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Prerequisite MEE216 Thermal Engineering Systems
Objectives: 1. To enable the students to understand the principles of refrigeration and
air conditioning
2. To teach the students how to calculate the cooling load for different
applications of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
3. To expose the students to cyclic controls and system balancing
4. To teach students the principles of psychrometry
5. To develop the knowledge of students in selecting the right equipment
for a particular application of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
Student will be able to
1. Possess the knowledge of system components of refrigeration and air
2. Design and implement refrigeration and air conditioning systems using
3. Apply the knowledge of psychrometry in calculating cooling load and
heating load calculations
Unit I Refrigeration Cycles and Refrigerants
Vapour compression refrigeration cycles-Air refrigeration cycles-Simple saturated vapour
compression refrigeration cycle-P-H charts - Multi stage compression Multi evaporator
system-cascade system-Vapour absorption systems.
Unit II System Components
Refrigeration classification Designation-Alternate refrigerants Global warming and
Ozone depleting aspects. Refrigerant compressors Reciprocating Rotary - Condensers -
Evaporators - Expansion devices - Cooling towers.
Unit III Cycling Controls and System Balancing
Pressure temperature control range and different settings - Selection and balancing of
system components - Graphical method.
Unit IV Psychrometry
Moist air properties - Psychrometric chart - Different Psychrometric process analysis.
Unit V Air Conditioning
Air conditioning systems classification - Cooling load calculations - different types of
loads - GRSHF - ERSHF - Estimation Of total load - Air distribution patterns - Dynamic
and frictional losses in air ducts - Equal friction method - Fan characteristics of duct
Text Books
W. F. Stocker and J . W. J ones, (2002), Refrigeration and Air conditioning, McGraw Hill.
1. Manohar Prasad, (1998), Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Wiley Eastern Ltd.
2. Arora, C. P., (2007), Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing
Company Ltd.
3. S. C. Arora and Dumkundwar, (1996), Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Dhanpathrai
Mode of Evaluation Quiz/Assignment/ Seminar/Written Examination
Recommended by the Board of Studies on: 31-10-2009
Date of Approval by the Academic Council: 27-11-2009