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S/O Chaturbhuj Kumawat
318-Tak Building, Kharol Colony, Fethapura, E-Mail:
Udaipur, Pin Code-313001 Mobile No.: +91-9460694900

Career Goal:-
I have a strong desire to pursue a responsible and challenging career as teaching professional in
progressive organization that allow me to effectively use my knowledge and technical skills and be
part of a dynamic team that works towards overall growth of the organization . I am keen to learn
new things, improve skills and implement them for better goals.

Professional Qualifications:
M.Tech. in Digital & Wieless Communication Engineering from Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur
with Aggregate 6.85 SGPA .

Course : B.E.
Branch : Electronics & Communication Engineering
College : Shrinathji Institute of Technology & Engineering, Nathdwara.
University : University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
Result : 1
Division (Aggregate percentage 65.34%)

Academic Qualifications:-

( Secondary) Examinations from RBSE (Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Dhoinda ) in 2002 with 76.83%.
(Senior Secondary)Examinations from RBSE (Govt.Sr. Sec.School, Kankroli ) in 2004 with 61%.

Experience :-
(Six Year Teaching Experience)
Presently Working as Assistant Professor, Electronics & Comm. Deptt. (Aravali Institute of
Technical Studies, Udaipur) From July 2012 affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University.

Responsibilities as Industrial Visit/Training & Picnic, Department In charge in AITS, Udaipur.

Working in Marketing Team for Admission Counseling in Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat & Rajasthan.

Worked as Assistant Professor, Electronics & Comm. Deptt. (Maharaja College of Engineering,
Udaipur) From Oct.-2009 to June-2012 affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University.


Responsibilities as Department Incharge (H.O.D.) in Maharaja College of Engineering, Udaipur.

Worked as Guest-Lecturer in Electronics & Comm. Deptt.(Government Polytechnic College,
Rajsamand ) From Aug.-2008 to Sep.-2009 affiliated to BTER, Jodhpur.

Organizing following Workshop in Maharaja College of Engineering & AITS, Udaipur
1. Workshop on Industrial Automation.
2. Workshop on PCB Design.
3. Workshop on Embedded & Robotics.
4. In-House Industrial Training on Embedded & Robotics.

Paper Published:

Three National Level Paper Presented in NCIET-2014at AITS, Udaipur (14
), April 2014.

One National Level Paper Presented in RAWCAI-2014at CTAE, Udaipur (14
), March

One paper Published in International Journal of Soft Computing & Engineering (IJSCE) Titled
An Implementation of FEC Code using convolution Encoding with Viterbi Decodingon 5
November 2012.

One International Paper Presented in ICRTCTA-2012at Udaipur (21

, April 2012.

One National Level Paper Presented in ETREEE-2012at Bhilwara (25

, February 2012.

Seminars/Workshops Attended :

Attended Workshop on JOOMLA (Open Source CMS for Web Development ) in MCE ,Udaipur
on 12
November 2012.

Attended Workshop on The roll of Multi Media in Telecommunication in Present Scenario
in MCE ,Udaipur on 20 April 2012.

Attended One Day Workshop on PLCSCADA in AITS, Udaipur on 12
October 2012.

Attended Seminar on 8-Bit Microcontroller in AITS ,Udaipur on 2
November 2012 One Day
Workshop .

Attended Faculty Development Program in AITS, Udaipur on 6
& 7
February 2013.

Attended Ten Days workshop on Emerging Trends in Power Electronics & Their
Applications at CTAE, Udaipur on 2
to 14
of June 2013.

Attended 2 week workshop on Recent Trends in Power Electronics & Their Controls For
Industrial Drives and Renewable Energy CTAE, Udaipur on 2
to 14
of December 2013.


Seminar Presentation on :
Optical Switching
Nano Technology

Subject Interests:

Electronic Devices & Circuits
Analog Electronics
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Digital Electronics
Communication system
Digital Signal Processing
Wireless Communication
Antenna & Wave Propagation
Biomedical Instrumentation
Control System (For ECE/EE/EX Branch)
Mechanical Measurement & Control (For ME Branch)

Technical Skill Set:
Operating Systems: Windows7, XP.
Microprocessor 8085.
Electronics CAD Lab (Multisim), MAT LAB, VHDL, Or-CAD.

M.Tech. Dissertation Work:
Project : Am Implementation of FEC Code Using Convolution Encoding With
Viterbi Decoding.
Organization: Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur.

This thesis, as the name suggests, shows the working of a forward error correction FEC)
coding technique using convolutional encoding with Viterbi decoding. It can be used by
any one interested in designing or understanding wireless digital communications
Technique systems.
The convolutional encoders are investigated in respect of the parameter bit error rate.
The decoding of convolutional codes is based on Viterbi algorithm.

Project Developed:

1. Project (April-May 2008) : Prepaid Energy Meter
Organization : SITE, Nathdwara

Description : Prepaid energy meter is similar working to mobile phone. The meter is recharged
by money value by a set then meter starts to supply energy to load until balance in meter reaches to
prescribed value and user is alerted by an alarm panel to recharge again otherwise supply will be off.


This circuit is built around microcontroller-8951,EEPROM-24C04, Display unit(LCD JHD-162A),
Anolog electric meter (calibrate LED is used), Trigger switch, PhotoDiode, LED, Relay, transformer
,Buzzer and other circuitry parts.

2. Project (Oct.-Nov. 2007) : Micro Motor Controller
Organization : SITE, Nathdwara

Description : Using this circuit, we can control the rotation of a DC micromotor simply by
pressing two Push-To-On switches momentarily.The circuit is built around two NE 555 ICs and a
quad NAND IC CD 4011. The NE555 ICs are configured as inverting buffers.

Summer Training:

1.Project ( June-July 2007) : PLC
Organization : J.K. TYRE , KANKROLI

Description: The Programmable Logic Controller was originally intended to replace the relay logic.
It is thus capable of performing relay switching and also other operations like counting, comparing,
calculating, processing of analog signals. PLC uses program instruction in Ladder language to control
industrial system.

2. Project (June-July-2006) : PLC
Organization : B.S.N.L., RAJSAMAND

Description: C-DOT DSS MAX is a universal switch and can be used as local transit or integrated
local and transit switch. Various products proposed to be developed by C-DOT include small RAX
exchange of 128 ports for rural network to big C-DOT MAX XL exchange for metropolitan

Personal Details :
Fathers Name : Mr. Chaturbhuj Kumawat
Mothers Name : Mrs. Kuki Devi
Date of Birth : Jul. 08,1987
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Married
Languages Known : Hindi, English
Strength : Dedication, Hardworking, Positive Attitude, Integrity and Creativity,
Analytical Capability
Weakness : Introvert , Thirfty
Hobbies : Reading newspaper, Playing Cricke, Listening to music
Present Address : 318-Tak Building, Kharol Colony, Fethapura,
Udaipur, Pin Code-313001
I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Udaipur