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Wave of Love and Forgivingness

Are you tired of the wave of violence currently sweeping through the world? The
Jezidine genocide by ISIS in Iraq, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the separatist civil war
in the Ukraine, South Sudan, violence and hatred seem to thrive these days killing
countless innocent civilians.

It is time to counter this wave with a wave Love. To show we can overcome hatred
and grudges. Share this message with as many friends as possible to build a tidal
wave of positive energy.

Let us start at ourselves by showing our intent: lets forgive at least one person
against whom we hold a grudge: Someone who hurt your feelings, someone who
prejudiced you. If this is too hard to express, forgive that person at least silently in
your heart.

Grudges make us bitter, unhappy if not ill. If you cant do it for the other, do it at least
for yourself as it will make you happier and healthier.

If you agree with my message, but like to use other words, share your own message
of love and forgivingness under the title Wave of Love and Forgivingness.

Realise that the person who hurt your feelings sometimes even may not be aware
that he/she hurt your feelings and that the events that you consider mean or unjust
may be based on a misunderstanding arising from different (cultural) values.
Even if the person who hurt your feelings was acting out of revenge or meanness,
realise he/she was acting from a state of mind, which is ultimately based on fear.
She or he may have been formed and indoctrinated by several sorts of cultural,
social, religious, historical or educational experiences, which all are based on some
sort of fear. Jealousy, envy, violence, meanness, the search for power over others:
they all stem from fear. From comparing oneself to others. From the fear to be
excluded from a group, from the fear to lose a friend or a beloved one if one does not
behave in a certain preconceived way.

Culture is NOT your friend.

As none of us is entirely free from such fears, who are we to condemn the other, who
acted from fear. Perhaps we would have acted in the same way or worse if we had
been in their shoes.

We must learn to give up our search for power over others. Only when the power of
love overcomes the love of power can there be peace. What makes you think you
can order another person? What makes you think another should behave according
to your set of standards, values and morality. Morality is a relative thing. What is
considered as a virtue in one culture is a vice in another culture.

Culture is NOT your friend.

If you seek power over another it reveals only one thing: Your fear to feel inferior to
that person. Because if you really felt equal, you wouldnt even bother harassing that
person. Feelings of inferiority are based on fear. Fear not to get enough, fear not to
be treated in a just manner. And presumed feelings of superiority, arrogance etc. are
eventually nothing but concealed feelings of inferiority. If you would really be happy
you wouldnt compare yourself with another to see if she/he is more or less happy
than you to base your sense of happiness on that comparison.

Cultures have put up boundaries between us. Cultures have polarised us.
We do this this way, they do it another way and therefore we are better than they
are... A false sense of belonging to a group, clouding to see who you really are.
Ask yourself: Who are you really if you were to throw away all your cultural, taboo
and morality based values that you have learnt from others? Who would you really
like to be? What are your own intrinsic values? In what way would you like to see this
world develop?

Towards a world of competition and opposition? An endless strive for power and
conflict? A world suffocating in the pollution as a result of mass overconsumption?
Hoarding wealth only to compare yourself with others? Showing your neighbour your
bigger car to establish your position in the pecking order?

Do you really want to be so primitive, unconsciously driven by group values you
may not even be aware of? To be swept by the tidal waves of polarity and power?

Isnt it time to reconcile our differences? To accept others unconditionally as they
are? To claim our rights as sovereign equals without using violence? To return this
beautiful planet to the paradise it used to be before we started our mass pillage of
the natural resources?

For all the pain we sense and experience, if we would first accept our situation, our
predicament entirely as it is, if we would give up our inner opposition, immediately,
however feebly, we would start to sense more at peace. And it is only from this
peace that we can start envisaging improving our condition.

Not by violently trying to eliminate our problems by physically opposing the forces
but by joining forces with like-minded to build a field of forgiveness and harmony.
Eventually this field of positive attitudes may spread and also reach the hearts of
those who dwell and act in anger and fear.

Join me in this initiative towards a better world. A world where our cultures, tribes,
groups, families, religions, races, classes/status/castes, sexual orientations,
languages do not divide us.

A mutual recognition that we cannot understand each others different values
because we dont know them, because we did not grow up with the same standards,
culture and education. And an intent to try to respect the values of the other as soon
as we have become aware of these.

Because ultimately every individual speaks a different (cultural) language. Every
individual IS a subculture. And because ALL miscommunication is based on the false
assumption that we do speak the same cultural language.

Dont expect others to be as you are. Dont claim power over another.

Love, accept and forgive each other.