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Justin Trudeau is the hope. We are the hard work.
Over a year ago when we elected Justin Trudeau as
our leader, Liberals adopted a new slogan, Hope and Hard
Work. Liberals are now assembling a team of candidates all
across Canada. In NDG-Westmount, we are working hard
with our very own star candidate, Marc Garneau.
So far this summer: weve knocked on thousands of
doors, called hundreds of people, held a BBQ for youth and
participated in Canada Day celebrations in Montreal West.
We have a brand new logo, which you can see above.
Thank you Jiasi Liu for the design.
Theres still time to get involved before the leaves
change colour. On August 17
, Liberals will be marching in
the Montreal Pride Parade with Marc Garneau and Justin
Trudeau. This is one of the most exciting and most colourful
events of the year.
If thats not your type of activity, why not join a
committee? Why not host a fundraiser? Why not canvass
with our candidate? Why not fill out our survey?
Justin Trudeau is the hope. We are the hard work.

Liberal Association

August 2014 2

Committee Corner

(Left) Chad
Walcott at the
Youth BBQ

(Above) Natasha Launi, Victor Drury, Behrooz Ferivar, Marc Garneau, Alex Jagric, Annalisa Harris
and Isaac Harris take a selfie after going canvassing in Notre-Dame-de-Grce.

(Below) Jacob Dawang, Annalisa
Harris, Natasha Launi and Alex
Jagric attending a meeting of the
Communications Committee.
(Below) William
Harvey and Marc
Garneau going door-
knocking in Montreal

Community bulletin board


August 24, 2014 2 PM to 4 PM
Westmount Park Gazebo

Bring a chair or picnic and listen to live jazz, classical and
popular music Sunday afternoons from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in
Westmount Park.

As a journalist, I have attended hundreds
of press conferences and political events. I have
conducted dozens of interviews with people
suffering and hungry for change.
I really thought that journalism was not
only the most beautiful job in the world, but
principally the most useful... that by delivering
news to people, I was helping them.
But after several years behind my
computer keyboard, it is with humility that I
acknowledge the fact that I was wrong. I realize
today that political engagement is the basis of
I recently decided to join the ranks of the
Liberal Party of Canada. I chose to support and
assist Marc Garneau in Notre-Dame-de-Grce
Westmount. This riding is what Canada is all
about: the presence of an undeniable ethnic
Why the Liberal Party of Canada?
Primarily because the LPC is the only party that
seems to have understood what politics is all
about. Its not about how much power you have
or how much money you can spend to solve your
problem. Its about meeting people and
demonstrating respect by listening to them.
Like any young man my age, I am very
active on social media. As is Justin Trudeau who
has totally inspired me. He is everywhere, all the
time. He is not afraid to listen to people, to
shake their hands, to go discover the different
regions that comprise Canada.
If journalism has taught me anything, it
is our patchwork of people that form Canada is
the world of tomorrow, a world without borders
or racial divides. The LPC is the only party on
the federal political scene that understands this.
I cant wait to meet every one of you,
residents of the NDG-Westmount riding, while
working with Marc Garneau in the upcoming

Why I joined the Liberal Party of Canada
By Ewan Sauves

Marc Garneau attends Canada Day in
Montreal West
Francis Bertrand, William Harvey, Annalisa
Harris, Kevin Copps and Ewan Sauves make calls.

"There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."
Who can forget this iconic statement in Canadian politics? These words, uttered not even 50
years ago by none other than Pierre Elliott Trudeau, have laid the groundwork for a drastic change in
the relationship between elected officials and Canadians.
In 1967, then Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau stood up for the defence of sexual minorities. This
was a risky initiative at the time. This declaration caused a tidal wave of controversy that rippled across
the entire nation. Trudeau's Omnibus Bill, brought issues like abortion and sexual diversity to the table,
changing the political and social landscape in Canada forever.
In 1969, Liberals amended the Criminal Code of Canada to decriminalize 'homosexual acts'
performed in private between consenting parties. Only in 2005, not even a decade ago, equal marriage
was legalized.

A Proud Liberal history of advancing LGBT rights
By Ewan Sauves

Our Executive
President: Victor Drury
VP Female: Renate Betts
VP Male: Kevin Copps
VP Youth Female: Chlo Landry
VP Youth Male: Alex Jagric
Secretary: Margaret Guest
Policy Chair: Danielle Efraim
Election Preparedness Chair: Sherri
Organization Chair: Marina Boulos-
Membership Chair: John Korzekwa
Fundraising Chair: Christina Smith
Communications Chair: Annalisa
Financial Agent: Leanne Bourassa
Candidate: Marc Garneau

Be Part of the Change

Join a committee!
Election Readiness
Join us for Pride!

August 17th
Ren Lvesque/ Guy

Stay in touch

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