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Love in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Love plays a very important role in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes
were watching God. Janie spent her days looing !or love. "he thought o!
love #ust as she thought o! the elements o! springtime$ "unny days% &right
sies% a &ee pollinating pear tree &lossoms. "he searched !ar and wide !or
this ind o! per!ect love.

Logan 'illics couldn't give this ind o! love to Janie. He may
not have loved her at all. To him% Janie was #ust another woring set o!
hands. He treated her almost lie another man. He was inconsiderate o!
her !eelings% her hopes% her aspirations. He pro&a&ly didn't now the
color o! her eyes. Janie was wored hard &y Logan. He made her do all
sorts o! things that only men should have to have done. He was even going
to mae her plow the (elds)a #o& that re*uires a considera&le amount o!
strength$ strength that Janie didn't have. Janie complained that nothing
&eauti!ul was ever said. "he had no love with Logan 'illics. That is why
she le!t him !or a man that showed much potential to give the ind o! love
she was looing !or.

The whistling man that Janie ran away with was Jody "tars. With
Jody% Janie thought that she would !orever have +,ower dust and springtime
sprinled over everything.+ "he thought she'd have +a &ee !or her &loom.+
"he didn't e-actly (nd this in Jody though. .n him she de(nitely !ound
change and chance% &ut still not the love she was looing !or. What Jody
had !or Janie was more o! a lust than a love. He was very protective o!
her and didn't want anyone else to see in her what he saw. He gave Janie
many things including lots o! money% &ut he couldn't give her love. The
little love that was there eventually died. "o did Jody.

/inally% Janie met up with Tea 0ae. The moved together to the
1uc in the /lorida Everglades and lived in Tea 0ae's "hanty. They spent
each new day together. They laughed together% (shed and hunted together%
taled together% and spent time with !riends together. These were all
things that were missing !rom her previous relationships. They had made
her to &e some&ody that she wasn't. Tea 0ae let her &e hersel!. He loved
her #ust the way she was. He encouraged her to &e what she wanted to &e%
to !ollow her dreams% her thoughts% her aspirations. Janie had (nally
!ound her &ee. Tea 0ae was the per!ect &ee !or her &loom. "he loved him
with all o! her heart. They had the ind o! everlasting love that she had
longed !or all her li!e.

Tea 0ae one day rescued Janie !rom a mad dog% &ut was &itten in
his heroic e2ort. /or a !ew months there was no e2ect% &ut when the
ra&ies hit him% it was un&eara&le. .t eventually got so incredi&ly &ad
that Tea 0ae tried to ill Janie. His did this not out o! hate !or her
&ut &ecause o! the mad dog within him. The was no way out !or her. "he
desperately wished !or things to &e the way they used to &e% &ut those
wishes were not answered. "he eventually shot and illed Tea 0ae. Janie
was tried !or murder% &ut was emancipated &ecause everyone new that
she did was an act o! love. "he simply didn't want him to su2er any more.

Janie searched !or the special love that she saw &etween the &ee
and the &loom !or a long time. "he (nally !ound it in Tea 0ae% &ut had
to ill him. 'illing him was pro&a&ly the &iggest act o! love made in her
whole li!e.

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