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Technical Information

Masonry Water Repelling Compon!s " SILTE# $%&
SILTE# $%& is a reactive state-of-art formulation, based on silane/siloxanes. It is an organic
solvent dilutable product, which imparts a colourless water repellent surface finish to mineral
construction material without significantly reducing water vapour permeability.
SILTE# $%& provides excellent water repellency when impregnating or priming mineral and
alkaline substrates also. SILTE# $%& is designed to protect most substrates including
architectural concrete, concrete blocks, split face blocks, pavers, stucco, porous and dense
brick/clay tiles, and different stone. The product provides a long lasting effect as it penetrates
the substrate being treated.
SILTE# $%& a single component silane/ siloxane formulation, also works as a primer and is
suitable for overcoating. It is also suitable for coating painted surfaces, as it does not impart
any colour change. SILTE# $%& provides water repellence within 2 hours of application. The
water repellence further improves over a week after application.
!ppearance " #lear li$uid
#olor " %ater %hite
&iluent " %ith suitable solvents
'ilane 'iloxane content ( " )**
'pecific gravity + 2,-# " ).*
.ffective on any old or new siliceous surface.
/ights dampness on the walls due to capillary action.
0on-yellowing. 1ighly !lkaline resistance
#an be applied in near-free2ing temperatures.
/ast effect. %ithin a few hrs the surface/structure becomes highly water repellent.
3ery long lasting, as the product penetrates the substrate
4educes weathering on vertical surfaces. 5revents fungus growth as the substrate
becomes water repellent.
.ffective on damp surfaces and In6ection grouting possible, to create damp proofing.
7akes plastered surface water repellent, and does not impart any colour change to
the substrate
Impart excellent water repellence and hence reduces free2e-thaw damage, cracking,
spalling, chemical
&egradation and dirt pick up, therefore enhances the life of substrate and reduce
maintenance cost.
&oes not seal the pores and capillaries and hence maintain breathability
The coatings are 83 stable and resistant to biological degradation.
#an be used as a primer, saving the cost of an additional coat.
Technical Information
SILTE# $%& reacts with the atmospheric moisture thereby generating active resin while
liberating alcohol. Thus formed active ingredient imparts excellent water repellence to the
substrate and is ideally suitable for imparting water repellence to absorbent, porous 9
mineral construction materials such as
:rick works
7ineral based natural and artificial stone
!erated concrete.
#ement fiberboards
7ineral paints 9 5lasters
SILTE# $%& should be diluted )"2* ;parts by weight< with suitable diluents such as aliphatic
hydrocarbons ;%hite 'pirit :oiling point )=,-)>,-#< and aromatic hydrocarbons ;'olvent
naphtha< or low odour Iso paraffin hydrocarbons. !nhydrous alcohols such as ethanol or 2-
propanol are also preferred where solvent sensitive materials e.g. expanded styrene and
bitumen etc. is to be impregnated-
SILTE# $%& should be diluted with brief stirring as it dissolves spontaneously and
appearance will not change until its pot life has expired. .xcellent results are obtained, when
this is diluted with suitable solvent in a ratio of )"), to )"2,, and when the diluted solution is
used on the day of dilution. !lthough the coverage could be in the region of )2, -),* s$
meters, it may vary depending on the absorbance of the surface.
The substrate should be air dry and absorbent. The diluted solution should be liberally
applied in at least two coats, wet on wet, to the surface of material. The solution can be
applied by brushing, spraying or flooding ;flooding or spraying is preferable wherever
5rior to application, ensure to cover windows and other non-absorbent surfaces properly as
the product cures $uickly and therefore it is very difficult to remove it after a few days. %ipe
off any splashes on windowpanes immediately using soapy water, or if necessary, an organic
5lease refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) thoroughly for information on handling,
safety, toxicology, transportation, storage and use. The material safety data sheet is
available upon re$uest.
SILTE# $%& possesses a low order of toxicity. 1owever this poses no ha2ard to industrial
handling if reasonable care and cleanliness are observed. The acute oral toxicity is not
SILTE# $%& should be stored at temperatures between *-# and =*-# in tightly closed
original container, kept away from direct sunlight. SILTE# $%& has a shelf life of at least )2
months when stored in original unopened containers kept at 2,-#. ?mtexchem warranty on
the product is for )2 months from the date of shipment of the product.
Technical Information
!vailable in 2*kgs or 2**kgs 1&5. containers.