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Alone and naked, Jacquie climbed on the table to lie down on her belly. After a brief look around the
room a deep calming breath, she decided to rest his head on crossed arms, rather than the rest,
which was provided to the head. Her cute butt naked and vulnerable and Jacquie lifted her head,
wondering what to do. Moving his hands to be able to deny the elbows felt a small towel under her
outfit. It was small and white, but it was nothing more than a towel. He realized that it was all she
had to protect her modesty, quickly spread it across the bottom, but lie again to wait nervously.
When patiently waited, her mind began to wander. When she entered the air-conditioned office first
thing she noticed was a very handsome man, sitting at a table in a white lab coat. His name tag said
to her that his name was John. A moment later, John lifted his head and looked deep into her eyes.
Jacquie felt naked, not naked, naked, naked but vulnerable; as he could see through her and into her
soul. Startled impact his view, Jacquie shaking. Noticing her Twitter, John wanted to reassure her,
so he flashed his most pleasant smile.
Pulling herself together and quietly admonishing herself for her schoolgirl reaction to it, she said her
name, but she said it so quietly that it hear. Given that he was looking at his diary before she came
in knowing that her name was Jacquie.
He stood behind the elegant desk, John handed her a clip board with pen clipped under the lever.
"Would you please sit there and fill it when I see the room?" he said, pointing to a small but nicely
decorated waiting room.
"Sure," said Jacquie but again barely hear her when he left her to do what had to be "room".
When he sat down in one of the two chairs in front of a small table with magazines neatly stacked on
one side, Jacquie watched his retreating back. She saw a lab coat was tight against broad shoulders
and flowing on the sides designed slim waist.
Jacquie returned the questionnaire. She responded to questions quickly, because they all looked
quite normal on forms like these. She completed the others, as well as a chiropractor in the office
and the ophthalmologist just the other day. When she was done, Jacquie stepped forward and laid it
on the table. Just as he was about to return to his seat waiting John came out and asked her to follow
He led her down a short hallway, John opened the door to the room she prepared for her, when he
completed the required forms. John asked her to jump up on the table at the moment when he kicked
the stool a little closer to be able to stand up without difficulty.
John put a blood pressure cuff on her arm and smiled at her again, he draws it and gripped his arm.
A moment later the air was released with a hiss and her hand was free. Another stood in front of her
and opened few buttons of her white silk blouse. He put the stethoscope in his ears and put cold
metal ring just below her left breast. Her heart was beating at an outrageous pace and she knew
that he knew why. Jacquie tried not to look at him, he would not show her embarrassment, but his
eyes drew her to him like a moth to a flame, and smiled again. As if nothing was said between them
with this view, John took off his stethoscope and suggested that she go to the bathroom across the
hall before taking off and turned to leave.
Last unbutton a few buttons on her blouse, Jacquie examined his surroundings. Silk garment slid
silently down his arms as his eyes wandered around the room. She saw a small lamp with a low watt
bulb and a dark shade to keep the lighting dim. Reaching between her breasts, he undid the clasp
and slid the lacy white lingerie from her shoulders like a shirt. Her manicured fingers reached to
unbutton her skirt and slowly slide the zipper down before wiggling hips in support of his descent on
her black heels legs. Still only in her panties and shoes, Jacquie took a deep breath to notice sent
from soft musk. On a small table beside the hot flannel sheeted massage table was a bowl of
potpourri scented oil heats a small tea light candles. Next to him was an electric bottle warmer and
there was a plastic bottle filled with what supposed to be a massage oil.
He realized that John could walk in any minute and she was still only half undressed, she quickly slid
her panties to her shapely legs and pushed them off along with her shoes. Use a small stool, Jacquie
climbed back on the table only this time, she lay down on her stomach. She knew that John was
probably read her interview to give her time to get ready for him.
Insufficiently covered with small white towel, Jacquie pops up when she heard the door open and she
quickly looked out her arms crossed, see John walk in.
In a soothing deep voice said John, "Take a few nice deep breath. Allow soft scent to relax you." Soft
music began when he has turned the CD player.
"Believe me, Jacquie. Allow me to help you relax and enjoy this experience.'s Best to talk to, so you
can just focus on the feeling of my hands, because massage away stress and pain. Close your eyes
and let your senses and my skill get away. Are you ready? "
"Yes," Her small voice croaked, she closed her eyes trying to do exactly what you suggested. She
breathed deeply and put his hands beside the body and put a face on the headrest.
With closed eyes and make every effort to rest, Jacquie felt John moved to the side. Large, warm,
soft hands, gently but firmly pressed in the center of her smooth back. Each hand separately, as
pushed up to her neck and down on top of a small towel covering her nakedness. Then just as firmly
slid the talented hands on her back from side to side.
Keeping your eyes closed was not a problem, but remember to breath. She took that breathing was
something that had to consciously try to remember.
CD player sent the sounds of waves crashing on the shore and seagulls screaming silently in the
background that made her feel as if they were on the beach lying on the warm soft sand somewhere
tropical. Soothing sounds composition hid John picked up a bottle of scented oil heated it to be a
surprise when a steady stream of warm liquid was sprinkled on the back between the shoulder
His warm hands quickly followed to evenly spread the oil on the back. Jacquie was surprised to hear
a soft moan escaped from his lips as his hands pressed strongly developing the kinks out of her tired
muscles. Kneading and rubbing it into the right state of bliss, John indiscretion on her little smile.
She could see the smile, but she sensed it. Slippery strong fingers massaging her shoulders and neck
muscles start an idea embarrassment. Everything had to remember was a deep breath and keep
your eyes closed.
Jacquie eyes opened and her body tensed when she felt a small white towel rose from his bare
bottom. John used it to gently smooth away any excess oil from her back. When the air hit her ass, it
was all I could do to stay calm. Surprise is so ridiculous word, how he feels, but she was more than
surprised at herself that she did nothing but lay still waiting to see what happens next. Jacquie could
not help but notice that when John replaced the towel on her cute bottom, to put a little more on the
back, over her ass.
Standing by her side, John took her little hand and poured hot oil on her tanned arms. His greasy
fingers smoothed the oil all the way up to his shoulder and back down again to the hands. He
stroked up and down several times heavily massaged muscles before gently massaging her hand.
Jacquie could not believe how erotic it to your hand massages. His strong fingers slid sensuously
through their very small when massaged her palm with his thumb. Crushed humidity and slippery
slide did feel stimulated. The thought surprised her. How could he have a hand massaging her
excited? John every finger and tugged him gently with the last pull through her fingers. Shocked
found that she was wondering how strong the rest of his body was under that of his lab coat. "Thank
God, he can not read my thoughts!"
As before, John took a small towel from her bottom and rubbed it gently in her hand. He took his
time and dry each and every finger on one. Location towel back on her ass, he crossed to the other
side and repeat the same procedure in full with her other arm, hand and fingers.
Rent soft music in the ear; erotic scent to overwhelm her; a gentle but firm hand John rub it into a
state of oblivion, Jacquie was in heaven. She could not believe she waited so long to massage. She
does not even try and remember to breathe more, and she was so relaxed that her eyelids grew
heavy and remain closed all on your own. Stress left her body as his fingers worked their magic as
they danced across her body.
John stood next to her feet and pulled a bottle of hot oil running down her thighs and calves. John's
hands quickly followed the path of a moving fluid through the skin. His strong hands clutching his
leg when stroked and massaged his knee into the face of her ass; towel was placed way high on her
lower back, let any obstacle to her bum cheeks. His hands clamped on her thighs and began to rub
back and forth from between her legs on the outside; each hand friction in another direction. John
went to the end of the table and grabbed her calf and put it on his chest. His hands deftly stroked
her thigh as her shin warmed his body.
In this position, Jacquie realized that John had a clear view between her legs. The towel is so far in
the back to leave the bottom bare, as he started massaging his feet, stretched out a bit in order to
get each part. Since the air and certainly John's eyes touched her most private place, trembled. She
knew it was an erotic experience was causing her to slightly moisten. She felt the flow of moisture
and leak of her sex as her rather than be clean-shaven, that her swollen labia shine. He'll know what
he's doing with it.
What's more exciting, his touch; He looked at her? She did not know. All he knew was that he is
close to bursting with excitement.
"Oh God, my legs," I thought. "He's rubbing his leg foot with your thumbs. Ahhhhhhhhhgh."
Just as he had with his hand, John slid a finger between each toe. Oil allowed his thick finger push its
way in; fill the small space with its thickness. One would think that her clitoris was connected to the
space between your toes. She was more aware of their leaking slits until she was out of his fat
fingers pulling on each toe.
As always, John took a towel and wiped the back of her thigh to the calf and foot end. He took his
time, when dried each finger. He knew that his eyes were not on the job at hand, but he looked at
her shiny wet part. She had not seen him, but she could feel the heat of his gaze as hard as she felt
his hand on her leg. Again Fall towel on his back, John repeats every erotic touch and deeply
massaged her other foot and leg, but this time John had to replace the towel on your body at all. He
tossed it aside somewhere in the room.
He stood on the side of the table, John squirted more oil on the bottom. Jacquie felt warm oil running
down her ass cheeks to mingle with moisture between her legs. Now shine on her bare labia was
packed mixture of oil and its own special oil. While thinking about how the oil will look like and how
it felt, John took his thumb and spread face away dribble more deep crevasses there. The oil puddle
in a small puckered opening and surplus ran down to the entrance to the pool between her legs.
When John began to massage this way, by Jacquie jumped off the table and left the room in shock,
but she was past the point of no return. Forklifts would get her out of this table. She did not know
what was coming, but she knew that was not going anywhere as long as it was done. She was so
relaxed. Any stress that might have felt held from moaning out loud. She was so close, comes not
believe it. No one touched her breasts or her clitoris, or any part of your body, which causes her to
orgasm again and she was ready to burst. Her clit was literally ached and she felt her hard nipples
pressing into the table.
John's hand tightened on her ass cheek, which was from him. His fingers were massaging the fatty
part of the cheek while his thumb was buried deep into her slit. Grip was wearing allowed him to
open his eyes her. His hard thumb was pressed firmly against her wrinkled hole. He pressed harder
add pressure, but did not insert a finger. He knew that pressure alone was enough to send her over
the edge. His large hand gripped the other cheek, the closest one to his own body. This time it was
thumbs kneading fatty meats and tempting teasing her fingers. His hand gripped her cheeks spread
wide and closing it until just teasing her again and again. His eyes pleasure in the sight before him,
but he enjoyed the knowledge that Jacquie was delicious agony even more. He reached for a towel
thrown again, John gently wipe the oil out of her ass, but he did not wipe away the natural oil on her
beautiful glossy lips shaven.
Jacquie barely heard his words when he asked her to roll over on him. And I said, 'Roll over, please.
"This time it heard, but it was as if he was speaking under water or in slow motion dream.
Jacquie picked up the body and rolled onto his back. Very well aware that she was completely naked
and completely excited, she just do not care, even if they look him in the eye as he helped her.
John noticed the lack of contact with the eyes, but he did not need to look into her eyes to know what
he wants. Moisture between her legs and her hard nipples told him everything he needed to know.
With her bellybutton as a reservoir, John poured oil on her flat belly. His hand slid down her stomach
where her sparse hair starting just below the breasts. He knew that her nipples ached to be touched
or kissed, but he made sure not to touch them at all, not even by accident.
Wiping oil from the womb, John the oil thigh and shin bones one by one. His hands repeat the same
movements on the fronts of the legs, and he had on his back. Gently spreading her legs a little to get
a firm grip on each thigh and re-opening view of her sex. His hands massaged deeply and firmly and
neatly slid up and down her thighs. His fingers lightly grazed her swollen labia and she almost
jumped up from the table of intentional sexual shock had intended to make her feel.
Jacquie could not control any longer. Her hips lifted from the table, silently begging him more as a
soft little gasps and moans slipped from her open mouth. But John was not ready to allow it to
release her body screamed. He took a towel and wiped her thighs and shins dry, carefully open the
legs so he could see pink pussy fat and want.
Away, John took a bottle of oil and poured it on her breast. Jacquie did not even try to stop the moan
that came from deep within her. John's talented hands caressing the fullness of her breasts never
touched her nipples, which were hardened into solid pellets. His hand slid down his throat and chest
and gently slid over her shoulders. Suddenly he stopped. Jacquie wondering what had happened, she
opened her eyes to see John stood and stared at her hard nipples. Just saw him staring at her from
them pucker up even more that ever thought possible.
"Please, please, do not stop!" Silently begged.
Looking at him, watching as he touched one of her swollen nipples. She said.
"I noticed that your nipples are a little dry." He said in his deep sexy voice. "I have some ointment to
He took a tin of ointment from the wall and dipped his finger inside. Gently, John placed some cream
on her nipples and rubbing it in. It was so cool to her hot puffy nipples that when rubbed lotion on
partner trickle of moisture flowing from her cunt. The cream caused the air to hit in much the same
way that your mouth feels after eating wintergreen or peppermint. Jacquie knew he was going to
explode soon and there was nothing he could do to stop it, even if she wanted to stop him, which, of
course not.
Finally, John picked up the oil one last time and he squirted it into a small piece of dark hair. John
gripped her thighs and gently spreading foot, re-sprayed. It was totally unnecessary when sprayed
her where she was already soaking wet and did not need any more oil. Her clit was so swollen that
either had long since escaped his guard and was just about John's attention. There was a second's
hesitation before John took oiled finger and pressed lightly on the sensitive nub. He did not touch or
move it, just touched it. Jacquie body took flight. With a mind of its own, flew up and screamed.
"Oh God." She is coming, finally!
Her belly tightened and flexed, her cunt was flowing with honey and her ass cheeks tensed. John
knew it was time. His strong fingers slid deep inside her. The fleshy part of the thumb danced across
her clit and then squeezed hard as she came. Jacquie cried. Her hips jerked, her ass shaking and her
head rolled from side to side as she came again and again. And when she thought that her orgasm
was over she felt John's mouth on her juicy labia.
"Ohmigod," she cried as she felt her body lift.
She was on an ascending spiral again. His tongue was flicking ever so quickly on her clit before
slipping downward slide deep inside her sucking and tasting savory juices that flowed freely from
her body. With his hand still between her legs and slipped a finger in the ass as she came, and now
she knew why she called "la petite mort" (the little death) She died a deliciously so. She came and
came, flooding the fragrant juices into her mouth and hands.
As John looked at her, he left his hand between her legs. One finger was still deeply rooted in the
ass, who was buried in the humidity and thumb provocatively rubbing her tender clit. He bent his
head to capture her nipple and sucked on him hard; teeth very gently nibbling on each of them in
turn. Can not believe it possible, Jacquie comes again flowing around his fingers and shouting his
John watched as they come, enjoying the view of her long shiny hair all askew and her body jumped
around like a fish out of water. John watched the tenseness left her body and she fell limply from his
orgasm. It is first felt in her cunt; The walls stopped gripping finger her ass shook rejecting his
finger and heard her groans of discomfort when the thumb touched her clit now offers. He knew that
He took his hand and reached for the towel, but only in his hand, he looked down at her flushed
loose body lying lifeless on the table. Jacquie slowly opened her eyes and dared to look into his. She
saw the reassuring look in his eyes and a smile that took her breath away. John reached between his
legs and very gently wiped the last one.