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Brand EnBA Thank-OD Tab / Cream Wholesum Thank OD Forte Nimulid SP
Composition in detail
Correct Composition of TOD-Tab &
Correct composition of Wholesum What is the Indication ? What Does Nimulid SP contain?
(1) Rabeprazole 20 mg Enteric
Coated pellets + (2) Domperidone
30 mg with HPMC coating, (3) 10
mg pellets with Single Coat of
HPMC for IR, (4) 20 mg pellets
with Multiple Coats of HPMC for
SR over 24 Hrs
(1) Each Tab contains 100 mg of
Euphorbia Prostrata & (2) 30 gms
Tube of TOD-Cream contains
Euphorbia Prostrata 10 mg/gm
(1) 16 Essential Vitamins, (2) 18
Essential Minerals, (3) 3 Amino
Acids & (4) Omega 3 Fatty Acid 250
Bleeding piles
Nimesulide 100 mg+Serrtiopeptidase 15 mg
Indications as per Current VAF
Detailed Contents of Thank-OD &
action of each content
Hoow does Wholesum Reenerge
Revamp and Restore?
What is the Advantage of the
combination over plain Calcium
What is the Indication ?
GP/CP:(1) In Heartburn with
nausea & vomiting associated with
anti-infective & NSAID use

Dentists/Surgeon:2)In Heartburn
with nausea & vomiting associated
with anti-infective & NSAID use
Euphorbia Prostrata : Contains (1)
4 Flavonoids (Apigenin, Apigenin-7-
Glucoside, Luteolin, Luteolin-7-
Glucoside) - Reduce Anal pain,
discharge, itching & shrink the pile-
mass, (2) 2 Phenolic Compounds
(Galleic Acid & Ellagic Acid) - Stop
bleeding & (3)Tanins - Strengthen
anal mucosa, relieve discomfort,
prolapse, swelling & congestion
Re Energizes - By reducing Fatigue
and Muscle Pain with help of Folic
acid & Magnesium Re Stores -
By improving Immune Function
with help of Zinc
Re Vamps - By giving Well
Being to the Patients with help of
Omega 3 fatty acids
Brands of plain Calcium Dobesilate only
controls Bleeding but addition of
Euphorbia helps in taking care of the 7
symptoms of Haemorrhoids additionally.
GP/CP:In Pain and Infammation associated with
Abscess,wound healing & LRTI Surgeon: In
pain and inflammation associated with post
operative inflammation and Traumatic swelling.
Dentists: In Pain and Inflammation associated
with Peridontitis,Swollen gums and tooth
Punch-line as per Current VAF
Dr. says, "TOD is an
Ayurvedic/herbal preparation"
Which are anti-oxidant in
How is Thank OD forte superior than
Troxerutin + Cal. Dobe Comb?
What is the advantage of Nimulid SP over
conventional brands?
(1) Entry Banned for Acid
(1) TOD is the extract of Euphorbia
Prostrata, (2) TOD is approved by
DCGI as a drug in Modern
Medicine and patented in US &
(1) Omega 3 Fatty acids (250mg),
Citrus Bio-flavonoids Riboflavine,
Copper, selenium, Vitamin E,
Vitamin C, Manganese
(1) Troxerutin is Nutritional Supplement
whereas Thank OD forte is Drug. (2)
Tannins in Thank OD strengthens anal
mucosa which is not seen in other
combinations (3) Dosage od thank OD
Forte is precise 14 Days. Others are till
symptoms relief
1.) With Capsule formulation of Nimulid SP,
there is high bioavailability of 96%.2).57.9%
Higher success rate in infection eradication
.3)Serratiopeptidase in Nimulid-SP Enhances the
penetration of concomittant
drug/Antibiotic,thus faster healing & pain
Patient-Benefits with EnBA
Dr. says, "TOD is a very costly
option compared to others"
Who is theLargest Competitor of
Wholesum &Superiority of
Wholesum over A TO Z
Dosage of Cal. Dobesilate in Thank od
forte is OD where as reccomdation is BD,
What is the advantage in capsule form ?
(1) Dr, bio-equivalence study
confirms immediate & day long
Thus EnBA ensures immediate &
day long relief.
(1) TOD complete therapy cost is
Rs. 431 for 14 days Vs.
competitors (2) Pilex (Herbal) Rs.
540 (Rs. 2 Tabs BID X 90 days), (3)
Daflon Rs. 670 (Rs. 8.60 per Tab. :
2 Tabs TID X 3 days + 2 Tabs. BID
X 15 days)
1)A to Z is the largest
competitor.(2) Wholesum contains
38 nutrients against only 22 of A
TO Z, (2) Wholesum contains
Omega-3-Fatty-Acids which A TO Z
does not contain.
(1) The reccomanded Dosage of Cal.
Dobe is 500mg - 1500 mg per day. (2) The
reccomanded Dasage are for Vascular
Disorders and not mentioned Dosage for
Haemorrhoids. (3) Phenolic Compounds
(Gallic Acid & Ellagic Acid) in EP stops
1:Capsule ensure 96% bioavailability of
serratiopeptidase as compared to tablet form. 2:
Lesser GI Irritation 3:No pungent odour 4. Small
capsule size.
Superiority over DSR formulations
Superiority of "Combi-treatment"
over Pilex
Punch-line of Wholesum Costs of Tab
What is the Diff between Nimulid and other
NSAIDs available in the market
DSR formulations suffer from Pin-
Hole Defect. That means : (1) They
contain tablets-in-capsule, (2)
During transit, the coating on the
Rabeprazole Tab may get
destroyed and Rabeprazole may
become ineffective, (3) Again, the
patient suffers from Heartburn
during the day
As compared to Pilex, TOD : (1)
provides greater reduction (75 %
against 35 %) in Rectal Bleeding
over 14 days, (2)Overall 92%
Patients shows improvement in
symptoms in just 14 days
Nutrition at its best
(1) Tab. - Rs. 42.70 per Tab, and Rs. 598
for the Therapy
Our Nimulid closes the gaps of conventional
NSAIDs by providing :- 1) superior Gastric
safety,2)Proven Broncho safety 3)Highest
Antipyretic effect
Name 5 competitors with
Company Names
Mention Bombay Hospital Journal
USPs of Wholesum Name the main competitors Who are the Competitors of Nimulid SP
(1) Rabemac-DSR (Macleods), (2)
Veloz-D (Torrent), (3) Happi-D (GR), (4) Razo-D
(Dr. Reddy's) ,( 5) Rablet-D (Lupin)
Documented and Guarenteed
Relief of 96% patients shows
reduction in bleeding & pain.
(1) A wholesome composition, (2)
Nutrition at its best, (3)
Renergizes, Restores and Revamps
(1) Caldob, (2) Dobesil (3) Rutin (4)
Oxerute CD
SN 15(Serum institue) , Nimulase (TTK
Healthcare )
What is the MOA of EnBA ? How is TOD superior to Daflon ? Indications as per Current VAF Indication for Thank OD Forte in Surg What are the patient benefits with Nimulid SP
(1) Rabeprazole : Fastest acting
Proton-Pump Inhibitor superior to
Panto/Lanso/Omeprazole, (2)
Domperidone is a Dopamine D2
Receptor Antagonist & is a
Prokinetic agent
(1) Daflon contains only
Flavonoids that has venotonic
action and has anti inflamatory
action (2) however TOD covers all
7 symptoms (3) Thankd OD is cost
GP/CP: In general
Debility(Weakness) &
Convalescence due to fever &
infection. Surgeons:In
general weakness(debility) for
post op surgical Recovery. Lady
GPs: in age related disorders.
Thank OD forte is indiacated for
Moderate to severe Bleeding
Hemorrhoids in Patients Awaiting for
1. Faster results through 96% bioavailability
2.No bad / pungent smell of
serratiopeptidase.3.Least GI irritation
.4.Convenient BID dosage unlike
trypsin+Bromelasin combinations 5.Cost -
Communication strategy for
Thank-OD Tab / Cream
Which nutrients are requeired for
post surgincal recover and for how
many days.
Punch-line Punch Line For Nimulid SP
(1) EnBA :Entry Banned for acid for
immediate & day long relief
(1) Piles to Smiles in just 14 Days
(1) Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc,
Copper, Glutamic Acid & Omega 3
fatty acids for 90 days post surgery
Thank OD Forte "Powered with Calcium
Special Healing Express
Growcare Application Ability Assessment : C3 FY 13-14
Imp. Note : Pl. Do not utter any Competitor Brand-Names in front of any Dr.
They are only for our understanding