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Course Teachers: Dr. Avinash Samal/Dr. B. K. Mahakul/Dr.

Anita Samal

Semester - III
Indian Political System: Institutional and Political Dynamics

1. Meaning, Nature and Type of Political Systems
Meaning of political system: Characteristics of Political Systems
Type of Political Systems: Democratic and Authoritarian, Parliamentary and Presidential, Federal &
Unitary; Indian Political System Structures, Processes and Functions

2. The Constitution of India:
The Preamble to the Constitution of India: Salient features of the Indian Constitution

3. Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy
Constitutional provisions and political dynamics

4. The Union Executive:
President, Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, Constitutional framework and political trends.

5. Parliament: The Legislature
Powers and functions of the Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha; Parliamentary Committees; Functioning of the
Parliamentary System in India.

6. The Judiciary: The Supreme Court, the High Courts, Judicial Review, Judicial Activism, Public
Interest Litigation; Judicial Reforms

7. The State Executive:
Governor, Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers; Constitutional Provisions and Political Trends.

8. Indian Federalism at Work:
Centre-state relations: legislative, administrative and financial

9. Pressure Groups and Political Parties
Interest Groups/Pressure groups in Indian politics
Party System in India: Ideology and Social Base of Political Parties; National and Regional Parties;
Regionalization and Fragmentation of the Party System, Coalition Politics and Governmental Instability
in India

10. Defections in Indian politics: Constitution 52
Amendment Act, 1985; 10
Schedule of the

11. Local Self-Government in India: Panchayati Raj and Local Self-Government; Structure, Power &
Functions; Significance of 73
and 74
Constitutional Amendments; Changes in Power Structure and
Empowerment of the Marginalized Groups such as SCs/STs and Women.

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Course Teachers: Dr. Avinash Samal/Dr. B. K. Mahakul/Dr. Anita Samal

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