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February, 2014

1. Family name: ASHWORTH
2. First names: John Malcolm
3. Nationality: British
4. Civil status: Married
5. Education:
Institution (Date from Date to) Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
University College London (Sept 1981 - Aug
M.Sc., Hydrogeology and Diploma Hydrogeology
Plymouth Polytechnic (Sept 1977 - June 1980) Environmental Science B.Sc. (2:1 Hons)
6. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 excellent; 5- basic)
LANGUAGE Reading Speaking Writing
English Mother tongue
French 5 5 5
7. Membership of professional bodies: Fellow of the Geological Society, Member of the
International Association of Hydrogeologists.
8. Other skills: Excellent computer, GIS and database skills. Extensive project management,
team capacity building, water resource and river basin management skills.
9. Present position: Consultant Hydrogeologist & Water Resources Specialist.
10. Key qualifications:
Work experience: >30 years of experience in a wide variety of countries including Afghanistan,
Albania, Botswana, Canada, Kenya, Kosovo, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Sudan, the UK and US.
Integrated water resources management: Technical skills include expertise in assessing
catchment water resources (basin recharge, groundwater inflows, water outflows, water use,
reserves and water quality), and then using these data to develop integrated water resource
management plans. In the Sultanate of Oman, over the period 1991 to 1999 he helped prepare a
series of Inception, Feasibility and finally Master Plans detailing available water resources and
integrated management plans for all the River Basins of this country. More recently in 2009/ 2010
he helped implement EU Water Framework Directive rules and procedures by identifying and
characterizing groundwater bodies and land use in Kosovo, executing plans for creating a
monitoring network, and introduced procedures and tools to characterize the quantitative and
chemical status of groundwater. These activities were aided by training programs and a
groundwater pilot project.
Data organisation: He has excellent computer skills including advanced use of industry-standard
software packages such as ArcGIS, Manifold, Access, Modflow, AquiferTest, Surfer and AquaChem.
He is an expert in collating and processing satellite, DTEM, base data and water resources
information into databases then utilising these data to create maps for assessment, management,
reporting and presentation purposes. He is used to working with few or unreliable data and is
skilled at obtaining missing and representative resources from stakeholders, the internet, field
inventories and pilot projects.
Project management, training and reporting: These include team leadership responsible for
personnel, logistics, budgets, procurement and disbursement of equipment, project accounting and
billing, project implementation and operations, training (training courses, pilot projects, mentoring,
improving the skills of counterpart staff), preparing proposals (scopes, plans, schedules and
budgets and the integration of ideas into project proposals), writing reports (progress, technical,
preliminary, feasibility and final reports) and making presentations.

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February, 2014

11. Professional experience:
Date from
Date to
Location Company Position Description
08/ 2013

Sultanate of
Geo Resources
Various Projects. Employed by GRC as a Principal Consultant, with responsibilities for Water Resources, Geology and
02/ 2012

02/ 2013

Sultanate of
Geo Resources
Hydrogeologist One Million Date Palm Project. This was a joint Diwan of Royal Court/ Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water
Resources project to investigate groundwater resources to irrigate date palms in the Al-Dhahirah Governorate. This
Phase-2 project formed part of a series of investigations intended to plant 1 million date palms. Ashworth's
responsibilities included drilling and aquifer test scheduling, site selection, technical advice, catchment and water
resource assessment with the aid of GIS, preparation of a date farm development plan, and reporting.
07/ 2011

11/ 2011
Albania COWI AS Hydrogeologist
Feasibility Study & Preparation of Preliminary & Detailed Design for Bulk Water Supply Line to Durres Region.
For this World Bank Project he was tasked with confirming yield/ quality of water abstraction from proposed well
fields, design of abstraction facilities, assessment of groundwater potential with aid of a groundwater model, and
assistance with preparation of inception and preliminary design reports.
03/ 2011

01/ 2012
Pakistan Lahmeyer
Team Leader
Groundwater Monitoring, Modelling & Management of the Lower Bari Doab Canal Irrigation Project. This ADB
project provided services to evaluate deteriorating groundwater (gw) conditions, characterised by falling water tables
and deteriorating water quality. Responsibilities included provision of technical advice, team management, client
liaison, setting up a GIS database and gw model, additional monitoring, gw management software, reporting, logistics,
procurement, project expenditure and accounting.
10/ 2010

01/ 2011
Kenya Egis-BCEOM
Feasibility Study and Master Plan for Developing New Water Sources for Nairobi & Satellite Towns. He helped
provided an assessment of the groundwater resources and development potential for this World Bank and AFD
financed project. This included contributions to the Projects Inception Report and cost estimates for drilling deep
04/ 2010

07/ 2010
Sudan Lahmeyer
Roseires Dam Heightening Project, Blue Nile Sudan. Tasked with the construction of pressure relief wells, training of
local Geologists, documentation, and the assessment of dewatering proposals for dam embankment construction.
03/ 2009

01/ 2010
Kosovo GFA Hydrogeologist
Institutional support to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP). Tasked with initiating the EU
Water Framework Directive (WFD) for groundwater in Drini River Basin. Main responsibilities included training staff
to delineate and characterise groundwater bodies, pressures analysis, collection and analysis of hydrogeological data
(via a pilot project) and design of a monitoring network.
05/ 2007
05/ 2008
Sultanate of
Geo Resources
Hydrogeologist Groundwater evaluation of Dhofar Governorate. This desk study, which was carried out for the Ministry of Regional
Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources (MRMEWR), involved the collation of data, the creation of GIS
databases, the assessment of water resources, and water management recommendation for each basin in southern
11/ 2006
05/ 2007
Sultanate of
BCEOM Hydrogeologist Extension of Sur Desalination Plant. This project, funded by Veolia Water, was designed to investigate the feasibility
of abstracting large volumes (9000 m
/ hr) of groundwater from beach wells for a desalination plant. Responsibilities
included the preparation of specifications and contract documents for drilling and testing these wells, selection of
drilling contractors, liaison with government agencies, implementing the award of contracts, and assisting BCEOM in
the investigation, testing and development of these resources.

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February, 2014
09/ 2005
08/ 2006
Sultanate of
Geo Resources
Water Resources
Specialist &
Exploration Drilling and Aquifer Testing in Northern Oman. Collate existing borehole data, Landsat ETM images,
DTEM data, geological and structural information and data from surface geophysics (TDEM) onto a GIS database and
identify exploration areas; provide borehole designs; supervise the collection, collation, analysis, interpretation and
reporting of all drilling and testing data; install a groundwater monitoring network; supervise the training of Omani
personnel. Prepare final reports describing Project objectives, activities, all hydrogeological analyses and
interpretations, quantify resources, and identify potential wellfield areas and sustainable yields.
07/ 2005
08/ 2005
Afghanistan PCI Asia Hydrogeologist ADB Emergency Infrastructure, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project. Make a preliminary assessment of the
groundwater resources in the lower sections of the Balkh and Khulm watersheds (Mazar-e Sharif). Collate existing
borehole data onto GIS-linked databases, geo-reference historic hand-drawn USSR maps and review and examine the
hydrogeology of the area was with the aid of GIS generated maps. Train local staff. Prepare plans, tender documents
and cost estimates for a well inventory, a surface geophysical survey and a drilling and aquifer testing program.
08/ 2003

06/ 2005
Sultanate of
Geo Resources
Western Al Wusta Desert Project. Provide hydrogeological advice for a groundwater exploration project in the Rub al
Khali Desert. Install production boreholes and set up a groundwater monitoring network. Train local personnel.
Delineate and quantify fresh and useable brackish water resources, and determine locations for potential wellfields.
04/ 2001
08/ 2003

Water Resources

Team Leader Maun Groundwater Development Project (Phase 2). The goal of this Project was to develop production wellfields for
the town of Maun and associated localities. The Project entailed an assessment of the surface and groundwater
resources in the lower Okavango Delta. A hydrometric monitoring network (surface & groundwater) and 30
production boreholes were installed. Responsibilities included provision of technical advice, training, team
management (29 staff), client liaison, setting up a GIS database (ArcView) reporting, logistics, procurement, Project
expenditure, billing and accounting.
12/ 2000
03/ 2001


International Ltd

Hydrogeological assessments, including:
1) Extraction of bitumen from oil-sands using Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage recovery techniques (SAGD).
2) The feasibility of injecting disposal water, from Albian Oils (Shells) operations, into a Cretaceous aquifer.
3) Carry out an EIA of Imperial Oils activities in Devon, Alberta. This included an assessment of the lithology,
groundwater flow, water quality (major ions, dissolved metals and organic compounds [phenols, naphthenic acids,
BTEX, TVH, TEH, PAH]) and attenuation in Imperial Oils concessions.
07/ 2000
12/ 2000


Komex H2O
Hydrogeological assessments, including:
1) Assessment of water quality impacts of selected oilfields in the Santa Maria River Basin.
2) Preliminary environmental assessment of Hull Middle School Torrance.
3) Conceptual & numerical groundwater model for Murrieta County Water District.
3) Proposal to evaluate techniques to assess groundwater vulnerability to methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE).
4) Proposal to assess the impact of alkylphenol ethoxylates (endocrine disrupters) on Chinook salmon reproduction.
5) Supplemental Hydrogeologic Site Investigations at Jefferson LA. Investigation of primary hexavalent chrome (Cr+6)
and trichloroethene (TCE) contamination.
06/ 1999
04/ 2000


Team Leader

Tsabong Groundwater Project. Evaluate the groundwater resources and potential of providing reticulated supplies to
three villages on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. Responsibilities included managing a team of 24 staff, reporting,
logistics, procurement, project expenditure, billing and accounting. Meteorological stations, production and monitoring
boreholes were installed during this Project.
09/ 1991
05/ 1999
Sultanate of

Ministry of
Water Resources

Various assignments, including: Prepare 5-year plans, a Master Plan and a series of regional reports detailing the
water resources in each basin of Oman. Develop water assessment methodologies, evaluate internal and external
reports and provide advice to the Director General. Set up a GIS system for managing groundwater data in the Najd.

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February, 2014

Provide team management to regional projects in the Najd and Wahibah Sands.
01/ 1991
04/ 1991
UK M J Carter
Various assignments, including: Assessed the impact on groundwater resources of proposed mineral extractions
and landfill sites in the U.K and France. Carried out an evaluation of the environmental liabilities of 37 landfill sites in
the UK belonging to Biffa.
08/ 1984
12/ 1990

UK, Pakistan
& Nigeria

Sir M.
MacDonald &
Partners (now
called Mott


1988 - 1990. In Oman. Investigation of groundwater recharge schemes; the design of impoundment dams; well
improvement works; investigations for the development of irrigated agriculture; and, the development of a new
wellfield for Muscat.
1987 - 1988. Pakistan Scavenger Well Studies. This ODA financed project was designed to test the feasibility of
separating groundwater of different salinities.
1986 - 1987. UK. Preparation of borehole specifications for a water supply project in Malaysia and East Anglia. Pump
selection criteria for the Scavenger Well Study in Pakistan. Training of a Malaysian consultant in groundwater resource
1986. Benue State, Nigeria. A geophysical survey, in basement rocks, was carried out to help locate production
boreholes for two large towns. A geophysical survey of a proposed dam site was also undertaken.
1984 - 1986. Kano State, Nigeria. This World Bank financed Project for the Kano State Agricultural and Rural
Development Authority established 1,100 village boreholes for the installation of hand pumps in Northern Nigeria.
Responsible for hydrogeological investigations, supervision of the drilling, and the testing of production boreholes.
Jan 1984 -
July 1984
UK Wimpey
Hydrogeologist Hydrogeological Assessment. Calculate the dewatering requirements of a proposed nuclear power station
Oct 1982 -
Dec 1983
Isles of Scilly,
Isles of Scilly
Hydrogeologist Catchment Study. Conduct an EU-financed water resources survey of the Isles of Scilly.

12. Other relevant information: Software development: develops software tools for groundwater resource development and assessment.