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Presentasi adalah suatu kegiatan berbicara di hadapan banyak hadirin. Berbeda dengan pidato
yang lebih sering dibawakan dalam acara resmi dan acara politik, presentasi lebih sering
dibawakan dalam acara bisnis.
Tuuan dari presentasi bermacam!macam, misalnya untuk membuuk "biasanya dibawakan oleh
wiraniaga#, untuk memberi in$ormasi "biasanya oleh seorang pakar#, atau untuk meyakinkan
"biasanya dibawakan oleh seseorang yang ingin membantah pendapat tertentu#.
%gar bisa pandai berpresentasi, orang sering kali belaar pada para pakar presentasi. &uga, ada
banyak pembicara terkenal yang sering kali diamati oleh orang!orang yang ingin pandai
berbicara di hadapan umum. 'ara pembicara terkenal di Indonesia antara lain &ames (wee, )*
%bdullah (ymnastiar, Tung Desem Waringin, %ndrie Wongso, (ede 'rama, dan masih banyak
)eahlian berbicara di hadapan hadirin merupakan hal yang sangat penting bagi siapa pun yang
ingin mau. Banyak presiden, manaer, wiraniaga, dan pengaar yang menadi sukses dan terkenal
lewat keahlian berpresentasi.
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,treet preacher in -ovent (arden using a presentation style
Presentation is the practice o$ showing and e.plaining the content o$ a topic to an audience or
learner. % presentation program, such as /icroso$t 'ower'oint, is o$ten used to generate the
presentation content.
In recent years it has become increasingly common $or employers to re0uest ob applicants who
are success$ully shortlisted to deliver one or more presentations at their interview. The purpose o$
the presentation in this setting may be to either demonstrate candidates1 skills and abilities in
presenting, or to highlight their knowledge o$ a given subect likely to relate closely to the ob
role $or which they have applied. It is common $or the applicant to be noti$ied o$ the re0uest $or
them to deliver a presentation along with their invitation to attend the interview. 2sually
applicants are only given a title $or their presentation and a time limit which the presentation
should not e.ceed.
Presentation program
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" slide created by the #rst presentation graphics company, $%& '(ecu$ision, in
% presentation program is a computer so$tware package used to display in$ormation, normally
in the $orm o$ a slide show. It typically includes three maor $unctions: an editor that allows te.t
to be inserted and $ormatted, a method $or inserting and manipulating graphic images and a slide!
show system to display the content.
) /istory
, Features
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[edit] History
" presentation using Po1erPoint.
The original presentation graphics so$tware ran on computer workstations, such as those
manu$actured by (enigraphics, %utographi., and Dicomed. It became 0uite easy
3dubious discuss4
make last!minute changes compared to traditional typesetting and pasteup. It was also a lot easier
to produce a large number o$ slides in a small amount o$ time. *owever, these workstations also
re0uired skilled operators, and a single workstation represented an investment o$ 567,777 to
5877,777 "in 9:;: dollars#.
In the mid!9:<7s developments in the world o$ computers changed the way presentations were
created. Ine.pensive, speciali=ed applications now made it possible $or anyone with a '- or
/acintosh to create pro$essional!looking presentation graphics.
>riginally these programs were used to generate ?6 mm slides, to be presented using a slide
proector. %s these programs became more common in the late 9:<7s several companies set up
services that would accept the shows on diskette and create slides or print transparencies. In the
9::7s dedicated L-D!based screens that could be placed on the proectors started to replace the
transparencies, and by the late 9::7s they had almost all been replaced by video proectors.
The $irst commercial computer so$tware speci$ically intended $or creating W@,IW@(
presentations was developed at *ewlett 'ackard in 9:;: and called BA2B> and later *'!Draw.
The $irst so$tware displaying a presentation on a personal computer screen was C-B
D.ecuCision, developed in 9:<8. This program allowed users to choose $rom a library o$ images
to accompany the te.t o$ their presentation.
[edit] Features
% presentation program is supposed to help both: the speaker with an easier access to his ideas
and the participants with visual in$ormation which complements the talk. There are many
di$$erent types o$ presentations including pro$essional "work!related#, education, entertainment,
and $or general communication. 'resentation programs can either supplement or replace the use
o$ older visual aid technology, such as 'amphlets, handouts, chalkboards, $lip charts, posters,
slides and overhead transparencies. Te.t, graphics, movies, and other obects are positioned on
individual pages or EslidesE or E$oilsE. The EslideE analogy is a re$erence to the slide proector, a
device that has become somewhat obsolete due to the use o$ presentation so$tware. ,lides can be
printed, or "more usually# displayed on!screen and navigated through at the command o$ the
presenter. Transitions between slides can be animated in a variety o$ ways, as can the emergence
o$ elements on a slide itsel$. Typically a presentation has many constraints and the most
important being the limited time to present consistent in$ormation.
Aecently a new presentation paradigm has emerged: =ooming presentation programs "eg.
%*D%D and 're=i. Instead o$ individual slides these F2Is "=oom user inter$ace# are based on
one in$inite canvas on which all content is presented. This allows $or non!linear presentations,
the option to present richer detail o$ content, and to give a better overview and understanding o$
comple. visual messages and relations.
/any presentation programs come with pre!designed images "clip art# andGor have the ability to
import graphic images. -ustom graphics can also be created in other programs such as %dobe
'hotoshop or %dobe Illustrator and then e.ported. The concept o$ clip art originated with the
image library that came as a complement with C-B D.ecuCision, beginning in 9:<?.
With the growth o$ digital photography and video, many programs that handle these types o$
media also include presentation $unctions $or displaying them in a similar Eslide showE $ormat.
+or e.ample, %pple1s i'hoto allows groups o$ digital photos to be displayed in a slide show with
options such as selecting transitions, choosing whether or not the show stops at the end or
continues to loop, and including music to accompany the photos.
,imilar to programming e.tensions $or an operating system or web browser, Eadd onsE or plugins
$or presentation programs can be used to enhance their capabilities. +or e.ample, it would be
use$ul to e.port a 'ower'oint presentation as a +lash animation or 'D+ document. This would
make delivery through removable media or sharing over the Internet easier. ,ince 'D+ $iles are
designed to be shared regardless o$ plat$orm and most web browsers already have the plugin to
view +lash $iles, these $ormats would allow presentations to be more widely accessible.
-ertain presentation programs also o$$er an interactive integrated hardware element designed to
engage an audience "e.g. audience response systems# or $acilitate presentations across di$$erent
geographical locations "e.g. web con$erencing#. >ther integrated hardware devices ease the ob
o$ a live presenter such as laser pointers and interactive whiteboards.
[edit] See also
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