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Since 1973 mouse has been a friend to personal computers. Even when computer
aided designing and other computational techniques grew, the functionality of mouse
never seemed to be moved. But modern softwares needs something more from mouse,
so working with computers become so speed and efficient. As inspired from the movie
Iron man where they introduced natural gestures, the project aims on making a device
which could change the entire working experience with the computer. This project is a
wearable one assisted with voice command input. The user could wear this on his hand
and do natural gestures to control computer along with voice command.


Currently the projects which enables working with the machines based on natural
gestures are not yet available for computers. Such projects are implemented for Xbox of
Microsoft and for some of the smart TVs. Also that projects are very costly in terms of its
functionality and money. And about the projects that are implemented for the computer,
are not at all based on natural gestures and they do not seem to be intelligent as the
user should adapt to the gestures of the product. On the other hand,this project has
intelligent learning scheme through which the device learns the users natural gestures
and variations in it. So user can do gestures in his way and the device will adapt to it.
More the user uses it more it becomes familiar with the user, ie. it understands the user.
When voice command comes along with it, could give wings to the complete computing
experience. The project will come up with a SDK for the device so that any software
manufacturers can make use of it and interface it with their software. Imagine how cool
it will be when working with designing a 3D- object with hands. Itll just like working on
holographic which seemed to be an alien technologies as in movies. Most important
feature of the project is that it is much cheaper in of device and very efficient and fast in
its working as the user needs real time.

There are small LEDs and light sensors attached to the inside part of the glove
corresponding to the joints of the fingers. There will be approximately 19 small LEDs
and light sensors attached to the glove it that way. By processing these light sensors
any motion done by the palm alone can be recognised. There are about 500 gestures in
this way. But the problem is that these gestures dont form natural gestures as motion of
the hand is also to be performed to get the natural feeling. So a 3-axis accelerometer
will be attached to the glove. This accelerometer can detect the position of the hand in
the space in reference to the initial position of the hand when the system turns on.
Through this method any natural gesture can be detected. A bluetooth module attached
to the hand (glove) will send the readings of the accelerometer and the light sensor
readings to the processor which is attached to the computer. Processor will use these
signals and determine the gesture. But some time the gesture could be complex that
relying on the accelerometer and light sensors could slow down the processing and
real-time feature of the gesture detection could be lost. Hence one more method for
detecting the gesture to be implemented so that processor could make use of both and
fasten up the gesture detection. Image processing can be utilised for this purpose.
Using IR LEDs on the outer part of the palm the image processing could be easy that
the processing is to be done by considering the IR light in the image. Processor will
process readings from a camera attached to the monitor of the computer or default
camera of the computer and the accelerometer and light sensor readings together. In
context of light sensor readings, accelerometer and image processing result values are
processed by the processor. Image processing is done parallel by the processor itself.
Another feature to increase the interactivity is to add voice command input. The
processor will process the voice commands given by the user based on the voice
command database. When one delivers first conclusion on the gesture; Its is taken and
then the deviation in the gesture values (voice, accelerometer, image) with the previous
values of the same gesture is stored earlier is analyzed and notes the behavior of the
user and overwrites the deviation thresholds based on the frequency of the gesture and
updates the gesture frequency. This is referred while detecting the gesture and
detection become pretty fast. This way intelligent learning of the user gesture is done.
Also user can set up own gesture with the help of the software provided or any other
mechanism (hardware implementation). Also digital low pass filters will be programmed
to take the values from accelerometer avoiding scrap values. A position detection
algorithm and adaptive gesture detection algorithm will be implemented for getting
spatial position from accelerometer and gesture detection based on that.


Required components

1. ADSP-BF506F: Blackfin DSP Processor (Analog Devices Inc) :- This
processor is used as image processing is involved. Gesture detection and
intelligent learning of the gesture is done with this processing unit.
2. ADXL278: 3-Axis accelerometer with analog output (Analog Devices Inc) :-
This will give the values for finding the spatial coordinate of the hand at a given
3. LEDs and Light sensors :- Light sensors attached to the glove will help in
detecting the finger movements which is important in determining the gesture.
4. IR sensors :- Sensors attached to the glove will help in doing the image
processing as they have unique color while capturing in a camera.
5. Camera :- To capture image for image processing based on the IR sensors.
6. Microphone :- To get the voice command for processing.
7. SSM2306: Audio Amplifier (Analog Devices Inc) :- This is used for amplifying
the voice command input.
8. Bluetooth module :- For sending data from glove to the processor.