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PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab.

Tegal 2013

Bhs. Ingg. LUN I I Kab.
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : IX ( Sembilan )
Hari / Tanggal : Kamis , 7 Maret 2013
Waktu : 10.00 12.00 ( 120 Menit )

1. Sebelum mengerjakan isilah identitas Anda pada Lembar Jawab Latihan Ujian Nasional ( LJLUN )
2. Periksa dan bacalah soal serta petunjuk mengerjakannya sebelum anda menjawab.
3. Kerjakan semua soal pada lembar jawab yang disediakan dengan menghitamkan bulatan menggunakan
pensil 2B.
4. Laporkan kepada pengawas tes apabila terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas atau rusak atau jumlah soal
5. Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 butir, pada setiap butir soal terdapat 4 (empat) pilihan jawaban.
6. Dahulukan menjawab soal soal yang anda anggap mudah.
7. Tidak didijinkan menggunkan kalkulator,HP, Kamus atau alat bantu lainnya.
8. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian.
9. Lembar soal tidak boleh dicoret coret.

------- Selamat Mengerjakan------

The text is for question no. 1.
1. The caution is mainly aimed to .
A. passengers.
B. pedestrians.
C. drivers.
D. policemen.

The text is for question no. 2 3.


Dear Mr. Frank,

Tommy needs to leave school early today.
After the accident, he has to go to the therapist at 11 a.m. twice a week on Monday and
I am sorry that appointment is in school time, but its an emergency.
Thank you,

Mrs. Shasa


PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

2. Where does Tommy have to go?
A. A pharmacy C. A midwife
B. A laboratory D. A hospital

3. From the message we know that Mrs. Shasa wants to .
A. describe the therapist C. ask for Mr. Franks permission
B. amuse Tommys teacher D. inform about the accident

The text is for question no. 4 - 6
From :
To :
Hi Lucy,
Im in Montreal for a conference. Its a beautiful city. Lots of people speak French here,
So Im glad I took French in college. Great food! And the shops are good. Clothes are
quite cheap. I bought a nice winter coat yesterday. I want to go to Quebec City for the
weekend. It is not far from here.
How about you? Write something for me.

4. Where does Yusuf go for weekend?
A. Montreal City C. Paris
B. Quebec City D. French
5. These statements are TRUE according to the text, except .
A. the writer bought some clothes
B. the writer took French college
C. the writer wants Lucy to reply his email
D. the writer goes to Montreal for conference

6. How about you? (the last line)
The word you refers to .
A. Yusuf C. the writer
B. Lucy D. people

The text is for question no. 7 8

7. What does Amalia want to be? She wants to be a ....
A. dress maker C. tailor
B. designer D. model
To. Amalia

We are proud of you on winning the Batik Design
Competition. Your creation is amazing. We know
you are a talented girl.
Keep working as your desire!
Your Aunty

PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

8. Keep working as your desire
The closest meaning of the word desire is .
A. hobby C. job
B. hope D. habit
The text is for question no.9 10.

9. From the text we know that Seno family wants to.
A. inform his new house to their friends C. sing and dance together
B. build a new big house D. hold wedding party
10. What should someone do to come in the party? They should ....
A. bring Pizza C. not bring friends
B. come in the morning D. come with their partner

The text is for question no. 11 12.

11. How long will the activities last?
A. Two days C. Four days
B. Three days D. Five days

Surprising party!!!!
For Blessing Our New House
We are pleasure to invite you to attend Cocktail and Pizza party on:
Day/ date : Saturday evening , 27 December 2012.
Time : at 7 p.m
Place : Our new house, Bahari Regency no.8 Medan
Please come with your partner. We will sing and dance together.
We miss you all.
Seno family

PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

12. Both of groups 1 and 2 will do the activities in the same time, EXCEPT:
A. Cabin cleanup C. Sport activities
B. Evening activities D. Dinner

The text is for question no. 13 15.

13. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
A. To tell how to care ducks C. To promote salted eggs
B. To tell how to make salted eggs D. To describe about duck eggs generally

14. What must we do before boiling the eggs?
A. Pack them in mixture. C. Peel and clean the eggs
B. Let them for some days. D. Soak them in salted water

15. Pack each egg in the mixture
The similar of the word pack is .
A. take C. break
B. put D. cover

The text is for question no.16 17.

16. According to the text, a driver must in that place.
A. stop his car out of the parking area C. help the parking workers
B. drive slowly and obey posted signs D. pay parking tax

17. The announcement tells us about .
A. a new parking area C. the renovation of parking area
B. the way to park well D. the rules of using parking area
Parking Service apologizes for any inconvenience and appreciates
your patience and cooperation during the renovation of parking area.
These needed repairs and updates will help us to provide a safe and
pleasant parking experience.
Please drive slowly through construction area use your headlight, and
for your safety, please obey posted signs and stay clear of barricaded
Making Salted Eggs
We need:
Duck eggs
Table salt
Clay (from ant hills or terminate mounds)
- Mix clay, salt and water in ratio 1 : 1 : 2 until the texture of the
admixture becomes smooth and forms a thick texture similar to
cake batter.
- Pack each egg in the mixture (damp salted clay)
- Let them for seven ten days.
- Peel and clean the eggs from the dried clay
- Boil or steam them
The salted eggs are ready to eat.

PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

The text is for question no. 18 19.

18. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To announce a skin product cream
B. To show the ingredients of feet cream
C. To advertise a feet cream named Fleet
D. To inform about the benefit of feet cream

19. What is the benefit of the product?
A. To smooth dry rough and cracked feet skin.
B. To moisten and brighten skin
C. To help feet with bad odor
D. To keep feet skin fresh

The text is for question no. 20 22.

20. The main idea of paragraph 2 is Jokowi .
A. graduated from Gajah Mada University
B. was success as a Mayor of Surakarta
C. is a successful businessman
D. was born in Surakarta

21. he led many progressive breakthroughs
The underline word means .
A. discovery methods C. product methods
B. develop methods D. change methods
22. What is Jokowi now?
A. Mayor of Surakarta C. Furniture businessman
B. Governor of Jakarta D. Lecturer of Gajah Mada Univercity
Soft and non-sticky cream

Suitable for dry, rough and cracked feet skin with
natural wheat protein to restore your natural skin

Get one for smooth and healthy feet skin.
Now available at store in Indonesia.
Joko Widodo was born on June 21
, 1961 in Surakarta. He is better known by his
nickname Jokowi.
He graduated with an engineering degree from Faculty of Forestry at Gajah Mada
University in 1985.
Before as a governor of Jakarta, Jokowi was previously the Mayor of Surakarta.
While running for office of Mayor of Surakarta, many doubted the ability of a man
who worked as a property and furniture businessman. But after a year in office, he
successfully led many progressive breakthroughs which became widely praised
nationally. He adopted the development framework of European cities into his own
city of Surakarta.
His supporters pointed to rapid changes in Surakarta under his leadership.
Branding the city with motto Solo: The spirit of Java was seen as successful move.

PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

The text is for questions no. 23 - 26.

23. How many children did the writer have?
A. Two C. Four
B. Three D. Five
24. Where did the tragedy happen?
A. In the president palace C. In Plateau district
B. Near the beach D. Near the City
25. I didnt know where they were.
The underline word refers to .
A. the visitors C. the writer
B. some men D. the missing children
26. What does the text tell us about?
A. Sparkler party C. Losing two children
B. Tragedy of a New Year celebration D. A noise of a party

The text is for question no. 27 30.

27. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To entertain the readers C. To tell about the writers story
B. To describe about the animals D. To inform about the clever judge

28. This made the lion so furious and
The underlined word means .
A. angry C. brave
B. frightened D. ashamed
The tragedy happened at night of new year celebration in Plateau district, Pantai
Some men have blockaded us using wood when we were enjoying sparkler
show near Justice Palace. They said that we had to stay in Plateau until sunrise.
However, no one wanted to stay there because the party would be end at 01.00 a. m
The visitors started to push each others. I and my children fell down. I heard
my children calling me, but I had no power to stand up. I just tried to survive from
the panic. Until the next morning I found myself with two my children laying down
in a hospital. And I still missed two other children. I didnt know where they were.
The Clever Judge
Once upon a time, a lion, a fox, and a donkey set off for a days hunting. They
made an agreement to have an equal share of what was caught. After a time, they were
able to kill a fat buck. The lion asked the donkey to divide the prize. The obliging
donkey cut up the buck into three equal parts then invited the lion to take his choice.
This made the lion so furious and killed the donkey with his powerful blow.
Then the lion told the fox to divide the meat. The fox was cunning. He put a side a
big heap for the lions share and kept only a small piece for himself.
On seeing this, the lion looked very pleased and said Master fox, this needs the most
satisfactory divisor. Who taught you to be so clever?
The dead donkey has been my teacher, replied the fox. From his foolish conduct I
have learned to be wise.

PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

29. Why did the lion look very pleased? Because .
A. he had killed a donkey C. he got a side big heap of meat
B. he hunted a fat buck D. he met a cunning fox

30. Where did the story take place?
A. In the river C. In the cave
B. In the sea D. In the jungle

The text is for questions no. 31 34.

31. Where did Tommy and Bobby hold the dogs while the owners when shopping?
A. In their house C. In a park
B. In front of supermarket D. In a house rental
32. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. Planning to set up dog nursery C. Shopping in the supermarket
B. Planning to have a dog D. Demanding much money to shoppers

33. She also asked him to keep her dog. ( the third paragraph )
The word him refers to .
A. Tommys father C. Tommy
B. Bobby D. dog owner
34. What is the social function of the text?
A. To tell the way of keeping dogs C. To describe about nursery dogs
B. To describe a dog D. To retell an experience in holiday
It was a long holiday. Bobby and Tommy did not go anywhere. Unlike their friends,
they had to stay at home. They did not have a picnic or other fun activities. Bobbys parents
were poor. They did not have enough money for fun. Bobby and Tommy knew this and they
did not demand their parents. They themselves had to be creative if they wanted to have
money. Bobby and Tommy thought and thought over to get the idea.
One morning Bobby and Tommy walked along the pavement. In this city people
often walked their dogs along the street in the morning. Suddenly they saw a woman with a
dog stop in front of the supermarket. She looked at a sign No dogs allowed. She looked for
a place to leave the dog in, but there was none. When she looked at Bobby and Tommy, she
asked, Can you help me, boys?
Yes, Madam. What can I do for you? asked Bobby.
Could you hold my dog while I go shopping?
With pleasure.
The woman gave the dog to Bobby, and Bobby had to keep it well. Not long
afterwards, an old woman met Tommy. She also asked him to keep her dog. Fifteen minutes
later the two women came out of the supermarket. Both gave them money. That morning
Bobby and Tommy got much money because ten people asked them do the same job. Now
they knew how to get much money during holiday.
What do you think now, Tommy? asked Bobby.I think wed better set up a dog
nursery.Tommy said.
Its a good idea. We can contact the owner of this house. We will rent the house and put a
big sign at the fence.
What will you write on the sign board? Bobby thought hard.
The Dog Nursery! Tommy shouted.
Okay. Well do that tomorrow.
(Adapted from A thing or Two by Schiffrin)

PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

This text is for question no. 35 38.

35. What is the text about?
A. Description of Arabian life generally C. The way to take care of camel
B. Description of camel in general D. The function of camels hump

36. What is the main characteristic of Bactrian camel?
A. It has long, thin legs C. It has one hump
B. It can survive for 5 to 7 days D. it has two humps

37. How can the camel survive for a long time without food and water?
A. By losing a quarter of its body C. By using powerful muscles of its legs
B. By keeping fatty tissue in its hump D. By bringing wheat and oats in its back

38. are in fact a mound of fatty tissue
The synonym of the word mound is a .
A. pile C. mountain
B. hill D. tower

The text is for question no. 39 41.

39. A. orbits C. accompanies
B. covers D. illuminates
40. A. taking C. reflecting
B. focusing D. processing
Camel is one of the most widely known domesticated mammals and beasts of
burden used mostly in dry and cold desert.
There are two species of camels, the Dromedary or Arabian camel which has
a single hump and the Bactrian camel which has two humps. Camels have feet are
well padded and insulated to travel in the Desert sand. Their long, thin legs which
powerful muscles allowing them to carry heavy load over long distance. They also
have specific features in every shade brown, large eyes and mouth. A fully grown
camel can weigh up to 700 kg / 154 lbs, and can stands 1,85 m high.
They are not choosy to eat. They will eat any plant that come their way, such
as dried leaves, seeds, desert plants, thorny twig, grass, wheat and oats.
Camels are desert experts and are known for surviving for 5 to 7 days with
little or no food and water, and can lose a quarter of its body weight without
impairing its normal function. They are able to survive because of their humps
which are in fact a mound of fatty tissue from which the camels draw energy when
food is hard to find.
The moon is the earths satellite. It (39) the earth. The moon is the sky
object that can be seen the night. The moon shines by (40) light of the sun. As
the positions of the moon and the sun change in the stage, different parts of the
moon are lit up. These changing shapes are called the phases of the moon. The
moon orbits the earth in such a way that only (41) side of face of the moon can
be seen.

PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

41. A. three C. one
B. two D. none

The text is for question no. 42 45

42. What is the main idea of paragraph 1?
A. Maura went to the three sheiks camp
B. Maura invited the three sheiks to her Palace
C.Maura selected many suitors to be married
D. Maura was the most beautiful queen of Arabian

43. Why did Maura chose Hakim to be her husband? Because .
A. He was young and handsome C. He gave her the most tender and tasty
B. He was rich and strong D. He was the most generous sheik
44. One by one she discarded them,
The underline word has the similar meaning with .
A. pushed away C. chased away
B. threw away D. took away

45. What can we learn from the story?
A. We have to be careful in deciding the person that wants to be chosen.
B. Dont trust easily to someone who has given a value thing.
C. We should make a party to decide something.
D. Dont look at someone from the appearance.

46. Arrange the jumbled words into correct meaning.
the with come princess he him asked to
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
A. 5 7 1 4 8 3 2 6 C. 5 7 1 6 3 4 2 8
B. 5 7 6 8 3 1 2 4 D. 1 4 7 6 8 3 2 5

Queen of Arabia and Three Sheiks
Maura, who like to be thought of as the most beautiful and powerful queen of
Arabia, had many suitors. One by one she discarded them, until her list was reduced to
just three sheiks. The three sheiks were all equally young and handsome. They were also
rich and strong. It was very hard to decide who would be the best of them.
One evening, Maura disguised herself and went to the camp of the three sheiks.
As they were about to have dinner, Maura asked them for something to eat. The first
gave her some left over food. The second Sheik gave her some unappetizing camels tail.
The third sheik, who was called Hakim, offered her some of the most tender and tasty
meat. After dinner, the disguised queen left the sheiks camp.
The following day, the queen invited the three sheiks to dinner at her palace. She
ordered her servant to give each one exactly what they had given her the evening before.
Hakim, who received a plate of delicious meat, refused to eat it if the other two sheiks
could not share it with him.
This Sheik Hakims act finally convinced Queen Maura that he was the man for her.
Without question, Hakim is the most generous of you she announced her choice to the
sheiks. So it is Hakim I will marry.

PAKET 2 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2012/2013 Bhs. Ingg. LUN II Kab. Tegal 2013

The text is for question no. 47 49.

47. A. fat C. tall
B. heavy D. large

48. A. It C. she
B. he D. they

49. A. eats C. will eat
B. ate D. eaten

50. Arrange the jumbled sentences into a procedure of helping electric shock victims.

(1) Avoid any direct contact with the skin of the patient or any conducting material
touching him.
(2) Turn off the electric supply if possible
(3) Commence resuscitation. Use cardiopulmonary resuscitation if the patients
heart has stopped beating .
(4) Seek medical help for further action
(5) Disconnect the victim from the electricity supply by the use of a dry non-
conducting material.
A. 4 2 5 1 3 C. 2 5 4 3 1
B. 4 3 5 2 1 D. 2 5 1 3 4

***** GOOD LUCK *****

One day the girl was in the kitchen, scooping up freshly-cooked rice and putting it in
a (47) bowl to carry to the dinner table. Suddenly a toad appeared in the kitchen as
if nowhere. (48) crawled over the floor, shivering, and dragged its body to where
the girl was standing. Then it jumped heavily onto the kitchen hearth. On the hearth
were a few grains of rice the girl had spilled while emptying the pot. The toad
hungrily (49) up the rice.