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HIGH MAGICK: The Elemental Adept

by Suba (
I dedicate this paper, to all those aspiring adepts, who have ought through these illusions
o every!day reality, to get where they are now. i salute thee, or thy grace, strength, and
courage! or we are a dying breed" and the day is near, and when we will be needed the
most. So stay strong brothers and sisters, #eep to thy ways, or the harvest is near.
In special than#s and $ove, i send my energy out to you %ovin, or your insights and your
riendship. &or in you, i ind a close bond, and a strong ally. See you in '001. (men...
&or some reason beyond my understanding, i ind mysel writing down those things i
have come to e)perience in my wor#. *verything i write within this paper has come down
to me, through the ancients, as well as, rom direct contact with the elemental orces and
intelligence+s. *verything i write down, has been thought out, meditated upon, reined,
and perected, to the best o my #nowledge and understanding. i as# no one to believe,
nor ollow in a robotic way, anything that is said in this paper. &or ,isdom comes with
e)perience, not through reading. The only thing i do as#, is that you allow your mind to
rela) or -ust a moment, as you read this wor#, #eeping your thoughts silent, so that you
might come to hear that inner voice once again.
i do not claim mastery over this or said (rt, nor do i pride mysel in having the power to
move mountains, stop the weather, or cause ire to all rom the heavens. It is only the
simple things, such as moving towards perection, reining mysel through contact with
my higher sel, being opened to beautiul things, coming to #now who i am at each
moment, controlling my lie, #eeping rom being consumed by this vampire society, as
well as, thousands o other long lost powers that humans have lost as a whole.
i owe this wor#, greatly to the many masters, whom time has blessed us with their wor#s.
&or it is their #nowledge and courage, that brought them unto their own wisdom, and
unto their own perection+s. Than# you, or leaving us the #eys to open the doors within,
as well as rom without. Than# you...
i will not draw out this oreword, with long drawn out words" only those necessary to
weave out those unworthy to attain, to this or said (rt. .eware, or this wor# is not or
the dapplers who believe they can gain some material treasures, or love, or power. This
wor# in its sel, is not or those who simply wish to tal# with elementals, and learn their
ways. &or this wor#, will blind those with an ego, destroy those who are aint o heart,
and taint the souls, o those who go into this wor#, or selish reasons. So #now this, all
those who step into these halls o (deptship, there will never be, a turning bac#" or once
we enter into the mysteries, we either ascend, or lose our minds to insanity" there is no
compromise. /ow, as to those who read or nothing more then curiosity, i hope i nothing
else, you come to learn, the insanity o the 0agicians ways, and come to understand
another aspect o lie, while receiving a seed, that might one day be water into a tree. I
nothing else, at least this will ma#e a good iction boo#, to put upon your shelves.
This wor# is only the beginning, o a lie time o wor#, which some have come to call,
1The 2reat ,or#1. This is what the 3abalist call, 1.uilding a oundation, ,al#ing upon
the Tau, or 4uriying 0al#uth" our 3ingdom1. This wor# is only the beginning, o what i
have come to call, 1The 4ath o the (dept, or 5igh 0agic1. There is no veils i hide, nor
illusions i set. This is the truth, as i have come to #now and live. i am not out to mislead
anyone into believing my way, is the only way, or in truth, my way is only that, my way.
i am not here to write about general magic, sorcery, witchcrat, voodoo, or anything, o
that nature. To!day i write simply, those things i have learned and come to practice upon
my own path towards perection. &or anything more then that, would be alling to the
side o stupidity. These words, are not meant or you to believe nor ollow, only to be
ta#en with a grain o salt, ta#ing only that which might apply to your own path, and
throwing the rest, to the way side.
,e are all shining stars, with our own solar systems uni6ue only to us" So lets learn, what
and who we are, and travel the 7niverse together. &or there is ininite space or all things
to e)ist, it is only us, who need to see that which is there to see.
&or all things come rom the elements, be it in their purest state, or combinations there o.
To the ancients, there are our elements" ire, earth, air, and water. These our, coming
rom the one, made up o the our, e)pressing its sel, through the harmony o ten,
through our. The elements ma#e up, all created things, be it stones, metals, plants,
animals, angels, daemons, gods, devils, iends, phantoms, as well as all other created
things. They are up in the very heights o The 5eavens, and the very depths o 5ell. .e it,
within the inernal, terrestrial, or celestial realms, be it the spirit, chaos, or lie, the
elements lie therein. Its through, coming to #now, and seeing their essence, or to those
who would rather use other terms" their sybological and archtypical ormations o
thought, that empower us to utili8e their virtues, and abolish their vices. ,e human are
uni6ue, in that we have the ability, and the will, to use all created energies conceivable
unto us. or as we come to evolve urther, we will come to be, opened up to more
energies. 9ne o the many belies o the 0agicians, in regards to why the more subtle
energies are not readily available to the common person, is that those energies, would
come to be abused, and in that, create an imbalance in the etheric planes" which would
unleash unoreseeable #armic repercussions. (s it is, there is already to many children,
who dapple in the lower ormations o the subtler energies, without any real #nowledge
o what they are doing. So lets learn together, how we may come to shape the elements
around us, creating our own magic carpet to ly upon, and to ascend to the higher heights.
9ne o the irst veils, laid over our minds, is that o the lesh, which traps us into
believing that we are only the lesh, and some chemicals bombarding together, creating
all that we #now as lie. .e it true on one level o lie, that that is what is happening, the
veil is that, we ta#e it as the whole truth, and not -ust part o it. (ll that is needed, to reach
past this irst veil, is to push our conscious perspective but an inch, and in that inch, we
will start to see the other sides o the stic#, which stands in the middle o our rooms. It is
true that it is not easy, in act i it were easy, most would have already come to do it. :et,
being grown to ull maturity, in our present day society, not only bloc#s us rom these
truths, but it as well, #ills those who teach it. &or so, in my understanding o what has
gone wrong in our past, is that one has to give up all they have, to reach such heights" be
it their amily, wor#, children, property, money, and everything else, -ust to get through
the pillars, and then, when one has gone through the doors, one will have to give up, their
very lie. So then, what hope is there or lie, i this is what everyone needs to do, to
reach the higher truths. $ie would cease to e)ist, as we #now it or sure. i do not claim,
that this paper is or everyone, nor that everyone who applied themselves, would reap any
real beneits, i can tell you, that i you wish, you can continue on with your daily lie,
while doing a wor# li#e this" or i did it, while 5olding a orty hour a wee# -ob, hanging
out, going to the movies, playing with #ids, wal#ing dogs, etc... i did everything i always
do, the only dierence was that, i slowly was transorming into a better person, while
starting to control my lie, and then coming to control my surroundings. i started to rela),
my time was more mine or en-oyment, or no more was i haughted by thoughts o wor#
at home, or worries o the uture at wor#. 5ere i am, inding the light in my -ob, inding
en-oyment in everything i did, and leaving behind those things i did not en-oy. .ecoming
more conscious o mysel, breathing or once, and many other things. &or there might be,
a time in your lie, when you will come to decide upon continuing on ward, or stopping at
where you are at" but worry not, or years will lie ahead o you, beore that choice will
have to be made. &or now, do what you can to better your sel" or that is all we can really
do any how" anything else, is simply a bonus...
/ow, it will not be easy at irst, to believe in the elements, much less the beings that
reside upon those planes o e)istence. :et, in doing certain e)ercises, and meditating
upon lie, one will come to understand, and then believe, rom ones own e)perience, what
our ancestors rom all cultures, have spo#en o.
Through using our ,ills, we burn with the ires, devouring all impurities that hold us
down. .y using our emotions, we dream the dreams, lying upon the astral waters o lie.
.y our intellect, and our thoughts, we can soar higher then any bird, and with our
strength, and patients, we can be as the mountains, which stand the tests o time. .y
coming to #now ourselves, we can do many things unbelievable to the common person,
and in that, we change the world or the better.
,e are who we are; &or they say, that the divinity lies within us, and it only ta#es but a
second to reali8e it, and be enlightened" i say, the divine seed is within us, and that
divinity is potentially within us, i only we come to puriy ourselves, and come to earn it
by rending the veils that lie beore us, or this is the truth, even beore we can thin# about
enlightenment. .y building our oundations o the elements, by puriying ourselves o
our lower animalistic natures, and by planting the seeds o truth within us, we may then
come to build our temples within us, while transcending each plane, till we reach our
enlightenment. That i anything else, is what i desire, in accomplishing my wor#,
anything less, is pointless.
The main tradition i ollow, is the 3abalistic path, o transcending the tree. So i you eel
put o, simply because o the names i utili8e, #now it is not so much the names we use,
but the powers we give them. So, ta#e up your own tradition, and your own names,
placing them where you deem worthy, and become strong in your belies. &or i am not
here to ight over words, but to learn the truth, and come to ind as many companions
upon the path o light, beore the dar#ness entangles us in its+ webs.
The *lements are the building bloc#s o lie, without them, all would all, and even
without one o them, lie as we #now it, would cease to e)ist. &or through the
intermingling o the elements, comes lie. (nd within these elements, while in their
purest states, resides chemical compositions, -ust as within our own minds, whose ocus
is at present, beyond our scientiic measurement, and o which contains consciousness
and intellect, -ust as within ourselves. Those in time have become to be #nown and
named, as the *lementals. The conusion in regards to the elements, and the elementals is
simply to clariy. The elements are the our orms o lie< e)pansion, contracting,
circulating, and grounding, these our, in their simplest orms, create everything we #now
by combinations. .y determining the dance they vibrate at, will determine the orm they
will ta#e. /ow, the thing in regards to humans, and their uni6ueness, is that they are born
rom the elements, conceived with the celestial virtues, born into the inernal
realms(though higher then or say!5ell), and given the seed o the 7niverse, to plant and
water as they wish. This being their git" to do with as one deems right. 3nowing o
course that to violate other energy balances, will only bring down ones inevitable
destruction. So, o course humans, have a more comple) consciousness, with a lot more
thoughts o things, other then what one vibration would have. (nd yet, to say that each
vibration does not carry its own orm o intelligence, is to completely deny our present
state o science, in regards to consciousness...
/ow the *lementals are beings, wholly made up o an element. They, in their own
ormation, can only reside within their own element. (t times, one might come to see the
elements at war with each other, as lighting ighting through the air, stri#ing the ground,
or ire burning the earth, while water puts out the ire. (ll o which, comes in the end to
inds its own balance. &or nature always see#s balance, and when there comes to be an
imbalance, she does what it ta#es, to rectiy it. It is through our conversations with the
elementals, that we slowly come to learn how to ind that balance, and how to use the
elements within our lives.
i will not get into to much detail here within this paper as yet, but will move into other
things right now. 9ur interactions with the elementals, will slowly transorm us into
higher beings. /ot only will we once again live in harmony with them, but they will help
us transcend, and leave this earth, once and or all. &or o course, most believe the
elementals are either igments o the imagination, or so wea# o a things, to be unable to
eect us. :et, in their very essence, they inluence all that we do. &or be it in the astral
mind, the emotional mind, the intellectual mind, or the physical one, their vibrational
re6uency, eects us all. It is up to us to name them, and then beriend or con6uer them.
There is a dierence in tal#ing with the elementals, as within the woods on mushrooms,
and when then in ceremonially invo#ing them. &or one, it is truly dangerous to call upon
the elementals, in ritual. &or not only, will they play simple tric#s, li#e hiding ones tools,
#noc#ing over ones incense, and putting out ones candles, they can, and will bring out
ones worst vices. They are no toys to play with, nor stupid or wea# beings, easily
enchanted and controlled. &or they are, the very essence o lie+s building bloc#s, they our
the consciousness o the elements themselves. They are not to be commanded li#e other
beings, but beriended and overcomed. &or the moment you try to bend them to your will,
will be the moment you will come to understand, -ust how destructive the elements can
be in ones lie. 3now their aults, and overcome them, beriend them, and you shall
receive their virtues, #now them, and you shall in time, #now lie.
The *lementals are very uni6ue, and strange beings. They will help you accomplish your
wor#, or in most cases, it is in their interests, as well as your own. The strangest thing
with these beings, is that you must come to gain their respect beore they will help you.
They are not li#e the angels, who will help all those in need, nor the daemons, whom i
bound, will do what ever the person or persons pleases. /o, the *lementals are strange in
that case. :et, in coming to #now them, and living in harmony with lie, one will come to
beriend them.
$ater in this paper, i will go into more detail in regards to the elements and their
attributes, or now i want to give a better picture o the, 1 2reat ,or# 1. &or this wor# that
i give unto you, is only the beginning, to an ever spiraling ascension to peace, love, and
light. The ollowing are simple meditative 6uotes, to help one come to see what the 2reat
,or# is all about<
,hat is up, is only that which is below in a purer state, that which is below, is only
grosser then that which is above. In the camera, light is relected within its adverse orm"
that which is above, is li#e unto that which is below, that which is within, is li#e unto that
which is without.
There comes a time when one must decide what they desire" their choices being< To
evolve, or to stay the same.
The wor# is not or later, it starts now, or it never will...
,hen in doubt about anything, do whatever it ta#es, to abolish that doubt.
To 3now
To =are
To ,ill
To .e Silent
To 2ive Than#s
5umbleness, is the #ey to sotness, to be sot is to be pliable, and to be pliable is to bend.
*goism, is the #ey to hardness, to be hard is to be rigid, and to be rigid is to brea#.
=oors do not open by themselves.
=o not wait or truth to unveil its+ sel.
,e create our own lives.
0agic is to cause conscious change with our ,ills.
To be alive, is to #now one lives.
To wa#e up, is to open ones eyes.
,hen wal#ing against the current o societies belies, you come to #now, that you are
wal#ing the right path.
,e come to sacriice ourselves upon the cross o the elements.
To see# truth, is to ind what is not truth...
These being, only a ew thoughts in regards to the path o an (dept. It is hard at irst to
wal# the path, or in most cases we desire the outcome without having to actually wor#
or it. There is also, the problem with wanting to reach past our present standings, trying
to grasp the energies above us, without having con6uered the ones we presently have. It is
in not having puriied our present energies, and learning how they wor# within our lives,
while gaining control o them, that oten times gets the beginning (dept in trouble. &or
+tis blind ignorance, in stepping into something, without at least having prepared or it.
So in writing this paper, i have decided to write only upon the elements, so that those who
see, and come to understand, will #now what it ta#es to build a strong oundation. &or i
our temples are built upon sandy ground, a day will come, when it shall be struc# down.
:et, i we build our oundations upon the roc#, abolishing all the rot within, there will
never be a ear, o it alling down around us. &or no adversity, nor evil, can attach it+s sel
to that, which has nothing or it to grow rom.
Too many 0agicians have ailed to see their dar#en mista#es, until it was almost to late,
and then in their despair, they had to go through unneeded misery to correct mista#es,
that otherwise could have been avoided. The path o an (dept is perection, no less, yet
so very much more. I one ta#es this paper seriously, and does the wor# honestly, it is
guaranteed, that in retrospect, you will be than#ul that you have acted as such. 3now
this, with the #nowledge o the Sel, comes the #nowledge o the ,orld...
/ow *nergies. Today it is common #nowledge, that everything is made up o (dams, and
that though their vibrations and movements, they create lie" *ve... The orce is shaped
within the womb, overlowing with lie, we are here...
The ancients #new as much, or they in time learned, each intellectual 6uality within the
elemental vibrational patterns, and came to name them , so that they could tric# their
minds, into invo#ing that energy vibration within themselves. This o which, they would
then come to gain its+ virtues. It is not my purpose to ma#e you believe in gods, devils,
angels, daemons, or any other created being. i will leave that up to the dogmatically
correct religious peoples, who desire to be right without once being able to oer you
anything but blind aith; &or me, and in this paper, i see it or what it is worth, #nowing
that certain names have been charged over time with millions o peoples belies, and in
that, coming to receive its virtues. &or anything more then that, is both beyond this paper,
and my present state o mind.
This paper is not meant to be stone, it is not the rules, nor the laws to *lemental 0agic. It
is only one system, out o the many, that wor#, and that is all it is. To put this above any
other system, is to completely orget the point, o even wal#ing the path o an (dept.
Ta#e that which one is, and does, very serious, yet always #eep an edge o humor. &or it
is a serious business, and a serious wor#, to want to be more then society deems needed,
and in that seriousness, it comes to be humorous, to see the uni6ueness, and olly o lie.
Smile my riend, or we have -ust begun...
The *lements are here or lie. They in their own way gives us power to be, and to act.
The more we learn about them within ourselves, the more control, we will have to be
ourselves. (naly8e everything, #now its truths, weed out its lies, and then inuse yoursel
with its essence. &or -ust as the story about the husband who 6uestioned his wie, on why
she cut the edges o her ham o, and she replied, 1.ecause it tastes better.1 (nd then he
as#ed her how she #nows that, and was told , 1.ecause her mother told her so1. So he
then one day, as#ed the mother the same 6uestions, getting only the same replies. So then
in curiosity, he went out o his way to go to the grandmothers house, as#ing the same
thing, and the reply was a chuc#le and this, 1/o, no sonny, it is not because it tastes
better, but because it will not it into my oven>1
So 6uestion your belies, your traditions, your views, analy8e yoursel, or maybe those
things you hold onto so dearly, are not applicable to your present state o being; &or it is
truly hard to say, who we are, or what we are to believe in, when everything is constantly
changing. That is why the ancients came to grasp the essence o lie, instead o its
13now Thy Sel, and nothing in *)cess1. These words having traveled down the
chambers o time, ever still ringing true To!day. &or e)perience everything , but get
attached to nothing.
This wor# is the simplest ormat i can create or you, in an otherwise, comple), and
conusing wor#, in the state o decay. i will not claim this is what the ancients taught, nor
that this, is the intended ideas, o those who i have borrowed rom. (ll i am trying to
accomplish, is to write the acts as i #now them, and share my e)periences and e)ercises
that i have and am presently doing upon my own path. 9ther then that, i have tried not to
allow my ego, to enter into this paper, distorting what otherwise is pretty basic. &or it is
o my opinion, that a 5igh (dept is the servant, not the master o 5umanity, while being
the master and not the servant o The .ody. &or although the (spiring (dept is to be
humble in lie, they need to be strong, willed, and ruthless upon their path" or there is no
room or wea#nesses, nor eebleness, on entering unto the #ingdom. 0ay all those who
come to read this paper be blessed, with the blessings o lie.
0ay the sunshine brightly upon thy hearts, and the moon light guide thee in thy dreams...
The Tree:
+Tis a hard thing to describe something, that or one is indescribable. This wor# is
consider the beginning ascension upon the tree o lie. The tree in its most basic
ormation, is an empty coloring picture, awaiting the adept to color it with their lie. *ach
place within and upon the tree, represents levels, energies, intelligence+s, situations,
colors, sounds, images, thoughts, orces, places, e)periences, etc... It would be olly or
me to e)plain something as beautiul as the Tree, without completely turning it into
something ugly. *ven though it is not possible to e)plain, the best I can do is to share this
wor#, which represents wor#ing within the #ingdom, learning the ormations o lie,
learning the rules" i there is any, with magical ceremony and many other things. It is the
beginning in learning who we are, inding those cycles we have created, and learning
how to overcome them. 0al#uth is the irst o the Ten ormations, or vorte)es upon the
tree. (s we enter upon the path, we are given a ree #ey to say the least. That #ey is all
the boo#s written, and all those things that -ust happened to come are way, which
introduce us to ourselves and to the understandings o higher philosophies. That #ey
gives us enough #nowledge to understand the soil rom which the Trees+ root structure
receives its nourishment. Some would believe that 0al#uth is the root structure o the
Tree, yet in act it is nothing but the potential seeds that drop rom the other ruits o the
tree. In the .eginning was the word! that should teach us a lot, or it is the word that we
come to irst learn o the Tree, and o the path" or at least, we come to learn o a tangible
system, to which we can apply to our lives. So, it is the words, which we irst attach
ourselves to, in order to ind stability as well as support in our individual wor#s. The Tree
is our sign post, which direct us in the right directions. It gives us warnings o what is to
come, it tells us how to prepare ourselves, it is in other words, our comorting blan#et.
The more we learn about the Tree, the more we learn what we need to do. &or although
all our paths are dierent, and each o our Trees will bare dierent ruits, the sacriices,
and the things needed to be accomplished are the same.
The Tree is the 2rand coniguration o all the paths, created in such a way, that it enables
a being rom what ever tradition they might hail rom, to still utili8e it. It wor#s rom a
physical perspective, to a emotional, mathematical, energetic, light, orce, e)pansion,
contraction, creative, destructive, and ininitely many other dierent orms o
perspectives. In my ne)t paper I will e)plain in more vivid detail, what my
understandings are in regards to the Tree o lie. (s or now, the best thing I can do or
you, is to give a short e)planation o those things that I have had e)perienced, while
directly under the inluence o 0al#uth.
5aving no guidance in the beginning o my wor#, I had wor#ed within the rays o
0al#uth or three years. &or what would normally have ta#en a year or so or me to
accomplish, too# me three. Than# creation, that it did. I irst learn about the occult
traditions in -ail, by being introduced to 3undalini :oga. &our months I wor#ed upon
rising my 3undalini, which by the way I had no real rising. *ven so, what was
happening, was that I was laying down the oundation rom which, I would later gain
strength to accomplish greater things. 9ne year later, having strived or what I thought,
was a pointless eort, started to pay o, as I was introduced to 4ata-ali+s Sutras. &rom
there, I came upon some o ?rowley+s wor#s, then the 2olden =awns, then the 9.T.9.+s.
&rom that I started to ac6uire learning+s o the 3abbala, 5ermetics, (lchemy, and then the
Solomontic wor#ings. (lthough, I learned o these things, I truly did not receive initiation
into those things until another year past.
The way I was initiated, or introduced into the higher ormations o my path, or in other
words, the paths o the Tree o $ie, was through watching, and becoming involved with
a 2oetic 0agician. The details o what I went through do not matter so much, as to what
was brought about by those e)periences that I had.
I was constantly #ept on my toes, -ust in order to #eep rom becoming a threat to this
individual. I was accosted both physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychically.
(lways, was I in need to #eep my mouth in chec#, my thoughts reined in, and my actions
#ept secret. 0y physical possessions were constantly loo#ed through, my diaries were
read, my magical tools were programmed or the others personal beneit. I had been
cursed, I had spells put upon me, my energy was ta#en, my dreams attached and my very
resolve challenged every step o the way. The pay o or stic#ing through these things,
was that I was introduced into the Solomonic wor#s, the 2oetia, the @ed =ragon, 5igh
,itchcrat, Sorcery and numerous other orms o magic. I learned what it would ta#e or
me to become an adept, as well as what could happen, i I were to stray rom the light.
In the end o that year, I had e)perienced ten years worth o ritual wor#ings, torn down
some o my illusions, overcome my ears o death, learned what magic was truly about,
started to wor# with the elements, deepened my understandings o the wor# and all its
aspects, learn what ormations o being I am to wor# with, was introduced to my
2uardian (ngel, learned psychic deense, as well as things une)plainable, and
*ach o us, has a purpose, what that is, only the sel can #now. Sometimes, it ta#es
having to go through many trials, in order that we might come to see our path, and in that,
gaining strength to wal# it. This is my path" hard, dry, scary, and most o all, lonely. I tell
you these things, not so that you will repeat them, but that you might come to see what
another has gone through. &or -ust maybe, it might give you comort, and guidance to do
the right thing. 0ay you be .lessed upon :our 9wn 4ath.
The Pentagram Ritual:
9ne o the most useul tools, that has come down to us rom the 2olden =awn, is the
4entagram @itual. &or in its simplicity, it truly enables the (dept to wor# many wonderul
things. It grants the (dept protection rom outside orces, as well, as its ability to open
portals or *lemental beings to enter into.
It is a good practice, to do the banishing ritual o the pentagram, one or more times a day.
This will build up ones aith, and powers, in its ability to wor# or you. The more energy
one puts into things, the better they will wor#. Thin# about it... There is no negative
associations with the upright pentagram, or in its simplest orm, it is nothing more then
the our elements under the rule o spirit. :et, or lie, to have one thing, one must have
the other, so upon inverting the pentagram, having one point downward, you come to
have the goats head inside, instead o a man, which symboli8es our lower natures,
grounding the spirit, within the slug o our desires. &or those who use this orm o the
pentagram, either have no idea what they are doing and saying, and are mearly ollowing
some mindless crowd, or they #now e)actly what it is, and are either now stuc# in a rut,
because o past choices, or really do not believe in something more then our present state,
and having only the desire to control their physical realm with magical means. *ither
which way it is, neither o the two are we concerned with, in this paper.
/ow each point o the pentagram corresponds to an element as seen below<
This is because o how the energy lows within the star" ire or heat moves up, air
circulates down through all, water lows down to the ground that lies to the let o the
spirit, and earth is grounded with the light to its right. The Spirit is the center o all that is,
circumerence its sel, incorporating nothing, but its sel once again. The star has come
down to us through anti6uity, some attribute it to Solomon, the great 5ebrew 0agician
who built a Temple unto 2od. ,hatever its history, it wor#s, and it wor#s very well at
The number ive is the center o the universal numbers o ten, which then comes to
recycle its sel, repeating its sel in higher numbers again. The number has been #nown,
as the balancer, or -ustice, because it harmoni8es in the middle. It brings to mind the
digits o the hands, and the eet, as well as it having been #nown as the number o both
0ercury, and 0ars. &or it is the glue that binds all things together, and the orce to ma#e
it so. The pentagram, has been #nown as ive 2ree# (lphas+ together, or an unolding ive
aceted pyramid. The pentagram has been used or many things, all o which build to its
power as a symbol, as well as its use as a tool.
The irst orm o the pentagram ritual i will show, is the lesser banishing ritual. This is
one o the two rituals i will give unto thee. I you still desire more inormation, then
please read those boo#s that i have written within my reerences.
The Leer !anihing Ritual:
Start by acing the east, the direction o the rising sun, and newness o spirit, hope,
strength and light. $iterally ground your eet into the soil, or carpet, whatever it be, eel
your energy go through your eet, eeling the earth intertwine her energies with yours, as
you ta#e in a deep breath, and call upon your higher sel as such<
Ta#e your right hand, either by its sel, or with some tool you have consecrated, and rise
it above your orehead, grasping the celestial energies above, and bring them down to
your si)th cha#ra, or between the brow o the eyes, while you vibrate out loud, 1(T951
((hh!toe). Then breathing in, again ta#e o that energy, and allow the hand to move it
down the center o ones body, as you come to say, 10($37T51 (0aww!#ooth). Then
ta#ing in a breath, gather the energy, and move the hand over to the right shoulder, as you
say, 1%*!2*.7@(51 (%ee!2ey!bur!ah). (gain, ta#e in a breath, gathering the energy, as
you move your hand over to the let shoulder, and vibrate, 1%*!2*=7$(51 (%ee!2ey!
doo!lahh). /ow, ta#e in a very big breath, gathering the energies up, as you clasp the
hands at the heart, in a prayer mudra, or loc#, and say, 1$*!9$(50 (0*/1 ($ea!ahh!
loam!(men). &or as you vibrate each word, eel the energies inusing into every iber o
your being, while visuali8ing it moving to the ends o the 7niverse.
/ow, one shall do the lesser banishing ritual. This ritual is speciic to banishing all
energies rom the earthly plain. &or in determining what direction you start tracing the
pentagram, will determine what orm o energy you will be either banishing, or invo#ing.
I or say, one starts rom the point o air, and moves away rom air, tracing the
pentagram until its completeness, you would be banishing all energies rom the air
realms. So lets say you are now moving rom ire to water, with the intent o invo#ing the
watery regions, you then would complete tracing the pentagram, which would then open
a doorway or the watery type energies to maniest.
.So o course, there is two ways to banish, and two ways to invo#e each element.
(ccording to the 2olden =awn system o 0agic, it is generally e)cepted, that to invo#e
or banish either water or air, one is to use the hori8ontal line, tracing it bac# or orth to air
or water. (s or earth and ire, one uses the lines moving up to the spirit. So practice, and
in time you will learn what wor#s better or you. &or in my own practice, i ind it better
to invo#e the air by starting at earth, or them being o the opposite, it o course is logical
that banishing one, you would then be invo#ing the other. (s or water, one would then
start rom ire. 9ne o the changes i have ound better in elemental magic, then rom what
the 2olden =awn system teaches, is to place water and ire against each other, as well as
air and earth against each other. &or this is not only the elements natural order o things, it
as well puts both o the eminine elements on the let, and both o the masculine elements
on the right" again putting the natural order o things in place. i do not claim that this is
the correct way o the pentagram, though i do say in *lemental magic, in my e)perience,
it is better then the other way.
So bac# to the ritual, we are acing the east, ta#e in a big breath, inhaling the energies o
the eastern 6uadricals within you, as you trace the pentagram, starting rom the earth
point, and moving up to the spirits point, then move the hand down to ire as you e)hale,
move hand to water as you inhale, to air as you e)hale, and bac# unto the earth,
completing the pentagram as you inhale. Then ocus ones attention to the center o the
pentacle, pushing with you right hand, as you vibrate this name o 2od 1:5%5 (:od 5e
%au 5e)1 (llow the power to e)tend as ar as ones imagination and ,ill will go. This
whole rhythm, with the pentagram, and the name, creates a vibrational, as well as visual
barrier to all out side orces. ,ith time, one can even image with their eyes open , the star
visually beore them. 4ractice will lend you power, or be it imaginary or not, it wor#s, so
wor# it.
/ow, ta#e in a big breath as you inuse yoursel with the energies o the east, and then
while holding the breath, turn unto the south creating a circle o energy, or bubble o
energy, around ones sel. 7pon moving to the south, allow the energi8ed breath to be
released unto that 6uadrical. /ow again, trace the pentagram as was instructed above, this
time vibrating the name, 1(=9/(I1 ((hh!don!a). /ow move to the west, caring the
energy as beore, doing everything the same but the name o 2od, which or the west is ,
1*5*I*51 ((hh!he!a). 0oving to the north, everything being the same, -ust use the
name, 1(2$(1 ((hh!gee!lah).
/ow returning to the east, completing the energy circle, e)tend the arms out li#e a cross
as you say<
.eore me 0ichael
.ehind me 2abriel
(t my right hand @aphael
(t my let hand 7riel
Then cross hands at the heart, be it right over let, giving the dominance to the active
principle, or let over right, or the passive principle, it is up to you, and your desired end,
as you say<
&or (round me burns the pentagram
(nd within me shines the si)th rayed star
%isuali8ing this circle o pentagrams around you, and the he)agram star, shining within
you. /ow complete the ritual, by again calling down the higher sel, as in the beginning
o the ritual as so , 1(T951, etc...
Auic# note, the pentagram has been #now as the microcosm, while the he)agram is #now
as the macrocosm" in other words, the one deals with the elemental realms, while the
other deals with the celestial realms, as seen below. The ne)t thing i will do, is e)plain
what each name, and word used in the ritual means, so that you might in your own
traditions come to ind the correct correspondences.
(s or the calling o the higher sel, 1atoh1, means thouBart, 10al#uth1, means the
#ingdom, 1ve!guburah1, means the power, 1ve!gedulah1, means the glory, and 1le!olahm
amen1, means or ever and ever amen. =o what ever you wish with that, now as to the
names o 2od, here is some o their meanings<
1:5%51. 4ronounced (:od 5e %au 5e) This name or some reasons has been associated
with the name Cehovah, as well as numerous other names. In act, 1:5%51, is a name
whose pronunciation is #nown only to a ew 5igh (dept. So, when spea#ing o this
name, it has been reerred to as the Tetragrammaton, or our s6uared name o 2od, or
(donai, which i will come to in a minute. The basic symbolism o the name is order,
creation, ather, mother, son, and daughter. It symboli8es the our worlds o the 3abbala"
the divine, the archangelic, the angelic orders, and the physical. It represents the our
elements, wisdom, the irst begotten, and millions o other things.
The ne)t name is 1(=9/(I1, which as well is another name used in public when
spea#ing o the Tetragrammaton. 4ronounced, ((don!aye) (donai means lord. I you
study other cultures o the west as well as the east, you will come to ind a name o
similar spellings, as well as attributes. &or (donai is #nown as the $ord o the *arth and
9 the 5eavens. The lord who stays by our side, the beneactor, one who spirals up ward,
one who perches li#e the *agle.
The ne)t name o 2od is , 1*5*I*51, 4ronounced, ((h!he!aye). That which the eye
seeth not. The simplest essence o 2od that we can come to conceive while in these
earthly bodies. &or all other names o 2od come rom, 1*5*I*51. &or, rom the one
comes two, two to three, three to our, our to all created things. The ull name used is ,
1*5*I*5 (S5*@ *5*I*51, which is the name given unto 0oses, when he as#ed how
the masses were to #now he comes with 2ods .lessing. I (0 T5(T I (0... The
e)istence o the e)istence, 5e who is and ever shall be...
The last o the our names is, 1(2$(1, pronounced ((h!gee!laa). The mighty god
orever. The power, strength, -ustice, orce, and vengeance. It is the name Cacob had
heard, and was shown the $adder, with which the angels ascended and descended.
/ow, there is a big debate in regards to what angel belongs to what 6uadrical. (s or the
original 2olden =awn System, the angels were @aphael to the east, 0ichael south,
2abriel west and 7riel north. /ow some systems have 7riel to the south, or him being
the ire o the lord, while some have 2abriel to the north, as or the angel o =eath. In my
e)perience, i have come to ind 0ichael in the eastern 6uadrical, or him being li#e unto
the $ord, the rising Sun o the =awn, the right hand o the $ord. It could i, you desired
that 0ichael would be on the right side o the lord i you were loo#ing unto the west,
while 2abriel would be in the north on the let hand side o the $ord. /o matter, The east
is o course symboli8e by most cultures as the direction o the $ord, while the west,
according to the 5ebrews, is #now as the direction o the bride, The She#inah, which
then, has her correspondences with 7riel, or that which moves the $ord to act. i then
place @aphael upon the south, or he is the great healer o light, the noon sun o light. &or
no dar#ness nor sic#ness may enter unto ones soul, as long as the light shines down upon
thee. 2abriel i place upon the western 6uadrical, or him being on the let hand o 2od ,
as well as the angel o =eath, or the wa)ing light, into the night. 7riel is placed in the
north, or this angels associations are ire and earth, as well as the 8odiac. It is through the
angel guardian o the earth whose place is unto the un#nown realms o the passing night,
the teacher o the mysteries, the giver o the high (rts, all o which correspond to the
north and the Dodiac, with the ires o inspiration .
(gain i will say, do not ma#e that which i spea# o, some dogmatic laws. &or there is one
stic# in a big room, with EF0 ways at loo#ing at it. There is no contradiction in what
angel you place, in what ever 6uadrical, it is up to you. &or it is that all things, are in all
2abriel means 12od is my strength1, he is the angel who stands at the let hand o 2od,
the angel o resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death, revelations. 5e who presides over
4aradise, the spirit o truth, angel o war, angel o the moon.
0ichael 1,ho is as 2od1, the greatest o the angels, chie o the orders o virtues and
archangels, prince o presents, repentance, righteousness, mercy, sanctiication,
con6ueror o the =ragon, #nown as Sabbathiel. 3ey holder o 5eaven, price o night,
angel o 0ercury.
@aphael, 12od has healed1. $abbiel. 9ne who watches, guide o the underworld, regent
o the sun, governor o the south, guardian o the west, guardian o the tree o lie, angel
o healing, angel o the Sun
7riel 1&ire o 2od1. The lame o 2od, regent o the sun, archangel o salvation, watcher
o thunder and terror, repentance, interpreter o prophecies and dreams, disclosure o the
mysteries o the heavenly arcane. The month o September, bringer o the #nowledge o
(lchemy, giver o the cabala, 5e who shall brea# the monstrous bars o the bra8en gates
o 5ades on the day o -udgement. (ngel o the constellations.
/ow, ta#e as thee wish" understand, practice, and in power your sel.
The ollowing our sections deal with the elements, and their correspondences, as well as
the irst e)periences, that i have had upon calling each o the elementals. It is up to you to
decide i these correspondences ring true within you. &or as you ind those things that
have relevance within your lie, and using them, must you disposes o those things that
do not. i do not e)pect you to believe in what i have e)perienced, in act, you can say it
was all -ust a igment o my imagination" -ust as it comes to be a igment o the
imagination, to those who watch the mother pic# the car o her child, while in duress.
,hat ever the case, i you believe me or not, and yet still actually go orward, and do the
ritual wor#ings" you can at least have something to lean upon, i things actually do start
to happen" i not, i guess i am better at tric#ing mysel then i thought. @emember, analy8e
everything, do not ta#e anything or granted, or there will be times, when #nowing the
truth, will really be needed, and in having ta#en what someone else calls the truth,
becomes only smo#e in our eyes" very thin, while causes our vision to blur. (nd so i
,ith the beginning o each elemental section, i have given a long list o correspondences
that will come to help you, with inusing the elementals energies within onesel. i will
here give a small e)planation o each correspondence, so that you might come to have a
deeper understanding o that which i write<
King: Is the elemental #ing who rules that element
Elemental: The beings whose association in magic, have been designated the ruler o
that element.
Ruler: The speciic intelligence over each element
Archangel< The archangels who presides, over the Sephiroths upon the tree o $ie
Angel: (ccorded the speciic angel that through anti6ue was speciied to each element
Angelic "rder: =eals with the nine orders o the angels, and which o them that all
under each element
Color: The color, which inds it closest vibrational a#inment to the element
Complimentar# Color: That color used as a bac# ground, to help ocus the elements
natural color, so that its vibrations become more prominent within the magicians mind
Form: The shape associated with the tattwas
Magical Tool: The tool that represents the elements within the ritual
Focu< The aspect o the body and mind the element ocuses on
Created: The speciic orm o lie the element corresponds to
$tone: The stones that best represents and holds the elements energies
Plant Anatom#: the part o the plant the element is associated with
Animal: The animal orm associated with element
Ri%er o& Hell: The river associated with the element according to ?hristianity
Ri%er o& Eden: The river that let *den unto the *arth
Muical Intrument: The instrument associated with element
Muical 'ote: The note that+s vibrational re6uency, moves within the same spectrum as
the elements
Archdaemon: The archdaemon associated with the element
Planet: The planets who all under each element
$ign: The astrological signs that are under each element
!od#: The area o the body the element directly inluences
Cha(ra: The Speciic cha#ra associated with each element, the earth one starting at or
about the anus, the water starting at or about the genital area, the ire starting at or about
the solar ple)us, and the air cha#ra starting at or about the heart area. ( There is not
enough room in this present wor# to give ample amount o e)planation in regards to the
cha#ra system, so i suggest you read those boo#s i have in my reerences)
Finger: The inger associated with each element. ( There being techni6ues that one can
do such as hand mudras, or loc#s, with each inger, connecting each element in such a
way that one creates that speciic energy, that one can then shape with their will. 9ne
could do ininite ritual wor# with the hands alone.)
Elemental !eing: The beings also associated with the element
Her): The herbs that are inused with aspects o the elements. (It is always best to ma#e
ones own incense or the rituals. Simply gathering what one can in your own town, or in
some herb shop, then grinding them in a mortar and pestle, and adding a little oil to ma#e
it moist, you will have come to have made your own incense.)
*irtue: Those 6ualities o the element that one will desire to attain to
*ice: those 6ualities o the element that one will desire to abolish
Tetragrammic Letter: The letter rom the Tetragrammical name 1:5%51, which is best
associated to each element. ( 1:1 representing the ather, divine, active, ire principle.
&irst 151 representing the mother, archangelic, receptive, water principle. 1%1 represents
the son, angelic, intermingling, air principle. Second 151 represents the daughter or bride,
accumulated, earth principle.)
Temperament: @epresents the astrological temperaments o the signs, and associated

Elemental: 2nomes
King: 2hob
Ruler: 3erub
God 'ame: (donai ha!(ret8
+uadrical: /orth
Archangel: 7riel
Angel< 4horla#h
Angelic "rder: ?herubim
+ualit#: Stability
Color: :ellow, brown, blac#, and rustic
Complementar# Color: .lue
Form: S6uare, cross
$ene: Touch
$ign: Taurus
Tattwa: 4rithivi
Magical tool: 4entagram
Focu: Senses
Created: Stones
$tone: =ar# stones, and stones that help with grounding onesel
Metal: $ead, silver
Plant Anatom#< @oots
Animal: .urring animals
Ri%er o& Hell: (cheron
Ri%er o& Eden: *uphrates
Muical Intrument< =rums
Muical 'ote< 11
Archdaemon: 0aha8aelB0eha8aer
Planet: 0oon, Saturn, and earth
$ign: Taurus, %irgo, and ?apricorn+s
!od#: &eet to the #nees, the body its sel, bones
Cha(ra: 0uladhara
Finger: @ing inger
Elemental creature: 2nomes, brownies, elves, sylvetres, satyrs, pans, dryads,
hamadryads, durdalis, goblins, dwars, leprechauns, giants.
Her): 4atchouli, mugwort, horehound, sagebrush, sorrel, vervain, magnolia, horsetail,
salt, roots
$ome *irtue< 4atience, builder, strength, thrit, ac6uisition, conserved, practical,
dependable, stable, endurance, protective
$ome *ice< 2reed, addictions, obsessions, la8iness, tired, lac# o control, orgetul,
anger, slow
Tetragramic Letter< Second 5e+
Phlegmatic Temperament< @espectable, endure, considerate, resolute, irm, serious,
scrupulous, concentrative, sober, punctual, circumspective, resistant, dullness, tardiness,
la8y, unreliable.
In my own e)perience, i have ound it better to start ones elemental wor#ings with their
natural elemental sign. 0ine being Taurus, i then started with the earth elementals. Some
would disagree with me, or say, those whose sign is $eo, would then start with the ire
elementals. /ow according to the elders, the ire elementals are much to dangerous or
the beginner to start with. i agree and disagree at the same time. &or the Salamanders are
very strong beings, and there is no room or wea# people calling upon them, yet i the
adept were well versed in their correspondences, having built up there inner strength, and
act impeccable during the ritual, there would be no problem, other then the thoughts
within the mind. 9 course, one should #now their sel, beore starting the *lemental
ceremonies, so that you will not put your sel into a position that you would then come to
regret. So in saying, i would hope that you have started doing the e)ercises, beore going
into the ritual wor#ings...
0y irst *lemental ritual, was calling upon the 2nomes. i have decided to write out my
irst entry, o each elemental Invocation rom my magical diary. This will give you an
idea o my head set, as well as the possibilities during and ater a ritual<
1$ast night i invo#ed 2hob and the 2nomes. @itual was a complete success. The moment
i closed the temple, i elt the strength and intelligence o one o my past lives come into
me. Somehow, i was able to channel rom this 9ccultist rom &rance. i did ritual
according to *liphas $evi wor#, adding a couple o things to ma#e it more complete.
=uring the beginning o the ritual, i had trouble with my invocations. So i as#ed or the
orgiveness o all present spirits, due to my lac# o #nowledge, as well as my
nervousness. i then continued on with the ritual, calling each elemental being according
to their direction, so that all representatives would be present. i then called upon the
2nomes and 2hob rom the north, silencing my mind directly there ater.
(t irst, when i was doing prayer unto the 2nomes, i could instantly eel them all around
me, as they smothered my incense, tapped on the loor, walls, and ceiling, moved some o
the tools around, as well as pretty much, causing me a lot o trouble. (llowing it to
continue both out o disbelie as well as curiosity, i then called upon 2hob.
It elt so beautiul, this strength and energy, as it moved towards me rom the north. Its
motion so slow, and gentle, moved into the circle and unto my being. (t irst i was scared
and nervous, yet within a ew moments the ears let me, as i was put to ease, #nowing
2hob was only eeling me out rom within, as he discern my intentions. Then the incense
was completely smother out, causing 2hob to leave my presents.
2etting irritated with the 2nomes, i got up to relight the coal, when my hand was bumped
some how, causing the coal to land outside my circle.
2reat, i needed to get it, or who #nows, i it was still a little lit, or there would be
nothing worse, then starting a ire in the middle o a ritual wor#. So i grab my sword,
using it to get the coal. &or at that time, i did not 6uiet #now what would happen, i i were
to leave the circle with the elementals. (/ow as so you can #now, upon leaving the circle
with the elementals still present, one o two things can happen" they will get restless and
either leave, and or start to move around the house causing you untold hassles, or two,
they will stay waiting or you either very displeased causing you untold troubles, or they
will act as i nothing happened at all. &or in ritual, the elementals are within the circle
with you, -ust as calling upon the angels, while inusing their intelligence within yours.)
So, i inally got the coal , relighting it again, i called upon 2hob, who returned 6uic#ly,
and started to tal# with me. i as#ed him to show me his ace within my crystal ball. i
came to directly see these spirits dancing together, as they turned into trees, and again,
turned into a orest, turning and turning around in a circle, as i, well, as i i were lying
around this orest in a helicopter. Slowly, the orest started to shrin# within the crystal,
turning, and rising into a crown that sat on top o this old ace. (t irst i did not 6uiet
understand what i was seeing, then as the ace started to clariy, i saw this old man, with
moss, twigs, leaves, and many other things intertwined with spirits, dancing around on
his ace. *yes dar#er then the blac#est night, soothing not rightening. ( smile o wisdom
and age laid upon his crac#ed lips o clay, while his hair lowed into the grass that
blan#eted the orest crown. In e)citement i then as#ed him to show me his persons, in
which i thin# i came to anger him a little.
&or then i had to wait or ever, as the ace slowly moved in and out o ocus, trying ever
the mean while to shrin#, allowing me to see 2hobs whole persons. So i waited and
waited, until i reali8ed that 2hob was not going to grant me my re6uest at that moment.
&or he was testing me, how i #new this, is still beyond me, i -ust #new at that moment, to
ail loo#ing, would mean very bad things. So i waited, and waited, as i sat loo#ing at the
crystal, while thousands o images loated by.
i then started to 6uestion what the point o me waiting was or, or why should i have to
wait, or some being i con-ured up, why i as#ed, and then the answer came unto me. &or i
would not gain the 2nomes as my riends, i i could not even be a little patient while they
tested my being. So in being patient, i came to gain their respect, and in that, their help.
So waited i did, until the urge to pee came upon me, what was i to do; &or to stop, would
only cause me a big loss, so i loudly proclaimed, that i i had to pee in my robe to get
their respect, i would" and yet i still waited.
(t that point it was very silent, the 2nomes were not moving anything, and the room was
dead, all but mysel and the eeling that something was watching. i then became angered
at the whole situation and started to say as much, when the silence was bro#en by the
most hardiest laugh i have yet to hear, and these words, 1So young as o yet, my riend.1
That simple, and i was one with the 2nomes.
i then started to as# 2hob to grant me two servants with arms, to give me strength in all
my wor#s, which he 6uic#ly granted me the re6uest. ( ( side note, i am leaving out all my
elemental riends or many reasons, one o which is so that you can in your own wor#
come to #now your own elementals, and not mine. The other big reason, is o other
magicians. (s sad as it is, one can not really trust other magicians or the very reason o
them using your elementals, as well as them being able to tap into your wor#, using your
energy, or their own purposes. The day nears, when that pettiness as such, will have to be
set aside, or more important matters, as or now be careul, and practice silence in all
ones wor#.
/e)t, i as#ed 2hob to grant me an *lven teacher, to teach me the old ways, as he again
granted my re6uest. (ter that, i as#ed to be shown one o my past lives, which upon
loo#ing into the crystal, i came to ind mysel upon the ground, loo#ing up towards
2hanesh, as i meditated upon a lesson my teacher instructed me on. i was shown many
wondrous things, as he helped me contact that lie+s energies, inusing them into my
present state o being, gaining its strengths and its virtues.
(ter who #nows how long, i then than#ed 2hob or his gits, and then directed my
attention to my three companions. i conversed with them , as#ing them to show me how i
will #now their presents is near, while coming to learn their energies, as well as learn how
to use them in my lie.
.y that time i had to really use the bathroom, so i gave than#s to all the 2nomes, as#ing
them to depart in peace as well as granting than#s and leave to the other *lemental
watchers, i ran to the bathroom.
9n returning, i ound that the 2nomes had not let the circle. So i told them that i they
did not leave when as#ed, then i would be orced to resort to more drastic measures,
really meaning what i said. ,hich wor#ed very well, as i elt there presents leave the
That was my very irst elemental invocation. To have gone so successully, had a lot to do
with my prior ceremonial wor#s, yet even that, did not help me much. &or in dealing with
the elementals, there is nothing else 6uiet li#e it. &or it is not as i you can bind them li#e
a daemon" well let me ta#e that bac#, you can bind elemental beings in many ways, one
o which is to hold them within there opposite element, such as ire to water and earth to
air. :et in so doing, you put yoursel at great ris#. &or unli#e other beings, it is best to
beriend the elemental so that, they will come to go out o their way to help you. ,hile in
binding them, they become insulted and angered, they come to do what ever is in their
power to cause you trouble. 9 course, any sel proclaimed magician could hold
something o a lesser will by their own, yet really thin# about it, beore doing as such.
&or in binding something you enslave it to your will, and one would have to be
impeccable with that orm o elemental energy, beore there would be no ris# unto the
/ow as to the earth *lementals. Since that irst elemental invocation, my lie has gone
through so many transormation, that i would almost give it more importance, then
anything else, that i have done up to date. It was a blessing, to come to read $evi+s wor#.
It seemed, such a small part o his wor#, and yet, now i would say i belittled it ar to
much. &or upon sitting down, and iguring out how i could incorporate it into my own
wor#, i came to ind a great style o magic, as well as many beautiul riends. So in
saying that, i will not go to ar into my own wor#, least it come to interrupt your own.
Instead, i will write upon a ew things i have gained and lost.
The earth *lementals are truly studios and patient beings. They have a great #nac# or
building things rom scratch, as well as improving things already built. In my wor# with
them, i was able to gain greater strength in my wor#, a orce o energy, and an
understanding o how to build with it. ( sureness when wal#ing in society, a little
giddiness over things o lie, that i #new nothing about. ( aith in mysel, and a sureness
in my wor#, that up to that time was a little lac#ing. These 6ualities have always
potentially been within me, yet now i have come to reali8e them and live with them.
i have gained many past lie memories, as well as received some o their virtues and
strengths. i have learned much in regards to the old ways, as well as meditations and
styles o magic, i had no idea e)isted. There has been many times in my earthly elemental
transormation, that old problems crept into my consciousness, only to be once, and or
all dealt with. There was times o great addictions, which in wor#ing, were slowly eased
rom my being. 0y anger, which at one time would have controlled me, became a triling
thing only to be used as a tool.
To say these ew things are but little compared to what i have gained rom the earth
*lementals, is to belittle -ust how much i have gained. /o matter, one might come to
argue the pointlessness o such wor#, yet even our present state o 4sychology" our mind
and emotional science, could not oer such results in so short a time, or any time at all
or that. &or it is not, depending on others to tell us who we are, and what we eel, but
ourselves, and only ourselves, that have the power to do so.
/ow do not get me wrong, i do not have in my head a belie that everyone is meant or
such awareness, and so i agree with others learning the minds truths, or the masses. (s
said beore, the path o the (dept is not or everyone, only those who care to #now the
pains o their truths. &or it is them, who are haughted with the desire to reach perection,
while living in the lesh, and ollowing in the oot steps o the 2reat ones who have lived
beore us. It is a hard path, ull o tears, pain and loss, but in the end, it is worth more
then any physical attainment could ever dream o living up to. The unniest thing is, the
more one comes to wal# the path, the easier it will be to gain material well being... :ou
will see...
/ow beware, or one o the hardest things in the elemental wor#ings, is the rooting out o
all ones lower ormations o thoughts, emotions, dreams and memories. There will be
times o great loneliness, and eelings o despair, always remember, to ground your sel in
what ever way you see it. &or we all are in transition, when in learning how to hold still,
those things that have always moved you into acting, will come to move away on their
own. (naly8e yoursel, your thoughts, eelings and dreams. See what each thought or
eeling is worth, come to #now its roots, and ind out i you desire to #eep it. Thin#
consciously, and be alive #nowing, what it is you are, and who you are to become in mind
, body and soul. Then, when we slowly come out o this pit that we have dug or
ourselves, we will come to see the lowers growing within. ,e are not born evil, bad, nor
sic# in the soul" or it is in our programming, that we come to believe it as such. ,e are
good, loving beings, we only need to de!program ourselves to reali8e it. ,e are who we
King: 4aralda
Elemental: Sylphs
Ruler: (riel
God 'ame: *lohim T8aboath
+uadrical: *ast
Archangel< 0ichael
Angel: ?hassan
Angelic "rder: =ominions, principalities
+ualit#: @easoning
Color: 9range, yellow
Complimentar# color: %iolet
Form< ?ircle, dot
$ene: Smell, hearing
$ign: (6uarius
Tattwa: ,a-u
Magical Tool: =agger, incense, and sword
Focu: Intellect
Created: 4lants
$tone< Spongious, pumice stone, all stones with a yellowish tint
Metal: ?opper, tin
Plant Anatom#< &lowers
Animal: .irds
Ri%er o& Hell: ?ocytus
Ri%er o& Eden< 4ison
Muical Intrument: ,ind instruments
Muical 'ote: 1e1
Archdaemon: (8a8el
Planet< Cupiter, %enus, and 7ranus
$ign: (6uarius, $ibra, and 2emini
!od#: Throat to orehead, ears, nose, s#in, and all things with the respiratory system.
Cha(ra: (nahata
Finger: $ittle inger
Elemental !eing: &ays, airies, sylphs, muses, dryads, drus, -inn, pi)ies, hamadryads,
Her)< (lmond, aspen, ben8oin, citron, clover, dandelion, eyebright, ha8el, lavender,
lemongrass, lily o the valley, mace, mar-oram, mint, mistletoe, sage, savory, slippery
elm, pine, parsley
*irtue: speed, communications, adaptability, magnetic, luid, optimistic, clearness,
#indness, intellectual, piercing, perceptive, inventive
*ice: 2ossiper, thie, dishonest, contemptible, earul, lac#ing o stability, rude, air
headed, unemotional
The Four ,ind<
'otu! south,cloudy, moist, and sic#ly
!orea- north, ierce, roaring, rost
.eph#ru- west, sot, pleasant, cold, moist
Euru! east, waterish, cloudy, ravenous
Tetragramic Letter< %au+
$anguine Temperament: 4enetrating, diligent, -oy, (droitness, dishonest, ic#le, #ind,
clear, eager, contempt, 2ossiper, lac# o endurance
(ir is the glue that holds everything together, the binder o lie. The breath that breathed
lie to live. That which carries the seeds o lie to the planets, and unto the ends o the
universes. The vital spirit, moving and in transition, that which dreams are made o< the
impressions o which, our shared realities are relected into ones own. 5ere is my irst
e)perience with the air elementals copied rom my diary<
1i called in the elemental 6uadricals, then proceeded to invite the sylphs, who 6uic#ly
came with a light bree8e putting out my lamp. @elighting lamp, i called upon 4aralda
who came 6uic#ly as well, within his own bree8e.
i irst noticed the #ing, by a eeling rom my nose to the underside o my brain, as i the
#ing was somehow opening up channels within me. There was little conversation, or it
seems, that i am not completely ready to receive their respect, and riendship. i got the
eeling, that 4aralda was indignant that i invo#ed them while still trapped in a wandering
ic#le mind, and haughted by unconscious ears. (Those three things were the reasons
why i was unable, at that time to completely be inused by their blessing.) &or even
though that was the case, i was still able to receive a ew lessons" or i learned more about
elemental magic, as well as how to live more in harmony with my surroundings. &or we
as a human nation, have orgotten how to live in balance with our surroundings. ,e are
li#e children, stealing rom our mothers purses, even though she has already given us
much to spend and use. i have learned, that by the short cuts we ta#e due to our la8iness
in lie, directly prevents us rom #nowing the true essence o lie. They granted me a
resh loo# into lie, being able to see the hidden side o the shadows, where many other
things reside.
i as#ed 4aralda to grant unto me two beings, to help me over come my vices. (t irst, i
tried to s#ry into the crystal ball, but instantly my lamp was put out, with a message to
close my eyes. So i relight the lamp, and closed my eyes. There was a luttering all
around me, something that did not bring ear, but an an)iety, so i opened my eyes again,
only to have the lamp go out, with the same message. So relighting the lamp, i again
closed my eyes, to eel the same sensation once again. 5earing the lutters o little wings
around me, 6uic#er and 6uic#er, as this errie light started to lash around me, over me,
and under me. i was being transormed li#e a larvae, incubated, given the chance to
transorm my vices into virtues. I only I #new that that was what was happening.
i as# once again, or the two elementals and their names, which as or their names, i was
speciically deigned. (Side note, now as e)perience has it, i have learned that not all air
elementals have a name proper, but at times, represent a concept li#e a smell, or bris#ing
air, etc... So i as li#e mysel, your irst invocation gets images and not direct names,
#now that that is their name, or symbolic representation o their being. (s or calling
them, all you have to do, is visuali8e that image within your mind, and then push it out
with the will until you eel their presents.) 5ere ollows in my diary the visuali8ed
conceptions o my irst air elementals, which as i said beore i am leaving out.
The last ma-or thing i received last night, was a way to see without eyes. &or i was
deprived o my sight, so i had to come to see with my ears. Some how, they taught me
how to use my hearing, instead o my sight to see, well in truth, the motivation in
learning, was my ears. &or during the ritual, i was continually distracted by sounds
around me, with which my mind would play o o, creating insane scenarios. &or in
those moments, i came to see how pointless it is to worry over something that could not
be prevented otherwise, as well, as how to live in each moment without losing it to ears.
&or i was in a position to learn the surrounding sounds, seeing with the ears in hearing
anything that did not otherwise it into the normal surrounding sounds.
i closed the ritual with than#s, and blessings unto the sylphs, and the other elemental
watchers, ringing my bell our times to clear the area. &or the bell banishes the air
elementals very nicely. Than# you (donai or thy blessing in this wor#. (men1
In my elemental wor#, i had decided to continue calling upon each element as they unold
in nature" having started with earth, my birth element, i moved unto air, then water then
ire! Taurus, 2emini, ?ancer, $eo... Some will decide maybe to start with ire, as the
(strological year starts as such, it is up to you. 0aybe simply loo#ing within, and inding
out what deects you have, you will then come to call upon that element that will help
elevate it, will be your starting point. ,hat ever way you start with, start all the same" or
nothing comes to those who only read. &or no one, gets any real beneits rom bashing
around ideas only. &or no matter how many dierent conversations i have had with
theori8ing magicians, and practicing ones, it is always the ones who practice, that leave
#nowing still what they #now, because o e)perience, while the theori8ing magician,
leaves wondering, i they have made the other person see the way they see. /ot much o
a dierence in truth, yet one will never really #now, what is true, and will be no better
o, then having some orms o intellectual thought patterns, while the other one, will
#now what is true or their selves, and will have become better or it, and changed or
ever. &or no matter how many war boo#s you read, you will never be enlighten to the
truth, as when behind the line.
To wor# is to live. It is o#ay to be araid, why, in so many o my wor#ings i had been so
araid, that i would have to hold onto my alter, -ust to #eep my #nees rom collapsing on
me. :et, no matter what, i have always moved on ward, and still invo#e. 1 Invo#e 9ten1,
has been said by many, and i will say it again, 1Invo#e 9ten1...
The air *lementals truly bring up things that lie deep with us. :ou will be aced with so
many memories, and so many ears. They have no room or petty emotions, or they are
almost adroit in their beings" and yet they can, greatly eect use through our emotions.
They are good at dispersing negative thoughts, and energies, they will ta#e away your
pains upon the winds. They are, i not controlled within the mind, able to eed the lames
o passions, and disturb the waters o our dreams and lusts, that lie within our minds.
So many energies lie within our mind, controlling our thoughts and actions. The air
*lementals will help clear away all oreign energies rom us, so that we can come to
grasp our inner essence. 1 3now Thysel1, the oracles say, as the energies move through
our minds.
King< /ichsa
Elemental< 7ndines
Ruler: Tharsis
God 'ame< Shaddai *l ?hai
+uadrical: ,est
Archangel< 2abriel
Angel: Taliahad
Angelic "rder< Thrones, archangels
+ualit#< ?ontraction, magnetic
Color< ,hite, blue
Complementar# Color< .lac#
Form< 5al moon
$ene: Taste
$ign< Scorpio
Tattwa< (pas
Magical Tool< ?up, crystal ball, mirrors
Focu: *motions
Created: 0etals
$tone< 4earl, crystals, and all stones associated with water, or o the color blue
Metal: Auic#silver, silver, yellow brass
Plant Anatom#: leaves
Animal< &ish
Ri%er o& Hell< Sty)
Ri%er o& Eden< 5idde#el
Muical intrument< String instruments
Muical note: 1g1
Archdaemon: (8ael
Planet< Saturn, mercury, 0oon, /eptune
$ign< Scorpio, cancer, 4isces
!od#: 3nees to waist, glands, sweat, and saliva
Cha(ra: Swvadhistana
Finger: Thumb
Elemental )eing< 0ermaids, ocenaid, oreades, nereides, limoniades, sprites, ni)en,
potamides, undines
Her)< (loe, apple, lemon balm, belladonna, birch, poplar, poppy, blac#berry, burdoc#,
camphor, chamomile, elder, ragwort, rose, coltsoot, comrey, daisy, daodil, datura,
sandalwood, yarrow, elm, eucalyptus, o)glove, hemloc#, hemp, hibiscus, -asmine, yew,
spearmint, thyme, #ava!#ava, ladies slipper, lemon, myrrh, morning glory, passion lower
*irtue< @eceptive, understanding, empathic, sympathy, vitality, growth, loving, #ind,
astrally aware, divining, intune with cycles, meditative
*ice< 9ver emotional, disintegrating, dissolving, secretive, indierent, no oundations,
ungrounded, orgetul, lustul, clouded
Tetragramic letter< &irst 5e+
Melancholic temperament: @espectul, modest, compassionate, devoted, serious,
docile, ervour, cordiality, comprehensive, meditative, calm, 6uic#, adaptable, orgiving,
tender, indierent, depressed, apathy, shyness, la8y
In the womb o our beginning , lies the truth o our being. 0ay no soul be born without
the waters o lie. &or the irmaments were separated, and the waters o the lustrial s#ies,
unlimited and vastly without number, lowed everything un#nown, while the waters
below bring lie, and the abundance+s therein. &or the waters are our regeneration, our
new beginning. &or born o the lesh, we come to leave the celestial waters, only to ind
them again, in the symbolic baptism o the waters. The waters symboli8e lie, beginnings,
birth, #nowledge, growth, and abundance. The waters are the healing suave, that washes
all our pain and sorrows away. The waters give hope, and comort unto those in need. &or
,ater symboli8es wholeness, oneness, peace, silent power, passive strength, and the will
to live. &or it is that understanding that came unto me, and more during my irst watery
elemental invocation<
15aving closed the circle, i called upon the 6uadricals with no disturbances or mista#es
this time. &inally a good start, or maybe not, or as i then tried to orce the water
elementals candle upon the candle stic#, it would brea# at the bottom where i tried to
stic# the needle in. 2etting rustrated, i continued trying to orce it, until a lash o what i
call implanted thoughts, yet others would broadly categori8e, as a lash o insight, came
unto me. i melted the bottom o the candle, and placed it ne)t to the needle. This being
my very irst lesson rom the water elementals< passive orce.
So i then called upon the undines and /ichsa their #ing, whom came 6uiet obligingly,
with a lowing graceul movement. To say, the undines were riendly, would spea# ar to
harshly. :et, within their obligingness, they were the hardest or me to physical
overcome. &or as i called upon /ichsa, i had this urge to lay down or a moment, which
o course, i then as#ed /ichsa i it would be permitted, least i insult the water elementals.
5e insisted that i should do so, as i elt a #ind hand directing me down. 5aving laid upon
the ground or but a moment, the undines rom all sides, started to caress me, a eeling o
an almost uncontrollable ecstasy, so uncontrollable, that i almost ailed to heed to the
warning within my mind, 1=o not all into their trap.1 So 6uic#ly i -er#ed up ward, while
regretting every moment o it. i pushed the undines with my mind away rom me. ,ith a
sigh o relie, i #new, that i was being tested, and that i had pass it with lying colors. i am
-ust than#ul, that i have been wor#ing on my lustul thin#ing patterns, or the past ew
I as#ed /ichsa to help me overcome my lower se)ual nature, which he granted me two
elementals to help me do so. I then as#ed or a undine whose oice dealt with passionate
love, as well as another undine, whose oice dealt with the irst sight o se)ual urges,
which he #indly granted unto me. 5aving ac6uired a conversation with the #ing, i then
as#ed him to #indly depart bac# unto his abode, while i did the banishing ritual o the
This being a copy rom my diary, it is suggested, that you as well #eep a record o ones
ritual wor#ings. &or i nothing else, you can use it in one o your boo#s, -ust as i am
doing right now. Seriously, the diary gives you a map o the ground you have tread upon,
as well as a chronological record o your advancement. The diary is the -ustiication and
saving grace o the magician, ater he leaves this earthly plain. (s well, most o the
#nowledge we have to!day, would have been lost, i not or those ew who #ept record o
there learning+s.
The undines are truly se)ual creatures, i #new it, yet had no real idea -ust how se)ual they
are. I it were not or the ritual and the charged up protection i had around me, i am araid
to say, i would not have aired so well. It is a very good thing, to get such things under
the wing, least later on down the path, they come to haunt us. &or our lower natures are to
be controlled, not to control us. &or there is ar to many adepts who have ailed to control
their lower natures, and have in their ignorance, become controlled by their material
desires. &or it is a sic# sight, to see some old man using his #nowledge, to capture the
spar#ling young and ignorant in his webs.
&or do not get me wrong, i do not see anything or say, bad in physical pleasures, in act i
embrace them, when given the chance. &or as long as it does not harm anyone, and that it
does not cause me to all rom my path, I usually come to embrace it. .ut, to allow it to
rule over our thoughts, and to all victim to its devilish ways, can only bring with it
sorrows, and pain. (nd so, my riends, do not all victim to such illusions as such. =o not
pretend you have no problems, and that you have complete control o your lower nature.
=o not be araid, or i you are honest and willing to change, you will.
(s in all things, we all come to all short o perection" some times. (nd so in my own
curiosity, i desired to see how one might come to use the water elementals. i invo#ed the
undine whose oice dealt with se)ual urges within me, and then wal#ed down town. To
say nothing, i was truly ama8ed. &or be it my new ound sureness within mysel, or the
energy i invo#ed, practically every lady who wal#ed by, had this glean o se)ual urges
within her eye. i was physically stopped a ew times to hear some very random
invitations o sorts, as well as to be told how nice my shirt was or how beautiul my hair
was. (side note, this never has happened to me, so that leaves out that argument" or
normally i am not even given a second thought.) So then what, well o course, i had to try
it again -ust to see, i i was maybe imagining it; i was not...
/ow, i consider such e)perimentation+s harmless, yet wrong all the same. &or it is wrong
to use ones power against another+s will, even i it is only -ust that which i have done. i
regret having done so, and have in my own way, come to pay retribution unto the
universe or acting as such.
/ow, i did use the same elementals, to help me overcome my own se)ual desires, which
has been, o great beneit in conserving my energies. &or lie is too short to be slobbering
over every pretty morsel. 1i owe much to you my riends, or granting me reprieve o my
lower ormations, and helping me to see the beauty that lies inside us all, than# you.1
So beware o their trap, do not all victim to their ways, and in so doing, you will be
helped in setting yoursel ree. They are great teachers o beauty, love, and harmony" or
as the music o their voices, brings the harmony o the sea, so is it within our minds, that
inally sets us ee... (men...
King: =-in
Elemental: Salamanders
Ruler: Seraph
God 'ame< :5%5 T8abaoth
+uadrical: South
Archangel: @aphael
Angel: (ral, Samuael
Angelic order: Seraphim, authorities, powers
+ualit#< *)pansion, electric
Color: @ed
Complimentar# color< 2reen
Form< Triangle
$ene< Sight
$ign< $eo
Tattwa: Te-as
Magical Tool< ,and, candles, and some daggers
Focu: ,ill. understanding
Created: (nimals
$tone< (sbestos, ire stones, or anything that is associated with ire or the color red
Metal< 2old, iron, steel, nic#el, red brass
Plant anatom#< Seeds
Animal: Salamanders, cric#ets
Ri%er o& Hell: 4hlegethon
Ri%er o& Eden< 2ihon
Archdaemon: Samuel
Muical intrument< %oice
Muical note< 1d1
Planet< 0ars, sun, 4luto
$ign: $eo, (ries, and Sagittarius
!od#< ,aist to throat" eyes, blood, and nerves
Cha(ra< 0anipura
Finger: &oreinger
Elemental !eing: (cthnici, salamanders, dragons, cric#ets, dra#es, basilis#, phoeni),
Her)< (lder, ash, basil, blood root, cactus, cedar, cinnamon, copal, damiana, dragons
blood, garlic, hawthorn, heliotrope, hyssop, -uniper, mandra#e, oa#, onion, pepper, rue,
st.-ohns wart, snapdragon, tobacco, wormwood, yucca, sulphur
*irtue: *nergetic, strength, creative, valor, loyalty, motion, perceptive
*ice< Sporadic, brea#ative, irritable, destructive, intemperance, anger, caught in illusions
Tetragramic letter: 1:1
?elestial!all consuming, bright, -oyous, wisdom
Terrestrial!parta#es in both celestial and inernal Inernal!dull, dar#, consuming, pain
Choleric temperament< (ctivity, enthusiasm, eagerness, resolute, courage, productive,
gluttony, -ealous, passions, irritability, intemperance
&ire< the giver o lie, strength, courage, will. The heat that moves all things, the
sustainer, and the all devourer. The ather o creation, the electric movement. *lectricity
untamed. 9ut lowing movement, and energy, which pervades all things rom the smallest
molecule to the largest sun. The all e)panding circle within a circle, the giver o lie, and
light, devourer o dar#ness, the beginning seed o lie.
&ire is said to be the most dangerous element to wor# with, being it is the element o ,ill
power and inner strength, which most people lac#. So no wonder it is one o the most
dangerous to wor# with, or i one has not enough will power, they would come to eat
you alive. So in that case, i will agree that they are the hardest to invo#e, and yet, in
having wor#ed with them mysel, i have ound that although they are very severe and
consuming, i you eed their pride without cercoming to it your sel, staying calm, and in
control, you will have no problems with the salamanders. They are most generous in
regards to helping those who are very serious minded. i will say though, it is ar better or
you, to irst build up your will power, beore trying to invo#e the salamanders. &or they
are masters o illusions, and very hard, on those who lac# the strength to match theirs. So
now, let me write my e)perience with the ire elementals<
1 ?alling the 6uadricals, and inviting the elemental watchers, i ound it was e)tremely
easy this time. It seems as i the elementals are now used to my presents and energy
within their spheres o consciousness. 5aving elt their presents around me, i then called
upon the salamanders into the circle, which they came very readily. Instantly the air
cleared o all other energies, as i it seemed, the air its sel became thin and brittle while
thic# and constricting at the same time. There was an errie eeling hanging in the circle,
an almost upright 6uality o doom. i elt li#e i were a student, listening aptly to my
teacher reprimand me or something, or a child being disciplined or some curiosity. The
air was deiantly very serious, so i allowed mysel a ew minutes to breath in the energy,
as i then called upon =-in, who 6uic#ly made his presents #nown. %ery austere and
#ingly. i elt him moving into my eyes, up to the lower part o my brain, as my conscious
thin#ing process changed. The light within the room became brighter, yet the candle
lame did not grow, nor lic#er in any way.
It seemed upon entering into the circle, i had elt unconsciously, insigniicant in regards
to my powers o ire. i was greatly put at ease though, as =-in pointed out 6ualities o
mine, that i have loo#ed at as triling things, while he showed me they were not. &or in
my un#nowing, i have had strong 6ualities in the element o ire, and it was mearly my
misinterpreting them as nothing, that created my own disbelie. It seemed very easy,
almost to easy to gain the salamanders respect, so we will see how easy it is in a ew days
0y purpose on having called upon the Salamanders there, was or completeness in my
wor#, as well as, or once and or all gaining control o my lustul desires, as well as to
gain more strength with my ,ill, and come to gain some virtues o the ire elementals. i
as#ed =-in to grant me two teachers to help me learn the salamanders ways, which he
readily gave me. 9ne o which dealt with the distortions o images, and the other with
electronic inormation. Two things o which, i had no idea they dealt with ire, until i was
inormed as such. It seems, i had no real idea what e)actly the ire elementals
represented, and in only my wor#, did that void become illed. 5aving ac6uired
conversations with both the #ing and the two elementals, i then consecrated my carnelian
ring unto them, and then than#ed them or their presents, as i as#ed them to #indly depart.
There was a little diiculty at irst, but with a little more show o my ,ill, they
obligingly let with good grace.1
This being my irst ire invocation, i would say i was more scared calling upon them, then
any o the other elementals. :et, was not only that ear unounded, it was un-ustiied. The
salamanders have come to be my riends and strong allies upon my path. The ritual was a
complete success in all ways, and having waited to see the outcome a ew days later, i
ound it was the easiest or me as well.
It is strange now, how i came to see the ire elementals as being stronger then all the other
elementals, but upon introspection, i ound it simply that, the ire elementals were only
the most up ront with their energy. &or it is the ire elementals who show strength in
overcoming, the water elementals in absorbing and integrating, the air in binding, and
ascending, the earth as grounding, and smothering. (ll in their own way, and in their own
spheres o inluence, being the strongest. It -ust seems that upon the wheel o destiny, we
are in a time o ire, which grants the ire elementals more prominence at irst
*ven ater completing the salamander invocation, i elt as i it were too easy. &or why
would all the magicians claim the salamanders to be the most dangerous, i there was no
merit to their claims. So in the days that ollowed, i watched and waited, all the mean
while #eeping a close watch o every thought pattern that came into my mind" nothing.
The only thing that happened ater that irst ritual, was my ability to see patterns more
clearly, and a little application o my power o ,ill. The e)act two things i desired to
accomplish upon entering into the ritual.
,hat is it about, ?hange; 9ne could go or years to many psychologist, and still never
over come one ear, yet while in the circle" being honest, humble, e)cited, earul, and
strong, being patient and open to the truth, one will overcome many ears in -ust one
session. i do not claim it a orm o psychology, only i claim being honest with ones sel,
and being willing to change. It only ta#es one push o the button, to erase an unwanted
program. :ou will see. :ou will also come to see, your loved ones and riends loo#ing at
you dierently, as well as unconsciously placing those vices bac# upon you, simply
because they e)pect it o you. .e strong, and use your will to ma#e them change their
programs o you, otherwise you will either all right bac# into the old patterns, or lose
those who #eep you rom changing.
=oing away with the ritual or a moment, lets loo# at the emotionalBmental mind while in
ceremony. 5ere we are, #nowing our good and bad 6ualities, desiring to overcome the
bad while ampliying the good. ,e are honest with ourselves in all things, humbling
down, as we enter into the circle, and see# help rom the hidden reservoirs within our
minds. *)cited, illed with more energy then normal, eeling tingles up and down the
spine, and the body, which gives us the uel to carry through with the insanity, and
overcome all things. (nd last, at peace with the truth, what ever that be, allowing that
truth, to inally set us ree.
So now, here we are in the circle" a circle being a geometric orm, with no edges nor
stopping points or energy. It, being the energy, only cycles around and around, growing
in strength, while the magician calls in more outside energies, shaping them unto his will,
and then releasing them to do that which they have been called upon to do. /ow in lie,
we all want to be something special , someone who has let an imprint here, upon this soil
o earth. &or its upon entering the circle, that we are given the chance to change our lives
or the better, and so, it becomes sacred to us. It becomes special, and in that, we become
special within our own eyes. &or we all are stars, we only need to reali8e it as such.
9pening ourselves to the circle, becoming one with the circle, as it and our alter become
more and more a representation o our understanding o the universe, and our spheres o
inluence therein. ,e embrace it, and open our energies up into it. &or now, we are to call
upon those vibrational energies we desired to invo#e, inusing them within our
consciousness, and come to transorm our negative 6ualities into good ones, and our good
6ualities into the light we wish to shine unto the world. ,e inuse that energy into
ourselves, by naming, and claiming it as ours. &or it is the subtle energies, that our very
souls wor# with, or it is the very essence that gives lie, and it is within our ability to use
them as we see it. 0ost believe nothing in the claim i lay upon this paper, yet simply
loo# at the ruits o such people who practice, and allow that, to be your -ustiication in
doing the wor#. @eally loo# at those who have empowered themselves with such actions,
and you will come to see a dierence. It is only the (dept, whom in time have learned to
be secretive in all things they do, that they at irst appear to loo# and act -ust li#e
everyone else" watch and you will see the dierence.
$i#e i said beore, i am not here to argue over this or that. &or i care less what you or
anyone else thin#s about my path, and my way o lie. I it was all -ust a igment o my
over active imagination, i would still care nothing. &or it is what ma#es me to!day, and in
most peoples eyes who see and come to #now me agree, that i am doing something right.
:et most o all, i #now that i am doing what is right. In writing, i am not here to prove
mysel, or try to change societies out loo# upon things, only to shine the light or those
who desire something dierent, and in that, ma#ing it easier or them to ascend the latter.
So how do i #now that it wor#s, you as#; ,ell, i am very honest with my sel, i am very
scientiic in my approaches, constantly analy8ing and trashing thoughts, i #now my sel
very well" both my wea#ness and my strengths. i #now my normal thought patterns, and
what i thin# when doing something i would consciously rather not thin#. It is #nowing
these things, and acting purely upon scientiic style o approach, that i come to see my
thoughts and actions become more pure. It is through constant tests, and pains, that i
come to see that it wor#s. (nything other then that, is pretty pointless anyhow" or i we
can not even get control o our thoughts and actions, how are we ever to thin#, we can
reach peace within.
So 6uestion me, argue, yell, beat your ists upon the walls, call me a devil, or the anti!
?hrist" call me anything you desire, or it will not change me rom see#ing out the riddles
o lie. i try not to -udge others, nor pretend that i am above them, or those things only
come to trap us in the webs o -ealousy. i do though -udge mysel, and in no way will i let
my sel get lead astray. &or it is my lie, and so i will neither ollow behind some
religious dogmas (=og 0ass), nor believe in any scientiic laws, until i have proven it my
So in warning, be careul with the Salamanders, or although it was easy or me, it might
not be or you. &or it is said, that we each have one hard elemental relationship, which in
my e)perience is true" or i in my wor# have had the greatest trouble with the air
elementals. So ta#e it slow, yet steady, and everything will wor# out...
9nes studies are very important in the beginning. &or it gives one a basis to wor# o o,
as well as giving one, techni6ues to practice. i in my belie, have ound more merit in
studies, then in simply -umping into the un#nown. It is agreed with me, that everything
lies within us, and all we have to do is remember. The only thing is, what might have
ta#en years to remember, as we scrabble within our programs, would only ta#e one
minute, when read rom a boo#, and the soul grasps upon it. &or there is ar to little time,
to be wondering aimlessly within our minds, while things all around us moves onward.
There is a reason why it is so easy to get all the #nowledge rom our ancestors to!day"
thin# about it. /o matter about such arguments, i would suggest one irst reading things
rom the past. Try not to ill up your mind to much with our present day new age
movements, or that is nothing but babbling ools, ollowing their own tails. The truth is
within you, not in some ool loo#ing or a buc#.
There is a ew things that come to mind, when thin#ing about studies. &or one, there is a
reason why our souls chose the nationality we are. It does not mean, one is better then the
other, it is only that, each nationality has some ma-or theme to teach the soul, and that is
one o the reasons why we were born in the house that we were. &irst come to #now what
ones surroundings are, learn that which you have right at your inger tips. Then ta#e your
studies to all cultures, all religious and political systems, all meditations, magic+s,
mythologies, philosophies, everything and anything that per#s your curiosity, study it,
and practice it.
&or the time will come, when everything you study will wor# its sel upon your path, and
upon the tree o lie. It will one day help you in ascending upon the tree, as well as it will
help ampliy your being, ma#ing one more rounded, and more open. &or the possibilities
o what is possible in lie, are as limitless as the 7niverse its sel" or #nowledge is
power, and depending how you use that power, be it or the betterment o lie, it will one
day turn into wisdom.
There is a belie, that the more you read, the worse o you will be. &or it unconsciously
programs you with other peoples belies, and e)periences, robbing you o your own. So
beware o that, be conscious, and analy8e everything, or your soul will never mislead
you, as long as you listen and not tal#. Studying is a blessing, it #eeps you company, and
gives you hope. There is no useless inormation, only in how we assimilate it, and place it
in our lie. .e humble, honest, positive, receptive, and open, and then all things shall be
made clear, in time.
Study, learn, grow, orce your mind to e)pand, learn how to apply the #nowledge to your
lie, be open to everything, yet analy8e and critic it until only the bare truth stands above
the ground, then water and watch it grow. &or the more you will learn, the more your soul
will awa#en, the more you apply it to lie, the more you will come to #now o your souls
/ow, as to a suggestion, when studying, come to ollow the theories and laws to their
sources. =o not ta#e something as act, -ust because the whole world believes it is so. &or
some times, the ma-ority is wrong. (lso, there will be times, when you might ta#e
something on authority, and later ind out that the person either mis6uoted, or completely
overloo#ed something, that changes the whole idea. .e careul, is all i am saying. &or
other than that, go at it till your mind is ull. /ow, in my e)perience i have come to learn
older is better then the younger in wisdom, while the younger is better then the older in
creativity" really thin# about that, or with the two, you could change the world, or at
least your sel.
/ow beore i go urther, i would li#e again to say, that this paper i write unto you is o my
own e)periences, and those things i do upon my own path. This is not some ancient
traditions that i teach" or say! although i do borrow rom the ancients, i will not be stupid
to claim that that which i do, is anything they intended. In act, i could in my ignorance
be misleading you into a hole, in which case i say ST94, beore it is to late. &or there is
no guarantees in lie, and in saying, you might not be able to tric# yoursel into believing
this dream i weave unto you is real. In which case, it would be a waste o your time...
In and upon my path, i have come to want to learn as much as possible, leaving no stone
7/!turn upon my path. /ow, o course there is not enough time to learn everything, nor
is there even a enough time, to learn a little o everything, only enough time to learn what
i can, and then apply it to the 2reat ,or#. That is all i can really hope to accomplish, a
-ac# o many trades, yet master o nothing other then mysel. In the ollowing, i will give
you an idea o my own system o studies, and o that which i have or will be studying in
the uture.
7pon my path i have come to associate certain ideas, sub-ects, thoughts, etc.. with that
which i am wor#ing on, at that present moment. So, as this paper deals with the elements,
i will give you an idea o what i mean. ,hen i wor# upon the earth element i will come to
study the ollowing things< &ood, coo#ing, digestion system, biology, geology, yoga,
martial arts, dance, anatomy, physiology, massage, acupressureB puncture,
astronomyBastrology, mechanics, evolution, animalBhuman interactions, etc...
(s or water i might study everything that deals with the water, space, psychology, as
well as anything that deals with the emotions, and behaviorism+s, play water sports, swim,
study ish, water herbs, plants, se)uality, sensualist, dance, meditations, etc...
&or ire i might come to study martial arts, war, chemistry, the will and its limits,
energies, electronics, lightening, volcanoes, animals, ire, medicine, dierent orms o
magic, etc...
(s or air, i might come to study lowers, pranayama, memory, how the mind wor#s,
neurology, aromas, how the hearing wor#s, etc... :ou will come to ind your own orms
o study, it really does not matter what i study, -ust what you study. Cust remember to
study all the same. &or those things i wrote, are but a ew areas one might go with their
path. The more you learn, the better o you will be, or you will ind answers to
6uestions in the oddest ways, you will see...
Preparing &or ritual wor(:
There is ive ma-or sources i credit this wor# to< The 2reater 3ey 9 Solomon, :oga
Sutras o 4ata-ali, Three .oo#s 9 9ccult 4hilosophy, Initiations into 5ermetics, and last
o which, i owe the very idea o writing this paper to, is to Transcendental 0agic by $evi.
i am greatly in dept to these our adepts, whose wor#s have made it easier or me to come
upon the path that i am on. &or it is through them, and others li#e unto them, who have
helped me rom losing my mind. &or they did it, they wal#ed the path and lived. So, i
you are to read anything in regards to the path, i would highly suggest that you read those
our boo#s and any other boo# rom those adepts. &or i i could aspire to be hal as a
genius, as they, i would truly be blessed. /o matter, we are what we are" praises or that...
The irst need or ritual wor# is the tools, which help one to wor#. Some say one does not
even need tools, to do elemental magic. i say one does not need tools in any orm o ritual
wor#ing" it is simply an ob-ect to ocus a certain orm o energy into, charging them, so
that one can tap into areas within and without easier. &or the tangible is more real, then
that which is not. There is a need or tools at irst, or in the beginning, one needs as
much help as possible. i could -ust see it, someone blindly going into ritual with no tools,
invo#ing the salamanders, not eeling any o the energy, then banishing them with their
inger. The Salamanders would ma#e hey day with their lie, believe it. ,ith tools, the
consciousness becomes more aware, the inner strength has something to hold onto that is
real, and the mind comes to attach meaning to what is happening. The ollowing is a
description o each tools purpose, though o course these are only the basics. (ter the
e)planation, there will be a consecrating o the tool. This being done, one is putting a
higher meaning unto the sacred ob-ect, as well as placing ones energy and intent into the
tool, in order to help you along on your -ourney. ( day will come, when we all must orm
our own style o magic, yet in the beginning one should choose a style and stic# with it,
until its ruits are en-oyed. &or the new adept, there is not enough inner orce to greatly
inluence other beings into doing their will, so by using a system that has already been
proven by others, it will come to lend its strength unto the adept, until o course he
gathers his own personal orce..
?ircle< That which is a symbol o divinity, an unbro#en chain o power, holding all
hostile orces at bay, and inviting all spirits they desire to call within. The circle is an area
consecrated to the wor#, it becomes sacred ground to those who use it. It should never be
desecrated with such things as negative thoughts, se)" (well unless it is ritualistic se)), or
anything other then that which is holy. The circle has no edges as said beore, so the
energy wor#s in cycles, and determine the will o the magician, it can become a cone o
power used or what ever the adept sees it.
/ow, determining which element you are calling orth, one should place the alter in that
direction. In my wor#, i have had two alters in the elemental rituals, one o which will be
e)plained later, and the other i place over the elemental tattwas, which holds my incense,
elemental candle and crystal ball to s#ry with. &or i always have a tendency to want to sit
down in my elemental wor#ings, and loo# into my crystal t.v.. (s or inding a spot or
the circle, ind a place that is secluded rom everything, or in a place that you can go
undisturbed or a while. (s you ind the place, clean it o all dirt and energy by using
ones holy consecrated water, incense it with sage, sweeping it with a broom li#e the
witches, using crystals to absorb the energies, or what ever other way you can thin# o to
do it. 5aving cleared an area, recite the ollowing 4salms rom the bible" ', FG, HI over
the area. Then again incense with the adour o the art, then consecrate it with the water
and oil.
Then prior to building a circle, recite the ollowing 4salms" 11E, IG, FJ. Then construct
circle with either chal#, paint, tape, sand, digging, etc... ,hat ever way you ind, try to
put as much energy into it as you can, or this is not only your holy ground, it is also what
will save your butt. (s to the materials you use in constructing the circle, bless and
sanctiy them with water, incense, and prayer beore using them. Try not to have any
negative thoughts, or worries while constructing the circle, or any other tool at that" or
that energy will become inused within the ob-ect you are wor#ing on. &or in holding the
circle as pure ground, the day will come when it inuses within us, ma#ing us and
everywhere we wal# pure, and sacred as well. The circle is the inner divinity e)pressed
out side ourselves. The sooner we can bring it in, through reali8ation, and the sooner we
will be ree...
(lter< This is a representation o the #nown universe. Some have a two cubed alter,
representing as above so below, some have a three legged alter, representing the trinity
and the three alchemical orces o creation, some have our legged alters or the elements
and the direction, while some -ust have some simple table that they use. ,hat ever you
decide, it is yours to chose. Cust #now, that the alter represents your understanding o lie
at the present, and then ma#e it rom there. &or the alter is the place we set our tools
upon, ocusing our energy, and shaping our world.
@obe< The robe is our covering, a symbolic representation o stepping away rom our
daily lives, and cloths, and stepping into new clothing. It helps in the beginning to have a
robe, or i nothing else, to help you change your mind set. The robe is a deense against
hostile phantoms and energies. The robe is a shield against all hostile orces wanting to
interrupt our wor#. The robe helps build strength and courage within ourselves, it grants
an up lited spirit, and a eeling o power. It is a symbol o magic its sel" or it is the
lowing vestment o lie.
9ne should ma#e their own robe, in act one should ma#e as much o there own tools as
possible. &or the more wor# you put into your tools, the more energy they will contain,
and the better they will wor#. (s well, when using something some one else has created,
you will ind their thoughts and energies inused within the material, which sometimes
causes unound diiculty in ritual.
/ow it is suggested the aspiring adept ma#e there robe out o blac# material irst or
many reasons, some o which are" that blac# absorbs energy, helping the magician come
to eel and #now the energies around them, it represents our ignorance in the beginning
and our impurity. It is the relection o the heavens, or as one loo#s into a mirror
everything is bac#wards, and most o all, it helps with protecting the magician rom out
side intererence+s and orces. It as well, helps eliminate obsessions, by absorbing them
into the material. &or a day will come when you will weave the blac# robe away rom
yoursel, and move onward to other mantles o light.
The other ma-or choice, the adepts generally decides upon, is the white robe, or the robe
o purity. Their idea is to wear that which they are aspiring to be" It represents 2oodness,
power, relecting energy, spiritual attainment and well being, spirit, one who wal#s in the
heavens. It is again suggested though, that you start with the blac# robe, least you soil
that which you call sacred by ignorance. ,hatever your choice, it is your choice. 5ere is
a list o other colors and some o their attributes<
4urple< @oyalty, higher mind, higher vibrations
.lue< ,ater, calmness, serenity
:ellow< (ir, movement, and combustion
@ed< &ire, orce, and e)plosion
.rown< 0on#s, earth, grounding
2reen< *arth, plants, lie, and energy, love
So ater one has created their robe one shall recite the ollowing psalms over it< 1H, 1E1,
1EG, 11G, FG, FJ, 1'G. Then perume with suumigations and oil o the art, and then bless
it with prayer o intent and holy water.
Then when ever you desire to put on vestments say the ollowing<
1 I clothe and indue mysel with this 0antle o 4ower, to protect me rom the adverse
powers, and to guide me unto the light. .y the virtues o 0ichael, 0idael, and 0uriel the
protectors o the way, may all dar#ness be banished rom this person, and this place, so
that those things I wish to accomplished, may through you 9 0ost 5oly (donai be
orilled, whose 3ingdom and *mpire e)tend rom the (ges o The (eons. (men.
?enser< That which holds the coals or the incense. It can be anything, yet what ever it is,
it should only be used or ritual wor# here ater. ( little side note, ater consecrating ones
tools to the wor#, using them or anything else, will only dispel the energy charged into
them, as well as possibly distorting them with energy that you might not want in them. So
having ound the desired censer say the ollowing over it.
10ost 5oly o 5olies, %ast ?ontinence o ?ontinence, by thine power, may this vessel
which hath brung odours o a pleasing nature unto thine sel, be made pure by thy 2race,
through thee 9 (donai and through thy 5oly /ames. (men1 Sprin#le with 5oly water
and oil.
Incense< It is always better to ma#e your own incense. &or adore is a wondrous thing, and
in determining your own body, you will have a sense o smell uni6ue only to your sel.
So in being, by creating your own incense, you will come to have the spirits you invo#e
recogni8e you by it, as well as your energy. (s well, adore brings bac# past lie
e)periences, that might help you gain some strength in your wor#. The incense is a orm
o sacriice one is giving unto the spirits, a orm o burning to please their beings, so that
they might be more readily willing to help you. It also represents the prayers, or in
praying, the incense will ta#e it up unto the heavens, so that the desired eect might be
accomplished. The incense as well will #eep hostile phantoms or energy rom entering
into the sphere o the smo#e.
/ow i am using some o the Solomatic wor# when consecrating each tool, by using the
4salms" or they in their essence hold a lot o occult virtue, so read them and ind out or
yoursel. There is no reason o course why you should use them i you have some eeling
against the church and their words. In act, unless you desire to wor# the Solomatic style
o magic, it would be suggested that you do not use the consecrations, etc...i only write it
to ma#e this paper complete in its sel, and give you an idea o what one can do or each
tool, as well as ma#e it easier or those who might read, and come to practice with me
upon this path. /o matter, you will ind upon the path o 5igh 0agic, that you will have
to redo over and over again things, as well as replace ones tools, every time you come to
a ma-or transition.
(Side note< 9ne o the greatest things that has happened unto humanity, is that the $iving
?hrist, The 4erected 9ne showed unto us the way to enlightenment by e)ample. 9ne o
the saddest things, is that a =ogma has been created around Cesus, which To!day repulses
people away rom everything that has to do with him. i am not here to cap on the church,
or there is a need or the church" or o course not everyone will have the strength nor
the ability to reach such states as the 4erected one! so in saying, at least they could learn
good virtues, and practice good wor#s to build up good #arma, or the lie when they will
have the power to do so. /ow o course, seeing in such narrow visions as most humans
do, they ta#e what their petty minds see as reality as the $aw o 2od, and go around
programming others to see the light. 4.S. The light does not need to be burned into the
people to believe, or i it is truth, the truth would need no introduction. &or the ?hrist
said many will come in my name, and show orth many miracles, preaching and coming
in his name, but they will be alse. &or it is said, i you want a good lie, then ollow the
Ten ?ommandments, and this will continue one in good standings or the ne)t lie, and a
good, healthy rebirth. .ut as or those who desire more, to enter unto the 5eavens, or
what ever other name you desire to call it, i this is what you desire, then ta#e up the
cross, do not be bound anymore to the elements, and the leshly things, sell all that you
have and ollow in the simple ways. &or the only way one can leave this *arth or 2ood,
is to have no attachments to bring you bac#. (men.)
So having ac6uired the incense one shall e)ercise them as ollows<
1 9 2od o the $iving, $ord o the timeless void, 2iver o the 2it o lie, deign to bless
and sanctiy these incense and spices, so that all impurities might hence orth be
banished, so that we might receive strength, power, and purity to accomplish this wor#
set orth by Thine hands. 0ay all 2ood spirits who are in accordance to this wor#, be
attracted to these odours, and all hostile phantoms who in which wish to disturb this
wor#, be banished and caused to retire by Thine 5oly /ames and by the name (donai,
$ord o the *arth and o The 5eavens. (men. I e)orcise Thee 9 ?reature o Incense, to
.anish all negativity+s, energies, phantoms, devils, iends, sic#ness and all #inds o
things, which wish to interere with our wor#. I charge Thee to ta#e our prayers unto the
5eavenly Spheres, so that by Thine odours all spirits o a beneicent nature might be
appeased to help us along the path. 9 2reat (donai, bless and sanctiy these incense so
that those who parta#e o its essence might come to have health o body, mind, and soul,
So that by the Invocations o Thy 5oly /ames, all things might be accomplished
according to Thine ,ill. (men
/ow when you desire to light the incense, say a small prayer o your intent in the
operation. *ven when you are simply lighting an incense, charge it to help relieve you o
something, or to bring serenity into the room, etc...
?halice< Symbol o receptivity, and our understanding. It is that which over lows with
the divine #nowledge o lie. It is the cup, that which receives the universal energies,
storing and creating with them. The mother who receives the seed rom the ather and
shapes it into lie.
(s we start upon the path, our cups are empty, but in time, and with e)perience, the
#nowledge grows into wisdom, which over loweth our cups with the lustrial waters o
the 5eavens. The cup represents the water element, and its attributes therein. It is up to
you ,on what material the chalice shall be, remember though, that the material you use,
will directly inluence your energy within the ritual. So in saying, either brass, or copper
are good choices" or those are the metals o #nowledge and love, or silver or that which
is the moon and relects the wisdom above. 9ther then that, it is up to you to ind that
which suits your purpose. 5aving ac6uired a cup, say the ollowing unto it within the
circle acing the west, ater you have called the 6uarters<
19 ?halice o divine purity, I puriy and consecrate thee to receive the virtues and
wisdom o the spheres o lie within thysel. I dedicate this chalice to thee 9 Ininite
0other whose name is She#inah, may this ?halice be blessed by Thee, and that in Thy
abundance Thou will help us receive and understand the &athers 7n#nowable ,ays. I
e)orcise Thee ?halice, to bring orth the blessings, grace and tran6uillity o the water
elementals, and to bring orth the balance o all things. (men.1
@ead the ollowing psalms< 'E
?rystal .all< The mirror o the universe, the T.%. o the ancients, the crystal that receives
rom all directions, and emanates in all directions as well. 9ne o which becomes the
most useul, as well as most en-oyed tool o the magician.. 5aving ac6uired the crystal
through that which comes your way, one should cleans and puriy it , by the elements.
4lace it in the ground or three days charging the ground to ta#e all energies away. Then
soa# it in consecrated water or three days, puriying any let over energies, then run it
through ire three times, consecrating it to the 0ost 5igh, charging it to not allow any
negative or adverse energy rom entering therein, then blow upon it three times thy intent
within the crystal. 5aving done that, one shall then invite ones 5oly 2uardian (ngel unto
it by saying the ollowing prayers over it three times. (9ne shall simply say 5oly
2uardian (ngel i you do not #now the name o your (ngel.)
19 2reat (ngel 2uardian (name..), ,hom the $ord hath appointed unto our soul rom
the begging o time, descend rom Thy 5oly 5abitation, and bring orth Thy celestial
inluence and presence unto this crystal stone, so that i may behold your glory and en-oy
your conversation" aid and assist us both now and orever hereater in our wor#> Thou
whose glory is 2reater then the wings o the winds, whose power and splendor shines
upon the heavenly mansions, descend and be present unto our house> I humbly desire and
entreat you that i ever I have merited your presents by truth, honesty and purity, that Thy
will come orth in Thine e)ternal orm here and now to converse with me, one o your
submissive pupils, in and by the name o the great 2od the &ather, where in all Things
continually sing 4raise. (men.1 5aving done as such, incense and bless with thy holy
,ith the crystal ball now, one can in6uire a spirit to show there ace or communicate with
you within the ball, you will see, and come to en-oy...
3nie< The tool o air. That which cuts through the illusions o lie. 4ierces to the truth.
.anishes by ear, all spirits whom it is directed towards. The dagger which digs within
our minds, piercing our inner depths, our intellect. ,hen consecrating the #nie, one is to
be in the circle acing the *ast, 5aving already called the our 6uarters.
Then one is to recite the ollowing prayer<
1I con-ure thee, 9 #nie, by the powers o :od 5e %au 5e, (2$(, and *lohim 2ibor, so
that thou will serve me or a strength and deense against all powers seen and unseen. I
con-ure thee and entreat thee to protect me against all adversity, and all illusions" slicing
through the 0aya that lays over mine eyes, so that i may perceive and #now creation as it
really is. I e)orcise thee to strengthen and bring courage in mine wor# by the powers o
*l 0ost 0ighty, (nd to dispense upon me 4erceptions in #nowing and understanding all
things by Shaddai 0ost 2racious. I again e)ercise thee by the powers o The Ten
&ormations, and all names There in, and by the powers o the *lemental beings whose
oice is to protect, and serve against harm and deception. (men.
Then read 4salms HK, bless with water and incense.
4entacle< That tool that represents earth and its 6ualities. 9ur shield, and our grounding
orce. It is our divine power brought down unto the metal, which protects us rom all
adversity, evil, negative energy, phantoms, devils, iends and everything that o which can
disrupt our wor#. It is our shield...
This pentacle is strictly or *lemental 0agic, and helping one attain conversation with
the *lemental .eings. 9ne shall engrave it upon lead" or that metals represents the *arth.
,hen engraving it, one shall be in the circle, and have called the our *lemental
directions, so that all beings shall be a witness unto its construction. The pentacle as well
helps bring one bac# unto their body when one has mentally or astrally gone to the
*lementals domain. &or without the pentacle, there might come a time, when you wished
that you had it, as well, when dealing with elemental magic, you would insult the
2nomes or not having it.
(ter construction say the ollowing prayer<
1 9 (donai ,hose *mpire is o the *arth, I call upon Thy 2race to .less this 4entacle
here mar#ed out with Thy /ame" =escend and *mpower it, so that we may accomplish
all things by and in :our /ame. (men. 9 7riel whom by Thy glory and power teach all
things, inuse your strength and wisdom unto this pentacle, so that the Tree o $ie may
blossom orth rom these symbols, here mar#ed out by mine hand, given unto us to
accomplish the wor#, and to communicate with the *lemental &orces which reside and
ma#e up all things. 9 2hob 3ing o the *lement o *arth, may this here be a mar# unto
Thee, in a gesture o good standings to Thy /ature, so that all things might be complete
accorded rom the creator. (men. 9 witness, unto Thee the &our Auadricals o the
5eavens and the *arth, .e this a sign rom me unto thee, by these signs, and by these
Secrets o Secrets, may all things be orilled according to my ,ill. (men.1 .less and
consecrate with water and incense.
The ,and< &ire. That which ocuses our energies, so that we can cause great change with
our ,ills. It directs our energy where ever we desire. The wand represents our will, and
the power to wield it. i have ound the best wand or the beginning adept, is the blasting
wand. &or it gathers energies very well, as well as ocuses, and directs the energy in the
orm thy desire. &or the construction o the wand do as ollows<
0aterials< Ten inch copper tube, two decent si8e crystal tips, that will it nicely into the
ends o the copper tube, magnets, pieces o 6uart8 crystal, some leather, your choice o
color, wa), and either silver or copper wire.
,rap the leather around the tube by either stitching it, or gluing it to the metal with
blessed glue. Then ta#e hammer, or some other blessed tool, and smash magnets, and
small 6uart8 crystals into little pieces, while saying prayers, charging the pieces, with the
names o 2od. Then, place a small piece o leather at one end o the tube, so that as you
pour in the crystal, and magnet shards, they will not all out. &ill the tube with the pieces
until it is ull, then on having illed the wand, place the two crystals at the ends o the
tube, using the wire, to rap them in. Then use wa) to seal the wire, having it so, the
energy will low with an even strength through out the wand.
(s to construction the wand, one is to be in the circle, have called the our 6uarters, and
be acing the south. Then ater completing the wand, one is to say the ollowing
con-uration over it<
1 :od 5e %au 5e, by Thy 2lory, Thy 4ower and by Thy 7n#nowable ways, we entreat
Thee to .less and to consecrate this wand, so that our will might become maniest
through Thee and Thy most 5oly /ames (donai. I e)orcise Thee ,and, by the 4ower o
the lames o all devouring wisdom, 9 =-in, by Thy grace, may this wand receive the
strength o the $ion, and the power o the *agle to accomplish our ,ills. (men1 .less
and consecrate with water and incense.
In regards to the wand, it is up to you, what material you use. I you desire to use wood,
ind out the virtues o the wood, you desire to have in your rituals. I you use metal, ind
out what planet you desire to wor# with, i you simply use a crystal rod, charge it with an
intelligence you desire to have ne)t to you. ,hat ever you use, #now that it is or
directing the will" or it is to be used li#e a paint brush, painting with the colors o the
elements, creating anything that you desire. That is what the wand is or.
.urin or *ngraver< The tool used to ingrate upon all ritual tools. ,hen one has ound a
tool to use as such, one is to enter into the circle, call the our directions, then ace the
east and do a small prayer unto the 7niverse in clearing away all energy put within the
ob-ect, and to charge it with the intent that you wish to accomplish with it. Then (ter one
has done as such, bless and consecrate it, and then rap it up in sil#. (Side note, (ter
consecrating each ob-ect, and when they are not in use, one is to rap them up in sil#" or
sil# #eeps all energies rom entering or leaving.)
$amp< ( symbol o divinity shining upon us as we wor#. The lamp is in orms outside
our present sphere o wor#. :et, or completeness, and a light during the ritual, i will go
through the basics. It is our higher sel being pro-ected out unto the void, inding its place
within the dar#ness o the abyss. It is that which burns, and never goes out, that which
shines, yet never burns, that whose luminosity, shall out shine the lames o its birth, that
which death can not have, nor consume. It is the universal spar#, shining within our
circle, it is the light that guides the spirits to us, it is the lames that burn our ignorance
away, it is the ire that holds negativity, and adversity bac#, it is and never was, and
always shall be. The lamp is hung above, or placed in such a way, that its light shall shine
upon all ones tools, and leave no shadow within the circle, where dar#ness can breed. &or
no dar#ness shall e)ist in the circle o light.
i personally li#e the (laddin lamp or my rituals, yet i have used everything there is to
use, and have had great results. The $amp shall be consecrated within the circle as
beore, while acing the east.
Then recite the ollowing 4salms and prayer over the lamp< 1E'
1 9 $ord 2od, ,hose light shines upon all things, ,hose 2lory inuses all things, grant
unto us who perorm nothing but the wonders o Thy law understanding and wisdom to
perorm -ustice, and to wal# upon the strait path. 0ay Thy light shine orth upon Thy
humble servants, who call upon Thee and Thy 2lory to burn rom us our sinul nature" as
it is said o the 0essiah" 5e will come to bapti8e with &ire. 2rant that we may both see
and #now o Thy wor#, so that we may in all ways wal# according to Thine ,ill. (men.1
Incense and bless with water and oil.
,hen one desires to #indle the $amp say<
1I e)orcise Thee, 9 creature o ire, by the name :od 5e %au 5e, (donai, and *heieh to
enlighten all things that reside within this circle and within Thy sight. 0ay all alsity, lies,
illusions and error be banished away, and may the light o the 0ost 5igh descend upon
us, and enlighten our minds and hearts. (men.1
,hen thou wishes to put out the lame, use either ones hand, or the dagger saying the
1 .lessed am I, a miserable sinner, whom bas#s under thy light, or wisdom attained, to
wisdom gained. I than# you 9 Ininite $ord or Thy light. (s i put out this lame, may it
not be put out rom me, or may a spar# o :our wisdom 9 5oly (donai, orever shine
within me. (men1
.ell< The bell is to clear the area o all energies, by pushing them outside the circle with
its vibrations. The bell is the sounds o the start, and end o a ritual. (s or the elemental
creatures, they have a tendency to shy away rom its sounds, so please, on behal o the
*lementals, do not stri#e it at them, while conversing.
,hen inding a bell, there is two ma-or things to ta#e into consideration. 9ne being, a
bell that rings true with your inner ear, one that stri#es a cord within you" so, do not be
disappointed when it ta#es you a while to ind one that suits your being. The other thing
to ta#e into considerations, is that the bell should hold a note or a prolong amount o
time, this you will ind, will greatly help you with ones later invocations. 5aving
ac6uired a bell one is to say the ollowing prayer over it<
1 0ost 5oly (donai, I call upon Thee to bless and sanctiy this bell o eternity, so that it
may carry that which is pure to the ends o thy creation. 0ay all phantoms and shells be
rot in ear, as when the bell is struc# with our tears. 0ay this bell be dedicated unto Thee
9 0ost ,ise and 4owerul $ord my 2od, unto whom all things come to be maniested.
(men.1 sprin#le and incense.
/ow in regards to the tools, it is up to you, i you desire to ollow a similar path as
mysel, and use these tools and consecrations, as accorded unto mysel. I not, then you
can easily ma#e up your own tools, and put your own traditional belies within them. i in
my wor#, use the Solomatic style o magic, and within my uture wor#s, i will be greatly
inluenced as such. @emember, ta#e only that which is applicable unto thee, and let the
rest all away. &or it is your own path, and so, it is your own belies that shall either up
lit you, or bring your own destruction. =o not all into some =ogmatic system, simply
because it is easier to do so" instead study all systems, and eventually create your own.
0ay we all one day be blessed with such.
/ow, as to the present @itual wor# that ollows, i believe it had no intended part to do
with the Solomatic wor#s. *ven though $evi was greatly inluenced with the 3eys, i can
not ind any direct correlation between the elemental invocations and the 3eys. Though,
the prayers to the *lementals have a close sibilance to the prayers, and con-uration+s
within the 3eys, and i you loo# hard enough, you will ind sentences that are e)actly the
same. /o matter, this paper is dealing with my wor#, and how i have created my path. So
even i, the *lemental calls had nothing to do with the 3eys, it now does, or i have ound
a great a#inement to the two orms o magic, and in that, have put them together as a
The ollowing prayers are to be said over each o the ollowing. In doing so, you charge,
bless, and ma#e each intended thing 5oly and sanctiied unto the 0ost 5igh.
.lessing over salt<
10ay wisdom abide in this salt, and may it preserve our mind and bodies rom all
corruption by 5oc#mael, and in the virtues o @uach 5oc#mael> 0ay the phantoms o
5yle depart hererom" that it may become a heavenly salt, salt o the earth and earth o
the salt, that it may eed the threshing o) and strengthen our hope in the horns o the
&lying .ull. (men1 Auoted rom Transcendental 0agic.
9ver ash<
1 0ay this ash return unto the ount o the living waters" may it become a urtile earth"
may it bring orth the tree o lie, which are the three names o /et8ach, 5od, and :esod
in the beginning and in the end, by the (lpha and 9mega, which are in the spirit o
(8oth>(men1 Auoted rom Transcendental 0agic
*)ercise water<
1$et there be a irmament in the midst o the waters, and let it divide the waters rom the
waters" the things which are above are li#e unto the things below, and the things below
are li#e unto those things above, or the perormance o the wonders o one thing, the Sun
is its ather, the 0oon is its mother, the ,ind hath carried it in its belly hereo. It
ascendeth rom earth to heaven and =escendeth rom heaven to earth. I e)orcise thee,
creature o water, that thou mayest become unto man a mirror o the living 2od and 5is
wor#s, a ount o lie and ablution o sins. (men1 Auote rom Transcendental 0agic
0ingling water, salt, and ash<
1 In the salt o eternal wisdom, in the waters o regeneration, and in the ash whence the
new earth springeth, be all things accomplished by *lohim, 2abriel, 0ichael, @aphael,
and 7riel through the (ges and (eons. (men1 Auote rom Transcendental 0agic.
0yrrh! E parts
&ran#incense! E parts
@ose! H parts
olive oil! one dram
The 0yrrh represents the eminine 6uality o lie. The &ran#incense represents the
masculine aspect o lie. @ose represents our devotion and love unto the 2reat ,or#, and
unto all things o creation. The olive oil, is the blood o the gods in the old days,
representing the divine ruits o lie. 5aving made oil say the ollowing over it<
1Through the anoitment o (aron, Cacob, Solomon, *mmanuel and all our oreathers, by
the blessing o :eshewah the Son o the $iving 2od, and by the powers o the =ove
whose wings inspire the heart, and by the powers o /et8ach, 5od, and :esod" and by the
higher trinity o 3ether, ?ho#mah, and .inah, may these odours, and this perume be
blessed and sanctiied by Thee 9 0ost 5oly o 5olies, and may those who become
anointed come to wal# in Thy presents,. 0ay all hostile phantoms, and spirits depart
hence rom this odour and those spirit o a #ind and beneicent nature be pleased, in the
/ame o The $iving 2od, may all things be accomplished by Thy will. (men.1
Then say the ollowing<
1 Then Samuel too# a vial o oil, and poured it upon his head and #issed him, and said, +Is
it not because the $ord hath anointed Thee to be captain over his inheritance.1 Sam 10.1
Then recite 4salms 'E
9ne o the important ob-ects o 5igh 0agic, is to puriy all things rom without unto
within. In the beginning o the wor#, one might not put much thought into cleaning, and
puriying ones tools and surroundings, yet the more you do the wor#, the more you will
come to see the purpose in doing as such. (lso, at irst one might thin# themselves too
tainted and impure to wal# the path, yet the more one does the wor#, the purer and more
deserving one will be. (s or those who thin# themselves pure upon entering the wor#
and thin# they are perect in all ways, it will be you who come to ail, and never reach
any true height. 0y personal ob-ective in using the *lemental 0agic, was to destroy that
o which i have become, and to rebuild mysel, into something higher and more o my
This wor# has personally given me a store house o blessings and gits. i have changed
or the better, and only desire to continue changing, and transorming mysel. There are
some that say that which i have gained is simply illusionary, and alse tric#s o my mind.
,hat ever the case, even i it is illusionary, i #now who i am at each moment that passes
by, i #now why i do the things i do, i #now i have control o my lie rom within, and i
#now that which i have gained, is as real as anything else.
Sorry. :ou can psychoanaly8e me until your hearts content, or you will never be able to
belittle the gits i have received, nor buy your way into the treasure house. The only way
to receive the treasures o lie, is to live, live and evolve. 13now Thysel1...
The ollowing is the ritual wor#. In coming to this part, we now move into the un#nown
actors o lie, or at least the un#nown to those who have not already done some wor#
with the etheric plains. i will not stand here and argue over the validity o there being or
not being other realities that coincide with our own. In act, i will neither say there is nor
is not, i will only say, ind out or your sel. /ow in regards to the ritual wor#, when irst
getting involved in ceremonial magic, there will not instantly be any signiicant miracles
happening outside o your being. :ou will not be able to prove that you can see and hear
things, you will not be able to heal some disease, or i) someone+s mind. :ou won+t, in
truth, gain any real gits ater only a ew rituals, such as, what is claimed by many
magicians. It ta#es years o accumulating power and energy, beore one can even begin to
see there ritual wor# maniest in the physical plain o reality. The things you might, and
will receive i you have a sincere heart, is the changing o ones lie, getting control o
ones surroundings, coming to overcome ones lower nature, learning ones higher purpose,
maybe, depending on ones power o belie , you might come to somehow maniest things
in your lie, 6uic#er then normal. :ou might come to see reality more clear, being able to
discern lie easier. (lso, that which is the great beneit, you will learn numerous things in
regards to the astral realms, as well as the magical arts. :ou will come to tal# with
hundreds o dierent intelligence+s, and learn how to utili8e dierent orms o energy
within ones lie. There is thousands o things you will receive, even within the irst ritual
you do, yet in the ault o many beginners, is that they haven+t the sel perception to see
that which they receive, and in doing so, ail within their irst ritual. :et, most masters
loo#ing bac# upon their irst e)perience, come to see it in 6uiet a dierent light. /o
matter, ear not, nothing might happen your irst ritual, there is always a possibility" as
unli#ely as it is, it -ust could happen. ,hat ever the case, invo#e oten, and you will
6uic#ly see the beneits....
@itual< To close the circle, ta#e salt, ash, and water, each separately, and spread it around
the circle, while reciting the prayers to each as written down earlier. Saying the prayers,
while you spread them around the circle. Then having done so, mi) the three together and
sprin#le it unto the our winds as you recite the prayer o the mingling salt, ash, and
water. (gain returning to the east say a small prayer unto the universe o that o which
you desire to accomplish, and then recite a simple pray unto the 7niverse, and unto what
ever aspect o 2od you hold as sacred. In the prayer as# or protection, guidance,
strength, descernment, love, etc... ,hat ever best suits the ritual, spea# o it out loud,
maniest it, so that within the wor# it will become reality.
/ever be ooled with this or that systems prayers, meditations, chants, or invocations
because o some beautiul words. @eally ta#e your time and read through it, study its
roots, loo# or laws, investigate its symbols, and then when one has an understanding
either use it or throw it away. 3now this, in my writings, i write as a small being, about
big things. i try through contradictions to be humble, i never launt anything, i do not
claim anything that is not true at least or mysel, and most o all, i see# to reach true
Therugic attainment" in otherwords, having puriied and come to deserve such things, i
desire to become an open channel or the 2reat Ininite, and eternal Intelligence, to move
through me as one" To truly become, a Son o 2od, and come to reali8e 2od within
mysel. @eaching such stages, is all but beyond my present reality, and even saying that,
is what i desire to accomplish, might -ust come to harm me o ever attaining to such
things. .ut it is that which i see#, and so it is only air that you should #now where and
what intent my writings are leading to. &or in no way do i desire to mislead you , or steal
your inner essence with lies. So i you do go into this wor# with your heart, #now at least
where you are putting your heart. /ever ta#e that which i say as act, or i you do, and i
we ever were to meet, and i was to 6uestion you on that which you claim, and you haven+t
the answer, i would turn my bac# and never #now you. So to reach the highest heights,
we must see# the lowest lows, or you cannot -ust read these words, and thin# you are
running the show... It is the truth, run your own lie, ta#e that which is given and run with
it, but never let it run you.
/ow the prayers beore the ritual as you come unto the circle will bring a serene and
peaceul atmosphere. It helps to clear the circle o negative egotistical energies, as well as
humbling ones sel, so that you enable your mind to become more perceptive to the
outside energies, and intelligence+s. It opens the ritual with a sotness, and a respect
towards those things given unto us rom the universe. &or to be an empty vessel, enables
one to be open to receive many things.
(ter having done prayers, then standing towards the east, one shall do invocation ritual
o the 4entagram, which is done by moving towards the *lement you desire to invo#e. So
in saying, when acing the east trace pentagram starting rom earth and move over to air,
then complete the tracing o the pentagram. (s or acing south start at Spirit and move
down to ire and so on. &or west, start at ire and move over to water, then inish tracing
as beore. (s or north start at Spirit moving down to earth, and then inish as the others.
(s you trace each pentagram charge them by saying that, +:ou open this door rom their
elemental realm unto the one you are creating, inviting the *lementals and the 3ing to
come as they desire.+ (lso, upon saying the above or something along its lines, visuali8e
the pentagram opening away rom you and unto their world. &or one o the diicult
problems with elemental wor#ings, and this ritual wor#, is that the elemental you are
calling orth is o one element, and that the magician in his being and his wor#, deals
with all the elements. In saying this, no one element can survive in any o the other
elements, so #eep that in mind when wor#ing with the elementals, or they need that
element around them that they are made up o.
/ow, what the invocation o the pentagram does, is opens a portal way, or doorway or
the elemetals to see through, and in a since watch that which is accuring. They would be
unable to inluence anything outside o their own sphere, so worry not about having to
deal with all their energies at one time. /ow, one o the reasons or opening all the
pentagrams is so that they, may #now the magician and his strengths 6uic#er, as well as,
it balancing the ritual out with all the elements" or that is what becoming a 0aster o the
*lements is" learning how to control and balance the elements.
5aving opened the doors, one is to do a prayer unto each *lemental beings so that they
may come to reali8e such a door e)ist, and that they are invited to watch, and protect the
circle through their element. So starting at the east or (ir, you do and say the ollowing<
*)orcise the (ir by breathing toward the east and then recite the ollowing<
1 The Spirit o 2od 0oved 7pon the ,aters and breathed into the ace o man the breath
o lie. .e 0ichael my leader, and Sabtahiel my servant, in and by the $ight may my
breath become a word, and I will rule the spirits o this creature o air" I will curb the
steeds o the Sun by the will o my heart, by the thought o my mind, and by the apple o
my right eye. Thereore I do e)orcise Thee, ?reature o (ir, by 4entagrammaton, and in
the /ame Tetragrammaton, wherein are a irm will and true and steadast aith. (men1
Auoted rom Transcendental 0agic
South< *)ercise by &ire, by sprin#ling salt, white resin, and sulphur upon coals, while
thrice reciting the Three /ames 9 the 2enii o &ire to the south<
1 0ichael, 3ing o the sun and lightening
Samael 3ing o the %olcanoes
and (nael 4rice o the (stral $ight.1 Auoted rom Trascedental 0agic
Then recite the ollowing as you ace the South<
1 I e)orcise Thee 9 ?reature o &ire by @aphael and (ral and by the /ame *lohim,
,hose strength shall be wield with the lames o thy @od, and the power o the ,ill.
,est< *)ercise by ,ater, by sprin#ling water towards the west as you recite the
1 &or 2od hath separated the waters rom the waters, &or the things below are li#e unto
the things above and the things above are li#e unto the things below. 0ay the celestial
waters low orth rom the ountains o our regeneration, through the blessing o those
who drin# o its essence, and may we come to drin# rom This ?up, and come to ride
upon the waters o lie, through the blessing and sanctiication o this circle, and through
Thy /ame 9 0ost 0ighty and (ll powerul $ord and by the /ame Shaddai *l ?hai
wherein resides a true and perect #nowledge. (men1
*)orcise *arth by mi)ing salt, ash, and soil rom the circle, or rom within the general
area o the ritual, spreading it towards the north recite the ollowing prayer<
1 &or the dry land appeared and it was called *arth, or it haste brought orth lie, and
rom its dust has man been created. ,hom having rule over all beasts o the ield and all
ruits o its blood, by strength o virtues and strength o ,ill, I e)orcise Thee 9 ?reature
o *arth by the name *heieh (sher *heieh and by the name (donai" $ord o The *arth
and o The 5eavens, whose wisdom and charity e)tends rom one end o the *arth to the
other. (men.1
(ter having called the elemental 6uadricals, you shall hear and eel their presents all
around you. Ta#e a ew moments to e)perience each direction, come to understand each
o the 6uadricals, and maybe as well, give than#s or each o the elementals presents in
coming, as#ing them to protect and guide thee within the ritual.
/ow determining which element you desire to call orth, this would be the time that you
would light their individual candle and incense. &or up unto this moment, all things have
been in complete balance within the ritual, no one element over any o the others. /ow at
this time, what one will be doing, is inviting one element within the circle while
e)cluding the others. This enables the *lementals rom the desired element, to come into
your created realm. It is as i you are entering into their elemental world, in a since, yet, a
lot saer then having to do so. In the ne)t paper i will write, i will get into learning how to
actually enter into each o the elemental worlds, as or now, inviting them into your world
is enough, believe me. So, by charging the circle with one element, you enable those
creatures that are made up o that element to enter there into. .e ware though, you will be
operating in that element, and so your thought patterns, and energy will coincide with its
vibration" and those things both undeveloped and developed in regards to that elements
virtues and vices, will 6uic#ly ma#e themselves apparent.. So at this point, one will stand
in the correct direction, and invo#e the proper prayer unto the elementals you desire to
call orth. (ccording to $evi+s wor#, in his calls to the elemental beings, he would call
upon the elemental aspect o the ?reator. 9ne o the problems with doing it as such, is
that i one hasn+t any build up energy, their invocation will go as naught. So in saying, i
have entered in my own invocations to the *lementals and the 3ings" i would again
suggest that you get $evi+s wor#, and read over his Invocations so that you can grasp
what i am saying<
4rayer o the Sylphs< *ast.
1 9 Spirits o the wisdom o light, whose breath breaths the seed o lie unto all things,
whom ta#eth away lie with thy absence, Thou who ascends upon the wings o the *agle,
and descends li#e the =ove, Thou whose breath ascends and descends, ever cycling in
movement, Thou who binds all things, and inuses all things with Thy breath, 9
4enetrating mind, 9 (ll 3nowing (ir, we praise Thy 2lory, and .less Thy coming orth,
9 @electing images o dreams, 9 Imaginating intelligence, Thou whose instability shall
become as ire, whose breath gives birth to the soul, no more shall we be ruled by ic#le
minds, as we ride upon the *agles wings, 9 Spirits o (ir, 9 Imperishable ones, 9 spirits
o the *ast, 9 Sylphs, we call Thee orth in all Thy 2lory, come as you are, come with
the our winds who hold up the coming times, bring orth Thy strength and descend upon
us. 9 Spirits o the (ir we call Thee orth, 9 =ivine seed o the breath, come orth, come
orth. (men.1
4rayer o the Salamanders< South
1 2lorious light, *ternal &lames, (ll ?onsuming &ire, 9 Salamanders who discern all
things, whose power is e)alted, whose power is 7/!matched, Thou whose ingers
consume lie, whose breath gives warmth, whose eyes loo# unto the hidden depths, 9
2olden Splendor, 9 Silvery $ight, Thy 0a-esty shines even unto the stars, 9 Spar#ling
ire, Thou who brings orth rebirth, Thou who puriies with the lames o puriication,
Thou who eeds lie, Thou who consumes death, 9 spirits o Illusions, 9 Spirits o the
*lectric orces, 9 0ighty Spirits, 9 Spirits o &ire come with Thy 2lorious Splendor,
shine orth upon us, consume the shadows and bring orth Thy light, Thou whose time is
near, whose lames shall bring orth the coming Cudgement, burn in us our ine6uities, 9
2reat .eings o the South, come as the lic#ering lames o the ire, come 9 2reat Spirits
o the lames, come. (men.1
. 4rayer to the 7ndines< ,est
1 9 Spirits o the watery realms, Thy who brings orth lie in abundance, 9 7ndines, 9
2reat *lemental .eings o the oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, la#es, streams, pools,
ountains, and all other abysses o water, 9 Spirits o the blood o lie, 9 unstable ones
who constantly move, ,hose grace lows upon all things, 9 Sustainers, 9 Spirits who
spea# in movements, lowing within the emotions o lie, 9 @egenerating ones, who
washes away all impurities, ,ho haste brought orth the loods o the 5eavens, 9
5ealing Suave, 9 2iver o the 2it o $ie, Thy whose depths relects thy heights, Thy
whose sacriice brings orth lie, 9 Spirits o water, 9 Spirits o the west, we call Thee
orth, @ain upon us, and come as the our rivers that low orth rom *den, bringing unto
us the seeds rom the Tree o $ie, come orth, come orth, we invo#e Thee, come in Thy
2entle 2uise, 9 come 0agniicent ones. (men.1
4rayer to the 2nomes< /orth
1 9 Spirits o the *lement o *arth, 9 &riendly 9nes, Thy who sha#es the earth with Thy
laughter, Thy who shapes the seven metals, Thy whose 2lory is relected in the twelve
stones o the temple, Thy whose strength shines orth rom the breast plate o (aron, Thy
who wor# unremittingly, Thy who reaches the very core o lie, 9 Spirits o *arth, 9
strong 9nes, 9 3nowledge holders o the our corner mysteries, 9 Spirits who hide in the
roots, whose houses are in the trees, and in the herbs, ,ho goes unnoticed in the
subterranean realms, Thy whose strength and patience goes 7/!matched, .ring orth Thy
(bundance rom Thy Treasure 5ouses, bring orth Thy love, we call Thee orth, 9
2nomes, 9 Spirits o the *arth, ?ome we invite Thee, ?ome orth rom Thy homes, 9
Spirits o the /orth, come orth. (men1
(ter Invo#ing the prayers, one will instantly eel the elementals around you, moving
around the circumerence o the circle, inside the circle, and in some cases, depending i
the magician has completely been able to inuse the single element within themselves, the
elementals will move within the magician as well. I it is your irst ew times, do not be
alarmed that the elementals will start playing tric#s on you, or in their own ways, they
have an undying curiosity, and a love or games, The gnomes tend to be giddy, the
undines lu)urious, the sylphs sporadic, and the salamanders edgy. Though o course, that
does not tell you one bit o what they are really about, or what they will do, -ust #now
that they might, so that, no surprises will catch you o guard.
(t irst, get to #now and eel the energy. $earn to identiy it rom ones normal energy
ield, ta#e it in, and push it out. *mbrace it, ind out what thought patterns it invo#es
within you. See what parts o the body it eects. (naly8e it till nothing else comes to
mind. Then on having slowly inused ones sel with the element, allowing the body to
adapt, or you are now going to call upon the #ing.
Invocation to 4aralda<
1 9 2reat 3ing o the (ir, 9 4aralda, we call upon Thee, 9 $ord o the .reath, ?arrier o
the seeds o $ie, holder o the divine sciences, guide o the dreams, care ta#er o the our
winds< *urus, /otus, Dephyrus, .oreas. 9 2reat 3ing o the (ir, 9 gentle $ord o the
Spirit, 9 %engeul wind o the *arth, come we invite Thee, come as the Thunder, come as
the lower, come orth as the wind, 9 2reat 3ing o the (ir. (men1
Invocation to =-in<
1=-in, all consuming, bright, -oyul ire, o the celestial heavens, enlighten our hearts,
souls, and minds with a spar# o Thy ,isdom. 9 3ing o the Inernal lames o
retribution, burn away rom us all dar#ness, 9 Shadow burner, 9 destroyer o dar#ness,
5e who comes as the $ion, 9 red lames upon the blac# lames o lie, 9 stars o the
5eavens, 9 &ather o lie, ?reator, Sustainer, =estroyer, 9 2reat 3ing o the South, and
$ord o the &lames, we humbly beseech Thy presents, come as 6uic#ly as the lightening,
9 2reat 3ing o &ire, come orth and enlighten our circle.1
Invocation to /ichsa<
1 9 3ing o the =ivided waters, 9 $ord o the &our rivers o *den, 9 *mperor o the our
rivers o the Inernal @ealms, 9 @egenerating 3ing o $ie, care holder o the *li)ir o
Immortality, .estower o 2its, 2ranter o .lessing, $ord o .eauty, 9 $ord o the
%engeul waters o the lood, 9 2reat 3ing o the Sea, come as the rain, and water our
circle with the 5eavenly =ew o ,isdom, 2race us with your presence, .less us with
:our .eauty, 9 /ichsa come orth rom Thy depths and grace us with Thy conversation.
Invocation to 2hob<
1 2hob 3ing o the *arth, $ord whose hair is the trees, and whose beard is the roots,
whose blood is the waters, whose breath is the winds, and whose heart is the very iery
core that sustains lie, 9 3ing whose eyes see and #now all things, 9 .lac#en Twin#ling
eyes which reach the inner depths, and whose relection echoes the abysmal caverns, 9
$ord o the our created things, 9 0aster o the clay, shaper o lie, receiver o all things,
9 2reat 4owerul 3ing, whose shrug sha#es the vaults o the *arth, we call Thee orth,
we patiently await your presence, come 9 2reat 3ing o the *arth, come 2hob with Thy
strength and with Thy 0ight. (men.1
5aving ac6uired a conversations with the 3ings, and gained that which you desired upon
entering the ritual, you will come to the ending o the ritual. Simply giving than#s unto
the 3ing, and as#ing his pardon to leave" the 3ing will then gladly withdraw his presents,
leaving you with all the elementals to deal with. (s or the elementals, one should than#
the elementals or their presents and #indly as#s them to depart, which, in most cases,
does not do the tric#, so then one is to say the ollowing<
E/orcim o& Elemental $pirit:
1 Serpent, in the name o the Tetragrammaton, the $ord" 5e commands Thee, by the
angel and the lion. (ngel o dar#ness, obey, and run away with this 5oly (e)orcised)
water. *agle in chains, obey this sign, and retreat beore the breath. 0oving serpent,
crawl at my eet, or be tortured by this sacred ire, and evaporate beore this holy incense.
$et water return to water" let ire burn, and let the air circulate" let the earth return to the
earth by the virtue o the pentagram, which is the morning star, and in the name o the
Tetragrammaton which is traced in the center o the cross o light. (men.1 Auoted rom
The Secret =octrines.
5aving done e)orcism, one is then to give than#s to each o the elementals or their
presents, and protection, as#ing them to depart bac# unto their abodes. Then do the
banishing ritual o the pentagram, to each o the elements, closing the portal way you
have opened earlier. 0aybe, doing a little prayer o than#s to the universe, and unto your
holy guardian angel ater closing the 6uadricals would be good habit to get into. Then
ring the bell to the our directions, saying something along the lines o banishing all the
energies henceorth brought unto rom that direction, etc... I or say, the energies o the
room are still constricting, or in any way uncomortable, do the ollowing prayer, while
lighting a small ire in a bowl, or something along those lines<
1 I Invo#e Thee, 9 2od o the living one, ,ho dost show orth Thy splendors in the ace
o this ire, ,hose breath breathed upon the living man, whose waters rage throughout
the unoreseen caverns o lie. 4our ourth Thy strength, give us Thy .lessings, awa#en
Thy (ngels, come unto this circle" inspiring it with Thy 5oly Spirit, and show your
might. (wa#en our minds and put to sleep all our enemies. $et there be light. I ad-ure
Thee 9 $ight, to abolish all adversity and negativity by Thy lames o puriication and by
these names I am about to spea#< (donai, :5%5, Tetragrammaton, (2$(, *lohim,
*lohi, *loha, *heieh (sher *heieh, ?hai, *l, Shaddai, Shaddai *l ?hai, :ah,
(napha)eton, and by all other names o the 5oly and $iving 7niversal Intelligence o
The $iving and o the dead" 9 $ord 2od who is and shall ever shall be, be with us this
sel same hour least Thy $ight be deprived rom us. (men.1
That ollowing Invocation should be able to completely cleans the room o all energies
that are o a negative or adverse nature. /ow having learned some o the occult virtues o
the elements, and having learned the ceremonial side o this paper, which i hope you
involve yoursel in" or it is in the ritual circle, where no time nor space has any eect,
that the adept truly comes to learn the 5igher (rts. &or that is when one stops being a
philosophi8ing magician, and actually becomes a practicing one" stop philosophi8ing
over things that one can never #now, and start learning those things you can. 4ractice,
practice, practice... So having come to an understanding o the virtues and the ceremony
wor#ings, we now move into the 9ccult e)ercise.
.eore i get into the e)ercises, i would li#e to clear up any misunderstandings" occult
virtues are the powers that lie dormant in each ob-ect, symbol, material, idea, etc... It is
these virtues that the magician or anyone else that might #now o their 6ualities, to use
them as they see it. &or e)ample the stone carnelian, one o its virtues is to protect the
wearer o sorcery, or any other orm o negative induced energy, rom ever eecting the
thoughts or being o the wearer. So #nowing that virtue, one might ma#e some -ewelry
with that stone, doing a small invo#ing prayer unto the stones intelligence, to bring orth
it latent powers, then one would inuse that energy into the sel, and ,alla> :ou now have
your sel a protection amulet. (s or the ceremonial side, it deals with the actual
intelligence+s o the elements, and how to come to utili8e them within ones lie. /ow,
coming to the 9ccult e)ercises, they are in themselves, the higher end o this paper. &or
in learning true 9ccult or hidden powers, one is able to accomplish all things, mearly by
the ocused o ones thoughts o the mind. /ow, #now this, this part o the wor# will ta#e
years to master, and or most, will seem pointless to actually have to go through the
eort" so as to you, en-oy that which you have, and worry not about that which you do
not have. (s or those who are to attempt this wor# in its ullness, rom here on out, i
salute you, or it is here that we truly come to wal# the path o the Tree o $ie...In saying
let us begin...
The wor(:
Slow down brothers and sisters, stop trying to rule the world, and start ruling yourselves.
It is the attainment o ourselves that is the goal, not some silly power used li#e a rag doll.
$et the selishness leave, do not all to the dar# path, because its easier then climbing, do
not be lead to the way side because o beautiul words, loo# into lie, see its beauty, and
its ugliness, see the truth, #now the truth, live the truth as you #now it. &or sure, most
who wal# these halls ne)t to you, use the #nowledge or selish ends, sure it easier to
curse those who bother us, then it is to bless them, 9 how easy it world be or things to
come thy way, by unruling magic+s, let those who wal# the grey lines, all in the end,
wal# not the white nor the dar#, but that which lies above all things. $et the Truth, and
the light be thy guide within the dar#ness o our world. &or do not believe you are doing
good, when others tell you it is so, or it is only within our hearts, that we truly come to
#now ourselves as good or bad. .rea# the duality, combined their orces, and use them as
a mer stepping stone to the higher realms. ,e are not here to stay, only to use it as a tool,
in perecting ourselves, while banishing the impurities o our souls. =o not hold onto
anything, least it holds you down latter.. 9 brothers and sisters, are we not, in control o
It is hard to ind te)ts which truly give right ideas, and good pointers to the true
attainment o our higher selves. &or i do not claim this here paper is one o them, nor do i
see it as something to be ollowed. i only desire that you read, and ta#e those things that
might help you upon your own path, to your own attainments. &or it is the simplest things
that becomes really real in our lives. &or it is not the heavenly laden laws given unto the
masses or control" that will help us to our attainments, but the simple, down to earth
e)ercises, that will one day bring us unto our sel enlightenment.
The process i have used in, and upon my own path in regards to 9ccult e)ercises are our
in number" the irst being control o the body. &or it is the body which irst disturbs our
mind in thought. The second is the control o the desires and the emotions. &or without
control o these, one would always be a slave unto their lower natures. The third is the
control o the mind. &or in controlling the mind, one will start to control ones lie, in
controlling ones lie, one will come to control lie its sel. The last is the control o the
will and the creative thought, or in controlling these our things, one will have come to
control their very own destinies. It will 6uic#ly become apparent that the our processes
are never separate, but combined, to create each o the e)ercises. It is the balance o each
process that brings one to sel!#nowledge and sel!mastery" or out o the our comes
9ne. *verything in harmony and balance...
So with no more babbling words, we shall move into the actual practices o the e)ercises.
@emember, that which you reap is that which you sow, or as much energy you give unto
the universe, will be that much more you will receive. (men...
9ne o the irst things i have come to do upon my path, was my conession. 0y own
secret conession unto the universe, telling all my hidden s#eletons, all my lies, and all
my abominable acts. i #neeled upon a wooden loor, tears streaming down my eyes, as i
recited my lie out loud. *verything i could remember, rom cursing my parents to my
ear o death, to the se)ual problems i have created or mysel in lie. &or hours i
conessed, until i elt drained o all my energy, and dumbounded to see all at once, the
lie i have lived, and the pain that i have cause in living it.
Some how, i was able to hide all my problems away rom my conscious mind, allowing
them to lay dormant, while they control my unconsciousness in their dar#ened layer o
decay. To say, bringing those memories up was hard, would be saying nothing. &or the
pain, and the tears that i shed during that irst conession, was enough or many lie
times. &or what have i become, how have i been able to live, #nowing that which i have
done, and allowing it to smolder inside me. &or it was then, as i sat e)hausted rom the
eort, that i elt the irst lightening o weight rom my shoulders, not a release, but a
loosening. It was then, humbly supplicating mysel to the un#nown, and humbly
conessing my sel unto the universe, that i gained my irst insight on what it ta#es to
truly be alive. So, it was by many hard and painul conessions later, and many acts o
retribution, that i came to allow mysel to be orgiven, and in so doing, i started to release
mysel rom my past.
&or one o things in regards to ascending the plains, is that one has to be light enough to
ascend, and pure enough to see.
I nothing else, the conessions at the least, point out those areas that one might consider
wor#ing on. &or it is in the conessions, that we come to see the cycles we have allowed
ourselves to get caught into, and in seeing them or what they are, enables us to stop
them. &or there becomes a time, when we are unable to lie to ourselves any longer, and in
those moments, we truly come to see the blessings o the conessions. ,e are who we are
right now. There is no higher or lower selves, only the sel. It is the changing or the
better or the worse, that we have come to call the higher or lower sel. Through
conessions and introspection, we come to reali8e who we have become, and in that, we
can decide i we want to stay the same, or change. ,e do have the power, and the control
to do so, we only need to reali8e it...
(nother aspect o the conessions, is the humbleness. &or it is the lowering o ones ego,
that enables ones sel to accomplish the desired end. It is the passiveness, and the sotness
that will come to saely reach the heights. &or it is said, the humble and the mee# shall
inherit the world" or in other words, they shall inherit themselves. &or in allowing the ego
to be strong and ruling over the sel, shall in the end, only bring battle and conusion
within their minds. ,e are not in a race, or competition to reach the end, or in this race
there is only winners, and there is no end. @eali8e that which you already #now, reali8e
/ow having gained insight into ones present being, and having come to reali8e ones
deects, it now behooves you to change them and grow. &or practically all groups have
moral codes to live by, it is these codes that we wish to live in body and in thought. I you
have your own traditions, i would say ollow them, but i not, then the ollowing will give
you an idea o that which i spea# o. /o #illing, be truthul, no e)cessiveness, no stealing,
love thysel and thy neighbor as thy sel, treat others as you desire to be treated, -udge no
one, live as or seven generations, be happy, share, give when as#ed, listen to all things,
conserve ones energy, and slow down.
These shall at least give you an idea o moral conduct. 0ost will not be able to turn the
page, and become a saint in an instant. It ta#es time, patients, and many sel -udging
thoughts, beore one can even begin to practice moral conduct. ,e learn, we practice, we
grow, we live.
The ne)t ma-or thing i have come to do upon my own path, is dierent orms o
puriication. 5aving e)pelled the mind o the past, i then desired to become reborn, or
bapti8ed according to modern terminology. To symbolically wash away the old, and be
reborn unto the new. The Solomatic wor# has a very good system or ceremonial baths,
which in its completeness should be done 6uiet oten. (s or this wor# though, i have
decided to give a shortened version o it. I you desire, i would suggest going and getting
the 3ey, or in practicing the complete baths, you will truly reap the highest beneits.
&ill the tube with water, while reciting the blessing o the water written earlier, as well as
adding ones own individual prayer o intent. *mpower the water with the names o 2od
rom your tradition, or whatever names and ideas you have o 2od. Then completely
submerge yoursel in the water, eeling all adversity and impurities, lowing away rom
yoursel. Then getting up, gather 5yssop in hand, sprin#ling it into the water as you
repeat the ollowing< 4salms H1
1 4urge me 9 $ord with hyssop, and I shall be clean< ,ash me, and i shall be whiter then
Submerge yoursel again, eeling the impurities and uncleanness washing away rom you.
/e)t stand up, grabbing the salt that was blessed according to the blessing o the salt, and
sprin#le in into the water, while you say ones own prayer, as#ing or protection and
assistance in accomplishing this puriication ritual. Then once again, submerge yoursel
into the water, allowing the salt to inuse within, puriying and preserving our inner
essence. (ter having done puriication, a simple prayer o than#s as you leave the water,
would complete the bath in good orm.
It is by the conessions and the puriication alone that gives us the right to step into the
arcane mysteries, and parta#e o its ruits. &or the potential has always been a seed within
us, we only need to ind it within the mur# we have created, and allow it to grow unto the
Tree o $ie within us. The 2arden o *den is within us, and it is our egos, that are the
guardians o its gates.
:oga comes rom the root word , 1:ug1, meaning to bind, -oin, attach. To -oin ones sel to
the universal (#asa or essence, is my own deinition. In my mind, there seems to be two
separated actors in :oga which i believe to be one" The e)ternal teachings, li#e that o
what KKL o the (mericans #now as :oga, and the internal teachings, such as 4ata-ali
and some o the other great teachers have taught. .oth o these orms, the adept should
come to use and master within time. &or in doing so, one will have yet another thing
helping them along upon their path to sel enlightenment.
1 ,ithout a strong and healthy body, the mind can not be healthy and strong.1 Some
where down my path, i have come to have heard that, and it has stuc# with me since. &or
one can tell how another is, by the ruits o their labors. &or i they are constantly sic#, or
disturb in some way, then there is something inside, that is li#ewise disturb and sic#. (s
within so without... /o, matter, whatever one does, be it yoga or some other orm o
e)ercise, it should be practiced everyday, so that the body shall stay it, and healthy.
/ow in regards to the system o :oga i desire to write about. i will try to #eep it as simple
and basic as the original teachings, o course, one should always read the original
teaching or ones sel, so that you can not only orm your own opinion o the words
spo#en, but that you can get a eel o what the author or authors, had in mind when
writing it. &or that is one o the biggest mista#es that i have seen occultist and magicians
ma#e everywhere, is that by ta#ing that which is spo#en through second hand as act and
right, without having traced it or ones sel to its roots, and analy8ing i or ones sel. So,
do not be a ool in reading this paper, and thin# it is some original thought, or that it is
universally correct in its unolding o the old teachers lessons. Instead read those boo#s i
inde)ed, read them, ta#e that which i have written and compare, and see i you can
improve it, or change it completely, to it your own path. ,hat ever you do, do not ta#e
what i say as good unless you have proven it to be so.
(ccording to 4atan-ali+s Sutras there is eight stages to sel!#nowledge. The irst two
:ama and /iyama, we have in some orms already gone over in the conessions, moral
conduct, and the puriication+s. The ne)t is (sana or postures.
In basic :oga, one will go through many postures each sessions, yet as or our present
system, we will learn more about mastering one posture over the many. 9ne should go
loo# at the yoga boo#s, and ind a posture that suits you while still allowing the spine and
bac# to be straight, leaving the lungs unrestricted, and the hands ree. Then having ound
the one you desire to wor# with, stic# to it. &or in the end, no one posture is better then
any other.
So, one o the irst things in :oga, is the puriication o the nerves by a techni6ues o
pranayama. This breathing techni6ue is as such" 4lug one o your nostrils, say your right,
and breath into your let to your ullest compassity without discomort, then plug the let
and breath out in one smooth motion the air, until the air is completely e)pelled. Then
breath in the right nostril until its ull compassity without discomort. Then by plugging
the right nostril again, you are to let the air out o the let till its completely e)pelled" or
this is one complete cycle. /ow in determining how much and how oten one is to do this
is up to you. It is suggested our times a day at J0 cycles per session. &or i one is to do as
such, they will have puriied K0L o their nerves within three months. /ow o course, the
amount is completely up to you, -ust #now that the more you do it, and the longer you do
it, the better the results will be. &or the practice is what ma#es us, or brea#s us. &or
through the practice, we start to learn that o which the ancients were tal#ing about within
their myths, and within their stories. &or the stories are only stories to the unbeliever, but
as or the initiates, the stories are directions towards enlightenment. &or the vices o man
will always be with us, and the wise o the days #new this as such, using vice to carry the
hidden traditions to those who can see the truth" what ever that truth be.
/ow as or (sana, the one posture you ind, should be the one you continue to use
through out your whole practice. &or it is not good in practice, to continue switching rom
one posture unto the ne)t, this only #eeps you rom truly coming to reap the beneits o
the practice. (s well, there is in the end, no one posture that is more comortable then any
o the other. So, get into your (sana and stay there, motionless, without moving an inch,
not even an eyelid, or it is that. Simple, is it not; Try it.
(t irst it might seem easy to stay completely motionless or a time, yet as the minutes
start to drag on, your mind will start to notice something wrong" you are not moving, and
that is when the practice starts to become the practice. The irst ew times, you might be
able to hold the posture or an easily prolong amount o time, but the more you do it, the
more the mind will come to associate that which is happening, with that which ma#es it
uncomortable. So, do not be surprised ater only a ew sessions, that you will have a
harder time in staying still, even ater only a ew minutes, or it -ust might happen. (lso,
ater doing the practice or a ew wee#s, you might ind it hard to stay still even in places
and times, where you had no problem staying still beore. It is all the process o you body
losing its control over the mind, so stic# with it, and you will come to reap the beneits
very soon.
(t irst, when staying still in ones chosen (sana" the body will start to twitch, the eyes
will lutter, hands will inch away rom their spot, the mouth will start to salivate, the
muscles will cramp, the bac# will bend, the s#in will itch, as well as hundreds o other
little things that will seem li#e mountains to overcome each minute that you are
motionless. In practice, you will ind your own little techni6ues in tric#ing your mind into
orgetting that which is happening. &or in my own practice, i have come to ocus every
amount o my attention unto that which is disturbing me, until it either dissipates, or
causes me to go cra8y, and then dissipate. This enables me to learn more about my body
and its ways, as well as strengthening my ocusing power and strength o will. ,hatever
your techni6ue, -ust #now that it is all part o the practice.
The ne)t thing that comes is the thoughts. It truly is ama8ing how creative the mind gets
when put into an uncomortable position. The thoughts will lead one into stopping the
e)ercise because o its pointlessness, its pain, or its unhealthiness" which i will add, none
o which are true. It will create such a veil over your eyes, that you will come to really
6uestion the point in such e)ercises. It might ma#e your saliva run wild, or to ma#e you
believe that your head is not strait, or that your bac# is bent. It might ma#e you believe
the candle or incense has started a ire, or some other insanely dangerous scenario. The
mind might lead you into believing, that the alarm was not set, and that the allotted
amount o time has passed, but upon opening the eyes, one might only ind ten minutes
having passed. 0illions o thoughts will come up, all trying to ma#e you stop" and
sometimes they will, and sometimes they will not, no matter what though, #eep
practicing, and you will come to reap the ruits o your labors, you will see.
/e)t comes the ma-or cramps, so bad sometimes, that the eyes will start to tear rom the
strain, and the mind will thin# o nothing else, but the ire that is roaring throughout your
body. =uring this time, i you stic# through it, you will come to the sweats, not a running
sweat, but one that comes rom under the pores rom all the strain, a rereshing sweat that
will normally ta#e the pain with it. &or during the sweats, there will come times o
ecstasy mi)ed with pain, conusing the mind into well, you will see. Then and only then,
will the mind brea# down, and a eeling o the most serene and peaceul being, come over
the body, and over the mind. It will seem as i you have never had such a beautiully
comortable position, then the one you presently have attained. &or it is in these
moments, when the body has stopped distracting the mind, that we come to reap the
beneits o such toils. &or it is the body which irst bloc#s us rom our inner essence. &or
in coming to control the body, one then comes to overcome the illusion o the body.
It is said, that having reached such stages, that the body will start to hop around li#e a
rog, by -umping rom the energy that is channeled into the nerves o the body. i have had
no personal luc# as such, though i can say, that i have had my whole body -er# as i
having suddenly been startled awa#e, yet ten times more so. So i could and do
conceivably believe, i one gets enough stored up energy, and releases it at one time, that
the body would -ump li#e a rog rom its release.
(sana is very beautiul. It is suggested one practice at least once a day, starting with only
a ew minutes at a time and move your way up in minutes, until you reach the desired
outcome. 4lease do not ta#e me as an authority upon this, do the practices and ta#e that
which you learn as the authority, or that is the only way it should be, not any other way.
4ranayama, or the control o prana through the breath and other techni6ues. 4rana is the
essence o lie, the orce that moves all things, the energy o lie, heat, light, gravity,
magnetism, electricity, weight, measure, and all other things. It is the soul consciousness
o lie, breath, and death. The cycle, the wheel. ,ithout 4rana, all dissolves bac# into
nothing. To control prana, is to control lie its sel. The stronger ones abilities in
controlling 4rana, the stronger ones abilities are, in controlling things outside ones body.
To most, 4ranayama is symboli8ed as the control o the breath, yet it is more then -ust the
breath, but the energy o the nerves that moves the lungs into breathing. .y controlling
the lungs, one comes to control the nerves that move the lungs, by controlling the orce
that moves through the nerves, one comes to control all the nerves. &rom the nerves, the
mind is controlled, and rom control o the mind, comes the control o ones lie.
4ranayama as well, is the consciousness o breathing. It is the reali8ation o each breath"
or o course, we all #now that we breath, or without the breath we die. :et to reali8e
ones breath, is to #now that you live at each moment, to eel the air, as it is ilter through
the nose, down the trachea, into the lungs, e)panding them, rom the top to the lowest
chambers, as it then o)ygenates the body and the blood, upliting the soul, and reali8ing
the sel" that is only part o what 4ranayama includes. In every wa#ing moment, we
should reali8e the breath, ocus upon this act o living, and ta#e in as much lie as
,hen we wal# we breath, ind your rhythm, #now your breath. In everything we do, the
breath will always be with us. (s or some, the breath is on autopilot. They .reath in the
least amount they need to live, while or others, the consciousness o the breath is li#e
unto them, a tool they use to bring health bac# unto their lives, while using it to calm
their emotions, and their bodies. It as well is used to ocus their mental wondering, and
intune their conscious beings upon their spiritual body. &or in such, they come to use the
breath to -oin with the 7niversal *ssence, using it to employ their conscious powers upon
lie as we #now it. 4ranayama is...
7pon deciding how much detail i was going to write about in regards to 4ranayama, i
decided it best not to go into to much detail. Instead i will suggest a good boo#" $ight 9n
4ranayama by ..3.S. Iyengar, this boo# will give in ull detail all one basically needs to
#now to ully practice 4ranayama. i am only going to write down the raw materials, o
what one needs to #now, to gain control o their prana. *verything else, is either curiosity,
or completeness in its sel. *ither which way, i suggest you read the other boo#. &or it
will be soon enough, that you will come to ind out, -ust what it ta#es to practice
4ranayama, so practice this moment, right now. It is suggested as well, that you learn
how the respiratory system wor#s, so that the visuali8ing will be easier to accomplish.
The more #nowledge one has o the body, the easier the ,isdom+s gained rom its
practices. It is high time we moved into the ne)t a8e o evolution, leave those unable to
change behind, or their weight will be to heavy to carry upon thy shoulders. &or all must
wal# their own paths to sel enlightenment, the best anyone else can do or them, is to
show them a way. The practice and applications is then up to them.
(ccording to traditions, the let side o the body and nostrils, is e6uated with the passive,
eminine, magnetic energy, while the right side and nostril, is e6uated with the active,
masculine, electric energy. ,hich in turn, switches when dealing with the brain, and then
again switches when dealing with the 0acrocosms. $ie rele)es its sel upon the mirrors
o the void, to #now ones sel, is to #now the divine mysteries o lie.
There is three ma-or /adi we are going to deal with. /adi meaning hollow stal#, sound,
vibrations, resonance. $et me regress a little bit. (ccording to traditional yoga, there lies
three ma-or nadis, the ida, pingala, and susumna. The ida and the pingala start at the
lower anal cavity and move up the spin, as they intermingle their energy, mating at each
cha#ra or wheel, lotus, lower, energy vorte), etc... They end at the nostrils, ida being
considered the eminine nadis, while pingala the masculine. Susumna now is a hollow
tube that runs parallel to the spine, which when the two other nadis are -oin at the
0ulahara cha#ra, our lowest ma-or cha#ra, they awa#en the 3undalini sna#e who lies
rapped around the 0ulahara three and a hal times. .eing awa#en, she then rises through
the Susumna to our crown cha#ra, mating with the seeds o divinity, and uniying our
lower selves with our higher selves. ?onusing yea, so as i said, read those boo#s i have
inde)ed, or they will come to clariy it or you.
The application o these nadis will become apparent as time moves onward. i would
suggest you read, or meeting someone o a more authority in regards to the rising o the
3undalini energy. &or i gone unchec#ed, and undisciplined, one could easily cause great
harm unto themselves. &or -ust li#e a use, i to much energy is pushed through it, it will
blow, and in our cases there is no replacement uses until the ne)t lie. So be careul, and
never push yoursel to uncomortability.
Inhalation, is the active, masculine, creative, orceul breath. Ta#ing in the cosmic 4rana
or energy into ones being, using it to create. The rereshing, upliting breath, and the
calming o)ygenated breath" the giver o lie, sustainer o creation.
*)halation, is the passive, reactive, eminine, destroying breath. The release o impurities
rom the body, devourer o lie, the consuming death, the recycled breath o o)ygen, the
giver o lie to plants.
@etention, is the blending o lie and death, the inhalation and the e)halation, the silence
and the sound. It is the moment when all things poise upon the ledge o the abyss, and the
mind becomes ra8or sharp, crac#ling, brea#ing, then silence...
The basic pranayama techni6ues are as ollows. :et, once again i stress the need to learn
as much as possible beore -umping blindly into these e)ercise, or it is our lives we play
with, not some computer imagining we can reboot.
To breath in a cycle o breaths is as ollows< Two inhales, eight hold, our e)hale, eight
hold. That being the number ratio o the breaths. /ow in starting 4ranayama, it is
implacable that one does not push the breath. So, do not orce the breath, or stress the
lungs. 4ranayama is a smooth, calming, luid motion, it is not meant to cause pain, nor
In the begging it is best to start with an even ratio, with only one cycle o retention or
every breathing cycle. So in saying something as our inhale, our retention, or e)hale,
etc. would be a good way to start. /ow, it is suggested, one not retain the breath every
cycle at irst, but maybe do it every other ew cycles. &or we are not in competition with
anyone, we are only here to breath, that is all. So, having gained control o that techni6ue,
one should move into our inhales, our e)hales, our hold. (ter gaining a comortability
with these two e)ercise, then moving into our inhale, our hold, our e)hale, and our
hold. &or this would not become as such a shoc# to the system. In time, it will come as
easy as breath its sel, you will ind yoursel doing it while wal#ing, tal#ing, sitting,
eating, or ma#ing pleasures with a loved one. It will become a i)ed aspect within your
lie, it will bring you many thing, one o which is yoursel. &rom here, one should move
into the '.J.I.J. ratio cycles, e)tending the time or each as one improves. (s or the
breathing techni6ue, one is to plug one nostril as beore, inhaling in the other, hold, then
plug the other nostril, while letting the air out o the other. Then, repeating the cycle with
the other nostril, this then would be a complete cycle.
This is in its simplest orm, a system o 4ranayama that will help you gain control o the
prana that lows in lie. I nothing else though, go very slow, and come to learn your body
through these e)ercises. &or the true 2uru lives within us all, all we need to do, is come
to control our egos and listen, and all things shall wor# out in the end. &or it is by the
breath, that we will come to be carried to our 2uru.
Thought Control:
The ne)t two stages are 4ratyahara and =harana, or in simple terms" controlling the
thoughts. 9ne will thin# at irst, that they have control o their thoughts, so unto them i
say, there is no need to read urther, or you already are a master, as or the rest o us, i
say this" guess again...
The irst thing to do in gaining control o the thoughts, is to let it have ree range to thin#
its thought. In doing so, you will have hundreds o thousands o thoughts moving across
your minds screen. :ou will come to see that they were always there, it was that, you -ust
never noticed them beore. Cust watch them, do not try to control them or change them,
-ust ollow along as a third person, watching rom a distance. :ou will ind thoughts o
the most horriying natures, do not -udge them or analy8e them as yet, -ust let them low
bye. In time the thoughts will start to slow down, and in so doing, you will start to see the
mental structuring that creates these thoughts" or now is the time to analy8e your mind,
trying to ind how each thought was created, ollowing it to its source. $oo# to its depths
and to its heights. See where they start, and where they end. :ou might come to be
disgusted with your thoughts, do not -udge, -ust learn their roots, and let them go.
&rom here, you should learn how to stay with one ormation o thoughts, be it on a
sub-ect, an idea, word, prayer, be it anything that pleases the mind, and stic# with it. (t
irst other thoughts will interrupt you, or maybe the mind will simply space o, and
orget what it was you were thin#ing, no matter what it is, gently allow your
consciousness to low bac# unto the desired thought patterns. In time it will become easy,
and you will ind that you can hold to one thought, or as long now as you desire. &rom
here, you move into one pointed thought.
This will ta#e some time and patience to learn. &or one is to ocus the mind upon one
thing, be it a picture, a letter, a sound, a word, a part o the body, whatever it be, you are
to ocus only on that, while e)cluding all other things rom the mind. This at irst will
allude you to the point, o one not even wanting to continue the practice. :ou might come
to ind some great obstacle in your way, such as i had. &or months i tried to overcome it,
trying to go around it, under, over, around its sides. /othing seemed to wor#, until the
day i ound a way to brea# through it, and then i ound once again thousands upon
millions o thoughts, one pac#ed on top o the others" movies, images, thoughts,
memories, conversations, etc... It was creating this og over my mind, which i have come
to call the t.v. u88 or snow. So now, here i was, only having to control these thoughts and
images, beore i could learn how to be in one thought. It is hard, yet possible, i only you
desire it to be, and stic# with it. &or once you come to hold one thing in your mind or a
minutes, you will come to really see how things are, you will really start to see...
The last two stages o 4ata-ali+s system is =hyana and Samadhi. These basically being,
the abilities to hold one thing or a prolong amount o time, while becoming one with it,
.oth o which i will spea# o later.
The last thing i will tal# about in regards to thought control, is the ability to lose all
thoughts, to the void o nothing. In theory, i have come to see the possibilities in no
thoughts, in act i have had, or seconds at a time, moments o no thoughts" its this ability
to be in the void and not thin# o the void, that bales my present studies, and practices.
So, this stage i will simply say e)ists rom the traditional teachings, or i can neither
prove nor disprove it in this present writing. ,hatever the case, it is here or
completeness so that you can see, and #now.
(ll that i have written is simply the basics o esoteric yoga. 9ne should study and
practice, or that alone will bring an understanding o the sel. @eally thin# about what i
have said" do you see anything that is misleading, do you thin# what is said is
unattainable, have i promise some grand 9$* powers" no i have not. It is not that what is
written is some secret science, it is only sel awareness that is all. It is -ust that we have
made it a secret, because we desire not to see. =o you really thin# it is a waste o your
time, to do at least these ew simple e)ercises, do you; (re you not worth your own time,
do you ool your sel into believing you do have control, so there is no need to wor#.
Thin# about this, or i have, and it saddens me to #now there is people out there who
thin# that way. It really is saddening.
It is not easy or sure, nor will there be anyone pushing you along. :ou will all, ail and
lose hope o all your practices, it will become a dream, never meant to be attained. :ou
might even come to push it away or a time, but it will always be there to haunt you. It
will be there at the corners o your mind, nagging, and nudging you to loo#. It will
become your bride or groom in lie, you will be married to your hidden hal orever now.
:ou will at times regret having wo#en it up, but out o it all, you will be blessed and you
will #now it" even in the hardest o times. So no matter what, once started, you will never
be able to go bac#. &or the truth will set you ree, yet at times the truth will be so heavy
upon your mind, that all you will be able to do is cry, and hope or some reprieve to come
your way. The gits outweigh the sorrows, you will see" stic# with it, preserver, stand
strong, and see#, or you will ind" yoursel. .e honest with others, but most o all be
honest with your sel. &or we are who we are, so be it...
Health and diet:
The body is our temple. ,hen the temple is unclean the mind is unclean, when the mind
is such, the soul can not be reali8ed, and the higher sel lays waiting. 5igh magic is the
puriying o our lower natures, so that the divinity may be awa#en within us, and live.
&ood ta#es energy to digest. ?ertain oods ta#e more then others. Some oods gather
negative charges, while others do not. Some uplit the body to health, which uplits the
mind to the higher consciousness within ourselves, while others do the opposite. i will not
go into a list o what one should and should not eat, instead, i will instruct you to learn
how to listen to your bodies, so that when you eat, you will come to see those things that
are or are not good to eat. &or in being honest with your sel, and your observations, you
will come to see those things that raise your energy, and you will see those things that eat
your energy" rom then it is up to you to chose.
/ow i will tell you by my own e)periences what i have come to learn. 4rior to oicially
wal#ing the path that i am on to!day, i was consider a spiritual, yet unenlightened person,
wondering aimless around in my drugged mind. ?aught was i, in the webs o drugs and
ood, and many other things, yet as the 2reat ,or# slowly started to inuse within my
being, i came to wal# away rom the drugs, and then rom certain oods.
In the case o the drugs, stopping them was the moment i started to gain control o my
lie. The drugs being speed, hallucinations, downers, alcohol, heroine, coee and
tobacco, i started to gain ,ill power over my lie. &or no more was i chained to those
things that society has given unto us to lose our control. i was no longer chained to these
addictions that held me by its thorns, bleeding both my energy and my health. ?larity
started to come bac# to me, as i was now able to truly see the illusions o our reality.
(s or the ood, i did not at irst consider it a big deal. :et, as time went on, and my body
consciousness improved, i started to shy away rom meat products, or they came to
drained me o what energy i had, while only giving me, energy i would rather not have
e)perience. In 6uitting meat, i became even more intuned to the subtle energies around
me. In time i also too# away dairy, and cheese product, which again ampliied my
abilities to eel the energies around me. i started to have allot more energy to wor# with,
my body did not go through cra8y lashes, my stools were regulating, my body was
gaining its natural rhythm, my mind was more awa#e, and i elt more alive. (ll this, rom
ta#ing animal products out o my diet, and then the day came, when i too# out white
reined sugar. This out o the three, was the most drastic.
It is ama8ing still, how addicted i am to sugar, or let me clariy, white reined sugar. $ets
-ust say, it was harder or me to put aside white sugar, then speed, alcohol and smo#ing
put together. :et -ust ater one month o no white sugar, my mind and thoughts were both
more pure, and more clear, then ever i remember them beore.
,hat is the point, i would as# mysel; &or that 6uestion has haunted me or a long time,
as i blindly #new somehow, what i was doing was right. Then one day, i reali8e that we
are not able to enter the heavenly sanctuary until one has enlightened themselves.
*nlighten in saying, to lighten their bodies rom all its bonds, so that one can be light
enough, to clime the spiders webbed stairs to heaven. &or all these things we consume,
are weights, that shac#le us to this earth, and i we ever desire to leave this place, we
must leave the shac#les behind" or that is the point>
So ater having ta#en those things away that caused me harm, i came inclined to cleans
my body o those things, which have been building up since i was a babe. The program i
have personally used is the ?leans and 4uriy program. It matters not which you desire to
do, the idea is to clean all those things that bloc# you rom gaining access to the more
subtle things o lie. &or lie is based upon parasitic relationships, everything eeds o,
some other orm o energy, and in saying, some o those things we consume, have had
certain energies that desire to live, by eeding o our energies, which being stored within
our stomach and intestinal tracts, still resides with us. It is these things that we wish to
abolish and destroy. Thin# about it...
Through puriying the body, mind, and soul, we come to gain bac# lost energies o ours,
which then could be ocused on transcending our leshly prisons or a while. &or the more
energy we have, the stronger we will be, and the more control we will have in ruling our
,hen we wal#, tal#, eat, or sleep, it will all one day become sacred. So when eating,
practice right consumption, conscious breathing, and en-oying its ruits. It is always good
to banish away rom all ood and drin# its impurities, and bless and charge it with good
healthy things. So as with the drin# i try to always bless it with the con-uration+s o the
water as spo#en o earlier, and or the ood i say the ollowing prayer<
1 2reat (donai who is and shall ever be, i call upon thee to bless and sanctiy this ood,
banishing and causing to retire all negativity, all sic#ness and unhealth, all dar#ness, all
iends, all phantoms, devils, and every adverse thing, so that all who consume o its ruits
may be blessed and sanctiied through Thy 5oly name. (men.
9 @aphael, Suriel, (ssiel I invo#e thee 9 (ngels o healing to ta#e away all sic#ness and
dis!ease rom this ood, all parasites, and all beings who o which wish to disturb those
who consume o its ruits, in the /ame o the 5oly and .lessed 9ne. (men.
Than# you ood or the energy and the strength, to strengthen the body, clear the mind,
strengthen the will and ree the soul. To ,ill the soul to the spirit, to go to the spirit to be
with the spirit, I am the spirit, returning the energy the wheel turns. (men.1
That above prayer is only an idea o what one might use. &or ones prayer, is always the
best. :ou will ind, that when clearing and charging the ood, you will not only eel
better, and ind those things prayed or orilled, but you will ind it bringing ones sel
closer to the understanding o the higher sel.
*verything we do is 5oly. *ven when we wor#, we should ind the reasons why that -ob
needs us, ind the purpose o the wor#, and then dedicate it unto the 2reat ,or# and unto
the 7niverse. &or the 2reat ,or# will use your employment, to teach you things o the
higher laws o lie. (nswers will come in the strangest ways, when you are loo#ing or
them. &or one o the reasons why most haven+t a clue o the 7niversal energies, is that in
its all encompassing, and simplistic ways, it is easily overloo#ed. So learn, see, and
understand, and many a blessing will be within your hands. (men.
E/ercie o& the $ene:
5aving wor#ed with the mind, the ne)t is the control o the senses. 5ow to bloc# out one
rom all the rest, or to be able to meditate on one, in e)clusion o the rest. 9ne way is to
close o one o the senses or a day or two, by covering the eyes, not eating or drin#ing,
plugging the ears, or simply touching nothing but that which the eet touch. (nother way
is to listen to the sound o a bell as it rings within the air, letting it dissipate, yet still
holding its sound within the minds ear. $i#e wise, this can be done with taste, eelings,
smell. or sight. (ll will at irst come to slip through your mind, but with practice, all
things will come to be easy. &or time will reward you with your practice. /ot only will
you be able to #eep an essence o a sense within the mind, but you will be able to hold
comple) combinations thereo.
Some o the ideas behind such meditations other then the control o the senses, is the
ability to ampliy them when desiring to. (lso being able to ocus better, having the
ability to use and understand the more subtle things around ones sel. (mpliying your
sense perceptions when in ceremony, as well as the ability to shut out outside energies
rom your sel when in need. These being only a ew o the hundreds o other little things
gained rom such practices. (ll o which, will help you attain unto the higher ends o lie,
as well as help you learn more about yoursel.
The ne)t thing to do with the physical senses is to push them beyond their normal limits.
To see, hear, eel, smell, touch, and taste things urther away then one normally has the
ability to do so. To do this, it is the concurring o their physical senses, and then
abolishing them, ocusing on their sprit, and its abilities to smell, see, taste, touch and
hear. It is trying to use that inner essence within, that part o the sel, which is, but is not
part o the body. It is the ability to leave ones normal limitations aside or a moment, and
e)tending ones imagination out, grasping upon the desired end. :ou will see, practice,
visuali8e, imagine, and it will come to be.
The ne)t thing is to try ocusing on two senses at a time, trying to use ones spirit, to
ampliy them and perect them. It ta#es a lot o time, in perecting this art. $atter on in
my other writings, i will incorporate these abilities with astral and mental traveling, that
is i you haven+t by then come to all over it already.
Learning how to undertand energie:
(ll things contain virtues, be it celestial, elemental, or inernal, all things hold an essence
that the magician might use or his wor#. .y e)perimentation, one can easily ac6uire an
understanding o each ob-ects virtues. =oing such things as carrying them around with
you during the day, or sleeping with them under you pillow at night, meditation upon
them within your hands, or simply holding them to you, while eeling and consciously
seeing what images come into your mind, will help you understand their virtues.
Transerring your consciousness into them, which i will later e)plain, is another good
way to learn their virtues, and inuse them within ones sel.
4lants, stones, metals, animals, pictures, colors, sounds, gems, ob-ects, trees, lowers,
thoughts, eelings, and every other created thing, contains an essence and virtue, which
will come to help the magician ampliy their being, as well as help in their rituals. &or
e)ample, gathering stones, plants, herbs, colors, sounds, and images o ire 6ualities,
prior to the ritual, will help inuse those 6ualities into you, ma#ing it easier or the mind
to cope with the transition necessary to become one with the ire elementals. It also, is
good in strengthening ones wea#nesses, by caring those things inused with the desired
6ualities, and allowing them and their energies to become one with yours. Cust ideas,
thin# and meditate on it your sel, there is many beautiul things one can do, with other
things natural virtues, practice and you will learn.
,ith learning the virtues o things, one can gather a certain metal, stone, or what ever
else, placing them in cups o puriied, and blessed water, while placing in each cup
something dierent, be it salt, or sugar, herbs or stones. *)periment, and see with what
ever comes to mind. Then having let them soa# or at least twenty our hours, ta#e each
out in turn and ocus on that which they bring to mind. (t irst you might simply come to
eel a dierence, yet with more practice, you will come to #now and see a dierence.
This practice alone will help you become more sensitive, and perceptive to dierent
orms o energy. ,hen using a ob-ect, it is o great beneit, to cleans its present energies
rom it, by doing the ollowing, or something along its lines.
4lacing it in the earth say< 1 0ay all energies here unto being ormed, be returned unto
the universe where it has come.
4lacing through the ire say< 1 0ay the ires o puriication burn away all things, So that
it might be puriies and sanctiies by the light that sets it ree.1
4lacing through the smo#e o the Incense say< 1 0ay this incense banish away and cause
to retire all energies, allowing none but the desires things to come unto thee.1
Submerge in blessed water as you say< 1 .y the oundation o our regeneration, may this
ob-ect be made pure and clean, rom death unto lie, may it be set ree. (men1
(s you place it through each o the elements, visuali8e and #now that all energies are
being ta#en away rom the ob-ect. (ter which, a ritual or simply a prayer would do, as
you ocus your desired energy unto the ob-ect, impregnating it with your breath. 3now
that all things have their speciic purpose, so when wor#ing with the virtues o things,
#now that that is what it can do, nothing other then that.
In charging the ob-ect, be it a picture, a stone, etc. the irst thing that is needed is the
cleansing o it. &or any let over energies within the ob-ect, will only come to disrupt that
o which you desire to accomplish. It is very important that you ta#e the ob-ects natural
6ualities in mind, when charging it, or it would be oolish to charge a piece o trash, with
bringing out ones beautiul 6ualities. &or instead, it would be better to charge it with
ta#ing away those 6ualities that #eep your beauty rom shining orth, as you come to
release them with the trash, as you throw it away rom your lie. So learn the virtues, and
6ualities o each thing, beore charging them with ones desired energy. &or although it is
not dangerous at this level to mess up, it would still bring worries and suering, that
could have otherwise been avoided, i only you learned its natural 6ualities irst.
(s or charging the ob-ects, there is three ma-or ways to do such<
?harging by ,ill
?harging by *lements
?harging by @itual
.y charging with the will, eel your desired ,ill move into the ob-ect, #now it, see it, and
believe it, or that is what is happening. 0aybe spea#ing out loud that which you desire
to charge into it will help you, while you impregnate it with your breath, invo#e the
eelings you associate with the desired outcome into it. Transer all thoughts, images, etc.
into the ob-ect by ocusing your ,ill into the ob-ect.
The ne)t is charging with the elements. 5aving learned through your own
e)perimentation what each o the elementals 6ualities are, and hopeully having ac6uired
a eel, o what each o them represent, you can invo#e that essence into the stone by
illing ones memory o the elemental being, then transer that energy and those thoughts
into the ob-ect. 9ne is to irst invo#e the element, by what ever means you see it, then
ocus that energy into your hands which hold the ob-ect, then visuali8e and eel, that
energy becoming inused within its being. i will go into more detail, in regards to what
purpose there is in charging things with the elements a little latter.
(s or ritual charging, one can either place the cleansed ob-ect in the center o the alter,
or upon the circle, which, those being the ma-or ocuses o energy within the circle, the
ob-ect by virtue o simply being there, will gather the surrounding energies. There is also,
the conscious invo#ing o the energy within the circle unto the ob-ects, by using the
above two orms o charging ob-ects.
Strength o ,ill power and belie, gives the (dept the power to wor# miracles. The more
one practices, the more real will the wor# be. It ta#es awhile or the wor# to really
maniest its sel. 9 course, there is the instant gratiication in doing the wor#, or i there
was not some reward in the beginning, there would never be any motivation to see# out
any more. The unny thing is, it will seem that one is not gaining anything more then
what is at irst given o hand. It will ta#e months, i not years or the ull reali8ation o
what is happening within ones sel, and what beneits you are gaining to become
apparent. /o matter, the simplest seeds o a git, is all there is needed, to -ustiy moving
orward upon the path. &or that irst reali8ation, gives the hope o ininite things, you will
,hatever consciousness is, it is usable, and it gives us the reedom to ocus on whatever
we desire. i am not going to get into a big discussion about ree will, or pre!destiny"
which to me is one and the same things, -ust on dierent plains o e)istence. ,hat i will
say, is that consciousness gives us the ability to be or not be, what ever we desire to be.
7pon one o the gits o man, is that we contain within our =/( structures, memories o
all other created things. .e it evolution or some other actor, this uni6ueness gives us the
ability, to shit our conscious thin#ing into any other orm o being we desire.
I you have practiced the yoga meditations earlier written about, then you might already
have an idea o what your consciousness is. The ne)t ma-or e)ercise, is the ability to shit
your consciousness into one part o the body, in e)clusion o the rest. .e it the inger, eel
the inger inside to the outside, breath through its pores, see through its pores, #now it,
live it, be the inger, or at that moment, you are the inger. 0editate, believe, and
visuali8e that it is so, or in time, you will gain great things rom these e)ercises as well
as great s#ill.
The ne)t thing to do, is shiting the consciousness over to some inanimate ob-ect, be it a
stone, metal or something as such. ?ome to #now it, and be it. The techni6ue i personally
use, is simply to spea# out loud, gently mesmeri8ing yoursel, as you tell yoursel all you
#now about the ob-ect. Telling your consciousness all that you see and eel rom the
ob-ect, letting go o your lower sel that wishes to sustain its present memory o its sel,
letting the ego go, and allowing the higher sel to ta#e over, by being passive and open.
/e)t, start to wonder how it sees and eels, how it comes to #now its world. 9ver and
over spea# such things out loud, yet letting the mind become inused slowly, as you let
the voice grow soter and more subtle, while inusing yoursel with its essence. 9nes
conscious will at irst re-ects the image, maybe blin#ing it away with tears, or some other
orm o distraction. .ut with many ailures, there will be times o attainment. The shit
will at irst be slow, yet right as you come to completely move the thought orms and
sense perceptions over, there will be a light -er# in the begging, this is the complete
transerence. ,ith inanimate ob-ects, do not worry about losing yoursel to them, or our
consciousness is so much stronger, that one lic#ering image, or outside thought, will
bring us bac# to ourselves. 9n returning you will eel e)cited on having learned some
other ormation o lie+s consciousness, yet di88y, disorientated and tired rom the
practice. The more you do such e)ercises, the easier it will be, and the less eect it will
have on the mind. &or we are everything, its simply the begging o reali8ing it as such,
that strains our present minds.
The ne)t shit is to plants, trees, etc... 9ne can use the above techni6ue to ac6uire the
transerence as with inanimate ob-ects. (lthough 3nowing that in truth all things are
animated, or they have to be, or them to be in e)istence, and in our plain o perceptions.
It is simply moving rom the lesser vibrating beings, to the higher ones, that we are
learning to do. &rom the plants, we should move into the animal realm. Starting with
simpler beings such as insects, and moving into ish, mammals, then birds. (lthough it is
not consciously threatening to wor# with animals, it is emotionally, as well as mentally
hard to deal with, i you haven+t already practiced some consciousness transerence. It is
suggested or -ust those reasons, that you start with the lower vibrations and move up. &or
it is easier on the mind to deal with, as well as ma#e it easier to do. &or i one was to try
transerring the consciousness to a moving animal, they might not even be able to ma#e
the transerence wor# simply because o them not having any control, much less the
belie to ma#e it so. 9n returning rom animals, i would personally bring bac# with me,
there eelings, and instinctual natures. (t irst it was 6uiet disturbing, ma#ing returning to
society at times, very interesting i not troublesome. So beware o the possibilities and
practice. (s or animals, using their heart as a way to move into their being, wor#s very
well. &or the blood is the carrier o the spiritual energy. So imagine at irst the animals
heart beat, eel its blood lowing through its veins, hear the sounds o your heart, its heart
within your ears, eel the two become one, as its beat becomes one, eel the blood
lowing in your veins, the animals, allow the two to become one, ta#ing all this out,
#nowing it, being it. (llow your consciousness to become one. The shit with animals is
usually a drastic one, and in most case, i the animal was unaware o your presence, will
rea# out" they will not leave rom your area at irst, being it now, you both are one. &or
in most cases your consciousness will still be attachmented to your body. :ou will be
loo#ing at the animal, and then ne)t you will be loo#ing rom the animal. It will be very
strange, and even stranger, or the animal will probably come to loo# at your body, seeing
and recogni8ing where its new ormation o consciousness is coming rom. In time you
will learn how to disembody your consciousness rom your actual body. =o not get this
conused with astral, or even mental traveling, this is completely a dierent orm o
travel, yet in it, the possibilities are limitless. I you desire to ac6uire more s#ill in this or
said art, i would suggest either inding a /ative a6uatinted in shape shiting, or a
0edicine 4erson amiliar with such transerence+s. &or all though you will come to
ac6uire these s#ills, and might even learn how to move with the animal in time, your
learning can come that much 6uic#er, and saer with a teacher. It is suggested, that you
ta#e each session in turn slowly, and start with a ew minutes, as you move till the heart is
content, while you learn what each virtues has to oer. i in my own practices have
attained unto the shiting o the animals and residing with them or a while, but as o yet,
have had no luc# in moving with them. In time, as the old wise ones say, in time...
The ne)t shit, which is moving your consciousness into the actual elements. I one has
done ritual wor#, one will have already e)perience a little o this, yet outside ritual, as
you do it anywhere, is what the desired goal is. =o -ust as beore, tal#ing yoursel into
each o the natural elements. (t irst, maybe using the physical elements will help, maybe
using the ocean, or the rain. 7se the wind, the earth+s soil, or the lames o the ire. 3eep
in mind, start with the more physical and move to the less physical. Start with earth, then
water, air, then ire. &or in dealing with the elements, you are not dealing with one
speciic consciousness, but a collection o them. &or you will see, i you practice. /ow in
my ne)t writings, i will get into inusing ones consciousness into each o the elementary
realms, and then into the consciousness o the spirit that resides, and creates all things.
The reason being, is that at the present, that is what i am wor#ing on, and i desire not to
mislead you into ma#ing my mista#e. @ather i ma#e them, and tell you what they are. (s
or why i tell you this, is simply or completeness, and letting you #now the possibilities,
least something happens to me, and i am unable to write urther.
/ow these shits will greatly help you in your ritual wor#ings. &or in elemental magic,
one can i you desire, inuse the called upon elementals consciousness into ones own. It is
dangerous, and i you haven+t a grasp on the vices o the oresaid elemental, you can ind
yoursel in a lot o trouble. :et, the beneits in doing as such, is to gain their virtues
within seconds. &or by inusing ones sel with the elementals, it is li#e charging the
talismans, or ob-ects as beore, as to gain the virtues by the grace o the magician, yet it is
only that we, gain the virtues o the elementals, by the grace o the universe.
Elemental Meditation:
The irst thing in need to do, is to ma#e a list o all ones good and bad 6ualities. $oo#ing
deep within, come to see your personality traits, do you get angered oten, depressed, shy,
etc... *verything and anything that comes to mind, mar# it within your mind. *ven better,
write it down, least you unconsciously try to orget it.
&or e)ample, one o my traits that has haunted me or years. is the obsession o beautiul
women. i would come to antasi8e over them, as they stood within my mind, mentally
masturbating over their physical image" and in some cases, as sad as it is, physically
masturbating as well. 5aving truly been disgusted with such lac# o control, and violation
o others e)ternal images, i wrote this down on my own private boo#, under negative
aspects. So, be ruthless to your sel, do not let such things go unnoticed, or try to hide
them rom your sel, mearly because you do not want to deal with them. &or one can not
cure a dis!ease, unless you #now what it is, and only then, can one hope to overcome and
cure it, as you transorm that wasted energy into some higher.
2o through your lie, really loo#, or this wor# is to give you control" control o your lie,
control o how you react to outside and inside stimuli, and control o your surroundings.
It is the serenity within that we are see#ing, or those who have peace inside, shall come
to ear nothing, or no matter what happens to them, they will always be content.
4ersonal psychology is truly one o the best things you can do or your sel. &or -ust as in
astrology, the stars rule our lives, until we master them, and then we rule them. &or in
psychology, it is those personality traits, and those psycho!babble terms that rule our
lives, and until we learn the rules, and con6uer them, we will then in turn come to rule
psychology" or in other words, we will come to control the science o our own minds. So,
learn how you react to lie+s ups and downs. (naly8e, dissect, and puriy. ,e have the
control, i only we use it. &or it is easier to let others run our lives, yet loo# now what has
become o it. $ets ta#e control, and lets wal# through the pearly gates together.
It ta#es a lot o courage and strength to be ones sel, while not allowing others opinions,
or thoughts rom disrupting who we are. :ou will become disgusted with who you are,
and who you have let yoursel become. The thoughts upon analy8ing yoursel, will
shatter all your belies o yoursel. &or who is this i have become. ,hy am i so tired, why
do i do these things, what do i care what they thin#, why do i do this thing or them, how
much money do i have, will i ma#e ends meat, will my rent go up, every little thought
will add up to how your mind wor#s" and as the philosopher said, 1I thin# there or i am.1
,e are our thoughts, i we worry all the time, we are a worrier, i we thin# li#e a doctor
all the time, we are a doctor, i we thin# li#e shit, well, you igure it out. There is cultures
that believe we are reborn unto that thought we had, when our last breath let us. I we
were thin#ing o a dog, then we would be a dog, o a loved one, then we shall once again
be with them, o a insect, and so on. :et i we were thin#ing o the 2odhead, then o
course, we would return bac# unto that which we came rom. It will get lonely, and
everything around you will seem dar#, and everyone around you will seem to be an
enemy" #now this is only the irst o the irst three great veils we must overcome to
reali8e ourselves. The light will shine upon thee, -ust preserver, and be honest with your
sel. /o one will understand, your world will be turned upside down, and you might even
come to lose your eelings, towards those that at one time you cared about. It might
happen, so -ust #now it is o#ay i it does" or others have been there to.