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Classification Certification Website

Access code: teamreviewer

Follow enrollment instructions (Step by Step instructions

Once enrolled, can go back to same site in Step 1 to Login, or
can go to

Once in the course, please read the announcements and get
started by clicking Content > Getting Started

If you HAVE NOT yet registered, please click Self-Enroll
If you HAVE registered already please LOGIN to your account
1. Enter teamreviewer as accesscode
2. Then, hit SAVE and CONTINUE
Fill in the information then select SAVE and CONTINUE

**You can either set up your profile now or do it later**
Once you get to this page, select CONTENT
1. Start with GETTING STARTED.
Review all of the documents in this folder.
2. When you are finished, click back to CONTENT
#1. #2.
1.When you are back to the Content screen, begin with Module 1.
2. When you are finished with Module 1, click on Content
3. Then proceed to the next Module. You will complete all 8 Modules.
Once you have completed your exam. Click OK in the bottom right of the
screen to view your results.
You must pass each 10 question test in each module before moving on.
When you have completed ALL MODULES (Module 1-8), you will take
the Certification Test

**As noted, all modules must be passed with a 90% or higher. Then you must pass the
certification test with a 70% or higher in order to be certified to propose classifications for the
team(s) you are assigned to.
7 3.5 Good trunk; lower extremity movement Yes
14 4.0 Single below knee amputee No- 4.5
20 1.0 IWBF Card Yes
12 2.5 Yes
17 4.5 Single below knee amputee Yes

Classification Roster
TEAM: _NWBA All Star Team_______
DIVISION: ___Division III______________
TEAM REVIEWER NAME: _____Sherrice Fox______________
________________ _________________ _____________ __________
Team Reviewer Signature Printed Name Team Name Division

**If you disagree with
a classification you
must write new
proposed class**
Classification Worksheet Team
Classification Worksheet Team Format
Team: NWBA All Star Team
J ersey # Class Rationale
4 1 IWBF Card
17 3.5 Good trunk; lower extremity movement
15 3
Full VOA in frontal and vertical plane, upper and lower trunk
work as one
9 4.5 Single below knee amputee
12 2.5 able to rotate either way. Full VOA in all planes
Each team reviewer should fill out the classification worksheet. An example is
provided below. This information may be requested by another teams reviewer to
validate a players classification.
What do I do Now???
You have now passed your team reviewer exam. What is next???

1. Observe your athletes during practices and games
2. Complete the classification worksheets. (forms can be found at
3. Update your team roster online with your proposed classifications
4. Complete the team roster worksheet to take to your teams games
5. You will need to receive 3 signatures on your team roster by other team
6. Once you have your confirmed signatures you will need to scan/email , mail or
fax your 3 confirmed rosters to the NWBA National Office.
7. You must also update your team roster online if any changes need to be made
8. You will have until December 31, 2015 to have your teams classified by an
NWBA panel. NWBA panels will be available at all National Tournaments and
various events throughout the season.

What if other reviewers do not
agree with me?
I filled out my roster and not all reviewers agree with my classification.

1. If you have 2 of 3 signatures that disagree with your classification you must see a
team reviewer to determine the athletes classification.
Example: #4 is classified by a team reviewer as a class 2.5
1. Team Reviewer 1- confirms
2. Team Reviewer 2- disagrees (confirms a 3.0)
3. Team Reviewer 3- disagrees (confirms a 3.0)

#4 must be seen by another team reviewer. The athlete may play at the
proposed classification until seen by the 4
reviewer. If the 4
reviewer classifies that athlete as a 3.0, the 3.0 classification will stand. If
the 4
reviewer classifies as a 2.5 the 2.5 will stand. The team must go
with majority on classification. This athlete will have the opportunity to
be seen at various classification tournaments to have the 3.0 confirmed or
changed by an NWBA classifier.
How Many Points Can I Play?
For this season Division III, Championship Division and Womens Division will play with 15
points on the court. The junior division will not use classification points. At this time there is
no point restriction for Division III. This will be reviewed throughout the season.

All women that play on Championship and Division III teams will drop 1 point . No player
may drop below a class 1.0 at any time.

Class 1.0 women will remain a 1.0
Class 1.5 women may drop to 1.0
Class 2.0 women may drop to 1.0
Class 2.5 may drop to 1.5
Class 3.0 may drop to 2.0

**All policies relating to classification and points will be evaluated throughout the season. If
you have any recommendations that you would like discussed for futures years please email
them to **
** College Division please contact your commissioner for classification point information**
Still have questions? Contact.
If you have questions on how to take the team reviewer certification exam:

Sherrice Fox

If you have questions on the classification system:

Jayne Chilutti


Jen Ruddell