed Brits Urgently
Student Sairam Gudiseva boasted on
A TOURNAMENT like many have not seen Twitter that he had Rick Rolled my physics
before was, last month, providing an op- teacher... and uploaded a picture of his
portunity for two brave Brits, needed to work with the chorus of the song written
represent their countries . . . in the Naked with the first word on each line, reported
the Daily Mail.
Sledding World Championship.
The essay has gone viral after being
Two brave Brits were being sought to
represent the country at the Naked Sled- retweeted over 20,000 times.
ding World
Rickrolling is an Internet joke which
The event, in Germany on February 15, involves a person providing a web link supasked that competitors ride a toboggan posedly relevant to the topic at hand, but
over an 89m course wearing only footwear, actually leads to a video of Astleys 1987 hit.
helmet and underwear. The deadline to apply
was January 27.
Talking Dog Doesnt Want
The annual event will take place in the
To Go In Kennel
spa town of Braunlage in the Harz MounBLAZE
dog, not only refuses to go to his
tains. This will be the first time in the history
of the championship that the UK will be kennel, but actually tells his owner No we
kid you not!
The video of Blaze, the 11-month-old
All details and application form were
available on last month. husky, repeatedly telling his owner that
Events company he does not want to go into his kennel is
teamed up with the event organisers to going viral.
More than two million people have
launch a competition to find two Britons to
watched the clip of Blaze plainly saying No
represent the UK. spokesman Mike Chid- to owner John Ventresco.
As Ventresco repeatedly asks the pup to
zey said: Were looking for contestants who
are up for a laugh, not afraid of stripping off go in the kennel, Blaze refuses to get off the
and up for the challenge of trying to win floor moaning: Noooo.
The dogs learned verbal response
the race!
Ten finalists were to be selected by the matches his physical reluctance said
judges and the public will then vote for the Ventresco.
See video in your monthly UJ BLAB (to receive free
two individuals to represent the UK at the *monthly
email newsletter send email with SEND BLAB in
subject line

Leading the Way in

Global Immigration

US & Worldwide
Immigration Service

For more information,

please contact
Mitch Wexler, Esq.

(949) 660-3531

1717 East Morten Avenue, Suite 180

Phoenix, AZ 85020
Providing global immigration services from 36 offices worldwide, including Orange County, CA.

February 2014

THE Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her 32nd birthday last month ahead
of what is seen as a watershed year in her royal career.

Boris Johnson weighed into the immigration row recently by calling for stronger
controls on welfare claimants from the
European Union.
The Mayor urged a full two-year ban on
full benefit claims by migrants from new EU
member states like Romania and Bulgaria.
He also backed David Camerons call to
renegotiate powers so Britain can stop paying
millions in child benefit for children who are
living in other countries.
Speaking on his LBC 97.3 phone-in,
Mr Johnson said that although he backed
immigration, he still had a problem with
the free movement of workers within the
expanded EU.
For me, thats a real concern because
when we joined the Common Market in
1973 and had a referendum in 1975, we
were joining a much, much smaller group

TV Centre Will Be Tourist


The BBC Television Centre at White City

has been guaranteed a whole new future
after a scheme to open it to the public for the
first time in 60 years won council approval.
It is hoped to make the area a major tourist attraction by using the centre for themed
outlets like the Hairy Bikers Restaurant and
the Great Bake-Off Bakery.
The BBC is also hoping to once again
produce flagship shows such as Strictly
Come Dancing at studios on the site, currently empty. It will also be used for homes
and firms as part of a 1bn project.

Will Ticket Office Staff Rush For


The boss of London Underground sent a

defiant message to unions ahead of a vote

Ghost of Hamlets father at the West Ends

New Diorama theatre.
That he can be in both at the same time is
a trick of mirrors. The 52-year-old actor has
pre-recorded a virtual performance projected
amid the real-life cast of The Faction Companys production of Hamlet, which stars
Jonny McPherson.
Russell Beale agreed to take part in the
unusual performance method as a favour to
The Factions artistic director Mark Leipacher.
The two men became friends after working
together on Catching the Light, Leipachers
book on the creative partnership that Russell
Beale and director Sam Mendes have forged
over the past two decades. They hit it off so
well that Leipacher is now writing Russell
Beales authorised biography, to be published
by Oberon Books in 2015.
A National spokesman said magnanimously: Its wonderful that the talents of
this actor can be shared on both sides of
the Thames.

Rising Star Closes Mens Fashion


Much of the focus at mens fashion week

was on well-established houses and Savile
Row institutions. But on the third and final

One Man, Two Plays

The National Theatre has been trumpeting

its big new year production of King Lear,
directed by Sam Mendes and starring Simon
Russell Beale. But a plucky little theatre
could be in danger of undercutting them
with another Shakespearean production
which miraculously also features a star
performance by Russell Beale.
While cursing his daughters and railing
against the fates at the National, he will
simultaneously be walking the night as the

a $35 present
right here!


Anything to Anywhere!
Commercial shipments,
personal effects,
household goods,
boats, autos, furniture

Offices/agents throughout UK,

Middle East, Europe, Far East,
Australia, New Zealand
and Africa

British owned

Forwarders Inc.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

FMC Lic. # 103712

Established 1964


fax 954-463-3509



The US tax authorities are chasing investors with money in non-US banks and institutions.
If youre a UK national with investments back home: this means you!
New regulations under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) mean that
all US taxpayers must take action by 1st July 2014 or risk a hefty fine, which in some
cases could rise to as much as $100,000.
Concerned that this may impact you? Were experts in international personal finance
and our offices in both the US and the UK are standing by to advise you of your
FATCA responsibilities.


Call: +1 888 282 3344 Email: Visit:

day it was the turn of Adrien Sauvage, one

of the industrys rising stars, to step into the
spotlight with his debut catwalk show.
The 29-year-old British designer of Ghanaian descent, who established his label A
Sauvage in 2010, closed London Collections:
Men with his own brand of contemporary
Sauvage spent his childhood between
Wandsworth and Accra and incorporated
references from his Afropolitan heritage
to produce an eclectic mix of patterns and
Patchwork fish skin bomber jackets
toughened up woven silk-printed shirts, while
water-shrunk leather and plush shearling
were crafted into coats and biker gilets. New
house prints for AW14 included a graphic
cheetah motif alongside bold British tartan.
Sauvage began his career as a stylist
before moving into design, so he is more
than qualified when it comes to knowing how
men want to dress.
The result was a collection which was
highly wearable yet far from safe.

And Finally

Never trust a mathematician with a graph.

Theyre plotting something!

Birthday, Anniversary,
or any other reason . . .

Kate spent the day quietly with little fuss at Kensington Palace with her baby, Prince
George, amid preparations for the most significant royal tour of a generation.
The duchess and Prince William, newly of nations that were much, much closer in
enrolled as a student at Cambridge University, their economic circumstances than the great
and George are to visit Australia and New Zea- mass its 500 million people, its 27 counland, a tour which is expected to outshine the tries where youve got huge divergences in
one made by Prince Charles, Princess Diana benefits systems and so on.
He added: Why should British taxpayers
and baby William a little over 30 years ago.
The month-long tour in April is already be paying the child benefit of people who may
getting extensive media coverage in Aus- be working in Britain but whose children are
tralia and New Zealand and is focusing on living in Poland?
A poll found more than three-quarters of
the duchess, who has never been to either
British people want to see a cut in immigracountry.
tion, even though 54 percent saw immigration
First Chance To Buy At Olympic
as good for the economy.
In a BBC documentary, former Home SecHome buyers got their first chance to own retary Jack Straw admitted that Labour was
a property on the Olympic Park last month wrong not to put curbs on new EU migrants.
We did get it wrong and I deeply regret
when more than 300 apartments went on
sale for prices starting at 265,000. The it, said Mr Straw. I regret it because it
apartments, many overlooking the stadium, undermines trust in government, if youre
aquatics centre and other venues from the that wrong.
2012 Games, are in two towers known as William Goes Back To Uni
Glasshouse Gardens, sited at the entrance
Prince William has taken a break from
to the park in Stratford.
royal duties to begin his studies at Cambridge
They range from studios to three-bedroom University.
flats costing up to 665,000. The homes
The Duke of Cambridge started a 10-week
will be ready for occupation between 2016 course in agricultural management organised
and 2017.
by the Cambridge Programme for SustainPrices are around 650 per square foot, ability Leadership at the famous university.
about a third less than typical new developThe 31-year-old royal took the 9:44am
ment in central London and only about half train from Kings Cross station to start student
the level of apartments close to the Thames. life again.
Kristy Lansdown, of developers Lend
He is expected to make the 46-minute
Lease, said: Glasshouse Gardens will offer a journey for the course several days a week
unique opportunity to live among the worlds but will also have accommodation in the city.
elite sporting facilities.
The St Johns college course is designed
to help him prepare for when he inherits the
Boris Calls For Two-Year Benefit
Duchy of Cornwall estate.

on the first major Tube strike action for four

Transport for London faces a showdown
with the RMT, which is demanding the Mayor
scrap plans to cut almost 1,000 jobs by closing the majority of ticket offices next year and
saving 50m annually.
The union will announce the results of
a members ballot, which is likely to back
strike action. But LU managing director,
Mike Brown, said he expected a rush for the
offer of 950 voluntary redundancies among
ticket office staff. Therell be no compulsory
redundancies and I fully expect we will be
oversubscribed, he said.
We havent asked for voluntary redundancies for many years, so the demand has
built up.
TfL will begin the full automation of ticket
sales with a major software upgrade and the
installation of new machines in November.
Some 20m will be spent on new or
upgraded machines which will all be touchscreen and be able to issue refunds, resolve
incomplete journeys and vend Oyster cards.
The staggered closure of ticket offices will be
completed in the first half of 2015.
Every ticket office will close but seven will
be converted to information centres including Liverpool Street, Euston, Kings Cross
St Pancras and Heathrow although others
could be saved depending on union demands.
All ticket services will be automated, with
passengers assisted by multi-task station
staff. TfL says even the most difficult transactions will be possible by machine once the
upgrade is done.

Important Year For Kate

Ban On Migrants

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Page 4

UK To Assume Debt
In Case Of Scottish
By Danica Kirka
THE BRITISH government has pledged
that it will assume all UK government
debt in the event Scotland votes for independence a move meant to reassure
markets ahead of what is likely to be a
heated campaign.
The Treasury issued a paper last month
declaring that the continuing UK government will honor the contractual terms
of the debt if Scotland votes to break
away in a September 18
An independent Scotland would still need to
pay its fair and proportionate share of the UKs
outstanding stock of debt,
the Treasury added.
In the event of independence, the full
spectrum of assets and
liabilities past, future
and contingent would
need to be considered
in negotiations between
the continuing UK and
Scottish governments, on
a case-by-case basis, the
report said.
The pre-emptive statement from the
Treasury is intended to provide clarity and
keep a lid on borrowing rates by eliminating uncertainty, which may add to the risk
premium demanded by investors. That
could mean investors ask for higher interest rates on UK government bonds that are
often called gilts.
Though opinion polls continue to point
to Scotland remaining in the UK, some
fund managers have voiced concerns
recently about how the UK national debt
of 1.38 trillion ($2.2 trillion) would be
divvied up in the event of a vote in favor
of independence.

How the debt would be split up in the
event Scotland leaves the union its been
part of since the early 1700s is no easy
matter, though. Dividing by population
or spending ratios come up with different
outcomes, for example.
Pro-independence Scottish National
Party leader Alex Salmond said the report
showed the British authorities seriously
planning for a possible Scottish exit. In
the past, he had suggested
that an independent Scotland would be within its
rights to walk away from
a portion of the debt unless there was discussion
about sharing assets, like
the pound.
Any market uncertainty in the gilts market
has been caused by their
own refusal to discuss the
terms of independence
before the referendum,
Salmond said.
Todays announcement makes clear that
Scotland would be in an
extremely strong negotiating position to secure that fair deal,
he added.
Scottish independence advocates say
they want to continue to use the pound
as the countrys currency and remain in
the European Union and NATO should
independence take place.
Though Scotland is part of the UK, it
has had its own Parliament since 1999
and makes its own laws in many areas.
Salmonds governing Scottish National
Party supports independence, but the opposition Labour and Conservative parties
both oppose it.

Government Demand Royals Cut

Costs And Improve Building Upkeep

Poverty TV: Hit

UK Show Stirs
Welfare Debate

Suspended For
Refusal To

By Cassandra Vinograd
BRITAINS Liberal Democrats suspended
a member of the House of Lords from their
party last month after he refused a suggestion that he apologize to women who have
accused him of sexual harassment.
Chris Rennard, 53, was accused of
molesting four women in incidents dating
back to 2003 allegations he denies. An
internal inquiry found that the womens
claims were credible but could not be
proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
Nick Clegg, Britains deputy prime minister and the Lib Dem leader, had insisted
Rennard apologize before retaking his seat
in the House of Lords. Rennard had refused
and said he would be reclaiming his seat.
Before he had his chance, the party
said that Rennard has been suspended
pending a disciplinary procedure and that
he will be investigated for bringing the
party into disrepute on the grounds of his
failure to apologize, as recommended by
the internal inquiry.
As such, he cannot return to the Liberal
Democrat group in the House of Lords,
the party said in a statement.
Rennard defended his decision not to
apologize, saying he had never seen the
report on the inquiry and that apologizing
would leave him open to future civil action.
If ever I have hurt, embarrassed or
upset anyone, then it would never have
been my intention and, of course, I regret
that they may have felt any hurt, embarrassment or upset, he said in a statement
released after his suspension.
He added that he doesnt believe that
people should be forced to say what they
know they should not say or do not mean.
Rennard also expressed regret for the
wounds recent events have opened up
within his party, urging the Liberal Democrats to let the matter rest.

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nominator is to get viewers, so you get the
extreme end of the spectrum, said Abigail
Scott Paul of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, a poverty research think-tank. These
shows present poor people as characters in
a soap opera.
Broadcaster Channel 4 denies that the
show is exploitative, insisting that the
program reflected the reality in an area
that has one of the countrys highest unemployment rates.
This series gives a voice to the disenfranchised and some of those who have
been hit hardest by austerity, said Nick
Mirsky, head of documentaries at Channel
4. It was not undertaken lightly.
And supporters of the program praise it
for presenting a neglected side of Britain
and upping the stakes in a national debate
about welfare cuts.
Poverty is one of the least fashionable
topics in Britain, said Fraser Nelson, editor of the right-leaning magazine Spectator. People dont want to believe that the
welfare state is now sponsoring the poverty
its designed to eradicate. People think its
a horrible caricature, but its not.
The cast on Benefits Street real name
James Turner Street includes Fungi, an
alcoholic and former drug addict who says
he has never worked, and Danny, a petty
criminal who demonstrates his shoplifting
prowess for the camera. Theres a woman
who faces eviction from her home, and
a young family who said their welfare
has been stopped because they fiddled
the books.
Adding to the controversy, some residents have claimed that they were tricked
into appearing on the show. And a working

Britain Plans To
Charge Migrants,
Tourists For Care

couple who said they were filmed complained they were edited out of the final
cut because they dont fit the programs
narrative of unemployed people milking
the system.
Ofcom, the media watchdog, said the
show attracted almost 1,000 complaints
from viewers who thought it misrepresented people on benefits, and tens of
thousands have signed a petition calling
for the program to be axed.
The poverty porn trend comes as
Prime Minister David Camerons government tries to overhaul the benefits system
as part of a drive to further slash public
spending. This month officials announced
plans to shave 12bn ($20 billion) off the
welfare budget.
John Bird, who co-founded The Big Issue, a magazine that homeless people sell
on the street, said that despite its flaws,
Benefits Street underlines real problems
with the security net.
Documentaries are always slithers of
reality and never give a full picture, he
said. But they do indicate at times something going wrong. At times they can tell
us uncomfortable truths.


Email your change of address at

least ONE MONTH in advance to
to insure you dont miss an issue
Ronald Choularton
Jeff Choularton

THE GOVERNMENT has announced

plans to require migrants and international
tourists to pay for emergency medical
They would also require migrants and
visitors to pay for minor surgery that takes
place in doctors offices.
The changes, along with other fee increases, are part of an overall plan to reduce
health tourism and lessen the tax burden.
Health official Frederick Curzon said
last month the financial changes are needed
because we must make sure the system is
fair to the hardworking British taxpayers
who fund it.
Officials said no one would be turned
away from emergency rooms but that payment would be expected.
The proposals were announced as some
politicians warn that Britains resources
are being strained by providing services
to immigrants.
Details are scheduled to be announced
in March.

Ronald Choularton

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net costs by 16 percent since 2007-8, but
said most of this was through increasing
its income, such as by opening the palace
to tourists.
The royal household must do more to
make efficiency savings, the report said.
It added that the palace should make
sure it has sufficient commercial expertise
in place in order to maximise the royal
familys income, such as through tours, A crumbling cornice shows the
leasing its properties and making its facili- extent of the damage on the roof
ties available for commercial events.
of Buckingham Palace.
Officials have also considered opening
the doors of Buckingham Palace more ready made significant efficiency savings
often in order to bring in more money from and had been forced to dip into reserves
tourists, but decided there were too many because of the huge cost of the diamond
constraints including high set-up costs, jubilee celebrations marking the queens
60th year on the throne in 2012.
the report said.
Last year the queen received 31m
Currently the palace is open to the
public during August and September, from the taxpayer to cover her staffing
when the queen takes her summer holiday costs, travel and the maintenance of her
in Scotland, and there are private guided palaces. The so-called Sovereign Grant
is set to rise to 36.1m in 2013-14 and to
tours at other times.
The palace told lawmakers it had al- 37.9m in 2014-15.

February 2014


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February 2014

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French Oil Giant Total Joins

Shale Hunt In Britain

The Most Wonderful

Time Of The Year!
NEW YEARS has come and gone and the
immigration law community is preparing for
one of the busiest times of the year: H-1B cap
season. Because an employer that seeks to
employ a foreign national has limited alternatives, the H-1B visa is a particularly attractive
option. The H-1B is a nonimmigrant visa
category available to companies to sponsor
professionals that will be employed in a
specialty occupation. A specialty occupation
is one in which the position requires the theoretical and practical application of knowledge
normally gained through a relevant bachelors
degree program.
April 1 marks the first date that employers
can submit H-1B visa petitions for the new
fiscal year, which starts on October 1. In the
days leading up to April 1, immigration lawyers work frantically to prepare cases for their
clients to ensure they are received on April
1 or Cap Day, to ensure they receive one
of the prized few visa numbers. Although in
previous years, the 65,000 annual allotments
for cap-subject H-1B visas lasted well into the
fiscal year, last year, the cap was reached in
only five days. Because of the rush of petitions received in the first few days of cap
opening, USCIS has in the past held a lottery
to decide which cases will be considered for
review, splitting the lot of employer-sponsors
into those who have received the golden ticket
and others who will be left to search for other
options to employ foreign-born professionals.
As the economy continues to improve it
is predicted that the annual allotment will be
reached with the same haste. It is therefore
prudent for employers to get their applications prepared as soon as possible. Even
now, months before the first day of filing, it
is important for employers to begin identifying
H-1B candidates both inside their companies
(perhaps in other visa categories such as
Students or Trainees) or new candidates.
Once candidates have been identified, the
employer must determine, using the job
duties for the offered position, the prevailing

Buyer Found For Yarmouth

Worlds Worst Waxworks

LOUIS TUSSAUDS House of Wax in Great

Yarmouth, long dubbed the worlds worst
has sold its collection to an overseas buyer.
Jane and Peter Hayes, 83 and 86, have
been running the show for 58 years and
decided it was time
The attraction actually closed in 2013 after
it was ridiculed because the celebrity statues
looked nothing like the real thing, reported the
Daily Telegraph.
Last month, Mrs Hayes has revealed an
anonymous buyer from the Czech Republic
has taken all 150 of the figurines off her
hands. Hayes, a grandmother-of-eight, said:
All the models and machines and frames
were all sold in one go. She said last month:
We had a lot of bad press and I feel a bit
irritated that the local people didnt stick up
for us a bit more.
Hayes added: The closure wasnt because of the reaction to our models though.
We just thought we were too old to keep it

wage for similar positions in the geographic

area. Once this has been determined, the
employer is responsible for submitting a
Labor Condition Application (LCA) to the
US Department of Labor. Once certified, the
Department of Labor provides the minimum
wage the employer must pay for the offered
position. This process can take several weeks
to complete, not counting the time it takes to
receive documents from the employer and
prospective employee.
Once the LCA is received, the petition,
which includes evidence demonstrating both
the employees qualification as a professional and the employers necessity for his/
her services is prepared and mailed to the
government for adjudication. Because these
documents can often take weeks to complete
and obtain, it is not uncommon to expect a
month or two for petitions to be prepared.
It is also important for employers to understand that hiring foreign professionals pursuant to the H-1B program can be an expensive
process. In addition to the Department of Labor
establishing a wage floor, the government filing fees alone on these applications can often
exceed $3,300, not to mention legal fees and
internal costs for the employer in maintaining
required documentation for each H-1B worker
and all for the privileges of paying the foreign
worker the same or more than a similarly employed US worker. These workers are therefore
truly extremely valuable to US companies
and as such it is important to take as many
measures as possible that their petitions are
prepared thoroughly and accurately.
So as we rapidly approach one of the biggest days on the immigration law calendar, it
is important to remember that it is never too
early to begin preparing. Enjoy the season!
Mitch Wexler is a State Bar Of California,
Board Certified, Immigration & Nationality Law
Specialist. He has been practicing immigration
law exclusively for 28 years. He is a partner,
resident in the Irvine, CA office of Fragomen,
the largest immigration law firm in the world. He
can be contacted at

By Danica Kirka and Jon Super

FRANCES TOTAL has agreed to explore
for shale gas in Britain, making it the first
major oil company to enter the countrys
market in the face of widely publicized
environmental protests.
Total SA, Europes third-largest oil
producer, said last month it acquired a 40
percent interest in two exploration licenses
in eastern Britain.
Environmental activists oppose the
extraction of fuel from shale, known as
hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, saying
it contaminates ground water. The process
injects hundreds of thousands of gallons of
water laced with chemicals into the ground
to shatter the rock and free the gas.
But Prime Minister David Cameron
backed the deal, saying it would create
jobs and increase Britains energy security.
A key part of our long-term economic
plan to secure Britains future is to back
businesses with better infrastructure.
Thats why were going all out for shale,
Prime Minister David Cameron said in a
The government stepped in to ensure
that companies exploring for shale gas get
necessary planning permission by offering
host communities the chance to keep all
of the business taxes generated by such
projects, instead of the normal 50 percent.
Local councils historically reluctant to
accept such projects may be swayed by
such incentives, particularly at a time when
government austerity programs meant to
reduce the deficit after the financial crisis
have put the squeeze on local authorities.
This is a naked attempt by the government to bribe hard-pressed councils into
accepting fracking in their area, said
Greenpeace climate campaigner Lawrence
Carter. (Business Minister Michael)
Fallon is effectively telling councils to
ignore the risks and threat of large-scale
industrialization in exchange for cold, hard
cash. But the proposal reveals just how
worried the government is about planning
applications being turned down.
Under the terms of the deal with IGas
Energy Plc and its partners Egdon Resources, Dart Energy and eCorp, Total

Scottish Games & Festival



Bag Piping &
Drumming Competitions
Highland Dancing
Tartan Parade
Childrens Play Area
Athletic Competition
Live Entertainment,
Clan Na Gael

(The original members of Seven Nations)





pledged to cover $1.6m in back costs and

spend as much as $46.5m to develop the
In financial terms, that is much smaller
than similar projects in the US, where shale
fuel has helped create a surge in energy
production. But the participation of a major
company like Total suggests fracking may
become a reality in Britain.
Poland and Britain are the only countries in Europe actively exploring for shale
gas. Other countries have been hesitant,
fearing the environmental repercussions.
Environmental activists like Martin
Burke promise that Total will find itself
targeted by protesters, such as demonstrators who have marched at Barton Moss

near Manchester, northwest England, and

set up a camp to oppose exploratory drilling at the site.
It seems to me that some people want
to do what they did in the United States and
turn a quick buck, Burke said.
Barton Moss, has earned much attention
in the UK and it is also owned by IGas.
The company said it hasnt used fracking
at Barton Moss, though campaigners fear
it might, depending on what the exploration wells show.
Some 50 activists and roughly the
same number of police gathered at the
site January 13. Some protesters climbed
on to vehicles to disrupt traffic in and out
of the facility but the demonstration was
generally peaceful and broke up soon after.

Page 6

February 2014

One Or Two Conundrums

IVE GOT A thing about beards.
Well, Ive got one myself and Ive had it
for so long I dont know when it started. I
did cut it off once maybe more than once
Im afraid my memory is not what it should
be. Anyway, the time I remember cutting it
off my wife said I looked like my mother. So
I grew it back.
I think I originally grew it because of a road
accident. I headed through a windscreen on
the Instow road at 55mph, one evening in
1957. I recall seeing the speedo as we lost
control. The (wealthy) mother of the driver,
a school friend who died some years later in
another road accident, studied my bloodied
face and said, It really suits you. Gives you
a rugged, manly appearance, like duelling
Many years later I realised that this was a
defensive statement, made to stop my putting
in a claim for damages. Shaving with a lot of
cuts was difficult and the growth of a beard,
however fluffy (and it was), was preferable
to shaving scabs so thats when it all started.
Anyway, after all these years the interesting
duelling scars have faded behind a beard
around which I shave every day.
And thats what Im coming to shaving. I
mention it because it is a male fashion which
is going out of business.
Shaving started before 3000 BC when a
pair of shells were used to pull the hair. The
development of copper tools made things
a little easier and by the fourth century BC
Alexander the Great stepped on to the barbers scene by advocating facial shaving. He

reckoned it avoided
dangerous beardgrabbing in combat
and looked tidier.
Closer to modern
days, Americas
native Indians were
firmly convinced
men and women
of the rightness
of shaving. In fact,
when they came in
contact with the British colonists they took
great pains in removing all body hair, wherever found on friend or foe.
So far, you may notice I have been dealing
with absolutes: either having a beard or not
having a beard.
What troubles me is the intermediate
stage. It used to be called a five oclock
shadow though nowadays they call it designer stubble. That is a thing to which some
men are particularly prone. I refer mainly to
continental chaps, your Frenchmen, Italians,
Spaniards, Greeks, that sort of Johnny Foreigner. Dark-haired, oily types. I dont mean
that unkindly but some men have just turned
out that way and probably need to shave
twice a day.
By contrast the northern European male
with fairer skin and lovely, soft curly locks
(youre right, I fall into that category how
did you guess?) has a handsome, luxuriant
growth that needs daily attendance to achieve
the jaw associated with the dynamic, northern
male: blue-eyed, strong of purpose, a clean
jawline jutting into the future, steadfast and


A Tax Suggestion
Using The Ocean

WORKING IN tax isnt always what youd

call fun, so I thought Id write a more
lighthearted column this month a lost
opportunity in tax planning the Atlantic
Ocean. I have often thought the cruise
industry in particular, transatlantic cruising has not taken to heart the tax planning
opportunities it offers. In general were all
so concerned to get where were going as
quickly as possible the direct flight, the
quickest possible airport transfer that we
miss out on the fact that the period of being
in between countries does offer some tax
For example, if you obtain a green card
or US visa whilst overseas, it takes effect on
the first day of your presence in the United
States. Your liability to US tax on your
worldwide income will start on that date.
Your non-residence in the UK will start on
the day you leave, since the tax authorities
there are generally concerned with where
you are at midnight. Most direct flights from
the UK to the US leave earlier enough to
arrive on the same day, but if you take the
ocean route, you have five days or so on
the open seas there is documentation to
support the fact that you have left the UK,
but you have not yet set foot on US soil to
become a fully-fledged US taxpayer!
What could you do during this time
whilst you are a not tax resident anywhere?
Capital gains would be the obvious choice,
since you are only taxable on these in the
UK if you are resident. (This does assume that you are planning to meet all the
other UK requirements that will make you

non-resident most transatlantic cruise

members will not qualify to start the day
on the telephone with their stockbroker!)
And will it work going the other way?
If you are leaving the US and returning to,
or going to live in, the United Kingdom,
the situation will depend upon the position
you have taken with the IRS over your departure. If you have gone to the trouble of
telling the IRS you are leaving for good, and
have obtained a departure certificate confirming that your US tax affairs are in good
order, you can be satisfied you have left the
long tentacles of the IRS behind. And if you
have been away for long enough to have
established non-resident status with the UK
tax authorities, their welcoming arms will
not be drawing you in until you disembark in
Southampton or Liverpool. Again, any gain
you made during this period would not be
subject to tax in either country.
Now not everyone feels even a possible
tax advantage is worth spending five days
out of sight of land, and I understand that
for these people, nothing would make them
forsake the advantages of quick travel. But
for many it is an option to consider, so
long as it makes sense for your individual
circumstances and you dont suffer from
Thank you to everyone who has written
to me with suggestions for topics for these
articles. I will look into all of them and try
to incorporate at least some of them in the
months ahead.

high principled

Your designer stubble by contrast has a
dirty, uncared-for look. It is worn by a man
who cant be arsed to get out his razor. Perhaps in the beginning it was the product of an
electric razor, another of those new-fangled
aids to male idleness that no self-respecting
northern male would be caught dead using.
How this stubble works is a question I have
long pondered in the odd moment I grab from
planning the future for mankind while staring purposefully into the middle distance. It
puzzles me since when I shave I end up with
smooth skin, possibly a little cut here and
there where the naked steel has penetrated
my silky dermis but clean nonetheless.
How would I achieve my designer stubble
should my feminine side demand such adornment? The only way I can imagine is to use a
pair of scissors but that way I would end up
not with stubble but a close-cropped beard.
Which is what I have now in any case and it
is manifestly too long for stubble but too short
for beard-grabbing of the sort Alexander the
Great feared for his men.
All I do know is that stubble, however

E-Cig Ban For Under-18s Welcomed

By Leading Cigarette Maker
BRITAINS leading electronic cigarette
manufacturer last month welcomed government moves to ban sales of electronic
cigarettes to under-18s.
Fraser Cropper, Managing Director of
Totally Wicked, told the BBC: We welcome the news that the Government wishes
to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to
those under the age of 18. As a company
we have voluntarily been enforcing such
an age restriction since we were formed
six years ago.
This ban only applies in England,
so we expect policy makers in Scotland,
Wales, and Northern Ireland to follow the
lead taken by the Department of Health and
introduce their own restrictions on sales to
those under the age of 18.
Cropper also urged that the Government
to go further and to seek to have Article

One Year

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PRINCE HARRY has reunited with fellow polar adventurers, who couldnt resist
telling the world that his special skill on
their Antarctic adventure was latrine
Britains ginger-haired prince joined
the team a press conference January 21.
The group, which includes a dozen injured
servicemen and women from Britain, the
United States and Commonwealth countries, trekked hundreds of miles to reach
the South Pole on December 13.
Fellow trekker Dominic West says
Harry specialized in building latrines.
The actor, who starred in the television
series, The Wire, says Harrys structure
had blocks to keep out the wind and a
holder for the paper.
West wistfully recounted sitting there,
looking at the beautiful view thinking `this
is a royal flush, in every way.

Labor Certification


3801 Griffin Road,

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312

Prince Harry Reunites

With Polar Explorers


Awarded 4 stars by
restaurant critics

(2 miles west of I-95, north side)

18 of the Tobacco Products Directive

amended so that it can include an EU-wide
ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to
those under the age of 18. He added: As
a business, we hope, now that electronic
cigarettes will be seen in law as the adult
product they have always been,
It is estimated 1.3m people in the UK
use e-cigarettes which were initially designed to help smokers quit.
There are no experiments showing how
safe e-cigarettes are, and nobody knows
what their long-term impact is on health.
Because they are not regulated, the contents of e-cigarettes can vary. Some have
been found to contain toxic chemicals
which are also found in tobacco, and have
been linked to cancer.
There is also only very weak evidence
that e-cigarettes help smokers to quit.

What on earth is that all about? To me, tattooing harks back to the dreadful concentration
camps or a life spent before the mast.
Theres another thing I might ask: for what
reason does anyone care to stick things into
themselves? I accept pierced ears, but why
puncture eyebrows, lips plus every imaginable part of the ear as well as the lobe?
Those are the things I can see without too
close an inspection and possibly becoming
too personal for this column. But I would
really like to know for what reason a sane
person would stick a pin through his or her
tongue. Someone once hinted to me that
it had a use in intimate personal relations
though I have never been a beneficiary of a
studded tongue, whatever it means.
What I do know is that with stubble, tattoos and piercings the younger generation
has a great deal more time and money on its
hands than we ever had. But far from making
themselves more colourful and cool, it only
serves to make them look ridiculous.
And, in all likelihood, unemployable.

Working Visa


Mary-Heather Styles is professionally

qualified in both the US and the UK. She
has worked in tax over 35 years (but whos
counting!) and is based in Phoenix, Arizona.
She can be contacted at (602) 845-1420 or

Favorite Indian restaurant of

South Florida Brits

achieved, looks scruffy and worse: a fashionable affectation. Heavens above, I saw a
headmaster last week of a Yorkshire school
with a face that changed from day to day as
his beard varied between one missed shave
and three days growth. He was a Yorkshireman too. Can you believe it? Looked like
some fancy Dan southerner. Never once with
a face free of unsightly hairs. (Theres a thing.
Have you noticed the difference between hair
and hairs, the former someones crowning
glory, the latter)
And while Im at it, what is this new-found
addiction to tattoos that are appearing on
men and women? I mean. I can accept
a weather-beaten forearm with an anchor,
even an arrowed heart bearing the legend,
Mum. I can also at a pinch live with male
knuckles bearing the letters HLAOTVEE, assuming them to have been done while serving
porridge in an HMP.
But today, every man and woman seems
to want to be illustrated with pictures of a beloved, a bird, a flower, sometimes a veritable
bouquet, snakes, Chinese writing, proverbs,
spiders webs, animals... the list is endless.

Stephen Ure

Let a U.S. qualified lawyer from

Glasgow handle your case.

Attorney Ure is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association,

Strathmores Who's Who and a past recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award

San Diego
(619) 235-5400
1518 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

February 2014

Page 7



Soap Opera Suicide Storyline Draws Praise, Concern

IT WAS ONE of the gentlest deaths in
soap-opera history, but it has provoked
a strong reaction in Britain.
More than 10 million people watched
the long-running soap Coronation
Street January 21 as Hayley Cropper,
sick with incurable pancreatic cancer,
took an overdose of drugs and died in
the arms of her loving husband Roy.
Some praised the storyline for its
sensitive handling of illness and death,

but others said it risked encouraging

Right-to-die campaigner Jane Nicklinson, whose late husband battled for
the right to have a doctor help him end
his life, said the story had done our
cause proud.
But anti-euthanasia group Care Not
Killing said that the program was in
great danger of normalizing an occurrence that is actually very rare indeed.

Woman Divorces Husband, Then Sues

Because . . . Her Marriage Ended

St. Pauls Anglican Church

The personality of St. Paul's is that of a
warm and welcoming family. We promote
traditional faith and morals . . . no church
politics. St. Pauls offers uplifting services
with ceremony found in the village
churches and cathedrals of England.
St. Paul's, Houston, TX


Valentine's Day

February Gift Special

15% off

jewelry & pewter flasks

(619) 435-1880

916 Orange, Coronado, CA

www. Scottish Treasures. NET

Jane Mulcahy had argued that the lawyers

should have made it clear that a divorce
would cause her marriage to be terminated
something she wanted to avoid.
The lawyers failed to regard her Roman
Catholic faith and should have recommended
judicial separation a step down from full
divorce instead, she said.
Mulcahys professsional negligence case
against two solicitor firms was rejected by
the courts.

Nearly Extinct Lily Stolen From London Garden

A MINUSCULE, nearly extinct water
lily has been stolen from Londons Royal
Botanic Gardens, officials said last month.
Britains Metropolitan Police said the
flower theft took place sometime January 9
when a Nymphaea thermarum, considered
the worlds smallest water lily, was pulled
from a shallow pond in a glasshouse at the
garden in Kew, west London.
The Botanic Gardens director of horticulture, Richard Barley, called the incident
a blow to morale.
The lily so rare that it doesnt have a
common name was discovered growing
in the damp mud of a hot water spring in
southwest Rwanda by a German botanist
in the 1980s. The minuscule plant grows
delicate white flowers with yellow stamens
and lily pads as small as around one third

of an inch across.
When the mud around the Rwandan
spring dried up in 2008, the plant disappeared from the wild, but the gardens
Youki Crump said in an email that a
handful had since been successfully reintroduced to the area.
The Royal Botanic Gardens, founded
in 1759, is among the worlds premier
organizations for plant conservation.

By Jill Lawless
AUTOS WILL help fund art in a longterm sponsorship deal announced last
month between Hyundai Motor Co and
Britains Tate Modern gallery.
Tate director Nicholas Serota said
the South Korean carmaker would fund
commissions for the gallerys Turbine
Hall the symbolic heart of the building until 2025. The first exhibition will
open next year.
Hyundai Vice-Chairman Euisun
Chung said the deal was an inspiring
collaboration bringing together two different industries art and cars.
Britains most popular art gallery, Tate
Modern opened in 2000 inside a disused
power station and now attracts more than
five-million visitors a year, anchoring a
revitalized cultural quarter on the south
bank of the River Thames in London.
Its centerpiece is a vast 500ft by 115ft
hall that once held machinery, which
has been the site of installations by artists including Louise Bourgeois, Olafur
Eliasson and Ai Weiwei.
Serota said Hyundai had also given
the gallery funds to buy nine works by
Korean avant-garde artist Nam June Paik.
He said the deal was symbolic of
Tates expanding international reach.
It operates four galleries in Britain and
has partnerships with institutions around
the globe.
Tate Modern is currently building an
extension that will open in 2016, linked
to the existing building by a bridge over
the Turbine Hall.
British Culture Secretary Maria Miller
said Tate had become one of the bestloved brands in the world.

Viking Warship Comes

To British Museum
MORE THAN a millennium after it sailed
the seas, the remnants of the longest Viking
warship ever discovered have traveled to
the British Museum.
The 120-ft wooden longboat discovered on the banks of a fjord in Roskilde,
Denmark, in 1997 is the centerpiece of
Vikings: Life and Legend, which opens at
the London museum on March 6.
The ship has been dated to about 1025
and may have been used by Cnut the Great,
who ruled a Viking empire taking in England, Denmark and Norway.
The museum showed journalists the
remains of the ship, which consists of
a modern steel frame holding surviving
timbers of about a fifth of the vessel.
The exhibition runs at the British Museum to June 22, and moves to Berlin in


New food and gift items

arrive often from the UK.
Come see what we have

Lets Have Tea

Since 2002

English Tea Room

Tea for Two or just

you. Book groups,
Christmas + year-round occasion parties here.

6923 Stirling Road, Davie, (West Ft. Lauderdale) FL 33314

(954) 584-8888 (Just West of 441)


FOLLOWING a successful divorce filing and

settlement in court, a woman then sued two
solicitor companies for failing to point out
that divorcing her husband would mean the
end of her marriage
A British woman tried to sue her lawyers
for failing to point out that divorcing her husband would mean the end of her marriage,
according to The Independent.

A FUNNY thing happened on the way to the

Square; I lost a block of EastEnders! That
is, what with everything going on, Id gotten
behind in my EE viewing, (dont you just
hate it when life and work interfere with Telly
viewing?), and then to complicate things I got
busy with my Downton Abbey blog. When I
finally went to do a binge-watch catch up, a
block of shows were gone and I lost a bunch
of episodes! But Im back now, and while
there are some holes in the story, Ill try to
catch you up as best I can. The most important thing that has happened in the Square
recently is EastEnders has a new producer
and he has hit the ground running: The show
is back at full strength, so fasten your seat
belts, its really getting good or, as the new
ad slogan says, Its all about to change
David Wicks returns and turns up at chez
Jackson just as things were heating up between Carol and Masood (natch) throwing a
monkey wrench into that. And speaking of
Janine (the real one) her relationship with
her semi-ex husband Michael came to a
head when he was murdered. Who done it?
Alice confessed and went to jail, but the real
culprit might just have been Janine herself,
and thats what David thinks is proven by the
recording he made of his step-sis saying as
much on his iPhone. And he used that tape
to blackmail her out of 250K. But before he
could collect the Old Bill turn up and carry
her away screaming... And Carol found his
iPhone and is now disgusted by the fact he
did that instead of going right to the cops himself. But hes still hanging around because
Carol has bigger problems, breast cancer
and David is helping her cope (or helping
herself, we cant tell) Bianca came back
from holiday with a new man, but things
hit the rocks when his slutty stewardess ex
keeps turning up. And who else turns up?
Sonia! Carol goes to see her for help dealing
with her diagnosis...
Across the Square The teetering
engagement between Alfie and Roxy goes
south quickly after Ronnie is released from

prison. It comes to a head on their wedding

day when Alfie decides (FINALLY!) that he still
loves Kat. Theyre now back together in the
Vic, but not for long. They are tossed out of
the Vic when Phil sells it out from under them,
but Phil gets a surprise himself when it turns
out the guy who bought it is Shirleys brother.
He moves his whole crazy family in, the Carters, and Alfie is now working a market stall
(and Kat is pregnant with twins!!) Lauren
is having an affair with a married man... Ian
proposed to Denise and she said yes, but
after a surprise visit from Jane he realizes he
still loves her, and Denise still has the hots for
Fats Dot is robbed in her home, and all she
had raised for the new church roof was stolen
but shes not telling anyone because she feels
foolish Lola and Peter Beale are an item,
much to the chagrin of Phil and Phil and
Sharon are back together (though she fears
he still loves Shirley) Biggest news of the
year: No one died on Christmas! (Though
there was a food fight at the Jacksons). But
they made up for it when Ronnie killed Carl
on New Years Eve. Should auld acquaintance
be forgot
the time for all good Easties to come to the
aid of their favorite PBS station, WLIW21!
WLIW New York is currently in the midst of
its annual EastEnders Pledge Drive, trying to
raise the dosh to pay the BBCs licensing fee
for another year, and we need every single
Eastie in NY to join in! Go to:
and click on support to browse the great
Thank You Gifts you can receive for pledging.
Youll love the new, exclusive EastEnders tote
bag! We need your support so please join in
this annual whip round!
Downton Abbey: Are you a Downton Abbey fan? If so, you might enjoy reading my
cheeky recaps, The Downton Abbey Dish,
on PBS ThirteenNYs website. Heres the
latest one as of press time: www.thirteen.
org/program-content/the-downton-abbeydish-season-4-episode-2/ And you can
click forward or backward to read them all
from there.
As always, if youd like to keep up with
all things EastEnders, just email me here at
the Launderette and Ill sign you up for my
FREE, weekly EastEnders e-newsletter called
the E20 Chronicles: E20Launderette@gmail.
com. TA!
Signed, Your Faithful Reporter,
Deborah Gilbert AKA E20Launderette


HAYLEYS GIVEN devastating news this

month shes only got weeks left to live
after a scan shows the cancer has spread
to her liver, the chemotherapy isnt working
and theres no alternative course of treatment
to save her. Shes been stoic, shes been
upbeat, but this month Hayley breaks down
in spectacular style.
Grandma Audrey takes pity on David,
giving him his job back at the salon and a
bit of self-respect after Davids mum, wife
and brother want nothing more to do with
him when the truth comes out that he tried
to kill his brother. Gail calls a Platt pow-wow,
forcing the family to sit down and talk things
through. Kylies not best pleased and tells
Audrey: If Gail wants a summit, Ill give her
summat! It works as well as youd expect
and Kylie she deals with this in the only way
she knows how and gets stonking drunk.
Over at Eileens, Sean comes on to
Todd and tells him he fancies him, but
Todd tells Brian in the Bistro that hes
not interested in Sean, not one little bit,
even if Sean was the last man on earth.
This is shock news to Brians ears and he
passes it on to Sean, whos not best pleased.
An old army mate of Gary Windass turns up
this month. Hes called Kal and works as a
fitness instructor, passing his cards out to
the women in the pub to get them signed up
to his sunrise bootcamp. The women in the
pub are keen to take the cards from dishy Kal
but less keen to sign up for the bootcamp.
Kal takes Dev out training to get into shape
and Leanne asks Kal theres anything he can
do to help Nick regain some anger control
too. Its control thats much needed now
with Nicks brain injury causes his rages to
escalate and he lashes out and slaps Leanne
across the face.

Ritas not happy that Dennis and Gloria

grow close when they work together to put
on a band in the Bistro. An old mate of Dennis, called Ritchie turns up, hes a singer in
a band from the 60s called The Power. I
used to rub shoulders with the movers and
the shakers back in the day, Dennis tells Rita
to which she replied, arched eyebrows and
all: When I met you, you were rubbing shoulders with the winos and the drunks. Ouch.
Carla and Peter return from honeymoon in
Bali and Peter carries Carla over the threshold at the knicker factory. But Peters
post-honeymoon glow doesnt last long and
his roving eye wanders all the way across
the Street to Tinas place as the two of them
give in to passion behind Carlas back and
under her nose.
Brian left this month after he and Julie split
up and he moves out, taking the Morecambe
Bay corkscrew with him. Brian packed himself up in a white removals van and drove
himself away to a new life and a new job in
Wales after the couple vowed they couldnt
live together because Julie wanted children
so much and Brian didnt
Sally receives a card from Kevin in Germany and its news which pricks up Tims
ears, could there be a touch of jealousy
creeping in? Does Tim actually care about
Sally? I guess well have to wait and see when
Kevin returns whether Tim will put up a fight to
keep Sally, and who Sally will want to be with.
Tims a great character, feckless in the tradition and good fun to watch. Anyway, Sophie
and Sally help out at a soup kitchen and Sally
gets her handbag nicked by a homeless girl
called Maddie who gives Sophie some grief.
And finally this month, Rita and Norris
buy Norris a new coat, so the nosy parkers
in a parka.
Glenda Young
Coronation Street Blog
Editor, Coronation Street Blog
Twitter: @CoroStreetBlog
Facebook: CoronationStreetBlog

Hyundai To Sponsor
Tate Modern Exhibitions


Page 8

February 2014

THE HOLLYWOOD Award Season and

why not? Its that time of year. Were not
shoveling snow! Just laying on the beach in
80 weather is just not fair when the rest of
America, and the whole of Europe are freezing their buns off. Long time friend Pauline
Bennett from Torbay says shes sick of the
winds and rain, and no phone service.
To add a little sunshine, millions of people
around the world watched the Golden Globes
making it the highest rated show for the last
ten years put on by the Foreign Press. Booze
is the answer to keeping warm and making it a party! Not that many British entries
this year, but the one that counted was 12
Years a Slave directed by Steve McQueen.
Gravity, made largely in England because
of our graphic generated technical advancement process was nominated, as were its
stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.
Also nominated Philomena, a great film,
starring Dame Judi Dench (the only lady
where my knees went weak in her presence).
Jacqueline Bisset won for best supporting
actress in the TV mini series Dancing on
the Edge, was caught completely off guard
and left our mouths open wondering what
she would say next. Although I think she
deserved the award, she should have been
better prepared. Also present at the Globes
Helen Mirren and husband Taylor Hackford.
The awards had an endless supply of Moet
ET Chandon Champagne! And I thought the
Press were a bunch of tea teetotalers?!
This was followed a few days later by a

subdued SAG (Screen Actors Guild) awards

where everyone was on their best behavior.
Winning supporting award the delightful Lupita Nyongo for 12 Years a Slave as Patsy. In
your dreams you would end up with a slave
so attractive and as well educated (Yale
University I had no idea they even had a
drama school). Cate Blanchet won for Blue
Jasmine and Maggie Smith for Downton
Abbey. Best actress in the mini series Phil
Spector went toy Helen Mirren, who should
also win (per Karen and Leo) nicest personality, as whenever we meet her she is oh so
gracious. And husband Taylor Hackford isnt
so bad either: friendly and always eager to
discuss video shooting.
Another winner this month is the Scottish
Festival aboard the Queen Mary on February
15-16. This is a time for all families, young
and old alike, to get out in the sunshine to
enjoy an amazing array of festivities and it
is exciting!! Bagpipes, kilts, parades, food,
meeting lots of new friends and just exploring the great ship. The QM is historic and a
must visit.
A while ago the QM had an offer to be
purchased by a Chinese consortium. With a
sigh of relief that it didnt happen, the ship remains in Long Beach where it belongs. Youll
need two days just to walk the hallowed halls,
stroll the decks where the likes of Winston
Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Bob Hope, Bing
Crosby, Liz Taylor, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo,
the Queen Mum, Queen Elizabeth, Duke and
Duchess of Windsor (Edward VII and Wallis
Simpson), plus Jackie Kennedy took an evening stroll. Visit the massive engine room; go
up on the bridge and just imagine being the
captain of such a magnificent ship; enjoy the
master craftsmanship of the British worker in
the building, woodworking, and design of the
magnificent halls of an era gone by.
Karen and I drive 100 miles just for this
event, although this year were going to try
and stay at the hotel on board and meet up
with Carman Phil, wife Pat, and daughter Eli.
If you would like to keep this amazing piece
of British history here in Southern California,


Bakery &

116 Santa Monica Blvd,

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 451 1402

Restaurant now
open at 9am
Open for breakfast
weekends at 8am

Karaoke Sundays
Trivia - Wednesdays

Happy Hour
in the Pub AND
on the Patio
Mon - Fri 4-7pm

132 Santa Monica Blvd,

Santa Monica CA 90401

(310) 394 8765

British Pub, Restaurant

and Gift Shoppe

Have you
Studio City

Come taste our

pies in the
...then stay for
afternoon tea!

Open Fri-Sat

Sh Gif
op t

February 2
Food &

EPL games
shown LIVE

I would suggest you all join us for a party and

festivities at the Scottish Festival, and Yes,
you can rush around calling out Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom!
Footnote: to ensure the safe passage of
the Queen Mary from Southampton to Long
Beach on its final memorable voyage and
under her own steam in 1968, then young
Leo just happened to be sailing across the
Atlantic Ocean in a much smaller 50 ketch.
First meeting up with her off the West coast
of Africa at the island of Las Palmas de Gran
Canaria then across the Atlantic Ocean in
Barbados, and again in Ft Lauderdale, Fl. We
sailed north up the inter coastal waterway to
New York and Rhode Island. I stayed in the
US. The Queen Mary sailed around Cape
Horn of South America, up the Pacific Coast
to Long Beach where shes stayed, making
America her permanent home. You will never
see a more magnificent ship.

Jacqueline Bisset at the

Golden Globes.

Whos At The Door?

Oh, Its Gorbachev
By Gregory Katz
IN THE SCRIPTED world of high-profile
diplomacy, every move is planned weeks
in advance, with seating charts, menus and
toasts subject to careful scrutiny.
So imagine Britains surprise when
Mikhail Gorbachev made an unannounced,
spontaneous visit to the prime ministers
residence at 10 Downing Street in London.
This happened in December 1984, when
the future Soviet leader chief architect of
the liberalization program known as perestroika made a landmark trip to Britain.
Afterward, an impressed Prime Minister
Margaret Thatcher told US President
Ronald Reagan that Gorbachev was a man
the West could do business with.
Gorbachevs impromptu appearance at
the prime ministers home was revealed
in a confidential telegram made public
last month by the National Archives under
the 30-year rule for declassifying secret
It was sent on an urgent basis to
Thatchers party in Hong Kong, where she
was traveling. She had met Gorbachev four
days earlier in England.
In what it called a curious episode,
the December. 20 telegram describes how
Gorbachev with his own entourage and a
British security agent assigned to him decided to drop in on Downing Street while
driving from the Houses of Parliament to
the Soviet Embassy.
Apparently, as he passed Downing
Street, he expressed a wish to see the outside of No 10, the telegram states.
It says the British security agent negotiated access to the secured street with
the policeman on guard, noting acidly that

Mikhail Gorbachev
the policeman did not inform the prime
ministers staff inside the residence.
It says Gorbachev walked up to the
famous front door and was let in by a different policeman.
They were admitted by the policeman
on the door to the front hall (only). They
had gone before any private secretary
reached the spot reportedly in good
humor, the telegram said.
Gorbachevs interest prompted Thatchers staff to consider having the prime
ministers husband offer Gorbachev a
proper tour of the state rooms. However,
the Foreign Office advised against that
plan, which was never formally proposed
to Thatcher.
Mark Dunton, records specialist at the
National Archives, said the incident shows
Gorbachevs self-confidence.
It shows what a different kind of person he was, he said. Its not the way this
protocol normally works. Its unorthodox.
I can imagine Downing Street officials
being taken aback.
The newly released papers also contain
Thatchers confidential note to Reagan
describing the five hours she spent at her
country home, Chequers, in talks with
Gorbachev, a rising star in the Soviet
system who would take over its leadership
the following year.
He is relatively open in manner and
intelligent, Thatcher said of Gorbachev.
He is affable and has some charm and
humor. He listens carefully to what the
other person says. He talks readily and, in
contrast to the stultified manner of Soviet
leaders, does not just stick to prepared
statements. ... I actually rather liked him.

Two British Men Arrested

In Terrorism Investigation
POLICE SAY two men have been arrested at Heathrow Airport on suspicion
of participating in terrorist activities in
Police say the men both 21 and from
Birmingham are believed to have traveled to Syria in May of last year. Police
say neither poses any imminent threat
to the public.
West Midlands Police said the men
were detained January 13 after they arrived in the UK on a flight from Istanbul.
European officials are concerned
about domestic threats posed by fighters returning from Syria. British intelligence officials say they have seen low
hundreds of people from Britain go to
Syria to fight.
A handful of people have been arrested in the UK on suspicion of attending terrorism training camps in Syria.

February 2014

1,000 Years On,

Girls Choir Sing At
Canterbury Cathedral

By Jill Lawless
THE PURE, high voices of the choir soar
toward the vaulted ceiling of Canterbury
Cathedral as they have for more than 1,000
years. Just one thing is different these
young choristers in their purple cassocks
are girls.
On January 25, their public debut at
Evensong ended centuries of all-male
Canterbury is not the first British cathedral to set up a girls choir, but as the
mother church of the 80 million-strong
Anglican Communion one struggling to
define the role of women in its ranks its
move has special resonance.
That is not lost on the 16 girls, aged
between 12 and 16, who have been chosen
to make this bit of history.
Thats an amazing thought in the back
of your mind no girl has sung in this
cathedral over an amazingly long period
of time, said 12-year-old choir member
Abby Cox. Ive always liked singing,
but I think this is the major event that has
happened in my life and Im so excited to
be part of it.
The choristers attend several local
schools and were chosen at auditions in
November. Unlike members of the Canterbury boys choir, who live at the cathedral
and rehearse every day, the girls come
together just once a week.
Tradition is especially important at
Canterbury, about 60 miles southeast of
London, whose archbishop heads the Anglican church. Founded in the 6th century
although most of the spiky Gothic building dates from later in the Middle Ages it
has been an important place of Christian
pilgrimage since Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket was murdered here
in 1170 by knights loyal to King Henry II.
Dean of Canterbury Robert Willis said
music has been sung in the cathedral since
it was founded first by monks, then by
a choir of men and boys set up more than
1,000 years ago. He stressed that a female
choir was a natural development that
adds diversity and richness to the cathedrals traditions.
The girls choir will perform initially
when the boys take a break each term, but
Willis said the girls will eventually play
a bigger role.

Despite their limited rehearsal time, choir director David Newsholme said the girls
are focused and enthusiastic
about the psalms, anthems and
responses they have to learn.
Weve had to learn it quite
quickly, but its just so fun
to be in here you dont really
think about that, said Cox.
You are making music with
girls that are as passionate as
you are.
Girls choirs are not a complete novelty in the Church of
England Salisbury Cathedral
established one in the 1990s
and several other cathedrals
have followed. Female voices
have occasionally been heard
in Canterbury Cathedral as part of visiting choirs.
But they still attract notice in an institution that values its traditions and changes
slowly. Anglicans are still seeking an
elusive consensus on the divisive issues
of female bishops and gay clergy.
Singing girls have their opponents, too,
including one group called the Campaign
for the Traditional Cathedral Choir, set up
to champion the ancient tradition of the
all-male choir.
Nothing of the old tradition is damaged, he said. Its being enriched,
enlivened and developed.
The girls choir will perform initially
when the boys take a break each term, but
Willis said the girls will eventually play
a bigger role.
And occasionally Im sure in the future, both of the choirs will sing together
on festival occasions, he said.
That is music to the ears of 16-year-old
chorister Poppy Braddy.
I think this is just the beginning of
something new, she said. I think it will
encourage the church forward. I dont
think there is anywhere that women should
be limited.
At a rehearsal last month, the choristers
arrived in jeans or school uniforms, chatting and laughing as they changed into long
purple cassocks. During services, they will
wear white surplices over the robes.
They rehearsed in a small, stuffy music
room at the top of a narrow staircase in
one corner of the cathedral. Its walls are
several feet thick, lined with shelves full
of sheet music by Mozart, Bach, Benjamin
Britten and others.
Their high voices mingled as Newsholme coaxed the girls through an anthem
by 19th-century composer Samuel Sebastian Wesley: Who can express the noble
acts of the Lord?
Even more eye contact, he encouraged the singers. Even more clarity.
They seemed all ready to go for their
historic debut except for the rubber toes
of Converse sneakers peeking out from
under their robes.
Ill have a word with them about that,
Newsholme said.

Page 9

water, and cook for 3-4 minutes only

no more. Once cooked, drain from pan,
melt some butter in the saucepan, and
return the sprouts, shaking so they are
covered in butter.
However my favourite way to fix them
is completely different, and this last Christmas they were really super. I like to use
chestnuts, which are much more easily
obtainable than they used to be (aahh, a
flash back of walking in London in the 50s,
and buying a paper bag of them from the
vendor outside just yummy!) They can
be a bit fiddly to prepare if using fresh ones,
easy to roast in the oven, and then prying
them from their shells. However, lately I
am easily finding them already prepared,
cooked and peeled, in vacuum packs. I
have had success at the gourmet type
organic food places, such as Trader Joes,
Fresh Market, Williams Sonoma etc. Much
easier and very good, and especially if they
are French chestnuts
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my version
of the new way to serve and enjoy Brussel
Sprouts, not just for Christmas any more!
Put sprouts in large pan, add salt and
cover with boiling water and blanch for
two minutes only. Drain in colander and
refresh with cold water, let drain. Heat the
oil in a large saucepan (a wok would work
well if you have one) add the shallots and
saut for five minutes or until just tender.
Add the sprouts and chestnuts to the pan
and saut for about four minutes to heat
through. Add the butter and nutmeg to the
pan, and season to taste, serve immediately
Yield about eight.

Vegetables when not sufficiently

cooked are known to be so
exceedingly unwholesome and
indigestible, that the custom of
serving then crisp, which means, in
reality, only half boiled, should be
altogether disregarded
Modern Cookery for Private Families,
Eliza Acton, 1845

BRUSSEL SPROUTS are an essential part of

the Christmas Dinner, and I always prepare
extra so I can cook up a batch of Bubble
and Squeak for Boxing Day. However they
are not always a popular vegetable. Like
Parsnips, I really only prepare them over
the holidays, and then wonder why I dont
fix them more often in the year. The problem
for those of us raised in England, was that
we could tell from rooms away from the
dining room that brussel sprouts were on
the menu because of the sulphorous smell.
Or as Nigel Slater puts it: Are we having
sprouts for tea, or has somebody let one
go!? Unfortunately they were so often way
overcooked, which made them smell, have
a soggy texture and green/yellow colour.
Generally if one follows the golden
rule by Gary Rhodes; To appreciate the
flavour-quite different from cabbage they
are a member of the cabbage family and
the slightly nutty crunch once it is cooked,
is to buy them as small and tight-leaved
as possible Never buy yellow sprouts,
those whose colour is fading or with too

Pan-Fried Sprouts with


2lb small fresh brussel sprouts

1 Tbsp olive oil
8 peeled shallots
1 cup loosely chopped chestnuts
1 Tbsp butter
Freshly grated nutmeg

much loose leaf these show they are

old and will taste pretty old too.
The sprout has been with us since the
nineteenth century, and with the Belgians
since the Middle Ages, they are best if
they can be grown where there is a hard
frost. The usual way of cooking is to wash
them, remove loose outer leaves, and
mark a cross on the bottom so they cook
evenly. They are mostly boiled, and can be
lovely if done properly: Put the sprouts in
a large saucepan, cover them with boiling

(Your comments, requests and recipes are welcomed. If you want to contact
me please Email me at: Sandra Cherry

Queens Granddaughter Zara Has Baby Girl

THE QUEENS granddaughter Zara Phillips has given birth to a baby girl, Buckingham Palace announced last month. The
child is 16th in line to the British throne.
The baby was born at Gloucestershire
Royal Hospital in western England and
weighed 7lbs 12oz. The palace said her
name would be released in due course.
This is the first child for Phillips and her
husband, rugby player Mike Tindall, and a
fourth great-grandchild for the queen. The
palace said Tindall was present at the birth.
In a statement, the palace said the
queen, her husband Prince Philip and the
babys grandparents are delighted with

the news.
The 32-year-old Phillips, an equestrian
who won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics, is the daughter of the queens daughter Princess Anne and Capt Mark Phillips.

The queens other great-grandchildren

are six-month-old Prince George, son of
Prince William and his wife Catherine; and
the two daughters of Zaras brother Peter
Phillips and his wife Autumn.

New parents Mike Tindall and

wife Zara Phillips.



Saturday, Feb. 15
5pm - 11pm
Bad Haggis,
Brick Top Blaggers
and More

on Rock Yer Kilt

Save $3 General

Highland Games & Festival


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Live Entertainment | Authentic Food
Tickets on sale now!

EST. 1824



ScotsFestival Hotel
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Page 10

February 2014

RRThis paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the US


EN ROUTE to its World Cup participation
in Brazil Englands team will play two tuneup matches in Miami. Coach Roy Hodgson
chose Miami because the climate is similar
to what his players expect to experience in
Brazil. (Hmmm we also have the same
fun ratio of slinky babes and nightlife so its
a true test.) Keep close tabs on your lads,
Mr Hodgson Miami is Temptation Central!
I just know the UK tabloids will be camped in
Miami bushes for photo opps. England face
Ecuador on June 4 (3pm) and Honduras June
7 (4:45pm). Our three lions-clad lads will also
hold a training camp here before heading to
Brazil for its June 14 opener against Italy.
So chances are we local Brits will spot the
England players around town and plunging
in the Atlantic Ocean next to us. Some of the
players have already told UK media they are
delighted at the chance to see Miami and
take sidetrips to spot alligators. Oh and kick
a football around too. Hey David Beckham
has been in Miami so often recently (to scout
locations for his planned Major League Soccer team) were getting blas.
We are excited to bring two more topquality international matches to Miami,
Relevant Sports CEO Charlie Stillitano said.
Miami is a premier soccer market in this
country, and we have no doubt the areas fans
will come out to watch England prepare for
the 2014 Brazil World Cup against two teams
also participating So true this Latin city is
so soccermad that internationals sell out to
the rafters the moment they are announced.
England has never played in Miami and the
EPL is very popular and closely watched on
TV by non Brit soccer fans across Miami,
so these matches will be a huge draw aside
from us expat fans. When the Miami Herald
published the announcement January 16 my
office got emails and calls from Brits asking
when they could buy tickets. England, playing in its 14th World Cup, finished first in its

European qualifying group, led by Wayne

Rooney (Manchester United) Steven Garrad
(Liverpool) and Frank Lampard (Chelsea).
Hmmm we all just want a 1966 reprise,
dont we? Miami matches tickets and info
are available at
ANDY MURRAY who finally brought us
Wimbledon glory plays in the annual Sony
Open Tennis Tournament in Miami, from
March 17-30, 2014. Ticket informatin: (305)
London Grill St Petersburg (727) 289-7170
recently opened. British owner Peter Leonavicius tells me they have the most delicious
British classics like shepherds pie and
bangers and mash. Trip Advisors website
excerpts talk about great Shepards Pie and
Bangers and mash. Please Americans, do
try to spell our well known dishes correctly.
Emin exhibits her work now until March 9,
2014 at the Miami Museum of Contemporary
Art in North Miami. The solo show includes
60 neon works and one video, in pink and
glue violet glowing tubing. For ticket information visit or call (305)
second year to celebrate burgeoning British
business and culture in South Florida. The
week-long series of events will showcase
the Best of British industry and innovation
within the magic city. Developed to highlight
the achievements and impact of British
business in Florida, BritWeek Miami is in
alliance with the UK Governments Trade
& Investment (UKTI), the British ConsulateGeneral Miami and strategic media, event and
industry partners each collectively bringing
a focus on the dynamic and fast growing
cultural relationship between Britain and
Florida. BritWeek Miami runs March 6-12,
2014 and officially kicks-off on Thursday,


March 6 with the BritWeek Business Innovation Awards Gala at the swish Viceroy Hotel
in downtown Miami. To find out more see
ad this issue, the Miami section on website or email organiser Justin
Jones .
n BRITISH BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: UKbased British businessman Colin Burrows
has just opened a clay shooting club near
Naples called Gulf Cast Clays (239) 6428999. It already has a few expat Brit members
and Burrows plans to grow the UK/US connection with British visitors. One of Floridas
oldest clay shooting grounds, the Port of the
Islands Gun Club, is now under new local
management and his ownership. Shooting
enthusiast Colin Burrows plans to improve
the facility and its sporting clay options and
services. Occupying over 50 acres its the
only clay range in the region with two trap
fields, two skeet, five Stand and a 15 stand
sporting clay layout. Burrows will be actively
encouraging UK shooters to enjoy some sunshine shooting this winter and implement
shooting clinics with leading British coaches
through the winter. The response has been
uniformly positive from British shooters for
obvious reasons, says Burrows. Florida has
a fantastic climate for shooting through the
winter, unlike the UK. Burrows, 53, who runs
a TV production company in London, saw
the club advertised for sale in an issue of the
Clay Pigeon Shooting Associations magazine
earlier this year. Theres quite a strong ex-pat
community in the Naples/Marco Island area
and several British club members encouraged the owner to place an ad. The club
also benefits from the presence of champion
skeet shooter Becky McCumber, which Burrows says makes Gulf Coast Clays a center
of excellence. Becky is a national champion
who is an icon for anyone who knows the
sport. I tried skeet shooting years ago at a
range in Vero Beach, taken there by my then
American boyfriend. It was me against nine

veteran male shooters but I turned out to be

a good shot. Never done it since.
Always a great day out, och aye, including
bagpipers and drummers, live Scottish entertainers, highland dancing, Scottish clans
representation, wannabe Scots, Scottish
athletics like tossing the caber, sheepdogs,
beer and Scottish food vendors selling baked
yummies. British expats come from miles
around and I attend and sponsor the South
Florida one annually. Each festival offers
much to enjoy, so wear something tartan and
go! 1) JACKSONVILLE AREA the NE FL Scottish games is Saturday, February 22. 2) South
Florida Scottish Festival (www.sassf,org) in
Ft Lauderdale Saturday, March 1. For details
on both see their ads this issue. NOTE: Each
event proceeds rain or shine.
Commerce hold business and social events
throughout the year. Phone each direct for
current event and membership details.
Broward/Palm Beach BACC Call President Roy Yates (954) 942-7330.
Orlando BACC office (407) 226-7251.
TAMPA BABC. Call (813) 221-7243 and ask

for Joanne. ALSO: Florida Association of British

Business (FABB) see display ad this page.
with Legendary Paul Bridge Over Troubled
Water Simon at Orlandos Amway Center.
Both artists have explored world rhythms and
pushed the boundaries of popular music and
as friends for many years, their collaboration
on a tour is a natural fit. Audiences will enjoy
the unique pleasure of these two innovative
musicians on stage together, in addition
to solo performances with their respective
bands, in one of the most highly anticipated
concert events of 2014. Sunday, March 16.
Tickets information


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The opinions in this column are Patricia Kawajas and not necessarily shared
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Attention Florida's British businesses,

entrepreneurs and professionals
Established 1997

Join us at The British Network

meets February 11, March 11
and April 8, 2014.
A roomful of Brits is never dull. From 6.30 to 9.30pm.
Make British contacts, business or social useful,
enjoyable networking with British professionals.
Hosted by the British Bureau/FABB. We meet at the News
Lounge, 5580 NE 4th Court, Miami FL 33137, one mile
north of downtown. Free to attend buy own drinks/food.

Email queries to:

THE BRITISH BUREAU of FLORIDA British-American PR/Marketing since 1991.
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February 2014

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Pet Movers
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ENGLISH LADY seeking friendly US penpals. Not
too young, not too old. ALA. Jane Hill, 19 Digby
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PRISON INMATE looking for PenPal. 38 years
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review. Kindle, Nook and softcover. Amazon.
com, 12-12
BRITISH AUTHORS TALE of love, war and class
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Page 12

February 2014


Cazalet Author Elizabeth Jane Howard

whose saga of a wealthy English family
living in the shadow of war enchanted
readers a generation
ahead of Downton
Abbey, died last
month, her friend and
publicist said.
Jacqui Graham
said that Howard
died at her home in
Bungay, England. No
details as to the cause of death were immediately available.
howards whirlwind life saw her write
15 novels, leave three marriages, model,
act, broadcast, and much more. Many
of her books were critical successes,
but she was best known for The Cazalet
Chronicles, which followed the tangled
lives and loves of several generations of
an aristocratic household in the run-up to
World War II.
Born in 1923, Howard had little in the
way of formal education, but she read
voraciously huge amounts of Shakespeare and other classics, Graham said.
When she ran out of stuff she wrote her
own things.
Howard married at age 19 to Peter Scott,
the son of Captain Scott, the famous polar
explorer, a wedding which would mark the
start of a long and tumultuous love life.
In the end she would marry and divorce
three times to Scott, and to writers Jim
Douglas-Henry and Kingsley Amis. Graham said it was Howard who ended all
three relationships.
Howards work included The Beautiful
Visit, a coming-of-age novel structured
around World War I, and Mr Wrong, a collection of short stories centered on the lives
of 1960s London women, and The Cazalet
Chronicles, a series of books which would
follow the eponymous upper-crust dynasty

from the carefree `30s, into World War II,

and beyond.
It preceded, by a long way, Downton Abbey, said Graham. People love
reading family sagas set slightly in the
past not too far back (but) close enough
for you to touch, within living memory.
She unconsciously got that long before
(Downton Abbey creator) Julian Fellowes.

Champion Jockey
Terry Biddlecombe
three-time English
champion jockey
has died.
Henrietta Knight,
a former racehorse
trainer who married Biddlecombe in
1995, wrote on Facebook last month that
sadly, Terry died peacefully after
breakfast this morning with Henrietta
by his side.
Britains Press Association said
Biddlecombe had been suffering from
a lengthy illness.
Biddlecombe was champion jockey
in 1965, 66 and 69, when he shared
the title with Bob Davies. He rode
Woodland Venture to victory in the
Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1967 and was
second in the Grand National on Gay
Trip in 1972.
Biddlecombe helped Knight train
Best Mate, a triple Gold Cup winner.
Tony McCoy, an 18-time champion
jockey, said on Twitter that Biddlecombe was a legend.

Jolly Good
Pork Pies
Sausage Rolls

Newspapers Show Hunt For

Thatcher-Reagan Hoaxers
By Jill Lawless
BRITISH SPIES hunted in vain for the
creator of a fake recording of an alleged
spat between British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and US President Ronald
Reagan, declassified documents revealed
last month.
Soviet spies, Argentine agents and
British leftists were considered as possible
pranksters, but an anarchist punk band later
claimed responsibility.
The tape, sent anonymously to Dutch
newspapers in 1983, purported to capture
the two leaders sparring during the 1982
Falklands War between Britain and Argentina. A transcript shows Reagan urging
Thatcher to control yourself and the
British leader responding: We have to use
violence to punish Argentina.
British authorities quickly identified
the recording as a forgery, compiled from
clips of the two leaders speaking in earlier
Thatchers press secretary, Bernard
Ingham, wrote to another aide that the
Reagan section was far too fluent and
articulate for the man in ordinary animated
The hunt for the perpetrator appears to

Our Name Says It All!

(323) 290-2265

FAX: (323) 294-3943

Los Angeles, CA 90043

The Most Famous

Wave In The World
Can Now Be Yours!

Cutting Book Reviews Up For Hatchet Job Prize

By Jill Lawless
A MOAN about Morrissey and a bitter
verdict on Donna Tartt are contenders for
Britains Hatchet Job award, honoring the
years most cutting book reviews.
Eight finalists announced last month
include AA Gills verdict on Autobiography by former Smiths lead singer Morrissey utterly devoid of insight, warmth,
wisdom or likability and Peter Kemps
dismissal of Tartts best-selling novel The
Goldfinch: a turkey.
The Hatchet Job award was established
in 2011 by literary website The Omnivore
to honor the angriest, funniest, most trenchant review published in a newspaper
or magazine.
It has received criticism for rewarding
mean-spiritedness, but organizers say the
tongue-in-cheek contest has a serious purpose: to encourage reviewers to be fearless.

THE FOREIGN Account Tax Compliance ACT

(FATCA) became law in March 2010. A key
focus of this piece of legislation is reporting
by US tax payers of certain foreign financial
accounts and offshore assets. It also covers reporting by financial institutions about
financial accounts held by US tax payers.
The objective of FATCA is ensure the US
Government gets its tax dollar of assets that
US tax payers have hidden (not reported)
outside of the US.
As you can see a Brit expat in the US may
well not consider themselves a tax dodger
as they believe they are paying the correct
amount of tax in the US and UK but may
have an issue as the majority of them will
have left accounts or investments behind.
FATCA will also look at
the underlying structure
of the account / investment and if they deem
it non-compliant, there
could be further taxes
to pay. An example
of this is an Offshore

Many of us who have watched Her Majesty

celebrate her Diamond Jubilee this year
saw the royal wave many times as the
Queen showed her a ppreciation of millions of Britons. We even
got to see it after Her Majestys meeting wth JamesBond and
her daring parachute jump into the Olympic opening ceremony.
Now you can have the most famous wave in the world on
your window sill or desk.
Solar panel on top of the Queens handbag powers the royal wave
Ingenious tribute to the Queen
Discreet wave with a gentle move of her wrist
Measures 6-1/4 inch tall
No batteries required
Place this solar queen in the sun and watch Her Majesty deliver
her signature subtle changing the light bulb wave. May she wave
forever. Rule Britannia!

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have been inconclusive.

A letter to Thatcher from a Foreign
Office adviser said the MI6 intelligence
agency had considered Soviet spies, Argentine intelligence agencies and left-wing
groups as possible culprits.
But he said KGB involvement was
considered unlikely, and an intelligence official concluded that there is no information to indicate that any subversive group
or individual in this country was involved
in making this tape.
The British punk band Crass later said
it had created the hoax in a bid to sway
opinion against Thatcher during Britains
1983 election. Thatcher won the vote in
a landslide.
The papers were released last month by
Britains National Archives under a policy
that declassifies many government papers
after 30 years.

Omnivore co-editor Anna Baddeley

said the prize also celebrates the book
pages and gets people reading reviews.
Prominent books on the savage shortlist
include Eleanor Cattons Booker Prizewining The Luminaries reviewer David
Sexton was unimpressed and Paul Therouxs African travelogue The Last Train to
Zona Verde, which struck Hedley Twidle
as offensive and plain bizarre.
The other finalists include Lucy Ellmanns appalled review of Douglas
Couplands Worst. Person. Ever; Rachel
Cooks scathing verdict on Strictly Ann,
the autobiography of Ann Widdecombe;
and Craig Browns acerbic assessment of
Distant Intimacy by Joseph Epstein and
Frederic Raphael.
The winner, to be announced February
11, will receive a years supply of potted

THE BOOK cover of Untold Story displays

a regal side photo of a crowned princess
which is similar to Lady Di. Who would the
beloved mother of Prince William and Harry
be if she were alive today? What would she
be doing? Where would she be living? The
journey of Untold Story over the 29 chapters
of 259 pages is an imaginative what if into
the unknown possibility of a private life of a
former royal celebrity. Princess Diana was
37 when she died in Pariss Alma tunnel
on August 31, 1997. Dianas life and marriage revealed the truth behind the front of
a fairytale. The adoration by millions did not
cure her suffering of rejection, betrayal and
heartbreak. If Diana had lived, would she
ever have found nirvana or was the clicking
cameras always be clicking?
Fast forward ten years in this book as it
explores the life of an undercover royal named
Lydia who is living in a small town somewhere in the American Midwest. Lydia has a
circle of friends and a lover who adores her,
yet do any of them really know her? Author
Monica Ali has conjured up a different fate for
Diana. The Daily Mirror UK says this novel is
masterpiece of suspense This is a startlingly intelligent, perceptive and entertaining
piece of fiction. Its brilliant. Without giving
away too much, Untold Story is about the
price of fame, the meaning of self and the
complexity of the possibility of reinventing a
private life after fame. The authors fictional
princess is allowed to establish a haven of
peace yet fragile in its existence. It is not uncommon for the public to wonder if Elvis was
in hiding or if Michael Jackson really passed
away. People need days off and vacations
so what about those in the constant glare of
the spotlight?
Author Monica Ali has been named by
Grata as one of the 20 best young British
novelists. She is the author of In the Kitchen,
Alentejo Blue and Brick Lane which was
shortlisted for the National Book Critics Circle
Award, the LA Times Book Prize, the Man
Booker Prize. She lives in London with her
husband and two children.

FATCA And A Warning To Brits In The US




Untold Story A
Novel By Monica Ali

plus $4.99 s/h

CA residents add 9.5% sales tax

The Perfect
Gift AllYear-Round A 12-month
Union Jack
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Investment Bond which would likely be

deemed as a Passive Foreign Investment
Company (PFIC) and would have its own tax
For a good number of reasons Brit Expats
in the US may want to keep assets outside of
the US denominated in Great British Pounds.
There are IRS compliant investment options
to cater for this scenario. This will allow a Brit
Expat in the US to retain GBP investments
outside of the US and become tax compliant.
It will also allow them to manage currency
risk by allowing you to switch to US Dollars
should it be advantageous to do so (and back
again if required).
QROPS, FACTA and Brits who use them
that live in the US
Another area which will be affected by
FATCA is the use of Qualifying Recognised
Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) by Brit
Expats in the US. The majority of those are
based in Malta which has recently signed
up to FATCA reporting. There is a widely
held belief that should a Brit Expat transfer
their UK pension to a QROPS whilst being
US resident, this will create a tax charge on
the transfer as it will no longer be a qualifying UK pension scheme. Currently the IRS

doesnt know when this happens and Brits

just report income which is taxed through
self-assessment. FACTA reporting will mean
that the IRS will find out when they transferred
to the QROPS and could quite easily issue a
tax bill as this a chargeable event.
There are compliant pension schemes
available for Brits residing in the US which
allow them to make use of tried and tested
double taxation agreements without using
QROPS. These allow the client to have a US
dollar denominated pension but which stays
in the UK which therefore remains a qualifying
UK pension in the eyes of the IRS.
FACTAs powers are far reaching and the
quantity of information it will uncover will be
staggering. It will take the IRS a long time to
sift through it all but at some point, if your
US / UK financial planning isnt compliant you
may well get a very unwelcome letter on your
door step. There are a few professional firms
who can help you arrange your finances so
they are compliant, so you do have option
Philip Teague
Divisional Director of the Alexander Beard
Group A UK / US cross border financial
planning specialist

Put Your Business on

the Brit Business Map!

(800) 262-7305

February 2014

Prince Harry Ends Role

As Helicopter Pilot

1, 7, 8: Mayflower Club of N Hollywood, CA
holds their Panto Feb 1,7,8; Celtic Irish Dance
workshop is Feb 3,10,17,24; and Doc and
Stumpys Mardi Gras, a Baggy Pants Burlesque
Feb 22 (818) 769-9805.
31, 1, 2: Two Rivers Renaissance Faire at
West Wetland Park in Yuma, AZ 85219 www.
5: Plaza Pantry of Ojai, CA invites you to their
monthly English Afternoon Tea 1:30pm (805)
o You Say Tomato in San Francisco has all
your favorites: bacon, pies, crumpets, pasties,
Mr Kipling cakes, Black and white pudding and
more (415) 921-2828.
8-Mar 30: Arizona Renaissance Festival at
Apache Junction, AZ 85219 www.royalfaires.
com (520) 463-2600.
8-Mar 16: Florida Renaissance Festival on
Deerfield Beachs Quiet Waters Park 401 S Powerline Rd in Deerfield, FL 33442 (854) 776-1642
15-16: Queen Mary Scottish Festival at the
Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, CA www.
22-23: Riverside Dickens Festival at Main St
and 9th in front of City Hall in Historic Downtown
Riverside, CA 92502
o Camerons Inn of Half Moon Bay has clam
chowder to go with that killer burger and pint on
the patio (650) 726-5705.
21-23: Wicked Fairie: Revenge of The Renaissance Faire at the Doubletree Hotel in Somerset,
21-23: West and Masquerade
Balls at the Renaissance Madison Hotel in Seattle,
Weekends of Feb/March: Sherwood Renaissance Festival 1883 Olde Hwy 20 McDade, TX
(520) 463-2600
22-April 6 weekends: 35th Annual Renaissance Festival at MOSI: Bay Area Renaissance
Festival at Museum of Science and Industry in
Tampa, FL 33617 (800) 779-4910.
o The Olde Ship in Fullerton (714) 871-7447
and Santa Ana, CA (714) 550-6700 has great
entertainment on weekends, catering for your
parties, and the friendliest staff to make you a
stranger just once.
25-March 3: Estrella War (SCA) at Schnerf
Farms in Queen Creek, AZ
1-2: Coast Renaissance Festival at Pensacola
Interstate Fairgrounds 6655 Mobile Way, Pensacola, FL
1-April 27: Four Winds Canterbury Festival
at Vizcaya Ranch (15 miles South) of Tyler, TX
(903) 839-5271
o Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica, CA
invites you to join them for this years Super Bowl
Feb 2; check out their bakery for a quick pie or
dessert to go with a coffee; or spoil yourself with
an afternoon Tea (310) 451-1402.
17: Agoura Renaissance Faire Reunion Picnic and Revels at Paramount Ranch, CA (818)

Northeast Ohio Calendar

By Joe Nicholls. Joe & Kevin McGinty can
be heard on The Sounds of Britain and Ireland
Sundays 4-5pm (EDT) on Clevelands WCPN
90.3FM) &
7, 21: British-American Club, Fish & chips dinners, 8564 Ravenna Rd, (off Rte 82) Twinsburg,
6:30-8:30pm, (330) 963-6370.
7, 14, 21, 28: West Side Irish American Club,
Irish-American style dinners, 8559 Jennings Rd
3 Olmsted Township, 6-9pm, (216) 251-4075.
9: Scottish American Society, monthly meeting, Akron Public Library, Downtown Akron, 3pm,
(330) 882-0342.
11: SHANO, Scottish Heritage Meetings, Community Presbyterian Church, 5132 Mayfield Rd,
Lyndhurst. 7:30pm, (330) 463-5559.
12: Calon Lan Welsh Club, Lunch Meeting,
Dennys Restaurant, Rte 224, Boardman. 1pm,
(330) 758-4202.
14, 28: British-American Club, Pub Nights,
8564 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg, 8pm, (330)
23: Jaguar Club of Ohio, Classic Car Museum
Tour, 123 6th.Street SW, Canton 10:30am, (330)
28: British-American C of C Link Club, Luncheon, Delmonicos Restaurant, I-77 & Rockside
Rd, Independence, 11:30am, (216) 621-0222 .

PRINCE HARRY is ending his role as a

helicopter pilot and taking up a new job
with the army in London, royal officials
said last month.
Kensington Palace said Harry known in
the army as Capt Wales will be organising
significant commemorative events involving the army in his new role.
Harry, 29, spent more than three years
training to be and serving as an Apache
helicopter pilot, completing a tour in Afghanistan last year as a co-pilot gunner.
In July, he qualified to command an
Apache the culmination of his training.
Harry now will be a staff officer at HQ
London District, which plans ceremonial
events such as Trooping the Colour and
state visits.
His new role could involve helping bring
the Warrior Games to the UK something
Harry said he was keen to see happen after
attending the event last year in Colorado.
The Warrior Games are a Paralympicstyle event for wounded service members.
Kensington Palace said feasibility work
is being carried out about the possibility of
Britain hosting the inaugural International
Warrior Games.


Feb 14, Valentines Day
Mar 1, St. Davids Day
Mar 4, Shrove Tuesday
Mar 17, St Patricks Day
Mar 30, Mothering Sunday (UK)
Mar 30, British Summertime begins
Apr 18, Good Friday
Apr 20, Easter Sunday
Apr 21, Easter Monday
Apr 23, St. Georges Day
Apr 23, Shakespeare Day
May 5, Early May Bank Holiday
May 11, Mothers Day (US)
May 26, Spring Bank Holiday
Jun 14, Trooping The Colour
Jun 15, Fathers Day
Jul 14, Bank Hol, N Ireland only
Jul 15 St Swithuns Day
Aug 4, Summer Bank Hol, Scotland
Aug 25, Summer Bank Holiday
Oct 21, Trafalgar Day
Oct 26, Brit Summertime Time ends
Nov 5, Guy Fawkes Day
Nov 9, Remembrance Sunday
Nov 30, St Andrews Day
Dec 25, Christmas Day
Dec 26, Boxing Day
Dec 31, New Years Eve

The Perfect Gift Anytime!

A Union Jack
~ See Page 3 ~

Top Rugby Players,

Coaches To Have
Concussion Education
THE FIGHT to raise awareness of concussions in English rugby has moved forward
with the announcement of a compulsory
education program for all professional
players and coaches.
The Rugby Football Union, Englands
national governing body, says players
and coaches from the countrys top two
leagues must complete an online concussion education module before the start of
next season, while further resources will be
extended to professional referees.
RFU chief medical Officer Simon Kemp
says concussion is acknowledged to be
one of the most challenging sports injuries
to diagnose, assess and rehabilitate but
we continue to make significant progress
in this area.
It has also been recommended that there
should be more support for studies looking
into the prevalence of neurodegenerative
disease among retired players.

McLaren Unveils New

Formula One Car
McLAREN has unveiled its new MP4-29
car for this Formula One season with a narrower front wing, lower nose and smaller
rear wing.
The team was fifth in the constructors
championship last year.
McLaren said in a statement last month,
We have responded to the disappointment
of our 2013 season by pragmatically framing our approach to the (new) technical
challenge. The new MP4-29 ... is a sensible and calculated response to the new
Among the changes in regulations
for this season is the 2.4-litre naturally
aspirated V8 engine being replaced by a
1.6-litre V6 turbocharged motor.
McLarens lead driver, Jenson Button, achieved the teams highest finish
last season when he came fourth in the
Brazilian GP.
Obviously, we want to get back to the
front, Button said. We want to have a
better season than we did in 2013, too.

... best part ... its FREE?

who both play for Conference South team

Whitehawk FC, were charged with conspiracy
to defraud last month.

Matas Arrival Marks Start Of

Rebuilding At United

WITH Manchester United in danger of missing

out on the Champions League next season,
Juan Matas arrival at Old Trafford for a club
record fee of 37.1m ($61.2m) cold be an
emergency move. But it also marks the first
step in the rebuilding process of Englands
most titled club.
After a botched transfer campaign last
summer that led to the clubs lackluster first
half of the season, United now looks determined to allow manager David Moyes the
opportunity to build his own team.
Speaking after his decisive move in the
transfer market that is likely to galvanize his
struggling team, Alex Fergusons successor
says the Spain midfielders arrival is only the
first of many to come.

Southampton Suspends
Osvaldo Over Incident

SOUTHAMPTON says it has suspended

record signing Pablo Osvaldo for two weeks
following a training-ground incident.
Southamptons statement said Osvaldo
was involved in an incident, adding that
it took swift and proper action for what it
considers a breach of the conduct expected
of its players.
The Italy international was kicked out of
the Confederations Cup squad last year for
insulting his club coach at Roma in a breach
of national team coach Cesare Prandellis
code of ethics.

Third Player Charged In

English Match-Fixing Probe

BRITAINS National Crime Agency has

charged a third footballer as part of a matchfixing investigation involving non-league
Moses Swaibu, who played in the sixthtier Conference South, was charged last
month with conspiracy to defraud as part of
the probe into an alleged international illegal
betting syndicate.
He was released on bail and was to appear
in court at a later date.
Michael Boateng and Hakeem Adelakun,

Football Fan Arrested For

Tearing Up Quran

POLICE HAVE arrested a football fan after

pages were torn out of a Quran and thrown
during a game.
West Midlands Police say the incident
happened at the second-tier League Championship game between Birmingham and
Middlesbrough on December 7.
The force says the un-named 25-year-old
man was arrested on suspicion of inciting
racial hatred.
He has since been released on police
bail and banned from attending any football
matches while the investigation continues.

Stephen Ireland Agrees On

Permanent Move To Stoke

STEPHEN IRELAND has agreed on a permanent move to Stoke as the Premier League
club also announced the arrival of striker John
Guidetti on loan.
The Ireland midfielder was on a seasonlong loan from Aston Villa but Stoke says that
the deal has been made permanent.
Ireland has scored three goals for Mark
Hughes team this season. His transfer allowed the Stoke manager to bring in Guidetti,
a promising 21-year-old Manchester City
striker, for the rest of the season.
Ireland played for City under Hughes
before joining Aston Villa in August 2010.

Nasri Could Be Out For

Eight Weeks

MANCHESTER City midfielder Samir Nasri

will be out for eight weeks with a left knee
injury, robbing the team of one of its most
consistent performers for a crucial period of
the season.
Nasri wrote on his Twitter page last month
that he partially ruptured ligaments in his knee
when he was fouled by Newcastle defender
Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa in the second half of
Citys 2-0 win in the Premier League last
month. He added that there was also excess
swelling on the knee.
Nasris prognosis allays fears that the
France international could miss the World
Cup in Brazil.


Irish Open Returns

To Fota Island
THE IRISH OPEN is returning to Fota
Island this June after a 12-year absence.
The tournament is changing location for
the third straight year after it was held at
Royal Portrush in 2012 and Carton House
in 2013.
Two-time major winner Rory McIlroy
says in a European Tour statement the
countrys national Open should be moved
around to give everyone an opportunity
to see the event, and it also gives us the
chance to show the world just how many
amazing courses there are in Ireland.
The Irish Open was staged at Fota Island, in Cork in the south of the country,
in 2001 and 02.
This years event takes place from
June 19-22.

Add Your Organizations

Upcoming Event Here . . .

If you want your non-profit Britishrelated event added to the calendar,

send your information to Leo & Karen at
Your listing can also be added online
by going to and click on
the CALENDAR tab.

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International Market (Las Vegas) Performance Food Service (Santa Cruz)


Two locations in San Diego area

Page 14

February 2014


Compiled by Larry Gardner

Continued from page 16
match, ousting Feliciano Lopez of Spain,
7-6 (7-2) 6-4, 6-2. Murray faced French
qualifier Stephane Robert, in the fourth,
who failed to qualify, but got a spot after a
qualifier withdrew from injury. Murray won
6-1, 6-2, 6-7 (6-8) 6-2, for a place in the
quarter-finals. Big shock of the fourth round
was Serena Williams exit by Ana Ivanovic,
who won 4-6, 6-3, 6-3, and then third seed
Maria Sharapova, was ousted by Dominika
Cibulkova of Slovakia.

Michael Gerwen Powers To World

Dart Title

The Ladbrokes PDC World Darts Championships at the Alexandra Palace, December
13-January 1, saw prize money rise to over
7m, with a 250,000 pot for the winner. The
very first PDC world championship in 1994,
saw then champion Dennis Priestly, collect
16,000 for his victory. Defending champion
Phil Taylor, entered his 26th consecutive
World championships, but things did not
go well for the 16 time world champion. He
made an early exit in the second round when
Michael Smith ousted him 3-1, while five
time champion Raymond van Barneveld,
went out to Welsh thrower, Mark Webster,
4-3 in the same round too. Bit of dart history
when the Huybrechts brothers of Belgium,
faced off against each other with Kim beating his sibling Ronny 3-1. Last years losing
finalist Michael Gerwen, prevailed 7-4 in
the final over Peter Wright. The Dutchman
went 4-0 up against Wright, a Scot from
Livingston, who was rated a 66-1 shot at
the start of the tournament. The ever changing colours of Wrights mohawk haircut and
varied, flamboyant T-shirts have brought him
a following on the PDC tour; but not a world
championship as of yet.

Steve Bunting And Lisa Ashton

Win At Frimley Green

The BDO World Dart Championships at

the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green,
January 4-12, is an older rival that was
conceived in 1973, and has more of a grassroots approach to the sport rather than the big
commercial sponsorships of the PDC. The
opening round was increased from the usual
32 players to 40. Yorkshires BDO defending
champion Scott Waites, was ousted 3-0,
in the first round by Alan Norris of Yeovil.
Norris reached the final to face the number
one seed, Stephen Bunting, who powered
to a 6-3 lead and captured his first World
Championship, scoring a 7-4 victory for the
28-year-old from St Helens. Lisa Ashton won
the womens crown, after being 2-0 down
to Deta Hedman, she claimed the womens
world championship coming back for a 3-2
victory in an all-England final.

Boxing, Snooker & Golf

Bantamweight Stuart Hall from Darlington, became the oldest Briton to claim a world
crown at his first attempt, when he beat Vusi

Saturday, February 1
Newcastle v Sunderland; West Ham v Swansea;
Cardiff v Norwich; Everton v Aston Villa;
Fulham v Southampton; Hull v Tottenham;
Stoke v Man Utd
Sunday, February 2
West Brom v Liverpool; Arsenal v Crystal Palace
Monday, February 3
Man City v Chelsea
Saturday, February 8
Liverpool v Arsenal;
Aston Villa v West Ham; Chelsea v Newcastle;
Crystal Palace v West Brom; Norwich v Man City;
Southampton v Stoke; Sunderland v Hull
Swansea v Cardiff
Sunday, February 9
Tottenham v Everton; Man Utd v Fulham;
Tuesday, February 11; Cardiff v Aston Villa;
Hull v Southampton; West Ham v Norwich;
West Brom v Chelsea
Wednesday, February 12
Arsenal v Man Utd; Everton v Crystal Palace;
Man City v Sunderland; Newcastle v Tottenham;
Stoke v Swansea; Fulham v Liverpool
Saturday, February 22
Chelsea v Everton; Arsenal v Sunderland;
Cardiff v Hull; Man City v Stoke;
West Brom v Fulham; West Ham v Southampton
Crystal Palace v Man Utd
Sunday, February 23
Liverpool v Swansea; Newcastle v Aston Villa;
Norwich v Tottenham
Saturday, March 1
Aston Villa v Norwich; Everton v West Ham;
Fulham v Chelsea; Hull v Newcastle;
Man Utd P-P Man City; Southampton v Liverpool;
Stoke v Arsenal; Sunderland P-P West Brom
Sunday, March 2
Swansea v Crystal Palace; Tottenham v Cardiff

Malinga (21-5-1) with a unanimous decision to claim the IBF

title. The 33-year-old Darlington
fighter (16-2-1) battling with
one eye near closed, came
through against the determined
South African at the First Direct
Arena, Leeds, late December. He
becomes Britains fourth world
boxing champion, alongside Carl
Froch, Scott Quigg and Ricky Burns.
Neil Robertson beat Mark Selby 10-7, to
win the UK Snooker Championship at York,
after fighting back from being 5-1 down. The
Australian becomes the first overseas player
to win the triple crown, having won the World
Championship and Masters crown in 2010.
At the 2014 World Master at the Alexandra
Palace, January 12-19, world champion
Ronnie OSullivan captured the title for the
fifth time, beating Mark Selby. OSullivan led
7-1, during the first session and won 10-4.
Tommie Fleetwood led by a stroke going
into the final round of the Volvo Golf Champions tournament in Durban, South Africa,
but the Englishmans endeavor for a second
win on the European Circuit was halted by
Louis Oosthuizen. The South African fired
off an eagle on the final round, then finished
with birdies on the 17th and 18th for a 12
under 276. Fleetwood was two behind
Rory McIIroy was a runner-up at the Abu
Dhabi Championship, January 19, sharing
second place with Phil Mickelson. Pablo
Larrazabal of Spain won by a stroke with
a 14 under 274. McIIroy had incurred a two
stroke penalty during the third round.

reached the fourth round after a goalless

home draw, but won at Peterborough 3-2.
Macclesfield lost 4-1 in a replay at Sheffield Wednesday, after forcing a 1-1 draw
at home. Grimsby Town tumbled to a 3-2
home defeat at the hands of Huddersfield.

World Cup 2014

Britains top basketball player, Luol Deng,

has been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers,
after ten seasons with the Chicago Bulls. As
part of the deal, the Bulls get centre Andrew
Bynum, and three of the Cavaliers future
draft picks Irish golfer Rory McIIroy and
former number one tennis player Caroline
Wozniakis relationship turned serious last
month, when the pair tweeted that they plan
to marry David Beckhams quest for a
MLS franchise in the City of Miami got very
serious, when his investment team hired
their very own lobbyist to petition favour in
Tallahassee. Brian Ballard, will make sure
that Beckhams team gets all the tax breaks
and advantages that are due to all operators
of a professional sports teams in Florida. The
State had denied the new MLS franchise in
Orlando, a $2m, twenty year subsidy, but
Ballard believes that Beckhams enterprise is
just like the Tampa Bay Rays, the Jaguars
and the Buccaneers when they started out,
and Tallahassee politicians will look kindly
on another predicted successful MLS soccer
expansion Cristiano Ronaldo won FIFAs
Ballon dOr, becoming the world football
player of the year. The Portuguese striker for
Real Madrid and former Manchester United
marksman scored his 400th goal recently.
Lionel Messi was the previous recipient of
this honour for the last four years

Coach Roy Hodgson, will name a 30 man

provisional squad for Englands World Cup
campaign mid-May. Scheduled friendlies
will see England face Denmark at Wembley,
March 8, and Peru on May 30. On the way to
Brazil, they will stop over at Miami, and play
two games in South Florida, against Honduras, June 4, and three days later Ecuador
Jurgen Klinsmanns American players are
mostly on hiatus, as the MLS takes its yearly
break. The team were at Sao Paulos Barra
Fundas training ground for a 12 day Brazil
visit. A friendly in Los Angeles against South
Korea, February 1 has been arranged, and the
US Squad will travel to Europe as part of their
training schedule and play Ukraine, March
5 Relations between Brazil and FIFA must
be quite tense as the World Cup approaches,
and the rush to complete the new stadiums
takes priority. President Sepp Blatters criticism that Brazil had over seven years to put
this tournament together, and should have
got construction started much earlier, has not
gone down well in Rio de Janeiro.

FA Cup; Swans Surprise The Reds,

Blades Upset The Villa

The third round of the FA Cup, January 4-5,

brought an unsuspecting list of casualties,
but none so more than at Old Trafford. A last
minute goal by Wilfried Bony, gave Swansea
a 2-1 victory over a Manchester United side
without Robin van Persie or Wayne Rooney.
Fabio da Silva was sent off ten minutes from
time leaving the Reds down to ten men.
Trauma at Villa Park, where coach Paul
Lambert, commented that Premier League
clubs had lost favour with the Cup. Goals
by Jamie Murphy and Ryan Flynn inferred
Division One strugglers Sheffield Utd, had
not lost their enthusiasm however, and forged
a 2-1 away win over Aston Villa, that had
Lambert back-tracking his earlier remarks.
Premier League relegation zoned West Ham
Utd, found no solace at Nottingham Forrest,
where a Jamie Paterson hat-trick, pushed
the Forest to prevail 5-0. Division Twos
Rochdale got one in each half, for a 2-0
home win over Championship challengers
Leeds Utd. Former Manchester Utd star,
Ole Gunnar Solskjaar, got his new job as
coach at Cardiff off to a good start, where
the bluebirds won 2-1 against Newcastle at
St James Park.
Only one of the remaining three non-league
sides survived. Kidderminster Harriers

Now living in the US
There is now a Royal Marine
Association Branch formed in
the US.

Please contact:
John Topping, Secretary
Royal Marine Association
USA Branch
8409 Lake Crest Terrace,
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-2678
Phone: (703) 690-8944

Scottish Soccer

Celtic notched up their tenth consecutive

league victory, January 18, with a 3-0 home
win over Motherwell, putting them well on
the way for another Scottish Championship
The news that Rangers had lost 13m over
the last financial year, and players have been
asked to take a reduction in wages has not
gone down well in the dressing room. By
mid-January, the club had won 19 of its 20
Division One games and easily topped the
division. Only Stranraer, on Boxing Day at the
Ibrox, broke the one hundred per cent record
set by Ally McCoist, after a 1-1 draw Heart
of Midlothian went into administration last
June, after former owner Vladimir Romanov
of Lithuania, witnessed the entire collapse
of his international business empire. The
courts authorized Foundation of Hearts,
a supporters club initiative to take over
the club. Hearts started this years Scottish
Premier Campaign minus 15 points, and look
likely headed for relegation to the Championship next season. The club are looking for
voluntary wage cuts, and assistant coach
Billy Browns contract was not renewed.
The courts need to sort out the legal status
of Romanovs shares, but stay solvent and
pay its bills with an exit from administration
possible in the next month or so.


Sporting Passings

Former Wolves and England goalkeeper

Bert Williams died last month. He was 93.
Williams turned out 420 times for Wolves
and earned 24 caps with England. He survived the ignominy of being in goal when
England were beaten 1-0, by the USA in the
1950 World Cup Heart failure claimed the
life of Portuguese soccer icon Eusebio. He
played 64 times for his country, scoring 41
goals and won 10 league championships for
Benfica, winning the European Cup in 1962.
He was 71 Bobby Collins was only five
foot three inches tall, but he was one helluva
of a footballer. After 320 appearances with
Celtic, he move to Everton in 1958, and was
later signed by Don Revie for Leeds Utd.
He added seven more clubs to his playing
list, finally ending up at Shamrock Rovers.
Coaching jobs at Huddersfield, Hull, Barn-

sley and two spells with Leeds kept him in

touch with the game he loved. He made 31
appearances for Scotland. Bobby Collins
was 82 Sir Christopher Chataway was
an athlete, broadcaster, politician and banker,
but he is always remembered for being the
pacemaker (with Chris Brasher) in the very
first sub-minute mile, when Roger Bannister
made athletic history in May of 1954. He
set a world record for the 5,000m that year,
but moved into broadcasting when the new
Independent television station (ITV) opened
the following year, though later, moving to the
BBC. He served in the House of Commons
as a Conservative MP for Chichester from
1959-1966, and then again from 1969 to
1974, before moving in to a career in banking.
Knighted in 1995, Sir Chris was 82-years-old.

Late Tennis & Cricket

Andy Murrays participation in the Australian Open ended in the quarter-finals, as old
rival Roger Federer overcame the Scot 6-3,
6-4, 6-7 (6-8) 6-3. Murray commented that
winning a Grand Slam right after back surgery
was an over optimistic goal, but he had done
his best. Number one seed Novak Djokovic,
looking for his fourth consecutive Australian
title, came a cropper in the quarters too,
losing a five setter to Switzerlands Stanislas
Wawrinka. The Swiss player went on to claim
his first Grand Slam, beating Rafael Nadal
in the final, 6-3,6-2,3-6, 6-3. Chinas Li Na
won her second Grand Slam title beating
Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia in the ladies
final,7-6 (7-3) 6-0.
England ended their eight match losing
streak against Australia, at the fourth ODI at
Perth, winning by 57 runs. England 316-8 at
50 overs. Australia 259 (Aaron Finch 108)
all out. The Aussies won the fifth and final
ODI at Adelaide, by five runs and the series
4-1. Australia 217-9 at 50 overs. England
212 all out.

City And Sunderland Earn

Wembley Final

The semifinals of the Capital One English

league Cup, January 8-9 & 21-22, witnessed
Manchester City cast West Ham United
aside like an old doll with a winning aggregate of 9-0. At the Etihad Stadium, City
crushed the Londoners 6-0, that included
a hat-trick by Alvaro Negredo, a double by
Dzeko and a netting by Yaya Toure. At Upton
Park, it continued. Negredo got a double and
Aguero got one for a convincing 3-0 away
win. At the Stadium of Light, Ryan Giggs put
Sunderland ahead after finding his own net
on half-time, while a Nemanja Vidic header

Continued from page 16
Norwich City
In: Jonas Gutierrez (Norwich, Loan)
Out: Daniel Ayala (Middlesbrough,
350,000), Jamar Loza (Leyton Orient,
In: None.
Out: Lee Barnard (Southampton, Loan) ,
Billy Sharp (Doncaster, Loan).
Stoke City
In: Stephen Ireland (Aston Villa, Undisclosed), John Guidetti (Manchester
City, Loan), Juan Agueldo (New England
Revolution, Free), Peter Odemwingie (Cardiff,
Out: Jamie Ness (Leyton Orient, Loan),
Brek Shea (Barnsley, Loan), Juan Agueldo
(FC Utrecht, Loan), Kenwyne Jones (Cardiff,
In: Marcos Alonso (Fiorentina, Loan),
Oscar Ustari (Almeria, Free), Santiago Vergini
(Estudiantes, Loan).
Out: Ji Dong-Won (Augsburg, Undisclosed), Mikael Mandron (Fleetwood Town,
Loan), Billy Knott (Port Vale, Loan).
Swansea City
In: David Ngog (Bolton, Undisclosed).
Out: Daniel Alfei (Portsmouth, Loan), Alan
Tate (Aberdeen, Loan).
Tottenham Hotspur
In: None.
Out: Jermain Defoe (Toronto FC, 6m*),
Simon Dawkins (Derby, 500,000), Shaquile
Coulthirst (Leyton Orient, Loan), Jonathan
Obika (Brighton & Hove Albion, Loan), Ryan
Fredericks (Millwal, Loan), Adam Smith
(Bournemouth, Undisclosed).
West Bromwich Albion
In: None.
Out: Shane Long (Hull, 7m), Lee Camp
(Bournemouth, Free).
West Ham United
In: Jaanai Gordon (Peterborough, 3.5m),
Roger Johnson (Wolves, Loan), Marco Borriello (Roma, Loan), Antonio Nocerino (AC
Milna, Loan).
Out: Blair Turgott (Rotherham, Loan).
*Leaves in February.

had Manchester United level seven minutes

later. Fabio Borini put a penalty away for the
Black Cats in the 64th minute and Sunderland
came through 2-1. At Old Trafford, Jonny
Evans opened up the scoring for United eight
minutes before the break, but with the ninety
minute aggregate result at 2-2, the match
went to extra time. Both clubs scored during
the closing minutes. First, Phil Bardsley
and then Javier Hernandez, and with a 3-3
aggregate the game went to penalties. Seven
penalties were missed, and Sunderland won
2-1. Manchester City and Sunderland will
contest the final of the Capital One English
League Cup at Wembley, March 2.
The fifth round of the FA Cup, January
24-25-26, saw Cup holders Wigan win 2-1
at home against Premier strugglers, Crystal
Palace. Watford went 2-0 up at the Etihad
Stadium against Manchester City, but the
Citizens came back to win 4-2 after a hat-trick
by Aguero. The last remaining non-league
side, Kidderminister Harriers, went out at
the Stadium of Light, where a Charis Mavrias
netting in the fifth minute gave Sunderland a
1-0 win in a rather uncomfortable encounter
with the Conference outfit.

THE CHANCES of Wales retaining their Six

Nations Championship always look slimmer
in even-numbered years when they get three
away fixtures. The only game they ever want
to win is the one against England and that
at least is a home event. One player who will
miss most of the games is Jonathan Davies,
the Lions centre, suffering from pectoral
muscle troubles.
By contrast, this is the season when
England are favoured with three home ties.
The Calcutta Cup match comes up first and
that should give the Sassenachs a winning
start to their campaign. All should proceed
quite smoothly after that until they cross
the Severn Bridge for what will surely be the
championship decider. Keep an eye out for
Jonny May, the young Gloucester winger. The
national side are running short of wingers as
a result of injuries and May is coming into
form at just the right time.
Scotland really need a successful season.
They have been drifting away quite weakly
in the past few seasons. At least they have
got three home games which should yield a
few points. It will be the trips to London and
Paris that will probably ruin their season
yet again!
Brian ODriscolls final season should have
started well with victory over the All Blacks
but it wasnt to be. Ireland are going through
a transitional phase struggling to find some
new classy boyos to build their game around.
They will not be helped by the absence of Cian
Healey in the front row this year, especially
with Sean OBrien also ruled out by injury.
Italy have already been dealt a heavy blow
with the withdrawal through injury of their
best player Sergio Parisse. He is probably the only Italian who would get into any
European side. I expect them to give Wales
and Ireland nasty frights.
My money is on France this year. Their
key match will probably be at Twickenham
halfway through the championship. But if any
northern hemisphere side can upset England
at home, it must be France.
2014 Six Nations Fixtures
2: Wales v Ireland (kick-off 1.30), England v
Scotland (4.00)
3: Italy v France (3.00 GMT)
9: Scotland v Italy (2.30), France v Wales
(5.00 GMT)
10: Ireland v England (3.00)
23: Italy v Wales (2.30 GMT), England v
France (5.00)
24: Scotland v Ireland (2.00)
9: Scotland v Wales (2.30), Ireland v France
11: England v Italy (3.00)
16: Italy v Ireland (2.30 GMT), Wales v England (5.00), France v Scotland (8.00 GMT)
Welsh Worries Over Possible Breakaways Of Top Clubs
The dispute between the Welsh Rugby
Union(WRU) and its four regions is beginning to get nasty. The latter seem quite
keen on setting up a breakaway competition
with French and English club sides in a new
championship. The WRU is threatening to
give four new franchises to Welsh sides,
effectively dismissing the Ospreys, Cardiff
Blues, Newport Gwent and Scarlets should
they join English premiership sides.

February 2014



Round of 16 Draw
First Leg
Tuesday, February 18
Man City v Barcelona; B Leverkusen v Paris St-Germain
Wednesday, February 19
Arsenal v B Munich; AC Milan v Atletico Madrid
Tuesday, February 25
Olympiakos v Man United; Zenit St Ptrsbrg v B Dortmund
Wednesday, February 26
Galatasaray v Chelsea; Schalke v Real Madrid
Second Leg
Tuesday, March 11
Atletico Madrid v AC Milan; B Munich v Arsenal
Wednesday, March 12
Barcelona v Man City; Paris St-Germain v B Leverkusen
Tuesday, March 18
Chelsea v Galatasaray; Real Madrid v Schalke
Wednesday, March 19
B Dortmund v Zenit St Ptrsbrg; Man United v Olympiakos


Round Of 32 Draw First Leg
Thursday, February 20
Anzhi Makhachkala v KRC Genk
Dynamo Kiev v Valencia CF
Esbjerg fB v Fiorentina
FC Chornomorets Odesa v Lyon
FC Dnipro v Tottenham
Juventus v Trabzonspor
PAOK Salonika v Benfica
Slovan Liberec v AZ Alkmaar
Ajax v FC Red Bull Salzburg
FC Porto v Eintracht Frankfurt
Lazio v Ludogorets Razgrad
Maccabi Tel Aviv v Basel
NK Maribor v Sevilla
Real Betis v Rubin Kazan
Swansea v Napoli
Viktoria Plzen v Shakhtar Donetsk

Round Of 32 Second Leg

Thursday, February 27
Rubin Kazan v Real Betis
Basel v Maccabi Tel Aviv
Eintracht Frankfurt v FC Porto
FC Red Bull Salzburg v Ajax
Ludogorets Razgrad v Lazio
Napoli v Swansea
Sevilla v NK Maribor
Shakhtar Donetsk v Viktoria Plzen
AZ Alkmaar v Slovan Liberec
Benfica v PAOK Salonika
Fiorentina v Esbjerg fB
KRC Genk v Anzhi Makhachkala
Lyon v FC Chornomorets Odesa
Tottenham v FC Dnipro
Trabzonspor v Juventus
Valencia CF v Dynamo Kiev



Blackburn 1, Man City 1; Aston Villa 1, Sheff Utd 2;
Barnsley 1, Coventry 2 ; Bolton 2, Blackpool 1;
Brighton 1, Reading 0; Bristol City 1, Watford 1;
Doncaster 2, Stevenage 3; Everton 4, QPR 0;
Grimsby 2, Huddersfield 3; Ipswich 1, Preston 1;
Kidderminster 0, Peterborough 0;
Macclesfield 1, Sheff Wed 1; Middlesbrough 0, Hull 2;
Newcastle 1, Cardiff 2; Norwich 1, Fulham 1;
Rochdale 2, Leeds 0; Southampton 4, Burnley 3;
Southend 4, Millwall 1; Stoke 2, Leicester 1;
West Brom 0, Crystal Palace 2; Wigan 3, MK Dons 3;
Yeovil 4, Leyton Orient 0; Arsenal 2, Tottenham 0;
Nottm Forest 5, West Ham 0; Sunderland 3, Carlisle 1;
Derby 0, Chelsea 2; Liverpool 2, Oldham 2;
Port Vale 2, Plymouth 2; Man Utd 1, Swansea 2
Birmingham 3, Bristol Rovers 0 Bournemouth 4, Burton 1
Charlton 2, Oxford Utd 2; Oxford Utd 0, Charlton 3
Fulham 3, Norwich 0 ; MK Dons 1, Wigan 3;
Peterborough 2, Kidderminster 3; Plymouth 2, Port Vale 3;
Preston 3, Ipswich 2; Sheff Wed 4, Macclesfield 1;
Watford 2, Bristol City 2; Man City 5, Blackburn 0
Arsenal 4, Coventry 0; Nottm Forest 0, Preston 0;
Bournemouth 0, Liverpool 2; Birmingham 1, Swansea 2;
Bolton 0, Cardiff 1; Huddersfield 0, Charlton 1;
Man City 4, Watford 2; Port Vale 1, Brighton 3; Rochdale 1,
Sheff Wed 2; Southampton 2, Yeovil 0;
Southend 0, Hull 2; Sunderland 1, Kidderminster 0;
Wigan 2, Crystal Palace 1; Stevenage 0, Everton 4;
Sheff Utd 1, Fulham 1; Chelsea 1, Stoke 0
Tuesday, February 4
Fulham v Sheff Utd
Wednesday, February 5
Preston v Nottm Forest
Saturday, February 15
Arsenal v Liverpool; Brighton v Hull;
Cardiff v Wigan; Everton v Swansea;
Man City v Chelsea; Sheff Wed v Charlton;
Sunderland v Southampton


March 2
Wembley Stadium
Man City v Sunderland

Saturday, February 1
Aberdeen v St Johnstone
Sunday, February 2
Hearts v Inverness

Easter Road, Edinburgh
Sunday, April 6, 2014
Rangers v Raith Rovers


Saturday, February 8
Albion v Stenhousemuir
Alloa v Dumbarton
Celtic v Aberdeen
Dundee Utd v St Mirren
Forfar v St Johnstone
Hibernian v Raith Rovers
Rangers v Dunfermline
Stranraer v Inverness CT

Page 15

By Ridge Mahoney
Arsenal: Two Santi Corzola
goals within five minutes were
enough for the Gunners to down
Fulham, 2-0 and complete a season
double against the Cottagers. Keeper Wojciech
Szczesny needed to make just two saves, one
of them on a searing shot from Steve Sidwell.
But for quick goals, its hard to top the strikes
a minute apart by Jack Wilshire and Olivier
Giroud in a 2-1 win at Aston Villa. And for late
goals how about Nicolas Bendtner tallying in
the 88th minute and Theo Walcott connecting four minutes later to drop a 2-0 defeat on
Cardiff City.
Aston Villa: Goals by Andreas
Weimann and Christian Benteke
pushed Villa into a 2-0 lead at Anfield,
but a dodgy penalty awarded when
keeper Brad Guzan allegedly clipped Luis
Suarez helped Liverpool extract a 2-2 draw.
Benteke scored his first goal in four months
as Villa lost at home to Arsenal, 2-1.
Cardiff City: Craig Noones equalizer marked a spirited effort at Manchester City, but the home teams
power prevailed in a 4-2 victory.
Fraizer Campbell provided the second goal
in the final moments. The first month under
manager Ole Gunnar Solksjaer produced a
pair of FA Cup wins (Newcastle United, Bolton)
on the road but a 2-0 home loss to West Ham
in which they failed to capitalize on a manadvantage for final 18 minutes.
Chelsea: Samuel Etoo doubled
his seasonal goal tally to six by
hitting a hat trick in a 3-0 thumping of Manchester United that
was Chelseas sixth victory in the last seven
games. Eden Hazard scored his team-high
ninth league goal after a powerful run and
Fernando Torres marked his 200th Premier
League appearance by adding the clincher in
a 2-0 victory at Hull City.
Crystal Palace: Jason Puncheons goal early in the second
half enabled Palace to prevail
against Stoke City, 1-0. Puncheon
blazed an early penalty kick over
the crossbar in the seventh minute with the
score 0-0 and the Eagles plummeted to a 2-0
loss at Tottenham.
Everton: Kevin Mirallas scored
just before halftime for a 1-0 lead
at West Bromwich Albion and the
resultant 1-1 draw was Evertons
sixth tie, along with four wins, in 11 road
matches. Superb goals by Gareth Barry and
Mirallas confirmed their superiority in a 2-0
dispatch of Norwich City. Barry drove home
a long-distance shot midway through the first
half and Mirallas free kick in the 59th minute
clinched the win.
Fulham: Steve Sidwells equalizer early in the second half triggered
a three-goal reply from Sunderland
in a 4-1 home defeat. USA international Clint Dempsey started his two-month
loan by playing 79 minutes. Sidwell and
Dimitar Berbatov were the scorers as the

Cottagers rebounded from conceding an early

goal to beat West Ham, 2-0.
Hull City: Owner Assem Allam
threatened to quit if the Football
Association doesnt allow him to
change the clubs name to Hull
Tigers. On the field, the Tigers won FA Cup
road matches against Middlesbrough and
Southend, but in league play conceded five
goals and scored none in losses to Liverpool,
Chelsea, and Norwich City. They failed to force
a save at Norwich though recent signing Nikica
Jelavic nicked the post with a shot.
Liverpool: Daniel Sturridge
celebrated his first start in more
than two months by scoring the
first goal as Liverpool rallied from
two goals down to tie Aston Villa,
2-2. Steven Gerrard equalized with a penalty
kick awarded for a dubious foul on Luis Suarez,
whose eight-game scoring streak at home
ended. Hed scored twice and Sturridge and
Gerrard each netted once in a 5-3 thrashing
of Stoke City.
Manchester City: Four different players scored as City broke
the 100-goal barrier for the season
by drilling Cardiff City, 4-2. Edin
Dzeko opened the scoring but Jesus Navas
to break a 1-1 tie after Cardiff had equalized.
Late goals from Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero
iced the victory. Dzekos early goal gave City
a 1-0 lead at Newcastle and after a fortunate
offside decision wiped out an equalizer, Alvaro
Negredo struck in stoppage time for a 2-0 win.
Manchester United: Javier
Hernandez scored a late goal
as a sub after United had been
breached three times by Chelsea
in what became a 3-1 defeat. Wayne Rooney
and Robin Van Persie both missed the showdown because of injuries. Antonio Valencias
goal broke open a 0-0 game just halftime and
Danny Wellbeck tallied 12 minutes later to
push United past Swansea City, 2-0.
Newcastle United: The Magpies snapped a three-match
losing streak by winning, 3-1, at
West Ham. Yohan Cabaye scored
early and again in the final seconds; Loic Remy
hit the decisive goal in the 33rd minute. They
lost an apparently legitimate goal by Cheick
Tiote to an offside decision in a 2-0 home loss
to Manchester City. They were also blanked at
home by Arsenal, 1-0,
Norwich City: Ryan Bennetts
first goal in nine months an
87th minute header from a Robert
Snodgrass corner kick carried the
Canaries past Hull City, 1-0. Of their 25 shots
only four were on frame. Snodgrass had their
best chance in a 2-0 defeat at Everton but his
header hit the goalpost.
Southampton: Not only did
the Saints squander a 2-0 lead
at Sunderland, they conceded a
goal right after Dejan Lovrens
volley doubled the advantage provided by Jay
Rodriguezs opener in the fourth minute. Adam

Cricket To Be Run By India, England & Australia?

INDIA, ENGLAND and Australia would
have near complete control over international cricket in major changes being
considered by the games governing body.
A 21-page document from the International Cricket Councils influential finance
and commercial affairs committee proposes
that a new four-member ICC executive
committee be set up, with three of the places
taken by the India, England and Australia
boards. They would decide on the fourth

Violinist Vanessa-Mae To
Ski At Sochi Olympics

THE MANAGER of Vanessa-Mae says

the musician will be swapping her violin
for skis to compete at the Winter Olympics.
Giles Howard says the classical-pop
violinist has qualified for the Thai team at
the Sochi games.
The International Ski Federation published rankings last month confirming
Vanessa-Mae has met the qualifying
criteria to compete at Sochi.
The federations alpine media coordinator, Ana Jelusic, told Britains Press
Association news agency that the 35-yearold musician ticks all the boxes, having
gained the required level of points in at
least five slalom or giant slalom races.
Singapore-born, London-raised Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson competes as
Vanessa Vanakorn, using the surname of
her Thai father.
A child prodigy who played violin from
age 5, she shot to fame in 1995 with her
debut album Violin Player.

The Position Paper, a copy of which has
been obtained by The Associated Press, also
recommends that the troubled Test Championship set for introduction in 2017 be
scrapped and the limited-overs Champions
Trophy be retained in its place.
A promotion-relegation system to establish an eight-country top tier for test cricket
from 2015 is suggested, but with India, England and Australia immune from relegation.

Lallanas goal midway through the second half

was enough for the Saints to capture a dour
1-0 decision against West Bromwich Albion.
Stoke City: Goals by Peter
Crouch and Charlie Adam late in
the first half cancelled out a 2-0
Liverpool lead that included a Ryan
Shawcross own goal, but the Potters crumbled
again in the second half and Jonathan Walters
goal in the 85th minute left them with a 5-3
home defeat. Rejected in his bid for a work
permit, USA striker Juan Agudelo signed with
Stoke and went on loan to Dutch club Utrecht.
Sunderland: Adam Johnson
set up a goal for Fabio Borino
and converted a Craig Gardner
cross for an equalizer to rally
the Black Cats from 2-0 down into a 2-2 draw
with Southampton. Johnson hit a hat trick in
a 4-1 rout at Fulham for the Saints third win
in six days.
Swansea City: Wilfried Bony
marked an impressive game with
an excellent goal and also hit the
crossbar, but Chico Flores scored
into the wrong net and the outclassed Swans
were beaten at home by Tottenham, 3-1. Bony
scored both Swans goals in a 3-2 home loss
to Manchester City.
Tottenham: Emmanuel Adebayors pair of goals in a 3-1 victory
at Swansea City took his tally to six
in the last eight games. Crosses
by Christian Eriksen and Danny
Rose set up the chances for Adebayor, who
scored before and after Swansea scored an
own goal trying to repel a centering ball from
Kyle Walker.
West Bromwich Albion: Diego
Lugano scored with 15 minutes
remaining to rescue a 1-1 draw
for the Baggies at home against
Everton. Pepe Mel, hired to replace manager
Steve Clarke, watched from the stands during
a 1-0 loss at Southampton. Substitute Saido
Berahino converted a late penalty kick as
West Brom beat Newcastle, 1-0, under the
leadership of interim manager Keith Downing.
West Ham United: Carlton
Cole burst powerfully through
two defenders to score in firsthalf stoppage time and halve a
2-0 deficit against Newcastle United, but he
missed a chance to equalize and Andy Carrolls first appearance of season produced a
terrible miss over the bar as the Hammers lost,
3-1. A second caution to James Tompkins
in the 72nd minute left the Hammers a man
down against Cardiff City, but they held onto
a 1-0 lead built on Coles goal and Mark Noble
notched a second in stoppage time.

England Women
Retain Ashes In Oz
THEIR MEN came away from Australia with their tails between their legs,
but Englands women made sure they
retained the Ashes with a nine-wicket
Twenty20 victory over Australia in
The tourists chased down the Southern Stars 3-150 with 13 balls to spare,
skipper Charlotte Edwards starring
with an England record 92 not out from
59 balls.
Edwards finished it with a boundary,
sparking wild celebrations from her
teammates, and bring some pride to
English cricket.
Australia needed to win the opening
T20 match to keep the multi-format
series alive but, after hopes were raised
by two straight one-day wins, England
retained the Ashes they won back at
home last year.
England go into the final two T20
fixtures with an unassailable 10-4 points

As of January 29


P W D L F A GD Pts
Man City
23 17 2 4 68 26 42 53
23 16 4 3 45 21 24 52
23 15 5 3 43 20 23 50
23 14 4 5 57 28 29 46
Tottenham H 23 13 4 6
30 31 -1 43
23 11 9 3 35 24 11 42
Man United 23 12 4 7 38 27 11 40
Newcastle U 23 11 4 8
32 28 4 37
Southampton 23 8 8 7
31 27 4 32
Aston Villa
23 7 6 10 26 32 -6 27
Swansea City 23 6 6 11 29 33 -4 24
Norwich City 23 6 6 11 18 35 -17 24
Hull City
23 6 5 12 22 29 -7 23
Crystal Palace 23 7 2 14 15 31 -16 23
West Brom 23 4 10 9 27 33 -6 22
Stoke City
23 5 7 11 22 37 -15 22
Sunderland 23 5 6 12 22 36 -14 21
West Ham U
23 4 7 12 22 33 -11 19
23 6 1 16 22 50 -28 19
CarGD City 23 4 6 13 17 40 -23 18

English Championship

Leicester City
Queens PR
Derby County
Nottingham F
Ipswich Town
Blackburn R
Wigan Ath
Leeds United
Bolton W
Doncaster R
Sheffield W
Charlton Ath
Yeovil Town

P W D L F A GD Pts
28 20 3 5 51 28 23 63
27 16 7 4 33 17 16 55
27 14 10 3 39 20 19 52
28 15 6 7 54 37 17 51
26 11 11 4 39 26 13 44
28 12 8 8 44 33 11 44
28 10 10 8 40 32 8 40
27 10 10 7 30 23 7 40
28 10 9 9
35 35 0 39
28 9 10 9 41 35 6 37
26 10 7 9
28 26 2 37
27 10 6 11 36 36 0 36
27 9 7 11 36 33 3 34
27 9 7 11 34 46 -12 34
28 8 9 11 27 39 -12 33
25 7 10 8 36 31 5 31
27 7 8 12 31 34 -3 29
27 6 10 11 32 44 -12 28
28 7 7 14 26 44 -18 28
26 5 12 9 33 34 -1 27
27 6 8 13 28 51 -23 26
26 5 9 12 22 34 -12 24
26 4 9 13 25 44 -19 21
26 5 5 16 23 41 -18 20

English League One

P W D L F A GD Pts
28 19 5 4 50 26 24 62
Leyton Orient 27 18 6 3 58 24 34 60
Wolverhampton 28 17 7 4 47 20 27 58
Preston NE 27 13 10 4 36 27 9 49
Rotherham U 28 13 9 6 49 37 12 48
29 12 10 7 36 26 10 46
Peterborough 28 14 3 11 48 40 8 45
Swindon T
28 12 5 11 46 38 8 41
Port Vale
26 12 3 11 37 39 -2 39
MK Dons
27 10 6 11 41 41 0 36
Coventry City 27 12 8 7
55 47 8 34
Bradford City 27 7 13 7 38 32 6 34
Colchester U 26 8 10 8 35 34 1 34
28 9 5 14 36 47 -11 32
Crawley T
25 7 10 8 29 34 -5 31
Oldham Ath 28 8 6 14 32 41 -9 30
Carlisle Utd 27 8 6 13 31 47 -16 30
Tranmere R 28 7 7 14 31 50 -19 28
Notts County 29 8 3 18 37 48 -11 27
Crewe Alex 28 7 6 15 27 54 -27 27
Sheffield Utd 26 6 8 12 26 35 -9 26
Shrewsbury T 28 6 8 14 27 38 -11 26
Bristol City
27 4 12 11 38 45 -7 24
26 6 4 16 24 44 -20 22

English League Two

P W D L F A GD Pts
Chesterfield 28 14 9 5 44 25 19 51
Scunthorpe U 28 13 11 4 41 27 14 50
Fleetwood T 27 15 3 9 44 31 13 48
27 14 5 8 43 33 10 47
Oxford United 27 12 10 5 36 21 15 46
Southend Utd 27 13 7 7 35 23 12 46
Burton Albion 27 13 7 7
31 27 4 46
Newport C 25 10 8 7
35 30 5 38
Wimbledon 28 10 8 10 31 31 0 38
Morecambe 28 10 8 10 33 37 -4 38
Dag & Red
28 9 9 10 36 36 0 36
Plymouth A 27 9 8 10 24 30 -6 35
Cheltenham T 27 8 10 9 34 38 -4 34
Hartlepool U 28 9 7 12 30 35 -5 34
Exeter City
27 9 6 12 32 36 -4 33
York City
29 7 11 11 32 36 -4 32
Accrington S 27 8 8 11 32 38 -6 32
Portsmouth 28 7 11 10 33 41 -8 32
Mansfield T 28 7 10 11 29 38 -9 31
Bristol Rov 27 7 9 11 25 28 -3 30
Wycombe W 27 7 8 12 32 37 -5 29
26 6 10 10 30 34 -4 28
Torquay Utd 27 6 8 13 27 41 -14 26
Northampton 26 5 7 14 20 36 -16 22

Scottish Premiership

Inverness CT
Dundee Utd
St Johnstone
St Mirren
Ross County
Partick Th

P W D L F A GD Pts
23 20 3 0 56 12 44 63
24 14 3 7 35 22 13 45
23 14 2 7
34 30 4 44
22 11 4 7
29 21 8 37
23 9 7 7
39 27 12 34
23 9 5 9
31 26 5 32
24 7 7 10 21 27 -6 28
24 7 4 13 28 39 -11 25
24 6 6 12 24 40 -16 24
23 6 3 14 27 41 -14 21
24 4 9 11 21 38 -17 21
25 5 5 15 22 44 -22 5

Scottish Division 1

Hamilton Ac
Raith Rovers
Queen ot Sth
Alloa Ath
Greenock M

P W D L F A GD Pts
21 11 6 4 34 15 19 39
21 12 3 6 35 19 16 39
21 11 5 5 29 18 11 38
21 9 3 9
35 36 -1 30
21 8 6 7
27 29 -2 30
20 8 4 8 29 25 4 28
21 8 4 9
33 34 -1 28
21 8 4 9
21 25 -4 28
22 6 3 13 31 49 -18 21
21 3 4 14 16 40 -24 13

Scottish Division 2

Ayr United
Brechin City
Forfar Ath
East Fife

P W D L F A GD Pts
22 21 1 0 74 10 64 64
22 13 2 7
47 38 9 41
20 10 4 6 38 28 10 34
22 9 6 7
37 39 -2 33
22 8 4 10 36 44 -8 28
22 7 5 10 31 44 -13 26
21 7 4 10 32 31 1 25
21 7 2 12 19 39 -20 23
22 5 2 15 30 49 -19 17
22 4 4 14 24 46 -22 16

Scottish Division 3

P W D L F A GD Pts
22 12 6 4 44 27 17 42
22 11 4 7
27 26 1 37
Annan Ath
21 10 5 6 41 31 10 35
Stirling Albion 21 9 5 7
33 34 -1 32
Albion Rov 22 8 6 8
29 29 0 30
East Stirling 22 8 6 8
30 31 -1 30
Berwick Rgrs 22 8 5 9
36 28 8 29
22 7 6 9
31 34 -3 27
Elgin City
21 6 5 10 37 40 -3 23
Queens Park 21 3 4 14 19 47 -28 13

Page 16

In: Aiden McGeady (Spartak Moscow,
2.5m), Lacina Traore (Monaco, Loan).
Out: Tyias Browning (Wigan, Loan),
Shane Duffy (Yeovil, Loan), Hallam Hope
(Northampton, Loan), Matthew Kennedy
(Tranmere, Loan), Nikica Jelavic (Hull City,
Undisclosed), Chris Long (MK Dons, Loan),
Matthew Pennington (Tranmere, Loan),
Nikica Jelavic (Hull, 5.25m + 1m).
In: Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders,
Out: Stephen Arthurworrey (Tranmere,
Loan), Marcus Bettinelli (Accrington Stanley,
Loan), Jack Grimmer (Port Vale, Loan), Bryan
Ruiz (PSV Eindhoven, Loan).
Hull City
In: Shane Long (WBA, 7m), Nikica
Jelavic (Everton, 5.25 + 1m),Elliott Kebbie
(Atltico Madrid, Loan).
Out: Tom Cairney (Blackburn Rovers,
500,000), Aaron Mclean (Bradford City,
Undisclosed), Eldin Jakupovic (Leyton Orient, Loan), Cameron Stewart (Leeds United,
Loan), Conor Townsend (Carlisle, Loan), Nick
Proschwitz (Barnsley, Loan).
In: None.
Out: Adam Morgan (Yeovil, Free), Ryan
McLaughlin (Tranmere, Loan), Craig Roddan (Accrington, Loan),Tiago Ilori (Granada,
Manchester City
In: None.
Out: John Guidetti (Stoke, Loan), Albert
Rusnak (Birmingham, Loan), Abdisalam
Ibrahim (Released).
Manchester United
In: Juan Mata (Chelsea, 37.1m).
Out: Anderson (Fiorentina, Loan), Jack
Barmby (Hartlepool, Loan).
Newcastle United
In: None.
Out: Jonas Gutierrez (Norwich, Loan)
Continued on page 14

In: None.
Out: Chuba Akpom (Brentford, Loan), Nico
Yennaris (Brentifrd, Loan), Anthony Jeffrey
(Wycombe, Free).
Aston Villa
In: Ryan Bertrand (Chelsea, Loan), Grant
Holt (Wigan, Loan).
Out: Jordan Graham (Bradford City,
Loan), Stephen Ireland (Stoke, Undisclosed),
Michael Drennan (Carlisle).
Cardiff City
In: Magnus Wolff Eikrem (Heerenveen,
2m), Mats Moller Daehli (Molde, 1m), Jo
Inge Berget (Molde, Undisclosed), Kenwyne
Jones (Stoke, Swap).
Out: Rudy Gestede (Blackburn Rovers,
Undisclosed), Filip Kiss (Ross County, Loan),
Nicky Maynard (Wigan, Loan), John Brayford
(Sheffield United, Loan), Peter Odemwingie
(Stoke, Swap).
In: Bertrand Traor (Association Jeunes
Espoirs De Bobo-Dioulasso, Free), Nemanja
Matic (Benfica, 22m), Mohamed Salah
(Basle, 11m).
Out: Juan Mata (Manchester United,
37.1m), Kevin de Bruyne (Wolfsburg,
17m), Sam Walker (Colchester, Free),
Patrick Bamford (Derby County, Loan), Josh
McEachran (Wigan, Loan), Ryan Bertrand
(Aston Villa, Loan), Nathaniel Chalobah
(Middlesbrough, Loan), Kenneth Omeruo
(Middlebrough, Loan), Bertrand Traor (Vitesse Arnhem, Loan), Michael Essien (AC
Milan, Undisclosed).
Crystal Palace
In: None.
Out: Jason Banton (Plymouth, Undisclosed), Jimmy Kb (Leeds United, Loan),
Kevin Phillips (Leicester, Free), Matt Parsons
(Plymouth, Undisclosed), Kwesi Appiah
(Notts County, Loan).


February 2014

to back series took place for the first time

ever. England beat the Aussies 3-0 at home
last summer.

More Misery For England

Compiled by Larry Gardner

Abysmal Ashes Whitewash As

England Collapse

ENGLANDS PROBLEMS persisted in Australia. Not only 3-0 down and having already
lost the Ashes, spin bowler Graeme Swann,
suddenly announced his immediate retirement from cricket, and confirmed he was
not going to be available
for the final two Test
matches or the rest of
the tour. The 34-year-old
Nottinghamshire player
had 60 Tests under his
belt for England, and
had taken 255 wickets.
Cricket fans and pundits alike, were immediately shocked by the manner of his exit.
Englands misery continued at Melbourne,
where a first day attendance of over 91,000,
set a world record for a cricket match. England succumbed to an eight wicket defeat.
England 255 and 179. Australia 204 and 231
(Chris Rogers 116)-2 at close. The cricketing
disaster reached its climax at Sydney, where
the Aussies won the fifth and final Test by
281 runs and the series 5-0. Australia 326
(Steven Smith 115) and 276 (Chris Rogers
119). England 155 and 166. England was
bowled out in their second innings in around
three hours in just 32 overs of the third day
of play. Cricket writer Geoffrey Boycott called
it a humiliation. England skipper Alistair
Cook, admitted everything went wrong from
the start, but said they did not throw in the
towel, but, were basically outplayed. Usually,
Ashes series are played every two years, but
with the World Cup approaching, this back

The tour continued with six ODIs matches

and three T20 internationals scheduled. At
Melbourne in the first ODI the Aussies followed their triumphant run with a six wickets
win. England 269-7 at 50 overs. Australia
270 (Aaron Finch 121)-4 at close. England
did get a win under their belt at Brisbane,
beating a Prime-Ministers XI by 172 runs.
England 268-8 at 50 overs. PMs XI 92 all out.
The match at Brisbane, proved a proverbial
nail-biter with the Aussies winning by one
wicket. England 300 (Eoin Morgan 106)-8
at 50 overs. Australia 301-9 at close. The
third ODI at Sydney, January 19, saw the
Aussies win by seven wickets and captured
the five match series with a 3-0 uncatchable
lead. England 243-9 at 50 overs. Australia
244-3 at close.

Kiwis Win Series, Jacques Kallis

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The Australian Open at Melbourne, January 13-26, commenced in the middle of a

vicious heat wave where officials provided
ice vests and necklaces for players, who
suffered in temperatures of 105 degrees
plus. Andy Murray was soon the only Brit
in the singles,
when both
$250 Deductible
$500 Deductible
Male Watson,
Female made
Male early
14 days to 9* $ 308
$ 308
$ 267
$ 267
$ 209
exits. Robson
injury,$$ was
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$ 333
$ 2%
$ 296
$ 245
sets $by620the 18th
19-24 out$ in
$ 483
$ 837
25-29 Flipkens
S 798 of
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$1,222 $1,475
$1,002 $1,254
$ 776
$ 969
Andy Murray
$1,640 moved
$1,266 $1,413
$ 978 to $1,096
55-59 straight
over Go$1,568
Soeda of
60-64 and
$2,420 with
the process
$5,545 $4,839
$5,307 $4,602
$4,965 $4,191
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The new tennis year commenced with

a focus on the first major of 2014, the
Australian Open, mid-January. The preceding tournaments were a rehearsal for the
Melbourne extravaganza. Fresh of his back
surgery and the proud recipient of the BBC
Sports Personality of 2013, Andy Murray
had a mixed start. At the six man, Mubadala
World Tennis Championship Exhibition in Abu
Dhabi, December 26-28, Britains Wimbledon
champion lost the first match to Jo Wilfried
Tsongas, but won the second game against
$1,000 Deduct
him fifth place
Female Male
14 days to 9* $475
10 to 18 $500
6-0, $1,905
but crashed
to Florian
19-24 6-0,
$1,005 out$1,795
the next
after the
$1,335 $2,359 $1,174
a tight
three setter Former
$1,460 $2,595 $1,298
$1,003 $1,81
her persis40-44
$1,116 $1,47
saw her$2,010
$1,270 $1,56
$2,240 The
$1,564 $1,71
$2,000 $1,97
a dozen
for Britain
$3,960 $3,733 $3,662
$3,066 $2,83
the Federation
$8,180 $7,134 $7,882
$7,287 $6,23
but was
to progress
70 titles,$9,645
$8,046 pass
$8,739 $7,44
71 third round
$9,192 $7,83
a Grand$9,795
Slam tournament.

$10,586 The
$11,412 $9,854 $11,115 $9,558



by five wickets.

Andy Murray Returns After Surgery

The New Zealanders concluded their

three match Test series against the West
Indies, December, winning the final game
at Hamilton by eight wickets, and the series
2-0. West Indies 367 (Shiv Chanderpaul 122
not out, Denesh Ramdin 107) and 103. New
Zealand 349 (Ross Taylor 131) and 124-2
at close South Africa were eight runs off
victory against India at Johannesburg, but
time ran out for them on the fifth day and the
first Test was drawn. India 280 (Virat Kohli
119) and 421 (Cheteshwar Pujara 153).
South Africa 244 and 450 (Faf du Plessis
134, AB de Villiers 103)-7 at close. Jacques
Kallis hit his final century for South Africa at
Durban, where the hosts beat India by 10
wickets, winning the short series 1-0, while
the 38-year-old Kallis, goes into retirement
after 166 Test appearances. India 334 and
223. South Africa 500 (Jacques Kallis 115)
and 59-0 at close . The three match Test
series in Dubai, between Pakistan and Sri
Lanka ended 1-1. Sri Lanka won the second
game by nine wickets, and Pakistan the third


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