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ASTM A-6/A-6M-07

4. Ordering information
Information items to be considered, if appropriate, for inclusion in purchase order are as follows:
ASTM product specification designation and year-date
Name of structural product (plate, shape, bar, sheet piling)
Shape designation, or size and thickness or diameter
Grade, class, and type designation, if applicable
Condition (see section 6), if other than as-rolled
Quantity (weight[mass] or number of pieces)
Exclusion of either structural product produced from coil or structural product produce
from an as-rolled structural product (see 5.3 and Appendix X1), if applicable
Heat treatment requirements (see 6.2 and 6.3), if any
Testing for fine austenitic grain size (see 8.3.2)
Mechanical property test report requirements (see section 14), if any
Special packaging, marking, and loading for shipment requirements (see section 19), if any
Supplementary requirements, if any, including any additional requirements called for in
the supplementary requirements
End use, if there are any end-use-specific requirements (see 18.1, 11.3.4, Table 22 or Table
A1.22, and Table 24 or Table A1.24)
Special requirements (see 1.10), if any, and
Repair welding requirements (see 9.5), if any
7 Chemical analyses
Heat analysis: For each heat, the heat analysis shall include determination of the content of
carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, copper,
vanadium, columbium; any other element that is specified or restricted by the applicable product
specification for the applicable grade, class, and type; and any austenitic grain refining element
whose content is to be used in place of austenitic grain size testing of the heat (see 8.3.2)
Product analysis: For each heat, the purchaser shall have the option of analyzing representative
samples taken from the finished structural product. Sampling for chemical analysis and methods
shall be in accordance with A751. The product analysis so determined shall conform to the heat
analysis requirements of the applicable product specification, for the applicable grade, class and
type, subjected to the permitted variations in product analysis given in Table A.
8 Metallurgical Structure
Where austenitic grain size is required, such testing shall be in accordance with E112 and at least
70% of the grains in the area examined shall meet the specified grain size requirement.
If Coarse Austenitic grain size is specified: the austenitic grain number per heat shall be in range of
1 to 5 inclusive, and when Fine austenitic grain size is specified; it shall be 5 or higher.
Unless testing for fine austenitic grain size is specified in the purchase order, an austenitic grain
size test need not be made for any heat that has, by heat analysis, one or more of the following:
A total aluminum content of 0.020% or more.
An acid soluble aluminum content of 0.015% or more
A content for an austenitic grain refining element that exceeds the minimum value agreed to by
the purchaser as being sufficient for austenitic grain size testing to be waived, or contents for the
combination of two or more austenitic grain refining elements that exceed the applicable
minimum values agreed to by the purchaser as being sufficient for austenitic grain size testing to
be waived.
9 Quality
General: Structural products shall be free of injurious defects and shall have a workmanlike finish