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Brief Introduction
Acupotomology, a fusion of the basic theories of traditional Chinese and modern western
medicine, has formed a complete system of medical science. This is a revolution in the medical
field. Moreover, it symbolizes a new era in the medical science.
Acupotomology and acupotomy were awarded a gold medal at !th Brussels "ure#a $orld %air
for Invention &research and industrial innovation '.The inventor and founder, (rofessor )hu
*anzhang won the +fficer Medal, also he was awarded a domestic reward of a *uaTuo ,old
Based on the completely new theory and outstanding curative effect, acupotomology and
acupotomy have e.tensively been accepted by numerous patients . Medical wor#ers have the/
greatest esteem for the research .Acupotomology and acupotomy have been proved to be highly
important by the national health departments. Many medical e.perts, domestic or overseas, have
paid much attention to them.
The ,reat $all *ospital, located in Bei0ing, authorized by the 1ational Aadministration Bereau of
Traditional Chinese Medicine, bases on traditional Chinese medicine and specializes in
Through two decades of arduous wor# and research, acupotomology was founded by the chief
doctor, prof. )hu *anzhang , the president of the ,reat $all *ostipal organized by the Acadamy
of Chinese Traditional Medicine. Based on the invention of small needle2scalpel therapy,
acupotomology has been founded as a new medicine style. It combines traditional Chinese
medicine with modern western medicine. 3nder the guidance of dialectical materialism and
philosophical thin#ing, acupotomology brea#s through the opposite patterns of the abstract
thin#ing formula of Chinese medicine and the figurative formula of moderm western medicine.
3sing creative and distinctive pattern of thin#ing, acupotomology fuses together with the two
basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western. It has gradually established a
new and 4uite complete theory system of medical science. And the fundamental conceptions,
basic contents and treatment principles have been established completely.
The basic theory can be divided into four parts5
6. the theory concerning the etiology and pathology of chronic to soft tissues7
8. the theory concerning the etiology and pathology of abnormal bony growths7
. the theory concerning the essence of channels and collaterals of traditional Chinese medicine7
9. the theory concerning closed surgery7
//// These theories are related to the basic categories of traditional Chinese and modern western
medicine, and have been proved by the clinical practice and millions of cured patients during last
two decades. &for details, see AC3(+T+M+:+,;, written by )hu *an zhang'. -hang Tianyu , a
famous Chinese osteotraumatic e.pert e.pressed warmly admiration,<= Based on the development
of acupotomy, acupotomology is a new style of medical science. It has developed from traditional
medicine, with the characteristics of modern science and techni4ue.<= (rofessor $ang >uetai, an
eminent acupuncturist and former president of the $ord %ederation of Acupuncture and
Mo.ibustion -ocieties has predicted,<= If traditional Chinese medicine wants to ta#e steps to the
word, acupotomolomy has the best prospect to turn it into reality.<=
Acupotomolopy carries out both the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and modern
western medicine simultaneously. It utilizes the most up2to2date achievements in modern natural
scientific research. Acupotomology ma#es an essential leap to the recognition of diseases, to the
research methods of etiology and pathology, as well as to the diagnosis and the therapeutic
methods. As a great value to etiology and pathology, acupotomology has rectified some mista#es
in the past views, rediscovered and redefined some obscure views. Thus surgeons can
substantially understand human physiology and pathology, precisely determine the locations of the
pathological changes, and carefully and e.actly manipulate the therapy techni4ue. Conse4uently
five great changes have been brought out in therapeutic methods and cure effects.
6. change a great number of untreatable diseases into rapidly treatable diseases7
8. change a great number of incurable diseases into curable diseases7
. change open surgery into closed surgery without brea#age of the s#in or bleeding7
9. change complicated treatments into simple treatments7
?. change traumatic, painful treatments into almost nontraumatic painless treatments.
As the practical basis and concrete manipulation techni4ue of acupomology, acupotomy is an
organic combination of the traditional Chinese acupuncture and modern western surgery.
Moreover, it is a development and a successful e.ample of a fusion with traditional Chinese
medicine and western medicine. -mall needle2scalpel &or acupotomy' is a miniature surgical
instrument. It combines a <@needle<= for acupuncture with a <@scalpel<= for surgery &the shape
loo#s li#e a needle for acupuncture, A.Bmm in diameter, with a sharp bladed tip'. The needle2
scalpel has obtained and combined the therapeutic advantages of both two instruments. It has
solved many difficult problems that could not be settled by past therapeutic techni4ues. Thus,
many #inds of intractable diseases that could not be treated by routine treatments can be cured
now. -uch as5
6. aseptic necrosis femoris7
8. severe cervical spondylopathy &eg, hyperosteogeny of cervical vertebra'7
. severe lumbar spondylopathy &eg, sciatica due to prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc,
paralysis of lower limbs due to dislocation of lumbar vertebra, etc.'7
9. all #inds of limb Coints diseases &eg, scapulohumeral periarthritis , an#ylosis, etc.'7
?. severe hyperosteogeny and all #inds of ailments result from spurs7
D. severe rheumatoid arthritis7
!. severe limb deformity &eg, hump bac#, child <@o<=2shaped leg'7
It can be assured that every cured case using acupotomy is a miracle. The small needle2scalpel has
aroused highly eulogy throughout China. It is called <@Chinese magical scalpel .<=
To treat difficult and complicate cases, acupotomy has remar#able advantages as following5
6. wide2range treatment7
1ot only has it accurate curative effects on all #inds of diseases of vertebral column Coints and
other limbs Coints, on lesions in soft tissues, on all #inds of abnormal bony growths and
deformities, but also it has 4uite satisfied effects on many difficult diseases of internal medicine,
such as se4uelae of cerebral thrombosis, cholelithiasis,
cholecystitis, functional heart diseases, intractable asthma, incurable chronic hepatitis after long
time medical therapy, diabetes mellitus, prostatic hypertrophy, mastadenitis, pancreatitis, chronic
nephritis, chronic gastric ulcer, chronic colitis, etc.7
6. simple and easy treatment7
All manipulations need only a small needle2scapel, sterilized gloves, gauze mas#s, sterilized drape
with an opening. After routine sterilization of s#in, the treatment many begin. All the process last
only ten more minutes, or even a few minutes.
6. rapidly therapeutic effects but radical7
,enerally, once treatment becomes effective, three times treatments are enough to cure a case and
some cases can even be cued only once for all.
6. no incision, no bleeding and less pain7
8. no se4uelae, complication and side effect7
. less e.penditure on therapy7
)hu *anzhang himself and his students all over the country have tested thousands of treated cases
and concluded that the curative effect rate is BB.E, and total effective rate is beyond FB.BE.
Acupotomology and acupotomy are welcomed by large numbers of patients and appreciated by
doctors for its new theory and transcendent curative effect. It has been highly regarded by national
sanitary section and has gained broad attention in the both domestic and foreign medical fields.
This achievement won a ,old Medal at the !th Brussels "ure#a $ord %air for Invention
&research and industrial innovation 'in 6FBB. The founder, prof. )hu *anzhang was awarded an
+fficer Medal and several national medals in domestic medical field, such as *uatuo ,old -tatue
reward. *e was called <@the first highly2s#illed doctor in China .<=Acupotomy has started to
spread since 6FB!. 6D? national2wide training classes and more than 8AA local classes have been
hold until now. More than twenty thousand doctors have studied systemically and mastered
primarily this theory and therapy, including 8?AA doctors superior to associate professor, co2chief
doctor. Many doctors were praised by patients for its supernatural effects which were attained by
acupotomy. Their leechcrafts have been reported by newspaper, broadcast and TG, so the have
eventually become famous doctors in local places. -ome of them were elected as wor# models,
delegates attended in local government, and also recovered the vitality in the elementary hospitals
facing difficulties. In 6FF8, authorized by the Institution of Chinese -cience and Technology and
the Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine, the Branch Association of Acutomolomy of
Chinese Traditional Medical Academy was founded, )hu *anzhang was elected as the council
director. $ith wide spread in the air, through information and by scholarly communications, the
influence on Acupotomology and acupotomy has been more and more immense, and
popularization has been widely raised throughout China. -pecial hospitals and therapy centers on
acupotomy have been founded in many provinces, cities and even counties. 9 countries in the
world have established acupotomy constitutions, The governmental hygiene departments and
research organizations of many countries have warmly invited professor )hu *anzhang to give
lectures on acupotomology and acupotomy.
In March 6FF9, the ,reat $all *ospital of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Acadamy was
founded, authorized by the 1ational Aadministration Bereau of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
This hospital is a large hospital, based on traditional Chinese medicine, characterized by
acupotomology and fusing $estern medicine with traditional medicine, Meanwhile, the Academy
of Acupotomogy and the Acupotomy Training Center were also founded, which directly belong to
the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They have been founded to be the bases of
treatment, teaching and research of acupotomology , and are the highest schools of
acupotomology in our country. The ,reat $all *ospital accumulated the most outstanding talents
with ample #nowledge of acupotomology from all over the country. They possess not only good
theory of acupotomology and rich clinical e.perience, but also high medical morality.

$elcome the patients with difficult diseases to come to our hospital. $e will cure your diseases,
relieve your pain and recover your health through our zest, distinguished cure effect and e.cellent
To conveniently recognize the theory and clinical application clearly, we list a brief table as
Brief summary of acupotomology system
Content 6 Theory concerning closed surgery
1ew theory
and concept
6. micromic anatomy7
8. steoroanatomy7
./ dynamic anatomy7
9. /body surface location7
?./ four2step manipulation7
D./ B methods of closed surgery7
!./ 66 #inds of enter way of closed
B. scapels used in closed surgery
2222miniature surgery instrument&small
Healize the transformation from open
surgery to closed surgery, ma#e closed
surgery popularizable, realize the
e.pectation of human that need closed
surgery and solve all #inds of problems
meet in closed surgery.
-uperiority Ma#e surgery with no trauma and avoid
the complication and se4uelae after
surgery7 less pain, less e.penditure ,
shorter period of therapy and better
recovery of function7 promote surgery into
a new era
Indications All #inds of surgery and some internal
medical diseases
3nder the guidance of this new theory, we
have achieved satisfactory effects after
treated with the closed surgery by using
small needle2scalpel. It includes tens of
#inds of disease.6,A69,AAA cases have
been treated. The curative rate and notable
effective rate reach BF.6E and the
effective rate e.ceeds FBE&counted in
Content 8 Theory concerning the essence of
channels and collaterals science
1ew theory
and concept
A united system consists of synthetic
effects of neural refle. system,
electrophysical conduction system and
body fluid conduction system2body
information reactive system.
+bCectively elucidate the essential
meaning e.isting in channels and
collaterals science, scientifically e.plain
the principle of acupuncture therapy and
small needle2scapel therapy to difficult
diseases7 therefore modernize the
traditional channels and collaterals theory.
Meanwhile overcome the difficult
situation met in the past research on the
channels and collaterals theory.
-uperiority Improve the effects of acupuncture and
lead the acupuncture therapy into a new
stage as for theory and method, prevent
most patients from chemical drugs, side
effects, shorten the period of therapy, and
find a new way to cure many difficult
Indications Iifficult internal medical diseases and
dermatology, pediatrics, gynecology, etc.
3nder the guidance of this theory, at least
more than BA #inds of internal diseases or
6BD,AAA cases obtained fairly satisfied
effects. The curative rate and notable
effective rate are up to F8.9E, and
effective rate e.ceeds FB.E. &counted in
Content Theory concerning the etiology and
pathology of chronic soft tissue lesions.
1ew theory Imbalance of dynamic e4uilibrium, the
and concept root cause of chronic soft2tissue lesions
Chronic soft2tissue lesions are regarded as
a big clinical problem difficult to solve for
ages. It is mainly because the etiology and
pathology are unclear. There were many
theories in the past, but none is the basic
reason for these #inds of disease, only
indicated a #ind of pathological
phenomenon during the pathological
process. If we discover the real etiology
and pathology of this #ind of disease, we
can thoroughly resolve the treatment
problem. The theory concerning
imbalance of dynamic e4uilibrium, in a
word, solves this difficult problem of
-uperiority According to the theory of imbalance of
dynamic e4uilibrium, the chronic soft2
tissue lesion, regarded as a big clinical
problem difficult to resolve for ages, can
be easy to cure now, with little pain, little
cost, rapid effect, and with well functional
recovery. The treatment has simple, easy,
low2price and testable characteristics.
Indications All #inds of chronic soft2tissue lesions.
3nder the guidance of this theory, during
nearly two decades, doctors around China
have treated more than a million cases
with remar#able effects. The curative rate
and notable effective rate are up to F8E,
and effective rate is beyond FBE&counted
in 6FF6'
Content 9 Theory concerning the etiology of
1ew theory
Imbalance of dynamic e4uilibrium is the
root cause of abnormal bony growths.
Although the inner body stresses are
complicate, three main states may be
summarized as5 traction, pressure and
inflation. $here there occurs an
imbalance of these three stress factors, the
compensatory mechanism of the inner
body stresses will give the action, so
calcification, ossification, then
hyperosteogeny may occur, which
indicates the site of the higher inner stress.
The hyperosteogenic diseases have a 4uite
high incidence. The etiology is still to be
un#nown. ,enerally it was thought that
the etiology was due to retrograde
degeneration &for aging'. But this theory
could not e.plain the obCective clinical
phenomenon &because many people in the
middle age or even young people were
suffered from the disease '7 more over, it
made the clinical doctors cannot find a
thorough way to cure it. They felt 4uite
helpless to a large part of the patients
suffering from long time pain. $ith the
foundation of the new etiological theory
of overgrowth and protuberance of bony
tissure, it has now solved the treatment
problem and made rapid recovery of the
most part of the patients. It has also
solved the difficult theoretical problem in
the medical field simultaneously.
-uperiority The foundation of the new etiological
theory of overgrowth and protuberance of
bony tissue has enlighted the etiology of a
great deal of intricate hyperosteogeny
diseases, thus an effective therapeutic
method has been found. It has soon
removed the pain of many patients, and
recovered their health.
Indications All #inds of abnormal bony growths,
spurs, ossification, sclerosis diseases.
3sing this theory, acupotomy surgeons
around China has treated 8,8DA,AAA cases
of this #ind of diseases nearly two
decades. The effects are perfect. Curative
rate and notable rate are up to BAE,
effective rate is up to FBE & counted in
-i. main
6. physiopathology of acupotomology ,
8. manipulation of acupotomology ,
. imageology of acupotomology,
9. diagnostics of acupotomology,
?. therapeutics of acupotomology,
D. 1ursing -cience of acupotomology,
These have been tested by millons of
clinical cases.

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