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Sleep and Dreams Midterm Study Guide

Conditions for sleep

perceptual disengagement
Electroencephalography(EEG) - ink writing polygraph which allowed the brain wave activity to be
Electro-oculogram (EOG) rapid eye movement detection and recording
Circadian - close to 24 hours
suprachiasmatic nuclei - house the biological clock
polysomnography - continuous all night recording of multiple variables
electromyogram (EMG) - measuring muscle contractions during sleep
reticular activating system - brain stem network that amplifies the sensory processing and fosters he
maintenance of wakefulness
Retrograde amnesia - forgetting of events that have occurred just before falling asleep
Hypnagogic imagery - images and disconnected thoughts that individuals awakened a few seconds to a
minute or so after the onset of sleep recall
Sleep start - sensation of floating which is occasionally abruptly terminated by the sensation of falling
with a startle, a jerk of the muscles, and a return to wakefulness
REM sleep
characterized by less prominent alpha rhythm brain waves
unique saw tooth waves are present
sleep spindles and high amplitude slow waves are absent
clock dependent alerting - alerting influence from biological clock
opponent process model - interaction between sleep homeostasis and clock dependent alerting
MSLT test - measures the average length of time it takes a person to fall asleep during the day
Microsleeps - brief periods of sleep usually consisting of NREM sleep of which a person is not aware
and denies being asleep
Psychomotor vigilance task - reaction timing test
Hypnopompic refers to the brief interval of waking up
Manifest content - overt conscious experience of the dream
latent content - hidden wishes, motives, and driving force of the dream
condensation - refers to the connection between the manifest dream content and all the latent dream
thoughts that appear to be related to it.
displacement - a latent dream thought is simply displaced upon a manifest image without any obvious
secondary revision - final process by which the dream work is hypothesized to add interpolations and
additions to the manifest dream content so that it becomes more coherent
Sigmund Freud - free associations
Carl Jung - amplification of latent desires
collective unconscious
Hobson McCarley - dreams are random
Narcolepsy - autoimmune condition
human leukocyte antigens (HLA) cellular marker often present in patients with narcolepsy
sleep onset REM period
sleep paralysis
hypnagogic hallucinations
caused by abnormal rem processesq
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