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".R. No. 7#7$% Nove&'er $! %(()
FACTS: ,etitioner E&&an.el and Natividad Anda&o are t/e o0ners o1 a
-ar2el o1 land 0/i2/ is ad3a2ent to t/at o1 -rivate res-ondent! Missionaries o1 O.r
Lad4 o1 La Salette! In2.! a reli5io.s 2or-oration.
6it/in t/e land o1 res-ondent 2or-oration! 0ater-at/s and 2ontrivan2es! in2l.din5
an arti72ial la8e! 0ere 2onstr.2ted! 0/i2/ alle5edl4 in.ndated and eroded
-etitioners9 land! 2a.sed a 4o.n5 &an to dro0n! da&a5ed -etitioners9 2ro-s and
-lants! 0as/ed a0a4 2ostl4 1en2es! endan5ered t/e lives o1 -etitioners and t/eir
la'orers d.rin5 rain4 and stor&4 seasons! and e:-osed -lants and ot/er
i&-rove&ents to destr.2tion.
,etitioners instit.ted a 2ri&inal a2tion a5ainst E1ren M.sn5i! Orlando Sa-.a4 and
R.tillo Mallillin! o;2ers and dire2tors o1 /erein res-ondent 2or-oration! 1or
destr.2tion '4 &eans o1 in.ndation .nder Arti2le <=# o1 t/e Revised ,enal Code.
S.'se>.entl4! -etitioners 7led anot/er a2tion a5ainst res-ondent 2or-oration! t/is
ti&e a 2ivil 2ase 1or da&a5es 0it/ -ra4er 1or t/e iss.an2e o1 a 0rit o1 -reli&inar4
in3.n2tion 'e1ore t/e sa&e 2o.rt.
T/e trial 2o.rt dis&issed t/e 2ivil 2ase 1or la28 o1 3.risdi2tion! as t/e 2ri&inal 2ase
0/i2/ 0as instit.ted a/ead o1 t/e 2ivil 2ase 0as still .nresolved. Said order 0as
an2/ored on t/e -rovision o1 Se2tion < (a)! R.le III o1 t/e R.les o1 Co.rt 0/i2/
-rovides t/at ?2ri&inal and 2ivil a2tions arisin5 1ro& t/e sa&e o@ense &a4 'e
instit.ted se-aratel4! '.t a1ter t/e 2ri&inal a2tion /as 'een 2o&&en2ed t/e 2ivil
a2tion 2annot 'e instit.ted .ntil 7nal 3.d5&ent /as 'een rendered in t/e 2ri&inal
ISSUE: 6/et/er a 2or-oration! 0/i2/ /as '.ilt t/ro.5/ its a5ents! 0ater-at/s!
0ater 2ond.2tors and 2ontrivan2es 0it/in its land! t/ere'4 2a.sin5 in.ndation and
da&a5e to an ad3a2ent land! 2an 'e /eld 2ivill4 lia'le 1or da&a5es .nder Arti2les
=%7$ and =%77 o1 t/e Civil Code on >.asiAdeli2ts such that the resulting civil
case can prcee! in!epen!entl" # the cri$inal case%
&ELD: ES. T/e 2o&-laint s/o0s t/at t/e 2ivil a2tion is one .nder Arti2les =%7$ and
=%77 o1 t/e Civil Code on >.asiAdeli2ts. All t/e ele&ents o1 a >.asiAdeli2t are
-resent! to 0it+ (a) da&a5es s.@ered '4 t/e -lainti@! (') or ne5li5en2e o1 t/e
de1endant! or so&e ot/er -erson 1or 0/ose a2ts /e &.st res-ondB and (2) t/e
2onne2tion o1 and e@e2t 'et0een t/e or ne5li5en2e o1 t/e de1endant
and t/e da&a5es in2.rred '4 t/e -lainti@.
Clearl4! 1ro& -etitioner9s 2o&-laint! t/e 0ater-at/s and 2ontrivan2es '.ilt '4
res-ondent 2or-oration are alle5ed to /ave in.ndated t/e land o1 -etitioners. T/ere
is t/ere1ore! an assertion o1 a 2a.sal 2onne2tion 'et0een t/e a2t o1 '.ildin5 t/ese
0ater-at/s and t/e da&a5e s.stained '4 -etitioners. S.2/ a2tion i1 -roven
2onstit.tes or ne5li5en2e 0/i2/ &a4 'e t/e 'asis 1or t/e re2over4 o1 da&a5es.
In t/e 2ase o1 Castillo vs. Court of Appeals! t/is Co.rt /eld t/at a >.asiAdeli2t or
2.l-a a>.iliana is a se-arate le5al instit.tion .nder t/e Civil Code 0it/ a
s.'stantivit4 all its o0n! and individ.alit4 t/at is entirel4 a-art and inde-endent
1ro& a deli2t or 2ri&e C a distin2tion e:ists 'et0een t/e 2ivil lia'ilit4 arisin5 1ro& a
2ri&e and t/e res-onsi'ilit4 1or >.asiAdeli2ts or 2.l-a T/e sa&e
ne5li5en2e 2a.sin5 da&a5es &a4 -rod.2e 2ivil lia'ilit4 arisin5 1ro& a 2ri&e .nder
t/e ,enal Code! or 2reate an a2tion 1or >.asiAdeli2ts or 2.l-a
.nder t/e Civil Code. T/ere1ore! t/e a2>.ittal or 2onvi2tion in t/e 2ri&inal 2ase is
entirel4 irrelevant in t/e 2ivil 2ase! .nless! o1 2o.rse! in t/e event o1 an a2>.ittal
0/ere t/e 2o.rt /as de2lared t/at t/e 1a2t 1ro& 0/i2/ t/e 2ivil a2tion arose did not
e:ist! in 0/i2/ 2ase t/e e:tin2tion o1 t/e 2ri&inal lia'ilit4 0o.ld 2arr4 0it/ it t/e
e:tin2tion o1 t/e 2ivil lia'ilit4.
6DEREFORE! t/e trial 2o.rt is ordered to reinstate t/e 2ivil 2ase and to -ro2eed
0it/ t/e /earin5 o1 t/e 2ase 0it/ dis-at2/.