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Colocar el adverbio de frecuencia

1. He listens to the radio. (often)

2. They read a book. (sometimes)
3. Pete gets angry. (never)
4. Tom is very friendly. (usually)
5. I take sugar in my coffee. (sometimes)
6. Ramon is hungry. (often)
7. My grandmother goes for a walk in the evening. (always)
8. Walter helps his father in the kitchen. (usually)
9. They watch TV in the afternoon. (never)
10. Christine smokes after dinner. (never)
Colocar el adverbio de frecuencia
1. He plays golf on Sundays. (sometimes)
2. The weather is bad in November. (always)
3. It rains in California. (never)
4. We have fish for dinner. (never)
5. She will see him. (never)
6. Peter doesnt get up before seven. (usually)
7. They do not play tennis on Sundays. (always)
8. Mary watches TV. (never)
9. I go to school by bus. (always)
10. I get up at seven. (usually)
11. I watch TV in the evening. (often )
12. I have lunch in a restaurant. (sometimes)
13. I have breakfast. (never)
14. I arrive late. (never)
15. I have homework. (every day)
Colocar el adverbio de frecuencia
1. Charlotte goes to the pool. (sometimes)
2. It rains in Florida. (often)
3. I have a shower in the morning. (always)
4. I go to bed late. (always)
5. Rafa goes swimming. (every week)
6. Montse travels by air. (often)
7. Frank does exercises. (every day)
8. Marta and Maite have lunch. (often)
9. Tony doesnt get up before seven. (usually)
10. The weather is bad in July. (never)
11. I have met him before. (never)
12. I never lend money to Peter because he pays me back. (never)
13. James plays golf on Sundays. (sometimes)
14. Is he angry? (often)
15. We dont play sports. (often)
16. We eat at a restaurant. (sometimes)
17. Shane is happy. (always)
18. She doesnt take a taxi. (always)
19. Dad cooks dinner. (sometimes)
20. Gonzalo looks good. (always)
21. I am busy Monday morning. (always)
22. I go to work by subway. (sometimes)
23. They stay up all night. (sometimes)
24. He is on time for meals. (always)
25. They eat meat. (never)
Colocar el adverbio de frecuencia
1. We go shopping on Saturday. (usually)
2. Marta has ice-cream for dessert. (usually)
3. I drive my car to work. (never)
4. My sister eats vegetables. (always)
5. He listens to the radio. (often)
6. Eli reads a book. (sometimes)
7. Rafa is very friendly. (usually)
8. Johann takes sugar in his coffee. (sometimes)
9. Marcelo and Agustn are hungry. (often)
10. My grandfather goes for a walk in the afternoon. (always)
11. Manolo helps his mother in the kitchen. (usually)
12. Charo watches TV in the morning. (never)
13. Tibisay smokes. (never)
14. We dont see her. (often)
15. I take too long in the shower. (always)
16. Tina arrives on time. (usually)
17. Our class isnt clean. (always)
18. Do you feel sad? (sometimes)
19. Our English teacher smiles. (never)
20. I am a good student. (always)
21. I help the other students. (always)
22. Maite and Ayla study in the library. (often)
23. I go to the park with my dog. (often)
24. I have toast for breakfast. (sometimes)
25. Pedro visits us on Sunday. (sometimes)
Colocar el adverbio de frecuencia
1. Katy practices the piano. (usually)
2. The children go to school on the bus. (always)
3. Ill make that mistake again. (never)
4. Have you been to Japan? (ever)
5. Weve been to Disneyland. (twice)
6. The shops are very busy. (often)
7. The newspaper is delivered. (daily)
8. We walk home from school. (every day)
9. I clean my bedroom. (every week)
10. Have you forgotten my name? Ive told you already. (three times)
11. Dad polishes his shoes. (twice a week)
12. You should go to the dentist. (once every month)
13. Dad jogs in the park. (every day)
14. We smoke. (never)
15. I brush my teeth. (always)
16. My mother cooks. (never)
17. Sandra is late for class. (never)
18. We go to bed late. (never)
19. Miguel goes to the mountains. (always)
20. Mary doesnt write to me. (often)

21. The bus arrives late. (usually)
22. She drinks coffee in the evening. (never)
23. My father goes to work by bus. (usually)
24. Neville goes to the beach at the weekend. (always)
25. I go to the mall. (every week)