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The Burrup Industrial Estate

The Burrup Industrial Estate is a well-

established strategic industrial area
offering vacant land for heavy industry
in close proximity to extensive industrial
and social infrastructure.
The estate is located on the coast of
Western Australias Pilbara region,
16 kilometres north of the regional
centre of Karratha.
The estate offers almost 350 hectares
to prospective tenants and continues
to attract interest from potential
project proponents.
The Burrup Industrial Estate is one of
Western Australias most important
strategic industrial areas and plays a
major role in ensuring the economic
prosperity of the State.
The Burrup was selected as an industrial
estate to take advantage of the regions
natural resources and competitive
advantages, including the availability of
suitable land, proximity to sheltered deep
water and access to population centres
and social infrastructure.
Overview of the estate
The Burrup Industrial Estate is already
home to Australias largest oil and gas
resource development the North West
Industrial Estate
Shelf Venture (NWSV) LNG and Domestic
Gas facility, operated by Woodside.
The estate is also home to Burrup
Fertilisers ammonia plant and
Woodsides Pluto LNG Project (currently
under construction).
Adjoining areas house facilities for the
export of liqueed natural gas (LNG),
condensate, iron ore, solar salt and
ammonia as well as supply bases
servicing the oil and gas industry.
Support industries available include:
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- :~:i:e ~:o suLse~ sujjo:l i:ousl:ies
- e~vy ili:q
- :oo:/:oo R0R0l
- sjeci~ly weoi:q ~:o co:sl:uclio:
- e:qi:ee:i:q, :i:i:q, l:~oes ~:o
administrative work.
The State Government has dedicated
almost $184 million for multi-user
infrastructure for the Burrup, much of
which is already in place.
Existing multi-user infrastructure
- qe:e:~ c~:qo ~:o Lu iquio
export facilities
- i::~sl:uclu:e co::ioo:s ~:o :o~os
- q~s jijei:e i::~sl:uclu:e
- cooi:q se~w~le: j:ovisio: ~:o
brine return.
In addition, the State Government has
committed $300 million towards the Pilbara
Revil~is~lio: P~:, wic wi see PiL~:~
town centres, including Karratha near the
Burrup Industrial Estate, transformed over
the next four years.
Major infrastructure and community
developments across the Pilbara region
will deliver improved services, including
health, energy, water and community
services, to modernise Pilbara towns
and deliver benets for both industry
and communities.
Planning for the estate
The Burrup Industrial Estate is covered
by the State Governments Heavy Use
Industrial Land Strategy.
The strategy covers environmental,
heritage and planning initiatives to ensure
anticipated works on the estate include:
- ~jj:oj:i~le .o:i:q
- e:vi:o::e:l~ ~ssess:e:l
- e:qi:ee:i:q ~ssess:e:l
- e:il~qe su:veys
- co:cejlu~ j~::i:q
- :~live lile ~q:ee:e:ls
- :is :~:~qe:e:l sl:~leqies
The State Government has carried out
substantial planning and environmental
studies on the Burrup Peninsula and
surrounding region.
Pluto LNG Project
Planning for future development at the
estate is based on balancing social and
economic benets with environmental,
heritage and indigenous concerns.
Projects looking to lease industrial
land at the estate are assessed on their
strategic and economic development
potential for Western Australia and use
of existing multi-user infrastructure at
the estate.
Current projects
Current projects located at the Burrup
Industrial Estate include the North West
Shelf Venture LNG and Domestic Gas
facility, operated by Woodside, as well
as Burrup Fertilisers ammonia plant
and Woodsides Pluto LNG Project.
North West Shelf Venture
The North West Shelf Venture (NWSV)
is one of the worlds largest LNG
producers and supplies oil and gas to
Australian and international markets.
To build this project today would require
an investment of over $50billion.
For more than 25 years the NWSV
has been Western Australias largest
producer of domestic gas, and currently
provides about 65 per cent of total State
production. The NWSV also supplies
liqueed petroleum gas and condensate
for the world energy market and
Western Australia.
Almost $800 million a year is injected
directly into Australian business
through operating costs, and thousands
of jobs are created during construction
and as part of ongoing operations.
This pioneering development has
changed the face of Australias
upstream energy industry and helped
to establish Australias international
reputation as a safe and reliable
supplier of LNG.
Pluto LNG Project
Woodsides Pluto LNG Project is set to
become the worlds fastest developed
LNG project from discovery of the gas
eld in April 2005 to start-up by end
February 2011 and rst LNG by end
March 2011.
The Pluto LNG Project, an LNG
processing plant with a forecast
production capacity of 4.3Mtpa, was
approved for development in 2007
for the processing of gas from the
Pluto and Xena gas elds located in
the Carnarvon Basin. The elds are
estimated to contain approximately
4.6 trillion cubic feet of dry gas
reserves and 0.5 trillion cubic feet of
contingent resources.
Woodsides vision for the project is an
expansion with up to ve LNG trains and
a pipeline gas plant. Final investment
decisions remain contingent on
identication of economically viable gas
resources either through exploration
vou:es ~:o/o: ole: :esou:ce ow:e:s
The Department of State Development
is working with Woodside to
facilitate the Pluto LNG Project at
the Burrup Industrial Estate and is
assisting Woodside to obtain State
and Commonwealth environmental
approvals for the third LNG processing
train and a second offshore pipeline.
The Departments role
The Department of State Development
leads and facilitates the successful
development and expansion of Western
Australias resources, infrastructure
and industry sectors.
We facilitate the development of
strategic industrial areas through
balancing the needs of the community
and industry with issues such as
heritage and environmental concerns.
The Department regularly undertakes
assessments to determine land
suitability and environmental and
social factors associated with proposed
industrial areas, and advises planning
agencies whether proponents should
access particular areas for development.
In close conjunction with LandCorp
and State Land Services, we assist and
facilitate the occupancy of estate sites
~l le Du::uj :ousl:i~ Esl~le 0:ce
a site has been appropriately identied
for a project and is supported by the
Department, LandCorp will purchase the
land and lease the site to the proponent
for a dened term.
Further information
For further information, visit
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