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Time Credits
August 2014
A few highlights ..

We now have over 900 people earning Time Credits in Chorley and
16000 hours of Time Credits have been earned.

On average every day in Chorley at least 40 hours of Time Credits are
being earned voluntarily to support the community!

Stuart Heaton, Northwest Partnership Manager for Spice has wasted no
time getting new spend opportunities for members to enjoy. Read on for
further details

Time Credits being earned in Chorley continue to be spent in our other
localities, particularly in London

How Chorley are using Time Credits was recently presented at a
Growing Prosperity conference in London!

Workshops roll out is on target
Neighbourhood Officers, Street-scene, Parks
& Open Spaces, Community Development
and Community Safety have all taken part in
Time Credits workshops
Next sessions Starting mid September
Council Time Credits Workshops

50 people
attended the
network event at
Astley Hall

We updated on our
latest figures,
evaluation results
and talked about
Time Credits and
Co production

A Community
Spend workshop
was delivered

15 requests for
further discussions
Chorley Time Credits Network Event - July
At the network event we shared the most
recent monitoring and evaluation results.
Huge thanks to everyone in Chorley who
Contributed through surveys, interviews and workshops.
Survey results on getting new people involved
and tackling social isolation
HOPE has been
set up by local
mum Rachel
Clarke following
her struggle with
post natal

Rachel wants to
use Time Credits
to support her
ambition to
increase the
number of
sessions available
across Chorley

We are delighted to be working with Time
Credits, its going to really help our ladies to gain
confidence and go on to run groups themselves
New group in the network

Brockholes Nature

Offering places on the
Wild Families events
during August

We are delighted to introduce the
following new spend partners to the

Wigan Warriors

Offering tickets to all
Rugby League fixtures
from new season in

Existing Spend Partner

Bolton Wanderers

Agreed to extend Time
Credits to new
Championship season

Spend Update
A huge thanks to all our existing and new spend partners.

Hamilton Road and
Carrington Road Big
The Big Plant was set up by Natalie Holt and Alan
Priestley from Chorley Council to encourage residents
to get involved in looking after the area surrounding
their homes.

Alley gates to reduce fly tipping had recently been
installed at the back of Hamilton Road and Carrington
Road in Chorley. So the idea was to bring residents
from these streets together whilst also adding further
appeal to the newly gated and cleaned back alley.

Natalie Holt, Community and Neighbourhood
Development Officer for Chorley Council said we
really wanted to do something that achieves a number
of important topics. Not only do we want to support
residents to take greater pride in their area, we also
want residents to engage with one another more to
create a greater sense of community spirit and help
reduce loneliness

The Big Plant offered residents to opportunity work
together, planting up new planters as well as utilising
various other suitable objects from wellies to chimney
pots, demonstrating the potential to make the most with
the materials they already had.

Alan Priestley, Neighbourhood Officer for the area said
it was a great day, it was fantastic to see the residents
working together and enjoying a well deserved cup of
tea at the end. Its also a great opportunity for me to get
to know more of the residents in the area I look after.
Ive also noticed that these residents have continued to
keep the area looking tidy since the this activity and
many have done lots more planting since
Residents earned a Time Credit for every hour
they gave including hours they spent planting for
residents who were keen to support but were
unable to be involved.

Natalie also said, It was great to give residents
Time Credits for this work because it showed that
their time and effort was not just appreciated but

Kay Richardson
Living Waters Storehouse,
Kay volunteers at Living Waters Storehouse, a Churches
Together food bank run by volunteers. Food is donated
by a variety of local organisations including Churches,
businesses and other local groups.

Volunteers at the storehouse help with shelf-stacking,
sorting out food deliveries, serving customers, cleaning
and administration.

What Kay say's about Time Credits Earning Time
Credits is a great way to take advantage of some
fabulous opportunity's that are available. For me using
Time Credits to use the gym and swimming at the local
leisure centre has been a great way for
me to get fit. I think Times Credits are fab as many
people cannot afford gym memberships so Time
Credits are great for people on a tight budget. You can
also take the children swimming, which I do.

Kay with Storehouse loyal supporter Steve Cranshaw
from the Red Herring pub in Coppull.

Carol Halton, Storehouse Coordinator had this to say
about Time Credits We are so grateful to Time Credits
for partnering with us at Living Waters Storehouse. It
has made a huge difference to our volunteers who
have been able to engage in all kinds of activities
including swimming, gym, golf, play centres, hair salon
and car parking. It makes our volunteers feel valued
and appreciated.

Kay, Carol and other volunteers at the Storehouse with
their Time Credits.

The Team

Want to get involved with Time Credits? Maybe you feel like you want a bit more
information? Get in touch with us on the details below.
Angela Barrago
Locality Facilitator, Chorley
07462 595121

Stuart Heaton
Partnerships Manager, North West
07474 678685