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August 13: Staff
development on school
emergency plan during
faculty meeting.
August 21 10th Day
August 28: Book Fair Begins!
Sept. 1 - Labor Day Holiday
Sept. 5 Picture Day
Student Breakfast - $1.00
Student Lunch - $1.60
Visitor Lunch - $4.00
Please feel free to pay weekly or
monthly. Please pay off any
charges ASAP. Your child has
three choices daily for lunch.
Breakfast is served from 7:15
until 7:40 each morning. You
can pay online by using the meal pay
plus plan plus website. See Lisa
Hernandez our lunch room manager
if you have any questions.

Lanier Elementary is a great place. I have enjoyed seeing how much your children
have grown over the summer. I look forward to seeing each one of you during this school
year. Please visit our Lanier Website often at:
Lanier has wonderful teachers who follow the philosophy that Children come first. I
see my job as providing these teachers support and direction as they work with your child
each day. They will keep you informed of what is going on in the classroom.
Children enjoy learning and give better effort when parents show interest. When
children bring home schoolwork, take time to look it over and compliment their efforts.
They should know that you are proud of their effort and not just of the final grade given.
These small steps work wonders with a childs attitude.
I make myself available to you each day. I value your participation in our school and
will meet with you whenever possible. Lanier is indeed a great place and I look forward to
being a part of the wonderful things that are going on here. ~ John Wiggins
Lanier W
ildcat N
August 12, 2014
Wildcat Essentials! We Show Respect!
We show respect to ourselves and others!

We are looking for outstanding attend-
ance this year! If students are absent
they miss valuable learning experienc-
es. Please make every effort to ensure
your child has great attendance. Please
send a note with reason for your childs

School begins as 7:48 this year. Please
make every effort for your child to be on
time for school. Car riders need to
be dropped off by 7:45 to be in class
by 7:48. If you want your child to eat
breakfast at school they need to be here by
by 7:40. Anyone arriving after 7:48 will
need to check in at the office.
Bus Information: The School Bus Guide outlines the safely rules, behavior expectations, and policy of bus conduct, which
will be strictly enforced. Bus routes, pickup times, and driver training are handled by the Bus Shop (770 -287-0942).
Clinic: Our nurse, Angela Gilleland, will be at Lanier Elementary from 7:30 2:30 each day. Students requiring medica-
tion, whether prescription or non-prescription, must have a medication form on file in the clinic. All prescription and non-
prescription drugs must be in their original containers and turned in to the clinic. At no time may a teacher dispense any
Parent Drop Off and Pick Up: Those parents wishing to transport their children to school may drop off at the main en-
trance each morning starting at 7:15. In the afternoon, K-2 parents can pick up at the gym entrance starting at 2:20. Par-
ents of grades 3 5 and younger siblings will pick up at the gym beginning at 2:35. Visitors, please park in the designated
visitor spaces in the parking lot, sign in at the main office, and receive visitor sticker.
Student Check-Out / Transportation Changes: For your childs safety, a picture ID will be required of any adult to check out a
student. If your childs afternoon transportation changes, please send a signed note with your child or fax your written permission
to the school at 770-531-3017 by 2:00 P.M. You may also e-mail Mercedes Rebollar at with your trans-
portation change by 2:00 P.M. Visitor Identification: All visitors must provide a drivers license or other government is-
sued photo ID card to school staff in the main office. It will be scanned into the Hall County Raptor Management sys-
tem before they can receive a visitor badge and enter the school.

Welcome New Staff Members to Lanier: Natalie Gibson(PE). Melissa Smith
(5th Grade), Beth Schmus (3rd Grade), Lindsey Pilgrim (1st grade) and
Angela Gilleland (school nurse).

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