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Section: Pharmaceuticals

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Impact of Nanotechnology on Drug Delivery
The emergence of nanotechnology platforms can enable development and
commercialization of entirely new classes of bioactive macromolecules that need
precise intracellular delivery for bioactivity.
While both organic and inorganic technologies are under development, controlled-
release polymer technologies and liposomes will likely continue to have the greatest
clinical impact for the foreseeable future.
Omid C. Farokhzad * and Robert Langer *

Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Biomaterials and

Department of Anesthesiology, Brigham and Womens
Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston,
Massachusetts 02115

MIT!Harvard Center for Cancer Nanotechnology


Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts

Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
ACS Nano, 2009, 3 (1), pp 1620
DOI: 10.1021/nn900002m
Publication Date (Web): January 27, 2009
Copyright 2009 American Chemical Society
* Address correspondence to,
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Farokhzad, Omid C.
Published In Issue
January 27, 2009
Article ASAP
January 27, 2009
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Omid C. Farokhzad
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Nanotechnology is the engineering and manufacturing of materials at the atomic and molecular
scale. In its strictest denition from the National Nanotechnology Initiative, nanotechnology
refers to structures roughly in the 1!100 nm size regime in at least one dimension. Despite this
size restriction, nanotechnology commonly refers to structures that are up to several hundred
nanometers in size and that are developed by top-down or bottom-up engineering of individual
components. Herein, we focus on the application of nanotechnology to drug delivery and
highlight several areas of opportunity where current and emerging nanotechnologies could
enable entirely novel classes of therapeutics.
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