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Alakh Analda

how you can use your own breathing to be clear and inspired each day!
The single act of conscious breathing creates a different personal reality for an individual.
Spending time consciously breathing changes individual consciousness over time. No matter
what thought and beliefs and decisions have been made by an individual, the limiting
decisions will change towards the positive. The more conscious breathing we do, the more
we are in present time, where there is no past. In present time we can truly choose because
there is no because - no reference from the past. Keep doing this and the past has less
influence. When we are in present time, the moment of now, and are more free to choose,
we act appropriately in situations. This is in contrast to not choosing because we are
reacting. The main feeling to recognise reactive behaviour is that there is no choice, and
Ive been here before and felt this feeling before. There is no sense of humour. Sometimes
there is a sense of different size and shape of the body and change in lighting which can
be a dark even if the adult is in a light room or outside. At times like this our unresolved
past event has come up for clearing Why?
Read on - its part of secret No 1.
We all have an inbuilt capacity to remember to breathe, to create each next breath, breathe
consciously. This capacity is main element in Breathwork Mastery, and the base for most
meditation practises on the planet the conscious breath. It is voluntary breathing and a
state of constant breath awareness.

For most people, the rhythm and strength of the breath in most moments of life is
automatic. The automatic, involuntary breath keeps us surviving and is directed by the
brain stem.

Yogic scriptures refer to this automatic breath, and state that we are born with a certain
number of these breaths that are predestined. The automatic, involuntary patterns of
breathing keep us in our automatic, reactive patterns of life. It is almost as if we have two
capacities with breathing, one to survive and one to create living. Breath is the key in both

Conscious breath is a creative act. It is the opposite to automatic breathing which is a
programmed survival act in built in the human body. Conscious breathing increases the
capacity for conscious living. It brings us moment to moment points of choice, depending
on our process of life.


Discoveries from neurophysiology and anatomy provide insight into the automatic and
voluntary breathing and support the fact that Breathwork Mastery techniques provide the
tools to control our body, mind, metabolism and personality and provide insight . One
particularly interesting and relevant theory is the triune brain theory. Part of this theory,
proposed quite a long time ago by the neurologist Paul MacLean is still true to science and
some of his research has been superceeded. For understanding why conscious breathing,
we use his findings that states that our skull holds not one brain, but three. MacLean says
that these three brains operate like three interconnected biological computers, each with its
own special intelligence, its own subjectivity, its own sense of time and space and its own
memory. He refers to these three brains as the neocortex or neo-mammalian brain, the
limbic or paleo-mammalian system, and the reptilian brain, the brainstem and
cerebellum. Each of the three brains is connected by nerves to the other two, but each
seems to operate as its own brain system with distinct capacities.

The Reptilian Brain includes the very topmost spinal cord and the lower areas of the brain,
including the medulla oblongata and part of the reticular activating system that is partly
responsible for our waking, conscious state. This brain controls muscles, balance and
autonomic functions, such as breathing and heartbeat and is active even in deep sleep. It
has the same type of archaic behavioural programs as snakes and lizards. It is rigid,
obsessive, compulsive, ritualistic and paranoid, it is "filled with ancestral memories". It
keeps repeating the same behaviours over and over again, never learning from past
mistakes. According to MacLean, this brain plays an important role in aggressive behaviour,
territoriality, ritual and the establishment of social hierarchies. This area corresponds to the
description of the mooladhara and swadhisthana charkas, because yogis have told us that
these centres maintain our most basic and primitive, animalistic drives and instincts; basic
living, eating, sleeping and procreating within a dark and primitive, monotonous and
repetitious existence, minus joy, love and self-awareness. They are related to our deepest
unconscious and subconscious mind.

MacLean found that this area dominates the lives of most people which agrees with yogi
theories that we spend most of our time controlled by and stimulating the lower charkas
within the blinding limitations of our daily routine. Interestingly MacLean showed that this
is true neurologically. Removing the cerebral cortex from hamster a day or two after birth
and leaving only the Reptilian Brain and limbic system (see below), MacLean found that
hamsters grew up normally, gave birth and displayed every form of behaviour normal for
hamsters. He did the same with birds with the same results. This research indicates that
our day to day functions are controlled by these primitive areas and that we do not really
need much more of our brain to handle the basic problems and demands of a neatly
ordered, socially accepted lifestyle.

In 1952 MacLean first coined the name "limbic system" for the middle part of the brain. It
is also known as the paleopallium or old mammalian brain. It corresponds to the brain of
most mammals, especially the old ones. The old mammalian brain residing in the limbic
system is concerned with emotions and instincts, feeding, fighting, fleeing, and sexual
behaviour. As MacLean observes, everything in this emotional system is either "agreeable
or disagreeable". Survival depends on avoidance of pain and repetition of pleasure. When
this part of the brain is stimulated with a mild electrical current various emotions (fear, joy,
rage, pleasure and pain etc) are produced. No emotion has been found to reside in one

place for very long. But the limbic system as a whole appears to be the primary seat of
emotion, attention, and affective (emotion-charged) memories. Physiologically, it includes
the hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala. It helps determine valence (e.g., whether
you feel positive or negative toward something) and salience (e.g., what gets your
attention), unpredictability, and creative behaviour. It has vast interconnections with the
neocortex so that brain functions are not either purely limbic or purely cortical but a mixture
of both.

MacLean claims to have found in the Limbic system a physical basis for the dogmatic and
paranoid tendency, the biological basis for the tendency of thinking to be subordinate
feeling, to rationalize desires. He sees a great danger in all this limbic system power. As he
understands it, this lowly mammalian brain of the limbic system tends to be the seat of our
value judgements, instead of the more advanced neocortex. It decides whether our higher
brain has a "good" idea or not, whether it feels true and right.

The Neocortex, cerebrum, the cortex, or an alternative term, neopallium, also known as the
superior or rational (neomammalian) brain, comprises almost the whole of the hemispheres
(made up of a more recent type of cortex, called neocortex) and some subcortical neuronal
groups. It corresponds to the brain of the primate mammals and, consequently, the human
species. The higher cognitive functions which distinguish Man from the animals are in the
cortex. MacLean refers to the cortex as "the mother of invention and father of abstract
thought". In Man the neocortex takes up two thirds of the total brain mass. Although all
animals also have a neocortex, it is relatively small, with few or no folds (indicating surface
area and complexity and development). A mouse without a cortex can act in fairly normal
way (at least to superficial appearance), whereas a human without a cortex is a vegetable.

The cortex is divided into left and right hemispheres, the famous left and right brain. The
left half of the cortex controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain the
left side of the body. Also, the right brain is more spatial, abstract, musical and artistic,
while the left brain more linear, rational, and verbal.
How then does the triune brain theory prove that Breathwork Mastery works? As shown by
Paul MacLean, the essential region for the control of breathing is the brain stem, and more
specifically the medulla. This is the Reptilian Brain. It has been shown, for instance that
removal of higher brain structures, such as the cerebral cortex, has little influence on the
basic respiratory rhythm. Separation of the brain stem from the spinal cord causes
immediate cessation of breathing, indicating that respiration cannot be sustained at a spinal
level. Separation of the medulla from the rest of the brain stem still allows a rhythm to
continue, though it may be abnormal.
Conscious breathing, as controlled by the cerebral cortex, overrides the habitual codes and
patterns of breathing that keep us in habitual patterns of surviving life and unresolved past
events. The more conscious breathing we do, the more our self awareness expands. In
time, the limited self comes closer to the limitless self and is taken to its ultimate state of

The creative process of Breathwork Mastery breath training is for full connected, conscious
breathing, while lying down. In the session, which is mostly a breath cycle space of ninety
minutes of introversion, self awareness expands. Limiting decisions or thoughts in the way
of personal intentions that are usually locked into the body as a sensation, can come to the

surface, along with an emotion or feeling. This process of conscious breath and body
awareness then clears from the subconscious, what has been locked or imprinted in the
cellular/body memory as body sensations or pain. Within this process of Breathwork
Mastery breath training, the individual becomes more and more aware of how to use their
own breath and body awareness at all times. Sometimes the mental and emotional
pathways are not active and the subconscious material, or electromagnetic charge held in
the body as a body sensation is discharged in the conscious breathwork session, simply
through the awareness of a sensation mild or strong or a series of sensations going up and
down in intensity until a point of relative calmness. The main point in this in depth clearing
process is the client has been breathing more consciously for a more of the time that these
body sensations have been occurring, or while the mental images and feelings have been
moving through along with the associated body sensations.

The breath session is a more conscious process than day to day life, in present time, where
there is no past, because of the increase in conscious breathing during the session. It
cannot be emphasised enough how potent this can be in an individual life. The time spent in
the session was less about the individuals past and more about their present aims and
objectives, desires and wishes or intentions. It was a creative process.

As an individual becomes more self aware, they begin to sense they can crack a code of
behaviours and responses that has them feel like they are simply surviving life not really
living it. This is because of past conditioning which comes from three main sources of
1. your own unique conception, inutero, birth and early infancy experiences
2. your family or living circumstances at conception, inutero, birth and early infancy
3. the social, religious, political environment of the town, country or planet at the time of
your arrival here

Through these sources of conditioning, we absorb impressions that come to us from
conception through to early infancy, thus creating the basis of our early conditioning or
programming, our learned responses. Some of these are useful and keep the body and mind
well. Some are extremely limiting to an individuals psychological and emotional wellness
and freedom to choose to act and respond in each moment.

For example, learning not to put your hand on the fire is beneficial, while learning not to
trust anyone can be emotionally limiting and lead to a joyless life. Conditioning can be
either deliberate or accidental, each creating a similar impact as impressions stored in your
cellular memory. Parents deliberately teach their children manners. Accidentally however,
they may be also teaching their children that life is painful, they are not good enough, or
pass on their own belief structures such as you will not get anything for nothing and many
other limiting or harmful concepts.

People who practise Breathwork Mastery realise that even an event like being born facing up
instead of a more common down position, or bottom first instead of head, can instil a
programme, a lifelong pattern of wrongness unless it is cleared. On the other hand, a
parent who was always made wrong as a child, may, as a result of this conditioning,
unconsciously or deliberately, pass this concept to a child.

There is no room for conditioning when conscious breath is present, as the Breathwork
Mastery participant is also present, not in the past in that moment, that breath. And then
in the next ..... and the next ..... slowly and steadily, or quickly, limiting conditioning is
released in minuscule or large amounts. In some cases, the limiting conditioning is released
simply by staying present and in the now and other times by the past event or memory
coming into the present to be released or resolved in the present experience of the
breather. Or the expansion of self awareness or presence into a higher spiritual state, has
the limiting decision drop away as the newer awareness transposes or supersedes it, at or
above the level of cellular memory, discharging the charge from the body.
Any individual can use the Breathwork Mastery process of conscious breathing to
live intentionally no matter what their circumstances.
When an individual sets an intention deliberately rather than through their normal human
wishing, wanting, desiring, longing and hoping, everything in the way of that intention is
likely to start to manifest in that individuals life. Most people dont know this. In the new
age we tend to say its not meant to happen. This is a fatalistic approach because the
power to make things happen is being given to some other source or force. One huge secret
which most people dont know also is conscious breathing itself can be used to clear the
unresolved material, events, circumstances and energetic sensations in the body that get
activated when an individual sets an intention deliberately or intentionally.
Most people do not realise that when they make a vow to themselves or another, or start up
a new project in life, they are inviting everything in the way of that vow or project to come
forward. Its the subconscious material that is going to bring up the blocks or sabotage of
the vow or project. Limiting subconscious beliefs like I cant have what I want or life is
hard that became subconscious when we were tiny and it was true, may still be locked into
the body-mind and below the surface of awareness.
A Breathwork Mastery session starts with an intention and this is what sets in motion a
release (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination of these) which in time will
lead to a resolution. Intention+body+breath and time are the major factors in producing a
resolution in Breathwork Mastery sessions. That is a verbalised Intention, along with
awareness of body sensations with full, conscious connected breathing in the time duration
of a sole session or a series of Breathwork Mastery sessions. The blend is of mental with
emotional, in conjunction with physical, each one is significant to the other not only for
release, but for resolution.
In a Breathwork Mastery session, you will be asked to identify your intentions by answering
the question What do you most want to make a difference to in your life right now? If this
question seems too hard to answer, you might be asked other question such as What is
happening in your life? or Why have you decided to have a Breathwork Mastery session?
Occasionally you might be asked What was the first thing you thought ...?. Everyone has
intentions. It is just that they are not always identified or spoken except maybe on New
Years Eve!! To maximise the power of the conscious breath, the most productive intention
to take into a Breathwork Mastery session is usually what is preoccupying your mind and

thoughts anyway. It can feel like a block in your life. It can be a clearly identified pattern
that repeats, no matter how much you do not want it to.
If something is an issue for you, you set an intention to clear it. No need to mention what
you do not want to happen. Rather paint a picture of what you do intend to happen as a
creative act.
When an intention is verbalised, the alchemy of conscious breathing allows cellular
memories to surface. It seems it activates the whole nervous system throughout the body
and provides a change in the brain. Information that is not available day to day in the
thinking process comes to awareness. Sometimes it is inspiration. Sometimes material from
the subconscious surfaces. Sometimes it is something that was forgotten or has never been
thought of since it happened. Sometimes it is a spontaneous regression to a past event to
being very tiny and in a dark place.
What is called spontaneous regression can be triggered by many events. Some involve
association with a past event or person that is unresolved, or carries a charge. Some can be
invoked by being with a high energy person or going to a high energy site, or sacred site.
Sometimes it may be going to any part of nature or places of spiritual power, including
temples or churches and mosques, or during lovemaking or sporting activities. Also from a
song, or a movie, and social or work pressures. Spontaneous regressions, which can include
to birth also happen with drug taking, or when facing anothers trauma, or in childbearing
situations where some association with the persons own birth is more likely to occur.
The spontaneous regression will occur usually when the breathing subconsciously increases
from the emotional state that is triggered by a subconscious association. An attempt is
made through the increased breathing, to push away or push down the cellular memory.
This is a subconscious attempt to deal with the feeling or emotion that is surfacing. These
feelings can range from mild anxiety to the full sense of being taken over by an
uncontrollable energy - like going mad or crazy.
When a person goes back to a spontaneous event, most people need to avoid having this
experience because they do not know what is happening and being small is usually the
memory of being helpless or certainly undergoing some sort of physical, mental, emotional
trauma. Revisiting such an event after intention setting and with support people being
present, such an experience is more like a healthy or healing crisis. If, and when, the
breather used consciously along with the unusual body sensations, the conscious breather
can be present to what he or she could not be present to when this event first happened.
Resolution comes from staying present with the use of breath and body sensations and
allowing the awareness to dawn and translate to every cell of the body that what was true
when I was tiny and dependant and helpless does not have to be true now. This usually only
takes a few minutes yet it is a life altering experience. It is a cracking the code moment.
Depending on the individual circumstances, the person doing conscious breathing at that
time may completely crack the code or partially crack the code that was locked in as a
limiting decision along with the feeling and body sensation.
Using an accurate intention for a session is one of the most successful elements in
Breathwork Mastery. So when an intention is set, it is important that the breather is

committed enough to that intention that he or she will be prepared to go to any experience
that is invoked by the conscious breath.
Sometimes people keep going unconscious in their Breathwork Mastery session. This can be
because the intention is too large. So, for example, if your intention was to increase you
income by 100% in one year, and you stop breathing all the time (go unconscious), look at
why, or for what do you want the increased income? Do you not feel happy in your work?
Relationship? Housing? If it is your housing, is it income you need to have another house or
is there another way? Try the intention for more appropriate housing instead of $. Do you
think more income will give you a better relationship? If you change the intention thus to
have more fun in my relationship, you may not need 100% increase in income. Instead of
100% increase in income you take an intention to clear everything in the way of you having
an enjoyable home and social life, you may suddenly find a group of like minded people to
move in with, or buy a property together, in a situation where your living expenses are less
and you have a great home and social life.

One Trainer in personal development I facilitated one time, set the intention to
increase his income by 100% and then promptly passed out unconscious on each
breath. He knew the process well, and had previously done many sessions. He now
had a child and I thought to myself, why does he now want to increase his income?
We talked about his unconsciousness and I spoke to him about changing his
intention. In the process of reassessing his intention, he realised that he always
had huge expectations placed on him as the only boy in a family of strong
European tradition. Most of his life this was not an issue, however now he had a
baby in the family, it had come up strongly. His conflict was between being the
hero, which he was as a personal development trainer, supporting people in
directing their lives, and now being a different sort of hero for the family. That is
one who brings home lots of bread and is seen to be a benevolent provider. He was
able to resolve some of the subconscious pressure to increase his income when he
saw his subconscious need to be hero. As it was, because of his work, he was home
a lot spending high quality time with his wife and child and through his business
connections had just managed a good deal on a new car. He still had something to
clear around housing but he was much more satisfied to see that he had been
responding to old conditioning.

Time frame is also a very important part of intention setting. Set a time frame that is
challenging, although this may need to be changed depending on what comes up for you in
your session.
The golden truth about a Breathwork Mastery session is that everything that comes up into
awareness in the session is related to intentions. Every single part, when looked at in the

context of the intention is saying something about what is in the way, or not in the way of
the intention. Nine times out of ten that becomes obvious during or just after the session. If
not, it can be in the days after the session.
Debriefing, that is sharing the experiences from the session, is also an important part of
Breathwork Mastery and the time after a session spent in debriefing, can often be as
valuable as the breath session. If the content is shared in relation to the intentions for the
session, the personal insights continue to occur in the debrief. These can be as important as
the conscious connected breathing in terms of getting the message of the session and also
allowing integration time and complete release and resolution of issues.
The debrief is focused on helping breathers to gain the maximum benefit from the content
of the session by verbalising it, and or doing a drawing or writing about it. During the
debriefing, there is another opportunity to have realisations on all levels. Physically,
emotionally, mentally and spiritually connections can be made from what came up as either
a feeling, image, memory or visual impression in the session. This is on top of the
experience of having created a calm, deeply recharged, rejuvenated and relaxed physical
state at the end of the ninety minutes of conscious breathing.
The body, mind, feelings and spirit can be balanced and wholeness is created over time,
through the use of Breathwork Mastery breathing in conjunction with body sensation

Many people try to clear their own personal experiences by thinking about it and analysing
themselves, others and all the behavioural responses they meet. This has its place. It can
give us a lot more power in our life. Using professional help can accelerate this self
awareness leading to personal power.

Understanding some aspects of our own and others behaviour and reaction and irrationality
can lead to an ability to be more peaceful and resolved in our lives. However, this will
usually not lead to the release and discharge of the limiting codes about self, others and life
that are locked into the body as an electro-magnetic charge. This is because this charge
cannot be permanently discharged if the individual is not ready to see, feel, remember be
present to the past event.

Breathwork Mastery is a technique that allows a physical/mental/emotional or spiritual
experience to be felt often as a body memory. It is the breath that does the work and that
allows the individual to begin to free unresolved past issues. As the same time that full,
conscious, connected breathing is releasing locked energy, it gives inspiration and ongoing
clarity. Action, instead of reaction, becomes possible in every day life. In time, this self
revealing process frees the breather from past limiting concepts and beliefs. The startling
clarity emerges - everything that I have believed to be true about myself and the world
from the start of my life, may not have to be true for me now. This realisation specifically
relates to limiting self concepts. Realisations come in different areas of the process at
different times. Deconditioning and reprogramming occurs. Open-mindedness and
openheartedness results.

The individual emerges as a being who has a body, who has emotions and thoughts. The
sense of self strengthens towards the authentic experience I am not the body, nor the
emotions nor the thoughts ..... I have a body, feelings and thoughts. The opportunity to
investigate who am I really? presents itself each session.

During the breathwork process, through an individual or series of sessions of full conscious
connected breathing ......
- body sensations come and go in varying degrees of intensity until the body sense becomes
- thinking that is mundane, general or repetitive, diminishes and a focused clarity of
thought emerges, including realizations, understanding and inspiration,
- feeling and emotional responses become authentic, leading to a sense of being enriched
on a deeply personal level,
- spiritual connectedness with self, others and source is enhanced.

Body, mind and emotion become lighter and clearer with a strong sense of being spiritually

During a single or series of Breathwork Mastery sessions, there are inner experiences
ranging from mild to intense depending on the clients process. They include a huge range
of body sensations and feelings as well as visuals and thoughts. Some clients have major
spiritual experiences. Each client has physical sensations of some degree all the way
through the session. Whether feeling clear, being relaxed and happy or being stuck or in
pain in the session, or seemingly inconsolable or mild emotion, each session moves clients
towards their intentions. Resolution occurs over time during the process depending on the
individuals unique process and level of awareness, and their own self paced unfoldment
through the session or series.

Physical aches and pains or body sensations, thoughts, limiting decisions, vague or strong
memories, images, pictures and visuals and emotions or feelings of all degrees and spiritual
experiences, all lie within. In each case, all of the inner experiences are working towards
delivering a clearing in relation to the intention for the session.

All levels of experience that have been held down with the breath, are safely able to come
to the surface of the individuals conscious mind, to be resolved and released at sometime
in a Breathwork Mastery session or series.

Beliefs that limit or diminish the person in any way, are revealed and may be
reprogrammed. New personal and creative thinking patterns are then established.
Emotional life becomes rich and fulfilling, instead of something to avoid. Inspiration is
accessed and grants a different perspective and direction to each individuals personal life
with enjoyable consequences. A spiritual viewpoint becomes an authentic perspective in day
to day life.

In every Breathwork Mastery session, the full range of physical, emotional, mental and or
spiritual experience is self generated and self governed by the individuals psyche. There is

always an unpredictable fluctuation between each level of experience for each unique

The mind affects the body and breath affects the mind. The way we breathe can change
our life.
Breath is conscious and voluntary when and if you remember to breathe. It is automatic
and involuntary when and if you forget to breathe or have no awareness that breathing is
happening. When the breathing is automatic and involuntary, an individual affected by past
conditioning and is more likely to be reactive. When breathing is conscious, an individual is
in the present, free-to-be-in-action and at points of choice. Look at the following table
showing the differences between conscious and automatic breathing.
There are four types of conscious and automatic breathing patterns as follows:
When the breath is flowing smoothly and rhythmically, at an easy, relaxed, pace, then the
mind is calm and peaceful. When the mind becomes disturbed by a trigger or stimulus, the
breath changes pace and pressure, triggered by a thought or the emotion associated with a
thought or memory. When the easy/subtle breath is maintained consciously, the
disturbance of the mind is calmed by the peaceful breathing pattern. Anxious and neurotic
states of mind cannot exist when the breath is even, gentle and smooth.
There are yoga practises and other disciplines where the technique is to consciously retain
the breath on either the internal or external
hold. This conscious or spontaneous retention is different to the automatic or unconscious
holding to suppress unresolved memories or feelings. The conscious practise is used for
spiritual development and is successful with increasing the life force in the body, plus
clearing therefore balancing the emotions and stilling the mind. Kundalini yoga has always
stated that conscious breath retention sends energy to and activates the frontal brain ( the
evolutionary part) and now brain scan technology is able to document this to be so.
When the mind is extremely calm, there may be a spontaneous breath hold while the
individual remains fully conscious, yet without a need to breathe in or out. Yoga calls this
kaivalya kumbhaka - free retention. To sit beside a client in this state, the feeling is of calm
and peace even bliss. It is easy to sit there and no sense of alarm or panic or discomfort
that there is no breath in or out. The lips of the participant do not go blue. The sense is of
physical and psychic relaxation and let go. This is quite rare, however and the opposite is
when clients need to split by breath holding and going somewhere else to be safe.
A human mechanism that is frequently used for managing past or present feelings,
emotions, memories or images that have been too much to stay with and fully experience

is to suppress, or repress them by holding the breath. The breath is held a lot or a little,
when feelings or memories start to surface. This keeps them below the surface of conscious
experience. However, when there is an overload or breakdown of an individuals capacity
to manage in this way, the breath holding mechanism fails and overreaction or irrational
behaviour surfaces.
The automatic holding diminishes the life force in the body. By suppressing and repressing
the memories and emotions, it perpetuates the disturbance in the mind. This
automatic/involuntary mechanism will continue until an individual feels safe enough, ready
enough or supported enough to change the mechanism.
From time to time in a session, clients hold their breath sometimes until their lips start
going blue. They split from being conscious. When they come back they do not know
where they have been. However, the sense for the breather and for whoever is sitting
besides them is that they have been away. The state was not conscious. This is one way a
breather responds when not yet safe or ready to go to some memory or image or
feeling. Alternatively there is a sense of going somewhere else to resolve or clear
something. The immediate outcome can be quite energising.
Conscious, automatic or unconscious over-breathing is also successful at effecting the brain,
causing it to impact emotions in a certain way. Instead of feeling emotional pain or joy, the
emotions are pressurised. This occurs to a point where they are being experienced as
energy rather than the feeling or emotion that is really present. Pain in the body becomes
the pathway. The true feeling at the emotional level will only surface when the client is safe
enough to really feel and the breath is not pressured.
Feelings and emotions that are flowing as an authentic response to certain events, like
sorrow, joy, grief, rage are not felt in their fullness at the times when over-breathing is
induced. They turn into certain types of vibrations in the body and emotions come to be
experienced as strong sensations, or if the over-breathing is continued, as pain in the body.
This is a successful release or discharge mechanism. Yet there is more to experience in
terms of resolution.
Pressurised emotions become cramping, strong tingling, galvanised pain and other
symptoms of voluntary or involuntary forced inhale and exhale or forced inhale or exhale, or
one or the other. This is the psychological and emotional pain coming to the surface through
the physical body in order to be processed and released. It is an effective pathway for
expression or release, as emotions from physiological pain can and do release this way.
In Breathwork Mastery the psychological pain is the limiting thought or decision which is
accompanied by an emotion or feeling and superimposed over the body, revealing itself as
body sensations.
With pressure on breath, the process becomes a strong sense of energy flows in the body,
all the way through to strong cramping or paralysis, if continued. This process is amplified if

the breath also becomes shorter within that period, as well as faster. Connected breathing is
likely to be happening but not full.
Conscious or automatic even unconscious over-breathing is successful at effecting the brain
by dismissing the thoughts, and overriding the emotions, yet creating strong sensations in
the physical body. With both approaches, there is still a breathing pattern suppression. The
sense is of breathing lots and lots of air. However, this is not necessarily lengthy and full
breathing. There is not necessarily more air or life force or oxygen coming into the body
when pace, force or pressure is added.
Breathwork Mastery, breathing is full, connected and conscious. A full breath is where
breathing is increased to the fullest comfortable extension of the breathing mechanism. This
includes breathing into the navel, the chest and upper chest.
The actual movement of the lungs into their extended expansion, stimulates the nerve
endings between the vertebrae. The spine is conductor of the major flow of energy in the
body. All the nerves in the spine are connecting to each of the organs and directly to the
brain. Each of these areas of breathing from navel to throat, that is the navel, chest and
upper chest, has both an emotional and mental correlative as discussed below.
Connected or Circular: breathing is where the inhale is extended to meet the exhale and
the exhale to meet the inhale. The length of breath extends so there are no pauses between
inhale and exhale allowing a higher breath intake into the lungs. This action removes the
pauses or the habitual breath holding mechanism that keeps the subconscious material
below conscious awareness. The unconscious or subconscious material surfaces to be
released or resolved in a safe, supported environment.
Conscious breathing means remembering to breathe each breath. It is breathing with
awareness or being aware of the breath pattern or creating or generating each breath. It
can be a connected pattern or one with pauses.
The breath can be conscious when it is
fast or slow,
from the navel only or
the chest only
if it is held, a lot or a little
........... it is still conscious breathing if you remain aware that you are breathing in and
that you are breathing out.
Time and research will reveal that it is the conscious breathing that creates the results in
Breath work Mastery. It constantly stands out as the single most important factor.
Remember that conscious breathing comes from the more evolved part of the brain that
gives us being in the present. Appropriate action and choice come from being in the now
and present. Otherwise, we are coming from our past.

There is also a direct correlation between the breath and the psychological mind state and
how it affects our emotional well being.
The solar plexus Charkra is the energy centre located at the navel. It is the centre of
personal power and emotional richness, of personal connectedness to ourself, others and
the cosmos. When breathing is coming into and from the navel, a breather can experience
a sense of personal power and a personal experience of this emotional connectedness and a
sense of expansiveness of mind, spirit and body. Alternatively, what is in the way of being
with this feeling may surface.
If the breath is not coming into the navel, the experience is usually based on the memory,
mild or extreme, of being powerless, disempowered, alone and or helpless. Sometimes
there is a sense is of being emotionally abandoned, disconnected, cut off and various other
similar states. When a body memory is coming up and one of these feelings, is ready to
discharge, the navel is actually in spasm or totally frozen. This happens as a response to
the trauma or the memory of the trauma, the locked in emotion that is held tightly by
breath retention. If a breather starts wheezing or choking it releases immediately if and
when the breath is taken into the navel centre. Such experiences happen in day to day life,
not just in sessions. At the mildest level it is called shortness of breath, and at the extreme
level it is panic and anxiety attacks.
The chest cavity holding the heart Chakra is the energy centre that relates to being in touch
with oneself and love of self and others, tolerance of self and others and total acceptance of
self and others. In this centre is a live and let live state of mind, while the individual is
personally responsible for their actions. When the breathing is coming fully into the chest
cavity, everything that lies in the way of loving self and others, unconditionally, comes to
the surface for clearing. In particular, the feelings most often released are grief, loss,
sadness, terror, fear, revenge, shame and other similar emotional states. The aftermath of
such a clearing is gratitude, in-touchness, self love and acceptance, willingness to share and
meet others in a who are you? space of love and acceptance. There is also freedom to
create win/win situations.
On the other hand, keeping the breath out of the chest is certain to keep feelings below the
conscious level of experience. If the chest is frozen in a session and then the breath is
encouraged and allowed up to the chest, a feeling or emotion is often just a few breaths
When the breathing is coming into the upper chest or throat area, the feeling is one of
mental alertness and a sense of being more focused in present time. In the upper chest
there are hardly any air sacks. Yet when we do breathe the breath that has the clavicles lift
a little, we become very aware and alert what is happening now and feel more confined to
our bodys shape and size in this present moment. It is nearly impossible to be immersed
in the dramas of your past if the breath is flowing into the top of the lungs at the collar
bones. This is because you are more present to now.
Alternatively what is in the way of your being in the present comes to the surface.
Professionals who facilitate Breathwork Mastery sessions notice that people are breathing
into their upper chest, if and when they are experiencing complete freedom in regard to

their issues or intentions. The other times that people breathe into their upper chest easily
and effortlessly in sessions and day to day life is when individuals are deeply in touch with
themselves and having an experience close to oneness for all of life and its forms and
compassion for other living beings. Indeed the energy centre of the throat Chakra is the
centre of compassion for and on-judgement of self and others, satisfaction, contentment
and communication.
The instructions for a breathwork mastery session are to breathe full, conscious, connected,
subtle/relaxed breathing, having set an intention. When an individual is expanded on one
level, in terms of their body sense, in touch with themselves and self-acceptant and
tolerant, and experiencing oneness and profound compassion, those individuals will be
breathing effortless and smoothly into their navel, chest and upper chest in a rhythmical,
relaxed breath. Therefore, if and when, an individual lies down and breathes full, conscious,
connected breathing everything in the way of this multi-dimensional experience will surface
in relation to how safe, ready and supported that individual is in that moment. One of the
ways of knowing if you are sitting in the presence of a true spiritual master beyond karma is
if that person is breathing effortlessly into the three mechanisms and in and out of the
Breaking the habits of NOT fully breathing into the navel or chest or upper chest is one of
the main purposes and outcomes of Breathwork Mastery. This is why Breathwork Mastery is
a form of breath training. After a series of sessions, the very patterns of holding the breath
are subtly re-circuited so there is a new freedom of personal choice and with that comes a
new freedom to breathe.
Cellular memory and the body mind connection is essential to cracking the code, clearing
the unresolved events in the way of personal intentions.
The mind changes and jumps about like a chattering monkey. What we think today, we do
not think tomorrow. Thoughts are intangible and can be both illusive and intrusive.
Thoughts can slip our mind or seem to be impossible to remove. Some thoughts will hang
around for a long time. The mind hardly every stops thinking. Much of the mind chatter is
Decisions are made consciously in our lives as adults. However, many of them are being
affected by subconscious material, and the many decisions that have already been made
and applied to events that enter our lives. Whether they are past based, or original, they
are based on a group of thoughts and feelings that we have, at a certain time, about a
particular experience, or a series of experiences.
What we do decide consciously or believe, changes. The mind mulls over everything all the
time. Opinions affect beliefs. Opinions change. We interpret everything to do with the mind
in a hundred different ways, then return to the first conclusion we made and start the whole
process all over again. We decide on one course of action and then have a series of
decisions to make again.

Decisions are often described as making up ones mind. This is true sometimes. The
decisions we make go into, or make up the contents of our mind. They enhance our belief
patterns and help to form the structure of the ideals and concepts we choose to adhere to
in daily life. Or belief patterns have been etched into the mind from what has been laid
down as impressions when we were tiny, and then repeated, repeated, repeated, repeated.
One thing is certain ..... thinking, thoughts, beliefs, values, ideas, concepts, decisions, idle
mind chatter changes a lot .... over days, weeks, months and years.
The mind and all of its functioning is not what is employed to create clearings in the process
of Breathwork Mastery. It is the body/mind, the cellular memory that works for us in the
session to clear whatever is in the way of our intentions. Whatever individuals need to
decide about many issues like what to wear today, or what to make for dinner tonight is not
the sort of subject material that they participate in Breathwork Mastery sessions to become
clear about. Even big decisions like who to marry of what house to buy is not necessarily
the type of material for an intention. These decisions can be addressed by the conscious
There are parts of life where, in spite of the capacity of the conscious mind, individuals find
themselves continually thwarted, blocked, unable to fulfil on what they are intending to
accomplish. This is the realm of subconscious blocks and decisions governing an individuals
full expression in life. The subconscious resides in cellular memory.
An example of the areas addressed and cleared through cellular memory are issues around
trusting the man or woman I have decided to marry ..... issues around the financial wisdom
of buying the house I am thinking of buying ....... Such issues are where an individual can
take advantage of being clear to act. Or, having noticed a pattern from the past, an
individual can be confident of clearing the pattern because of cellular memory.
It has already been discussed that strong impressions are made in early life, like perceived
threats to our body or an actual traumas to it. It is unavoidable for most individuals that
this happened when we were dependent, helpless and usually unable to respond. The event
automatically locked an electromagnetic charge into the body and, coupled with the
memory, is the emotion, belief or decision. It was impressed into the body in exactly the
form held by the individual at the time they experienced the impression. However it is
retained as an energy block.
The memory of unresolved past trauma or helplessness may fade into the subconscious
mind, or be retained as a memory. However, if it is an incomplete experience, the mind
overrules the responses to the memory. It is kept from being in the forefront of the
awareness in daily life through breath patterns, or by going into denial or ignoring it. We
simply cannot survive and deal with some past events except by placing them into the
background or below the level of conscious awareness.
As time passes we process the contents of our mind and make adjustments. For instance,
we can embellish or distort the truth about our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, in order to
survive, to gain what we think we want or need or to avoid the feelings and memories in a
thousand ways. We can frequently lie to ourselves about some of our more limiting and
unproductive personal habits. We can go into denial, go dead to the reality, divert focus,

vague out, avoid or go numb to different situations. There are a thousand different ways to
manage such previously unmanageable events.
However the body never lies, it is completely incapable of falsehood. The body takes the
impressions like a programme in a computer. Body sensations, pain, aches, disease states,
mild and chronic, are imprints locked into the cellular memory, which can ultimately be
accessed by conscious breath. The impressions about which we still have a charge stand
out in the cellular memory, especially when an intention is set. The original impression is
both stored and monitored by both the brain and the nervous system. This is often referred
to as an imprint, a body memory or cellular memory, or called the body/mind.
These impressions are reacting like an electromagnetic charge. The charge is either held in
the cells of one individual body part, or it is stored through out all parts of our body. Our
physical body is relatively impartial to the stored impressions, until triggered by an
associated event in life. Until accessed by the conscious mind, they remain free from
interpretation, safely stored in the body, in an energetic state. However they are also
depleting our ability to live freely.
The charge responds to triggers and associations with the original event that is locked in the
body. In fact, it seems the charge actually attracts the event to keep occurring in an
individuals life in a subconscious attempt to re-experience it - a pattern. This is
subconscious activity. It explains irrational behaviour and reaction. The truth that
individuals who participate in Breath work sessions discover is that it is their subconscious
mind which can also be called their cellular memory, that governs their manifest reality.
Breathwork Mastery provides the facility for a safe and effective regression, to the point in
the persons past when the first impression took place. These regressions can happen
spontaneously but usually take place when and if the charge on the past event is in the way
of an intention. It enables the breather to be present to the event that he or she felt the
need to split from in the past. Once again, successful regression is activated through the
agency of the cellular memory.
Regression or return to the event is for a short period of time. Its purpose is to review the
truth and release the charge, either partially or fully, depending on the process. The recalled
initial charge is finally discharged to effectively allow the held life force or electromagnetic
energy to flow more freely around the whole body.
Intention setting soon activates cellular memory in the form of body sensations. Each
session where the full, conscious, connected breath is also created with a background
awareness on body sensations, leads to partial or total resolution of an issue.
The foundation of resolution of issues through Breathwork Mastery is the single factor that
the body never lies. Breathing accesses accurate information. This may be as a body
sensation that dissolves without the breather having a memory, image or emotion. Or it
may because the body sensations let to a memory, image or emotion surfacing. The other
possibility is the emergence of a spiritual experience that dissolved the charge permanently.
With continued conscious breathing, the sensations, whatever they are, can easily be self
assessed on a scale of one to ten by a breather.

When awareness is placed on the rise or fall of breath and body sensations that have been
activated, the more awareness that is bought to the cellular memory or body sensations,
the more clearing can be accomplished in the session. (This clearing is also permanent and
integrated from being based in the cells, not the mind alone.) Self rating sensations on a
scale of 1 to 10, induces an increase or decrease in the sensations. Or, suddenly they are
have dissolved or moved to another place.
This physical experience eventually carries the breather to a point where the body
sensations are calm - the true and accurate indication that the charge or impression that
was stored in the body has released. Or it can mean that the issue has been resolved to the
degree to which it can be resolved now.
There are many other body responses that are also put down to held patterns of cellular
memory and they include; Vibrating, numbness, cold, hot, light, lost, empty, pain, pleasure,
tingling, lopsided, etc.
As the physical sensations are actually some of the replies the body is giving a breather,
these physical sensations are to be honoured and acknowledged. The most effective
question you can ask your self, that only you and you alone can answer for yourself is;
what is happening in my body?
Because the body does not lie, you can trust that in each session it will always provide you
with a range of sensations and accurate impressions, especially in regard to your intention.
The resolution of any issue becomes possible in time. By simply monitoring your breathing
patterns you can successfully and effectively move through any of the physical symptoms
that emerge or have emerged in your life.
Dissolving a held charge may mean many similar issues are simultaneously released.
Each aspect of the belief or limiting decision holds an energy block. When the block is
dissolved, there is a greater amount of energy available to assist with reinforcing a new
choice or changing limiting personal beliefs.
More enthusiasm can be devoted to clearing concepts or judgments in any area where the
individual has been programmed. The reason this clearing process works so well is due to
the ability of the Breathwork to energise all of the body. This activates areas where there is
a stored pattern of behaviour or suppressed and blocked energy in the physical body.
When someone knows how to use their conscious breath, reaction is recognised as an
automatic response that indicates unresolved past events are in the way of their intentions
in life.
Most people spend their whole lives avoiding certain feelings, memories and associations or
use anything to numb, go dead to, or replace these feelings, memories and associations
with others when they start to surface. This is an unconscious pattern of behaviour that can
dominate the whole life of an individual, for example, the person survives the event or
feeling by survival modes and they are successful. The feeling is of being less than free
and not really yet living.

Authentic aliveness comes along from time to time then the past event is inevitably
triggered and reaction occurs.
Reaction means acting again and usually again and again and again!! When individuals are
reactive, or in reaction or re-activated, or over-reactive, they are acting on a trigger from
their past that represents an unresolved event. They are in a pattern that is affecting their
actions now, again.
There are conscious and unconscious reactions. For example, a conscious reaction might be
that as a child you had a frightening experience with a large dog and that now as an adult
you avoid all dogs. The other type of reaction is an unconscious reaction. In this case, you
were so frightened at the time of the incident with the dog that you went into a state of
shock and to cope with, or in some cases, to just be able to survive the trauma or incident,
you suppressed the feelings around the incident. Now you are afraid of dogs, you have no
idea why, or how, you have come to be so afraid. You just react to dogs.
There are certain characteristics that you may notice when you are in reaction or
reactivated. For example, if:
You are unable to be neutral or balanced in a situation
You have lost your sense of free to and feel or act like you have to
You have an abundance of a certain emotion or feeling, for example, fear or anger,
intolerance and hate, even desperation and grief, or you feel separate and
You are going down an old familiar path of response, which you know does not bring
any joy, yet you are still doing it.
The person or persons involved in the reaction, become representative of people from
your past, yet you know it or do not know it until, or unless, insight comes to you in
that regard.
You have no sense of humour.
Out of all the characteristics of reaction, the last loss of sense of humour, is the easiest
way to identify if you, or another is in reaction!
You know you are over reactive when your response is all or some of the above, yet it is
completely excessive or out of proportion to the stimulus that was the trigger. Your
response may be described as over the top. You yourself agree that it was excessive,
especially at a later time when you are calm enough to then consider what actually
happened. For example, being pushed by the words dont do that into full blown rage that
results in you wanting to take some form of revenge, is the direct opposite to feeling free
enough to just choose an appropriate behaviour for yourself under the circumstances. You
could have replied why not?
If an individual is re-activated, it is more likely that the tiny self that is present, rather
than the balanced adult self. In reactivated situations, individuals regress emotionally to

exactly the age they were at the time of the first incident, usually to an age in early
babyhood or before, sometimes a preverbal time. Spontaneous regression plays a part in
reactive and irrational behaviour.
It is very important to pay attention to each trigger that occurs in reactive behaviours. To
use the earlier example, the trigger would be any large dog, or a place or time of day
similar to the original incident. The most important point to keep in mind is that the other
person or people, or in this case the innocent dogs involved are not actually seen by you, at
the time, for who or what they really are. To you, they are representing the person or
people from the first, original incident in your past.
Irrational responses and behaviours are also associated with reaction. There is some
underlying cross wiring going on which can be cleared in a process like Breathwork
Mastery. It is extremely productive for individuals to know immediately in any situation
when they are in reaction, overreaction or irrational response. It fits in with the process of
mastering life, that individuals are able to immediately identify such responses as being
trigger from the past that is now in the present.
For individuals who are committed to living consciously, it is a joy to notice any reaction,
overreaction or irrational response as this indicates an area of unconsciousness within. More
important than knowing that there is something to clear is to see it, and to clear
it. Breathwork Mastery is an excellent process for facilitating this personal development.
During a session, there is always an opportunity to discover and clear the issues that
emerge within your process and therefore become more conscious and aware. In some
sessions, individuals regress and to talk to the people in their past, who were directly or
indirectly involved in the actual initial situation. This is facilitated when breathers have a
picture of memory occurring spontaneously, in the minds eye. At these points, breathers
may say what they did not say, to those in the picture at the time. The Breath work helps
us to get the information that we did not have in the past. In some cases, the mental, visual
level of the sessions recreates the first incident or impression in exactly the way we would
have really wanted to experience it.
Whatever is unresolved in the subconscious mind is at work driving all our limiting thoughts,
our unhealthy emotions and reactions. Once it is at the surface in the conscious mind, we
can begin to gain awareness about its source and then as that situation comes to light, it
cannot have the same force, or self limiting effect with its resulting non-productive
emotional charge. This brings us out of reaction into free-to-be-in-action.
Our lovers and partners, our parents and our children, are probably the best people around
us, that we can and will, use as accomplices for triggering all our various subconscious or
unconscious reactions. This triggering pattern can be about any events that are incomplete
from the time of our conception, or the actual experience we had during all stages of our
birth and after birth. Why do our nearest and dearest plug us in so effectively? Its
because they are the ones in intimate relationship with us. The initial personal impressions
were formed and set in place with the people with whom we were most intimate with or
closely involved with in our early life.
The reactivated pattern keeps on happening to us in a variety of ways, just like a recurring
dream. A reaction that has happened in the past, is happening to some degree now, and will

then continue to happen, in order to help you clear all your past self limitations. The
Breathwork Mastery process and its other related clearing and self processing techniques,
will continue to help you to learn to support yourself. As you learn to find new ways to
more effectively resolve your deeper issues, you begin to move through all the other related
lessons much faster and with less and less drama in your current daily life.
Choice is in contrast to Reaction because it occurs only when the conscious self takes action.
Choice is made for no reason and is focused fully in present time. Without an incomplete
emotional charge that is based on the influence of past issues or something held
unconsciously on any level. Choice is different to making a decision or taking an option.
Choice is the freedom to BE -IN-ACTION rather than RE-ACTION to events and people.
Choice is not thought or feeling based, although it does not mean ones thoughts or feelings
are not honoured and or also fully experienced. Choice could be described as having my
thoughts, and having my feelings and then just acting anyway, Yet this action springs from
this moment in time, is made consciously with me and only me taking full responsibility for
the consequences of all of these actions. Look at the table below and see the difference
between choice and reaction.
There are four main distinctions that give you power to make true choices in life:
1/ Being able to identify all situations when you are in reaction or when you are
demonstrating over reaction.
2/ Knowing how to clear all of your reactivated states.
3/ Actually clearing each of your old patterns and reactive charges from the past.
4/ Being able to identify that each of these reactive states have been fully cleared
Individuals subconsciously create reactivity in their relationships until they authentically
discharge the coded limiting decisions that have got locked into their bodies as cellular
memory a very early age, including conception, being in utero, birth and early infancy. We
can relate from the past or present. We also have relationships that nurture the spirit. If I
am creating a relationship to complete some unresolved past event, sooner or later the past
event will need to come into present time for resolution. In Breathwork Mastery the breath
itself clears the events in the past allowing me to be present in my relationships.
Ironically at the times we are learning the most from the impressions around us, in utero,
birth and early infancy, this is when we are helpless and dependent, unable to do anything
for ourselves in terms of fulfilling our needs let alone being able to communicate our needs,
wants, desires, loves or loathings. By early infancy the body-mind is already at work
operating from information already received and interpreted from previous impressions, our
conditioning and programming. This conditioning becomes the basis for relationships
especially intimate relationships.
As we grow into older children, we learn less and less as the impressions are already laid
down in infancy and before. If our parents loved us or not, were together or not, looked

after us well or not, the early impressions became the basis for relating in the life to
As a result of our direct experience of Dad and Mum, or substitute males and females, we
carry unresolved material, reactive states of mind and emotion. When it comes to our adult
relating, whatever is unresolved governs our actions subconsciously or consciously. It is an
unavoidable situation as the reactive charge is stored in the cells of our body until or
unless it is discharged or reprogrammed.
If individuals are in trouble in relationships, they may decide to change or modify their
behaviour to what is required or will seem to solve the situation. This may work for a while
but is not resolution. Resolution involves becoming complete about the original event, or
having closure on the cause of the angst. What is an issue for an adult is resolved when the
issue, often called a problem is no longer an issue.
Unless what is unresolved about being parented or nurtured is resolved, we marry or
become intimate with someone who is the same as our Dad or Mum or who reflects one
or the other, in some way, This is our subconscious attempt to resolve past events involving
dad or mum or our parent figures. Or we marry or become intimate with our Not Dad or
Not Mum - the opposite to Dad or Mum, which is still reactivated relating. To
subconsciously create a relationship with an individual who is the opposite or provides the
opposite of what either parent did or did not provide is not freedom. The energy behind the
response is still coming from a reaction to what was or was not provided in the past. It is
coming from a charge or reaction to the events or behaviours that are unresolved. The
attraction is from the impressions in the past and if the opposite, we may think we are
acting freely. However there is a feeling like being compelled that accompanies these
attractions, in contrast to free to respond or act.
I am with you because you are the opposite of my dad/mum, or similar does not leave a
lot of scope for us to find out who is this person? - another level of relating.
In solely reactivated relating, we are repeating or opposing the events we are not whole
about from our past. This mostly attracts a partner who is in the same state, who will
deliver the dovetailed behaviours for us that we are subconsciously attracting in attempt to
be resolved.
When individuals fall in love, it can be that they have fallen into the pattern where they
are subconsciously trying to resolve the past, in contrast to being in love which is about
the present moment.
Attraction is wonderful in terms of how it may precipitate more wholeness for each
individual through the interaction that follow. However the have to go there type of
attraction can be an unrecognised survival type response. Allowing or creating a
relationship moment to moment is another league of living in relationships - a creative act.
When we have unresolved issues from inutero, birth and or early infancy, the decisions we
made about ourselves at those times is what we will subconsciously attract from others
eventually. Even if someone sees you as you are and truly loves you, if you have decided in

the past that you are unlovable, in time you will subconsciously induce intimate
relationships to feed that belief back to you.
This is the good news and the bad news. The good news is that all relationships issues can
be resolved by you and you alone, without your partner even knowing you are working on
it. You clear the subconscious decisions/beliefs about yourself and the partner will not be
used to feed it back to you.
The bad news is that unless you clear or resolve the decision from your body mind or
subconscious cellular memory, the pattern repeats. When you reprogramme previous beliefs
and decisions about yourself and life, it seems like other people have changed. There is
more room for others to relate to you as whole and find out who you are.
However, relationships both intimate and all non-intimate, can be creative relationships. The
Who are you? feeling exchange that is present when we first fall in love or experience
being in love, is not from the past. Creative relating is about living and letting live. It comes
from accepting and being in touch with self and extending that to others. Creative relating
is wholeness meeting wholeness in oneanother. This is in contrast to being with someone
because..... It means each person in creative relating situations is accepting themselves
just as they are, allowing others to relate in the same mode.
We train others to relate to us from what we have thought or decided in the past, therefore
we can retrain them to relate to us as who we really are - or could be. This turns
reactivated relating into creative relating, since we place ourselves in the role of the creator.
When this role is created in a session, the situation also manifests differently. This is
another way to say being personally responsible
Being personally responsible means having the the understanding that I have created this
reality by what I have thought or decided in the past ....... and since I created that thought,
I can replace it, or reprogramme it.
Responsibility is a game that we can play with ourselves because of the power it gives. On
one level I have allowed this to happen to me, I can also disallow this to happen again by
the thought and actions I take .... as a creative act .
Another important understanding is that it is our own judgements or opinions or
assessments that gets in the way - every time, of living and letting live - creatively relating.
When we clear ourselves, we can also train ourselves to allow people their process, to make
their own progress or mistakes.
The golden rule for relationships is to check for states of victimhood. If I am blaming
someone for something, I will not clear that issue. If I am judging them, I will not be in
relationship with them. I will never have any power in a situation until I personally take
responsibility in the situation on one of a number of levels.
The shift to the perspective of personal responsibility by whatever means, is demonstrated
by individuals who are in full strength, not blame, able to create adult to adult relationships
with anyone, especially parents.

With this perspective of personal responsibility individuals step into creative and spiritual
relating more and more in their lives.
One way to evolve consciousness, a spiritual and creative step is to cultivate the attitude of
the heart of love and tolerance of self and others, to meet people in the who are you
place, putting aside the reactive temptation to relate to them as their history or in a
box, labelled as no good, alcoholic, not to be trusted, vain, stupid, ( and many other
tendencies that are behaviours, not self ) etc.... and other ways they have trained you and
the world to relate to them.
Creative relating is being with others as their undisclosed potential while being personally
responsible that love and care of self balances with the love and care of others. This is the
healing and transforming place of the who are you centre.
As a creative and spiritual practice, we can create the attitude of the transformed throat
centre who are you as your passion in life, your commitment? which allows non-
judgmental relating. In this instance, we listen to, engage individuals in such a way that
people are free to express themselves as alive and passionate about life and contented with
all the experiences and lessons they are learning from, and we are the same.
This is the centre of immortality where the poisons in relationships, the environment, the
body and the mind are transformed to nectar by being present, listening to self and others,
speaking our truth, and getting the lesson from the events of life so we transform them to
neither good nor bad. To clear the past reactions so that we are free-to-be-in-action, is the
pathway of Breathwork Mastery.
Spiritual Relating is when the spirit is enriched in the relating. This can be the individual
spirit, the sense of spirit, the collective spirit, the sense of oneness and the connection to
Another distinction of spiritual relating is when individuals meet or interact on behalf of
something much greater than themselves which is also uplifting to the spirit of others. The
meeting is not of people, of personalities. It is beyond the personality, which is made up of
resolved and unresolved past events. It includes relating to self as well as others as the
God-within, or their commitment in life rather than their thoughts and feelings. Once again,
if and when individuals who meet initially in such sacred and respectful spaces, become
reactivate in their relating, there can be a conscious decision to re-establish the spiritual
level of relating.
There can be very simple relationships where each meeting results in an enriching or
deepening of the individual spirit or collective spirit. They range from an exchange with a
shopkeeper or someone on a bus, through to intimate relationship partners and the contact
that can facilitate, both spiritual and everything in the way of spiritual and on to
relationships with Guides, Masters, Saints, Gurus and Teachers on all levels, without
forgetting parent and child.
Sometimes the spiritual relationship is with beings not present on the planet in human form
- for example, individuals share that parents family members, or children or spouses and
friends who have died, are still in relationship in another form. Often the form is a sense of

source or support or inspiration to the individual in their day to day life. At the other end of
experience, individuals, family members and, or, a mother or father can be strongly
affected and transformed by their relationship with a child in utero, still only preparing to
come into this world.
Even interpreting spirit as being in touch with or connected, puts spiritual relationships in
the everyday world. To be able to be in touch with others requires clients to be in touch with
themselves, which is the underpinning of the whole process in Breathwork Mastery.
Although spiritual relating may be present quite undramatically in all areas of an individuals
life, there are times of intense and profound spiritual relating that are likely to occur also.
Some clients are completely altered by spiritual experiences that emerge in their
breathwork sessions and remain permanently transformed or draw strength and inspiration
for their day to day life from the experience.
Consciously creating access to higher wisdom in regards to an event or circumstance is a
creative act to allow the spiritual relationship to emerge.
Breath reveals the limiting codes that were put in place at a very early age without knowing
When we are older we forget that a baby infant or child sees the world in a particular way
that is not adult. At a certain age, we are our family or environment and when something
happens it is our fault. Therefore each of us made decisions when we were young that are
not valid anymore. If something happens in a family, when one child is six months, another
is two and a half years and the other is five, each of these children will be affected
differently by the same event. The most important point here is that these decisions lock
into the body and become subconscious.
Individuals who participate in Breathwork Mastery notice that when they are reactivated in
their adult life, they also feel like they are not adult size anymore. Our childhood
experiences encroach on our day to day adult lives whether we like it or not. This
mechanism is involuntary and always associated with unresolved past events. Therefore
being fully adult involves clearing and resolving the past.
Many children have been damaged by adults who themselves were usually damaged by
insensitivity, ignorance or neglect. It is important to distinguish the factor at work here is
the adults own process and the fact that damage may have been caused not deliberately.
This is different to abuse which is deliberate. Abuse can be physical, emotional,
psychological or mental, psychic or sexual. The underlying theme is that the child has no
choice because of the disadvantages of being a child in terms of physical strength, ability to
look after oneself, get things done, etc.
PHYSICAL ABUSE is when the child is physically afflicted, the body itself hit, punched,
beaten, strapped, burnt, whipped, used without consideration for anothers frustrations,
rage, torment, distress, madness. Physical being is violated.

EMOTIONAL ABUSE is when the child is expected or coerced into fulfilling the mothers or
fathers or other authority figure or adults emotional needs to the exclusion of the child's or
weaker persons own needs. Or when the needs and feelings or what the child honours and
loves is violated or dishonoured by adults and authorities.
PSYCHOLOGICAL/MENTAL ABUSE is when the childs own thought and intellect is not
able to develop through its natural stages, or be employed as a child is able. Support for the
child to become mentally and intellectually mature is interrupted or withheld.
PSYCHIC ABUSE is when an adult puts out in vibe or psychic energy that something is
wanted from the child, and it is unspoken yet communicated loudly to the psyche of the
child. The attention of the child is absorbed in trying to get the message which is denied
verbally yet transmitted energetically, affecting the psyche, the subliminal self. For a child
to not have clear psychic space because of adult or authority figure denial and withhold is
mentally and energetically stifling and repressive.
SEXUAL ABUSE / INCEST is the deliberate interruption of a childs asexuality or innocence
by an adult or authority figure for their own sexual gratification. As in all cases of abuse,
this is especially critical in a situation where the child is dependent on the adult or authority
figure for their food, shelter and clothing, protection and support.
It is also sexual abuse or harassment when the sexual gratification of a person in authority
is perpetrated upon anyone who is in a lesser degree of authority, if the authority is used to
influence a sexual involvement that would otherwise be unlikely.
All abuse is damaging and the main outcome in adult life is that the person does not look
after his or her needs, even simple ones. Psychic and emotional abuse is just as damaging
as physical and sexual abuse. They are more insidious and often disregarded because of it
not being a physical experience yet the impact it has had on a person can be huge. In
some cases where unremembered abuse memory or images comes up in a Breathwork
Mastery session, there is a sense of disbelief on the part of the breather.
Breathwork Mastery allows examples of all types of abuse to surface and with it the
opportunity to resolve the whole experience or series of experiences, whatever degree of
trauma is involved. This does take time mostly.
Breathwork Mastery also allows decisions that we make around our place in the family. For
example, if we were the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth tenth,
and so on ...... and, or being the first boy/girl, second,boy/girl third boy/girl, fourth boy/girl,
fifth boy/girl, sixth boy/girl, seventh boy/girl, eighth boy/girl,.....and, or being the last
child/boy/girl, or twins and so on.
There are studies that show some collective responses to the birth order, and these facts
are possible as a generalised response to siblings, in the same way that birth month may
predispose certain inclinations (astrology). Yet there are the individual circumstances that
lead to the decisions and the emotional pain, severe or mild from the decision.
For example, I decided I had been replaced when my brother was born when I was 16
months old. This decision to an event like the second child, impacted my life as one of the
most subconscious influences until I surfaced it after a relationship breakup forty two years

It is recommended to consider it is individual yet broadly collective as to what the
baby/infant decides as a result of birth order.
Examples of some of the types of thinking or deciding witnessed in the collective experience
..........first born gets replaced by the second one (for no reason)
..........last one gets all the attention and love ( according to all the others)
.....however the last born often feels disadvantaged, not good enough (the others are all
skilled at doing things)
..........or last one has to shine ( because of all the attention and the fact the others are
already capable )
..........middle one of three feels not important (not first or last)
..........or middle one looks, sees, decides babies get all the love and attention .... act like
baby now!
...........all the children not first or last of a big family may feel/ decide not important,
have to do something good/bad , or loud/be quiet to stand out
and on it goes. Each of us makes decisions, mostly for life
Another common trauma is the child born after a miscarriage. It often feels it is just a
replacement for the one who died or left . In Breathwork Mastery sessions people often find
out it was themself who was the miscarriage and left at that time. That blows the
conditioned myth of the sort of lifelong thinking pattern replacement and has an individual
be the cause of action in life.
The most important point is that it is our decisions our limiting thoughts which then
attracted to us to repeat the same situation again and again, until we re-decide, reprogram,
What happens or does not happen to us in the each stages adds to our decisions about
ourself and life. Breath workers who have worked with people over time see that the
decisions are made or given birth at prebirth or birth re-create the situation in later infancy
and childhood to reinforce the belief made inutero or in the birth process and just after
birth. The reinforcement may make it deeper.
The spiritual aspect of Breathwork Mastery is that we are infinite power and ability
compressed into time and space in a family, in a society in a country on this planet at this
point in linear time. To quote Shakespeare All the world is a stage and the men and women
merely players to the extent of survival modes. Conscious living is another matter.
To have some power and purpose, we can say we chose our parents, we chose the
circumstances of our birth and childhood environment. It is not about believing or proving
if this is true or not. It is something to propose because it gives the perspective of looking

at our life that has us get in touch with some power and purpose, thats all. The change of
perspective allows a transformation of the past.
People who stay in the Breathwork Mastery/Conscious Awareness Lifestyle, in time see the
events of life from this perspective, and it is their truth, not just a concept. One of the
advantages of committing to the Breathwork Mastery process is that in time you do see
your life from what can be called a soul perspective and it is authentic and empowering.
It is the completion of the cycle of dependence to empowerment.
One woman stated she could see what great love the person who raped and killed her in
one life must have had that he would take on that karma to give her the learning
experience. He is now her father in this life and she loves him a great deal.
This needs to be an authentic type of realisation and not just intellectual, and it becomes
authentic from the ongoing process of conscious breathing releasing the survival modes and
replacing the automatic patterns.
Breath in one nostril governs the female aspect and the other nostril governs the male
aspect and when both are in balance we can stay in our feeling and thinking modes and stay
clear in relationship of any type at any time.
As individuals we have both feeling and thinking modes. It is appropriate for one to be
dominant in a male/female relationship and for the two polarities to make a whole.
Breathwork Mastery process allows us to feel and remember and separate some highly
emotive associated feelings from what actually happened in past events. Clearing happens
just through full, conscious, connected breathing over time, especially after intention setting
and when the body sensations are in the background awareness of the facilitated
session. The factors that prevent feeling/thinking balance in each individual are resolved in
time. Feeling/thinking individuals are more whole in themselves. When whole meets
whole, the relationship can be perpetual or quickly restored even whole not meeting not yet
whole will be more likely to generate wholeness in a relationship or coming together.
It is therefore possible to clear every relationship issue from breathwork alone, without
involving another person or situation. People cannot get clear when the unresolved events
are too painful to remember or feel and so there is a lot of room in the Breathwork Mastery
process to take time and allow the breath itself to work. In time, individuals do come into
feeling and thinking balance in themselves. In accordance with their capacity to hold their
personal balance, no matter what is happening to another or others, that person can stay in
relationship or recreate relationship quite quickly from being more complete with their
original conditioning in regards to male, female and parenting or caring.
Breathwork Mastery reveals some unusual information on what mind set has been
impressed on the subconscious mind about what it is to be male or female or a father or a
mother. Many people were strongly exposed to one female and/or one male early in their
early infancy in western society. Since we have been living in single parent or parent units,
previously in group families in tribes, there were many females and males to act as role

Both Fathers and Males have a mothering or female side and Mothers and Females have a
fathering or masculine side anyway. It is in the appropriateness of expressing each that
leads to a balanced life and parenting situation and in relationships. What has opened up to
individual families and societies who are out of survival is that in many partnerships in
western industrialised society, the father and mother can be appropriate. For example, a
female can be with a male for who he is as a person instead of it being because he will
protect her against danger. A male can be with a woman for her existence as a person
rather than the vehicle for perpetuating the human race. The male can sometimes let go of
the skill of rationalising to be in a feeling or intuitive response to a situation and the female
can listen to her intuition and have her feelings while protecting herself in an appropriate
rational manner.
Because males predominantly solve problems and project a rational manner does not mean
they do not feel acutely. In fact it may because males feel so acutely that, as a
generalisation, they exhibit more bravado, hide their vulnerability. It has been recorded that
in infancy males are more expressive than females at first and it is possible mothers
subconsciously protect their male children. Maybe men do feel more which accounts for the
need for the bravado or macho-ness, in the way that women who have been hurt a lot
become sharp and aggressive.
Just because a female is inherently intuitive projecting a feeling manner does not discount
her ability to rationalise. In fact female scheming and working things out may promote the
rational as well as the intuitive response to some situations.
In terms of parenting, there are some interesting possibilities in the new millennium. I
remember being amazed to read in the 1960s that a man in Sweden stayed at home while
his wife worked as she had the high income job! It was revolutionary then. Now it seems
quite feasible for some parents. Economic factors aside, there is surely a value to the
children for each parent to be appropriate with them in terms of role modelling what is
male and what is female.
When the right nostril is flowing, the left hemisphere of the brain is active which is the male
and we are extrovert. When the left nostril is flowing, the right hemisphere of the brain is
active which is the female and we are introvert. In a normal, healthy individual in a normal
healthy lifestyle each nostril flows roughly in 90 minute cycles. In the changeover time,
both nostrils flow together for a few minutes. This is when we have our realisations,
intuitions and have the insights or wiser experiences of our day. Out of our balance
demands on our day mean that we may need to be extroverted for long periods of time and
not have enough introversion. If I am trying to meditate or do focussed mental work and
my right nostril is flowing, I will be restless. If I have just eaten and my left nostril is
flowing, digestion will not be happening to its maximum.


Male/Female polarities
The yogic understanding of each :
Right Brain Left Brain
Sex Female Male
Breath Left nostril Right nostril
Temperature Cold Hot
Quality Mental Physical
Colour Silver Gold
Energy Negative Positive
Nerves Parasympathetic Sympathetic
Planet Moon Sun
Tao Yin Yang
Thinking Intuitive Logical
Expression Introvert Extrovert
State Thinking Acting
Mind Subconscious Conscious
Yogic System Ida Pingala
Reduce heartbeat
Constrict blood vessels
Slow respiration
Increase digestion
Increase heartbeat
Dilate blood vessels
Increase respiration
Slow down digestion
Summarising research and other material that he references, Swami Niranjananda
Saraswati publishes in his excellent book Prana, Pranayama, Prana Vidya :
The right hemisphere has been found to assume responsibility for the spatial, artistic,
holistic, intuitive and psychic side of our perception which are ida nadi functions ( female),
while the left hemisphere has been found responsible for our logical, rational, and analytical
faculties and sequential and linear modes of thought - all pingala nadi functions (male).
Breath creates limiting identity codes to be re-encoded and holds the possibility of victory
over victim consciousness or death of identify, death urge.

It is the assumed identity that dies in the Breathwork Mastery process, that is the identity
or identities that have been formed through conditioning. The "death of the identity"
involves a poignant moment in terms of an individuals' process.
Individuals create a new identity in Breathwork Mastery, a self-generated identity in
contrast to an inherited or limiting one. However, this can also be very confronting. For
example, someone who has been "not smart enough" all her life from her position in the
family, school, workplace and marriage over forty years, may have intense feelings when
she suddenly discover that this was based on an incident like being born "the wrong way".
The moment involving suddenly being no longer "not smart" is a moment surely like death.
Yet it is a birth as well.
There are many types of deaths. On an absolutely essential basis our cells are dying all the
time and new ones getting created. In our lives we have major deaths like kindergarten to
primary school, primary to secondary, secondary to university or college or the work force.
Single to married, married to unmarried, full family members to loss of family members, in
and out of relationship with friends coming and going. New housing, new work or many
other activities, new countries, cultures, situations.
In each case, there is a loss of the former state or relationship. This normal activity of
moving on in one's life can bring up associations of other major losses or separations. We
do have an original separation deeply buried in our being. On a mostly unconscious level,
we have the body memory of the oceanic bliss state that psychological research has proven
is mostly our state of being when we are in utero carried in the waters of the womb.
Deeper and more fundamental and definitely off our day to day radar is the original
separation from the source from the experience of oneness that can sometimes sneak up
on us as a spiritual or ecstatic spontaneous experience.
It depends which culture or family an individual comes from for how much permission there
is to grieve a death or a loss. Breathwork Mastery deals with loss and grieving on an
individual basis and or course each individual has a response based on the unique set of
circumstances about loss that has been created by the event, the activity or the association.
Individuals who participate in Breathwork Mastery discover that a loss this week, like the
death of a friend, may bring up pain about loss in the past. In fact it is possibly true to say
that when grief is present for an individual, it is almost never only about that individual who
has left, or the circumstances that has changed.
Grieving has its own stages and timing for an individual and includes some stages that
might surprise someone who has not been in the experience. The stages include
- denial ( it did not happen ),
- anger,
- helplessness,
- bargaining with God,
- euphoria,
- depression.
The Breathwork Mastery understanding is that each experience is allowed in its full intensity
and depth of, or lack of feeling so that the process can become complete in its own time.
Often a person breathing for the first time will hit on some grief that was locked away until

it had a safe place to be released. Sometimes grief seems unresolvable. Loss and grief are
associated with separation and separation is an experience familiar to most individuals in
the western world.
Grief that seems unresolvable needs to be felt in its full intensity also. It can be from pre
verbal stages of separation from mother or support when the individual was a helpless
infant and most of all this sort of grief can be the actual grief of the original separation from
Self or God.
The full experience of this grief has lead some beings to enlightenment. One of the great
gifts of Breathwork Mastery is to allow an individual full support in all stages of the grieving
process, with no judgement. In a safe environment, there is the possibility of releasing and
resolving unexpressed pain and separation from the past and true healing and completion
come about in their own time.
In cases of loss, there is a big interruption in day to day life and a sense that nothing will
ever be "normal" again. Values change overnight, that is what is important. The sign that an
individual is complete with the grieving process is when the sense of loss or other emotions
do not over ride the feelings of day to day living . Does that mean that there is no more
grief to be experienced. Not necessarily.
An individual can be complete with a death, loss of relationship, loss of a business, a
project, an ideal, a limb, health and still have strong moments of grief from time to time.
However that individual has a sense of the loss not preventing them living life to the full.
Really grieving when you are feeling grief is living life to the full.
In the big picture, we create our losses to heal our original loss. Creating separations can be
unconscious, like the repetition of patterns set in motion by your conditioning. However
separation can be a conscious act, like a "time out" as a creative act.
The Death Urge
This is the action or actions of someone wanting to resolve their issues or challenges by
"dying" to them in one form or another. Besides leaving this body, which does solve the
problem for the person for now, the death urge includes other forms of leaving like going
unconscious, splitting (going out or away from present experience) or vaguing out, or
oversleeping (including the "head under the bedclothes for days" type).
This "dying" to a problem or issue can include being involved in a severe accident, becoming
otherwise incapacitated by a number of means, or knocked unconscious, "writing oneself
off" with drugs, alcohol, whatever, spacing out, going into confusion, indecision, not
Family, School and University do not teach individuals how to clear their issues at the level
of cellular memory. In fact any strategy is a management technique, not necessarily a
resolution, unless it reprogrammes the cells. Management helps individuals survive. Along
with each individual on the planet is the very capacity to also clear themselves at the level
of the cells - the conscious breath. This ability that belongs to each individual alive, has not
been communicated widely enough yet.

In his early books like "Rebirthing in the New Age", Leonard Orr calls the death urge one of
the "Five Biggies" to release. All actions that take you away from responding authentically
to a stimulus or handling it even by communication, must be considered orienting towards
the death urge in contrast to living which sometimes feels more like "being on the edge".
- staying too long in a job or situation that gives you no joy,
- putting up with things you hate for too long,
- all the survival modes,
- all these sort of actions or inaction are on the side of death urge.
It's even called a dead end job! There is a difference in being in a job you dislike, while
building something you love. Means to an end is a movement away from the death urge, if
bringing you closer to your goal, a creation.
Simply put it is survival verses creation, death urge verses being full of life.
We can give birth to ourselves as who we say we are now through Breathwork Mastery and
continue creating opportunities over time.
We give birth to ourselves all the time. From infant to child, child to teenager, teenager to
adult, unemployed to employed, start of a project to someone who completes the project or
part of it or participates with a group to create something from nothing. In the microcosm of
our body, in the cellular level, cells of the body are dying and getting born all the time. We
are constantly confronted by birth and our relationship with our own.
The body memory of birth itself is one of going out of control or crazy.
The Breathwork Mastery process reveals to participants that birth itself as a memory is still
locked into the body as sensations that get activated when we start something new or finish
when we are in transition from one state to another. Psychology defines the maximum
stress as the points that also correspond to transitions.
Breathwork Mastery unlocks birth trauma from the mind and body and therefore opens the
spirit. The process unlocks energy. The energy can be used for being more conscious and
aware of self and others and for having a good time in life.
Does everyone have birth trauma? Possibly. At one stage or another during the whole
process from conception to the end of early infancy, life was experienced on a range from
pleasant to uncomfortable, from wonderful to excruciating.
What about the birth itself? Some people say 'my mother says my birth was normal". Then
the question is what was "normal" at that time? For mothers in the fifties and sixties,
stirrups and happiness to see your baby screaming because it was suddenly held upside
down, was normal, Forceps, the metal tongs clamped on each side of the head and ears
were normal. Full anaesthetic was normal.
Some say to me "I was born very quickly so I probably do not have trauma". However, both
prolonged AND quick labour can be shocking to the baby. Prolonged labour means the baby
is dealing with the pain of pressure and frustration or terror of being stuck or twisted or

chocked. Quick labour is likely to leave a baby on the side of being shocked rather than
expanded. Most of all, it sets up a child to be unintegrated, unable to stay focused as a
result of not spending some time in each stage of labour. Somewhere in the middle may be
the least traumatic for a baby.
What is relevant is that each of us had our own unique birth experience and what we find in
Breathwork Mastery, ultimately, is that each experience was set up by us in a dance with
the other people who we have chosen ..... parents, siblings, society, country. There is
ultimately no blame to mother, father, obstetrician, nurse etc
Over the years, Breathwork Mastery has offered to couples or individuals, the mode to clear
their own birth trauma, and then create a conscious conception by welcoming a child into
their life. Some have gone on to create a supporting and loving birth team, to support
them, the parents during the birth and to provide a welcoming loving space for the baby.
Supportive women who have given birth themselves are surely the best initial support at a
birth, with back up for emergencies and difficulties that may come to pass. The focus is
intentionally on the needs of the mother and the child, including the need for the child to be
immediately reunited with the mother and parents, in its new phase of external life.
Consciously setting this scene as an intention for a birth means that this is more likely to be
the direction of the birth. Transfers to an emergency medical situation still happen.
However, most are prepared with a list of requests to the medical staff as that allows the
parents to remain in their personal power for the whole experience.
Each individual's birth script leads to his or her life story, because of the pattern of response
programmed into the cellular memory at the time. It is the name given to your decisions
about yourself and life as a result of what happened at your birth.
One way of explaining the process of life, including our unique birth process, is from a high
perspective, a soul level, it could be said. It is like this. We made a contact, agreed to come
here.......get born..... and in that process things got tough and we split, did not stay present
to the experience. It happened at other times too.
From the soul perspective it could be said that we did not keep our contract to be here.
What we know is that whatever we do not stay present to creates an "incomplete" like
something unfinished. It remains incomplete, in the subconscious, until bought to conscious
memory to be re-experienced.
Now who knows if this perspective is true or not. The point is that experiences that we "split
from" in the past, do get resolved when we are able to stay present to them in the moment.
Until then, it seems they stay as "energy" in the body like a block. The sense of being
blocked does release when the cellular memory is released by being re-experienced. It
resolves when the decision that is locked into the cellular memory with a feeling is surfaced.
This is why being safe to feel is an important step in clearing. The next level is surfacing the
decision leading to reprogramming - being born anew, a bit at a time.
Conscious Conception, Conscious Parenting

There are a number of men and women who have participated in Breathwork Mastery
sessions and become aware of a soul around them wanting to incarnate. Or a couple who
have cleared a lot of past trauma and have created a strong loving relationship may decide
to have a child as a conscious creation. These conscious couples invite a soul to come into
their life as a child, as an act of choice in contrast to "falling" pregnant.
Breathwork Mastery participants are fully aware of the affect on an individual's psyche of
the "unwanted pregnancy". Imagine the difference to a child being bought up knowing they
were wanted and invited into life in contrast to being an "accident".
In spite of the fact that individuals do come to see their circumstances as being chosen by
them, the supposition is that some souls want to be as free as possible to be freer to
accomplish what they are here for. In other words, they do not need to go through say
being "unwanted".
Those who create ecstatic mothers or loving and conscious conceptions, may be able to
exhibit more "spirituality" if that can be measured or more joy of living, or even just
simplicity. Those conceived "accidentally' or unwanted pregnancies may have pain around
their start "a chip on the shoulder' etc, and put themselves down in life again and again,
and take longer to free themselves up.
In the process of Breathwork Mastery, clients see their initial "unwanted" start to life as
becoming the source of their spiritual strength and their motivation for finding out who they
really are.
If you have a support person, there is more advantage to conscious breathing
Synergy 1+1 = more than 2 + + +
There is a universal law called synergy and it is noticeable in breathwork. When I have a full
conscious connected breathwork session by myself a self session, I can get clearer in my
life and more inspired.
However, if I have someone who is a support person to sit beside me while I practise, I can
have quite a lot of material come to the surface of my awareness
This person who I ask to sit with me, to be present to me while I breathe fully, consciously
and connected, is someone who has my best interests at heart in all areas of my life. They
want the best for me.
Its recommended that we set up the support like this:
Tell them what you are doing just breathing
Assure them you are asking for their presence only they don't have to know how to do
it.... Just be there for you
Decide on the period of time for the support and get their agreement

Let them know you will be using a technique that allows any sort of experience to happen
for you physical, mental, emotional or psycho-spiritual and it will be in relation to your
intentions. You are asking for this material to come up.
Agree to some sort of exchange with them to make them dinner or give them a massage
in return.
IF it is your spouse or partner, agree that this session time is outside of your normal
relationship and what comes up is not to be taken personally just seen as material in the
way, which is being processed fully or as much as you can in this session
Most important when you have your session, notice how the support person acts as your
role is to respond authentically to what they do. Why? Because it will relate to your
intention. Use what they do in this way. For example if they decide to be inattentive, you
may subconsciously believe you cannot be supported. I they leave before you agreed, you
may subconsciously believe your needs are not important ... etcA
You can use your mindful self awareness in all parts of your breathwork sessions and your
on going process. We can live intentionally if we know how !!!
We can be clear and inspired if and when we use conscious breathing, which is longer
than normal and with body sensation awareness throughout, after having set a intention
that is highly inspiring to us.