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Benefts of Casting Vote

1. Voting process
2. Importance of casting vote in democratic system
3. Benefts
3.a. Voice to be heard through the power of vote
3.b. Change through vote
3.c. Health
3.d. Peace
3.e. ustice!udicial benefts
3.f. Poverty eradication
3.g. "ducation!literacy
3.h. Population welfare
#. $iscellaneous benefts
&'he sna(e which cannot cast its s(in has to die. )s well the minds which are
prevented from changing their options* they cease to be mind&
%+riedrich ,iet-che
) society that is stuc( in the .uagmire of e/treme crises can only change their
destiny through the process of election. 'his election process espouses the concept
of casting votes via which a person is elected among the many contesting the
election that is supposed and hoped to be the real representative of the masses.
"very member of the democratic culture reserves a right to choose their own
representative by using the power of vote0 or in other words they choose the
leadership which suits them and is supposed to be the only one which could ta(e
the ship out of the storm.
1o far the benefts of voting is concerned0 it has a multitude of benefts. 'he
ultimate beneft being the social change%as only a competent leader can bring
about that very change. 'here is plethora number of e/amples of such leaders who
have0 through the course of time0 changed the lives of their people and virtually
brought revolution in their respective spheres of in2uence0 e.g. Prophet $uhammad
3PB4H50 $uhammad )li innah0 6oldmeir0 ,elson $andela etc.
'he frst and foremost beneft is concerned with raising your voice for what
you thin( is the best. )s discussed at the start of the essay0 voting is a very
fundamental right in a democracy enabled culture. Voting gives an individual the
power to choose the best leadership0 whom they consider to be right person for
right wor(. 'his means that the supreme authority rests in the hands of people. 'his
can decide whether or not to elect a person upon the basis of his performance who
is elected earlier by its people or by its party manifesto. 'he masses or the common
man frstly 7udge the manifesto of a party0 if it complies with their demand0 they
would accept it and would vote for that particular party. 'his subse.uently will help
them bring their leadership and the power to rule. 'hus individuals0 who cast their
vote0 on the twinge of conscience0 vote those who in their eyes is the best suited to
change their fortune% irrespective of its outcome0 they at least get rid of the regret
1econdly0 if the masses elect pure and fair leadership0 they may very well
tac(le the health sector. In other words0 voting is directly related to the health
sector. 8hen people vote wisely and bring deserving and sincere leadership0 that
will pay more attention to the health of people and will render reforms in
constitution to help them get a9ordable treatment and with ease in%bloc. 1uch a
leadership will certainly heed the hue and cry of its people* will build more and more
hospitals0 give subsidy on the medicines0 so that poor people could also procure
them as well. 1uch a government will (eep chec( on the .uac(s and charlatans who
have been hoodwin(ing0 for years0 the innocent poor people and e/ploited their
destitution. $oreover0 a good government will provide neat and clean food0 and
ma(ing available clean drin(ing water to the populace. :nly a fair and sincere
government would ensure ftness of hygiene of the slaughterhouses so as to (eep
them up to the mar( of standard. +urthermore0 another plus point that a good
government bears is that it regularly ma(e and spread awareness via campaigns to
let the people (now about the health ha-ards0 how to avoid them0 epidemics and
diseases0 their symptoms0 vaccination0 immuni-ation0 treatments etc. +or this
matter it will consider mass media campaigns. )lso0 as a true representative of the
people0 such a government should ma(e the health related goods0 products and
services more readily available to the commonality. It should not leave any stone
unturned in reducing the ta/es on medicines0 health clubs0 health professionals0 and
health services and simultaneously0 increasing ta/es on additives li(e cigarettes or
banning them entirely or at least in the public places. Public hospitals need a total
revamp in both .uantity and .uality. +inally integrating health awareness in school
curriculum has lots to o9er in long the term.
;uite related to the health sector is the environment sector < rather the two
are interdependent. 8hat is needed in the crowded cities today is the pollution free
open place. 'his is achievable only through the strong determination of the
government to support and promote awareness about clean and green environment
and the unlimited benefts associated with it.
Peace is yet another advantage that is directly related with the reliability and
fairness of the government. 'he more trustworthy the government0 the more are
the chances of prevalence of Peace in the respective region. It has been observed in
many countries already0 with a government that is genuine and believable0 that has
dealt with anti%state elements and terrorist groups single%handedly and has
defeated them. 8e can safely .uote e/ample of 1rilan(an government that went
through such an e/perience and successfully retained its rit. If there is peace0 there
would be prosperity and development0 but if there isn=t any peace in the region then
no developmental pro7ects and wor(s can ta(e place. Voters have to elect such a
leadership that is capable of harnessing such a situation. If the politicians are
complicit or incompetent then they are more probably not going to be elected to the
government. 1o again0 the power to choose the leadership rests in the hands of the
)nother beneft of Voting is the availability of ustice < that is easily0 duly and
e.ually available to all. 8hen people elect a trustworthy government they in return
e/pect for the ustice as well along with other rights.
>?our corn is ripe today* mine will be so tomorrow. @'is proftable for us both0
that I should labor with today0 and that you should aid me tomorrow. I have no
(indness for you0 and you have a little for me0 I will not0 therefore0 ta(e any pains
upon your account* and should I labor with you upon my own account0 in
e/pectation of a returnA
) credible government would ma(e a lot of reforms in the 7udicial matters in
order to fortify the 7udiciary. 6ood governance bears the potential to help the
impoverished litigants with good causes0 build more court buildings readily dispense
7ustice0 court procedures are simplifed and streamlined to avoid unnecessary
e/penditure and delays in the settlements of cases and legal education system be
reformed by the aforesaid type of government to raise standards and facilities for
higher legal education.
Poverty reduction is a ma7or tas(. It is neither low in importance nor lower in
preference for a government to tac(le. It has a direct relation with the economic
growth or crisis. "conomic growth does not always beneft the poor. If the growth in
output is achieved through capital%intensifcation of the production process0
employment growth is unli(ely to match output growth. +urther0 if growth occurs in
sector that provided salaried as opposed to wage employment0 the poor are not
li(ely to beneft.
Besearch has shown that ownership or access to assets is the single most
powerful variable that reduces poverty and contributes to economic empowerment
of the poor. 1imilar housing and employment are important poverty reduction
variable in urban areas. If the community succeeds in electing a credible leadership
via wise voting0 they will ta(e due steps to plummet poverty li(e reduction of non%
developmental governmental e/penditures0 investment priority on sectors with
greater potential for employment generation0 including small to medium scale rural
industries0 infrastructure0 housing Crural and urbanD0 agriculture0 and forestry
removing bureaucratic hurdles and by improving the eEciency of the capital mar(et
to attract investment from small investors0 rationali-e subsidies to protect wea(er
sections of society0 introduce institutional mechanisms to interact on a daily basis
between the industry and the government0 and would do land reforms etc.
)longside with these merits0 if populace succeeds in bringing a government
that has the potential to revamp the whole system0 with the power of vote0 there is
greater probability that people=s demands for high standard of education are met
eEciently. 1uch a government that e/hibits both the potential and will to e/ercise
its powers and authority will ta(e important steps to do reforms and would pursue
for its implementation. ) cost e9ective model is needed to raise the level of
education across the massive school networ(. 6ood government will ta(e
imperative steps to raise the standard of education. ".g. reduce brain drain of
professionals and teachers0 ensuring eradication of the educational apartheid li(e
4rdu medium0 "nglish medium and madrasah etc. by introducing a common core
syllabus for all schools0 a progressive increase in state spending or budget of
education to a greater percentage of the 6FP0 lay emphasis on teacher training by
setting up facilities in all districts and availability of suEcient teachers0 launch a
national literacy campaign by mobili-ing all segments of the society including fresh
graduates0 unemployed youth and retired educationists to achieve a greater
percentage of the functional literacy0 would ensure access to primary education for
all children0 reduce dropout rate0 o9ering incentives etc.
)nother beneft of casting vote is bringing an apt government that would also
focus of population awareness. It may loo( a mild problem but in fact it is a huge
menus to be dealt to be dealt with0 and is in no way less than a challenge for an
incumbent government.
'he continuing high population growth rate is a ma7or national and
international concern and a strain on national resources. Bapid population growth
means greater development needs and stress on the e/isting infrastructure. )n
adept government will launch a campaign on population welfare and ma(e it an
integral part of the national health policy. It will launch public awareness campaigns
about its serious conse.uences0 benefts of population welfare0 would introduce and
improve e/isting pro7ects by e/panding coverage and improved management and
would focus on new methods of family planning.
)part from the above given some of the many benefts that are achieved
through casting votes and electing a genuine0 credible and apt government that
would0 in true sense0 represent the masses % is that it can ta(e measures to
increase the awareness about environment and increase its .uality of management0
i%e. to ameliorate and beautify it by (eeping it clean0 unnecessary housing schemes
be halted0 would do forestation to (eep the environment green. 1uch a government
will also pursue for strengthening of federation0 wor( for the empowerment of
women via provision of free education up to matriculation0 grant scholarship to
them0 creating social awareness unIslamic customs and cruel practices li(e 8ani0
1warra and Garo Gari0 provision of housing to every member of the community0
design vocational and s(ill based training for income generation0 doing well in
accountability corruption tac(ling0 agriculture0 energy sectors0 doing constitutional
and ta/ reforms0 and better housing schemes and codes of construction etc.
If we sum%up and consider the whole essay0 it is obvious that these all
benefts and advantages vis%H%vis the good governance and a credible leadership
with a will to e/pand its energies0 can only be brought through the process of
casting vote. ) great di9erence can be made by casting a vote wisely and rationally.
>,ever doubt that a small group of thoughtful0 committed citi-ens can
change the world. Indeed0 it is the only thing that ever has.A
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